you were sitting right next to us

Morning Commutes

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: Bus rides can be a real drag. But sitting next to the right person can easily brighten your day.

Words: 510

A/N: Just something for all of us who know what the bus life feels like. Seriously though, whenever I’m on the bus on my way to and from school, I always have a little hope that when someone sits next to me, it will be a very cute boy or Josh Dun (who also happens to be a very cute boy).

You sat quietly, staring out the window watching cars drive by. It was 6:30AM on a Friday morning and you were on the bus. The weather outside was chilly but the bus driver had thankfully, cranked up the heat on the bus. Morning commutes that involved public transit could either be very pleasant or the absolute worst.

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Mystic Messenger Week — Day 3 : Chatroom
  • 707 entered the chatroom.
  • MC: Hey honey~ What do you want me to make for us tonight?
  • 707: lolol Saeran wanted to eat out but I reminded him that you were cooking tonight <3
  • MC: Haha, if you want we could eat out today~
  • 707: Aww
  • 707: You're so sweet babe
  • 707: lolol Saeran you happy now?
  • Saeran: Why are you two messaging through the app when we're sitting next to each other...
  • Saeran: ... fuck this family
  • 707: Watch your language young man!
  • 707: LOLOLOLOL
  • Saeran: So we're eating out right?
  • Mc: LOLOL
  • Saeran: ...
  • Saeran left the chatroom.
For Each Other (Reaper)

Originally posted by hwox

Pairing: Insecurre!Reaper/ Reader
Words: 380
A/N: Sorry it is so short but I felt it came out well!
Request:  Helloooo could I ask for a Reaper x Reader where Reader comforts insecure reaper (i mean bc he’s not completely human under there) and it’s cuddly fluff even though Reaper’s an emotionally stunted douche, but like reader sits in his lap and plays with his hair and calms him down? If you’re not busy of course. (@hanzmadatrash )

   You were currently lounging in your apartment, reading one of your favorite books. Today was your day off and you were going to use this time to the best of your ability. You carefully mark your place and stand up when suddenly your front door opened and slammed closed, causing you to jump.  

   You watched your grumpy boyfriend walk past you to sit at the couch and telling by the flow of his signature black smoke, he was in a mood. You sit next to him and scoot yourself right against his side.

   "Hey Reaper, what is the matter?“ You ask gently. He only grunted in response and sunk further into the couch. You sighed and thought of the only way to get him open up; cuddle him until he speaks. You crawl  onto his lap and stare at his mask. Carefully you pulled off his hood and slowly pull off his white mask, revealing his some-what solid face. His red eyes were swimming with sadness as they bore back into yours. "Oh Gabriel, why are you upset?”

   "I-“ He stopped himself before finally letting himself open up. "How can you love a monster like me?”

   "What are you talking about?“

   "You are looking at me right now yet you still look at me with love. Why are you still with a freak like me?” His words broke your heart. “I am far from anything good so I have to ask why someone as beautiful as you.”

   "Gabe, I love you for you. Yes, you are very rough around the edges but I like you. Also your appearance doesn’t bother me, I find you very attractive.“ You started playing with his hair and you could tell it was calming him down; there was less smoke coming from him and he was more recognizable. You smile as Reaper leaned his head into your hand as you continued running your fingers through his hair. "Do you feel better now?”

   "Hmmm yeah…“ He muttered, his eyes closed shut.

   "Good, you deserve happiness through all your pain.”

   "Thank you (Y/N). You’re too good for me.“

   "You’re welcome, Reaper. And I am just here for you, like you are for me. We are in this together.” He gave a deep hum in response.

   "I love you.“

   "I love you too, Gabe.”

813 Month Day 4 - Road Trip (word from rosiedenn)

“Jesus Christ, What the hell is going on up there?”

“I don’t know, but we just had to go and visit that market, didn’t we? Now we won’t be able to get to the resort until tonight, or I guess in this traffic, next year.”

“Rox, you’re the one who missed the exit and several turns because you insist on using that goddamn GPS that gives its directions at the shittiest times. We were already getting antsy stuck in the car, I was trying to make the best of a bad situation, alright?”

“Ax, stop swearing in front of my nephew–Sora, I told you twice already, sit down properly or you’ll fly out the window if we get in an accident–”

“Oh right, yeah, because scaring the kid with promises of death is notably better than him hearing my potty mouth, right?“

“Axel, I’m in no mood for this right now, can you just shut up and find the way to the Park?”

“What the hell do you think I’ve been doing all this time? Singing ‘Hakuna Matata’?!”

“Uncle Roxas, I, um…I need the bathroom.”

  • Mephistopheles: Who broke it?
  • Everyone:
  • Mephistopheles: I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Everyone:
  • Lil: *inhales* It was me, I broke it-
  • Mephistopheles: No, no you didn't. Sock?
  • Sock: Don't look at me, look at Jon!
  • Jon: What?! I didn't break it!
  • Sock: That's funny, how'd you know it was broken?
  • Jon: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • Sock: .... suspicious.
  • Jon: No it's not-
  • Zachary: Excuse me, if it matters- Probably not but, Jojo WAS the last one to use it-
  • Jojo: What! I don't even drink that stupid crap!
  • Zachary: Then why were you next to the coffee maker?
  • Jojo: I use the wooden stirs to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that Zack!!
  • Lil: Everyone please stop fighting, I broke it, let me pay for it Meph!
  • Mephistopheles: No! Who broke it?!
  • Everyone:
  • Jon: *gets up and walks over to Mephistopheles, places a hand on his shoulder and says quietly* Meph, Prov has been awfully quiet-
  • Providence: *in disbelief* Really?!
  • Jon: Yes really!
  • Everyone: *starts yelling at each other at once*
  • Camera: *changes to interview cam*
  • Mephistopheles: I broke it. It burnt my hand, so I punched it.

Love Me Or Leave Me

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Based from the song Love Me Or Leave Me by Little Mix.

Side Note: First imagine based off a song, so fingers crossed it turned out alright.

You used to tell me that you loved me once. What happened, what happened?

Lately it felt like you and Scott were growing apart, it didn’t feel like it did a year ago when you and him first started dating. Now it was more of a long distance relationship, expect neither of you were actually away from each other. Instead it was worse, it was the kind of distance where you would be sitting right next to each other and still feel lonely.

3 months ago this started, one day there was no more random kisses, unexpected hugs or I love you’s…all of it simply just disappeared.

You say I’m crazy and there’s nothing wrong, you’re lying and you know I know. Baby what have we become?

