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I Won't Say It

Requested by an anonymous flubble for their birthday. They wanted an Eleven fic based off of the song “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” and I’m pretty sure I nailed it (I even managed to incorporate some lyrics).

And for those of you wondering why Jack Harkness is here - first of all, Jack Harkness is too good to not be here, and secondly, he’s the best person I could think of to be a sassy singing Greek Muse in a toga whose most pressing interest is matchmaking. (Except for maybe Donna, but I don’t think she’d put up with all this nonsense.)

Also, look at this gif. Look at those lips. Just look at the lips. Look at them.

“I’m not doing this with you, Jack.”

“Like you have anything better to do than me.”

You glared at Jack Harkness, Captain of the Innuendo Squad, and wondered how long it would be before Jack got distracted by something shiny and ran off. That’s basically what he did last time. Alright, so last time, the “something shiny” had been a blue alien woman in very revealing clothing (what she was revealing, you weren’t sure, but that was not one bit human at all), but the point stood that Jack could be distracted from this current line of discussion. But, considering the lack of revealing aliens in this situation and how intent Jack seemed to be on having this conversation, you doubted it would happen like that again anytime soon. Shame.

“You’re disgusting,” you said plainly, playfully tossing a grape at him so he would know you weren’t quite as angry as you sounded. He leaned back and caught it in his mouth.

“You love it," Jack said around the grape. He chewed it with a smirk on his face.

You picked up another grape and stuck it in your own mouth. "No. And we’re not talking about this.”

“Oh, so we’re not talking about your very mature, reasonable crush on a really sexy Time Lo-”

“No, we’re not!” you snapped. Now you were angry. Or at least very, very frustrated.

This conversation happened a lot. Every time the Doctor left you and Jack alone in the TARDIS (which the Doctor seemed a little uncomfortable with because he always tried to take you with him and leave Jack behind, but you and Jack weren’t having any of that), Jack hounded you about your ‘crush’ on the Doctor. It wasn’t a crush, though, and you knew that, and you were pretty sure that Jack knew it too, which was why he was pushing it so hard. Because it was more than a crush, way more, and Jack wanted you to say it.

“And we’re not talking about it,” you continued, angrily chomping down on another grape, "because there’s nothing to talk about.“

"Who d'ya think you’re kiddin’?” Jack drawled. “You like him…”

You rolled your eyes. “What are you, four?”

“Nah. I’m six, at least.” Jack gave you that grin, the you-can’t-hate-me-because-I’m-so-cute-and-sinful grin, trying to take the edge off of the conversation. It didn’t work. "Honey, I think the world of you, but this is ridiculous. You love the Doctor. Can’t you face it like a grown-up?“

Hurt stung you. He hadn’t actually said anything offensive, but there had been a veiled accusation of immaturity there, and you couldn’t defend yourself and tell him that it wasn’t like that, not without saying exactly what you didn’t want to say. So instead, you said:

"Get off my case, Jack, would you?”

Jack scoffed irritably. Jack rarely got angry, as far as you had seen, but this was obviously getting to him. You didn’t want to see what an angry Jack was like, but you weren’t going to give in just because he got huffy. There was no good reason for him to get to bully you like this and you weren’t about to let him do it, either.

The grapes were left forgotten on the granite countertop of the island in the TARDIS’s oddly compact kitchen. You had stood up in an effort to regain the upper hand by making yourself taller than Jack, but Jack was leaning forward in his seat, halfway to standing up himself. Oh, he wasn’t going to turn this into an actual fight, was he? You had never fought with him. Why did he have to push this?

“You can’t keep denying this. It’s unhealthy,” Jack hissed. “You’re too proud to say it and you’re making yourself miserable.”

“Oh, please.” You put as much biting sarcasm into your voice as you could, trying to stave back the sting that was making your eyes water. You were going to cry. You didn’t want to cry, not in front of Jack or in front of anybody, but especially not in an argument like this.

“You love him.”

“No way. Nuh-uh.”

“And he loves you too!”

Now that was taking it too far. That hurt.

Jack!” you snapped. A single hot tear welled over and made a scorching path down your cheek. You aggressively wiped it away, trying to save face despite your complete loss of control.

You knew your face was red - you could feel the heat of blood rushing up to your face. Your ears were hot and your mouth felt full of cotton. You weren’t sure how this had escalated so quickly, and maybe it wouldn’t have under normal circumstances, and maybe you wouldn’t have let tears fall so easily, but this was a wound that had been festering for years and Jack had poked at it in all the ways that hurt the worst.

Jack stared at you, stunned by the way you had broken so quickly. He didn’t know what to do - he knew that you needed to face up to this, but he hadn’t realized that it was so bad that you would… well, this. He had never made you cry, not once in all the years since you had met. The Doctor, who could sometimes be extraordinarily insensitive, had made you cry multiple times, and Jack had never failed to give the Doctor hell for it, but this wasn’t the Doctor. This was him. Jack had made you cry, and he didn’t know what to do about.

“I-” He swallowed, trying to find the words. He stood up from his seat, slowly moving to comfort you. “Aw, Sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Just stop, Jack. Okay?” You shuffled towards the sink, purposefully out of Jack’s reach. "Just stop.“

You grabbed a scrubbing brush and began to clean dishes that had been left to soak in soapy water. The TARDIS could do he own dishes very well and didn’t mind doing them, but you liked to extend her the courtesy of doing it yourself. Not to mention it was a good distraction. With your back to Jack, you couldn’t see him and he wasn’t saying anything.

