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What's your feeling on growing bamboo straight in the ground... Once I met this guy in Sedona who tried a crowbar and 15 friends and then gave up and used some dynamite to remove a shit ton of it; he then poured quite a bit of cement before he re-planted it. .. but I have a new friend who wants to just plant it and I'm like noooooooo


like someone built a bog and planted bamboo around it in one section and people on reddit were like NO you pull that up RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY. like one dude told the story of how his house was bordering a golfing green where they had planted it and over the years he watched it grow closer and closer to his backyard and as soon as he saw it grow a little bit over the border into the backyard he and his wife straight up sold their house and moved. that was an actual reason they sold their home. thats how terrible bamboo is to non-native environments

like quick public service announcement: do NOT plant bamboo. like it looks cool and you can have it in little containers and stuff but do NOT plant it outside. if you need to pull it up, ANY roots left over will develop into more plants, and that stuff grows FAST and will TAKE OVER. BAD TIMES DO NOT DO THIS 0/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND 

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can you please do another soulmate au in this one when you reach the age of 16 a tattoo of your soulmates initials appear on your body. jughead never told anyone his real name and betty has no idea who the F.J. tattooed on her skin could be.. please :)))

Aw man, this is cool!

Jughead took a deep breath, pulling the beanie he always wore, lower on his head. He took a peek in the mirror to make sure his ears were covered, that was the purpose of his beanie after all.

Running his fingers over the spot just behind his ear, partly covered by wavy dark hair, he traced the delicate letters “B.C”

Of course he knew what they stood for, they had shown up so suddenly the day he turned sixteen. He remembered the shock and disbelief he felt at seeing those very familiar initials, scrawled in pretty feminine letters over his tan skin.

Betty Cooper. His soulmate was Betty Cooper, there was no one else, it had to be Betty. He couldn’t tell her, couldn’t show anyone. On his birthday Archie had begged to see his initials

“It’s a right of passage dude! Come on, you were the first one I showed when I got Veronica’s initials!” Archie practically pleaded with the boy.

Jughead had simply shook his head and shrugged his shoulders
“I didn’t get any initials, looks like I don’t have a soulmate.” He played it off as a joke but the sympathetic look veronica and Kevin had thrown him nearly made him spill the truth. He hated having people pity him.
There had to be a mistake, there was no way Betty was for him, she was perfect and soft and sweet, but equally as powerful and strong. He was just the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he didn’t deserve her. Today was her birthday and he was sick to his stomach about who her actual soulmate would be.

Trevor Brown, it had to be him. The way he stared at her in the hallway made him sick, and when Trevor offered to carry her books to class Jughead felt postively violent.

Speaking of the beautiful blonde, she was headed his way, an angry looking Kevin and a confused Veronica in tow.

He heard Kevin huffing
“I don’t see why you can’t tell us, it has to be someone we know. We’re not gonna judge you Betty. Just tell us.”

Veronica was nodding along
“I promise B, whoever it is, we’ll make it work, whatever it takes.” She placed a soothing hand to her shoulder.

Betty finally reached Jughead ,Archie joining the group, practically sprinting out of the bathroom at the mention of Betty’s soulmate. Everyone in riverdale had been waiting to see who americas sweetheart would be paired with.

“I don’t know! I’m not lying, I genuinely have no idea. It’s no one we know, I’m not telling anyone until I figure it out!” She pouted, gripping Jugheads arm and leading him ahead of the group.

As curious as he was, he allowed her to pull him without questioning it.
“Happy birthday Juliet.” He spoke low, for only her to hear.

She turned to him with a sad smile
“Not so happy Juggie.”

He opened the door to the blue and gold office for her as she curtsied and giggled
“Thanks Romeo.” She threw him a wink before plopping down on the ugly plaid couch, her friends storming in after her.

Jughead quickly took the open spot next to her, at least he could save her from Kevin sitting there.

She sighed as everyone stared at her
“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it. And I promise I’ll tell you once I figure it out.” She spoke it all so quick it knocked her breath away, slumping to lean against Jughead.
He wrapped a comforting hand around her shoulder, gently squeezing.
She looked up at him and sighed
“Wanna know a secret?” She whispered a sad smile furrowing her brows.

Jughead nodded turning to look at her
“You know I love a secret.”

She smiled
“Me too. Well. I don’t really know how to say this, so I guess I’ll just spit it out. I wanted it to be you. I wanted you to be my soulmate, I know you don’t have one and all but, I thought maybe you were mine. I know it’s stupid, but now I’m stuck with this stupid F.J on my palms and I have no clue who it is. It’s totally weird, but..”
Jughead cut her off quickly, gripping her wrist and bringing her hand dangerously close to his face.

“Juggie!” She pouted indignantly “staring at it isn’t going to make him appear, the least you could say is Thankyou, I mean I pretty much..”

He cut her off again, this time ripping off his beanie and throwing it behind the couch, his eyes still drawn to the heavy handed F.J written across her palm, it was surrounded by nail indents and crescent shaped scars from when she dug her fingernails into her palms, to calm her nerves.

“Jughead” she said again softly this time, her warm eyes ducking to catch his, tearing him away from her palm “are you okay?”

He broke into the biggest grin, raising a hand to tuck the hair away from his ear revealing the gorgeous B.C.

Betty gasped, her hand moving to her mouth.

“Is that…?”

He nodded slowly, gently holding her palms face up in his hands

“It’s nice to meet you Betty Cooper, my names Forsythe Jones.” He was smirking now as she opened and closed her mouth

“You mean?” She choked out

“You don’t think my parents actually named me Jughead do you?” He wrapped his large hands around her face, her palms resting on his chest, the F.J placed over his heart.

She traced her initials with watery eyes.
“I knew it.” She whispered

He smiled

“Damn am I glad.” He sighed out, capturing her lips in slow kiss.


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hi! can u do one where the reader is related to bucky or nat and the avengers know about peter’s major crush and sticks the reader and peter in one room until he confesses??

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: Everyone in the Avengers building knew you and Peter both liked each other, it was obvious, except to the both of you. It got to the point where everyone was just waiting for you two to get together, so Bucky decided to take matters into his own hands.

Warnings: It’s so dorky?? And awkward aw

Word Count: 2,311

A/N: AHHHHHH, this was so cute to write and aw it’s soooo dorky I freaking lOVE IT. I hope you enjoy :)))))

Originally posted by tomshollandss

You woke up to the sound of your alarm blasting your eardrums out, you had to put it on full volume, otherwise you would hit snooze and go back to sleep.

You groggily got out of your warm bed, mentally cursing school for ruining your happiness of what is sleeping peacefully.

You did your usual routine, not putting in much effort for school, because who was there really to impress? If someone did actually like you then at least you knew they genuinely liked you for you.

You walked out of your room, sweatpants and a t-shirt on, your hair in a messy bun, some mascara on your lashes and you were ready to go.

“Well doesn’t someone look happy to be alive today.” Nat teased, making you glare at her as you filled your mug with coffee.

You were a heavy coffee drinker, you tried to tell yourself it was because you were just a teenager and you needed it to stay awake, but you knew deep down it was because you lived at the Avengers building, and they weren’t exact the quietest people ever.

“How many cups do you go through a day? It can’t be healthy.” Steve commented, making you roll your eyes as you poured some cream and sugar into the mug.

“Enough to keep me awake and moving.” You added bitterly, giving them a clear fake smile as you exited the kitchen.

“See you later, gotta go.” You muttered, grabbing your backpack and leaving the house, taking a deep breath of the cool autumn air.

Autumn was your favorite season, it was when the colors of the leaves changed, when you could start wearing skinny jeans and warm sweaters, when you could wear cute scarfs, basically everything about Autumn was fascinating to you.