You were currently sitting in Scott’s bedroom waiting from him to come back from Stiles house. He opened the door and barely even acknowledged you, getting up from his bed you had enough. It was time where you and him needed to talk about where the relationship was going.

“Scott?” you said barely audible.

“Hmm” he responded not even lifting his head.

“Is everything okay, you know between us?”.

Those words certainly got his attention, he turned to you and looked at you for the first time since entering the room. “Everything’s fine Y/N”.

He went into his bathroom and you were standing there knowing full well that he was lying.

We used to never go to bed angry, but it’s all we ever do lately. You’re turning away like you hate me. Do you hate me, do you hate me? Oh.

Seconds later he emerged from the bathroom and replaced his current shirt with a tank top, indicating that he was ready to crawl into bed. He did something that you weren’t expecting him to do which was wrapping his arm around you, this small action took you back to all the times he would randomly place his arm around your waist, or on your back letting people know that he was happily taken.

“Are you staying? Because if so you can borrow one of my shirts to sleep in” he said quickly kissing your cheek.

You didn’t know what to do, was this a way for him to avoid talking? Or did he actually want you to stay the night just like so many times before?.

Removing your shirt, you placed Scott’s on. Immediately his scent filled your nose and you loved that, climbing into his bed with him, you were hoping he would again wrap his hand around your waist but it never came. Turning around you saw that his back was facing you , pulling the covers closer all you were wondering was did you do something that has now made Scott hate you?

You can take this heart, heal it or break it all apart. No, this isn’t fair, love me or leave me here.

Waking up the next morning you neatly folded Scott’s shirt, and placed it on the chair that was nearby. Carefully trying not to wake him, you grabbed your things and quietly headed to the door.

“Not going to say goodbye?”.

Forgetting that Scott had sensitive hearing due to him being a werewolf, you slowly turned around. “To be honest I didn’t even think you would notice I was gone”.

Scott stood up from the bed, and walked over to you. “What are you talking about? Of course I would, what makes you say that?”.

Was he serious? Last night he was comepletly distant and now he was the same old Scott you fell for.

“Please Scott don’t act like you don’t know how distant you have been these last few months with me, from my end it feels like only one of us is interested in keeping this relationship going.”

“I have werewolf responsibilities, I can’t just drop them. Things have been hectic you know that” Scott said.

“I’m not asking you to drop your werewolf responsibilities, all I’m asking is for you to make me a priority for once. Love me or leave me Scott the decision is yours to make”.

With that you opened his door and left, passing Melissa along the way you gave her a small smile and said a quick goodbye. You didn’t know what Scott was going to choose, but you couldn’t stay in a relationship where you didn’t feel loved.

ABC, 123

Originally posted by gameraboy

Pairing: Negan x Reader, Gabby (OC)
Word count: 738

Part 1 of Happily Ever After

It was an adjustment for Negan to go from sleeping with a few women…to just you. You didn’t jump right into having sex with him, either. Your things were moved into his room, your old one cleared out and made into a ‘classroom’ for Gabby. She still had the playroom, but since they were no longer being used for wives, you figured you’d put them to good use.

Negan had enjoyed watching you figure out what to make the rooms, ignoring how his now ex-wives glared. He didn’t care one bit. He’d worked on gaining your trust, and he intended to keep it.

You were sitting on the floor next to the tiny ‘desk’ that Negan had found, helping Gabby learn her numbers at the moment. “What’s that one?” You smiled at her, pointing to one of the numbers in the Sesame Street book.

Her head tilted to the side, her curly hair up in a ponytail, and her facial expression every bit her father. “Three!” She grinned, looking over at you. “Three bats. Ah ah ah.” She mimicked Count, as you did your best to do the voices for her.

Tickling her sides, you nodded. “Three bats, ah ah ah.” You laughed.

“There’s my girls. I thought Gabby here was supposed to be doing her school work. This looks a lot like playtime to me.” Negan smirked, leaning on the door frame.    

You looked over to him and stuck your tongue out at him. “We’re learning our numbers, and then after lunch, we’re going to work on our letters.” You told him.

He looked so proud as he walked over, crouching on the other side of her. “How about, tomorrow I help you out?” He offered, making Gabby squeal. “Give your mom a break.” His eyes went to you for a moment. “We’ll have it outside and everything. Mom can do the boring stuff.” Negan was teasing you, as you were the one who insisted on trying to do a halfway normal schooling for her.

“Uncle Jack coming, too?” She grinned, hoping that her favorite uncle would be joining them.

Negan chuckled and tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. “I think I can arrange that. Be good for your mom, princess. I’ll see you at lunch.” He kissed her forehead and stood up. “I’ll see you at lunch, too, mom.” He winked before walking out as you chuckled.

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hi, if you’re still taking requests , like you can you do a one shot where hermione wont take fred’s advances seriously bc she thinks its a joke or a prank??

* * *

Fred was at his wit’s end. He had been trying to be subtle, to play it cool, but nothing had worked. And here he was, sitting in the common room, just waiting for Hermione to come back from wherever she was. It was time to get serious.

Get it together, Weasley, he thought as the portrait hole swung open and he felt his stomach jump into his throat. It was only Ron.

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A slice of quicksilver pie

Requested!                                                                                                       Your Mutation: Controlling the elements.                                                           Note: Hope you guys like it. Please request some more stuff for me to write.(Not my gif)

The moment you had arrived at the school you knew that you and Peter were gonna be great friends. Both of you loved the same type of music and to play pranks on other people so the two of you hit it off right away. Although you and Peter were just friends he still flirted with you. You were sitting on the couch in the living room when Peter suddenly appeared next to you.                         “Hey Y/N guess what, tonight is your lucky night.” He said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder.                                                                             “Oh really? Why is that?” You asked looking at him amused.                  “Because you finally get to go out with me.” He said smirking.                   “Wow Peter I think that is the worst pick up line you have ever used.” You said laughing.                                                                                                         “Oh come on babe. I know you are just dying for all of this.” He said as he gestured to himself still smirking.                                                                     “You just keep thinking that Pete.” You said patting his shoulder.               “Come on Y/N you can’t deny our sexual chemistry basically everyone can feel it.” He said leaning closer to you.                                                                     You just started laughing as hard as you could.                                               “Oh Peter that’s…that’s hilarious.” You said between laughs.                           “Fine if you don’t wanna go out with me then I guess I’ll have to find someone else.” He said standing up.                                                                               You didn’t know were it came from but you suddenly got a jealous feeling and pulled him back down.                                                                                     “No you’re not you are mine. Got it.” You said looking at him.                       “Well well look who suddenly wants a slice of quicksilver pie.” He said as he started to smirk again.                                                                                         “I don’t want a slice of quicksilver pie.” You said crossing your arms over your chest.                                                                                                           “Yeah you do you just told me that I am yours.” He said also crossing his arms. “Just admit it hot stuff. You like me as much as I like you.” He said.               “You like me?” You asked shocked.                                                               “Well yeah I thought that was obvious.” He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.                                                                                                 “I thought you were just joking around I didn’t think you actually liked me.” You said shocked.                                                                                                “Well now that you know that I am serious. Do you wanna go out?” He asked as he handed you a rose that he went to get.                                               “Yeah I would love to.” You said taking the rose.                                           “See I told you that you wanted a slice of quicksilver pie.” He said wrapping an arm around you.                                                                                             “Just shut up.” You said as you kissed him.


