you were so cute back then

The One That Got Away

by reddit user bookshelfghost

Lily Harrison and I met at a graduation party when we were eighteen. As soon as I walked into the house, her bubbling laughter caught my attention. I couldn’t help but grin because it was so contagious, and she’d noticed. Already a couple drinks in, she pointed right at me and shouted, “Hey. You’re cute. Come be my partner.” 

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challenge // h.s

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request:  Imagine: The reader is a famous YouTuber and Her and Harry make a couple video thanks :))

A/N: I know you were probably expecting something cute like the boyfriend tag or Harry being all adorable in a tutorial video and I really like this whole concept so maybe that will happen one day but this just sort of flowed out and it seemed so realistic to me and I just liked it so i went with it and I really hope you don’t hate it anon and I didn’t edit because it’s a bit long but I’ll probably go back later and fix some stuff if i need to and I really hope you enjoy this :)

Harry liked to consider himself as a private person.

Everyone wanted a piece of his life. They wanted to know the things he ate, the places he went, the people he saw, the things he did. They wanted every little part of his life on full display so that they could judge him, tell him how to live his life differently. He didn’t want any part of that life. So he tried his best to keep his private life, well…private. There were a lot of obstacles in the way of that form the paparazzi to people with camera phones, but the biggest obstacle of all was you. You and your camera that you toted everywhere. You’d never once asked him to assist in a video and if you ever caught a glimpse of him on your camera, you’d edit that part out. He noticed that you went to great lengths to keep him out of your Youtube career for more than one reason. When you’d first met, it almost turned him away from you, but he didn’t let something so trivial keep him from someone he liked so much. You had promised him then that you’d never put him on screen.

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Mahershala Ali covers W Magazine, January 2017

I was in first grade and I went to this school that had, I don’t know, maybe 200 people. And this girl, Kelly Creighton, was so cute. She was a year older than me, so she was in second grade. We were in a class together. So I get this note in class—it says, “Hey Hershel,“—they called me Hershel back then, don’t you dare—"will you go with me? Check yes or no.” So I’m like, "Oh, yes.” I send the note back to Kelly. And I’m like, “Me and Kelly are going together, me and Kelly are going together. Me and Kelly are going together.” I’m sitting there, geeked. And then I get a note. I’m like, “Oh, it’s from my girlfriend.” I open it up: “I want to break up. You talk too much.” 

Carl Grimes// Take Me Back To The Start

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Just because that’s such a cute gif of Chandler… Take a good long look. Also this is my first Carl x Reader insert because I normally pair him off with my OC, but here you go! Please enjoy!

Requested By Anon: You and Carl were best friends when you went to school together before The Turn. When the end of the world came raining down, you sought out protection with his mother Lori because much to your displeasure, your family could not be contacted. When you grow up so close to one another in a world that has no hope.. You allow your feelings to run your heart. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

  “Hey Carl!” You cried out, laughing wildly as you kicked your legs higher and higher, causing your swing to raise further into the sky. Up. Up. Up. “Look at what I can do!” 

Carl smiled as he closed his eyes to listen to the sound of your laughter. The two of you had been best friends since Kindergarten, having grown up a block away from one another. You were never much for typical girl things- so you spent most of your time getting dirty with the child of Lori and Rick Grimes.

  “I bet I can go higher then you y/n!” He yelled victoriously, joining you on the opposite swing. Before you knew it, he was swinging back and forth in sync with you at the same height. 

Up. Up. Up. 

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Temptation - Jaebum (Day 23/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To read the other drabbles in my drabble challenge, click here

Prompt: Temptation
Member: Jaebum x Reader
AU: Bad Boy!AU

Word Count: 630

You never understood why Jaebum liked to tease you so much. You had known him since you were young, but he had changed quite a bit since then. We you were both in grade school he was a cute, kind little boy.

Now he was quite the bad boy and spent half the day playing hooky. He usually wore his black leather jacket everywhere and wasn’t afraid to talk back to the professors he thought were exceptionally boring.