Finally, you heard the scrape of a chair and the quick footsteps of Jack making his escape from the kitchen. You sighed in relief even as another traitorous tear slipped from your blotchy cheek and into the sudsy water. You looked at your murky reflection. Your eyes were already red and puffy, just for two little tears, and your cheeks were terribly flushed.

"Get a grip, girl,” you told your reflection, and then you splashed it away with frothy suds and a tea-stained mug.

Since bringing Jack back onto the TARDIS, the Doctor had been torn about the decision. On one hand, he really liked Jack and was glad to have the man back. On the other hand, you really liked Jack and Jack really liked you and that meant that the Doctor didn’t get you all to himself anymore, which he didn’t like. Since finding you, he hadn’t really bothered bringing other companions aboard for very long, mostly because he liked it best when it was just the two of you, as it should be. But on the other hand, Jack was sort of a good security measure. The Doctor wasn’t a fool - he had lost companions before and he wasn’t so arrogant as to think that he wasn’t in danger of losing one again. Jack was like extra security for you, which was good. But on the other hand, you were spending more time with just Jack when the Doctor wasn’t around, and that made the Doctor terribly nervous, because Jack was handsome and charming and tempting and romantic and a man and you were- were- well, he was a boy and you were a girl and the Doctor didn’t like what his brain came up with when he wondered what went on when you two were alone together. But on the other hand, Jack was trustworthy and the Doctor knew that you were safe with the captain. But on the other hand, you had very pretty lips, and Jack couldn’t resist a set of pretty lips, and the Doctor couldn’t recall seeing you kiss anyone ever in all your travels, so perhaps you were letting Jack kiss you, just because humans got lonely without kisses. But on the other hand-

Oh, goodness, that was more than enough hands. That was at least six hands and he didn’t have nearly enough, even if he used his feet.

But the point was, in the end, that even though the Doctor knew that you were quite safe with Jack, the Doctor hated leaving you with him, because the Doctor would spend his outings thinking of Jack kissing you and you kissing Jack, and the very idea of it made him feel frantic. So he would do whatever errands he needed to do and then scurry back to the TARDIS as quickly as he could, often entertaining the thought that, maybe, if he asked nicely, you would get your kisses from him instead of Jack. The Doctor was lonely too, after all, and it seemed more than fair to him that if you were both lonely, you could be unlonely together. Jack could and would get his kisses from just about anyone else in the universe. The only person who the Doctor wanted was you. Wouldn’t it be fair for you and the Doctor to be together while Jack had the rest of the universe? Yes, that was perfectly fair.

This, of course, was all very ridiculous, and the Doctor knew it.

He had no proof, or even the barest bit of evidence, that you and Jack were anything other than good friends. And he wasn’t so silly as to think that he could just ask you for a kiss, or that he could woo you like a Gallifreyan might, but it was a beautiful fantasy that he liked to entertain. And it was true that humans got lonely. Your species was meant to be in pairs. There were some of you who didn’t need it or want it for some reason or another, but the majority of human beings were much better off when they were in pairs. Romantic pairs, that is, and devout pairs, not the casual sort. And you didn’t weren’t part of a pair, which meant that you could have all the friends in the world, but that would not stop you from feeling that loneliness. The Doctor empathized, to a degree - Gallifreyans didn’t feel that pressing urge to find a bond-mate until much later in their lives (the second puberty, if you will), so the Doctor had gotten through many of his regenerations with some curiosity towards the idea but no sense of loneliness or hurt in his lack of partner. Then he had hit the age when that changed, and since then, there had been a terrible gap that he wanted someone to fill. That he wanted you to fill, if he could have his pick, but he doubted you would agree. So, knowing what it felt like, to be missing the other half of something so dear and yet not knowing how to find it… the Doctor couldn’t find it within himself to be angry or blame you at all if you were interested in Jack

The Doctor opened the door to the TARDIS, arguing with himself over whether or not to find you immediately or leave you in peace with Jack. As it turned out, there was no answer to that debate, because Jack was sitting in the console room, looking awful, and you were nowhere to be seen.

Jack looked up at the Doctor with an odd expression on his face. The Doctor stared back even as he shut the TARDIS door behind him.

“… Jack…?” the Doctor ventured to say. “What’s the matter with you, eh?”

Jack grimaced. “I screwed up, Doc.”

The Doctor blinked in surprise. Jack wasn’t terribly proud, not compared to many of the Doctor’s other companions, but rarely admitted to failure before he was absolutely sure that he couldn’t fix his mistake or at least give another attempt to do better. 'I screwed up’ were not words to be heard from Jack Harkness’s mouth.

“What happened?” asked the Doctor, dreading the answer.

“It was…” Jack sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I was just trying to get her to admit it to herself, y'know? It’s been hurting her. I can tell. I thought that if she could say it in front of me, maybe she could tell you, and then you’d both stop dancing around it like it’s not there… you two would be so perfect, and you don’t even…”

The Doctor’s nose wrinkled in confusion. “Jack, what are you talkin’ about?”

Jack scoffed. “Both of you are hopelessly oblivious. Doc, she loves you.”