Band: EXO

Genre: Fluff, Angst?

Members: Kai, mentions of Chen

Description: Sometimes things get a little weird

Warnings: Cursing

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1746

This was usual. Almost too usual. Every day of your high-school life you were used to waking up earlier than you actually needed. You were used to sit in the front row, right next to the window. You were used to people asking you for help in English, seeing you were the best of the class. You were also used to your other classmates looking at you weirdly. Why? Well, might be that you’re not Korean. Or even Asian. Who knows though.

What you weren’t used to though was the kind of attention you received from the football team of your school lately. You’ve been used to being ignored from them most of the time. Sure, once in a while Jongdae would bug you for your notes from class, but other than that? Nothing. So Why were they paying attention to you now? Did Jongdae tell them about your English skills? Do they want your notes too now? Nah. Couldn’t be.

Shaking your head to snap out of your thoughts, you closed your locker after grabbing all the books you would need for the next class. Maths. Ugh. The only good Thing about Maths was that there would be nobody sitting besides you. Literally. Ever since beginning of the year, a guy out of your classes, also a member of the football team, wouldn’t ever Show up to the lessons. Honestly, you were kind of glad. If he did come, you would have player sitting next to you. Not just a football player, oh no sweetie. From what you’ve heard, this boy also plays with feelings. How many stories you’ve heard by now? Too many.

Sitting down in your usual spot next to the window, you looked out. You almost ignored the door opening again, thinking it may just be the teacher or some Student running late. But you were greeted with gasps of your classmates, mumbling, girls squealing, and this made you turn your head.

You had almost gasped as well. Standing in the doorway of the classroom was none other than Kim Jongin. Also known as Kai in the football team. The one who didn’t show up for classes. Never. And now he was here? Maybe his grades really went down.. But that still didn’t answer the look on his face as he spotted you. Or Why he was coming right into your direction. Was it the empty seat? He could have it as long as he wouldn’t talk to you. That`d be fine.

After coming over and sliding into the seat next to you though, you noticed that his intentions weren’t exactly what you hoped.


“Uhm..can I help you maybe?” He only scoffed in reply and you raised your eyebrow. “No?” “Don’t talk to me, nerd.” Now that caused you to scoff. “Why are you looking at me then?” Instead of answering, Jongin thought it would be a better idea to just ignore your question and look into your notebook instead. Immediately, you covered it up, not wanting him to see the things you sometimes doodled in there. ”Don’t look.”


“Because I’m telling you not to.”

“Wow, what a great answer, smartass.”

You scoffed, shoving the notebook more to your left, making sure he wouldn’t be able to take a look at it from this distance. Even after the class began and you tried to focus on your work, his glances at you would never go unnoticed.

It has now been a week of Jongin managing to come to all of his classes, which he apparently almost always shared with you. No matter where you’d sit, he would sit nearby. And no matter how much you ignored him, he’d never look away from you.

It has come to the point where you confronted Jongdae. Confronting him if he did tell Jongin anything. If yes, what, and if he needed help in English, why wouldn’t he just say so? Jongdae laughed. He ruffled your hair, telling you that if things went well, you would find out in no time of what Jongin really wanted from you. But this only confused you more. If things went well? What is that supposed to mean? No matter what it was, you hoped to find out soon.

It was Wednesday. Two more hours of school and then you were safe. It was almost time for English class. Closing the door to your locker, you started to make your way down the hallway to your classroom, as you noticed multiple eyes watching your back. Stopping in the middle of the hallway, you slowly turned your head, only to see some of the football team members watching you. Catching Jongdaes glance, you raised your eyebrow at him, while he nodded towards none other than Jongin who seemed to be talking to the rest. You pointed at yourself as if asking ‘Is he talking about me?’, and Jongdae only grinned response. Muttering an ‘okay then..’ under your breath, you quickly made your way inside the classroom and sat down at your usual front-row-window-seat. As the bell rang, the rest of the students started to find their way in as well. You almost forgot you had a neighbor until the chair next to you was pulled back and a smirking Jongdae plopped down in it. “What?” He chuckled. “Oh, nothing.” Eyebrow raised, you moved to look back forward at the board, when Jongdae nudged your side. “How is he?” “How is who?” “You know who”, he scoffed, “Kai. Is he nice?”

Sucking in a breath, you leaned back in your chair. “I guess nice isn’t how you’d call this..He’s more likely..rude.” Looking back at him, you noticed the big pout taking over Jongdaes face. “That bad?” “Well certainly not nice. He’s weird. It’s almost creepy by now, he just stares and doesn’t talk.” The chuckle erupting from his throat had you confused. “How adorable, he really doesn’t talk to you?” You shook your head in response, reacting just in time to slap Jongdaes hand away before it managed to mess up your hair once more.

“You’ll figure out soon enough.”, he said. Just like every day the past week.

The days went by, so did weeks, months, and slowly Kim Jongin would start talking to you. You were still mad at Jongdae for telling you 'soon’, when actually two months passed already. But Jongin actually greeted you sometimes now. A short nod, a silent 'hi’, and you could swear you saw him smile last Tuesday before your third lesson.. not that you cared. Right? Sometimes in your English lessons, Jongin would turn to you. He wouldn’t say a lot, just glance at you and back at his papers, and you immediately understood and shoved your answers towards him. If he really didn’t understand, he’d mutter a soft 'Help me..’ and scoot closer, wanting you to explain it to him. Jongin was by no means bad in English, you were actually surprised. He messed up some grammar here and there, but that was perfectly okay. You actually found it somewhat cute when he read his sentences out loud because of his accent. And for the small smile forming on his face whenever he understood the task in the end, it was definitely worth it.