Normally you disliked boys like him. But you had always had a soft spot for Jaebum and there was no denying that his new ‘devil may care’ attitude made him more attractive in more ways than one. He was more confident than ever and this was partially what drew you to him.

You tried to dismiss your crush by telling yourself he wasn’t good for you, but you couldn’t help but be enthralled by him. Puberty had did him wonders and, to your dismay, he was acutely aware of that and often used his charm to get out of every situation.

Unfortunately, you did not have the skill of getting out of situations.

“Will you please stop?” you groaned, clutching your book to your chest as you walked away from Jaebum. The boy simply smirked at you and tossed his leather jacket over his shoulder.

“Oh come on, Y/N,” he said, slyly. “We both know you like me so you can stop pretending,” he called out from behind you. You felt the heat rise to your face but you shook your head and tried to ignore him.

“Just shut up,” you mumbled, not looking at him. He walked around you and then stopped in front of you, leaning back casually with his hands in his pockets. This made you stop, but you still refused to look him in the eye.

“You want to do it,” Jaebum said, coyly. You could hear the smirk in his voice and wanted nothing more than to smack it off his face. He took a step forward and now you had to look up and meet his eyes. He was far too close to you for comfort and you knew your face was turning red.

“Hey…w-what are you,” you stuttered as he bent down to your height. You were slightly afraid that he would be able to hear the rapid beats of your heart through your chest.

“Come on, Y/N, it’s just a date,” he whispered, looking you up and down. “Give in to the temptation,” he said, resting his eyes on your lips while casually biting his own.

And oh how tempting it was.

You felt your hormones go crazy inside of you and you had to calm yourself before you did anything irrational. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, trying to piece together your thoughts.

“It’s a school night,” you suddenly heard yourself say. You mentally smacked yourself and watched as Jaebum’s smirk faltered. A flicker of confusion crossed his face before he broke out into a small smile and chuckled, pulling away from you and shaking his head.

You had to admit that you liked the look of a smile on him more than a smirk.

“Alright, fair excuse,” he said, tilting his head at you and smirking once again. “I guess I’ll just have to ask you again on Friday,” he added, giving you a wink and proceeding to walk past you. Your heart was still beating rapidly as you turned around to watch him walk away.

“Make sure you have an answer for me by then,” he said, raising his hand back at you while still walking away. You took a deep breath and looked down at you books.

Maybe it was time to give into a little temptation.

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i remember being like 'don't ship them don't ship them' when i saw the bonding moment, then that fucking moment where lance is like 'can you come pick me up?' and keith's like... fucking flirting with him and they looks so in love... i had to stop watching it for a second bcs they were too cute and i couldn't turn back, that was it for me haha i love them so much even if they don't become canon, they have such palpable chemistry i've never had an otp with this much between them!

personally it took me a little while to actually get into the ships like the very first time i watched it i focused a lot on the plot and on pidge’s story arc, that i was like “i don’t really see shipping material here well guess i’m finally gonna enjoy a show without any shipping involved!!” and then my dumb ass had to do another rewatch and i started noticing things more and the interactions between keith and lance and shiro and allura and i was like there we go again

I went to Ulta to ask if they have a highlighter and the girl there was So Cute she had a fluffy pixie cut and she went to the back to look for it for me to no avail and I told her I wanted one that was bluish because I have Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears that has blue iridescent glitter and she got excited and showed me one that she personally has and was on sale and then I told her she was cute and she put her hands on her chest and “oh my god!! You too!!” And she liked my phone case and said she was so excited for me to get this highlighter… I asked if they were hiring and she said yes and that she hopes to work with me soon…..

