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When You Come Home (Epilogue)

Part OneTwo, Three12 Days

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: The real finale.

Warnings: Just have fun, honestly.

Word Count: 12,303


Wow, you guys. That’s seriously all we can say. Like man, it’s been an adventure of a lifetime, lemme just say that. I mean, we can’t believe we wrote this entire thing (and that alone was so much fun, holy moly), but the fact that you guys enjoyed it?

We’re seriously so emotional. You guys have no idea.

Thank you so much to all of you that joined us on this journey. It’s been such an honor to receive such incredible, touching compliments on a daily basis, and we can’t stress how much we truly love you. Our hearts are so full of love for each and every one of you, and we’re so grateful to have been able to share a part of our hearts (and insanity) with you.

I can’t tell you how much yelling has been going on behind the scenes– Well, I’m sure y’all could imagine, but take whatever you’re imagining and multiply it by ten thousand. All of this yelling has been because of all of you (this is supposed to be a sweet sentiment, just take it, we’re hoarse, omg).

Again, thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love. We love you all so much. Thank you for making us two very happy dorky nerds. You’re all so amazing.

And so it’s with great pleasure that we present to you the epilogue.

- Team GTNW -


As much as you wanted to jump right into the next chapter of your life with the absolute love of your life, you knew it was best to let time run its course. The two of you decided to spend some time apart to just let things rest for a while, to regroup and think about what comes next, to prepare for the journey that was to come.

You’d both come to the agreement that you’d spend the next two months living your own lives, submerging yourselves back in the mundanity of work, giving the universe a much needed break (or rather, maybe the universe needed to give you guys a break).

That was the plan. Except two weeks after your reunion on the fire escape, your phone dinged with a new text message.

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Domestic Bliss - Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Summary: Based on this post. Small vignettes of feelings of happiness wrapped in domesticity in the home of two people who love each other very much. 

Words: 2,189

Warnings: A couple swear words. 

A/N: I’ve finally accomplished every day of the Write-A-Thon! (No one mention how long it took, I hate myself too) I’m really excited for this because Day 7: #WriteForOak2k17 was my doing and there is always room to appreciate my sunshine boy. By the way, there are a couple songs mentioned in this one. I’ll link them in the text. Enjoy!

“I think I’m sort of drunk.”

“You’re not drunk, Oak.”

“No, really. I think I am.”

“Prove it.”

“I actually like this shitty music.”

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Elliot And Eeyore

A/N ignore the dates, yeah.

Spencer x Reader

You hated this time of year. Valentines day and the run up to it. It just reminded you that you were hopelessly single. You’d spent Valentines day alone for the last five years and whilst you weren’t exactly pining after having a boyfriend, this time of year only served to remind you that you didn’t have anyone. Well, what you meant was that you didn’t have anyone to cuddle up to and spoon at night. You didn’t have anyone to cook romantic meals for and vice versa. You didn’t have anyone who’s oversized sweaters you could steal and curl up in, and you didn’t have anyone to kiss and hug amongst other things.

The book shop that you’d inherited from your grandparents and had worked in since you were eighteen had been decorated with pink balloons, faux rose petals scattered over displays. Men were coming in on an almost hourly basis, looking sheepish as they picked up the latest ‘sexy’ book or erotic thriller that were all the rage these days for woman. Or at least men thought so. You personally would much rather someone present you with a classic or a good autobiography rather than one of those types of books. Not that there was anything fundamentally wrong with them, you’d read your fair share and they definitely had certain perks, you were just sure that their partners would appreciate something a little bit more romantic as a Valentines Day gift.

The chime above door the sounded and you looked up from the book you were reading, nestled behind the counter. It was quiet in the store right now and your assistant and friend Jess was taking her lunch break in the back. A familiar face met yours, the face of a man who’d been frequenting the shop for the last five months or so, someone you actually looked forward to seeing although you never did know when you’d see him again.

The mans name was Spencer, you’d found that out a few weeks after he’d starting coming in and had asked you if you could track down a certain book for him. You could and you had, and the two of you had started casually chatting, continuing the conversations each time he came in. He worked for FBI he’d told you during on of the chats, which explained why sometimes he’d be in almost daily on his way home from work but then you could go three weeks in a row with seeing him at all. He was nice, funny and sweet, with a love of literature which mirrored yours. And the pace at which he seemed to devour books was fascinating.

Spencer gave you a shy smile when he entered and mooched around the store for a while, just browsing. He was the only customer in there currently. After around ten minutes or so, he came up to the cash desk with two books in his hands. You rang them up and handed them to him, watching him place them directly into his messenger bag like he always did, before pushing his hair back behind his ear.

“I’ve not seen you for a few weeks, big case at work?” you knew he couldn’t talk to you directly about what he dealt with but you knew he was somewhat important. He was Googleable, and you didn’t know many people personally who were.

“Yup. We just got back this morning. I’m on my way home to relax for a well earned break.”

He did look tired now he was up close, shadows under his eyes and a light scruff covering his jawline. A jawline that could very easily cut glass. He bit his lower lip, looking uncomfortable and like he wanted to ask something.

“So erm….You’re open on Sunday? That’s Valentines Day right?”

“Yep. It’s not like I have any other plans, and there’s always guys needing to buy last minute gifts.” You were only opening 12pm until 3pm anyway, you deserved an early finish.

“Is Elliot not taking you out?” he asked quietly, his eyes flickering away and then back to you.

“Elliot? My cat?” now you were confused.

“Elliot’s your cat? Oh! The way you talk sometimes…. He’s just your cat. So you don’t have a boyfriend?” Spencer still sounded cautious but there was something else in his voice that you couldn’t pin point.

“Nope. Young, free and single.”

A smile that could have melted chocolate it was so warm and bright crossed Spencer’s face then and he laughed. He chatted for a few more minutes before making his excuses and leaving.


On Thursday the store had been open for an hour when a flower delivery girl walked in with hugest bunch of roses and violets that you’d ever seen.

“Are you Y/F/N?” she came straight up to the desk and you nodded, accepting the bouquet. The girl grinned as you signed for the flowers.

“Someone’s a lucky lady” she folded the sheet and tucked it in her bag, leaving you surprised.

“Who the hell are they from?” Jess bounded over, her eyes wide in excitement.

“I haven’t got a clue,“ you scanned the bouquet, spotting a card tucked away.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I come in here so often
Just to see you”

“Oh my God you have a secret admirer! This is awesome, who do you think it is?”

You weren’t sure. There was someone you hoped it would be but you didn’t dare let yourself think it could be them. You didn’t want to be horribly disappointed.

The next day at around the same time another delivery girl walked in, this time from the bakery up the road. You knew her, you frequented it often and she grinned as she handed you a cake box.

“Please tell me who it is” you begged her and she laughed.

“Hell no. That’s what Valentines is all about isn’t it. Secret admirers and all that. All I will say is that, Damn girl. He’s pretty hot.”

She left and you opened the box, Jess stood besides you. There were six cupcakes in the box each decorated with tiny frosted books on top of them. They were so adorable that you didn’t want to eat them, smacking Jess’s hand away when she reached for one.

You couldn’t help but smile, a warm and fuzzy feeling building inside you.

On Saturday, you opened the front door to the shop in the morning to find a wrapped box with your name on a card. It hadn’t been there ten minutes ago when you’d knelt by the letter box to collect the morning post, which made you think that he was nearby and watching.

You took the box back to the cash desk and opened it, revealing a ceramic money box in the shape of Eeyore from the Winnie The Pooh books. Another typed card was placed in the box.

“You said once during a conversation that you loved these books as a child and that you wanted to save so you could visit England and go to Ashdown Forest, the real life setting. Now you can start your own hundred acre woods fund.”