You walked down the sidewalk to the subway, your mug still firm in your grasp, you needed to wake up, you couldn’t afford to be moody at school today, you’d already gotten in trouble many times before.

You soon reached your stop, hopping off the subway, walking up to the school, taking a good look before bracing yourself to enter.

“Hey Y/N!” Someone shouted, you gave a brief wave, while sipping your coffee.

“Y/N, did you see that Carly and Eric are dating?” Someone else shouted, making you shrug and walk away.

You didn’t know why people were so intent on talking to you, you wished they’d just leave you all alone.

You walked into class, sitting down in your seat, placing your mug of coffee on the table, before resting your head against the cold surface.

“Y/N..” A voice mumbled, making you let out a groan and turn to see who was trying to interrupt your miniature nap.

“Yes?” You muttered, before locking eyes with the all too famous brown ones.

“I uh, um, you’re in my seat?” Peter smiled slightly, making your eyes widen slightly, as you sat up, and sure enough you were in his seat.

“Sorry, that’s so embarrassing.” You apologized, grabbing your belongings and moving to the other seat, yes, you both did next to each other, but it was still awkward since you were basically sprawled out on his side.

“N-No! It’s fine, I mean, it’s cool. N-No worries.” Peter stammered, his cheeks a light shade of pink, but you were too tired to notice.

Class soon started and you were bored out of your mind, normally you loved Chemistry, mixing chemicals together and creating something, but today all you did was take notes and you were doing your best to not fall asleep right then and there.

Peter could sense your tired state, in fact he knew just how tired you were since he was actually at the Avengers building those previous nights.

He knew you could barely get any sleep because Tony kept throwing ’friendly gatherings’ which is more a huge party.

“Y/N, hey.” Peter mumbled, placing his hand on your shoulder, shaking you slightly as your eyes reopened, your vision a bit blurry since you had been zoning out.

“Hmm?” You hummed, glancing over at him, your eyes locking for a brief second before he looked away.

“You were falling asleep.. Again..” He whispered, glancing at you as you yawned.

“Yeah, I know.” You sighed, rubbing your forehead, before continuing your note taking, there were certain moments you were thankful for Peter, and this was one of them.

He always seemed to know when you needed him, it was like he could sense it, sure you knew he was Spider-Man, but his senses were for when he knew people were in trouble, and the last you checked you were totally fine, except maybe sleep deprived.

You made a mental note to kill Tony later.

Your classes went by in a blur, you had gone to your English class, fell asleep there, went to lunch, took another nap, also where Peter once again woke you up as lunch was ending, then to History, where you once again found yourself sleeping, then lastly your Math class, where once again Peter saved you from being caught sleeping.

It was getting to the point where Peter was worried for you well-being, each time he saw you all day you looked even worse than before, he knew you drank coffee, but that didn’t even seem to be helpful today.

Normally when he saw you, you looked brighter and happier, of course with your coffee in your hand too, but whenever you’d see each other a huge smile would appear on your face, making his heart race.

But today was different, he’d spent the entire day worrying about you, making sure you were okay and not zoning out too much.

Everyone knew Peter liked you, it was as obvious as it could be, except to you, you seemed to be the only one who couldn’t see what everyone else did.

The final bell rang, meaning school was over, and you could go home and take the nap you dreadfully needed.

You were quick to exit the building, however Peter and Ned were right behind you, just making sure you were okay.

“Dude, what is with her today? She fell asleep during English and History.” Ned commented, making Peter’s eyes fill with worry.

“I know, she zoned out in Chem, and then fell asleep in Math.” Peter bit his lip nervously, watching as you impatiently waited for the subway.

“I bet you helped her didn’t you.” Ned wiggled his eyebrows at Peter, making his eyes widen, and hit his best friend.

“Why don’t you just announce it to the whole world Ned.” Peter whisper shouted, making Ned snort out in response.

“Bro, everyone knows you have a thing for Y/N, it’s clear as day.” Ned laughed, before walking to the subway that had arrived, Peter rolling his eyes as he followed behind.

You however were sitting on the subway, your head leaning against the window as your eyes fell shut.

Peter saw you asleep once again, and there was no way he was going to let anything happen to you, therefore, he sat down in the seat next to you, and rode the subway all the way to the Avengers building.

Once arrived, he shook your shoulder slightly, making your eyes slowly open, then look to see who woke you, a smile spreading across your lips as you saw it was Peter.

“We gotta stop meeting like this Parker.” You joked lightly, making him laugh with you as you both got up and off the subway.

You both walked into the building, your mind snapping into reality as you went on the hunt for Tony.

“I’ll be right back, make yourself at home, which you basically kind of are already?” You laughed, making him laugh too, before you disappeared down the hallway.

“Parker! Just the man I was looking for.” Bucky grinned, making him gulp nervously.

“Uh, yes?” Peter questioned, as Bucky wrapped his arm around his shoulders, walking him into the kitchen where Natasha and Steve were both sitting.

“So we’re just going to cut to the chase, you like Y/N, which is so painfully obvious so don’t even try to deny it.” Nat gave him a look, making his cheeks tint bright red.

“Therefore, you need to tell her already so she can stop talking about you all day long it’s extremely irritating.” Nat groaned, making Steve laugh while Bucky rolled his eyes, Peter however felt his face on fire.

“You see Peter, Y/N, she’s my sister, whether you knew that or not, but I like to protect my family, and since she’s the only family I have left, I will do whatever it takes to make sure she’s happy.” Bucky sat Peter down on a chair, him sitting across, watching Peter intently.

“I-I would n-never hurt her.” Peter stammered out, his eyes wide filled with fear, he wouldn’t ever admit it, but Bucky scared the shit out of him, he had heard of him when he was the Winter Soldier, which was even more terrifying.

“Good, as long as it stays that way, I won’t have a problem with you dating my sister. But if you hurt her, I will kill you.” Bucky threatened, making Peter’s heart stop for a brief moment as Bucky started to laugh, making Peter nervously laugh with him.

“Now since that’s over, we need to go, you stay here, okay?” Steve grinned mischievously, as they all stood up, leaving Peter alone in the kitchen.

“Bucky! Quit pushing me! I promise I wasn’t going to hit him that hard!” Peter heard Y/N yelling down the hallway, he chuckled to himself knowing you had found Tony and apparently got caught before you could act out your feelings.

“Go, talk, mingle, I don’t know what young teens to anymore.” Bucky groaned, pushing you into the kitchen and blocking the door.

“H-Hey Y/N..” Peter stuttered, making your eyes light up at the sight of him.

You weren’t going to lie, you had a thing for your brunette haired friend, he was super cute and adorable and you always wanted to squish his face.

“Hey, did they scare you at all?” You laughed, sitting down next to him at the table.

“A bit, not going to lie.” He chuckled, making you groan and laugh.

“But they did tell me a few things, which is why I need to tell you something.” Peter played with his fingers nervously, instantly making you anxious.

You knew you shouldn’t have trusted them with your secrets, you expected since they were Avengers they could keep a tiny secret, but nope, you were wrong.

“Y/N, I really like you, I have for a while, and every time I see you my heart races and you’re so beautiful and.. Will you go out with me?” Peter smiled nervously, making you blush and look at him happily.

“Peter, I really like you too.” You whispered, grabbing one of his hands gently, before giggling quietly to yourself.

“And I would love to go out with you.” You smiled, creating a goofy smile on his face too.

“Thank god, I was so nervous.” Peter blurted out, making the two of you laugh.

“Lord, that was long, so glad that is over, you all are terrible at hiding your emotions you know? Everyone knew you liked each other, except for you two, you were both so oblivious.” Natasha laughed, walking into the kitchen with Steve and Bucky.

You both just blushed, embarrassed, but you didn’t mind at the same time, you finally had your crush, and he had his, and you both couldn’t be any happier.

