you were so blind


| Fluff | Comedy | Smut | Slight Angst | Nerd!Hoseok | Braces!Hoseok

word count: 10k

❝ An engineering prodigy and your resident college loser, Jung Hoseok coerces you into teaching him the ways of the dating world. 

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “OMG of I only could say how much I love your Jeff imagine, but I can’t find the right words. Saying that it is perfect isn’t enough. But I want you to know that I really love this one and, I have to ask, is to soon for asking for a part 2? About the morning after, maybe Clay finding they two lol Thank you for writing my request <3″

“hi, i loved ‘Sharing is Caring’ and i wondered if you could maybe do a part 2? maaaybe where they wake up and they’re cuddled up and when clay comes into the room to wake jeff he smiles and quietly calls his parents (he secretly shipped them because jeff never shuts up about her and he wants someone good for his sister). so when jeff and the reader wake up her whole family stands there and it gets a little awkward but it’s still cute? 😂”

“OMG please do a part 2“

Word Count: 2.063

Posted: 08th of May 2017

A/N: Here’s “Sharing Is Caring”’s second part, link is down below if you haven’t read it yet. I am sorry if I took so long to write this. I hope you like it, although it didn’t convince me so much. I think it has a lot of flaws. I really don’t know. It would be great if you send some feedbacks. Thank you so much! Enjoy.

- G. x

Link: Part 1

Warning: Light swearing

“Hmm…” You stretched your bones with your eyes closed as you felt fully rested, waking your still-sleeping soul slowly. Although you still had your eyes closed, the sunlight that penetrated your window pane blinded you.

You were so calm and thoughtless as you felt a strong arm around your waist and you quickly opened your eyes, rubbing them carefully to focalize your vision. You were facing your wall full of posters and Jeff was hugging you from behind, you were being the little spoon of your innocent cuddling session.

You were shocked and shy, of course, but it felt so nice to be cuddled up with your ultimate crush. You wanted to wake him up, but also to stay in that position at the same time. Because who wouldn’t love to cuddle with Jeff Atkins? We all know right.

His touch made you feel warm and relaxed, although you felt uncomfortable for his morning erection. Yes, the thought of his boner made you feel the heat in your cheeks and you knew how red you became at the same time.

“Jeff!” You murmured as you nudged him carefully, trying to wake him up. “Atkins.”

“Hmm?” He mumbled, you hinted that he was still sleeping and still had his eyes closed because of his response.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” You softly giggled as you drew small circles on his arm. You didn’t want for this moment to end, but you knew that your family would freak out if they ever saw you in that position with Jeff. “Hey, Atkins.”

You heard him yawning softly as he tightened his grip and your bodies touched even more. You felt his hot breath on your skin and it made you shiver.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He whispered and his morning hoarse voice made you smile. You found it sexy and you surely wanted to sleep with him one more time.

“Did you sleep well?” You asked as you lingered the warmth of his body and the blankets. You loved cuddling and it was really a moment that you would always do with Jeff.

“I did.” He giggled softly, surely pointing out your position at that exact moment. “Did you?”

“I honestly did.” You smiled and there was a little bit of silence between the two of you. You were astonished, because it wasn’t one of those awkward silences. In the contrary! It was honestly comfortable and sweet.

You both continued cuddling and thinking of how amazing it was to sleep with each other. There was a dead silence in the room, but you didn’t mind it for the thoughts that kept running through your mind.

Yup, there was a dead silence in the room until you heard your brother Clay coughing like there was no tomorrow. He almost spat his lungs out, but you knew that he was doing it to have your attention.

“Good morning, cuddle buddies.” Clay happily exclaimed and, in a fast-swift movement, you and Jeff broke the hug and faced the door, revealing a Clay with a smirk on his face and your parents, Lainie and Matt, behind him. You sat on the other part of the bed to set some space between you and Jeff.

“What the fuck?” Your eyes were widely opened and you knew that you had a crimson red coloured face for the embarrassing moment.

“Words, (Y/N)!” Your mother pointed out and you rolled your eyes. It vexed you how those people stood there with a smirk on their faces, obviously teasing you.

“Did you sleep well?” Clay teased as he laughed hard, together with Matt. You despised your brother for telling your parents that you had a crush on Jeff.

“I personally did.” Jeff answered and you nodded in response. It was awkward to be busted by your parents in that way. C’mon!

“It seems like you don’t need my help anymore, Jeff!” Clay winked at his friend and you shot a glance to Jeff. He was blushing and shocked too. “You already confessed your feelings to your crush.”

“What!?” Your eyes grew wide for what your brother has told you. You saw Jeff face palming himself as your talkative brother revealed his secret. Your heart beat faster and you felt uncomfortable for that. You looked at your family and then at Jeff once again. You wanted to burry yourself alive for the embarrassment.

“Alright, breakfast downstairs.” Your father shouted as he killed the awkward silence in the room. “This is a little bit awkward.”

Clay flashed an apologetic smile to Jeff and they started to go downstairs. You looked at Jeff and he flashed you a shy smile, to which you smiled back.

“You can use the bathroom in Clay’s room.” Your words weren’t too understandable because you talked quickly, trying to avoid his presence now.

You ran through the bathroom and you did your daily morning routines. You took more than the usual time, since you wanted some time to think about the things. How did they even happen that fast?

You liked Jeff too, but it was awkward. Jeff was your brother’s best friend and you’ve never thought that he would like someone like you. You thought that he was more into cheerleaders, the popular girls.

“Clay!” You groaned as you combed your hair in front of the mirror. You bit your lip as your cuddling session came into your mind and you suddenly found yourself smiling widely.

You then changed your clothes and you quickly went out of the bathroom. The bed was already fixed and Jeff was nowhere to be seen.

You went downstairs and you noticed that the awkward silence before has already packed its baggage and left. Your family and Jeff was talking some stuffs about school and they were even laughing. What the hell happened?

“(Y/N), sit down here and have some breakfast.” Lainie called you as she patted your usual chair. You nodded silently as you took your place and got some food to eat.

“How did it go with Hannah?” Clay curiously asked. You rolled your eyes as he was trying to fix the things between you. You loved your brother, nevertheless he has always teased you. He was your best friend and he was your Superman, because he would always be there for you. He knew how to save the day and you loved him for that.

“We had to cancel the sleepover, because her parents fought.” You answered as you chewed your food quietly. “She felt uncomfortable.”

“Ow.” Jeff and Clay reacted and you nodded sadly. You felt sad for Hannah, because she was already going through something at home and those assholes at school kept on bullying her. Luckily, you always had the guts to stand up for her.

“Oh,” Your eyes widen as you remembered something. “why don’t you ask Hannah out?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

“I am asking him the same thing, believe it or not.” Jeff answered and you smiled at him. Clay got the looks from your parents and he became red, obviously embarrassed and shy.

“Mind your own love life, instead of minding mine.” You teased him and you laughed, together with Matt and Jeff. Lainie was so happy because you were close with your brother and you knew each other’s secrets. She really taught you well when you were both young.

“Shut up!” Clay rolled his eyes and you started to feel comfortable around Jeff. Your father teased Clay and your mother just laughed.

“Should I train you how to ask a girl out?” Your dad teased and you all laughed. Clay was hating you, but you got your revenge and you felt a little better.

“You maybe should, dad!” You giggled and winked at Clay. “Hannah’s a great girl, she’s beautiful and she deserves happiness.”

“I second this.” Jeff agreed and your dad kept on teasing Clay.

You spent the rest of your breakfast teasing your beloved brother. You and Jeff are always having the point and you loved the complicity that you had.

“Wait for me upstairs, I’m helping this freak to clean this mess.” Clay said to Jeff whilst looking at him. Your parents went to work as they were already running late.

“Hmm…” Jeff mumbled as if he was thinking. You started to clean the table as you pretended that you weren’t listening to them. “Let me do that, go upstairs.”

“Oh, alright.” Clay replied and you heard his footsteps vanishing. You then felt Jeff’s presence as you started to wash the dishes.

“Hey.” Jeff shyly greeted you as he helped you with the dishes. You looked at him and you noticed the nervousness in his eyes.

“Hey.” You smiled at him and stopped what you were doing, turning the faucet off. “I can do this alone, go to Clay.”

“Uhm,” He looked at you and grabbed your hands to stop you from what you were doing. “don’t you think we should talk about it?”

“About what?” You played fool and he just smiled at you. You aren’t feeling awkward around him anymore, luckily.

“Oh, shut up!” He laughed and you faced him as you decided to talk about everything. You couldn’t pretend that nothing has happened, mostly when you like him too.

You leant on the kitchen counter and you waited for him to start his explanations. You took the moment to admire Jeff’s flawless face and body. You admired his soft brown quiff and his blue mesmerizing eyes. His pierced ears made him look sexier and you wondered how toned his body was.

“Hmm…” He started as he fiddled with his hands, waking you up from your deep thoughts. “I know that it was a shame that you discovered my feelings for you because of your brother, but I want to tell you that I really really really like you.”

You felt the heat of your cheeks and you blushed, although you already knew it. It was surely different to hear it from him and you felt so satisfied and reassured.

“That’s plagiarism for Carly Rae Jepsen’s song.” You winked at him and he just laughed at you. “But I really really really like you too.” You confessed, taking the courage out and covering it with by singing the song. His gaze lightened and he let a alleviated laugh out.

“Really?” He asked because he wanted to be sure of what you were really feeling.

“What? Is it strange that someone liked Jeff Atkins?” You playfully asked him and he rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you one of the campus’ crushes?”

“Well, (Y/N) Jensen likes me. That’s an honour.” He winked at you and you punched his arm playfully.

“Flatterer!” You exclaimed as you shook your head. You couldn’t believe him that he was praising you. Well, he was Jeff Atkins.

“I was just telling the truth.” He smiled at you and you giggled softly. “Can I hug you?” He asked and you found him cute with that.

“You already hugged me the whole night, why do you have to ask?” You winked at him and his face became bright red. You threw your arms wide open and he ran to you to hug you tightly.

You relaxed as you felt his arms around you again. Even though you slept hugging each other, you still longed for his hugs. You felt safe and warm once again.

“Are we having a sleepover again?” He flirtatiously asked and you slapped his toned chest. “Hey, didn’t you say that sharing is caring?”

“Dork!” You shook your head as you smiled widely. You saw Clay smirking as he was standing behind the kitchen’s doorway. You rolled your eyes as he took some pictures of his favourite ship. Of course, he has always shipped you with Jeff, because he already knew everything since the very start. Was he or wasn’t he the most supportive brother ever?

You knew that it was a start of something new for you. It was one of your desires to have him by your side and you would treasure this moment forever. You would keep on longing for him, for his hugs, for the warmth of his body and he would always take care of you, no matter what.

He would do everything to let you feel that you were the most important girl in his life, nevertheless his uncountable admirers.

Its Always Been You

Anon Requested: “can you please write angsty scenario with yoongi. where he and y/n are in love but she is scared af of relationships so they have big fight and he says something mean bc he is hurt and want to hurt her too. and idk what else. happy ending or maybe atleast they stay as friends and support each other? thank you! and sorry about my english 😪”


Words: 6881

Summary: Yoongi knew that he loved you from the first day he met you, but you friendzoned him. He’s been with you through the ups and downs of your life. And now after a nasty break-up, you finally started looking at Yoongi as more than a friend, but you were scared to love him because of your past relationship. Will you two end up together, or will you need time to work on yourself?

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Another night was spent laying up in bed, worried sick to your stomach. Your boyfriend of 8 months was out again, with his friends, bar hopping. You wouldn’t be like this if he hadn’t done some questionable things in the past. Every time he goes out, you can’t help but to stay awake and worry about the worst situation that could possibly happen.You wish you could trust him a little more than you do, but you just can’t. You wish you could go out with him, but you don’t want to be the clingy girlfriend.

You love him, you really do. You’ve decided to look past all the times that he bought another woman a drink, or danced with another woman at the bar. You looked past it all because you are so in love with him. You always get the feeling that maybe he wasn’t ready for a relationship, but he always reassures you that he is and that he loves you deeply.

Scrolling through your phone, you opened up snapchat and looked through everyone’s stories. You clicked on one of his friends name to see stories of the guys drinking, taking shots, and dancing, but the last story is what rips your heart out. It was boyfriend, making out with another girl at the bar. You couldn’t peel your eyes away, you kept replaying it over and over again, trying to think of an excuse on why he did it. Maybe it wasn’t him? But you knew it was him because it’s the same outfit he left the house in.