Had you said that? It was true, they were your favourite childhood books and it was one of your goals to visit and travel all over England, and visiting that forest was on your list of places to go whilst you were there. You couldn’t recall having this conversation with anyone though, at least not recently. It was generally only children you talked to about Pooh Bear and his friends.

Curious, very very curious.


Valentines day itself came and you opened the store as planned, doing a decent trade up until 2pm and then the customers fizzling out. You were on edge all day, having taken extra care with your appearance in the morning, sure that your secret admirer would make an appearance today.

As it was a Sunday and you were only opening for three hours Jess wasn’t in, and at ten to three you started straightening up the store, feeling slightly disappointed that whoever it was, hadn’t made an appearance. At three you locked the door and flipped the sign to closed, turning to head back to the desk and jumping when a sharp rapping came from the glass behind you.

You spun around slowly to see a very nervous looking Spencer standing the other side of the locked door, a picnic basket in his hand and a picnic blanket thrown over one arm.

Yes yes Yes!

Your lips twitched into a smile as you unlocked the door again and held it open for him.


“Hi,” his voice faltered slightly as he stepped inside.

“You’re aware that I’m closed, right?” you were nearly certain that he wasn’t here to buy a book but you also didn’t want to blurt anything out and make a fool out of yourself.

“I know. I’ve been waiting for you to close.”

“Any particular reason, Spencer?”

His cheeks flushed in the most adorably endearing way and shuffled his feet.

“Erm…. I thought…. Maybe…. We could have an indoor picnic. Or an outdoor one, but it’s pretty cold outside.”

“Please tell me the flowers were you. And the cupcakes. And the beautiful money box? Please don’t let them be somebody else.”

“It was me. Did you… Did you like them?” he took a step closer to you and you mirrored him.

“I’ve never had anyone send me Valentines gifts before, even when I was in a relationship. It’s honestly the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, and I hoped and prayed it was you but I didn’t want to let myself believe it until I knew. I didn’t want to be disappointed.”

He smiled at you and you beamed back.

“I… I would have tried to ask you out sooner but I thought… Well, I thought you had a boyfriend called Elliot. And when you didn’t, and it was four days from Valentines Day, I figured I’d try to use it to my advantage and to try and win you over.”

“Well it worked. Consider me well and truly won over, although I kinda was before. I always looked forward to your visits Spencer, they brighten up my week. One thing though… Did we ever really speak about Winnie The Pooh? That threw me.”

“I overhead you talking to a small child one day and it stuck in my mind like almost everything I’ve heard you say does.”

“Well it was so sweet and adorable and…. I could literally ramble right now about how warm and fuzzy I’m feeling but I’m kinda making an idiot of myself already so…. An indoor picnic you say? In here?”

Spencer nodded and shook the blanket out. “We both love books so it seemed fitting. There is kinda one thing I have to ask though, just because of what today is.”

“Go on then.”

“Y/N.. Will you…. Will you be my Valentine?”

“There’s nothing more I want to be right now, Spencer.”

Important Lessons (Ch. 2)

Saizo x MC 
My darlings, here it is, chapter two. I am so SO sorry it has taken so long, but tada~ For future reference, this is now a multichapter fic that will have porn but also plot (we’re getting to the plot part, uh, eventually.) So thank y’all so much for your kindness. Please enjoy.

“So…” Oichi stared at you expectantly, you’d done a good job of avoiding her since yesterday, since you left Dr. Kirigakure’s office reeking of sex and flushed up to your ears. But you knew you couldn’t avoid her forever.

Honestly you had thought about telling her, airing it out, spilling your dirty little secret almost immediately, but something had stopped you. It was just too clandestine, too dangerous, too…precious to you for you to tell her. Which was saying something, Oichi had been your best friend since grade school.

What she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her.

So you had gone home, taken a long shower, eaten some take out, watched netflix and tried your best to compartmentalize the vivid scenes that kept playing in your head.

His head between your legs, the comfortable weight of his body leaned against yours, the look of desire in his eyes…

No, it hadn’t worked very well. Honestly even sitting here, a full 24 hours later, nursing an iced coffee you still felt a little bit hot and bothered.

“Hey, are you even listening to me?”

“Hmm?” You looked up, meeting Oichi’s worried gaze.

“Are you okay? You seem really out of it, did something happen yesterday?”

Ah yes.

Time to lie to your best friend.

“It went okay.” You sighed, doing your best to feign indifference and disappointment. “It wasn’t very encouraging, Dr. Kirigakure basically just told me the same things he said over email and on the test. So I think i’m going to get a tutor from the writing lab to help me on thursday.” You shrugged, willing your body to relax the tension rapidly building in your shoulders.

“Ah, I see. So this is a case of the over-achiever blues, hm?” Oichi leaned forward, poking you on your cheek. “Sounds like we need to go and get drunk as soon as you are done with this test on Friday.”

“I’m not sure that will fix my problems.” You snorted, shaking your head. “I don’t know how someone with such an overprotective brother seems to be able to go out every weekend.” You smiled at her, your tone joking.

“Come on, you’ve been watching me do it since we were in high school, all we have to do is avoid the places he’s at, duh.”

Oh yes, you had done your fair share of hiding from Oda Nobunaga since you were barely old enough to pretend to be old enough to get into bars. Even still…

“I’ll do it, only for you though.” You shook your head, snapping your book shut and leaning over to gaze at her. “No funny business this time, I hate having to bail you out of trouble.”

“But you’re so good at it!”


Class, right. You had to go to that.

You sighed, for what was certainly the 50th time that day, pushing the door open to the small, dare you say intimate, classroom.

There were only about 15 students left in the class, so it didn’t much matter. It wasn’t like you were packed in like sardines.. Still the smallness of the space seemed pronounced today as you slid into your desk. Right, it was just class. You went to this class every other day. You could do this.

The professor was late, unsurprising, he was rarely early. Yet, he always seemed to just appear, almost like out of thin air, right as the students started to let their guards down.

Right as you let-

“Well, what a miserable looking group we have here today.” His mock cheer tore you from your thoughts.

Yes, exactly like that.

There he was, the same cool and composed force as always, except….except where he had once been a far off longing of yours, (who didn’t have teacher fantasies, after all) now he stood in flesh and blood and heat that you had felt yourself.

You still had the vivid feeling of his messy hair between your fingers and his body pressed to yours. And…And…You pressed your legs together, a mortified sense of dread building in you.

Everyone was going to find out.

There was no way they couldn’t tell.

The blush on your cheeks was visible, you were sure.

Okay, okay, you just had to take deep breaths. Steady yourself. He surveyed the room, leaning against the desk at the front, a bemused look on his face, and then he looked at you. You grew still, trying your best to maintain enough eye contact to appear normal before looking down at your desk.

You could swear you saw the beginnings of a smirk on his face as you looked away.

“Well, children, I see that some of you are anxious about the exam you have on Friday.” Professor Kirigakure sighed, in what was clear disappointment. “Midterms are, as you know, quite important to passing.” He stood, walking over to the whiteboard behind him. “Luckily for most of you, one of your classmates decided to be a willing sacrifice and email me.” The group of people around you were murmuring to themselves. No, none of them had emailed him, then who?

You, you had emailed him.

“Because of one student’s bravery, I’ve decided to reward you all with a review packet on what all we’ve learned.” A feeling of relief. Saizo hands out the packets, choosing to go one by one down the aisle, dropping a packet onto your desk.

You could feel his warmth as he brushed against you, his hand for just a moment grazing the flesh on your arm, goosebumps breaking out at the feeling.

You glanced up at him, only to find that he had moved on, resuming his discussion on the material at hand.

Oh, how were you going to handle this?