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Hi! I have been binge reading all your imagines. Lol(ol) they are just so good! You're an amazing writer! Will you please do an imagine where the RFA characters (plus V and Saeran) finally propose to MC, please?

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! ^^ I hope you like it! Here it is…

RFA + Saeran and V proposing to MC


  • He was getting established as one of the most promising actors of the country and was in good terms with his family. So yes, it was time.
  • He wanted something grand as that RFA party when he introduced you to the world as his girlfriend
  • So he planned to propose you on stage during his musical, right after the first act, as he told the director and the whole staff. The director said it would be better if he could do it during intermission, so it wouldn’t delay the whole exchange of scenarios. Zen wasn’t pleased, but he could understand
  • He was only hoping that not too many people would get off their seats and stay to watch what he’s planned for you.
  • The night finally came, he was feeling more nervous than usual, nothing could go wrong! So when the first act ended, he quickly came back to the stage: “Excuse me, everybody. Before you get up, I just have to say something to a very special, lady who’s here today.”
  • “You see, I introduced her to all of you a couple of years ago, and after all this time, there wasn’t a single day she didn’t make me feel the happiest man of the world. Even when press criticized us for living together without being married, she didn’t mind and stood by my side, loving me and supporting me. So, I just want to make it clear I’m not doing this to make media shut up, I’m just making it official something I know it’s right for the first time I looked at her.  So, MC, would you mind coming up here?”
  • He looked at your usually reserved seat, but… you weren’t there? Where were you? He started panicking and looking to everybody, oh… that was so embarrassing.
  • You got back from the bathroom, you couldn’t hold until intermission, so you left a few minutes before the end of first act. When you got back, you saw Zen on stage… what was he doing there? “Oh… there she is!” and the whole crowd looked at you.
  • Oh my… can’t a girl pee right now? You looked around very puzzled, what was happening? “Miss, you should go up that stage…” said one person in the audience. What? Why?
  • “MC, come here, babe.” He was trying to stay calm, but you always knew when he was about to freak out, he was a good actor, but you knew him better. So you went up that freaking stage before things could get even weirder for you. “What’s happening?”
  • “MC, where were you? I was so worried…” he hugged you ”I… was… outside…” you wouldn’t tell all those people you were in the bathroom, for god’s sake! “Oh my God, for a second I thought you didn’t like the musical and went home. Can you imagine? Proposing to her on a musical she didn’t like it?” he asked the audience.
  • “Wait, you proposed to me?” “What?” “What what now?” “You… proposed to me… now?” “Oh… oh, you didn’t hear it, right? Oh, I’m so stupid! Crap, let me start it again… just…” “No! No… just… say it.”
  • “Are you sure? (you nodded positively, smiling) Okay… so… (he went down on one knee and showed the ring) MC, will you… marry me?” “YES! OF COURSE!” you hugged him as he got up and gave him a quick and sweet kiss. The audience stood up and applauded.
  • You had the chance to watch his speech on the news later, but what made you two laugh was the fact that the media was thinking this was an act prepared by both of you. Everybody was enchanted by the couple that managed to turn a marriage proposal into a little comedy sketch and entertain everybody during intermission.


  • He is a big geek, we all know that. But he didn’t know you were a bigger geek than him.
  • You have big collections of mangas and action figures from animes and video games and all that stuff. He loves it so much! You are, indeed, a truly match!
  • And Comic Con was finally coming to Seoul, so proposing to you there felt like the obvious move. You made him a very cool LOLOL cosplay and you had your own too.
  • He wasn’t happy about all those guys looking to your very revealing cosplay, but you kept holding his hand, showing everybody you were taken by this cool and sweet dude right there.
  • But then, somebody approached him: “Here! I found the guy! Let’s go, you’re late! “Late for what?” he tried to escape “For the cosplay contest!” “Wait, I’m not… I didn’t… sign up for it…” The staff member didn’t even hear it, he was just so busy and needed everything done, plus, it was crowded there and Yoosung barely whispered in panic. Oh no… the proposal…
  • You lost him in the crowd, so there were you looking for the cosplay contest. Why didn’t you sign up for it? Nevermind, you needed to save your very shy and stage frightened boyfriend that was about to face an even huge crowd now.
  • You found the cosplay contest and he was next in line to perform. He surprisingly spotted you, actually, it was no surprise, you were so special and unique to his eyes he would find you in bigger crowds than this.
  • And as he looked at you like that, he knew he should take the best out of this situation, so when it was his turn, he actually performed it! He knew by heart all those character moves and it was so good to watch it! People were living for it, and you were… mesmerized.
  • He got a full ovation from the crowd, and he could only look at you smiling widely and cheering him. So when the host came to talk to him, he knew this was the moment. “So, contestant number 5, we can all agree this was freaking amazing, dude!” “Yeah, thanks, I’m just… doing everything I can to impress my fiancée over there!” he pointed at you, you were so happy and he looked so cool and… what? What did he say? “I mean, she’s not my fiancée yet, but I hope she’ll be after I do this…” and he went down on one of his knees, the host and everybody were freaking out: “JESUS CHRIST, GIRL! COME ON TO THAT STAGE RIGHT NOW! THIS IS GEEK LOVE, EVERYBODY!”
  • You felt your heart overflowing in love for him, you could not believe you were seeing this new and bold side of him in such a special moment, so you went to that stage and the host handled the mic to Yoosung. “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes… I will…” your voice was breaking because you were crying. He put the ring in your finger and you kissed.
  • The crowd was going crazy! Most of people thought this was adorable, but you swear you could hear some of those fanatic LOLOL fans shrugging: “Pffff! This isn’t even cannon.”


  • Truth be told, she didn’t mind too much about getting married officially, you two loved each other, lived together, wasn’t that enough?
  • But you told her how much you considered same gender marriage a huge political statement, and she caught herself thinking about this a few times
  • So she knew she had to do this! Not only for you two, but for every girl who doesn’t think she’ll ever find true love and happiness just because she’s not straight
  • She wanted something big, she was always so discreet about everything, her love for you couldn’t be discreet!
  • She had a few ideas, but none of them seemed grand enough, so she asked for advice to the person who was all about grandness: Zen.
  • Zen told her to bring you to some of his musicals. After the show was over, she could propose in front of the whole audience. Grand, romantic, and for everybody to see… Yep, that would do!
  • But he told her not to buy the rings yet… she didn’t understand, but he said she should trust him. Would he buy the rings for you? “Hmmm… will I?” that’s all he said
  • So the day came, and she could barely pay attention to the musical, which you found… odd.
  • When it was over, Zen gathered everybody’s attention before they could go and said that a good friend of him had something really important to say to another good friend of him.
  • You two came up on stage, you were a little puzzled. “MC, I can’t even express in words how much you changed my life in such a little time. I was so lost in life, stressed and relying on money… but life is so much more than that, right? It’s also about finding happiness, and you are this God’s gift who managed to bring me happiness in both professional and personal fields, it’s also about being able to love whoever you desire, and you’re the one I love, MC. So… will you marry me?” sh
  • You did a very exaggerated offended face: “Oh no, Zen! Can you believe she stole my line?” she looked at you two and you both were smiling in a playful way, now she was the one who looked puzzled. “MC? Zen? What’s happening?”
  • “Well, apparently MC here loves a plot twist!” Zen said cheerfully. “What do you mean? MC, what’s going on? I don’t…” so you went down on one of your knees and took the rings out of your pocket “I mean, I’m not trying to copy you,but… will you marry me?” you never saw her smile so widely, it was absolutely hypnotizing! “Well, I asked first, you know…”
  • So you were both on your knees standing in a front of a whole audience who was waiting to see which one of you would say “yes” first.
  • And you did, because yes, she asked first, but you reminded her: “But I thought about it first! Zen here is my witness when we went to buy the rings.”  
  • “Oh, who cares about that? Just kiss it already!” Zen yelled and the audience applauded. So you two did it. Amazing, she wanted to show everybody her feelings for you, but now, in front of this crowd, but all she could see was you.