Your eyes got foggy, and you started sniffling. You exited the app and let out a deep breath. You grabbed your purse, and slid on some shoes to walk to your best friends place.


“Taehyung get the door.” Yoongi rolled over in his bed and pulled the covers up and over his face.

“Hyung, it’s 1 in the morning, what if it’s a murderer?” He groaned, and set his feet on the ground and rubbed his eyes. Who could possibly be waking them up this late at night. The bangs on the door were heard again.

“If it’s a murderer then you lived a good life Tae.” Yoongi’s muffled voice was heard faintly. Another set of footsteps was heard the hall light turned on.

“Who the fuck is at the door.” Namjoon came into their room, holding the door handle.

“If we knew who it was, we wouldn’t be questioning each other right now too would we.” Yoongi sighed and pulled the blankets down from over his head. “Tae get the door.” He said yet again, getting annoyed of the banging.

“I’ll get it.” Namjoon left their door open with the hall light still on. Yoongi could hear the locks being undone and nothing else was heard. Then he saw Namjoon walk back to his room not sparing another glance into Yoongi’s or Tae’s room. More footsteps were heard until you appeared in the doorway and Yoongi sat up right away.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” You didn’t say anything, but you jumped onto Yoongi’s bed, wrapping your hands around his neck and crying into his shoulder. Yoongi nodded his head at Taehyung to indicate that he needed to leave. He got the message and grabbed a blanket to go to the living room couch. Yoongi let you cry, he ran his hand through your hair while softly saying ‘sh, it’ll be alright’ over and over.

You finally lift your head up, and he took his hands to wipe the excess tears that stained your face. A sniffling mess is what you became, as you flipped over to be on your back and put your head on his stomach. Something you’ve always done. He hated seeing you cry, he hated seeing you sad, he hated seeing you broken. When you were hurt, he was hurt as well. Everything you felt, he was feeling too.

“Y/N, why are you crying?” He whispered so softly that you weren’t sure it was his voice.

“He was kissing another girl.” The video replayed in your head as you shut your eyes tightly trying to get rid of the image that has managed to be an ongoing movie in your mind.

Yoongi stayed quiet. He has so many things to say about the guy you’re dating now. He didn’t like him from the get go, he was just bad news, and it seemed that every week you two were always fighting, and you were left always hurting. He saw how you changed to be with him, how you wouldn’t watch certain shows anymore, or how you acted differently around people. He saw how your outgoing personality has changed to a shy and quiet personality because your boyfriend didn’t like it. You changed for the worse and not the better. You were so in love with him that you were blinded to all of these changes you were making just to make him happy.

You let out a small chuckle. “I should have ended it a while ago right.” You looked at Yoongi as he was put on the spot.

“Y/N, I’m not the one who makes those decisions, that’s your doing.” He didn’t want to say anything that would hurt you more.

“This was the last straw. I can deal with him dancing with other girls, and buying other girls drinks, but this, this I can’t deal with.” Yoongi cringed at everything you said. He knew that your boyfriend did all of this, he was keeping his options open obviously. He just wanted to have a girl that had major heart eyes for him so if he couldn’t get a girl on his night out, he would always end back up with you.

“I think that’s a very smart choice.”

“You think so Yoongs?” You moved your head up to his chest and put an arm around his stomach as his arm was on your back, and another behind his head.

“Y/N I know so. It’ll be hard but I know it’s the right decision.” You crinkled your nose, hating that you had to agree with him on this. He was right, this decision was for the better. The both of you sat there in silence, while Yoongi was stroking your hair, when he stopped, it indicated that it was your time to go.

You got up slowly from his grip and pulled the blankets up. You were about to open the door when you heard him move in his bed. “Y/N it’s late, stay here.” His sleepy voice always worked on your.

“Sure, let me get Tae so I can sleep on the couch.” He patted the bedside next to him.

“You can sleep here, I don’t bite.” You smiled to yourself, and crawled back into the bed, this time getting underneath the blankets and laying your head on a pillow. Yoongi didn’t seemed pleased as he got closer to you and pulled you into an embrace.

“Yoongi you’re suffocating me.” He let you go as he pulled you into his side with an arm around you. You had an arm on his chest and could feel his heart beating, it was relaxing. You could spend every night like this with him.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

“Night Yoongs.” And you both drifted off to sleep.


You woke up to the sound of voices coming out from the closed door, filled with laughter. The sun was poking it’s way into the room, and you looked to your side and found a sleeping Yoongi. His arm was still wrapped around you. You grabbed your phone from the bed-side table, with 5 missed calls and 20 text messages from your soon to be ex-boyfriend. You read the messages, they started off with an apology, then him getting mad because you weren’t replying, then him telling you it was over because he’s had enough with you. It was always like this, how could you be so blind?

You didn’t want to leave the bed, you didn’t want to leave your best friend. You yanked the blankets up even more, and nuzzled into his side. Yoongi moved in his sleep and you shut your eyes quickly, you didn’t want him to know that you were up just yet.

You felt his hand as he pushed back some of your stray hairs in your face, and you could practically feel his gaze on you. “Y/N,” he whispered it so softly, you barely heard it. “I love you.” And he wrapped you in his arms again. Your eyes may have been closed and he may have thought you were sleeping, but you heard his words, loud and clear. You always told Yoongi that you loved him and he did the same with you, but why does this sound so different?

You finally open your eyes to show him that you were awake. “Good morning.” He said. It took every ounce in his body to hold him back from kissing you. He wanted to so badly, he’s always wanted to, but you only thought of him as a friend. “Morning.” You whispered back. You grabbed your phone to see if your boyfriend said anything else within the 10 minute time span, but nothing. Your stomach dropped and your heart was aching, why did you feel so guilty for this? None of it was your fault, you shouldn’t take blame for anything, but here you are, taking some of the blame, feeling bad for yourself.

“Did he text you?” You nodded your head and rubbed your eyes. “What’d he say?”

“Oh the usual, first the apology came, and then the angry texts because I wasn’t texting back and then the final text saying that we’re through.” Yoongi scoffed and rolled his eyes. This asshole always pulls the same thing on you. Somehow he manages to make everything your fault and you always end up believing that it truly is your fault when it isn’t. Yoongi has seen it all.

“What a fucking jerk. I hope you know that none of this is your fault Y/N.”

“I know.” You got up from his bed and stretched. You took the hair tie off your wrist and put your hair up. “I should get going Yoongs, you probably have schedules today and I don’t want to be in your guys’ way and plus I have to break up with someone.” Yoongi smirked at that last sentence.

“Well,” He got out of the bed and hugged you. “Y/N, you are not a bother around here first off, and second off, break his heart.” He winked at her and they both walked out of the room together. You waved to the others as they greeted you and hugged Yoongi one last time as you shut the door behind you, with a long day waiting ahead.

“So, what’d you guys do last night.” Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows at Yoongi. Namjoon slapped him on the shoulder.

“We slept, what else would we being?” Yoongi replied, heading over to the fridge to get some breakfast.

“Well if you just slept why was Tae on the couch.” Jimin decided to finally join on the bickering.

“Okay first off I told you guys she came in crying her eyes out and I didn’t want to hear Yoongi get all soft for her.” Tae sipped his orange juice.

“Yeah good explanation Tae, but she really did come in crying, because her boyfriend was making out with some rando at the bar last night.” The room went silent.

“Well that will be the end of the them.” Jin set his dishes in the sink, as everyone nodded their head in agreement.

I scoffed. “Yeah one can hope.”

“What do you mean that one can hope? He was kissing another girl! That’s the end!” Jin leaned against the counter top waiting for Yoongi to explain.

“It’s like he has this hold on her and she can’t get away because she’s so head over heels for him which makes her blind to all the shitty things he does.”

“Must suck for you then huh?” Namjoon chimed in, Yoongi was confused.

“What do you mean?”

“You love her hyung.” Jimin said and I coughed on my water. I looked at them as they all stared at me.

“Is it that obvious?” They nodded their heads.


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Unwanted sleepover with Jungkook takes a surprising turn of events.


Genre/Warnings: Smut, Mutual Masturbation

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1,6k

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

This is not how you pictured your night ending.

“Seriously move over! You’re taking up the whole goddamn bed!” You whispered screamed at the overgrown baby that laid next to you. Just earning grunt from him.

“Seriously Jeon!”

“Fine.” He grumbled as he shifted maybe one inch further away from you.

Yes, this was definitely not how you pictured your night ending.

When Jin invited you to a party you figured it was a date. You had waited months for Jin to actually ask you out. You had a crush on him since the beginning of the semester when Somin first introduced you two. 

You hit it off straight away. You always hung out in a group setting and never alone. And finally, you thought he mustered up the courage to ask you out.

Sure it was kind of strange that your date would be at a party. That should’ve been the first red flag. But hey he asked you and that’s all that mattered to you.You spent two hours doing your hair and makeup. Even changing your outfit 10 times until you found the perfect one.

Everything was going smoothly so far. You picked up Jin from his dorm. And the car ride was going well. A little small talk here and there. Jin was on a roll with his dad jokes. Jokes that the rest of your friends found lame but you liked a lot.

The problem was when you arrived at the party. The second you got there Jin completely abanded you and you didn’t see him for the rest of the night. And just as you were about to leave one of his friends came looking for you. You thought, of course he didn’t forget about you. He couldn’t have.

And you were right he didn’t because he thought you were his designated driver. That’s right he didn’t ask you out to the party as a date. He asked you out you so you could be his designated driver!

You were only invited under the pretenses that you would be the designated driver for him and his friends. Also, might I add his very, very drunk friends.

No one was sober enough to tell you where they lived. And apparently, they didn’t live on campus like Jin did. So you had no choice but to take them back to your off-campus apartment.

You knew them, of course, you wouldn’t have taken complete strangers back to your apartment. You didn’t want to but you couldn’t let these three drunken morons fend for themselves.

That’s how you ended up with Jeon Jungkook in your bed and not Jin.

You hated this little brat. You only tolerated him because he was one of Jin’s best friends. But still, you hated this punk.

“Seriously noona I barely have any space left.” he whined.

“Seriously Jungkook you shouldn’t even be in my bed! You should be on the fucking floor or outside for all I care!” You yelled at him this time not caring if you woke the others anymore. You gave him a good kick in the leg hoping he’d finally just out of your bed.

“Ow! You should think about joining the soccer team noona.” He said as he rubbed his leg while not so subtly moving closer to you. 

You sighed in defeat. You gave up the sooner you fell asleep the sooner these morons would be out of your apartment.

It’s probably been a good 30 minutes since you closed your eyes and attempted to let sleep overcome you. You were almost there 10 minutes ago. But it’s as if Jungkook knew you were about to fall asleep. And decided he wanted to move around just to spite you.

You couldn’t take it anymore you opened your eyes and started yelling at Jungkook. “Seriously Jungkook what are you–” Your words quickly caught in your throat. Your mouth hung open at the sight. 

The younger boy laid next to you with his eyes screwed shut. His back slightly arched whilst his hand wrapped around his–his cock. Holy shit Jungkook was fucking jacking off in your bed!

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Blind Musician

@redfirecatherinetodd I’m sorry it took so long but I finally did it!!

Request:  I love ur work. Do u think u could make a fanfic about Jason and a blind musician but she’s Damian’s friend so he won’t let them be alone and he spies on their dates or something like that. Please and thank you


Being Damian’s friend was amazing. He was one of the few people who treated you like a normal person, but he was also extremely protective of you.

“Damian Wayne, I am positive that I can get to my piano on my own”

“tt, you might fall. You are unfamiliar with the terrain of Wayne Manor; I will not allow you to be hurt.”

You chuckle, “I manage to get around my own messy apartment just fine, I don’t know why you continue to doubt me”

“If you would allow me to move you into the Manor, I wouldn’t be concerned about your wellbeing. You would not be alone here”

You turn blind eyes on your best friend, “And how would I be able to get around this huge place, I might fall down the stairs”

“Then let me move you into the penthouse! Your apartment has stairs as well! What if you fall down those!”

You roll your eyes, smacking his ankle with your cane. “Just take me to the piano, Dami, before I beat you with this cane”

You can hear Damian growl as you start to walk forward on your own, using your cane to find the leg of the piano, “Y/N!”