Girls are a powerful force and I love them

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Omega who wants to fight everyone is woefully unprepared for when someone actually wants to fight them back. Alpha separates the omega and (most likely) beta, and just slings the omega over their shoulder to carry them away because "Babe, you need to chill the fuck out, you were getting your ass kicked..." "Could'a taken them!" "Hush"


Oh my fuck man, I am going to fucking die. This is just so cute. They are just angry pups who borks at a flower swaying in the wind. I am crying. This is beyond great. Let me fucking tell you, dude. LET TELL YOU 

Lighter Than Black 6

Hi! If you were as destroyed by episode 85 as i was, then you know why i took so long getting this chapter out. its a cute one with Pike and Vax in it, if that makes it better.




Scanlan is dead. They come back cradling his too still body in their arms. He was always so loud and alive and… annoying. Seeing him, lifeless and cold, felt wrong. Like a turtle without its shell. Kynan was in the town square when Vox Machina stumbled through the Sun Tree. Technically, he was there for Cassandra, as she had expressed an interest in being alerted to Vox Machina’s arrivals. She had meant ‘post a guard’, but Kynan felt like he had crossed the tentative line he and Cassandra had drawn between them. He absolutely was not sulking.

None of the members of Vox Machina saw him as he ran for Cassandra’s office. She looked surprised when he burst into her office. Understandable, as he hadn’t bothered knocking.

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where is my very soft time traveling fic featuring zimbits where they meet their grown-up selves with 2.5 kids via stanley cup magic just so I can read a scene like this:

Shitty (coming downstairs to kitchen for breakfast): oh hey Bob. I didn’t know you were visiting us. Nice flow, when’d you get it? Who’s the cute blonde dad behind you?  Also why are there children in the haus–
Older Jack (juggling his toddler, who is playing with his hair): …I’m Jack.
Shitty: haha okay–(focuses on Jack’s face, spits out coffee)–holy

Victuri Moving Day in Russia
  • Victor: Okay Yuri love, that's the last of the boxes!
  • *Yuri's phone rings*
  • Yuri: Hello? Phichit? You did what? Why are you in St. Petersburg? Just a second, let me ask Victor... *looks at Victor*
  • Victor: if he needs you, I can unpack, don't worry!
  • Yuri: *pecks Victor's cheek as he leaves* THANK YOU VICTOR I'LL BE BACK SOON
  • Victor: *looks at the boxes Mrs. Katsuki packed* Hmm... Bedroom is closer so I'll do that last. *assembles rest of house*
  • Victor: *opens bedroom labeled box in the empty room*
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: Wait
  • Victor: No wonder he didn't want me in his room. Not only did he not remember when we met,
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: THESE WERE PROBABLY ON THE WALLS AHHHHH *fanboying over husband (fiancee) intensifies*
  • Victor: *gets out pins and sticks them all over the walls* *grabs a sticky note pad and a sharpie*
  • Victor: *writes adorable little notes and covers the sides of each poster with them*
  • Victor: *hides the sticky note pad and sharpie and goes to sleep on their bed*
  • ~several hours later Yuri returns home~
  • ~Victor already made food and left some for Yuri in the fridge~
  • Yuri: *sees leftovers and eats food*
  • Yuri: *thanks the gods above Victor can cook*
  • Yuri: *walks over to bedroom*
  • Yuri: *opens door*
  • Yuri: *sees the posters*
  • Yuri: *anxiety and embarrassment increases so much*
  • Yuri: V-Victor? Y-you-
  • Victor: *walks out of their bathroom with a single sticky note on his shirt*
  • ~the note says "I l♡ve you Yuri"~
  • Yuri: Victor... you're so embarrassing... I love you too...
  • Yuri: ...
  • Yuri: can we please take those down though?
  • Victor: Nooooooooooo I want them to be covered in notes and then us run out of space so then the walls will just be covered in notes so then everything on the ice will be love but so will everything in this room please let them stay...
  • Yuri: My fiancee is such a dork...
  • Yuri: Victor we aren't married yet-
  • Victor: doesn't mean you can't call me husband.
  • Yuri: VICTORRRR *////*
  • Victor: *laughs and drags Yuri onto the bed for cuddles*
  • Both: I love you. ♡

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Request: Can you please do a Jungkook x reader where you and him go on a date and the waitress flirts with him and he flirts back? Can you make it super angsty but a happy ending? I’m so sorry if I’m asking for to much. (It’s not too much anon! Stop being cute! xD)

Genre: Angsty, or am I lying?