  • With him is quite the opposite. He was used to do grand things for you all the time. Renting a movie theatre for your movie night, for example?
  • But something important like this should be shared only between the most important people, so he asked you to invite your family to dinner in his penthouse, he would invite his father and this would be a lovely family confraternization., that’s what he told you.
  • You could tell he was nervous, he was clearing his throat a lot and loosening up his tie, but what was really suspicious is that Elisabeth the 3rd was nowhere to be found.
  • As much as you loved your parents and liked Mr Chairman, you were feeling a little uncomfortable, why was everything so formal? Even Jumin looked stiff, well, stiffer than usual. This didn’t look natural to you…
  • At some point in dinner, Jumin proposed a toast to “the amazing woman who came without a warning to change my life forever, and to how grateful I am for that.” You blushed, a little flustered since your parents were there.
  • “Now, to the main event of the night, I’ll need Elisabeth the 3rd’s help with something. Elisabeth?” he called in a sweet tone. Nothing…
  • “Elisabeth? the 3rd?” now it sounded a little concerned. “Oh my… just wait a little, MC!” he patted your arm and let you in the dining room. Awkward…
  • Why was he taking so long? You were tired of waiting, so you went to look for her too. “MC, let me take care of this, please.” “Let me help, I’m worried too” and it’s freaking awkward in the dining room, please…
  • “It’s not about worrying, MC, it’s just… oh no, Elisabeth!” and there she was, sleeping next to the window, her collar was destroyed. “Oh, poor thing, Jumin! She hates those collars, why you insist on…?” and then you saw something shining against the moonlight. “MC, I didn’t planned to be like this, let’s just go back…” “Jumin, is this…?”
  • “Yes, it is! But I would much rather do in front of our families and…” “Do it, Elisabeth is here, she’s family.” “Are you sure?” you smiled and whispered a yes.
  • “Ok, I… prepared a speech, but it was a different scenario on my mind, so I guess I should improv? MC, I… everyday with you feels like a new journey to me, I never was the adventurous type, but you give me such a need to explore! Explore the world with you, explore new feelings, new sensations,new ways to make you happy, anyway… I want to explore a married life with you, MC.Will you join me in this journey? Will you marry me?” he got on his knee and went to put the ring on your finger. “Oh… we should sanitize it first, who knows how long it is on the floor?” “Nah, I don’t mind it, just put it” seeing how you were so sure and happy, he obliged and smiled softly, you went down to kiss him sweetly.
  • You went back to the dining room and shared the big news. Jumin was more relaxed, Elisabeth was with you two… okay, now this feels natural.


  • Marrying at the space station? Pretty much impossible! Proposing at a space station simulator developed by NASA still in test phase? Not that impossible…
  • All he needed to do was create a force task of very skilled hackers and a powerful man with a lot of influence to protect you if you get caught. That is, Saeran, himself, Vanderwood and Jumin.
  • So he blindfolded you saying he had a surprise, you just knew you got into a plane and then on a car, and Saeyoung kept giving and receiving instructions during all the trip.
  • When he said you could take off the blindfold, he just gave you this special suit. Put it on fast. We don’t have much time left” he was so serious… what was happening?
  • You obliged, yet very confused. And looked at him as if he was suspicious as he took your hand and leaded you to this big construction.
  • You just felt your feet get out off the floor and when you noticed, you and him were floating. Like… there was no gravity… oh, you got it now…
  • “MC, I wish I could make this last longer, but we don’t have much time, I just need you to know that I love you! The universe is so big, yet we two managed to find each other right here on Earth and…” “I can’t believe you are saying something so tacky, you fool!” it was Saeran through the wireless earpiece Saeyong was using. “Yes, dude.You planned this whole operation and couldn’t even come up with a good speech?” Vanderwood agreed.
  • “Shut up! you got scared, thinking he was talking to you. “No,MC! I’m talking to the guys with this, see?” “Saeyoung, what’s happening?”you asked, very confused
  • “Oh… is that, hum… I… I just…” “Can you believe this? He won’t shut up at home, and now he can’t even form a whole sentence?” it was Saeran again. “Dude, wrap it up! We don’t know how long we can hold this for you!” “Will you two back off? I mean, not from the operation, but… can you two give us some privacy? “I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you!” Vanderwood cussed.
  • The three kept arguing, watching a guy apparently discussing with himself in a place with no gravity? Yep, definitely your definition of fun! But then you saw something shiny slipping away from Saeyoung’s suit and floating, it was round and silver, it was…
  • “Saeyoung… is this…?” he looked at you flustered when you caught the floating ring. “MC! It wasn’t supposed to be like that! I had a great definitely not tacky speech to you and…” you sloppily moved your arms like you were swimming to go to him: “Just ask anything you want, and I’ll say ‘yes’” and you went to kiss him… but Saeran interrupted again “Just watch it, he’s going to ask her ‘Does Jumin Han is gay?’” “Okay, that’s it! I’m shutting you two out!” Saeyoung threw away his earpiece and said almost tripping in his words: “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes! Yes, Saeyoung, I will!”
  • “Good, now let’s get out of here, before we get caught!” he grabbed the earpiece and put it on “We’re ready to get out, guys! And how did you know I was going to ask her if does Jumin Han is gay, Saeran?” “You’re talking to Jumin now…” Oh shit!


  • You two were hanging at a park, lying down on the grass, looking at the clouds and talking about everything.
  • “Look! That cloud looks like a ring!” you told him. “You know? Like those rings with a big diamond on it you only see in cartoons?” “I don’t watch cartoons.” and it wasn’t necessary asking why he haven’t  watched it as a kid, right?
  • “ Why? You think is a kid’s thing?” “Yep.” “Hmmm… that’s too bad, I was thinking about inviting you to a sleepover at my place on friday, and who knows? We could watch some cartoons on saturday morning, but… oh well…”
  • “It’s not a sleepover if I’m basically sleeping there every night, you dork!” “Yeah, that’s right… what was the last time you got back to your brother’s place?” neither of you remembered.
  • You giggled. “It’s like if we’re married” “Yep.”  Silence… and then you heard a whisper “So marry me…” you sat and stared at him, surprised. His eyes were closed, he opened one when he noticed you were staring.
  • “What?” “What?” he asked back. “What did you just say?” “I-I didn’t say anything!” “Yes, you did! You did that cute weird thing when you whisper something sweet to me thinking I’m not listening it!” “I don’t do that and I didn’t do it right now! Stop saying crazy stuff!”
  • You squinched your eyes to mess with him and leaned to him, reaching his ear. “Yes…” “Y-Yes what?” he looked nervous “Just… yes.” “A-Are you serious?” then you whispered again: “Yes.”
  • You kissed his forehead and got up, he was looking at you as trying to notice if you were joking, you weren’t. Poor boy is blushing hard, not only because you said yes to this awkward proposal, but also told him you listened to all the compliments he whispered along those months, oh man… now he’s wondering which cartoon he has to watch to see what kind of ring you would like it.