Sliding into the seat, you place your fingers over the keys. That’s the good thing about pianos, no matter which one you’re at, a piano is always the same. “Will you write the notes for me? I’ve been working on this for a while, but I just need it written down”

“Of course. Give me a moment to get the sheets. Stay here, the Manor is too large for you to wander around in.”

You wave your hand, dismissing his words. You started to play, the music absorbed you, cradling you in its notes. Music was your one escape, the onetime where no one pitied you for being blind. You were so absorbed in the music that you didn’t hear the door open, or hear that person lean against the wall to listen to you play. Ending the song with a flourish, you let the last note hold out for an extra second.

“That was amazing” You let out a shriek at the unexpected noise.

“Y/N!!” Damian burst into the room, “Todd! How dare you intrude!”

“Damian! Don’t hit me! Shit! I didn’t know I was intruding!”

There were sounds of a fight, papers fluttering to the ground, and the sound of fists hitting flesh. “Damnit, stop!”

“Y/N, are you alright?” Damian asked, you can hear him standing up and making his way over to you. He purposefully steps heavy, just so you can hear him.

“I’m fine! Why did you attack him?!” You turn on the bench, “Are you alright, sir?”

“Name’s Jason, sweetheart. Damn Damian, you hit hard” The other man, Jason, walks up to the bench, “I heard you playing, it was beautiful. I-I’m sorry for intruding.”

You blush. No one other than Damian had heard you play an original piece. “Um, thank you. I’m sorry that Damian hurt you. You – you can listen anytime you want”

“Todd has no appreciation of musical instruments. I doubt he is truly able to appreciate your brilliance”

“Are you saying my music isn’t worth appreciating? Because he obviously enjoyed my playing”

“You know that isn’t what I meant. I do not want him to take advantage of you. Todd has never been good at being gentle with anything”

You roll your eyes, “I don’t need to be handled with kid-gloves, Dami” You stick your hand out, waiting until Jason takes it before talking, “It’s nice to meet you, Jason. My name’s Y/N”

Jason chuckled, “It’s good to finally meet you. We’ve been wondering where Damian runs off to on the weekends”

“That would be to my apartment. He says that he needs to escape from his crazy family, and with how easily you two just started a fight”

Jason chuckles, “Well, he did attack me. I have to go, Alfred needs my help in the kitchen. I’ll see you two at dinner”

You smirk, “Was that a blind joke? ‘See you at dinner’?”

Jason sucks in a sharp breath, “No! Nonono! I promise it wasn’t! I didn’t mean to say that! I’m so sorry!”

You burst into laughter, “I’m just kidding! God! Don’t take things so personal!”

Damian snickers, “She does that all the time, don’t mind her. She likes to use her inability to see to make people uncomfortable”

You grin, “It’s the only way to get people to realize that I’m not some delicate flower. And come on, that was funny”

“It was pretty damn funny” Jason mumbled.

After dinner that night you were invited over to Wayne Manor a lot more. Bruce likes that you didn’t let Damian get away with everything. And you enjoyed spending time with Jason, you hoped that he would want to spend more time with you.

Your doorbell buzzes, “Hello?”

“Hey, Y/N. It’s Jason, can I come up?”

“Sure, ill buzz you in”

A minute later there’s a knock on the door, “It’s me!”

“Hey, Jay. This is a nice surprise” You pull him into a brief hug, and shut the door behind him.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, I just wanted to check up on you”

“I forgot to respond to your text! Is that why you’re here?”

“Well … yeah”

“You’re almost as bad as Damian!” you laugh, “I’m sorry I worried you. I lost my phone and can’t seem to find it.”

Jason rolls his eyes, “Well, let me find it, and I’ll get out of your hair”

“You don’t need to leave, Jay, you can stay for a while. I could really use your input on a new song”

“I’d love to stay. I actually have something to talk to you about”

“Let me make some tea, and then we can sit down”

Once the tea is boiled and poured, you reach out to touch Jason’s arm, “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Jason clears his throat, “I … um … I wanted to know if you’d want to go out to dinner … with me?”

“Like a date?”


You grin, “I’d love to go on a date with you!”

“How about Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6:00?”

“Perfect!” You reach out and wrap your arms around Jason

“Now I really do have to go now, Y/N. I was supposed to meet Dick 30 minutes ago.”

You pull back, “Alright. Were you really that upset that I didn’t text you back?”

“Damian and I have been talking about ways to make sure you’re safe. I guess his paranoia has started to rub off on me”

“I was painting, and I lost my phone! Between you and Damian! You guys are ridiculous!”

Jason pulls back, “You paint?”

You chuckle, “Of course I paint! I paint and I play music! Those are some of the few things that ‘optically challenged’ people can do! Do you know how hard it is to get a job when you’re blind?”

“No one’s ever mentioned your painting before, not even Damian”

You blush, “He doesn’t know, I haven’t even showed anyone my paintings other than buyers.”

“Can I see them?” You nod and walk into your guest room, gesturing to the paintings that are scattered all over, “Holy shit they’re beautiful!!”

“Really? I don’t know that they look like, one of my buyers said that they look like galaxies”

“God, how can you be so talented!”

“I’m really not, Jay, but thank you. Didn’t you say you had to leave?”

“Um, yeah, I do. Can I come in here and take inventory on these, I can help you sell them?”

“I would love that! It would help me so much. But I can hear your phone blowing up, Dick is probably pissed that you’re blowing him off”

Jason chuckles, “I’ll see you on Saturday, I put your phone on the charger. I saw about 6 texts from Damian, so I would expect him next”

“Good! He can help me pick out a dress to wear!”

Jason chuckles and heads to the door, “Good bye, Y/N”

You lean up pressing a kiss to the side of his face, you hope it was his cheek, “Bye, Jay”

Jason was right. Damian showed up at your apartment about 10 minutes after Jason left, in a complete panic.

“Y/N!!!” He shouted

“How the hell did you even get in the building?!” You yell back, “Please tell me you didn’t break in … again!”

“I climbed in through the window, so no, I didn’t break anything.”

You hum, “I’m fine by the way. I just lost my phone. Jason freaked out too, so he stopped by and helped me find it. He also asked me on a date, Dami!!!”

“He what?!?!”

“He asked me on a date!!” You dance around in a little circle, “I need you to help me pick out a dress!”

Damian doesn’t answer right away but you assume that he is still across the room, so you startle when he grabs your arm, “You are allowing yourself to be courted by, Todd!?!?”

“Yes, Dami. We are going on a date. What’s the big deal?”

“Do you know who he really is?!?” Damian growled.

“Yes, Red Hood”

You may not be able to see it, but you know that you managed to shock Damian, “H-How did you …?”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t figure it out? You come into my apartment through the window, and you are wearing armor and a cape. I know you’re Robin, and I assume Bruce is Batman, Dick is Nightwing, Jason, who’s the black sheep of the family, is the Red Hood, but I haven’t figured out who Red Robin is, I haven’t met your other brother. What was his name? Tom?”


“Ah, yes, Tim”

You can hear Damian sit down on your bed, and you turn back to the closet, “How did you know?”

“Your footsteps around different when you’re I uniform, Jason smells like gun powder, Dick isn’t around here much and neither is Nightwing, with Bruce I just kinda guessed”

“Oh, alright, those are reasonable conclusions. Which dress do you intend to wear?”

“I was thinking the green one”

Damian hums, “I prefer the dark purple one.”

“I do like that one” You murmur, “What if I wear it with the amethyst necklace you got me last year?”

“You would look beautiful. I will make sure that Todd takes you to a respectable restaurant”

“That sounds great Dami, now you need to go. Don’t think I forgot that you have a meeting with the Board at WE”

Damian groans, “I had hoped to avoid that meeting”

“Nope! You have to go! I need to continue composing my song”

Damian groaned, but walked to the door, “I shall see you Saturday before your date. I shall help you get ready”

“Thanks Dami! Have fun at your meeting!”

The date so far was amazing. There haven’t been any lulls in the conversation, and you were enjoying each other’s company. The appetizers had just arrived when Jason startled you with a groan.

“What is it?” You ask, confused.

“Damian just walked in. I knew he wouldn’t let us go on a date alone”

You can’t help but burst into laughter, missing the glares that were shot in your direction, “Please tell me you’re joking. He’s really here?”

“Yes, and he’s glaring at me. I feel like he’s going to attack me”

“He won’t hurt you, I promise. Isn’t that right Damian? Because I know you bugged me, and I know you can hear me. Nod your head for Jason, Dami”

“Oh my God, he just nodded! How did you know he bugged you?”

“I’ve known this necklace was bugged and had a tracking device in it since he gave it to me. It’s why I keep it in a special box when I’m not wearing it”

It’s Jason who bursts into laughter this time, “Oh that’s rich! You’re amazing you know that?”

Taking a sip of water, you try to cover up your blush, “Thank you”

“I really how you’ll agree to go out with me again”

“I’d love to, as long as you don’t mind my tail. I doubt he will ever let us go out alone”

“I don’t mind. I want to take you to the orchestra for our next date”

“I would love to go to the orchestra!” You clear your throat nervously, “and maybe you’d like to come to one of my concerts?”

Jason places one of his large hands on top of yours, “I will always say yes to hearing you play, you’re my favorite musician”

You giggle when Jason lifts your hand to him lips, placing a gentle kiss against your knuckles, “Good, because I like it when you listen”


Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Length: 1682+ words

TW: Character Death & a sentence of gory impaling

A/N: This story has been on my mind for a very long time. This is a pretty personal fic for me, but I thought I would share it with you guys anyways! I’m also submitting this for Jen’s (@supernatural-jackles) Birthday Challenge! My mom’s birthday is actually on Canada Day, and we’re going to be spending it in the States lmao. We always celebrate her birthday/Canada Day in USA… It’s now a tradition. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Prompt: “You are enough. No matter what, you will always be enough.”

Dean was angry. He was always so angry lately. He was angry when dad and Sam fought every chance they got, but now that Sam was gone, he was angrier. He was angry at dad for pushing Sam away. He was angry at Sam for leaving. Hell, he was probably mad at you for not convincing Sam to stay. But, you knew that he madder at himself than anyone else. He’d rather have them fight everyday than having Sam gone.

You looked at your older brother across the small motel room. He was glued to his phone, and you knew he was texting the waitress he was flirting with the other day. Dean was your hero. He was more of a father to you than your real dad would ever be. You looked up to him so much, but lately he’s just been so… angry. Every conversation you had with him had been about how annoyed he was that Sam was gone, or the fact that dad kept leaving to hunt on his own. Every question was either about the hunt or whether you had heard from Sam or dad- which you both knew was a silly question to ask. You were the outlier in the family. It was always about the Winchester Boys. You were just the orphan child who nobody wanted. You would never be the first person they would contact. But that was okay because you had Dean. Key word: had. 

You’ve always been his babygirl, but you haven’t heard that term of endearment in months. You hated being so distant with your brother, but what could you do? You tried everything to talk to him like you used to, but he never reciprocated the same way. When they first took you in when you were two, Dean was the first to hold you, marveling at how small you were. The only reason you knew this was because of how much Dean talked about you when you were younger. He always told you stories of the times you’ve clung on to him. His second favourite nickname for you was “monkey.” You grew up close. John was always gone, so that left Dean and Sam to take care of you. The oldest Winchester took responsibility of you to the nth degree. He taught you everything he could so you wouldn’t be on the receiving end of John’s abuse. He always protected you. Always. Whether it was from school bullies, or your own father. He was always there. Standing in front of you, and when you were younger, you used to imagine a cape on his back. When you told him about the cape, he laughed, and ruffled your hair.

“Babygirl, don’t you know it’s dangerous for superheroes to wear capes? What if they trip over them? Or it gets caught in something? Real heroes don’t wear capes, they wear leather jackets.” He pointed to the sleeve of his worn out leather jacket that John had given him.

Your eyes were wide with wonderment as you nodded at your older brother. After that you saved up every bit of money, picking up loose coins from the side of the street to save up for a leather jacket. You were still saving up for that jacket.

Dean’s scowl brought you back to reality.

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That person you want to stay in your life but you don’t know how to keep. Because you’re insensitive and moody and so independent and been single for so long you doubt if their intention is real. You’re afraid to express your feelings despite how genuine they appear. You believe them for a second but those unwanted past keep coming back to remind you then you’re back to doubting again. Then came that moment when you realize the kind of love they offer is so huge you’re scared to accept. Esp when those past were so horrible and tragic you wonder if he’s kind of blind or crazy to choose you.