No. No, no, not this. Jack wouldn’t pull such a cruel joke.

“I mean, she really loves you. She is in love with you. She has been for ages. Maybe even before I met you guys. I dunno.”

Stop. Stop, it hurts. Don’t lie. Don’t tease. It hurts.

Then Jack sighed again, heavily, and pursed his lips. “I tried, and I screwed it up. She got upset. Cried. I’ve never made her cry before, Doctor. And what did you do that has her so convinced that you don’t love her, huh?”

I never said anything. Actions speak louder that words, but I never kissed her, either, and I never gave her a flower or shiny thing or a note full of love words. What I’ve done for her, she could logic away to concern and friendship and the protection of a companion. I never said that I love her in straight words or unquestionable actions. How was she to know?

“Where is she?” the Doctor asked when he finally regained his voice.

“Kitchen,” Jack grunted.

You furiously scrubbed away at a pan that you had already scrubbed twice. You were soaked all down the front of your shirt from splashing yourself. There were suds on your face that itched and your fingers were starting to prune, but you didn’t care. You were too upset to care. You usually knew better than to take anything Jack said too seriously, but this time, that was impossible.


You paused. When had the Doctor gotten back? “Hey, Doctor. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I love you.”

The pan you were scrubbing slipped from your grip and splashed loudly into the sudsy water in the sink. You turned around so that you could face the Doctor, scrubbing-brush still clenched in your hand.

“I love you,” the Doctor repeated, green eyes large and pleading, "and I… I know that I’ve never said anything about it, or shown you how I care, and I’m sorry. I was… scared. I haven’t, I mean, felt this way, not since… well, Rose, really, but this isn’t about Rose. It’s about you. And me, but mostly you. Or, um, us. Because Jack said, and I- I- I want… I want what he said.“

You swallowed, trying to make your voice come out steady: "And what… did Jack say, that you want?”

“That you love me,” the Doctor whispered, stepping closer to you, “and that we would be perfect.”

“I bet we would be,” you agreed, and the Doctor’s eyes lit up.

“I was thinking the exact same thing!” he exclaimed, and he swept you up for a kiss, soapy clothes and pruned fingers and all.


Requested: Can you do one where in y/n is screaming at shawn because shes so mad and jealous but shawn just laughs at her and its all cute and fluffy

Requested: Hey first of all I love your page 😍 it’s the best out here and your writings are sooo good. Can you please do one where Shawn and y/n are shopping and then Shawn mets his ex and y/n gets jealous and they fight but will be together at the end. I hope you understand what I meant. Love you ❤️❤️

Your name: submit What is this?


You are out shopping with Shawn in Toronto. It is a rare day that you’re able to spend with your boyfriend without all the craziness and busyness of life getting in the way. “Hey Shawn,” You hear a voice from slightly behind the two of you. Turning, you’re expecting to see a fan asking for a picture from Shawn, but recognition crosses his face.

“Hi Laur,” He says in surprise, a smile spreading across his face, and now you turn your attention to the girl and her friends. You recognize the one in the middle from old pictures you’ve seen on the internet. She’s Shawn’s ex and she’s gorgeous, no doubt. You don’t know how Shawn could possibly choose you over her. You wonder if he ever regrets it, if he ever sees pictures of her and misses her, or wishes he was still with her instead of with you. You always knew she was pretty, but you had never met her in person until today, and it wasn’t even intentional so you weren’t able to prepare yourself.

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anonymous asked:

Can you talk about the 3 of their different dance styles or interpretations of the same moves in the 3J dance? I'm also curious if you think that they each shone the brightest in own solos or do you think another choreo would've suited one of them more. Also versatility of the members? The 3 dances were similar enough in style (I think at least) but had different feels to them and who do you think was the most consistent throughout and could channel the moves and feelings of all the dances?

❗️❗️⚠️⚠️ i know that most will be going off of the home party 3J URBAN DANCE video instead of the bts+/channel+ fancam video(s) in my post !!!!! it’s a shame that non-subscribers can’t see the solo ver because there is always SO MUCH that the camera misses when zooming around❗️❗️⚠️⚠️

“Can you talk about the 3 of their different dance styles or interpretations of the same moves in the 3J dance?”

in the performance, each member stuck to their usual style in all three combos. you can watch other fancams (JH/JM/JK) of the same piece to see how they differ (note: i just linked the ones for “fire” since things are easier to pick apart there, but lmk if you want me to explain more)

1. hoseok

was definitely strongest with the upper body out of all the members. i know that it’s a stylistic choice to have very controlled arms (looking @ you PJM), but i prefer when they’re looser for combos like their first one. the only thing i didn’t like about him was sometimes the hands were too splayed and his snapback prevented me from seeing his eyes, which is an important part of a dancer’s stage presence. it also covered half his face when the stage lights were on him :/

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A Path for Two

A fanfiction for Gency Week (yes, I am a whole week and 2 days late). This is for the prompts Couple, Healing, and Protect.

Action. Romance.

Everyone did it differently. Everyone took it at their own pace. Some a little at a time and some not at all. For Genji, falling in love with Angela had been a long process. One which he did not realize was happening until it already happened.

He was never one to be tip-toeing about the topic of dating and asking someone out. At least not in his younger days at the very least. But it was arguable that perhaps he had never really been in love with everyone before Angela. To him, she was much too different from any other woman for him to even think about using the same technique as he did with others.