You flipped through the packet, scanning the words with minimal interest, until you turned to the back, the last page, where a phrase was written in a familiar script.

Naughty little ladies that don’t pay attention get punished.

Holy shit.

You all but slammed the paper of the packet shut, eyes firmly planted on the whiteboard.

He had definitely noticed your slip of attention, damn.

No matter, no matter. You shook your head, taking as many notes as you could.

After class you did your best to slip out quietly, Dr. Kirigakure swamped with questions as usual, and yet, somehow, as you reached the door a hand grasped at your arm.

“E-Eh” You looked up, meeting the crimson-copper eyes of your teacher, a growing ever-more familiar smirk on his lips. Your heart pounded in your chest at the look he was giving you. “P-Professor?” You stammered, allowing him to guide you just out of sight, your body pressed against the wall next to the door.

“You weren’t doing a very good job of appearing inconspicuous.” His tone was amused, his hand wandering up your shirt. “We should try to do better in the future, hmm” You nodded, heat coiling in your stomach. You’d do whatever he wanted, really, so long as he kep touching you.

“Yes sir.” It left your mouth before you had a chance to pull it back, a predatory gleam appearing in Saizo’s eyes at your words. His lips pressed to yours in the next moment, drawing and swallowing the gasp off of your lips. You clung to him, relishing the feeling of his body pressed against your own.

Then it was over, and you were panting as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Unfortunately, the little lady still has to be punished for not paying attention in class.” He pressed his mouth against your ear. “But that will have to wait until tomorrow night, won’t it?”


You stood in front of your mirror, a frown creasing your features. Tomorrow had come far too quickly and now you were at a dilemma.

How was one supposed to dress to have a secret rendezvous with their professor? You sighed, falling back onto the bed.

Normally, they were supposed to dress normally, because it was supposed to be inconspicuous, and why the fuck would you be dressing up just for him to take it off? You could imagine his humor already, if you showed up in your sunday best.

That hadn’t stopped you from putting on your best lingerie, might as well try to look cute where it counted, right?

You hummed to yourself, a discordant tune, opting for something that you’d call ‘dressy casual’ before stepping out of your room.

Oichi sat in the living room, eyeing you with an open interest.

“Are you going on a date?” She sat up from her spot, looking you up and down.

“Tutoring.” You responding, not even stopping to look at her. You could hear her snort, could almost imagine her shaking her head.

“Must be a cute tutor.” She was giggling as you shut the door.

You entered the address on a much crinkled piece of paper into your phone.

Deep breath.

You could do this


Saizo lived in a really nice apartment complex, not surprising considering his teaching position. But at the same time you weren’t really sure where you had pictured him living.

His office maybe?

you sighed, stepping out of the elevator and into the hallway. Now if the numbers were in ascending order you should be there…

You paused, looking up at the door. Okay, good. You reached out a hand to knock on the door only to have it open up before you could.

You blinked, surprise evident on your features. Saizo stood in front of you, appraising you with his knowing eyes. Butterflies churned in your stomach. You stand there for a moment until he speaks.

“I suggest you step inside, unless you want my neighbors to wonder what you are doing here.” he chuckled at the look you shot him in return allowing you to follow him into the room, looking around with interest.

It was quite plain, to your surprise. Sturdy furniture, and a minimalist feel, something that you would have described as the bare essentials of living. You thought back to your own homey and cluttered space and glanced at your teacher in curiousity.

What sort of secrets were lying just underneath his cool facade?

“That look on your face can only mean trouble for you.”His cool voice at your ear makes you shiver. You turned to face him, only to find a pair of arms hooked around your waist, keeping you in place with your back pressed against him. “Of course, maybe it is trouble you’re looking for, considering that you are here.”

“Didn’t you ask me to come?” You wriggled and then stilled in his arms, stealing a glance up at his face.

“And you had to be very brazen or just a little bit stupid to actually come.” he chuckles as you flush, trying to pull away from him.  “Ah, ah, no. It’s too late now, little lady. You did come here for another lesson, didn’t you?” One of his hands trailed a path up your stocking-clad leg, stopping when his hand met flesh. “Thighhighs?” he looked down at you, raising his eyebrow. You pouted in response.

“I guess I am more brazen than stupid, sir.” You replied, a soft edge of victory at brief look of surprise on his face.

“Well I suppose I could never turn down a student so eager to learn.” He navigated you to his couch pulling you into his lap. You froze, perched comfortably against him. The intimacy of the gesture threw your emotions into a tizzy and you inhaled sharply as you tried to keep yourself in check.

Saizo sighed, tsk’ing his tongue.

“I didn’t realize how much you had to learn.” he patted you on the head “Turn around.”

“Hm?”  You shifted your body, turning around to straddle him.  “Is this what you wanted?” the blush was high on your cheeks as you brought your hands up to rest on his shoulders.  

“Mm. Getting better.” his hands rested on your hips and you took the opportunity to press your lips against his. He let you go for a moment, opening his mouth and allowing you to explore it with your tongue.

Only for a moment though.

His teeth sunk into the flesh of your bottom lip, eliciting a soft cry from you as you attempted to pull away. He held you fast, however, trailing his tongue to sooth the wound the copper taste filling your mouth. The sensation drew a moan from your lips, and when he finally let you pull away you could only look at him, letting your teeth graze over the sensitive spot he left.

“I think you’re ready.” Saizo pulled a ribbon out of his pocket, the stark red of it drawing your attention. You shivered softly at the dark look he gave you, a sudden uncertainty growing.

“Ready for what?” your voice was small, he noticed your hesitation, brushing his knuckle against your cheek.

“Your next lesson is a lesson in vocabulary.” You stared at him. What was he even talking about?

“What’s that for then?” you grasped the free end of the ribbon in your hand, a sudden thought crossing your mind.

It was like the red ribbon of fate connecting the two of you

“Sensory deprivation.” He ran his thumb across your bruised bottom lip. “Covering your eyes, letting you describe what exactly it is I am going to do to you, using more appropriate language.”

Oh that did sound pretty appealing actually.

“Oh…Okay.” You nodded, an embarrassed flush on your cheeks, “If…Ah, mmh, if you want to.” As you spoke, he was pushing up the fabric of your dress. You reached down and tugged the material over your own head, letting it fall beside you.

Yes, you were glad you had worn your good underwear.

“Well then, I suppose we are in agreement, little lady.” He looked you over with some measure of cool appreciation before securing the ribbon over your eyes, shrouding you in red-tinted darkness. “If you want to stop at any time, just say dango.”

“Dango?” You let out a nervous laugh. “Is that your favorite dessert or something?”

“Maybe.” His hands were cold enough to make you shiver as they brushed over your bare skin. “What’s a word you would use to describe this feeling?”

“nn…Ticklish?” You wriggled as he adjusted your body to fall softly against the sofa . “Soft…mm, like feathers, maybe?”

“A feather light touch that sends shivers down your spine?” His voice seemed lower than before, or maybe you just hadn’t noticed before.

“Mmmhmm.” you sighed as he continued to trail his hands lightly against your skin. You felt his lips brush lightly against your neck, followed by teeth grazing against the skin. A mewl left your throat as he applied more pressure, light kisses followed by nips at your skin.

“What about that?” He questioned, breath so hot against your ear. He had unclasped your bra in the moment, and you felt the material go slack against your arms. He pulled it off and you could hear it hit the ground as his hot kisses made their way to your breast.

“A-Ah.” You arched your back as he bit at the soft flesh, the cry leaving your throat before you even realized.

“I believe we were asked a question.”

“A-Ah, thats n-not fair, you know.” Your hands were in his hair. “It was painful, but I liked it.” the confession was stark.

“That’s all?”