What actually surprised you was that Jongin asked for your help with the homework after classes. Asking if it was fine to meet him in the library for lunch. Of course you agreed, who wouldn’t when he looked so adorable, lips formed in a light pout, eyes casted to the side and a soft red coating his cheeks. For a school jock, way too adorable. So you met him there.

Actually finding him was the bigger problem to you though. Even though Jongin was fairly tall, you weren’t, and the library was big. It took you about ten minutes until you found him sitting in the far end of the library, eyes focused on a book in front of him. You smiled, moving over to him. Sitting down, you placed your bag on the chair next to you, which made Jongin look up.

“Hey.” You greeted, and already took the smile on his face as a 'Hello’. “Hi.”, he replied, and closed the book. Just before you were able to ask him about his problem with the homework, he began to talk again. “I..don’t really need help with the homework. I mean- I do..but.. uhm..that’s not the reason why I wanted to see you here.” He scratched his cheek, eyes darting aside once more today. “You.. want to talk to me about something else then?” He nodded. “Well.. uh.. okay.” It did confuse you, not going to lie. He didn’t talk to you at all, maybe a 'hello’, a now he’s practically presenting a speech? Wow, okay.

He took a deep breath before continuing. “This..feels weird.. but I uhm..”, he cleared his throat, “I kind you.”

You don’t really remember how many seconds passed before a small “What.” came past your lips, and boy did he look nervous. “ you? I don’t know.. I just..Okay here goes nothing. I watched you for some time. Before I came to our classes together. Jongdae hyung just always..said so much about you. How kind you were..and what a dork you are..”

You gulped.

“I really wanted to meet you too.”

You blinked.

“I’m kind of an asshole though..”

Your mouth opened.

“I just thought I shouldn’t talk, maybe that makes me seem less like a jerk.”

You wanted to interrupt him.

“It didn’t really work though right? Hyung..said you think I’m creepy. Sorry for that.”


“And that’s another reason. You never call me Kai, why? Everyone does, why don’t you? Why do I like it when you say it?”

Before you could say anything, he stood up, hands running through his hair, back turning towards you.

“I’m so weird.”, was what he whispered, loud enough for you to hear. The next thing you did kind of surprised him though, for once. Your hand gently placed itself on his arm. “I like weird.” was all that you said.

It was weird when he looked down at you. It made you feel small, but you liked it. It was weird when he smiled, you weren’t used to it, but you liked it. It got really weird when he hugged you. It surprised you,

but you liked it.

Originally posted by sefuns

sirius black x reader

title: muggle music

word count: 443

summary: sirius likes the way you dance

You and Sirius lived together in his family home. You couldn’t imagine anything better than waking up next to him every morning, he couldn’t imagine living in this big house alone without you. Everything was literally perfect and you couldn’t think of something more you would need besides this.

But you were muggle-born and because of that Sirius liked teasing you, he liked to say that you do everything weirdly and that there’s an easier way to get things done. You knew he was right, but you preferred to do everything by yourself, not using magic. There was one thing that he didn’t mind thought.

Sirius absolutely loved the way you danced to the muggle music,  swinging hips back and forth, eyes closed and hands in the air.  He liked to sit in the comfy armchair next to the fireplace, keeping his eyes on you, while biting his lip. You didn’t mind his eyes on you, you liked it. You even tried to get him to dance with you few times, but Sirius would always say that maybe next time and promise you that he will dance with you sometime later.

“You said this last time,” You groaned and rolled eyes.
“Y/N, I don’t know how to dance. Plus, this muggle music is kind of terrible,” He chuckled.
“It is not,” You said, when he said your favorite band is bad, then you grabbed his hand and added, “Dance with me,”

Sirius didn’t argue with you anymore and stood up. You two moved furniture next to the walls, so there would be a lot more space for you.

“Just follow my moves,” You informed him and smiled when started dancing.

He didn’t follow your moves. Instead, he created his own. Sirius started dancing and moving to all sides, his moves were too funny not to laugh. You looked at him with a huge grin on your face.

“Nice,” You giggled.

“I know,” He smirked and wrapped arms around you. Sirius started spinning you around and doing all the sorts of moves, you didn’t even know he knew and was able to do.

After an hour of laughing and fooling around, you sat on the  ground, while Sirius laid down.

“This is hard,” He said, his breath was heavy because he was tired already.

“But it’s fun,” You added and looked at him. Sirius nodded and suddenly grabbed your one arm, pulling you on top of him.

“You know what’s also fun?” He asked, a smirk appearing on his face. When you shook your head, he said, “This,” And kissed you. One kiss after a while turned into make out, which led to more heated events that night.


You smirked as you watched the boys stand in the doorway. You knew they could smell dinner from where they stood, as you were sitting right next to it and wanted to gag. You had searched for the most disgusting foods you could find at the grocery store and stuffed them all into tonight’s dinner: haggis, pickled eggs, and for dessert, sardine cupcakes.

Dean lost Rock, Paper, Scissors, per usual. He warily looked at you and the feast resting on the table. You said smugly, “You guys better sit down and eat. It’s getting cold.”

Dean looked at you again, then broke. “This isn’t fair, Y/N! You’re going to kill us before we give this angry spirit a chance!”

You began scooping a serving of each dish onto a plate. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sam stepped forward. “What Dean means to say is that we’re sorry you’re upset that we won’t let you hunt with us. We’re doing it to protect you.”

You smiled. “No, I get it. I’m obviously more use to you here alone cooking dinner than out there hunting with you two, yes?” You blinked at him innocently.

Dean turned his back to you and whispered to Sam, “Couldn’t we just-”


Dean glanced over his shoulder at the meal. “If I have to eat one more meal that smells like a trashcan, I’m going to go on hunger strike, Sam.”

Sam leaned closer to him, so you could barely hear, “We’ve held out for this long. Y/N will give it up soon enough”, he glanced at the table, “I think.”

“Nuh uh. I want real food again.” Dean spun around and said, “All right. You’re in.”

You managed to simmer your excitement down to a casual smile. “Okay. When do we start?”

Sam opened his mouth to object, but Dean marched out of the room, calling out, “Now. We’re going to do some target practice after we grab a burger.”

You stood and began throwing away the food, trying not to breathe the smell of it in, “Finally.”

(Separating a Slash and Axl fight/Slash asking you out)

It had been a few years since you moved to L.A. with your big brother Axl. You and him lived in a small apartment and one of his best friends, Slash, had just moved in. These two guys sure did know how trash the place, you constantly had to pick up beer cans and various bottles of booze every morning. Besides being used to the constant messes they’d made, you were also used to Slash and Axl fighting quite frequently.