She was an elegant doctor who worked with confidence and without rest, one with so much selflessness that he couldn’t possibly think about trying to influence. After all, how could he make someone like her confess her feelings to him? She was much too considerate and too sweet to put him in such a situation. Or well, that was what he thought anyway.

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[02] Run

Originally posted by stayingmintyfresh


Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and 'Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes.




“Um, I am getting evicted.. I have a week to move out..” The thought of asking the man who gave you everything for a place to stay made your sick to you stomach. The walls felt like they were closing in on you and a loud sob erupted from your lips without warning.

“Well dear, its time you finally came to my place and met my roommates. I’ll send you the address. I love you, see you soon.” And with that the line went dead and in a matter of minutes you received a message.

Hobi: 3523 Midrow Ave. Just let yourself in, my room is the second door on the right on the third floor. Be safe, we can go back to your place tomorrow and start packing.  

Third floor? He lives on the nice part of town in a three story house? How many roommates did he have? Why did he never tell me any of this? The subject you once studied so diligently turned out to be a lot more complicated then you anticipated. 


Part Two

You pulled up to a beautiful modern like townhouse that was set at the end of the street, a good distance away from the townhouses that surrounded it. The house’s driveway held six cars including your own, and your mind wondered if there was any in the garage. You looked up in awe as your duffle bag dangled from your arm; the beautiful light gray steps that led to a dark oak door, you admired the way the top floor looked like it was made completely out of floor to roof windows, accompanied by a beautiful black gated balcony. The modern home was made of dark wood panels and smooth white cement, the black window frames seemed to tie the entire townhouse together.

Hoseok, why have I never been to your place? You thought as you finally made your way to the front door ahead, turning the knob and walking inside. As if the front of the house wasn’t enough to take in, the inside was even more beautiful. Gorgeous black couches and two black recliners beautifully complemented the white walls, and dark wood coffee table. Different forms of artwork hung around the house of all kinds of different styles, the living room wasn’t exactly tidy but it was not messy either. 

The house seemed quiet, granted it was around midnight so you assumed everyone was sleeping. You walked two flights of wooden steps finally reaching the third floor, second door to your right.

The door made little to no sound as you slipped inside the room and dropped your bag onto the floor, you quietly unzipped it to retrieve your light pink pajama shorts along with your black knitted sweater. At this point you didn’t care if Hoseok woke up and saw your bare back as you changed, not that you really cared at all.. it was Hoseok for crying out loud. You crawled under the covers next to Hoseok’s half naked body allowing a few tears to fall onto the bed sheets.

“Do you want me to put on some sweats or something y/n?“ He mumbled lazily, fluttering his eyes open to meet yours. “No, no, its alright. I’ve seen you naked before Hobi, I just need you right now.” Not even a second after the words slipped from your mouth Hoseok grabbed your waist and pulled you close, pressing his lips firmly to your forehead.

“I’m here, I’m here, its okay. You can let it out, you can cry, you can vent. I’m so sorry all of this is happening and everything seems to be going wrong but I’m here for you. You can stay here as long as you like. You can share a room with me, or we can clean out the study and have you sleep in there? Either way is fine with me. I’m right here for you.” His words were no longer laced in sleep nor where his words jumbled together, he was fully awake at this point, stroking your hair like he always did.

“I just want to sleep Hobi, I’m just thankful I have you.”

“Good y/n-ah. We have a big day tomorrow, get some sleep beautiful.” And with that he kissed your head one last time and you fell asleep to the soft rhythm of his heartbeat.


“RISE AND SHINE PRINCESS! TIME FOR YOU TO MEET SOME PEOPLE!!” Before your eyes could even adjust properly Hoseok had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. When sleep had finally left your body, you become fully aware that your idiot best friend was carrying you over his shoulder and down the stairs.

“Hobi put me down before I fucking end you! I swear to god Jung Hoseok if you do not put me down this instant I will cut your dick off and feed it to you. I will crush you like the bug you are!” You screamed. “I will shove my foot so far up your a-” You were cut off when Hoseok finally set you down and you were met with five pairs of eyes starring at you.

“Hoseok tell your friend to watch her language!” A tall boy with light brown hair commanded with wide eyes causing your cheeks to turn a light pink from embarrassment. His hair fell in front of his face in a perfectly messy manner, his lips were slightly plump and his face was flawless.. all of their faces were flawless in fact. “Oh. I-I’m sorry.” The corner of the boys lips curved up into a smile as he made his way to you and extended his hand in greeting.

“Hi, I’m Seokjin. You can call me Jin if you’d like. You must be Y/n, we’ve heard a lot about you.” You rose an eyebrow and looked back at Hoseok who was wearing one of his infectious smiles.

“All good things I hope.”

“Of course,” He replied sitting back down at the kitchen table with the other five. “Also y/n there is food on the stove, please help yourself.” You bowed your head in thanks and made your way over to the stove grabbing a bacon strip from the pan, nibbling on it as you stood next to Hoseok like a lost puppy too scared to leave its owner earning a little chuckle from him.

Your eyes scanned over the stunning characters sitting in front of you as they did the same to you, looking you up and down almost as though they had never seen a girl before. A tall boy with slicked back pink hair met your eyes and gave you a nod before speaking. “Hello Y/n, welcome to our home. I’m Namjoon, feel free to call me Rap Monster.” His smile was complimented with two deep dimples that almost made you want to go up and ask permission to touch them. Almost.