“U-Uhm. It was…it was…” You struggled for a moment. “It was pleasure at the height of pain?” You ventured, trying you best to think back to the packet he had passed out. Sex novels were pretty over the top.

“Better.” He laughed, a sound that tugged at your heartstrings. “Maybe you aren’t so hopeless after all, little lady.”

“I said I wasn’t a B average student.” you ran your hand down his chest, a bit surprised to meet bare skin. When had he taken off his shirt?

Down, down you went. Trailing lower, brushing against him. A bit surprised to find him aroused. He made a noise not unlike a growl as you pressed your hand more firmly against the cloth of his pants.

“What is your plan exactly with that?” He captured your hand, bringing your arms up to rest above your head. “Do I have to tie you up as punishment for trying to distract me from the lesson?”

“W-What?” You stuttered. “I don’t know about all that, sir.”

“You can say Saizo, you know.” He continued, ignoring your comment. “We aren’t in class, and this certainly breaks the student and teacher boundary already.”  You could feel his weight shift on the couch as he leaned back, pulling your underwear off in one motion.

For a moment you were still, the sound of him shedding the rest of his clothes

“I’m not sure I can.” You stated finally.

“What is stopping you little lady?” He pulled you closer to him by your hips, and you were conscious of the feeling of the material under you. “In fact I seem to remember you moaning my name without much issue last time.” He sounded amused. “Maybe that is all I have to do.” he pressed a surprise kiss to your lips as he maneuvered your leg around his waist. You caught on quickly enough,  hooking your legs around his waist, digging your fingernails into the skin of his shoulders in anticipation.


“Same as last time sir- I mean, Professor Kirigakure.” You let out a giggle, unable to stop yourself.

“Cheeky for someone who still has an entire half a semester in my class.”  He doesn’t sound upset though, rather almost proud. “You know.” He pauses for just a moment. “I think hickies are a good look for you.” You gasp, slapping his shoulder lightly. “Or rather, my hickies are a good look for you.” Before you can respond his lips are on yours again, his body pressed so, so close.

You rock your hips against his, a impatience in your movements you hope he picks up.

He does. It doesn’t take him long to adjust your bodies, sliding into you in a way that had you panting against his lips.

“Uhhhnnn.” A muffled cry of pleasure left your mouth. You wondered, if his hickies looked good on you, did the bruises you left on his shoulders look good on him?

He wasn’t gentle, even less so than before. Maybe it was the blindfold that had you seeing stars faster than normal. It was like your awareness of your own body had increased. His movements seemed to have a sharper edge, each one bringing another sound to your lips.

“E-exquisite” You managed, sliding your hands to his chest. “Mindblowing, m-mostly.” You continued,  lifting your hips to meet his movements, each of his thrusts bringing you closer to the edge.

“At least one of those would get you an A on my exam.” He drawled, sounding a little less in control than normal.

“I hope I use the right one then.” You were barely holding on, a mess, it took quite a bit just to be able to coherently form that sentence. His hands were firmly planted on your hips, tilting them up to bring a different angle to his thrusts. He knew what he was doing, you were all but crying at his movements.

“S-Saizo.” Finally, you broke, chanting his name over and over again like a prayer. That seemed to do the trick. You could barely comprehend his murmur of “good girl” as he brought you to climax, this time you could feel his own body stiffen as you fell off the edge, a sort of sordid satisfaction at the idea that he got just as much satisfaction as you did from this.

After a moment of silence he undid your blindfold, tugging it off in a fluid gesture.

You blinked, gazing up at his eyes, startled to see a softness in them so much like last time, when he had kissed your forehead.

“I think you are better off without the blindfold.” He said, idly pulling you back onto his lap, using the ribbon to tie up your hair.

“E-Eh?” You were almost a bit overwhelmed at his gentleness, waiting expectantly for him to continue.

“Your facial expression are too telling for me to just cover them up.” He smirked, nipping at the shell of your ear and making you moan again, a short and soft sound.

“T-Too much.” You were blushing, which seemed to only prove his point.

“It is so unfortunate that the midterm is tomorrow.” He continued, allowing you to snuggle against his chest, his hands resting lightly in your hair. You refused to garner the thought that he might stop seeing you after the test, so you did your best to ignore his words.

“But there is always the final.” You finished for him, biting your lip and relishing the soreness. “I’m sure I can still find room to improve.”

He rolled his eyes.

“With words like that I might not want you getting any better.” You frowned at him in response, which only made him smirk. “Don’t worry little lady, I’m not near done with you.”  

You didn’t like how he could read your mind so easily.

You sighed, moving to pull away from him, a yawn leaving your lips. He held you in place, allowing himself to fall back onto the couch, with you resting on top of him.

“Not so fast.” He shook his head. “You’re only dismissed when I say so.”


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Holy (JB Smut)

This made me question my life. I recommend Halsey- Young God, it reminds me of JB. This is pure, dirty, nasty, sin. You will go to hell if you go any further than this but Gigi & I will be there, too, so. And probably my best friend. Happy (late) birthday to my favorite Jaebum stan. Shoutout to @doom-dada-diggity for editing this shit. You’re probably going to hell, too, but it’s ok bc prince!dae is coming with. 

Jesus will forgive you for this, right? Probably not, but Im Jaebum will grant you absolution if you swallow his cum.

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#63: | Pregnancy Series | Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2


Pregnancy Series | Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1


”Okay wait what?!” Ashton asked frozing out from the shock the other boys were still wearing on their faces. Luke was looking down at the ground, his cheeks slight pink and his mouth into a straight line. You on the other hand were freaking out inside, hoping Liz would come back any minute. “Remember Ehm- that party in New York?” Luke scratched his neck as he spoke looking up at the other boys. “Yea you guys were so drunk we had stabilized you whilst Calum carried Y/N.” Michael answered, his eyebrows knitting as he thought back at the event. “Right.” Luke spoke, folding his hands. “After you guys left, we don’t really know how it happened, everything went really fast and uhm before I knew it I was in top of her and yea you know the rest.” Hearing this coming from Luke made the boys cock a smirk yet to you and Luke everything was awkward, this was the first time you had actually talked about it since it happened. “So you guys had sex?” Calum crossed his arms with a smirk. “We did.” You mumbled, pulling your knees up to your chin. “Was it good?” Michael started to question but Liz barked into the room making everything go quiet, saving you guys from more awkward questions. “Got it.” She showed up the white box before throwing it towards you. “I hope you’re in a need for a pee, because we won’t leave before you’ve finished.” The other boys took a seat at the bed as you headed towards the bathroom. To your luck, the feeling of a pressure from your urine was pushing on and you actually had to pee. Taking a seat on the toilet, you stabilized the cup in your hand to take a wee in it, placing it on the counter before cleaning yourself off. It feel like years went as you had placed the stick in the urine, your mind going into a million thoughts. When the stick had given its answer you went over to the door and walking out. “So?” Liz asked standing up. You didn’t say a thing, your face showing off no emotion as you just reached out for her to grab the stick. Liz took it out of your hand and took a look at it. “She’s pregnant.” Liz’s words echoed in you and Luke’s head, the other boys’ jaws falling as they were looking at each other. “I have to go check on some meetings you have tomorrow, I’ll see you then.” Liz mumbled giving you the stick again before heading towards the door and out. When his mom was gone Luke stood up from the bed immediately marching over to you before wrapping his arms around your small form, burying his head into your neck. Hell he was scared, of course he was but he had to pull that part away cause he knew that you would probably be ten times more scared, carrying something inside that he had been a part of creating as well. “You know no matter what happens I’ll stand by your side, always and forever, we’re in this together and you’re not alone.” The other boys stood up as well before hugging you from behind, all of them showing their support towards you guys.