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 5.6k

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Anon Requested:  53&58 with Jungkook bts pls? Thx ❤

This is probably really short so I’m very sorry but some cute fluffy jungkook cuddles are in here so I hope you like it ♥♥

Originally posted by byeoltan

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 561

Warnings: No warnings

“They’re so cute when they sleep.”

“Okay mom.”

His arms wrapped right around you bringing a peace that you have never known before, a calming of the storms in your heart which led you to fall asleep, head falling against his shoulder while your legs were draped over his legs. His arm wrapped around your lower back unintentionally pulling you closer while you both were asleep, his other hand laid upon the blanket that was draped over your legs. You didn’t know it at the time but you wished you could extend the night just so you could stay close to him for a little longer, safe in his embrace. The room was dimly lit, the television being the only thing lighting up the room but  your cuddles feel like a little touch of heaven, warm, together, it was cozy.

While the two of you laid together on the couch you were both unknowingly being watched by all of the boys. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok were sitting together on the couch while Jimin, Taehyung and Jin were standing around you two. The boys all watched as Jungkook’s arms held you close while you snuggled up closer to him in instinct of his arms. They couldn’t help but smile seeing the two friends together, you two were closer than best friends could be though you never called each other brother or sister, you liked him and he liked you, you both just refused to admit that to yourself or anyone else who mentioned it.

 “They’re so cute when they sleep.” Jin said almost in a coo. His hand coming up to his heart and a big smile coming on his face. Yoongi’s chuckle cut through his admiration for the two of you causing him to look back at the second oldest of the group. 

“Okay mom.” Yoongi said looking up at his hyung before looking back at the ‘couple’ who laid on the couch. Just as Yoongi’s eyes hit you both, Jungkook feels cold wind creeps under his shirt from an open window in the dorm. His head lifts up from yours and sleepy eyes slowly open. He was far too drowsy to even see all his hyung’s scramble from where they were and bolt either into the kitchen or down the hall so they weren’t caught watching the both of you in such a private moment, though you both were out in the living room.

Your hands moves around his middle, warm and soft. In seconds Jungkook shifts his body and lays down against the soft cushions of the couch and arm pillow. You stir a bit, your own eyes slowly opening with a small whine leaving your lips as you felt the sudden lack of warmth leave your body. Jungkook gently pulls you down with him your body molded to his own almost immediately. He shares his body heat as easily as he shares his heart. He could never let another close to him like this, but you’re so different. He’s never known a person to always have the right motivations, even when you’re wrong. There’s a purity to you, naivety perhaps, but that’s what he likes about you. He lets his body relax under you and wrap his arm around your waist again holding you close to him. He falls asleep easily as he can only focus on the warmth of your body on top of his. 

Nicknames (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot

A/N: Hey guys! So I wrote this lil short thingy that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time lmao! I hope y'all like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Nicknames: Reader tells the team of her cute lil nickname for a certain super soldier. (;

Warnings: SMUT! That’s pretty much it lol.

Nat threw her head back and let out a cackle that echoed throughout the kitchen. Wanda simply blushed and shook her head at the little nickname you had just given Bucky. You thought it was an appropriate name for him, considering he was older and it was obvious that he would totally wear the pants in a relationship. It was cute and anyone who didn’t think so could fight you on it.

However, you didn’t fancy actually calling him that to his face since you two were just friends. He never showed any signs that he liked you, which was fine considering you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you both already had. He probably figured that you were just being nice and making him feel welcome here at the tower.

“I’m so telling Barnes about this.” Nat said once her laughter ceased. You shook your head and pointed an accusing finger at her.