Before any one of them could speak, an adorable boy with green streaks in his hair made his way towards you giving you the most fascinating box smile you’d ever seen in your life. “Hey, I’m Taehyung. We are friends now, you are family and you can call me whatever you want.” He slung his arm around you and rested his head against yours almost like you’d known each other for years, his presence was something so comforting that you smiled back letting a small giggle fall from your lips.

Your eyes fell on a dark haired boy, with a body of a god. Well at least of a God you would surely worship. It was hidden poorly in a white t shirt that allowed his collarbones to peek out in an oh so beautiful way and it wasn’t until you reached his face that you noticed how complex he was. His astonishing face structure gave him the look of a model but the adorable bunny smile he was giving you gave him the look of the most innocent of creatures. “I'm Jungkook, welcome.” His voice was slightly shy and that made you only want to go up and hug him.

“Hi, I’m Jimin.” A boy with orange hair and plump lips smiled. He was noticeably smaller then the others and equally beautiful. His hair was oddly fascinating, nearly resembling a Disney Prince’s; it fell effortlessly above both eyes with a almost precise middle parting. He had the smile of the sweetest angel in the world but the lips that would tempt even the devil himself, just like Jungkook his collarbones peeked out from underneath his flowy white tee. He was temptation in the simplest of terms, but at the same time he was just as complex as Jungkook; his smile so big that his eyes squinted and his cheeks were practically begging to be squeezed.

“Hi everyone, its nice to meet all of you." 

"Well, there is one more of us but he is usually asleep all day. He is sort of an ass but in the best way I suppose.” Taehyung hummed, the famous grin never leaving his lips.

“Y/n, what all are you planning on packing? Everything you can or essentials?” You nibbled on piece of toast meeting Hoseok’s curious eyes. “Probably all my clothes, my makeup, brush, toothbrush, some blankets pillows, I could bring my-” Hoseok cut me off with a chaste kiss on the forehead. “So the essentials?”

“Fuck you Jung Hoseok.” His amused chuckle was reply enough as you hugged him tight and excused yourself from the kitchen to change. You were standing in the middle of Hoseok’s room wearing your favorite pair of black ripped jeans and matching black push up bra, when he slipped in and walked over to his closet.

“Hey Hoseok, thanks again for letting me stay here.” You smiled, slipping on a black shirt then fell loosely around your shoulders allowing you to join the collarbone club.

“No need to thank me Y/n.”


Taehyung unloaded the last box and happily carried it to Hoseok’s room, causing you to smile in admiration. He is like a child in an adults body. You thought to yourself on your way up the stairs to your now shared bedroom. You thanked Taehyung for his help and waited until he left the room to finally begin speaking. “Hoseok. I really feel bad for making you share your room so what I was thinking was, we can keep my TV in here and we can move my mac, keyboard and art supplies in the study so that while I’m working I wont be bothering you or being up your as 24/7. I also noticed a few empty shelves in the study and I could easily put some of my cl-” Hoseok grabbed your hand in his, rubbing his thumb absentmindedly along yours which in fact was his way of telling you to stop talking.

“I don’t mind sharing a room with you Y/n, my bed is your bed and my closet and drawers are yours as well, as for your music and art supplies I do think it will be fine to move it into the study.. but don’t think for a second its because you will be bothering me. I’ve seen you in your zone and I would only disturb that. Yoongi is the same with his music so I’m used to that,” Yoongi? Was that the mystery roommate you still haven’t met yet? “So, you go and unpack your clothes and set your makeup and shit in the cabinet of my bathroom and I’ll move your supplies to the study. I’ll call Joon to come and hook up the TV."  With that Hobi disappeared out of the room and you began hanging up a few articles of clothes.

"Hey Y/n, I’m just here to hook up the TV." Namjoon’s dimples greeted you once again, his chocolate brown eyes almost asking you if it was okay that he was doing such a thing. You gave him permission with your smile and continued the task at hand.

"I’m surprised he doesn’t have a TV in here already." You stated with a soft chuckle as you made your way to the dresser to put away your unmentionables.

"We don’t normally watch TV honestly, we usually go out.” Go out? Like to bars and stuff? My sunshine boy goes out and parties? Since when?

“Go out?” Your words were coated in curiosity and shock, making Namjoon stand up straight and look at you with an unreadable expression until the right side of his mouth curved into a very (sexy) smirk.

“Come out with us tonight Y/n, it’ll be fun.” Before you could open your mouth to answer Hoseok came jogging into the room. “I just asked Y/n if she wanted to come out with us tonight.” You looked over at Hoseok trying to read his expression to search for any sign of what your answer should be, as if he could feel your confusion he met your eyes.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, his tone serious but hopeful at the same time.    

“Of course. I trust you with my life.” And it was true, you did trust him with your life. Hoseok never lied to you, or let you down and never gave you a reason to not trust him, you would even give up your life in an instant for him and you know he would do the same in a heartbeat. When it came to Hoseok you had no doubt in your mind that he would make sure you were safe, you trusted him with anything and everything.

“Then I’d love it if you came out with us Y/n. I promise nothing bad will happen.” Why would something happen? Why is he being so weird? You gave him a stern nod and little did you know with that one nod, you had just sold your soul. Sold your soul to a brand new lifestyle.