You want him to stay yet you pushed him away. You say you don’t care but when thoughts of another woman cloud your mind you panic. But despite the fear of losing him, your fear of being not good enough always prevail. You’ve been shattered into pieces and someone is trying to pick those pieces up to mend you again, while all you offer is cold shoulder. This is so hard.

—  chayenneson
Wand Play

Request: “request for either a newt scamander or sirius black smut!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1683

Warnings: SMUT

A/n: I haven’t written for my bby Newt in so long, so I decided to go with him! But I’d be glad to write something for Sirius too, just request if you want it xx

“And where did you get that wand, Mr Scamander?” you mocked, the wizard cocking a brow at your remark.

“Well, I bought it at Ollivander’s of course.” The man shifted, pushing his chest out a little bit as if to assert his dominance over your smaller figure. The Goldstein sisters had invited you to dinner at their place, along with their British friend Newt Scamander. The man interested you, and you seemed to interest him too, so you had been flirting back and forth in a very flippant manner.

“Oh (Y/n), stop teasing poor Newt about his plain ol’ wand.” Queenie giggled.

“Plain?” Newt lifted his head, sending a frown in the direction of the now hushed blonde. You’d all had a little bit to drink, resulting in none of you quite being able to hold back your honest opinions.

“It is rather boring.” You smirked friskily. “Although, it is in great contrast to its wielder.”

Newt brought his wine-filled cup up to his lips, trying to conceal the giddy grin that spread across his face.

“I only wish that you could find my wand as interesting as you do me.” Newt grumbled, his cheeks rosy from the alcohol that ran through his veins like a hot adrenaline.

“Maybe one day I will.” You retorted, running your finger around the rim of your glass. Newt bit his lip as an image popped up into his head. One of him pleasuring you.

“Maybe one day you will.” He echoed, taking another gulp from his drink.

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This was not the first time love came to you.
First it came in the form of a goblet - bottomless - beautiful - acidic.
it filled you up.
But were so full you did not realise your organs
were failing.
And then the goblet ran empty, as all goblets do.
Then love came to you in the form of a broken
bottle dangling from your bottom lip like the
the aftermath of a lynching.
The cuts it gave you were so blinding it made you
forget you were bleeding, as all bottles do.
But then love came to you in prayer -
brought to you by hands that promised to be soft.
Hands that swore you would never see red again.
A spoiler: God stayed, but love did not.
Now love comes to you nervous but tranquil, like a baby
blinking into the world.
but you’ve forgotten how to hold it.
It spills between the cracks of your fingers like
sand falling off the edge of a cliff.
Love teaches you how to hold it again.
It binds your fingers together and places itself
In the tender of your palm.
This time, you speak and love listens.
Love writes you pages that you are too tired to read,
But you keep your eyes open anyway.
You try to stay awake even though you haven’t
slept for centuries.
Because you know -
You know something is about to happen that you
can’t afford to miss.
—  Asmara Wilde
Blind Threats

Originally posted by motherllode

Request: Jax imagine based on a dream that @homicidalteenagedream had.

Hope you like this boo, I changed a couple things. Sorry it took so long.

I don't really know what timeline i was going with here, except Tara doesn’t exist (YAAASS) & Thomas is older and in school.


You gripped the wheel tightly as you pulled into the lot.
To say you were under pressure lately  was an understatement and the last thing you wanted to see was that white mercedes , belonging to SAMCROs favourite porn slut Ima, sitting in your usual spot.
Your jaw clenched and you swung your car into an empty spot, your tyres screeching.
You were so blinded by your anger that you didn’t see the tow truck parked in front of the garage. and the prospects unloading the bike. The bike that belonged to you old man.
You had just slammed your door shut when you finally noticed the bike, with the fresh dents and scratches.
Your heart dropped and all your anger left you, only to be replaced with guilt and worry.
Jax saw you step around your car and he stepped out of the office and headed towards you.
As soon as you saw him a sense of relief washed over you and you adjusted the strap of your bag on your shoulder as you walked across the lot.
“Hey babe.”
“What happened?”
Jax sighed and ran a hand through his blond hair, slicking it back out of his face.
“Had a run in with a 12 wheeler.” Jax told you. “Had to put her down.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?”
“Im fine, thanks for asking.”
“God as if its not bad enough that I gotta worry about you coming home filled with bullets, now I gotta worry about you being crushed under a wheel too?!”
“Hey,” Jax reached for your hand and he squeezed it comfortingly. “It was an accident. You don’t need to worry bout me.”
He met your gaze an under those blue eyes you softened, but only slightly.
“So whats the damage?”
“Bit of road rash, nothin major.”
You nodded.
Jax threw his arm over your shoulder and pulled you into his side as he led you to the garage.
You knew he was only doing it to comfort you and keep you from nagging him about road safety but you relished in the contact; it was the most he’d touched you in what felt like years.
Clay was inspecting the bike while Gemma leant against the workbench in the garage.
“Hows she looking?” Jax called as you approached.
He slid his arm off your shoulder and walked towards his bike. He stopped in front of it and ran his hand across the seat, his eyes studying the scratched paint work.
You leant against the workbench next to Gemma.
“Give Lowell couple hours and she’ll be good. Its mostly cosmetic.”
Jax grinned and slicked his hair back once more.
“Thank god. Im hard for my Harley already.”
Clay laughed and you rolled your eyes.
Gemma smirked. “Maybe she can help you with that.”
Jax glanced in your direction briefly before looking away.
He pulled his cigarettes from the pocket of his kutte and began to walk away.
“Nah, Im good.” He muttered under his breath.
“Whats that about?” Gemma asked hastily, her dark eyes burning into you.
“Forget it.”
You gulped and walked away, heading swiftly back to your car.
Gemma pursed her lips and crossed her arms as she watched you both, walking away in different directions.


“Chucky, why don’t you take the boys out to play on the swings?”
“I accept that.”
Chuck nodded to Gemma and you thanked him, only just managing to ruffle Thomas’ blond hair before he leapt off of your lap and chased after Abel who was already half way out the door.
Your daughter giggled in Gemmas arms, cooing and gurgling in her own baby language that only she understood.
“God, how much longer are they gonna be in there?”
You glared at the closed doors, wishing that Church would be over so you could head home.
Gemma raised an eye brow and kissed the tip of your daughters nose, earning another giggle.
“You got somewhere to be, mama?”
“I wish.”
You sighed and rapped your fingertips against the wooden table.
Lyla shared a sympathetic smile with you and you pushed back your chair and stood.
Maybe some fresh air would help your mood.
The clubhouse was crowded tonight. Jax had requested that everyone related to the club attend. Whether it be through family or an old lady. Everyone that knew the Redwood Boys was here. Everywhere you looked there were faces, and all you wanted was to be alone.
You ran your hand through your daughters soft dark hair and headed for the door.
Abel and Thomas had taken after their father. All blonde hair and blue eyes. But your daughter had taken after you and her dark hair matched yours exactly. She was only young but you knew she would be a spitting image of you in a few years.
It was less crowded outside. Chucky was pushing the boys on the swings, their angelic laughter travelling through the cool evening air.
You perched on top of the picnic table and laid back against the old wood.
The faint sound of Guns N Roses playing through the speakers and muffled banter travelled through the walls and you blocked it out as you pulled your cigarettes out of your pocket.
The nicotine filled your lungs and you exhaled deeply when you heard the door to the clubhouse open.
“You gonna tell me whats going on between you and my son?”
You didn’t even need to look. You would know that voice anywhere.
“Nothings going on, Gem.” You sighed.
“So you’ve just been a grumpy bitch all week for nothin, huh sweetheart?”
You sat up and glared at her.
She had her hands on her hips and that knowing, Gemma Teller smile plastered all over her face.
“C’mon, baby. Tell me whats going on.”
You sighed again and ran your hand trough your hair, trying to figure out where to start.
“I dunno, Gem. Everything was fine a few weeks ago.”
“So whats changed?”
You shrugged.
“Ever since he laid down his bike everything just sorta.. fallen apart.”
Gemma stepped closer and sat atop the picnic table next to you.
She lit her own cigarette and took a long drag as she listened to you speak.
“He barely speaks to me, let alone touches me. Fuck he hasn’t even kissed me in god knows how long.” Your voice began to shake and you shoved down the uproar that threatened to escape you from rising in your throat.
“When I wake up he’s gone, thats if he’s even come home at all.” You blew out your smoke. “He doesn’t say good morning to me, he’s gone before the kids are up for school.”
“Honey give him time, he’ll come round.”
“Really? Cause I cant help but notice Imas cars been here nearly everyday and I gotta feeling he’s fucking that bitch again.”
Gemma shook her head. “Naw, he don’t want that rancid pussy.”
You sighed and tapped your cigarette, watching the ash crumble off the end and flutter to the ground.
“It will be okay, sweetheart. You just gotta hang in there. He loves you. You’re good for him.”
Both of you looked up as the door opened and Jax walked out.
He glanced in your direction but his face never formed a smile.
He took a puff of the joint between his lips and looked away and walked towards the office, a cloud of smoke billowing out behind him.
Gemmas eyes narrowed as she watched her son saunter his way too the office.
“I’ll be back later.”
You slid off the table and flicked your butt to the ground and headed inside.
Your daughter was on Opies lap, her finger wrapped in his beard and you thanked him for looking after her and lifted her onto your hip.
You carried her outside and rounded up the boys and loaded them into the car.
Jax watched from the office as you pulled out of the lot and headed home.

The kids were all finally asleep and you tiptoed your way around their rooms, pulling clothes from their drawers and wardrobes.
You would just get everything ready. Thats all.
That was the plan.
You kept telling yourself you were doing the right thing. Things couldn’t go on like this any longer.
And so you would pack enough for the kids and for yourself and you would keep them ready.
They would be hidden away , ready for when you finally had the courage to do what you’d been considering doing for weeks.
If only you weren’t so in love with him. Then maybe you’d be gone tonight. But you did love him and so you would give him three days. Three days to change things, three days to make things better. Three days to convince you to stay.
You finished packing and you stashed their bags in the back of your wardrobe, along with your suitcase.
There was a bottle of whiskey waiting for you on top of the refrigerator and you poured yourself a glass before curling up on the sofa.
You had taken your third sip when you heard Jax’s bike pull into the driveway. You took a deep breath and glued your eyes to the television screen.
The last season of The Bachelor was playing and you tried to focus on that.
The front door opened and a thump could be heard as Jax kicked his sneakers off his feet.
He watched you as he pulled off his gloves and his kutte. Your feet tucked up beneath you, wine glass in one hand and the tv remote in the other, watching the screen as it flashed images of red roses and girls in pretty dresses.
You didn’t look up as he crossed the room or when he stopped in front of you.
It was only when he took the remote from your hands and turned the volume down that you finally looked up at your old man.
Jax sat on the sofa next to you and placed the remote on the coffee table.
Only the sound of your breathing could be heard and you took a sip of your whiskey.
“I’m sorry.”
His voice broke the silence and he fumbled with the rings on his fingers as he searched his mind for the right words to say.
You ran your finger around the rim of your glass as you waited for him to continue.
“”I’ve been pushing you away.”
“No shit.” You scoffed.
Jax sighed and ran his hand through his hair before turning to you.
“Look, maybe I was wrong to do it. But I was trying to protect you.”
You arched an eyebrow.
“Ive got dead bodies all around me, babe. This shit thats been going on.. I don’t know how to get out of it. I don’t know how to keep you and the kids away from it.”
“These last two weeks Ive been trying to push you away. I’m terrified of hurting you. Im terrified of hurting our kids.”
“You think I’m not used to this shit, Jax?”
“We have never been this deep before.”
You rolled your eyes and placed your glass on the table.
“Look, I get the whole ‘trying to protect you bullshit’. I do. But you know it doesn’t work on me. Its never worked on me. And to say you don’t want to hurt me?!” You laughed bitterly and stood, lifting the bottle of whiskey off the table. “You just spent the last two weeks hurting me, babe.”
You spun on your heels and marched to the bathroom. You perched on the edge of the tub and turned the faucet on full, letting the hot water fill the bath.
Jax watched you walk out of the living room and he buried his face in his hands.
How did everything turn so wrong?