“Don’t you dare!” You spat.

“You’re so telling me what?”

Nat and Wanda stared back at a sweaty, post workout Bucky in shock before bursting out into laughter. You, on the other hand let out a nervous laugh and avoided his gaze at all costs. It didn’t help that you were blushing like a schoolgirl. Bucky looked between the three of you, his brows drawn together in confusion. You could’ve swore he should’ve been training with Steve still.

“Y/N here has a new nickname for Barnes.“ Wanda smirked. She was loving every minute of this. Nat nodded in agreement, taking a bite out of her bagel. You shook your head at them. Those traitors.

“Yeah, let’s hear this nickname!” Sam chimed from behind you. When the heck did he get there? You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest defensively.

“C’mon, I wanna know, too.” Bucky joined in, standing closer. He had a small smile on his face as he leaned against the counter tops. He was using his charm like he always could with you. And you had no choice but to give in. Bucky was your kryptonite.

You sighed and mumbled the nickname lowly. Sam bent down and placed his ear near your head dramatically.

“Sorry, kid,” he teased. “We didn’t catch that.”

You rolled your eyes and repeated yourself, a little louder.

“I called him Papi Chulo.”

Sam and the girls immediately burst into laughter at Bucky’s reaction. A small blush made it’s way onto his cheeks as the words registered in his brain. He spoke several languages, spanish being one of them. He knew what that meant. He just didn’t expect it to come from your mouth. He’d never admit it, but as soon as the words rolled of your tongue, he yearned to hear it again.

“I didn’t know you were into that, doll.” He says, peering down at your smaller self with an amused smile.

You felt yourself blushing as he stared down at you as a predator does its prey. You’d never hear the end of this.


“Say it,” Bucky growled as he pounded into you. “What’s my name?” He reached his metal hand between the two of your bodies and harshly rubbed your clit with his fingers. The two sensations nearly made your eyes roll back into your head.

“Papi!” You cried out, earring grin from the older man. He pulled out of your heat slowly and teased your entrance with his member.

“And who do you belong to?” He asks, his eyes staring intensely into your own.

“You, papi!” you say barely above a whisper. But that doesn’t cut it. Bucky slammed back into you, making you scream from pleasure. It was all too much for you.

“Say it louder, Y/N!” He hisses as he picks up his pace. The sound of the bed frame slamming against the wall was barely audible over your screams of pleasure that he gave you. You were positive that the team would give you two hell tomorrow for this.

“PAPI!” you screamed, throwing your head back against the pillows as your orgasm ripped through your body. Bucky followed suit with a string of curses before emptying himself inside you.

With a contempt sigh, he pressed a kiss to your cheek and pulled out of you, rolling over onto his back. You both were grinning like idiots.

“Well, if this is what happens after one nickname,” he says, with a dorky smile. “You should definitely come up with some more, doll.”

You let out a giggle, one that was music to his ears. You really did have an entire list of names. You wondered how he’d react to each and every one of them.

You propped yourself on your arm and smirking down at him.

“In that case, we’re gonna be in here a while…..daddy.”

-FIN ❤

(Someone pls tell Seb that he really is the ultimate Papi Chulo and to never forget that. 😂)


screaming and crying because I ACTUALLY SAW THEM AS THEY WERE WALKING TO THE STAGE (or was it back from? im not sure) 

I was actually standing in a corner with my friend’s sis as we waited for her and suddenly she was like, “Look, LOOK” and pointed behind me, as i turned i saw them as they walked past us, a hoard of girls clutching their phones trailing after them. and Baozi had his hand on Hana’s back as they walked briskly aaaah they’re so cute

later when i told my sis (she doesn’t like yoi, just cosplay) that i saw them she was like “WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE PICTURES???!!’


so yeah i like them a lot they’re so cute


Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One      Part Two  Part Three

“What’re you doing?” Aiden asked as he walked into you room and found you throwing things around.