“Slash, you can’t fuckin’ do that! Do you want me to kick you out of the band?! Why don’t you just go back to Poison?! Wait, that’s right they rejected you!” After Axl’s comment Slash had enough and swung a blow to the jaw at the fiery ginger. Now the two were still yelling loud enough for the next building over to hear and continuously swinging at each other.

Sitting in your room at first you thought the fight was just like the one’s you were used to until you heard more noises and screaming than the usual scuffle the two would get into. You burst out of your room and ran down the hall to see the both of them violently swinging at each other. As you approached closer to them you heard both of their slurred, mumbling of inaudible things to each other, you knew they were intended to be quite offensive if the words could come out right.

At this point you knew you had to stop this before one of them killed the other.
“Knock it off you two!” You pleaded as they continued to brawl right in front of you. Growing more and more fearful of what could happen if they weren’t stopped you needed to do something and quick.

“Y/N get the fuck away from here!” Slash growled as you tried to separate them. Ignoring the angry, curly haired man you wedged yourself further between them to push them apart. In the process of pushing them apart Axl managed to punch you instead of Slash.

Blood now gushing from your nose, you held your head back covering your nose. “Get out of here now! Both of you! Don’t come back until you two can start acting like grown ass men and settle things out without fighting!”

“Y/N, are you okay? I didn’t mean to hit you, you shouldn’t have got in-between us!” Your brother looked at you concerned; trying to avoid the fact you just kicked him out of his own apartment.

Enraged at the fact neither Axl or Slash listened to your demand, you began to turn red with fury. “I said get out, and I meant it. Now go.” Noticing how calm your voice was, the two men hurried out of the house scared by just how upset you were with them.

Slash and Axl asked if they could crash at Izzy’s for a few days until you had cooled off. “Wait, so you punched Y/N?! Axl! That’s your sister!” Izzy stated, stunned by the fact they were both too carried away in their own anger not to stop fighting when you went to break it up. “You two fuckers need to go make things right with her, especially you, Slash. You know she likes you, man.”

Three days passed and you hadn’t seen or heard from your brother or his friend. You came to realize you missed picking up after their messes and how noisy it could be with them around. You missed them but you didn’t miss them constantly pounding on each other over the dumbest things. It was a quiet day around until you heard the sound of the door unlocking.

“Axl, do ya think she’s still mad?” Slash questioned seeming obviously uneasy to see you for the first time since his and Axl’s violent altercation.

“I dunno, man, it’s Y/N. She’s probably fine, then again she’s a lot like me. You never know.” Axl unlocked the door and made his way through the apartment looking for you. Impressed by how clean the apartment was, he couldn’t wait to make a mess later that night if you forgave him.

You came out of the room you designated as your office to see Slash and Axl shyly sitting on the couch, nervous to see your reaction of them being there. “So, are you two done being idiots or are you coming to pick up more stuff to stay at Izzy’s permanently?” You made your way to the couch to sit between the two of them.

Axl slung his arm around you, realizing you weren’t mad at him anymore. “I’m sorry I punched ya, baby sis, can you forgive your mean big brother?” He chuckled as he poked you in the ribcage as you pulled away, accidentally falling into Slash’s lap.

Quickly pulling yourself off of him the room fell silent. Axl sensed the awkwardness and got up to use the restroom, knowing Slash wanted to talk to you alone.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry for the other day. It got out of hand, to make it up to you I’d like to take you out on a date… If that’s okay with you, of course. I mean Izzy told me you liked me so I-“ You cut him off before he continued to ramble on any further.

A soft smile now spreading across the entirety of your face, you looked over at Slash. “Say no more, I’d love to go out on a date with you.” Slash let out a deep breath and began to smile himself.

“Hey, how’s that nose feelin’? It looks a little crooked…” Completely embarrassed by Slash’s discovery, you covered your nose in horror. Slash put his hand on your leg as his way of apologizing again.

The two of you heard Axl chuckling from down the hall from Slash’s comment. “Sorry about that, Y/N!”

Maybe they should go back to Izzy’s for a few more days…

#10 Scrapbook Love Affairs (Harry Styles)



This is another imagine. To the one who requested it, I hope you like it. Let me know how you feel?

How is your New Year going till now? Anything you want me to write?


“Elaborate.” He said at once, smiling cheekily at everyone sitting in our circle.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I frowned. Harry was asked to describe me in one word and he used ‘elaborate’ as one. Aesha and Max laughed while I still kept eyeing Harry.

“What? You are elaborate! You have like a ritual for everything!” He laughed.

“Whatever,” I looked away. Christmas Holidays had begun and, the four of us kept a small get together before the main party at Harry’s house. I lived right next to him and Aesha n Max lived down the street. We all were really close, like best friends! Almost, only I had feelings for Harry which didn’t really work out because all he did was make fun of me whenever he got the chance.

They continued with different games until, it was time to leave for the party. Aesha and I, went to the bathroom to get ready when she asked, “so, is the gift ready? You’re going to tell him through that, right?” She knew.

“I was going too, but, it feels too elaborative now…” I sighed sitting down and trying not to tear up.

“He was joking honey!” She laughed.

“It is elaborative. I have collected all the pictures from our childhood and made it into a scrapbook and then, confessed on the last page.”

“It’s very romantic! And, you’ve worked so hard on it, stop overthinking it,” she kissed my cheek and got to my makeup. I wore an extremely pleasing dress, kinda pushing my boundaries. It showed a lot of skin and, I wore it for this one guy and prayed he liked it.

We both walked out of the bathroom towards the car. Harry and Max were standing beside the car, playing on their phone. Harry looked up and cleared his throat after looking at me. I tried to take it positively and got in the car after, Max complimented us both. Harry whispered in Aesha ear and she giggled. He was complimenting her. I frowned and looked out of the window.

The party was great. It was better than last year maybe because, I planned to let it all go and enjoy myself and that’s what I did. He seemed to be complimenting everyone today except me so, why should I care? I got a lot of them too, and I shouldn’t care when he doesn’t right? Why doesn’t it work like we always think? He spent all his time with other people like he did, girls giggling and making funny faces with him in every photograph clicked, guys joking around and so on. My dressing up made no difference. Was it right to express my feelings to him when in return he hinted nothing? I stopped thinking and took a few tequila shots which let me tell you, wasn’t a great idea. I wasn’t in control of myself and I kept hoping that Harry was eyeing me like I was eyeing him. Aesha calmed me and took me off the dance floor and gave me something to eat.