You slid down into the warm water, letting your head sink below the surface and blocking out all sound.
You wished that the walls of the tub could fold down, that the tub could expand and you could swim below the surface the way you used to when you were young and your mother would take you swimming in the lake. You wished you could feel as free as you did when you’d dive into that lake.
But when you came up for air you were reminded of the pain in your chest and the same four walls of the bathroom surrounded you.
Sobs took over your body and  you trembled as your tears fell, mixing with the bath water.
It was more than crying.
It was the kind of desolate sobbing that comes from a person drained of all hope.
You pulled your knees to your chest and wrapped your arms around them, as tears rolled down your cheeks.
Eventually the water turned cold around you and your tears ran dry.
You stood, letting the water run down your body and you grabbed the towel off the heated rail and wrapped it around your body.
Stepping out of the bath you caught a glimpse in the mirror of your reflection.
You looked deflated and gulped.
You weren’t sure who you were anymore.
The whiskey bottle sat on the counter beside the basin and you took a swig of the honey coloured liquid, letting it burn down your throat.
You placed it back on the counter and left the bathroom, your dripping body leaving a trail of marks along the carpet.
You headed for your bedroom but when you opened the door you froze.
Jax was perched on the edge of the bed you shared with him, his head buried in his hands and his shoulders shaking as he cried.
You gulped, your mind racing as you tried to work out what had brought on this sudden emotion from the man who was normally so strong.
And then you saw it.
You saw your suitcase lying in front of the wardrobe, you saw your kids bags, unzipped and showing the contents you had packed earlier that evening.
He didn’t notice you had entered the room and you crossed the room silently and knelt by the bags, quietly repacking the items of clothing he had pulled out.
The sound of you pulling the zip shut on your sons bag alerted him and he looked up to see you kneeling in your towel, fumbling with the bags.
“Stop,” He said softly.
You gulped and kept packing, reaching for the strewn clothes he had torn out, your hands moving faster now.
“Please, babe. Please don’t leave me.”
Your breathing hitched in your throat but you kept going, zipping up the final bag.
“(y/n), please. Don’t leave me, I love you.”
He was begging you now and tears rolled down your cheeks.
The bags were all repacked and you hung your head over them as you listened to him pleading.
It took every ounce of you to lift yourself to your feet and you turned to him.
His bloodshot eyes were glistening with unshed tears, making the colour of his eyes shine bluer that you thought possible.
“I need you.”
His whisper echoed loudly in your head and  you took a deep breath.
Your adjusted the towel wrapped around your body.
He watched you as you fumbled with your damp hair and the towel, anything you could do to keep your eyes away from his.
He stepped forward and cupped your face, lifting your face to meet his gaze.
The look in his eyes broke you. The pain, the pleading, the hope.
“Things need to change, Jackson.”
“They will babe. I promise.”
You nodded slowly.
His hands left your face and he  wrapped them around your body and pulled you closer to him.
He crashed his lips against yours and kissed you deeply, a sudden passion and urgency surging through his lips.
He pulled you to the bed and laid you down beneath him.
You weren’t sure if you ever would have had the courage to leave him.
But as he made love to you like he never had before, you knew that you would always be right beside him.


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The Pain of Death [1000 Followers Special]

A/N: This was due LONG ago, but I never got around to it. I’m really sorry it sucks guys. I just have no motivation today and it’s been one bad news after the other

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1660



It was difficult to feel alive in the world today.

The world was a cold, desolated place where dreamers simply couldn’t exist. It was really a cemetery, a graveyard filled with unfulfilled dreams of the young and old. It wasn’t a place for any friends either, only acquaintances, nothing more.

There was no we or us, there was only I and me, for in this world, there were only survivors and they didn’t crawl their way to the top of the food chain together with others. In the end, the only person that mattered was them and they would throw anyone off the ladder if necessary.

It didn’t come as a surprise. Humanity was doomed from the start, it was inevitable. The human race was bound to topple their own grand empire that they had built. All the cruelest, most despicable things in this world derived from humanity. There’s no place for this dying species in this universe. We had sinned too far to ever redeem ourselves.

Now everyone’s simply trying to find their own happiness, a temporary bliss they could indulge in until they get sick of it and move onto their next interest.

You had seen it in action, experienced first hand. There was no such thing as happiness in this place, not true happiness. Something always happened, as if the universe was designed to fuck with you. It was a consequence of being born and adding to this plague called humanity. But like everyone else, you tried your best to survive. Only survive. You had given up trying to find any lasting happiness in this sick world. What was the point? When it was torn from you, the only person that get the burn would be you.

You admit you never used to be like this. You had been happy, joyful… but innocent. And you were so in love. You were blinded by the driving force of nature and oh how it had ruined you to the point of no return. Your heart was a desolate wasteland where nothing thrived. You gave it no rain, you barricaded it, all because of him.

There used to be someone. Used to be, for he was long gone. He was reckless, impulsive, perhaps a little too daring at times, but bravery and determination ran through his veins. He was a hero, not just your hero but also the hero of others.

He was the second Robin, Jason Peter Todd.

When he came into your life, he instantly swept you off your feet. At first that was a quite bad term for you saw him as a hurricane that tore everything apart. Since you two were on opposite sides most times–you being Catwoman’s ‘apprentice’ and all–you two faced each other regularly, but those fights turned to bickers, and bickers turned into banters and it formed the strangest friendship.

Most of the time, you would play around with him while your mentor had her way with Batman. Sometimes you would sneak out to meet him on the roof. There were times when you even sneaked into the manor to spend time with him, and since you were good friends with Alfred, of course he had let you in.

You allowed yourself to fall. You allowed your heart to feel and love, because it gave you such happiness.

You should’ve known it was too good to be true.

There was no pain greater than what you felt when your mentor informed you of his death.

At first there was that numbness in your chest. You weren’t in denial, you were in shock and couldn’t comprehend anything. And then when you were left alone, that was when you finally realized what the news meant. Then the tears came, and it wouldn’t stop.

It was on that night that you had stopped loving, for what was the use of such emotion when everything would end?

Yet even when you tell yourself that, here you were, standing in front of the grave of the second Robin years later.

“Hey there boy wonder,” you whispered, crouching in front of the grave and placing the bouquet of flowers you bought him, “yeah it’s me again. Got bored of me yet?” You had been visiting him at least once a week, making sure that, if he was ever watching, he knew he was remembered.

You fully sat down, crossing your legs and closed your eyes, remaining silent. When you first visited him, you used to always cry, and then try to talk to him about your day. Now though, while the pain lingered, you didn’t break down. You refused to, you couldn’t show such weakness. Usually you would sit there, thinking. It was peaceful and those who do come by knew not to disturb you.

Your trained ears picked up footsteps behind you after several minutes of silence but you made no attempts to turn around or look back. You knew whoever it was, they would leave–unless of course, it was one of the Waynes or Selina.

“Red roses? Classy.”

Your eyes shot open at that voice. There was something…. Frighteningly familiar about it, and deep down you could identify the person but your heart didn’t want to believe it. You weren’t going to give yourself that benefit.

Still, you began to shake as you slowly stood up and turned around.

And there he was, looking very much alive.

Jason Peter Todd had changed a lot. His young features matured greatly and his blue eyes were colder, haunted. He definitely grew taller, much taller, not to mention he was a lot more muscular. There was a streak of white in his hair. However, despite the change, all you could see was the boy you sat on the rooftop talking to for hours and hours on end.

“No… no, this can’t be right.” you shook your head, feeling tears in your eyes despite how much you tried to fight them back.

“Hey, [F/N],” he began, noticing your mood, “ it’s me. It’s Jason.” he insisted, stepping closer, only for you to recoil.

“NO!” you shouted, raising your hand to keep distance. “Get out of my sight, right now.” You tried to sound firm but you couldn’t disguise the crack in your voice.

Jason’s brows furrowed in confusion but his eyes showed a hint of anger. “What?

“You heard me.” you said coldly, though your voice wavered. “Whoever you are, whatever sick joke you’re playing, leave, before I do something that I will very much regret.”

“[F/N], you think I’m some trick?!” Jason demanded, “hey, I’m real. It’s really me, somehow! Look, I can explain later but–”

“No! You are not…” you closed your eyes and began to pace, “you are not allowed to just magically come back to life! No, no this is some fucked up prank. It has to be. This can’t be happening right now.”

Growing frustrated and agitated by how stubborn you were being, Jason grabbed you by the shoulders. “Look! Look at me! Do I look like an illusion or some impostor?”

“You have to be because there is no other explanation!”


“No, you can’t!” You pushed him away, causing him to stumble back. “You can’t… you can’t…” You sounded so defeated, so torn and broken. It was as if the adrenaline had left you and you were struggling for breath.

“Can’t what?” Jason urged, wanting to know why you were pushing him away like this. The person he was seeing here was a great contrast from the girl he used to know, and that broke his heart.

“You can’t just come back to life and act like nothing happened! You’re not allowed to do that!” Your emotions were all jumbled up inside you and you didn’t know what to feel. Everything you had kept buried inside you was bursting out and it was a storm of emotions that you couldn’t control. It was suffocating you and controlling your actions. Seeing him in front of you reopened closed wounds that barely healed in the first place.

“Shouldn’t you be happy?!” Jason demanded, shocked and confused by your reaction.

“How?!” you retorted, throwing your arms up in the air. “How can I be happy?! This isn’t happiness, happiness isn’t so fucking painful!”

“Painful?” Jason repeated, “do I have to remind you that I was the one who died, not you?”

Hearing this, hearing him say it so easily, you lost it. You lost every ounce of control you had and everything that came out of your mouth was nothing but the absolute truth.

“And do I have to remind you that you haven’t truly died until you have someone you loved taken away from you?!” you yelled back at him, rendering him speechless. Before he could respond, you continued with tears streaming down your face, “for you it may’ve ended in death, but for me? Death was just the beginning,” your voice wasn’t raised, nor was it a whisper, it was a deadly calm that expressed your full emotions, as if the tears falling down your face wasn’t enough already, “because then you remember, you remember all the good times and mourn for them. You remember all the bad times and you regret. And when you wake up every day for one blissful second you forget and then it all comes back to you and it’s like hearing about it the very first time all over again. So don’t you dare tell me that I hadn’t died because believe me, I hadn’t felt alive since the day that clown killed you.”

By the end of it, you were crying so hard you could barely see, but you did feel strong arms wrapping around you. You did feel him pulling you close to his chest, letting you cry, but that only made you cry harder.

Because, after years of being alone, you finally got the chance to embrace the one person you loved most again.

Baring His Heart / Jace Wayland

Words: 2191

“Why are you being like this?” Jace insists, throwing his arms up in frustration. “What’s going on with you?”

You scoff, “As if you care! You’ve practically ignored me for weeks now, all of us really,” you tell him. “But I shouldn’t be surprised should I? I mean Clary is all you care about lately anyway.”

“Don’t start that again,” he groans.

“Start what Jace?” you demand. “Ever since you brought her here, things have turned to shit! Our lives have been put in danger more times than I can count and you stand there now, right in front of me, and wonder what’s wrong with me?”

Jace goes quiet as you continue to yell at him.

“You want to know what my problem is? Clary is my problem! You are my problem! What is so special about her? Tell me! Why is she worth it all?”

“Worth what?” he counters. “This is what we do! We aren’t doing anything different than what we were doing before she got here.”

You roll your eyes, “You really can’t see it can you? Every single mission since Clary arrived has been different. We have never been so much at risk! She didn’t grow up in this world, she has no idea what she is doing-what we do, and yet it’s as if she’s the one running the show!”

“(Y/N),” he sighs

“No,” you interrupt. “I’m done putting my life on the line for that spoilt brat who doesn’t even acknowledge all that we do for her, all we risk for her. She doesn’t respect us or who we are. I’m done,” you repeat. 

“You’re overreacting.”

You laugh, but you weren’t amused, “Maybe,” you agree. “But I refuse to get dragged into anymore of her drama.”

“I expected better from you,” Jace admits.

You snort, “Whatever Jace. Just go. I’m sure you’d rather be with her anyway.”

“I’m guessing Jace bailed on you again?”

You turn your head, glancing over your shoulder despite recognising the voice, “Something like that,” you grumble.

Izzy sends you a sympathetic smile and walks further into your room. “Did you want to do something with me? We could go out?” she asks.

You shake your head, “Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll go and train for a bit. I just need some time,” you sigh. “We had a really big fight,” you admit. 

Izzy squeezes your shoulder in reassurance, “Jace will come around soon and he’ll be on he’s knees begging for your forgiveness in no time.”