  • It was time for him to take his responsibility about your relationship and stop punishing himself.
  • So it would be two birds with one stone. He would finally do the eye surgery and propose you right after. He wanted your surprised and thrilled face to be the first thing he would see in a long time.
  • The only one to know about the surgery was Jumin. V asked him to keep his usual discretion and don’t tell you anything until the surgery was finished.
  • But what V forgot is that it was almost impossible to stop you to find something out. He could never hide something from you himself. He wasn’t able to see, but your sweet tone when you pouted and your lower voice when you gave him a deadly glare were enough to make him talk.
  • These were even more effective on people who could see, and not even Jumin was immune to your persuasive abilities, but he was brave enough to don’t tell you the whole thing. “V is in the hospital, MC.”
  • “T-The hospital? Why? What happened?” oh, maybe V should have told his secret to a more sensitive person… “It’s just a small procedure, don’t be so alarmed.” “P-Procedure? You mean surgery, right? Oh my God…” you were panicking, was there something wrong about his health you haven’t noticed? Of course there was, he would never tell you for you not to be scared. And you were such a selfish little brat you couldn’t even notice by yourself, right?
  • “Jumin, take me to the hospital right now! I wanna see him!” “MC, I told you not to be so concerned, he will be fin-” THE DEADLY GLARE! SOMEBODY SAVE HIM. “Yes, let’s go.” he wouldn’t be there having to watch this just because his friend needed to do something that grand and ambitious.
  • The doctor greeted you two “Oh, mr Han, right on time! The surgery went well, we were about to call you, as you requested.” “I knew it was a surgery! What happened? Can I see him?” the doctor also knew what was about to happen. “And you must be MC, right? Yes, he’s waiting for you…”
  • Your heart felt heavy inside your chest and the tears rolled down from your face. Apparently, he was fine, but why didn’t he tell you he was ill in the first place? You went to the room he was only to find balloons, flowers and a V on one of his knees, looking directly at you.
  • “I knew it, you’re the most breathtaking woman in the world. But why the tears, my love? This wasn’t a part of my fantasy for this moment” “How do you know I’m crying, I didn’t say anything… wait, can you see me?” “Is your shirt blue?” “V! You’re… you’re seeing? This is amazing, honey! This is…” you rushed to hug him. You were so used to his blindness now, if he felt comfortable like that, you wouldn’t insist on convincing him to do the surgery, and apparently you didn’t need to.
  • “But wait… what are you doing on your knees? Can you be like that?” “Yes, don’t worry about me, my love. I just needed to do this conforming tradition… MC, I pictured this moment in my imagination a million times, but I need to hear it from you for real now. Will you marry me?” “Oh my God, V! Yes! Yes! Of course!” you hugged him and made him get up to kiss him. “I’m sorry to scare you, love, I wanted to be a surprise…” “You bet I was scared! Don’t ever do that to me again!” you stared at him. “Oh God, the glare… is even more terrifying than I thought…”
two rotten apples | pt. 4 [preview]

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Jungkook grumbled to himself, then pulled his key from the ignition as he shoved the truck’s door open. The dim lighting from inside the convenience store greeted him, but he only saw that guy again. He’d been watching for the past few minutes, waiting for you to clock out so he could take you home, but something was stopping you from that—him.

“Hey,” he loudly said upon walking inside. “You ready to go or what?”

“Jungkook.” He could hear the sigh of relief you gave upon seeing him. “Yeah. Sorry. I just need to go tell my manager I’m going home.”

Jungkook nodded, gesturing for you to go into the backroom with his head.

And that left him alone with some guy who would love nothing more than to get into your pants. Although that was something they had in common, there was no way in hell anyone but Jungkook would be doing that—if he could help it.

“You were here last time too, weren’t you?”

“What?” the guy asked, surprised. “I don’t know.”

To look even more suspicious, he grabbed at his cap and tried to conceal himself. Although, the pants full of holes and greasy hair didn’t help much.

Shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, Jungkook stared at the floor with his eyes darting from the man’s worn sneakers to an ant on the tile. He’d let it go last time just because you were watching, but not this time.

“I think you do,” Jungkook said, raising his head. “I saw you fucking here last time. I know I did. And I thought I told you to leave her alone.”

“I think if she wanted me to leave her alone, she’d tell me.”

Jungkook took a step forward at that. “Listen here, you fucking—”

“He just told me to check the register but we can go,” you said upon walking back out of the backroom, then glanced at the two of them. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just trying to explain to this douche here that you don’t like him.”

“Jungkook,” you scolded. “It’s fine. Let’s just go. Please.”

His head snapped in your direction. “You’re okay with this?!”

“Okay with what? I don’t want any trouble. Please. Can we go?”

Jungkook guffawed, then glared at the guy when he snorted. “I don’t care. You leave her alone. You come in here every night she works here and talk to her—”

“I didn’t realize it was a crime to talk to a girl…”

“It’s not but it is if she doesn’t want to talk to you. That’s harassment. You know she would get fired if she said anything, so you take advantage of that and keep talking to her anyway, hoping that she’ll give in. But you don’t know her like I do. She doesn’t care about your microscopic dick or want to fuck you.”

The guy laughed hollowly at that. “No one is harassing anyone, dude.”

“Yeah? If you aren’t, then what the fuck are you doing exactly? You haven’t even bought anything and you’ve been here for, like, twenty minutes. Maybe you don’t know what fucking time it is but for me, it’s almost eleven o’clock at night. If you want to get her number, maybe you should do it during the daytime when there’s other people around. Actually, how about you don’t do that at all and just get your beer and your bag of cheetos and get the fuck out of here.”

“Dude. Calm the fuck down. We were just talking.”

“All right. You call me ‘dude’ one more time—”

“Who the fuck even are you? Her boyfriend or something?”

“I don’t have to be her anything to get you to leave since I have fucking hands, but if I say yes, will that make this easier? And less painful—for you, that is.”

6 Months Pregnant - Jason McCann imagine

Request: ‘Can you do it where y/n is like 6 months pregnant and Jason is all cute about it please ? Btw I love your imagines !!

Warnings: none, it’s fluff

A/N: the amount of times I said said Justin instead of Jason when i reread this is insane


I was currently seated on the couch, watching one of the sitcoms I enjoyed as a child. Maybe the baby would be interested in this show as well. It was 1:32 in the afternoon, and I was awaiting Jason and the gang to return home. They’ve been out since last night and I know not to stay up and wait for him. I received a text from Jason on my phone and smiled at the screen. I shut it off and waited for the front door to open at any moment.

After waiting about ten minutes, I heard the front door swing open and in came Jason and the guys. The door shut and Jason hopped over the couch, catching me off guard.

“Keep pulling stuff like this and I might just give birth on the couch.” I said, annoyed. 

“Please don’t, this shit was expensive.” Jason replied. I hit him in the arm and warned him about his potty mouth. “Sorry babe, how’s the little mini me doin’?” he continued, rubbing his hand on my stomach.

“He’s been kicking all damn day.” I said, resting my hand on top of his. “But he’s been doing fine. How are you?”

“Who cares! All I care about is you and my son, that’s it.” Jason kissed me on my forehead and got up from the couch, going to talk with the boys. Before I was pregnant, Jason wasn’t always one to show his emotions, especially like this. I assumed that since he’s going to be a father soon, now was the best time for him to be more affectionate. I got up from where I sat and went into the kitchen to where the action was.

“What are you doing up? You should be resting.” Jason said, concerned.

“I’ve rested all day Jase. Besides, I want to go baby clothes shopping for our son.” I reasoned with him.

“Fine, we can go. I’ll be done in a second here.”

I walked away from where everyone else was ad grabbed my shoes from the closet, then sitting on the steps to put them on. One of the hardest things about being pregnant was putting on shoes. I couldn’t put them either because of this huge baby bump or my feet were swollen. Right now, it was currently both.

“Dude, you can’t just leave us all alone to do this work by ourselves. We don’t know how to compute all this stuff!”

“Well, fine someone who does! I don’t pay you idiots all this money for nothing. Get it done or there will be problems tonight.”

I heard footsteps walking towards where I was and acted as if I was putting on my shoes, when I was really struggling. I saw that it was Jason and he saw me attempting to put my shoes on.

“You do know that those are mine, right?” He raised an eyebrow. I gave him a confused look and looked down at the shoes.