You tucked your black shirt into your jeans nicely and looked at yourself in the mirror, you were dressed in head to toe black but it looked good on you, your collarbones were still noticeable but you didn’t mind. You grabbed your favorite ribbon like choker and secured it safely around your neck, and grabbing one of Hoseok’s cardigans to complete your attire. “You look beautiful.” You spun around to find Hoseok in nice fitting jeans, and white shirt and his favorite army green bomber jacket with black sleeves. His hair was slightly parted in the middle which is something you hadn’t quiet seen before, his thin black choker fell loosely around his neck and you couldn’t help but gawk over your best friend. “Oh shut up Hobi, look at you! You look so damn good. THATS MY BEST FRIEND, THATS MY BEST FRIEND!” You shouted jumping onto his back and kissing his cheek; he laughed at your childlike gesture and carried you on his back all the way down the stairs.

“Yoongi, Taehyung and Jimin are still getting ready.” Jungkook stated once yall reached the living room. Oh so the mysterious Yoongi is coming with us.

You took a seat on the nearest recliner and made conversation with Jin, Jungkook, and Namjoon a waiting the others; we spoke of hobbies and dreams only making you more fascinated with the model like boys. Namjoon aka Rap Monster really wants to pursue a rapping carrier and by the stuff he showed me it was only a matter of time, Jin wants to sing but feels his voice isn’t anything special which is a huge load of bullshit you might add, his voice was amazing. Jungkook wanted to sing and dance and he mentioned he really found an interest in being a tattoo artist, his drawing skills were great as was his singing. You then gave them a quick rundown on all that has happened in the last 24 hours and how you played piano, sing a bit and draw, you were about to open your mouth to sing something when Namjoon stood up clapping.

“Oh thank you guys for blessing us with your presence. But where is Grandpa Yoongs?” This kid only speaks in sarcasm and I love it! You chuckled softly standing up as well and turning towards the stairs along with everyone else. Jimin opened his mouth to answer Joon when a boy with mint colored came down the steps. “I’m here, I’m here calm the fuck down,”

You couldn’t hear any of the other boys as you looked Yoongi up and down admiring his choice of style and thanking the heavens for the creation they had made. His skin was slightly pale but noticeably smooth that even a porcelain doll would have been jealous, only hoping and praying that their skin would even come close to his perfect skin. His mint hair that fell right above his eyes complimented his pale skin and slight rosy cheeks, not to mention his eyelashes were something you only wished you could achieve. You looked at him as though you had never seen beauty before then. His top lip jutted outwards to make an odd pout like face but oh dear how perfect his lips were, they were well past thin but nowhere near as plump as Jimin’s lips; Yoongi’s lips seemed to be a euphoric kind of temptation while Jimin’s were the sinful kind. His entire face had to have been created by the strongest of gods, you scanned his face for any flaws this god could have possibly given him but to no surprise there was none to point out. Your eyes trailed down to his cream colored Rolling Stones shirt and black leather bomber jacket, his dark denim jeans rolled up at the ankles, his sense of style causing an even bigger lump in your throat.

 "I hope we are getting burgers and fries first because I’m starving.“ his next words snapping you out of whatever trance you were under. What the fuck was that y/n!? Take a deep breathe and have fun tonight. You nodded in agreement and headed for the door following behind Hoseok.

Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, and Jimin piled into Jin’s black truck causing Yoongi and Taehyung to jump into the bed. Taehyung reached his hand out to you to help you in and you took it, raising your leg up and over the tailgate and taking your seat diagonal from Yoongi. Hoseok hopped in after you giving you a reassuring smile that everything was going to be okay, because never in your twenty four years of life had you ever ridden in the bed of a truck.

"So Y/n, I know you said you played piano and sang but have you ever written anything?” Taehyung asked causing a slight ting of pink shoot through your cheeks, lucky enough it was dark out and the only light that lit your face was the passing street lights.

“Well I-”

“V, she has written so many songs and she hates them throws them away and I have to fish them out of the trash and beg her to put it in a folder or something. So she has at least a dozen crumbled up songs shoved in her art portfolio." V? Was that Taehyung’s nickname or something? You gave Hoseok a death glare as you hit him in the shoulder with great force.

"Fuck you Jung Hoseok.” earning a chuckle from all three of them, including Yoongi. You met his eyes as the street light lit his face up for enough time to see the cutest gummy smile you had ever seen. “I’m Y/n.” You smiled in a desperate attempt to start a conversation which did not go unnoticed by Hoseok who smiled softly. Hoseok was never one to tease you about crushes or anything of that nature, he simply was there for when you were ready to either admit it or wanted help.  "I know. I’m Yoongi.“ He responded before the truck had come to a stop and Yoongi hopped out over the side panel of the bed. Focus on having fun Y/n, stop worrying about things. Sit back and have fun, you deserve this. Get Minho out of your head, Jisoo, and the evection. Just have. Fun. And that’s exactly what you did.

You were about to walk into the small burger joint when Hoseok pulled you to the side and waited for the others to go in first. "Y/n… there is going to be things that happen tonight that you are just going to have to trust me with, but before you freak out just trust me. By the end of the night you are going to feel like you are on top of the world and you wont even remember that asshole Minho. So can you trust me?” He had his hand gripped around your wrist in a manner that didn’t scare you, nothing about Hoseok scared you. You loved him with all your heart and trusting him was something that just came naturally; the only thing that was somewhat alarming was that your curiosity was getting the best of you.