Calum’s eyes flicked between the road and the phone in his hand as he tried to connect it to the car’s phone system, a few glares towards you was shared as well as you were lying your head against the window, the nausea growing with each meter he drove. It wasn’t far after Calum had finished his lunch that you had to lay down feeling to ill the even stand up – and Calum being the worried ass he was, was determined to get you to a doctor as soon as possible, already getting you an appointment not 30 minutes after. He pressed call on the phone, waiting a few rings as the speakers in the car illuminated the beeps, a few times before the sound of Joy appearing. “Hey Calum what’s up?” She asked, making Calum sigh. “Hey mom. Uhm, I don’t really know how to say this but you might have to cancel the dress trial.” “What why?!” She exclaimed. “Y/N’s not feeling well.” Calum mumbled turning the car and driving into the doctor’s parking lot. “What’s wrong with her there’s still two days left.” Joy voice was worried sick now. “It’s just some illness I think, might be due to period or something.” You mumbled taking off your seatbelt as Calum parked the car. “Have you guys contacted a doctor just in case?” She asked. “Of course mom, we’re already there.” Calum mumbled unbuckling his seatbelt. “Good. I won’t disturb more then.” She said before mumbling out a bye and hanging up. “Ready?” He asked looking at you, making you nod your head, watching Calum remove his phone from the system and opening his door to walk out, you doing the same. Walking hand in hand you returned your Health Insurance to the receptionist, and not waiting more than 5 minutes after when the doctor was available. ”So Y/N, tell me what’s wrong with you?” The female doctor asked, crossing her legs. “I have an extreme illness to be honest. I get cramps every few fifth minute and I’m nausea around strong smells.” The doctor nodded her head at your words, typing something into your journal. “With something like this, the cause is much easier to find out through a blood test.” “Okay.” You mumbled helping her with preparing your arm and watching her as she took an amount of your blood from the arm. “I’ll be back soon.” She said standing up and leaving. The doctor came in soon after with a stack of papers in her hands, reading through them as she took a seat. “So?” Calum asked, wanting answers more than you probably would. “They’ve taken the tests and everything is fine.” She answered, writing something down. “But what was the cause then due to her illness?” “You see Mr. Hood, Y/N’s illness is due to development in her uterus.” She explained, making Calum look confused back at you to see your eyes wide. “What does that mean?” “It means I’m pregnant.” You said in half awe, half shock. Calum looked back at the doctor to see her nod her head. “3 weeks pregnant.” Calum looked back at you in awe but his happiness fated a bit when he realized something. “There go those wedding plans.”   


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Michael had placed his finger under your chin, lifting it up for you to look at him instead of the ground. “I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.” You mumbled toying with the T shirt you were wearing. “Have you used a test?” You shook your head at his question making him nod his head, his mouth going into a straight line. “Want me to go buy one?” You shook your head at him again making a puzzled expression appeared on his face features. “I already have one. But I’ve been too scared to use it.” You admitted making his mouth open. “Let’s go find out then.” He urged grabbing your hand before dragging you into the bathroom, roaming through the drawers to find it. He finally found the white box throwing it towards you. Michael’s rush startled you, making you frozen in spot. “What?” He questioned eyeing you as you clutched the box staring back at him. “Why are you so urgent about this?” You asked, starting to open it. “Because I have a tour in less than 5 months. Tickets go on sale in two weeks and we’re announcing the tour at that point. If you’re pregnant there’s not gonna be a chance that I’ll leave you if so.”  “Michael you can’t just cancel a tour because of our lack of protection.” You pleaded walking closer to him. “Of course I can. You’re not gonna stay home alone here, leaving me behind with no knowledge about the pregnancy progress.” “I don’t want you to disappoint your fans.” You took out the objects in the box before placing them on the counter as you spoke. “As long as they don’t know, they can’t be mad at something they’ve lost before they even got the chance.” He said more quietly now, placing his hands on your cheeks before giving you a kiss on the forehead. “Now go pee on that stick and tell me if Clifford Junior is on the way.” He said with a shy smile, giving you another peck on the forehead before heading out of the bathroom. You took a deep breath before taking a seat on the toilet, peeing in the small bowl before sticking the stick in it. “Michael I’ve peed.” You yelled and he instantly went into the bathroom again, walking over to you. “Is it done?” He asked looking at you hopefully looking at you. “Yea.” You mumbled looking over at it. Michael walked straight over to the stick curiously grabbing it before taking a look. “I’m not a doctor but 2 lines mean pregnant right?” He asked, a goofy smile playing on your lips. “There is?” You asked walking closer to him, he showed you the stick. “There is.” You answered your own question. “I’ll go tell one of the managers that he’s on the way.” Michael mumbled taking out his phone from his pocket. “You know it could be a girl right?” You asked throwing the stick in the trash. “Not a chance, I know it’s a boy.” He said making you smile.


You were still in bed when Ashton came back, his breath turning into a panting as he ran up towards the stairs, barking into the bedroom again. “You ran?” You questioned, sitting up in bed. “Of course I did.” He answered walking over to the bed and taking a seat. The wide box were soon wrapped up in his hand, he took out the stick and a transparent small bowl. “Where’d you get it isn’t everything closed at Sundays?” You questioned making him shake his head. “I went to the gas station. Let’s hope that it actually work.” He mumbled looking at the objects in his hands. “I think you uhm; need to continue from this part.” He mumbled giving you the stuff. You let out a small sigh before leaving the warm covers to head towards the bathroom. Following the instructions you took a seat on the toilet, finishing what the instructions said and placed the stick into it. These 7 minutes felt like hours as you watched the stick form lines on it. Taking the stick up you took a look at it, looking yourself at the mirror to take a look at your stomach, still flat and headed towards the door. What was Ashton going to say? Would he mad? It would take you by surprise if so cause he hadn’t been talking about anything else than that. He was the one suggestion that you should stop being on birth control.  When you opened the door you let out a small shriek as Ashton stood right in front of it. “Sorry, I’m buzzing with excitement.” He apologized giving you a shy smile. You only shook your head at him before giving him the stick. “I don’t know what this means.” He exclaimed eyeing it. You gave him the box turning it around so he could look at the instructions. He looked between the stick and the instructions for a few seconds confuse written on his face before it started to lit up in joy. “2 lines mean pregnancy.” He asked wanting to be sure. Ashton was lost for words but his face expression told everything. Still holding the stick in his hand he wrapped you in his arms, pulling you so tight he almost knocked the breath out of you. “This is crazy Y/N.” He smiled pulling away to lean down to give you a kiss. One, two, three pecks was placed on your lips before he placed it all around your head making you giggle. “You’re not happy?” He asked suddenly nervous, looking at you. “Of course I am. I think I’m just very shocked to be honest. And I’m still in pain.” You mumbled the last part making him smile, removing a piece of hair from your face and placing it behind your ear. “I’ll give you all the massages you’ll need.” He smiled pulling you into his arms again. “You better, because I’m actually carrying your baby.” “I like the sound of that.” He laughed pulling you in for a kiss again. 

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Good luck with the me blog!!! Can I get kuro/bukoto/lev/kenma reacting to their s/o telling them they love them for the first time???

I finally got something done!! I wish I knew how to queue these posts. 

I now have a ‘rules’ page! Go check it out (⌐□_□)


“____!” Kuroo exclaimed upon hearing your confession. Almost immediately, you were pulled into his arms, and your lips met in a sloppy kiss.

You had both been sitting around in his bedroom, just spending time together. Though you weren’t able to tear your eyes away from him, who had been concentrating so hard on the history paper he was reading over. With the light shining gently through his window, and dancing across his skin so vivaciously, a confession couldn’t help but make it’s way to the surface.