“Oh, there are yours. My bad,” I said in embarrassment. I began getting up to get my shoes but, Jason offered to get them for me. He gave them to me and I gave his back in return. “You know, you don’t have to come with me. I could call one of my friends to go with me.” Jason was a busy guy and it made me feel sort of guilty for taking him away from his work. 

“Absolutely not {Y/N}. The boys are acting as if it’s the end of the world. They’ll be fine. As for you, the love of my entire life, you could drop the baby at any moment and I’m not risking not being there. Now, let’s go, yeah?”

We went into Carter’s to look for clothes and other baby necessities. This was our first kid and we wanted everything to be perfect for him, even if it meant spending an arm and a leg on the best things. Jason did most of the looking, while I took a load off my feet. He seemed to enjoy running around the store like a mad man. The sales associates was probably getting tired of him at this point. he picked up some baby onesies and asked for my opinion on them. 

“They’re cute but, don’t you think it’s a little—”

“A little what? What could it possibly be {Y/N}? Is it ugly? Tell me!” He cut me off, not giving me a chance to finish my sentence. 

“N-never mind. I think they’re very appropriate for our son.” I replied. “We almost done here?”

“No.” He walked away from me and began looking for more clothing and furniture for the nursery. “Hey babe, what do you think about this crib? Think it’s cute?” Jason called to from across the store. I pushed myself up from the seat I was in and waddled my way over to where he was. 

“I love this one actually. Please tell me we’re getting it.” I begged. 

“I guess,” He said. “Hopefully the little man will like it.”

After hour upon hours spent inside Carter’s, we finally finished. Jason paid for everything and we went on our way back home.

“I’m starting to think that it’s you carrying the baby rather than me.” I joked around, lying next to Jason. 

“I must be doing one hell of a job then.” he chuckled. “You’re going to be an amazing mother {Y/N}.”

“And you’re going to be an amazing father Jason, even though I don’t agree with everything you do.”

“Hey! we were watching that”
“dude right, so you can make fun of me, I know”
“no way, to compliments you, you were such a beautifuls lady back then, maybe yous will favor us with the make-ups tips”

Maybe Pickles met the band before he got dreads, perhaps meeting them is why he decided to start dressing more masculine, and maybe Skwisgaar actually liked his makeup.  I had a great time drawing Pickles hair though, my weeaboo senses kicked in and I drew the boys in my style rather than trying to make them look like they do in the show.
I also realised my hair is longer than everyones in the show and that kicks ass!

"You kissed back" (Joji x reader)

“Can you do an imagine where joji meets the reader but the reader is shy af and he really tries to get to know them and hes super overprotective because he thinks theyre super cute and precious? I honestly cant wait to see more stuff from you! :)”
love this idea so much omg shy joj is the best joj


You had been invited to go club/bar hopping by a friend and some of his friends. You didn’t know many of their friends really, other than stories. You were hesitant at first, but you figured eh, why not?

You approached the bar you all agreed to meet at, it was a small pub style little hole in the wall type place, but it was packed. Lots of punk lookin’ guys, lots of gals dress rather revealing. loud rock blared over the speakers as a random cover band played in the front corner of the bar, and everyone sat around dancing, drinking and goofing off in their circles of friends. You had no clue why your friends wanted to meet at such a tiny, packed looking place. Maybe they had cheap beer? You shrugged it off and approached your small group, they had all found a little spot along the bar to stand at and order drinks.

Your friend, the only one you knew by name and face in the group welcomed you with a hug and a pint glass of beer. “Shalom! (Y/n) you made it!” Your friend beamed, pulling you under their arm, and began to introduce you to the group you’d be walking the streets with tonight. He introduced you to five other people, 4 guys and another chick, which was comforting, you didn’t feel like being stuck with all dudes all night. None of his friends really stuck out to except the last one he introduced you to, he introduced him as ‘George Miller, my best-jap-friend!’ With a big smile. George shyly waved, his arms crossed tightly across his chest. “You can call me Joji, nice to meet you (y/n)” He said. He spoke quietly, and acted like he was getting out of his comfort zone just by speaking up over the loud music. You smiled at him and nodded. “Nice to meet you too!” You replied. You stood opposite of him in the circle. You looked him over, trying not to make it obvious. He was cute. Dark hair, it was messily tucked under a cap. He had these beautiful dark brown, sultry, bedroom eyes. He had the cutest smile too. You snapped out of it when your friend dropped his arm from around you and said “I’m gonna go get another beer, you stay here!” Over your loud music. You nodded and shifted in place.

After a while of talking to the other girl and the three of the guys in the group, you noticed Joji hadn’t spoke since being introduced. So you decided to drag him into the conversation. “Well what do you think?” You looked to him- he looked up and met your gaze, he hadn’t been paying attention at all so all he could do is dumbly go “Huh?” This made you giggle, you reached over and pulled him closer to you, making him take your friends place in the circle that was now tight as you all got acquainted. “Do you think this place is any good- the beer, the music and shit?” You seemed to have caught him off guard, grabbing him and pulling him over. He thought for a minute- he was nearly speechless just from you talking to him. “Uh-yeah, yeah it’s great! Super cool.” He didn’t actually think it was that great- but it was all he could say as the first thing to come to his mind. You shrugged and said “really? I can’t wait to leave, it’s too cramped!” You laughed. “The musics alrighty tho.” You smiled at him, trying to talk to him a little. “Yeah, I guess if you like gritty rock cover bands.” He laughed- he sounded way more of a dick than he intended. “Well it just so happens I do!” You laughed, taking it lightly. Jo nodded, he thought you were just the cutest thing ever, your laugh, smile, all of it.

After a while of talking to Jo, you both found out you two had a lot in common. You both liked a vast selection of music, you liked foreign films, and loved Quentin Tarantino films as well. You two ended up just standing next to eachother and conversing. You kept forcing him father and farther out of his little shell.

Your conversation was abruptly ended by your friend coming up and literally shoving you two apart, wrapping an arm around either of you. “Next bar, shall we ladies!” Your friend said loudly, also grabbing the attention of the 4 others. You all started to the entrance, discussing your next stop. You all agreed on a club a few blocks down- it wasn’t too far of a walk. Your friend had kept you under his arm as you left, leaving jo to walk behind you. You made an excuse to leave his clutches by dropping the little purse you had on you, and this gave you the perfect time to slip from under his arm. By the time you went to reach for your purse however, Jo had already grabbed it and went to hand it to you. “Oh, thanks dude!” You smiled. He nodded, and quickly scooted up beside you to talk.

You two had fell behind the rest of the group as you walked along, you two were laughing and talking about something dumb when you walked past a group of guys. One of the guys hopped up next to you and just began walking beside you.

“Why hello pretty little thang?” The guy said, sounding like a total creep. You were visibly uncomfortable already and he had only just spoke. “Aaah, hi there.” You said plainly. “Where’re you headed on this fine night?” He asked, leaning towards you a bit, waiting for an answer. “Uh- a club. It’s a few blocks down.” You said dryly again. Joji was literally blown away at how creepy this dude was being- and also blown away at how jealous he felt he was flirting with you. “Well, why don’t I accompany you to said bar? As your date?” The guy said, looking down at you with dark eyes. “Ah, seed I would, but uh..” you thought up a lie. “I’ve got a boyfriend!” You said quickly-it was a pretty obvious lie. “Well- he’s not around right now is he?” The guy asked, annoyingly. God, just leave me alone. “Ah…” you thought for a second.