“I trust you Hoseok.”

And with that he pulled out a silver flask and handed it over to me nonchalantly. “Take a swig of this to calm your nerves, I know you don’t usually drink but trust me when I say you are going to need this to loosen up and be ready for where the night takes us.” You scanned his eyes for any sign of a joke but when you found nothing but pure sincerity you took the flask and thought to yourself bottoms up. The liquor burned down your throat causing you to stick your tongue out in disgust and give the flask back to Hoseok who then took a swig himself. “I know its gross but trust me you’ll get used to it.”

Since when the fuck did he drink? What the fuck is going on with this kid? What am I letting you drag me into Hobi?

The rest of the boys had already picked a table in the corner of the joint awaiting us to join them. “We already ordered, Y/n I hope you’re okay with a double bacon cheese burger?” Jin asked raising an eyebrow waiting for the okay. “Hell yeah it is.” Ten minutes paced and out came eight burgers and eight sets of fries were slid down the table, each meal being accompanied by large drinks all in which ended up being mixed with a bit of vodka thanks to Hoseok and his silver healer. The drink was foul in a very tolerating way, it wasn’t enough to shoot one’s vision but it was enough to make you feel good after a while.

“What the fuck do you mean Kumamon s better then Ryan!?” Namjoon screamed throwing a handful of fries at Yoongi who was laughing so hard his argument on why Kumamon is better was barley understandable. The laughter of all eight of you filled the air and only increased in volume when Taehyung jumped onto the table and started dancing, he held out his hand begging me to join him on his journey of strange when a voice behind you made you turn around before you were able to accept his invitation.

“Y/n?” You were face to face with Minho and Jisoo holding a To-Go bag, your face fell and the laughter behind you subsided.

“Minho, well you sure look sorry from last nights events.” You spat as you quickly remembered how good you and the men you were with looked.

“Oh honey write one of your stupid songs and get over it,” His words were sharp like knives, impaling you deep and when he snaked his arm around Jisoo’s waist it only twisted the knife. His eyes left yours for a moment as he scanned the boys behind you then met yours once again. “Seven guys? Damn.” His tone of voice implying something that PornHub would love to see.

“Get the hell out of here Minho, and take the side bitch with you.” Hoseok demanded making even you jump at the projection of his voice. Minho curved his lips into an amused smirk and turned to leave, but not before he could get the last word. “See you around Y/n.”

You turned around to face the others who all had an unreadable expression painted on their face, Taehyung who was still standing on the table jumped down and gave you a boxy smile. “Y/n-ah, you can do so much better then him.” Your smile was weak but in an instant the fun was back on, you took a big gulp from your coke and vodka mixed drink and joined in the fry throwing. Jin was taking pictures with his light pink mini polaroid as you took videos of everyone’s funny faces and loud laughs.

Jin ordered more fries while we refilled our drinks and headed on out leaving a mess behind us, and on any other day you wouldn’t have left such a horrid mess in your trail but at this point in time you didn’t give a single fuck.

You rested your head on Hoseok’s shoulder as you watched the street lamps pass until they soon looked like bright blurs of nothing, you fed some fries to Hoseok not taking your eyes off the lamps above while shoveling a few into your mouth as well. The dark sky was soon replaced by a tiled tunnel and bright lights every few feet, the tunnel was to dirty to be called cream colored but to clean to be brown.

The truck came to an abrupt stop blocking any future cars to come this way, you gave Hoseok and worried look and he quickly squeezed your knee firmly. “Okay Y/n, there is going to be a ton of cars blocked off soon and when I grab your hand I want you to scream as loud as you can. Don’t think, just do. Take all that anger and sorrow you have inside and use it for what we are about to do.” You nodded hesitantly and watched as a few cars came to a halt and honked their horn that had never sounded so loud before. Four cars, turned to seven and eventually that turned to twelve, you hopped out of the bed once again and stood in front of the driver side door, the others (excluding Jin who was still in the drivers seat) lined up next to you.

Your heart boomed so loudly inside your chest you looked around to see if maybe someone heard it. Hoseok reached for your hand and squeezed it tight. “NOW Y/N.” Your mind flooded with images of Minho and the young women who took him away, memories of you and him etched into your memory like a regretful tattoo flew past your eye lids and soon all the memories and images came out into a loud scream that was camouflaged with six others. It felt so good and before you knew it Hoseok let go of your hand and ran straight into the ocean of honking cars, he chugged a bunch of his soda and spit it right at a cars closed window. Hoseok? What the hell..

Jimin climbed onto the hood of a car and poured the remaining contents on his drink all over it, V pulled out a can of spray paint and painted a huge red ‘X’ onto the windshield and before you could fathom the events that were occurring a hand grabbed your wrist and pulled your forward. “The trick is pretend the cars are someone who fucked you over, then just roll with it.” A slightly deeper voice whispered in your ear causing your heart to flutter slightly once you were fully aware of who it was. You looked at Yoongi and watched as he let go of your wrist, gave you a wink and threw a few fries at the windshields of a few honking cars.