A small smile forms on your face, “Maybe,” you say, but you were doubtful 

“Maybe you should talk to him,” she continues. “Finally be honest with him, you know?”

You can’t help but snort as you shake your head, almost immediately in reply to her words. You didn’t want to even think of confronting your feelings let alone talk to Jace about them. 

Deep down…you knew though. You knew you loved him-more than a friend loves a friend. You just found it hard to admit, especially out loud. You most definitely feared rejection but what you feared most was ruining your relationship with him.

You and Jace had been friends for years now and he was the person you trusted most. It was Jace who you went to for advice and it was Jace who you went to when you needed to just talk things through or when you weren’t feeling like yourself. 

He is your closest friend, your confidant, your safe haven-and you are completely and hopelessly in love with him. 

Jace, however, is rather oblivious to this fact and it makes things twice as hard. He has no idea the affect he can have on you, how a simple sentence or touch can have your heart beating at record speeds.

Your friend, Izzy, on the other hand-knows all too well of your feelings for Jace Wayland. Since the moment she had managed to get the confession out of you, she had tried to convince you to open up to him. 

You were more than happy to never admit how you felt, to live by his side as nothing more than a friend, not caring how much it hurt you-you had accepted that as a reality. 

What you didn’t expect was the arrival of a certain redhead who forced emotions to arise that you had done so well with suppressing.

Jealousy was a foreign concept to you…it was not an emotion you felt often, if at all. But seeing Clary Fray all over Jace is more than you could handle. You find it hard to be in the same room as the pair without having your stomach flip with unease and envy.

“I don’t understand what you’re so worried about,” Izzy mumbles.

You pretend to consider her words, “I don’t know,” you declare sarcastically. “It couldn’t possibly be the decade of friendship on the line.”

“No need to be snarky with me missy,” she scolds. “But seriously, Jace might surprise you.”

“I doubt it,” you whisper, moving across the room to take hold of your training gear. 

You had seen what he was like with Clary…The thought of them together hurt, but if it made him happy you would put your own feelings aside.

Training was exhausting, you pushed yourself further than usual. You had been trying to wipe your mind clean of their faces, trying to get your thoughts off Jace and Clary completely.

You had ended up pushing yourself too far and now your body ached all over, you were surprised you could manage to stand. 

“We have to go,” Izzy commands, pushing the door to your room open.

“Why?” you ask, your face screwing up in confusion.

“Clary ran off again and she’s in trouble.”

You curse the redhead in your mind and despite everything you had said to Jace earlier-you nod and force yourself to leave your room. Alec was waiting by the exit, strapping his arrows to his back, “You okay?” he questions as you approach, noticing your slow pace.

“I’ll be fine,” you dismiss, taking hold of the knives Izzy was passing you. “We should get going. Where’s Jace?” you ask him.

Alec shoots you an apologetic look, “He already left.”

You sigh but nod, “Lead the way.”

When the three of you arrived, you were too late. It was chaotic and messy and you couldn’t see the familiar face of your best friend anywhere. 

Ignoring the wave of concern that was growing inside of you, you start pushing your way through with the intention of making it into the building, swiping your stele and plunging it into the creature’s chests as you force your way past them.

A fearful scream echoes through the air and your focus snaps to the source. Groaning under your breath, you change the direction of your path and make your way to the unarmed girl.

Knowing you wouldn’t make it to Clary in time, you throw one of the daggers you had attached to your thigh-smirking slightly as it hit its target and the creature fell to the ground. 

You hold your hand out to the redhead who takes it hesitantly and pull her to her feet. “Where are your weapons?” you demand.

“I don’t know,” she says shyly. “I lost them somewhere in there.”

You resist the urge to scold her for her carelessness and your expression hardens, “Where’s Jace?”

“I don’t know!” she cries. “One minute he was right behind me and then everything just went to hell.”

Shaking your head, you shove a dagger into her hold, “This will have to do for now, I need-duck!” you scream, instinctively pushing her to the ground anyway as you plunge your stele into the attacker’s chest before it could touch you.

“(Y/N)!” a voice screams.

You spin around just as something sharp digs into your side. 

You fall to your knees, not even able to use your stele to return the action, as the venom rapidly starts to take action. You catch sight of a blurry figure trying to make their way to you, only to be stopped every few steps by an attack. 

“(Y/N), stay with me!” he cries. “Come on, please stay with me!”

Blinking away the blurriness of your vision, you release a groan as the light of the room hits you. You weren’t in pain, you only felt slightly groggy. 

“You’re okay!” 

“Shh,” you request, trying to remember everything that had happened.

Jace was now standing over the side of the bed and he blocks out most of the light as he stares down at you. “I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I was about you.” You try to sit up but his hands dart out to push you back against the bed, “You have to stay in bed, you need the rest.”

“Jace,” you sigh. “I-”

“Before you say anything, I need to apologise. I haven’t been spending much time with you lately and I wasn’t listening to you earlier. I’m sorry for our fight-if I had lost you, that would have been the last time we spoke and the thought of that being your last memory of us…” he trails off.

“You were right though,” you admit, “I was out of line.”

“No,” he denies, “you were being reasonable and I was just too blind to understand where you were coming from. I’m so sorry.”

“Stop apologising,” you demand. “It’s not like you and it’s freaking me out. I’m not dying or anything so cut it out.”

Jace shakes his head, “I nearly lost you,” he whispers.

“But you didn’t,” you mumble.

“These past few hours,” he continues. “I was thinking over everything. All the years we’ve known each other, all the great moments and all the bad…I realised how much time I’ve wasted.”

“Excuse me?” 

“No!” he insists. “Not like that. God, that came out wrong. I just don’t know how to say this.”

You want to laugh at him, but he was worrying you. “Jace,” you whisper, “just take a deep breath okay? Calm down.”

He follows your request and his eyes close as he takes a few deep breaths and tries to relax. “I need to tell you something. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while. A long while,” he laughs nervously. “I’ve just never been sure how you would take it or what you would think, what I would say-”

“Jace,” you say, cutting him off, taking hold of one of his hands. “Breathe.”

“Right,” he nods. 

“What did you need to tell me?”

“I love you,” he blurts out. 

You laugh, “i love you too, Jace.”

“No,” he says, shaking his head. “I love you.” Your body tenses at his words, understanding what he was implying. “I love everything about you. I love how kind you are and how selfless you are. I love the way your eyes light up when people smile and how you easily you can brighten a room when you enter. There’s so much to you and I’m always learning new things about you and I love that you are constantly surprising me and that you always strive to do your best.” He was getting nervous now, cutting off his rambling he releases a sigh, “I understand if you don’t feel the same or think-”

“Please shut up,” you cut him off. You needed time to think-to comprehend what he had said. “Why did you wait so long to tell me?”

“I was worried, like I said-I didn’t know how you would react and I didn’t want to risk our friendship.” 

You didn’t mean to, but you couldn’t contain your laughter. Your giggles fill the room and Jace’s brow creases. “I’m not laughing at you,” you promise.

“Then why?”

You shake your head and release your hold on his hand, you cup his face and forcefully bring him closer to you. “Because we’re as bad as one another,” you answer before pressing your lips against his.

Jace hesitates for only a moment before responding to the kiss. You release a content sigh and dig your fingers deeper into his hair.

“I love you,” you say against his lips. Jace can’t stop the smile that forms on his own as you release your grip and fall back against the bed.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” he asks quietly.

“Same reasons,” you shrug. “And then Clary came along,” you sigh.

Jace’s nose screws up sightly at your words, “Clary? I don’t feel anything for her. Not in the same way I do for you.”

You close your eyes, “We need to learn to communicate,” you mutter. 

His laugh surprises you and you open your eyes to take in the sight of the pure happiness etched in his face, “I guess we do,” he whispers, stroking your cheek gently.

“We could have had a lot more time,” you say sadly.

Jace’s grin grows, “I guess that means we have a lot to make up for then and there’s plenty of time for that.”

cravings / jimin (smut)

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warnings: smut, smut, smut

note: i’ll fix the mistakes later i have to sleep asap

words: 2000+

jimin had a small accident and that caused him to be in the hospital. he was one of those clumsy boyfriends that would do dumb stuff on purpose just to see you giggle. no matter how many times you told him to stop he didn’t listen. and so one day you two were walking down these massive stairs and he wanted to show you how cool he looks hoping on one leg while going down. he slipped at the last stair and fell hard on his bum. he twisted his ankle enough for him to be in the hospital’s bed. you thought he would be there for maybe a couple of days but those days turned to weeks. you would see him everyday and bring him some food and tell him what he’s missing out back at home. you two would talk until the visiting hours would come to an end, you would have to return back to your lonely home. without him it felt weird, the bed felt cold with no one to spoon you and give you little kisses on your spine. if there’s a time that you cannot visit him you’d still face time and talk on there. but one day you got a really interesting text from jimin that made your eyes widen.

jimin: baaaaaby i need your pretty little mouth come and suck me off plsss

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Note: Here is the Monsta X version of this request. For the Vixx version you can look at my masterlist which you find on the sideline on my blog. :)

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.


He is the leader of his own mafia gang so he had a lot on his mind. His attention was always on his work and in the mids of that he had completely lost track on how you were feeling. That`s also why he was so confused when he came home and you were gone only leaving him with a note. After reading it though he`d finally understand that he had indeed been so caught up with himself that he had neglected you completeley. Not wasting a minute more he`d set out to find you. With the help of his connection quickly finding you, only to be crushed the second he saw your tear stained face. He`d envelope in a big hug stroking your hair while letting you cry on his shoulder, whispering soflty.

“I am so sorry I made you feel this way y/n. I should have paid more attention to you. You aren`t useless. You`re very important to me. I promise I`ll make more time for you, so stay with me.”


The mission has taken up a lot of his energy lately. Every time he came home he`d go to bed as soon as possible and in the morning he`d be gone before you`re even awake. This morning it would be different however. He`d wake up rolling over before noticing that you side of the bed was empty. Getting up he`d walk through your shared apartment only to break out into panic when he saw your shoes and jacket gone and a letter by the door. Calling everyone he knew in the business of security he`d figure out where you were quite easy, also based on the fact that in some sense you`d hope he`d find you. He`d stand timidly a few meters infront of you head low, not being able to see your sad face. Before speaking up and walking slowly up to you taking your hands in his.

“I have been awful to you lately, haven`t I? I should have noticed but I was too caught up with these stupid things that are unimportant compared to you. Please don`t think you`re a burden. You aren`t. Y/n, I love you and I will show it to you. I will make it up to you I promise, please stay with me. I promise you won`t regret it.”


Finding your note by the kitchen he`d get mad instantly. Not at you but at himself for not noticing your feelings of loneliness and selfdoubt. He`d need time to calm down after having destroyed a few things too many in the apartment in his fit of rage. He`d proceed getting a few of his men in close proximity around you to guarantee your safety before making a plan on how to show you his love. He`d get a rooftop on a romantic spot and make sure all of your favorite things are there. Flowers, food, jewelery, expensive clothes, from shoes to dresses, lights all around, anything he could think of to make you happy. He`d know these things weren`t the reason you were with him but he`d be so scared of losing you he`d try anything for you to stay. Then he`d let his men bring you there. Upon your arrival he`d stand infront of you, impeccably dressed and showing you everything he had gotten for you. 

“This is all for you. And I will buy you more if you want. Anything you want, just please don`t go. You`re not a burden and you`re not useless Y/n. You are the only thing that keeps me grounded in this horrible business. I have been too blind to notice your feelings but now I know, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make you stay. So tell me what you want, I will gie you whatever you ask me for.”


This is not how he thought his day would go. He had made a good deal and was rather happy with the outcome of the hard work he had put into it. He would`ve noticed your increasingly saddened behaviour and was determined to make it up to you. He had planned to come home earlier, bringing your favorite candy and flowers and take you out somewhere fancy. However all that was shattered when he came through the door seeing you dressed into your jacket, shoes on and a bag in your hand. He`d be a little mad at first probably starting off rather unpleasand and ask you if he`s worth so little of your time you`d just run away like that, but his whole stance would change when you told him he`d be better of without you anyway as you`re probably just a burden. To this he`d drop the things in his hands enveloping you in a hug and sternly say

“How could you just ever think something like that? Y/n, you`re the best thing that has happend to me. I`m sorry I haven`t shown that to you lately. From now on please talk to me, scream at me if you have to. Don`t just run away like that. I won`t ever neglect you like this again, I swear.”