“Here, give it to me,” Harry took the plate from my hand. “Open your mouth?” I opened my mouth wide and took a bite. I couldn’t eat much, my head was all over the place. “How much did you drink, god!” Harry said, irritation in his voice. “Get up, we are going home. C’mon get up!” He pulled me and we all went home. So, it was great.

Although, I can’t say much about this morning. Harry looked pissed. He was banging doors in the kitchen while I sat on the table drinking lemon water. I had called Aesha and she told me that I was too out to go back home and Harry put me to bed. She made kissy faces in the end but, I could feel it wasn’t going to be positive. I was in his T-shirt and boxers, sipping from the glass, making no noise.

“Eat this,” Harry almost banged the plate on the table and went to his room. I gulped looking around, shaking a bit and started eating the eggs he had made. He walked out after some time with his clothes changed. I kept eating my food and kept my eyes of him. “How’s your head?” He asked. I gave him the “it’s all fine’” look. “What was the need of drinking so much?” He said, his voice showcasing disgust and annoyance. I got up to keep my plate in the kitchen. “You were all over the place!”

“What’s your problem? You like all that stuff…” I said quietly.

“Yeah, you know what I like,” He laughed sarcastically. I stood in front of him with my arms folded. He was fine when any other girl drank and danced on the floor. He was into them. And, now he has a problem?

“What? Don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh please, Brook. You’re different and they’re different.”

“How?” I was angry now.

“They aren’t like you.” He laughed, the disgusted laugh. “You were practically dressed like a slut, yesterday and then, were whoring around…” And, I slapped him. He looked at me, shocked and red. I turned my bacl, my eyes wide, in shock of what I’ve done. I ran to the room – whoring around? I danced with people I knew! I danced with my friends! They’re were people dressed more provocatively than I, and he was around them the entire night and, I am the slut? For having a little drink and dancing with my friends? I had tears flowing out of my eyes as I heard Harry bang a door outside.

I quickly changed into my last night dress and looked at myself in the mirror. No way was this dress sluttish in anyway. It was a bit different from my style but, did I look like a whore? No. If he has a problem with this, he should have a problem with everyone! With Aesha, who he complimented last night! I made the bed and fixed the room, realizing that he probably really hates me. I folded his clothes and placed them on the bed. I mean, there were signs. The constant making fun of me, not paying attention, teasing me, I took it the wrong way. He doesn’t like me, he detests me. I wiped my tears and walked out of the room. Harry has his head between his hands and was sitting on the dining table. His hair was in a bun and his head down. I walked past the Christmas tree which held all the gifts around it but, quickly turned and bent down to pick up mine. I threw it in the burning fire in the room and watched it burn, tears running down my eyes again and then, walked to the door.

“Let me leave you,” Harry said, taking his keys off the shelf. His face was wet and his eyes were red.

“I don’t want anything from you,” I said, banging the door shut before he could walk out.

I walked down the path back to my house. It was right next to him but, a bit far because our houses were huge. I didn’t expect him to follow me out and he didn’t. I entered my house, locking the door behind me. I lived alone. My family was out on a holiday so, I knew this Christmas was going to be spent alone.

Harry’s Point of View

I was a few days later after Christmas, I saw a type of file burning behind the fire. I took it out, not much remaining of it. It was a scrapbook. I opened what was left of it. There were pictures on each place. Of Brook and I, when we were kids, then a little older. I saw her name below a, now burnt message. This was her Christmas gift. Did she throw it in the fire? She refused to join us during Christmas. I knew, she’d be alone so, we went to her house. When no one answered, I took out the key she hid near the bushes and, found the house empty. She later informed Aesha that, she was out but, didn’t give any details. I was worried now. I knew what I said was wrong. Did I hurt her this bad?

Brook’s Point Of View

I skipped New Years too, not wanting to be around Harry and, I knew that wasn’t going to be possible because we had the same friends, I stayed away. I went to my old house and stayed there for a bit. It was different being alone, kind of peaceful. I saw Harry sitting on my doorstep when, I came back.

“I…I came to check…if your we-were back,” He explained. I had my poker face on, while his nose was red and his eyes watery. When I didn’t respond, he continued, “I saw your gift…it was bit burnt…why did you throw it?”

“It didn’t make sense for you to see it.” I shrugged. “Care to come in? It’s cold.”

We walked in and Harry shut the door behind him while, I shook out of my coat. I felt Harry come up behind me and hold my waist tightly, and then, keep his forehead on my shoulders. I stiffened as he pulled me closer. Wiping his eyes on my shoulders and then, resuming his position. “I’m sorry…” He whispered. “I didn’t know…”

“Didn’t know what?” I asked.

“Aesha told me…” I turned around and looked at him.

“Told you what?” I folded my arms.

“That you love me…” He whispered, looking into my eyes and then, away. “I didn’t know…”

“Nor, you would have treated me different? Not made fun of me or hate me? Cause poor Brook loves you?” I laughed. This was a joke.

“No Brook, I never…” He frowned.

“Please Harry. Cut the bullshit. Yes, I love you. Yes, I had made that elaborate scrapbook, expressing my love. Yes, I threw it away cause, I knew it wouldn’t lead to anything. Cause, you’ll laugh about it at least you would have, or just thrown it away like you did with my feelings. Do you know how expensive that dress was? I spent hours just finding the perfect dress so, that you’ll notice me once! Just once and, say I look sexy, pretty even. But, I’m just a whore for you so, why are we having this conversation. Just go,” I felt tears drop down. I had given this enough thought these past few days. It strange that I didn’t notice it before.

“You’re not. I mean, you were looking sexy, you always do. I didn’t mean it like that…” he shook his head and continues but, I cut him.

Harry’s Point Of View

“Oh stop, Harry!” She shouted. How could I make her think like that? Where did we go wrong? “Don’t pity me, now. You know, please go. I won’t trouble you anymore. Won’t cause you any embarrassment or come after you. You won’t even have to make the effort to make fun of me or anything…”

“I tease you…in good humour…in all fun…cause, that’s what we do!” I cut her. Our relationship was like that, it had always been. Did she always take it to her heart? “You’re one of my best friends. I adore you. Stop thinking like this.” I knew she didn’t hear me. She just opened the door and gestured me to leave.

“Just leave…” She shouted.

“What’s wrong with you! Why won’t you listen?” I frowned. She didn’t reply just held the door wide open. I felt defeated. I walked towards the door and held her hand, “I didn’t mean what I said that day. I swear I didn’t…”

“Go.” She pulled her hands. I shook my head and opened my satchel.