A boyfriend? Joji felt a lil upset at this, but only for a second before realizing how terrible of a lie it was, and what you were doing. “Uh, actually, I’m right here dude.” He said, going along with your lie smoothly. He wrapped an arm around you and smiled at the dude. “Oh, sure, because just moments ago you two weren’t walking along like you two were buddy’s. You’re clearly lying.” The guy spat his words, just upset because you shut him down. The dude was persistent, and grabbed ahold of your upper arm. “Cmon, atleast let me buy you a drink!” His hold sent you into an urgency. “N-no, in not lying! He really is my boyfriend, Christ I’ll kiss him if I have to.” You huffed. Jo grinned at that idea. He didn’t even let the guy finish his requests of 'prove it’, pulling you into a deep kiss. One deeper than needed just to show the guy. You kissed back, and boy was he a good kisser. After a moment of rather heated boarder line making out, you pull away with a grin. The dude kinda shuddered and just gave a sigh and said “god, whatever. Fuck you.” And walked away, shaking his head.

You looked up at joji a few moments after the guy was for sure gone, and began laughing. “You’re a terrible liar!” He said, he still had an arm around you. He was laughing and blushing, his cute lil cheeks were a peachy shade of pink. “Well, i don’t think that was much of a problem after you kissing me like that!” You laughed. Joji smiled and just looked down at you, then quickly back in front of him as you two walked along. After a moment of silence he just grinned, saying “well, if I remember correctly, you kissed back.” He shrugged. You laughed and nodded. “I guess I did.”

Stand Up Fucking Tall

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @mcr-scenester-plur.  “transboy!reader and bullets!gerard? (pre-t reader)”

“Shit, I need a drink,” Gerard said nervously, pacing the backstage area of the small Jersey club his band was performing at tonight.

“Gee, you’re a great singer, you’re going to be fine,” you assured him. “I’m the one who should be worried about his ‘performance’." 

"You’re not putting on any kind of show, babe,” Gerard reminded. “You’re just outwardly presenting as the man you’ve always been inside.”

“Still,” you sighed. “This one of the first times I’ve worn masculine clothes in public. I haven’t started T or anything. I bet I don’t pass at all. People might say I look weird -”

“And they can go fuck themselves,” Gerard shrugged, downing a shot Mikey had handed him. “Anyone who says My Chemical  Romance sucks can go fuck themselves, too." 

"The difference is, nobody is going to say your band sucks, because your music is amazing,” you protested. 

“You’re amazing, too,” Gerard said softly, pulling you close. “My amazing, brave, handsome, boyfriend." 

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Summary: Dean and Sam fight and Sam leaves for California. Dean doesn’t let Jess go with him so she remains silent all the way to Idaho. You and Dean end up in a tight situation with seemingly no way out (actual episode plot this time omg)

Words: 1,716

Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess

Warnings: none

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

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Ghost 101

Pairing: Ghost!Reader x Dean 

Summary: The reader comes to find herself standing over her own dead body. Despite the obvious problem of her death she has to find a way to communicate with the brothers. 

Warnings: Death, mentions of past torture (nothing graphic), lots of sarcasm, angst, language, mild season 12 spoilers. 

Word Count: 1,053 

A/N: Ah yes the author’s note. This is the part where I write a bunch of stuff that nobody reads but it always makes me feel better. Everybody watch out snarky me has entered the building. Which explains this piece. I don’t know where it came from I was just sitting there staring off into space then bam! Twenty minutes later I had this. It’s full of terrible sarcasm and doesn’t really have an end or a beginning but hey I tried. Anyways I hope y'all sort of like it and feedback is always appreciated. 

Originally posted by spn-spam

“Well this is different.” You found yourself looking down at your empty sightless eyes.

“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice and spun around.

“I’m over here.” You yelled back.

“Shit! Y/N!” Dean turned the corner and started running towards you.

“Its about damn time. Look I know this looks weird but let me-” As you were speaking Dean ran right through you. “Woah, dude what the fuck?” You spun around only to find that Dean had collapsed to his knees. He was shaking your body. “Man this ghost shit sucks.” You muttered.  

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anonymous asked:

I think by turians and humans having a lifespan of 150 years, they mean a maximum of 150 years. The oldest woman who ever lived was 122 and sure there's still quite a number of years until 150 but I think what they were getting at was given their advanced healthcare, humans in the years around 2100+ CAN live to 150 years. That's not to say they will though and that goes for turians too. So everything would still be the same. 18 for us is still 18 for them.

I see what you’re saying. I think I just have a different interpretation of the lore, maybe. In the wiki (which was backed up by an old forum post that’s no longer around) it says: “Humans can live to about 150 years, and recent medical advances have eradicated almost all known diseases that afflict them. However, as humans only emerged on the galactic stage within the last thirty years, it is highly likely that the introduction of new technology into their society will greatly increase their average lifespan.” To me that implies advancement even past the 150 noted there.

Now, if you were to say to Random Average Dude on the street right now: “How long do humans live?” that guy probably wouldn’t say “120.″ Right now, those extremely long-lived humans are the exception, not the rule. 

Considering how vastly science and medicine have improved in our last 150-200 years (and how meteoric that rise has been), and how much that’s affected the average human lifespan in that same time, I don’t see the current “18-as-adult” thing staying static just because that’s the way it is now. Was 18 defacto adulthood 200 years ago? I mean, we are already seeing the effects of this kind of thing now: if a person lives to 85 or 90 or 100 (my own grandparents are in their 90s), they simply don’t have enough money to live on if they worked their requisite years and retired at 65. That’s going to continue to change as medicine allows us to live longer. Living to 90 is going to place a burden on your earning years. How much more so would living to 120 or 130 or 150? A lot happens in 10 years, no matter what age those 10 years happen at–adding 20, 30, 40? It’s going to have a huge effect. Especially if there are fewer diseases to knock us out young.

If we jump ahead almost 200 years, it seems far more likely to me that we’ll be living longer–we’ll be healthier longer–and likely things like childhood or educational years will be extended. Think about how many people now don’t catch their professional stride until their thirties. What an interesting thought experiment it is to think about how we, as the human race, might allow children to get enough sleep, shorten their educational day, and let them stay in school longer (in terms of years) instead of pushing teenagers at the height of hormonal changes etc into making Big Life Decisions via choice of career, schooling, etc? I mean, there’s an increasing body of research coming out right now indicating that kids at 18 may be physically developed (though that’s not guaranteed either) but still have mental and emotional development to do. (In fifty years I think we’ll look back at the amount of stress and strain we put 15-25-year-olds through and shudder. People shouldn’t be having breakdowns over high school and college. There, I said it.)

And, hey, if parents are living longer, they’ll have more time to save so that a longer childhood for their children is more financially feasible. 

How great would it be if a woman no longer had to consider stopping/pausing herself just as her career was taking off to consider procreation? 

I mean, to each their own interpretation and headcanon, but I think science and medicine are already getting us a lot closer to these possibilities. Add 200 years, and I don’t think we, as a species, are going to be locked into the same things we think of as “normal” now. And since Mass Effect is science fiction, I think there’s just a really great opportunity to think about these kinds of changes (and possible improvements!) on a medical/scientific/community/societal level, and it’s one that’s been kind of underutilized (in my opinion), since the groundwork was already laid in their own lore.

My Idol: Chapter Twenty Two

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

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cobalt-borealis  asked:

one could extend further and hypothesize that kevin only exists when he is on-screen, which is only when stevonnie is on-screen, meaning that stevonnie's existence could be kevin-reliant and not the other way around. cryptid

this would imply that kevin is present even in episodes like mindful education where he, as we all know, has no screentime. time to debunk this theo- HOLY SHIT DUDE!!!!

you were right, he was hiding the whole ti- *my sentence is cut off as a cartoon network executive breaks down my door*

My Father Commanded Respect - Thunderbirds One-Shot

A small conversation between the three eldest Tracy brothers while Scott flies home. During Up From the Depths (Part II).