He`d find your goodbye letter one evening after coming home late. But not because you had placed it for him to find, in fact you were still struggling with the choice and decided to hide it untill you had made up your mind. Thining you were gone already Wonho would run into your shared bedroom to find you asleep, or rather currently waking up from his harsh entry. He`d instantly relax before taking you into his arms, holding you tightly as tears escaped his eyes. He`d literally beg you not to leave him. 

“Don`t go, please don`t leave me. I didn`t even notice that you feel this way. I am horrible, but I am selfish, I can`t loose you y/n. I promise I will do anything to make it up to you. I will change I swear. I love you y/n, i beg you, don`t leave me.”

man jooheon has been climbing my bias list lately that should be illegal


Jooheon was in a good mood when he came home early that evening. Stepping into the apartment he`d announce his early arrival, asking if you had dinner already or not. Upon not receiving an answer he`d og around the apartment searching for you but not finding you. Panic would rise and he was about to run out the door when he saw the note you had pinned on it. At first he`d calm down thinking it`s probably a note saying you were out getting groceries or something but his pulse would rise again when he read it. Now once again on his way out the door and in his car racing down the streets of the town he`d be filled With regret. After a solid hour searching he`d finally find you. Approaching in big steps he`d take you into his arms, frantically apologizing for his behaviour.

“I can`t believe that I was so blind to not see how you were feeling. You could never be useless or a burden. I`m so sorry that I made you feel lonely and that I was such a jerk to you. I understand that you would want to run away, and if this is really what you want then I won`t stop you. But know that I don`t want you to leave. I will change y/n. If you stay I`ll make you happy, i promise.”


Finding your letter he`d have to sit down first. He`d think about his behaviour, realising that it was true. He had been angry and ignorant, leaving you to your own devises even though he had promised always to take care of you. He`d Call you over and over untill you answer, the only thing leaving his mouth asking where you are. After finally getting an answer from you he`d be there as fast as possible. He`d stand infront of you, softly taking your hands in his, kissing your knuckles before speaking up softly.

“I broke my promise of taking care of you. I was blind to your feelings. I made you think these rediculous Things, made you think you were useless. I don`t know how to tell you how sorry I am. No amount of words can do that. But this opened my eyes. I never stopped loving you and I never will. You are the most important person in my life y/n. So I`m asking you, will you come away with me? We go away somewhere for a while and figure this out together. That is if there still is a together.”

To Be Afraid

|To Fall| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Rediscover| |To Yearn|

Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Word Count: 5086

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: so 5000+ words happened. I started writing it and it seemed alright, but then I feel like it just go dragged on. I don’t know… Lately I feel like I’ve been lacking a lot in my writing so please let me know what you think about this. 

(also sorry for not being so active with updates. school is starting to get hectic again TT) 

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They say that three time’s a charm, but is it really?

The first was in high school.

You were a part of a tightly knit group. The four of you spent all of your time together; going out on weekends, working together in group projects, hell, you even grew up together. Like all cliche movies, the group consisted of two boys and two girls. Almost naturally the four of your grew attractions for each other. This group of best friends soon became a living, breathing, double date. Of the two couples, you and Jimin were the first to get together. He was your everything. He was your first. Nothing could ever replace the emotions that that relationship brought to you.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (29)

Part 29 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 4,500 (Maybe a little more or less)

Parts of the body are involved that little kids shouldn’t be reading about😜 But it’s not intended in a sexual way. I’m not a smut writer, haha. I just thought it was somewhat relevant so you could really get a sense of the particular characters struggle. Enjoy guys and leave comments as usual!

 “If you’re the reason Kyungsoo is in a wheelchair, I promise you I’ll put a bullet through your skull myself.” Junmyeon frowned advancing towards you, picking up a wooden broomstick from the side. “After I’ve battered you that is.”

“Junmyeon stop! I didn’t call Red please.” You backed away slowly walking around the table, he was following you around, gripping the broom tightly causing his knuckles to turn white. Once you had noticed that you had walked around the whole table you quickly ran out of the room and began racing up the stairs to your room, locking yourself inside.

“Open this fucking door now Y/N! Or I will kick it down!” Junmyeon shouted, banging the broom against your door, your heart was beating wildly. Junmyeon didn’t get to angry at you nowadays and so when he was it terrified you beyond belief. There was no way you were getting out of this one without some help, since he was too heated to listen to you. The next best thing you thought of doing was making noise to alert anyone that would allow themselves to be awoken by you. So you began to scream at the top of your lungs and banged your fists on the wall of the bedroom beside you.

“OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR BEFORE I BREAK IT DOWN MYSELF, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!” Junmyeon’s beast mode was in activation, his voice was gruff and a whole tone lower then it usually, until you heard a familiar voice which sounded like it belonged to Kyungsoo.

“What is going on, you better have a valid reason for interrupting my well needed sleep.” Kyungsoo said in his new tone of voice; he was never talkative but ever since the accident, he had lost all sense of emotion, he was completely cold and his voice was monotone. It was as though he was an empty shell; he was no longer living but rather, just existing.

“Y/N, open the damn –”

Junmyeon was cut off by a knocking on the house door. You held your breath for a while.
He actually came.
Opening your door swiftly you ran past Junmyeon and raced down the stairs. He was following closely behind you.

“If you even think about opening that damn door!” Junmyeon hissed from behind you, but you weren’t listening, you opened it anyway. He actually came, thank God.

“I told you it’s not Red!” You spun around frowning at Junmyeon, who was staring at the door wide eyed.

“He’s upstairs following me.” You grabbed his hand shutting the door and dragging him up the stairs, Junmyeon following closely behind again. You knocked lightly on Kyungsoo’s door, he was no longer in the hallway so you assumed he had wheeled himself back into his room.
“Kyungsoo are you decent, can I come in?”

“Leave me alone.” You heard him say in a blunt tone.
Sighing loudly and rolling his eyes, you turned the handle and opened the door stepping into the room; he was sitting in his chair with his back towards you.
“What part of leave me alone did you fail to understand?” he hissed, wheeling himself around to face you. His eyes widening.
“B-Babu?…” For the first time in two weeks Kyungsoo’s expression had changed, he was visibly shocked and you couldn’t tell if it was positive or negative yet, but it was a start at least.
“What are you doing here?” He looked from Babu to you and Junmyeon and back to Babu again.
It was silent for a moment, an awkward kind, until suddenly Babu stormed over to Kyungsoo and dragged him off his wheelchair letting him drop on the floor.

“Oh my goodness, Kyungsoo” You ran over to him,slowly bending down and making sure he was okay.
“I asked you here to make him feel better, not to abuse him you asshole.” You glared up at Kyungsoo’s brother; rage in your eyes, your arm was still draped over Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

“Help?” He scoffed. “You expect me to come here and believe a corrupt younger brother and a woman faking an emergency birth. Get the fuck up off the floor Kyungsoo. Get up.”

“I can’t Babu.” Kyungsoo said his face crumpling slightly as he looked down at his legs.

“I said get up Soo!” His brother kicked his legs, and slapped him across the face.

“I CAN’T BABU! I CAN’T MOVE MY LEGS!” Kyungsoo burst into angry tears his face turning a bright red. “I can’t…”
You were frustrated, this wasn’t supposed to be what was happening. You called him here to help Kyungsoo, not to make him feel worse.

“If you’re going to do this to him, then get out. This is not what I brought you here for.” You hissed in Babu’s direction, rubbing Kyungsoo’s back. “Junmyeon help me lift him please.”
But before Junmyeon could reach, Babu had slung Kyungsoo over his shoulder and lowered him down on his bed.

“I thought this was another sick joke.” Babu sighed down at Kyungsoo, who was still crying and looking up at his brother in shock.

“Umm… we’ll leave you two to it. I’ll be going to bed. Goodnight.” You bowed your head and pulled Junmyeon out of the door with you.

Kyungsoo’s P.O.V

He stared up at his brother, he was still a bit dazed, not even by Babu’s previous actions, but just purely because of the fact that he was here for Kyungsoo despite the fact that he hated him.
“I-I didn’t know you were coming.” Kyungsoo said between quiet sobs, looking at Babu who was sitting at the foot of his bed.

“I didn’t know I was coming either, I just randomly receive some emergency call from your lady friend about 25 minutes ago, saying that I really needed to come and see you. This house really isn’t far. It’s a wonder that I never bump into you…”

“Actually we moved here about two weeks ago, just after…” He looked down at his legs and let out an exasperated sigh. They both of them were quiet again; it was slightly uncomfortable for both of them, until Babu spoke up.

“This doesn’t change anything Kyungsoo, I’m still mad at you and everything that you’ve ever done to us. This doesn’t change how I feel about you. In fact I don’t even know why I’m here. You know Mama struggles everyday without Dad and you’re to blame for that shit. Why couldn’t you just do well Kyungsoo. Then you disappear when she needs us the most.”
Kyungsoo swallowed hard, trying to suppress the emotions building up in the back of this throat, to prevent the tears from coming. For Babu to still think that he was the cause of his father’s death really pained him.

“You never cared to ask me Babu. You never wanted to hear my side of the story.” Kyungsoo whispered, looking up at his brother sadly. He envied him when he was younger, and he still did now. He was the perfect son. The perfect man. It was unfair, they were cut from the same cloth so why was Kyungsoo’s life worth so much less than Babu’s.

“So why don’t you fucking tell me Kyungsoo, what the fuck is this place and why are you here? Although, I doubt what you say will make any difference to how I feel. You’re a fucking underground criminal Kyungsoo and I don’t want my family having anything to do with you.”

Your family? You mean our family Babu.” Kyungsoo glared at his brother, tears pricking his eyes.

“No Kyungsoo, you’re not part of us anymore. You lost that right ages ago.”

The tears began streaming down his cheeks. He was crying silently, but these silent tears were definitely the most painful he had cried for a long time.
“It’s not fair Babu. I’ve tried my whole life to be like you but I could never reach up to your standards. I was never good at biology Babu, I could never be a doctor! I wanted to be an artist, a chef. But none of you would ever be proud of me that way. I’ve always looked up to you Babu and loved you with all my heart but you never cared for me back. Do you know how much and how long I yearned for my older brothers care and loving. You never gave it to me! I’ve never been good enough for you, you’ve always hated me.” His breathing was heavy and his hands were shaking over the bed sheets, unable to contain the pent up emotion any longer.

“I wasn’t the reason for Dad’s death Babu, but because you loathed me so much, you couldn’t see that. You were too blinded by your hate for me. Dad died because he was being poisoned unbeknownst to us. He was taking those vitamins, remember? Manufactured by the Red company owned by Jay Lee. Well Jay Lee was cutting and splicing those vitamins with toxic substances, to increase the amount of product he was producing, you can imagine the money he was raking in. Dad had been taking them for so long it had time to fuck up his system that’s what killed him Babu, not me! But I left the house because your hate for me had stretched too far and I was a burden to you and mum. Then I found about these guys. Long story short we’re trying to put a stop to Jay Lee, so he can’t hurt anyone else. I joined so he couldn’t hurt Mama. I joined so he couldn’t hurt you! Yes it’s illegal but it’s the only way I can keep you all safe. I already failed you in one way, the least I could do is protect you.” Kyungsoo spluttered, tears dropping from his eyes again and looking at Babu whose face was blank with shock.

“Kyungsoo… I-I didn’t know. I’m so sorry…” He shook his head, still dazed from all of the information that he had received. “I never knew. You never said anything. Why did you keep that to yourself for so long?”
Kyungsoo shrugged his shoulders, tears still streaming down his face. Fatigue hitting him like a truck.

“Kyungsoo I’m so sorry. It’s not true; it was never always like this. I loved you once too. When we were younger, remember the fun we’d have playing outside together, hmm? Please don’t cry Soo.” He reached out his hand to wipe Kyungsoo’s face, but this only resulted in Kyungsoo crying harder. Babu, stood up from where he was sat, shifting Kyungsoo closer to the wall, he sat directly next to him and pulled him into a hug, holding him in his arms for a long while. “It’ll probably take us while to get back to our younger days but maybe…we could try.” Babu kissed the top of his head.

“I missed you Babu, so much. I’ve missed you and Mama every day.” Kyungsoo breathed out, taking a moment to really register that he was currently being held in his brother’s arms, somewhere he wanted to be for as long as he could remember. Babu placed his hands on Kyungsoo’s legs sighing and closing his eyes temporarily.