“This is for you. Please open it…” I pleaded. She took it from my hands and held the door open. I sighed and walked out and she banged the door behind me.

Brook’s Point Of View

I kept the gift on the table and went for a bath. I needed a hot shower, my head felt heavy. Nothing heals by saying sorry. Nothing. You can’t kick a person intentionally and, then say sorry. It doesn’t work like that.

I made some food for me and sat down near the fire. I looked towards the table and found Harry’s gift lying there. I sat with it and took out the gift wrap. My eyes were wide when I saw what it was. It was a scrapbook. It had all our pictures. I didn’t know he had them or even, valued them enough to keep it. In the end of it, there was a message…

I look at these pictures and see my life. I look at these pictures and thank my stars to have found you. I will forever look at these pictures and pray that I forever have you in my life. I am sorry, I hurt you. I am sorry that I am such an idiot for not realizing. But, I am your idiot and always want to be. Please forgive me and be mine? I love you too, Brook.

You know, I have had this crazy idea. What if Hendall have been going on all along this time? Like fuck Harry and his talk about he will never hide but, really? What if this is true? Anyway…it’s just an idea.



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“Alright, next one,” you looked at Misha out of the corner of your eye as Jared picked another person to ask their question next. This was your first convention and you were having tons of fun. The only thing that would make it better, was if you could just sit on Misha’s lap and just touch him, feel him behind you. Not in the sexual way, but just to feel his presence. But you couldn’t, nobody knew about your relationship. You two were still looking for the golden opportunity to tell your friends and the fans. And up until now, that opportunity hadn’t been there yet.

“My question is for Y/n,” you smiled brightly at the young girl as she stumbled a little over her words, trying to silently relax her, 

“Uhm, I was wondering what you thought of the cast and what changed in your thoughts about them from the first time you met them up to now?” oh god, this was the opportunity. Your smile widened and you looked at Misha, who was smiling as well. When you turned to look at Jensen and Jared, you faked your disgust, making the audience laugh and the guys too. 

“Well, it’s not secret that Misha and I get along great, there’s Instagram and Twitter proof of that,” the laughter got louder as the flashes of the countless short videos of the pranks you two did on J2 appeared in everybody’s mind,

“but I’ve always kind of thought about him the same, as opposed to Jared and Jensen,” you looked at Jared,

“I mean, when I saw Jared, he just kind of reminded me of a big brother and a person that would always be there for me, no matter what and I love him and I honestly don’t know if I would still be here if it weren’t for him ,” Jared smiled and you raced over to him for one of his trusted bear hugs, making the crowd awe. When you pulled back, he planted a soft kiss on your cheek. Next, you went to Jensen, wrapped your arm around his shoulder and laying your head against his. He placed his arm around your waist too, pulling you close.

“Jensen is unbelievably awesome at everything he does, even when he doesn’t admit it!” people cheered in agreement, clapping their hands and making Jensen blush faintly, 

“But in all seriousness, he too is like a brother, always has been and always will be and he has taught me so much in terms of acting but also in my personal life,” You looked down at him and you smiled at each other. You let go and headed over to Misha. Through your eyes, you told him that this was it. You were finally going to tell the world that you loved him and that he loved you.

“As I said, I’ve always thought the same about this guy,” you chuckled, but something in your voice made the room quieten down, 

“I’ve always though that he was a very handsome man,” the crowd cheered, but it was like they were waiting for you to say something else. Your eyes were locked with Misha’s blue ones, a loving and bright smile on his face and a hazy one on yours. You licked your lips before you said the next words, 

“Come to think of it, something has changed,” you turned to the crowd, ignoring the flashes of camera’s and the phones that were recording this. You felt Misha’s hand snake around your waist, hanging lower than Jensen’s and slowly his fingers rubbed just above your hipbone.

“When I first started on the show, Misha and I were partners in crime and we still are and I’ve always loved him, but now; we’re in love.”



Of course!  Angelica x Reader

Words // 1333

Warnings // none

Summary // Insecure reader and Angelica have been best friends since forever. (Set in modern time)

A/N // Angelica might be slightly OOC as I’ve never written her before and that sometimes happens if I don’t have experience. Also, my idea was for this to be FemXFem

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Your phone started to buzz and you turned away from your computer screen and opened your phone up. It was Angelica.

Can you go out right now?-AS

You replied: Yes, why? 

We haven’t hung out in ages, shopping? -AS

Sure –Y/N

Okay! I’ll be there in twenty -AS

You turned your phone off again. You and Angelica had known each other for a long time. You used to live in neighbourhoods relatively close to each other, just a few blocks. You had met once when you were playing outside and Angelica went on to sit on the swing next to you and a natural conversation started, thanks to this conversation and living relatively close to each other you two became great friends and had stayed that through many years, now you were both in college and somehow still best friends.

This wasn’t something you just accepted, it was something both of you were grateful for. Real friendships were rather hard to get and once you had them it was hard to keep them for a long time with different schools, interests or colleges and despite that you are going to a different college you’re still close friends, best friends.

It took her exactly twenty minutes to ring your bell. You put your mug down and got up and opened the door. She was smiling and seemed rather ecstatic about this all; you had to admit that you were too but a late revision night last night made you appear a bit more grumpy.

“I haven’t seen you in ages.’’ She mumbled as you two shared a quick hug and you let her in. Once inside you got her a glass of water and decided to turn the heater up. Despite that it was supposed to be spring it was still freezing and you actually needed that to keep warm with clothing that was appropriate for spring. She let out a soft chuckle as she noticed the mess you’ve made.

“Ages is a bit exaggerated. It was just, what? Two or three weeks.’’ You commented as you sat in the opposite chair of her and continued to drink from your mug. She shrugged but was still smiling and you were starting to wonder what made her this permanent happy, not that Angelica was a broody person but a few things just really annoyed her and usually she would’ve seen one of those things, on accident or purpose.

“Doesn’t matter. It just feels long. We used to see each other every second of the day.’’ You nodded, you had to admit it was quite annoying too. You missed her, a lot more than you would ever let on, in your daily life, you’d always go out together and do the most mundane things together but it was just because you enjoyed each other’s company. 

“That’s true.’’ You admitted. A crush on Angelica wasn’t something rare, a lot of people had it because she’s rather strong willed which some people looked up to and others saw as a challenge. Of course you had also gotten a crush and sadly still had it, by now you were thinking it was mostly because she acted really different around you, in a good way. She seemed a lot warmer and more open when it came to personal and sensitive subjects to her when you were around which made it just a bit harder to just get over it.