A/N: TAG universe. Also, I can’t say I remember exactly where the GDF base was that the Mechanic was after, so I kinda just made it in general west Europe, since Tracy Island is somewhere in the Pacific. Just coz. 

Not completely pleased with the ending, but it is what it is. Probably will come back and edit it.

Who’s older, John or Virgil? Who knows? This story really doesn’t care. 

And yes, the title’s a Hamilton reference. 

Dedicated to @preludeinz and @writerdarkflamespyre, who’ve been having bad days. To both of you: you’re as strong as a Tracy brother; you’ll get through all your struggles, including this one! Sending supportive fist-bumps your way. <3 

“Where is he heading, John?” Scott asked, giving his brother’s hologram a quick glance before adjusting his course.

“Just head home, Scott,” John replied tiredly, and Virgil made a note to bring him down after this whole fiasco was over. It’d been a while and they’d been having more missions than usual. John was due some downtime. “I’m keeping track of the TV-21. If he stops, I’ll tell you.”

“I want to know where he’s headed, Thunderbird Five.” Scott’s voice turned deeper and Virgil marveled at the Dad-ness in it. A glance at John showed the ginger was less focused on that, and Virgil closed his eyes at the potential fight.

“You’ve been ordered back to base, One,” John’s voice carried the same even tone it always had, but Virgil could hear the ice underneath. “If there’s a development in the Mechanic’s position, Tracy Island will be notified.”

“John -”

“Scott,” Virgil interrupted, glad that neither of their younger brothers were with them. “Lay off on John. You know he’ll tell us of any changes. And John, please. Where’s he headed to?” Another minute and a mini staring contest between their holographic figures later, and John sighed, turning and playing with his screens.

“His trajectory is mapped towards western Europe, but we have no way of knowing where until he stops.”

Virgil nodded. “FAB, John. Scott, ETA?”

“13 minutes.” A pause and then he continued, “I could make it to Europe in just over an hour.” Virgil sighed when he heard the steel still prevalent in Scott’s voice. This time, Virgil risked a glance at John and saw concern overriding his previous prim face.

Sure enough, John’s voice was softer when he said, “Scott, it’s better that you get home first. Thunderbird One is in no condition to chase after him. You can pick up Virgil as back-up, too, once we get an idea of where the Mechanic’s going.”

Scott didn’t look at either of them, focusing on his controls. But both John and Virgil were patient, long used to out-waiting their eldest brother. It didn’t take long for Scott to reply, though both brothers were taking aback from the quietness in his voice. “I don’t like him having TV-21.”

“Neither do we, but we have to be smart about this,” Virgil replied. “Dad wouldn’t want any of us hurt over it.”

“He bailed, remember,” John added. Scott instantly turned a glare towards him, and John held his hands out in front of him and amended, “I mean when the Hood attacked the TV-21. It was the smartest option. You know that.”

“He didn’t want to.”

“But he knew what he had to do,” John insisted.

Scott shook his head. “He was heartbroken, John. TV-21 was his pride.”

“His pride maybe, but not his joy. He wouldn’t want you killing yourself trying to get it.”

“If I remember right, you nearly killed yourself and Alan saving Five and EOS!” As soon as the words were out, John reeled back a bit and Virgil flinched. John hadn’t known Alan was in danger until after the fact, and Virgil was privy to the knowledge that nightmares had haunted him for weeks after. Scott, knowing his words had done more damage than he intended to, frowned apologetically. “John…”

But even the ever level-headed John could be relentless and cruel when targeted. “Getting TV-21 isn’t going to bring Dad back.”

Silence reigned after the red-head’s words, and Virgil bit his lip, unnoticed by either of his brothers. Scott was staring straight ahead, seemingly focused on his flying, while John had his eyes drilling into his older brother’s face. Virgil wondered if he should interrupt, but waited instead. He knew of the conversations Scott and John shared over their father’s death, and of the pressure Scott was sure laid directly on his shoulders. He couldn’t fault him for imagining this would fix everything. But John was - as always - right. TV-21 wasn’t Dad, and Scott needed to see that.

But maybe just then wasn’t the proper time to fix that. Virgil had no doubt that Grandma had plans of her own. Maybe they all needed something to relax them.

“Remember when he first finished the plane?” he ventured, breaking the silence. Both John and Scott blinked at him, seemingly forgotten he was there. “He was jumpier than Gordon at the beach.”

John sent him a small smile and picked up on the thread. “It was strange seeing Uncle Lee act like the responsible one in the duo.”

“It was nearly midnight and he wanted to take it out for a test flight.”

“Mom locked him out of the hanger.”

“She wouldn’t let him drive home either - remember, she thought he was too hyped.”

“First time Uncle Lee got to touch the truck.”

“He woke us all up,” Scott interjected, a smile breaking across his face too. Instantly, both John and Virgil went quiet, faces eager as they turned to the oldest. “Well kind of. Gordon and Alan slept through it all - they spent all day at the beach and were absolutely exhausted. John was up on the roof, coz you claimed it was the only night Saturn was in direct opposition and you just had to see it. You only came down when you saw Dad’s truck in the driveway and didn’t want to get caught. But you managed to trip and fall onto Virgil’s bed and his squawks woke me up across the hall. Dad didn’t even notice, but Mom sure did. Man, was she mad. But we all got swept up in Dad’s excitement and we didn’t even get grounded. Mom managed to get us all back to bed with promises to fly with Dad.”

“Is that how it happened?” Virgil asked. “I barely remember it.”

“You two were what, like seven and eight? Dude, you two and Gordon were right terrors the next day. We went to the hanger and you three were playing hide-n-seek. I think it was one of the first times you were all allowed in there and you instantly took to your shenanigans. Grandpa, Dad, and Uncle Lee just barely managed to round all three of you up so we could launch.”

“Now that, I remember,” John grinned. “I won,” he added to Virgil.

“No you didn’t! Grandpa found you in the dumbest spot.”

“But you and Gordon didn’t find me, now did you?”

“It was fifteen years ago!”

“Doesn’t matter.” Virgil gaped at his brother, but John just smirked back. Scott started laughing, and Virgil turned to question him.

He pointed at John. “You had the same argument then too. You guys really don’t change.”

Virgil dug through his mind to change the subject. “The test flight was amazing though.” Instantly, the grins on their faces turned to softer smiles.

“It really was,” Scott agreed. “Best flight I ever had.”

“Better than One’s test flight?” Virgil teased.

“Whoa, let’s not go that far,” Scott shot back, petting his console. John rolled his eyes, but didn’t respond to Virgil’s pointed glance. They all loved their ‘birds too much.

Scott was relaxed in his seat now, previous anger and stress all but disappeared from his posture. Though he knew it’d all be back once they got news on the Mechanic’s location, Virgil counted it as a win, and from John’s face, he did too. Once Scott arrived, they’d all get back to work. One needed to get fixed up, Four needed to practically be rebuilt. Alan was sure to have thousands of questions and John needed to check in with GDF. They’d get Kayo and Lady Penelope’s status and be back to scanning the frequency for rescues. The Mechanic wouldn’t get away again, and they were going to bring TV-21 home.

They’d get through it all, Virgil knew. Their father’s legacy would be protected. And that was both his family, and International Rescue.

tom holland is such a fucking legend. the guy lets us know he got a haircut and posts “throwback to my curls” n shit and then just gives us the silent treatment for like 3 days. we’re all biting on our fingernails, anxiously wondering if our boy shaved his head. finally he updates his instagram story, we all rush to watch it and get a look at his hair, but behold, it’s three (3) videos of him in which he’s 1. wearing a hoodie 2. wearing a helmet 3. holding his hair out of the frame. we’re ready to start #tomhollandisoverparty but woah! wait! a picture! he just cut his hair a little shorter and it doesn’t even look that different. what a little asshole, anthony mackie and sebastian stan were right all along