“Having a clear out… why what’re you doing?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Would you believe me if I said I was being nosey?” He asked and you smiled, giving him a tight hug before turning back to the drawer you were emptying.

“I missed you to you big dopey wolf.” You mumbled and he chuckled as he grabbed at a picture.

“This is cute, look how little you and Cora are!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

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reasons why life is good

  • alex “lol i dont need back up i just need my cute cop gf” danvers
  • alex’s little gay smile when she called maggie™
  • alex and maggie literally doing everything together
  • everything
  • they met an episode ago and now they call each other whenever anything happens
  • kara’s wait-did-my-sister-get-a-gf face
  • “wear something nice”
  • alex “i can’t flirt but im trying to describe how pretty you look” danvers
  • alex “so is this actually buisness or were you just asking me on a date” danvers
  • fake date fake date fake date
  • handholding
  • with intertwined fingers
  • “you’re a great cop” aka alex danvers for “i like you”
  • alex like legit asking maggie on a date 
  • like come on yall she was definitely asking her on a date
  • jealous!alex
  • alex’s oh-shit-im-gay-fuck-fuck-fuck face™
  • alex danvers and maggie sawyer are in love 
  • thank you that is all have a good night
Stay Puft - Smut

Originally posted by geekimus-prime

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,096
AN: Okay this really has nothing to do with Ghostbusters but the title is fitting and I needed to use this GIF cause he’s so cute when he’s not destroying NYC. This is basically PWP so Happy Thanksgiving!

“What are you doing?”

“Shh.” You hushed him, tying a knot in the tie you’d looped around his wrist and to the headboard.

“I didn’t know you were into this type of thing.” Stiles chuckled, his head falling back as he watched you walk around the bed.

“I’m just full of surprises, aren’t I?” You quipped, fastening his right arm with another tie.

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Got7 when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


At first, when you climbed on his lap, he would all giggly, making fun of you a little. He just loved to make you blush. But in the end he wouldn’t let you get off so easily, since he actually thought you were to cute for this world.

“Wait, stay, stay! I didn’t want to make fun of you.”

Originally posted by got7ish


He would be wondering what the hell you were trying to do, but as soon as he realized you were sitting on his lap, snuggling up to him, he would smile widely. He would hug you back, just being very happy to have you in his life. As soon as he got bored tho, he would try to start a make out session.

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That little sunshine

He would absolutly love it, holding you tighter and burying his face in the crook of your neck, telling you how cute you were. Moments like that would be his favorite about your relationship.

“Yah (Y/N), how can you be so adorable?”

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When you suddenly tried to climb on his lap, he would be like ‘Wtf is she doing’. But he would melt quite fast when you snuggled up to him, telling him you wanted to cuddle. He wouldn’t be able to hide his smile, thinking how lucky he was. However, when dance training starts, be prepared to get pushed of.

that savage

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I don’t know why, but he doesn’t seem like the type of boyfriend who would love to have you on his lap. He would start laughing when you sat down on his lap, thinking it was somehow cute. But he would get enough very soon, asking you to cuddle in another position.

“I mean, this is quite cute, but my legs are gone dead… Let’s move to the couch?”

Originally posted by markjin



Mark would also love it. He might seem like a 'Bad Boy’ with his tattoos and stuff, but he would just love you being all cute and adorable. He would most probably be used to it, helping you to get on his lap and pulling you closer. The two of you would understand each other without words.

“Come here, jagi~~”

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Bam Bam:


Proud af. First thing he would do is a selfie with you on his lap, wanting everybody to see that you were his and only his. He wouldn’t even mind someone coming in. If he was in a cuddly mood that day, he would also snuggle up to you. If he wasn’t, he might get bored after some time.

“You know, I love cuddling and stuff, but we could go shopping!”

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Hey guys~~

I hope you like this reaction, please send me in your reaction requests :)

Should I make BTS or Monsta X Version?