“So I was thinking we could just go shopping for some clothes and maybe books, I noticed your list.’’ You blushed slightly, lately you had been reading about a lot of great books you wanted to buy and you had to make a list which was starting to only increase.

“Sure.’’ You said with a smile and got up to your bedroom to change into something thicker. You had picked out a fluffy jumper and a pair of skinny jeans but in the end just kept staring at yourself in the mirror, feeling insecure instead of continuing

“Y/N what are you waiting for?’’ Angelica asked as she stepped inside your room and stared at you for a while before smiling. ”Y/N you look amazing, c’mon I don’t want to wait a lot longer.’’ You smiled and mumbled a quick thanks. You pulled on your shoes and put your hair up and after that the two of you went out.


“What about this one?’’ She asked as she held up a shirt and you shrugged, you did like it but didn’t particularly like crop tops. “Oh, don’t worry so much it’ll be fine. You like it right?’’ You nodded, you did like it and with that Angelica kept it in her hand and moved on to the next rack.

“That would look good on you.’’ You turned sideways and saw a person standing there, you started at them for a while and noticed Angelica had also turned to look. “If you lost a bit of weight.’’ They commented and this was the first moment Angelica went into rage mode.

It wasn’t a rare thing; she could get really angry at a lot of things and whilst you had never seen her passionately angry about something, people had told you about it. She seemed to be cooking underneath which you noticed and you weren’t sure what to expect but couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. Surprisingly she spoke calm.

“I think you could also lose something,’’ They seemed amused and huffed in response. “It’s this thing called an ‘ego’, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it as I don’t think you have the brain capacity but a quick way to lose weight is to cut that off, it could even half your weight.’’ They were left gasping and gave you and Angelica time to pay for what you had chosen and leave the store with your dignity completely intact, she was even smirking.

Out of nowhere the two of you started to burst into laughter. Even though you were still feeling insecure, you loved what had just happened.


“Did you see their face?’’ Angelica said as she started to laugh and you nodded with a wide smile. As she didn’t have classes tomorrow or the day after she decided to stay with you at your apartment so you could spend a bit more time together again, just a few days for just the two of us which you both wanted and needed.

“Just that shock.’’ You commented and the laughing started again. You were having fun which was something you needed, something to distract you from your thoughts and this was something you hadn’t done in a while and for that reason liked it so much better to do again. A night for just the two of you having fun, nothing more.

“Are you okay though? You’ve been a bit off ever since I arrived and I’ve never seen you this tense.’’ She said and you shrugged, you were okay, a little insecure which you recognized yourself and still madly in love but in general okay.

“Are you sure though? I’ve never seen you act like this.’’ She said and you knew she was only worried about you which is why she was slightly nagging you. You gave her a nod and a smile as you were okay, not good or well but okay, good enough.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry too much Angelica.’’ You commented as you went to grab the food you had prepared and put it down on the table whilst Angelica continued to scroll through shows to watch on Netflix. She suddenly stopped for a second and send you look, you furrowed your brow.

“Okay, Y/N be completely honest with me now.’’ You were still confused but nodded.

“Do you like me?’’ You hesitated for a second.


“Good because if you didn’t this would suddenly turn really awkward because I like you too.’’ She said with a grin before she went on to kiss you.

Who broke the coffee maker?
  • Leo: I did. It was me, Master Splinter.
  • Splinter: No it wasn't. Michelangelo?
  • Mikey: Don't look at me! Look at Raph!
  • Raph: I didn't break the thing!
  • Mikey: Huh, weird. How'd you know it was broken?
  • Raph: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken, shell-for-brains!
  • Donnie: Not to point any fingers, but Casey was the last one to use it.
  • Casey: Yeah right! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Donnie: Then what were you doing by it earlier?
  • Casey: I charge my phone next to it! Everyone knows that, Donnie!
  • Leo: Guys! Let's not fight! I broke it!
  • Splinter: No. Who broke it?
  • Raph: April's been awfully quiet.
  • April: Really?
  • Raph: Yeah, really!
  • April: Oh my god!
  • (bickering continues)
  • Splinter: (To camera) It was I. I thought I could use it to make tea....I was mistaken.

Bless the wonderful kind soul that left this in our ask box. I’m sitting on my bed grinning because, let’s face it. This is the most beautiful thing someone has ever written to us. thank you Anon, I love you so so much.

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Marti and Gee were two of the most brilliant people I had ever met in my life. They were as inseparable from each other as an eagle was from its nest. While knowing they lived miles apart, I always managed to get the feeling when speaking to them that they were sitting right next to each other, discussing each and every topic in depth before offering a response to the rest of us. It was often hard to come to the realization that they led completely separate lives. Where one was sometimes shy and quiet, the other was as boisterous and bright as the sun. They balanced each other entirely, almost as if they were one complete person. I had never seen someone as passionate as Marti, always creating rhymes that left me feeling utterly inadequate and sharing her empowered opinions as though the meant the world to her. It was obvious that they did. Gee is an extraordinary writer, crafting worlds out of words better than Alexander Hamilton himself. I couldn’t have dreamed of finding myself in the company of a better pair. 

«“We did have a cat, but now they’re just strays. They come in off the estate.” Rose breathed out and then said

“But enough about cats, Doctor. I really want to know where we stand as a couple. I mean I know that it’s weird and you’re alien now with more memories. But I don’t want to give up on us yet. I mean maybe we can make it work. I’ll understand if you want a little space between us. I’m not expecting you to have to go right back to where we were, but…”

As Rose continued to talk she came into the living room with the two mugs of tea, placing them on the coffee table next to the sofa where the Doctor was currently sitting. She hoped that he was ready to settle things between them. She then noticed that the Doctor appeared to be pretending to strangle himself with the same plastic arm that she had brought back to the flat with her last night.

“I thought Mum threw that in the bin. Ugh, give a man a plastic hand. Anyway, I don’t even know your real name. Doctor who?” Asked Rose. When the Doctor did not answer and instead continued to look up at her and ‘act’ like he was being strangled, Rose lost her cool. She was trying to discuss their future as wife and husband. And he was acting like a 9 year old boys.

“Doctor this is a really serious conversation we have been avoiding and I don’t think you are taking it seriously at all!” barked Rose.»

- Complicated, by @the-plot-thinens (Chap.7)

He Makes Everything Better

Summary:  A little bit of fluff written for @katnharper who, despite having a really bad day, took the time to send me a couple of sweet messages and encouraging words. I hope this helps her feel a little bit better.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  771

Warnings: Implied use of pain medication, language, fluff

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