Your lips finally left his, and in the close proximity you could see the pure joy etched onto your boyfriends face. “I love you too.” His tender whisper was felt against my own skin as his eyes refused to leave mine.

Our lips met again, though in a needier, more fervent kiss.


The smile evidently grew on his face, stretching from ear to ear. “Hey hey hey!” The boy chirped while turning over to look at you with a triumphant smile.

Early one morning you had both decided it would be fun to get up early and watch the sunrise. You weren’t exactly sure where you were, a hill somewhere not too far from your house, but you sure knew how beautiful it is. The view high above the suburbs and the warm mug in your hand were only little luxuries. What you truly cherished was Bokuto company, and you wanted him to know that. “I love you too, ____!”

The words rolled off his lips, and he repeated it a couple more times, his tone softening. With a quick peck on the lips, I cuddled up closer to his side, and pulled the blanket tighter around our shoulders.

This truly was the best morning.


His ears perked up, and large green eyes found their way towards you. “What?”

The two of you had been walking together late one sunday afternoon. A light summer breeze brushed by, contrasting from the cold ice cream in your hands. You had finally realized what you had said, and more importantly that you’d said it outloud. Though you didn’t find yourself wanting to take anything back. “I said, I love you.” Your head turned, and as your gazes met he noticed a light pink dust across your face. You knew that you hadn’t been dating too long, and that you were both young, but it just felt, right. Like this moment was meant to be.

As you looked at him with your warm smile, and the twinkle in your eyes glistening, he found emotions overcome him. A familiar giddy feeling mixed with something unknown in his chest, compelling him to hug you right then and there. “Oh ____, I love you too!”

Despite being a bit squished, and almost spilling the tasty treat in your hand, not one protest attempted to fight it’s way from your body. If anything, you never wanted the hug to end.


The clicking of his gameboy came to a halt quickly, and his head snapped up to meet your eyes.

Currently cuddling in his bed, you had just been watching him play his new game quietly. Earlier in the day you had both walked, hand in hand, to the game shop to pick something out. You remembered the cold wind that blew through your hair well, as it’s what caused Kenma to come closer to your side.

His nose was still a bit red, and the faint smile that tugged at his lips lit up his face so well. So silently thankful for this cold weather, you had taken the opportunity to be physically close to your boyfriend.

His finger meticulously went to pause his game, and Kenma inched up the bed to level his face with yours. “I love you too.” Despite the regular monotone of his voice, you heard something else laced into it, something that made your heart swell. And with that, he gave you a quick kiss that lingered just long enough.

Some Kitchen Fun

Jackson (GOT7) X Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 943

A/N: I kept this one short, sweet and to the point. Almost. Enjoy!

You head to the kitchen to clean up after making dinner for the boys

“You guys go ahead, I’ll meet up with you after I clean!”

Jaebum nods his head and starts for the door while the other six follow. Jackson stops in his tracks and looks at you suspiciously.

“I’ll help out Y/N so I can make sure she gets there safe when she’s done, go without me!”

“Jackson I’m fine, I can –“

“I insist, Y/N.”

He’s been very playful all day and you realized that there is this stern look slowly taking over his expression.

“Well since you’re insisting, can you please pick up all the dishes from the living room?”

Without a word he makes his way to the living room, coming to the kitchen in good time and softly setting them in the sink as you are getting the water for the dishes ready. Jackson leaves your line of sight and you assume he went to go get more dishes. Unexpectedly, you feel a piece of your hair being twirled and a gust of air hits your ear. Jackson whispers quietly

“I like you, Y/N.”

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*coughs* so you want Sabriel prompts? I can do that. First up: college au, Sam hasn't seen Gabriel for a couple of days and he's kinda worried, so he goes to Gabriel's apt. and finds a very sick art student who has very high fever and has decided that he can /totally/ take care of himself. Fluff ensues.

This kinda turned into a “someone else hasn’t seen Gabriel in a few days and sends Sam in search of him, but I like it.

“Hey, you live in Edlund hall, right? Second floor?” A redhead who Sam vaguely knows to be Anna had flagged him down in the cafeteria, and is now questioning him on his personal life. Swap her for a redhead known as Charlie and it’s just another day in the life.

“Uh, yeah. Did you need something?” Edlund hall is a guys’ dorm, so she can’t be locked out.

“You know Gabriel Novak?”

Sam knew Gabriel Novak- the guy who lived across the hall and had taken care of him when he was sick last week and had the craziest room and went trick-or-treating in the dorm last halloween and definitely was not the guy Sam had a massive crush on. “Yeah?”

“You haven’t seen him recently, have you? He’s not answering anyone, no one’s seen him since the weekend, and someone thought I’d know if he was okay- he’s my cousin,” she adds. “Just… make sure he’s still on campus, if you could?”

Sam nods. “No problem.”

Knocking is getting him nowhere, and Sam is about to give up when he leans against the door handle and the door swings inward, left unlocked. “Gabriel?”

"Mmmph. ‘S’open.”

The room is a cave. Sam can barely make out the blanketed form of Gabriel curled up in a ball in bed. There’s a small pile of tissues on the ground near the foot of the bed, and at the head is a half empty package of vanilla oreos. The rest of the place is a disaster- art supplies covering the desk in no real semblance of order, books stacked on the floor, papers on the chair, sneakers and shirts tossed in a corner. So, nothing unusual.

Sam flicks on the bathroom light instead of the overhead fluorescents (he’s not cruel) but Gabriel groans anyway, turning away to bury his face in the pillow. “Why you gotta do that?” he gets out, muffled.

“Have you been in here since Sunday?” Sam asks incredulously.

Gabriel lifts his head- and he looks awful. Like, dark circled, red nosed, bleary eyed awful. “Think so?”

“Oh my god, you’re sick. I got you sick.”

Gabriel waves a hand, although he does so weakly and halfheartedly. “I’s’okay Sammy. ‘M’okay.”

“Gabriel, it’s Wednesday. No one’s seen you-“

"Damn,” the art student gets out, dropping his head again. “Thought it was Monday.”

“You’ve been in here alone for three days now. I’m pretty sure that’s the sweatshirt you were wearing Sunday night. Nothing about this is- is okay!” Sam splutters. “You should have come and found me, I’m right across the hall-“

"I can take care of myself, Sam.”

“You haven’t been anywhere but the bathroom in three days, you haven’t had any decent food, there aren’t even any new sketches on the bulletin board, and when you stop drawing, something is seriously wrong. Just… let me get you back to healthy.”

"Sleeping it off,” Gabriel insists.

There’s a lull during which Sam wonders at what point he started noticing things like how many sketches were on the board and instead starts noticing things like that Gabriel is shivering. Just a little, but enough for Sam to notice. “Do you have a fever?”

“You honestly think I got the ther- thermo- thermenmeeter- that thing and checked?”

In one quick stride, aka before the other boy can protest, Sam crosses the room and presses his hand to Gabriel’s forehead- burning. “You have a fever and you’re going to let me take care of you.”

"I’m gonna be okay, Sam, I’m not dying. Jus’ let me.”

Sam draws a breath. “Humor me.”

Gabriel looks at him for a minute, then says, defeated, “Blankets’re on the top shelf.”

Not leaving Gabriel the time to change his mind, Sam pulls two down and drapes them over his hallmate. “Want me to make soup?”

“If it’ll make you happy. But… inna few? Wanna enjoy the warm.”

Sam settles himself on the rug beside the bed. “I’ll stay.”

“You don’t have to.”

“You stayed with me, all last weekend.”

“Yeah, but…” Gabriel flops his head to the side to look at Sam, still all fever flushed. “I like you though. ‘S’different.”