“You’ll be okay Soo, it’ll get easier alright? The more used to it you get, the more bearable it becomes. Maybe further down the line we can try physiotherapy, although I’m not sure that it would work but don’t lock yourself away from the others you’ll only make it worse for yourself. Talk to the girl at least. She must care and be concerned if she had the guts to ring me, hmm?” He gave Kyungsoo’s leg a squeeze and rose up from the bed.

“Where are you going? Stay. Please.” Kyungsoo pouted, raising his arms up towards where his brother was stood.

“I can’t Soo, I have work tomorrow. Besides I have mum, a wife and a daughter to get home to, they’ll be wondering where I went when they wake up if I’m not there.” He walked slowly towards the door. “Please don’t shut yourself away Kyungsoo it’s the worst thing you can do for yourself. And get some sleep. You look like shit.” Both boys laughed as he closed the door behind him and left the house.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Since Babu had visited, Kyungsoo’s mood had been a little better, he would still have his really off days and shut himself out occasionally, but he was definitely opening up much more than he had been before. It was 3PM now, and only you and Kyungsoo were at home watching TV.
You had all had a discussion in the board an hour earlier agreeing that, next week would be the week to take out Red and so some of the men had gone out to buy some supplies which may be needed for their ‘mission’ whilst others just simply went to chill out and have a little bit of time to themselves. The day had been running smoothly for the most part, Junmyeon had apologised for shouting at you the way he had when Babu had come and you were on civil terms with Chanyeol at the moment. But you realised that your talk with Jongin and Minseok was still pending, and you probably would have to prepare yourself for something more than just a talk with Yixing. But for now it was just you and Kyungsoo.
He had been fine up until he wanted a snack, since he couldn’t get up to reach the desired snack by himself, he became agitated and started regressing back to his behaviour from two weeks ago which was causing you to become quite restless, you honestly didn’t know how Baekhyun and Chanyeol could do it all the time. At this point, Kyungsoo wouldn’t stop complaining about every little thing and it was slowly driving you over the edge.

“Where’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun. They’re taking so long! What could they possibly doing right now, ugh! Damn it. Can’t you call them or something and see where they are? I’m sure it’s my toilet break soon and I –”
You stared up at Kyungsoo who went strangely quiet all of a sudden

“Umm…are you okay?” you asked

“Hmm? Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” He turned his face away from you and cleared his throat.

“You just got really quiet all of a sudden that’s all.” You turned your attention back to the TV. After a few seconds you began hearing a quiet but distinct splashing sound, frowning you looked around the room trying to locate where it was coming from. Your eyes widened and your face softened when you looked at Kyungsoo.

He had wet himself.

“Oh Kyungsoo.” You said sadly “Maybe we should go and clean you up, I can’t carry you up the stairs…but we can use the kitchen.”

“No! I’m capable you don’t need to.” He began wheeling himself out of the room.

“Kyungsoo no. Stop being so difficult I’m here to help you.” You pushed his chair into the kitchen.
Disappearing to his room you rummaged through his chest of draws, pulling out a fresh pair of underwear and a small black towel. Returning to the kitchen with the items in your hand you walked over to a angry looking Kyungsoo, who grabbed the towel and underwear out of your hands.

“I can do it myself!” He hissed “My legs are broken, not my fucking hands!”
You shook your head, you had never met anyone more stubborn than Kyungsoo and constantly battling with him was really taxing on the brain.

“Yes, I know that Kyungsoo, but you need to lift your legs in order to get your trousers and underwear off don’t you? Stop being so stubborn. It’ll be quicker if I do it anyway.” You grabbed the things back out of his hands. Kneeling on the floor you raised his legs so that they were resting on your lap.

“Y/N wait.” Kyungsoo whispered quickly. “I can’t… I don’t want you to see…”

You smiled at him as reassuringly as you could, trying to put him at ease. You understood why this was so hard for him, he must have been so humiliated by the whole situation.

“Kyungsoo look its okay, there’s no need to be uncomfortable. I’ll get it done quickly okay; I’m not going to comment on what I see. Don’t worry I can assure you I’m not sexually attracted to you, so there’s no pressure to impress.” You winked at him in a playful way and set about pulling his trousers and underwear down. He closed his eyes tightly, his face turning a bright red.

“Oh goodness.” He breathed, covering his manhood with his hands. “This is so embarrassing, you can’t tell the others. Please.”
You stood up walking over to the sink, slightly wetting the towel in your hand and bending back down in front of Kyungsoo.

“Trust me I won’t.” You set about cleaning Kyungsoo, who was keeping his eyes closed for the most part, until you were about to finish up, he opened his eyes staring down. His eyes widened in shock as he slapped your hand away.

“Why is that happening?!” He pointed at his growing manhood and was looking at you in confusion since you weren’t even reacting to how humiliating this situation was. “I’m not sexually attracted to you, I swear!”

“Relax Kyungsoo, it’s called a reflex erection, it just happens when you’ve had physical contact with something. The majority of paralysed men experience it. Its normal don’t get freaked out, it’s all natural. I think it’s got something to do with that part of your spinal cord not actually being damaged although don’t quote me on that I’m not a doctor, you’d have to ask Baekhyun. So if you want to have kids in the future this is good news right?” You laughed a little bit, picking up his underwear.

“Okay can we stop this now I’m getting really uncomfortable I fucking hate this.” His brows were furrowed together. You felt bad for him; you couldn’t imagine how mortified and dishonoured he must have been feeling at that precise moment in time.

“Kyungsoo it’s okay. I’ve finished now anyway.” You were just beginning to help him put on his underwear, when you heard some footsteps coming into the kitchen.

“What the fuck is going on?” It was Sehun; he was standing there looking at the both of you in shock and horror. The last person you needed to walk in on you changing Kyungsoo right now.

“No fuck! It’s not what it looks like. She’s just helping me.” Kyungsoo panicked, covering his member with his hands, whilst you quickly pulled his underwear up over it.

“What? helping you get stimulated?” Sehun began laughing out loud, supporting his tall body against the door frame. “Oi, Minseok! Come and see this! Y/N is trying it on with Soo!”
Shit why did the boys have to return now, you thought to yourself. You saw Minseok, peek his head around the corner and frown, withdrawing his head he disappeared around the corner again.

“Sehun, you asshole!” You hissed.

He laughed at you spitefully, squinting his eyes at you.
“I’m not stupid Y/N I know you were cleaning him up. But if I can use an unforeseen event to my advantage I will. I appreciate you looking after Kyungsoo that’s pretty cool. But like I’ve said before, Minseok is my best friend not yours, so the bigger I can make the gap between the two of you, the better.” He laughed at you spitefully and winked, turning on his heel and walking out of the kitchen.
You shook your head, standing up and pushing Kyungsoo’s chair into the living room, where Kris did the honours of carrying him up the stairs. You poked your head into the living room to see if Minseok was there but the only people you saw were Junmyeon and Jongdae.
Sighing you walked upstairs, fatigue kicking in a little. Your eyes widened when you saw Chanyeol walking out of your room and closing the door behind him.

“What were you doing in there.”

He jumped, turning around to look at you.

“Oh shit, you scared me.” He breathed, holding his hand to his chest. “Actually I just left a little thank you gift on your bed. For looking after Kyungsoo while me and Baekhyun were gone.
He grabbed your wrist, dragging you into the room. There was a box of your favourite chocolates sitting on your bed. You smiled up at him punching his shoulder lightly.

“You didn’t have to do that Chan.”

He smiled back at you. “I did. You deserved it. I’m sorry to have dumped Kyungsoo on you, but I just really needed a break, you know?” He stretched his arms out and shook his body a little.

“Dumped me? So I’m a burden?”
You and Chanyeol turned your heads quickly to the open door, to see an angry Kyungsoo looking up at the two of you in his wheelchair. “I came to say thanks, for helping to clean me up.” He laughed disbelievingly at the two of you shaking his head. “Do you know how embarrassing this is for me? I used to be the most independent person in this house and kept myself to myself, now I need help in wiping my own ass. You don’t think I want to end it all everyday!” He was shouting at the both of your furiously now.

“That’s not what he meant Kyungsoo; he’s just tired is all. Please stop you’re going back to that dark place again, you were doing so well.” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and wheeled himself back to his room.

“Shit. I’d better go after him.” Chanyeol ran a hand through his hair in frustration and disappeared out of your room. You nodded at no one in particular, stepping outside of your room too looking down the corridor to where the two boys had gone off to, but instead you saw Minseok opening the door to his room. He looked down the corridor staring at you as well for a couple of seconds and then disappeared into his room. You found your feet carrying you to the direction of his room and your hand knocking on his door. Goodness, why were you here?

He opened the door slowly. Looking at you standing there for a while, he eventually stepped aside and let you in. You both stood there awkwardly and silently for a moment until you spoke up.

“I was not trying it on with Kyungsoo in the kitchen earlier; it wasn’t what it looked like.” You mentally face-palmed yourself, why were you justifying yourself to Minseok, you were still pissed off with him yet here you were trying to better a situation that you were not even in the wrong for.

“Are you sure?” He scoffed, looking at you in irritation and shaking his head.

“Yes I’m fucking sure! Why would I be trying it on with Kyungsoo, I was helping to clean him up, he wet himself!” You hissed, why were you allowing Minseok to rile you up, you couldn’t understand it.

Minseok sighed looking at you, his features softening slightly. “I know you weren’t trying it on with him Y/N. But it still made me angry seeing you do that for him.” It was your turn to scoff now, and you did it loud enough to make sure that Minseok heard you clearly.

“Angry?! Really Minseok?! What gives you the fucking right to be angry at me. I’m the one who should be angry at you, after you fucked that whore! Melanie was it?” You were trying to keep yourself from shouting, but at the moment you were not doing a very poor job.

“Y/N I’m so sorry, I did it to spite you. I promise it didn’t mean anything. I just wanted you stay away from me. Otherwise things would get too messy around here. I’m sorry, believe me I didn’t want to shut you out the way I did.” He pressed his body against yours, kissing you softly. Suddenly you could taste Minseok all over again and those unknown sparks that you had felt once before had returned to your stomach. But no, you weren’t going to fall into that trap again. Not today. You pushed him backwards away from you.

“No Minseok! This is not a fucking TV Drama. You don’t get to do that! You don’t get to kiss me and pretend it’s all okay, because it’s not!”

He started getting angry again. He drove his hand into the wall beside you. Old Minseok was making an appearance.

“This isn’t fucking love Y/N, you’re not my wife! So why do you care so much! It was only sex!”
Your breath hitched. Tears pooling in your eyes. He didn’t understand, why didn’t he understand?!   But then you thought hard about what he said and realised you were crying because he was right. No this wasn’t love, no you weren’t his wife or his girlfriend, so what he did with himself and whatever hole he stuck his manhood in either animate or inanimate didn’t concern you. Disappointed in yourself, you turned around and opened his door.

“Shit Y/N wait…” He grabbed onto your wrist, but you snatched it out of his grip.

“Get off me!” You hissed, walking away from his room.
You were tired, you needed some sleep.

You feel asleep for much longer than you had intended, crying yourself to sleep was a very effective technique apparently, maybe you would do it more often. Slipping down the stairs quietly you went to the kitchen to pour yourself a drink, taking extra care to be quiet, since you were sure the boys were all sleeping right now. You downed the Pineapple juice in one go, thinking of how you would tackle talking to Yixing when the time came to it. You sighed silently making your way to the bottom of the staircase when you heard a muffled sound coming from the board. Who was in there at this hour of the day? Your interest was piqued so you began walking slowly and quietly down the corridor. Halting outside the door you began frowning at what you were overhearing.

“…As for me I don’t really care what order you do it in. But he wants Baekhyun gone first. Make sure you do it.” The voice on the laptop screen said, your eyes widened in shock. What on earth was going on?

“How can I guarantee he won’t kill me when I’m done?” He asked the man on the screen, sitting back in his chair.

“I won’t let it come to that and…Who’s there?” The man on the screen pointed to you through the camera.

He spun around, eyes wide looking at you. You shook your head in disgust backing away from the board.

“I knew we couldn’t trust you.”

Also I guess this is kind of a well done shout out? to @spnishilarious who correctly guessed it was Babu for emotional support/comfort. You were literally spot on haha.

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