Sam’s heart is all fluttery, but he manages to keep his calm as he leans in and kisses Gabriel’s warm forehead. “Just accept that I’m here and enjoy your blankets.” Because I like you too.

“Kissing me better, Sammoose?”

“Yeah. You’re well on your way to recovery now.”

Gabriel’s eyes slide closed, and he asks softly, “Double dose?”

Once Gabriel is better, Sam thinks, he’s going to make sure Gabriel has a regular prescription of kisses, administered by mouth, but for now, he complies with a gentle hand on Gabriel’s chin and a soft kiss to his cheek.

More Necromancer Jean Prouvaire Headcanons
  • Jehan feeds a horde of birds at the park, all of which they have brought back to life at least once.
  • Sometimes they lie awake at night, thinking of all the hedgehogs and cats they’ve never met thus never saved, and that makes then a tinsy bit sad
  • Watching zombie movies makes them incredibly tense because WHAT IF THAT REALLY HAPPENED THO
  • Jehan can wake the dead but they can also communicated with the dead. They often spend their Sundays in cemeteries, taking to people whose children and grandchildren never come visit, change the flowers…
  • “Your headstone looks absolutely lovely Hortence! Are they using some new polish? Anyway, what were you saying last week? About the day you met your husband? That was really sweet, can you tell the story again?”
  • They’ve made intensive research to find Virgil’s, Dante’s and Keats’s bodies because they have SO MANY QUESTIONS
  • They realised they could bring things back to life when they had to do the frog dissection thing in class. The frog hopped right off the table after Jehan had touched it. Jehan freaked out because “THEY WANTED ME TO KILL A FROG, THE FROG WAS ALIVE!”
The One

This is my first ever scenario I hope you guys like it! Also thank you so much for 800 followers! I love you all. Since you said you wanted to read my very first scenario here it is! thatproffessionalfangirl 

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader (ft. Suho from EXO)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,365

“Mom do I really have to go?”I asked annoyed as the hair stylist pulled at my hair. 

“Yes, you have to go honey. This is a very important dinner for your father,” my mom said looking herself in the mirror. I see my family was one of the ten riches family in South Korea and I sometimes hated it. “Yoongi where is your mother?” my mom asked calling the servant. 

My heart raced as I heard his voice,”She’s in the kitchen. Want me to call her up?” 

“Yes tell her to bring your sister too,” she said going to over to me. “Darling why are you blushing?” she asked. 

“I’m not blushing,”I said as the stylists were finishing up with me. 

“You know what to do right? When they ring the bell you go over to them and bring them whatever they want,” she instructed the two women. 

“Mom, can I head downstairs already?”I asked wanting to get the whole dinner meeting over with. 

“Wait for me you’re not going down there without me,” she said adjusting herself for the 100th time. 

“Ok, that’s enough,”I said pulling her away from the mirror as we headed down stairs we were laughing. 

“Look at my two lovely ladies,” my dad said smiling beside him was a guy dressed in a suit hair pushed back. He looked taken aback as he composed himself standing perfectly straight. 

“That’s Kim Junmyeon he’s the co-CEO of his dad’s business,” my mom whispered in my ear.  “He looks so young,” I thought as I looked him over again. I felt another pair of eyes on me as I looked to the right of my dad Yoongi was staring at me and looked down once we made eye contact. 

“Darling this is Kim Junmyeon,”my dad said gesturing the man next to him. 

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is (Y/N),”I said bowing. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet someone as beautiful as you. Please call me Junmyeon,” he said grabbing my hand kissing it. 

I smiled as I stared into his sparkling brown eyes and looked away feeling the blush creeping in. Yoongi coughed causing both of us to look at him. "Sir may I be excused?“ he asked my father. 

"Yes, you may,” he said as he turned to me and Junmyeon,“let’s go eat shall we?" 

We both headed to the dining room as Junmyeon pulled my chair for me,"Thank you.” He nodded smiling down at me. 

“Yeri!” my mom yelled ringing the bell. 

“Yes, ma'am?"Yeri said hurrying to my mother’s side. 

"Can you bring in the food?” my mother said. 

“Already on its way,” she said smiling as the waiters came in with all the food. 

“I don’t think I’ll finish all of that,"Junmyeon said as he watched the trays being placed on the table. 

"Mother always asks for too much food,” I said chuckling. 

“Yoongi where’s the wine?” my father asked looking around for him.

“Here sir,” he said serving my father first and going down the line of guest. 

I was last as he stood behind me he whispered,“Once you’re done meet me upstairs.” I looked behind him confused as he walked away. The whole dinner was spent quietly with a few small talk here and there.

“Junmyeon is it true that you’re single?”one of the female guests asked. 

“Yes I am,”he replied smiling. 

“(Y/N) is single as well,” my mom chimed in. I gave her a death stare,”Mom.” 

Junmyeon laughed,”Maybe I’ll take you on a date? If you’d want.” 

“We’ll see about that,” I said smirking not really taking him seriously.

“How about this Sunday?” he asked.

“Oh,” I said taken aback,”I don’t think I’ll be doing anything this Sunday.”

“Perfect, ”he said smiling,”I’ll pick you up 3.” 

As the dinner ended all the guest were taken to the main hall where the orchestra was playing softly. “I’ll be right back,” I said to Suho heading upstairs. As I reached at the top of the stairs I looked around for Yoongi. “Yoongi-ah?”I asked walking slowly down the hall. 

He grabbed on my shoulder lightly,”Let’s go to the balcony.” 

I nodded as he took my hand. I noticed how cold my hand felt against his warm one. As we reached the balcony he nervously turned to me,”My mother thinks I’m crazy for doing this but I need to tell you this before I leave.” 

“Why are you leaving?”I asked. 

“I got accepted to the university I want to attend, ”he said smiling. 

“Congratulations!”I said smiling half sad that he’ll be leaving. 

“Thank you, ”he said and took a deep breath,”Anyways to why we’re here. I’m just going to go to the point. Ever since I meet you, when I was just 12 years old, I always thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ll ever see in my entire life. To this day you still are the most beautiful girl well not even a girl anymore you’re the most beautiful woman to have stepped on this earth.” He took both of my hands as he caressed them as a small blush appeared on his cheeks. I probably was as red as a tomato and my heart was bound to explode as he continued,”(Y/N) I’m deeply in love with you. Maybe you only see me as a friend because why would you even fall in love with me? I just wanted to get this off my chest because I promised myself before I leave this place I’d tell you how I feel. How only you make me feel.” 

I could barely talk as all his words sunk in. “If I love you too would you still leave?”I asked. 

“Yes I would still leave because if you love me too,”he said smiling hopefully,”If you loved me too I would have to be able to provide for you. I intend on marrying you if you do love me.” 

I smiled warmly,”You ask yourself why would I love you and it’s the other way around. Why do you love me? You have such a kind heart one of the reasons why I fell in love with you.” 

He smiled widely as he got closer and pulled me into a kiss. His lips were like velvet against mine as pulled on his collar wanting him to be closer. He broke the kiss biting his bottom lip,”You still have to head back downstairs don’t do that.” 

I blushed as I pecked his lips,”Sorry.” 

He smiled as he whispered in my ear,”Once I come back we’ll have time for that. You’ll be my wife and I’ll be your husband.” 

I smiled widely at the thought,”Who said I’ll say yes?” 

“Trust me you will, ”he smirked stroking my back causing me to shiver. 

“(Y/N) you’re mother is looking for you, ”Yeri said knocking at my door. 

“Well there’s my queue. When are you leaving?”I asked as we headed towards the stairs. 

“Four weeks, ”he said holding my hand squeezing it lightly. 

“There you-,”Yeri said and noticed our intwined hands,”So you did do it after all.” 

“Yeri, ”Yoongi said to his younger sister. 

“Told you so, ”she said sticking out her tongue,”Oh but (Y/N) Junmyeon is waiting for you also.” 

“That guy from earlier?”Yoongi asked getting tense. 

“Yoongi there’s nothing to be jealous of you’re the one I want, ”I said reassuring him. 

He smiled widely,”I’ve waited so long for you to say that.” 

As we reached to the hall Junmyeon was talking to the same girl that asked about him being single. “I’ll see you later I have to go help my mom, ”Yoongi said starting to follow Yeri. 

“I think you forgot something, ”I said putting my hands behind my back pouting. 

“Your father might see us and I haven’t prepared the father speech yet. I’m not risking it, ”he said smiling. I smiled as I headed back to Junmyeon not being able to concentrate on Yoongi’s lips still lingered on mine. 


John Nolan, guitarist [Taking Back Sunday]: When I was in band called Straylight Run, it was around the time their first record came out, they were opening up for a tour that we were on with Simple Plan. They were a little baby band. People were just starting to catch on to them. We were watching them and thought, “These guys are going to be huge.” In a year they were so much bigger than us. Of course that was going to happen! They were amazing. You could just tell right from the beginning they were going places. Those kids were going places.

Golden Sunflower

For Day 1 of my SoMa Valentine Challenge: First Kiss. Thank you to eisschirmchen for giving me the idea this morning. I really do appreciate it.

He was a boy who had been born and raised on a farm and was a country boy at heart. She was a girl who had been born and raised in the city and didn’t know the first thing about caring for a cow. On the outside, they looked like an unlikely pair who would have never fallen in love with each other, but under the right circumstances, it happened. Neither one had expected it — a complete surprise for both — but after a while it just happened. One day he walked into the shop and he knew; he was madly in love with the girl at the flower shop.

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Barry Allen Imagine - Don’t Blame Yourself (Part Three)

Author’s Note:

  • Trigger Warnings: fear of being raped, feeling of intense helplessness, paralysis, self-loathing.

Just one more part and then we’re done! Thank you to everyone for appreciating this piece as much as you all have. It truly means a lot. (I may say this many times until it loses all meaning but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. ‘Cuz it is.)

No more blabbering, and onto the piece!

Part One || Part Two

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Undisclosed Desires-A KakaIru Playlist

Every time their eyes met he felt the same primal, animalistic urge to admire, protect and ravish with the same amount of passion that he had the first time he had felt attraction for the other man. Every single time. And that was how he knew it was love, because time couldn’t even begin to put a damper on the way he felt-not even close.

It’s just a drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together. It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert but I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my…

Heaven doesn’t seem far away anymore, no heaven doesn’t seem far away.

You’re my downfall, you’re my muse, my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues. I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you.

Here we are again I feel the chemicals kickin’ in. It’s getting heavy and I wanna run and hide, I wanna run and hide.

I do it every time, you’re killin’ me now. And I won’t be denied by you, the animal inside of you.

But you were always pretty reckless with your love, come with the sun and get it restless when it’s gone. And when you go you’ll leave me breathless and alone, you leave me breathless, when you close the door it feels just like you took the air out of the room with you.

You never knew that it would take so long to understand you’re right where you belong.

Love, I have wounds only you can mend, you can mend. I guess that’s love, I can’t pretend.

I need your grace to remind me to find my own.

Don’t wanna let you down but I am hell bound. Though this is all for you, don’t wanna hide the truth.

Your eyes, they shine so bright, I wanna save that light. I can’t escape this now unless you show me how.

Take this sinking boat and point it home, we’ve still got time. Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice, you’ve made it now.

Falling slowly, eyes that know me and I can’t go back.

It’s the way your body sways, it’s your voices that calls my name. It’s your lips the way they taste, and how you look at me and show me beautiful.

You’re my back bone. you’re my cornerstone, you’re my crutch when my legs stop moving. You’re my head start, you’re my rugged heart, you’re the pulse that I’ve always needed.

Oh I do believe in all the things you see, what comes is better than what came before.

And you better come come, come come to me, better come come, come come, come to me. Better run run, run run, run to me.

Cause even the stars they burn, some even fall to the earth. We’ve got a lot to learn, God knows we’re worth it. No, I won’t give up.

And I’d give up forever to touch you cause I know that you feel me somehow. You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be and I don’t wanna go home right now.

Near to you, I am healing but it’s taking so long. Cause though he’s gone and you are wonderful, it’s hard to move on. Yet, I’m better near to you.

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound.

Turn around and you’re walking toward me, I’m breaking down and you’re breathing slowly. Say the word and I will be your man, your man, say when.

And if you have a minute why don’t we go talk about it somewhere only we know? This could be the end of everything so why don’t we go somewhere only we know?

Sweet, sweet sugar to me, please let me know when your kisses are free. Red, red light in the wine, please let me know when you’re gonna be mine.

And if I may just take your breath away, I don’t mind if there’s not much to say. Sometimes the silence guides our minds so move to a place so far away. The goose bumps start to raise the minute that my left hand meets your waist. And then I watch your face, put my finger on your tongue cause you love to taste, yeah.

I know you’ve suffered but I don’t want you to hide. It’s cold and loveless, I won’t let you be denied.

You know that I could use somebody, someone like you and all you know and how you speak.

You’ve got one hand on the devil, baby and one hand in mine but don’t let go, no it’s not too late you know.

You belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere close to me. Far away from your trouble and worry, you belong somewhere you feel free.

All of the things that I want to say just aren’t coming out right. I’m tripping on words, you got my head spinning, I don’t know where to go from here.

Oh that grace, oh that body, oh that face makes me wanna party. He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds.

AN: My new years resolution was to get back into the swing of things with these. I’ve obviously failed. 

He liked to sit by the big windows in the mansion’s dining room. It offered a wonderful view of the huge, sloping garden outside, and was the best sunning spot. On particularly nice days, when the sky was blue and the clouds non-existence, he could almost picture himself souring through the sky like a bird. 

His mind wasn’t what it used to be. That’s what they told him, anyway. He used to be important, apparently, with a high profile job and a big family. He couldn’t remember any of it, though; hell, he couldn’t remember what he had for breakfast most mornings. 

“Tony?” came a quiet, deep voice from the door, breaking the peaceful silence that had fallen across the room. 

Tony looked up from his wheelchair and immediately caught sight of a handsome young man stood in the doorway. He was tall - maybe 6'2 or 6'3 - with sunshine blond hair that was only just starting to grey at the temples. His smile, tentative but surely blinding at its widest, reminded him of someone he swore he used to know. 

“It’s me, Steve,” the man told him, moving across the room to crouch down beside his chair. “Do you remember me?”

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A little over a year ago, I moved to the United States from halfway across the globe. I had no plan, no money and knew one person in the entire country. I did it because I knew it was now or never, because I couldn’t achieve my dreams by remaining where I was. It was a huge change and extremely difficult and I’m still struggling today, but my vision is bigger than the obstacles and I know I can get through this. I just felt like posting this for anyone who’s going through a change in their life or debating whether or not to make one. The journey to your dreams is unmapped, you’ll never know what road to take and whether the path you traveled is the right. You can only keep moving forward and never look back to the place you came from and the person you were back then. Stay positive and keep dreaming ✨ #PositiveNation

PWS Member’s submission

Sunday Selfie: Doing it right

And like every “Selfie Sunday” we close with a photographer not worth seeing and change back to “PWS - Photos Worth Seeing”.
Thank you all for taking part is this event and showing us not only who’s behind the lenses, but also this amazing amount of creativity.

BTW: All selfies that were submitted too late, will be posted as usual on our next Selfie Sunday in December

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