You swallowed your fear and copied Hoseok’s action from earlier, you ran into Taehyung and snatched his spray paint away and claiming it as your own inspiring him to smile at your sudden wave of confidence. You let out another scream and marked a car with a long line of red paint, getting completely carried away. Yoongi came to you once more and snaked an arm around your waist.

“Time to run.” He threw his half empty soda at a car’s front lights and together you ran, you ran as fast as you possibly could, as fast as Yoongi was making you go. Jin turned the car and began driving his way out of the tunnel as the rest of you ran beside him giving him enough time to prepare to flee. Rap Monster jumped into the passenger seat as the rest of you hopped into the bed of the truck and screamed once more. You threw the last of your fries and smiled as the wind blew your hair everywhere. Never in your life had you felt so alive.

Hoseok grabbed your waist and kissed your head. “Welcome to the dark side Y/n, we’ve been expecting you.” Jungkook smiled brightly at you and patted your back softly. “I’m glad you joined us, you looked badass out there.”

Jimin hugged you tight ignoring the fact that Hoseok’s arm was still wrapped around you and whispered sweetly in your ear. “You won’t ever have to worry about someone hurting you while you have us.” Your heart swelled from all the love and compliments from the boys sitting in the bed of the truck with you. “Y/N STOLE MY SPARAY PAINT AND EVEN LOOKED BETTER THEN ME WHILE USING IT!” Taehyung shouted with a sight pout plastered onto his lips. Yoongi rolled his eyes at Taehyung’s remark and threw the wadded up To-Go fries bag at him. “V, anyone looks better then you,” he mocked before turning his attention to you.

“After you got over being little wimp you did pretty good.” Yoongi chuckled with a sly smile.

He was a bit on the grumpy side, giving all too many poker faces and snide remarks to the other members, but you were glad you caught him on a day that made him smile.

“So what do we do next?” You asked looking around at the faces around you. They all gave each other knowing smiles as you drowned in your own curiosity fully aware they weren’t going to tell you what was next.

“Having more fun.” Hoseok finally said, sending a playful wink your way.

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AM I THE FIRST ASK? I HOPE I'M THE FIRST ASK! Here's a purely, self indulgent ask. Could I get something with the UF and SF skele bros who's out on a first date with their super sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly S/O to lazer tagging, but when they get there, S/O turns into a raging badass commander, coldly strategizing the best way to win and demolishing the other team? Bonus if the S/O has an evil laugh when they win.

Sorry for the lateness of this one! It’s actually the first ask I got and answered, but Tumblr ate it and I couldn’t get it back… Regardless, I’ll do my best to make it even better than the first one ^.^

     ~ Underfell
Sans (Red)

Red really didn’t want to go to laser tag. You’re such a sweet, innocent little thing. What if you never got to get a shot in and started crying in the middle of the match? He didn’t really feel like taking a short-cut out of there just because you were too sweet for your own good. If anything, what if you decided the date was a bust because you were too nice to shoot anyone?! When the two of you ended up on different teams, the sweat was pouring down his skull.

For the first minute or so of the match, Red merely spent his time trying to find you. He didn’t get shot once, but had gotten ten or so hits already. However, despite how hard he tried, he couldn’t find you! While he was taking a break and leaning against one of the arena pieces, his vest beeped loudly, signalling a hit. Maniacal laughter sounded above him before you appeared, having jumped off the arena piece. Within moments, several members of your team appeared and your expression went stone cold. Commands flew from your mouth and they ran off without second guessing a word. As they ran off, you shot his newly reactivated vest, thanked him for taking you, and took off again.

After the match, your team was congratulating you despite the fact the different persona you’d had in there was nowhere to be seen. The second you had returned the vest and gun, a bony hand wrapped around your wrist and you were suddenly in Red’s room. “wanna use that commandin’ voice a’ yours now, doll?” If it gets passed kissing is completely up to you, but you don’t get to leave that bed for the rest of the day.

Papyrus (Edge)

Edge was bragging about how great he was going to do the entire time you two headed over there. He mentioned that he was the king of laser tag, and of course your team would win! The Great and Terrible Papyrus was here! As your team headed in, he told everyone that he would be in charge and not to question your presence because “MY DATEMATE IS THE KINDEST CREATURE ALIVE. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY THINK IT IS OKAY TO BE LIKE THAT, BUT THEY COULD NOT HURT EVEN A MEASLY BUG.” As he continues on to tell everyone how great he is, the timer starts. You’re shivering, feeling the anticipation, and Edge casts sidelong glances at you.

The second the match begins, your spine straightens and your face hardens. Commands fly from your lips at a rapid pace, and everyone, including Edge, rush to follow them. It’s a good thing it’s dark in here, because his hands are shaking. Throughout the entire match, you flash in and out of the darkness, giving orders and taking down your enemies with practiced shots.

As everyone leaves the arena, maniacal laughter is escaping you. It continues as the score board appears and you have the highest score of anybody - the best accuracy at 100%, best ‘kill’ number at 74, et cetra. In fact, you don’t return to your normal sweet self until the gun and vest leave your hands. You’re going to need to go find Edge though. He’s so surprised that his bones are audibly rattling. When he does finally snap out of it, he drags you off to help him create puzzles and schemes. You’re apparently a master strategist, and he’s not letting that get away.

     ~ Swapfell
Sans (Black)

Black is the most excited of the four. He’s bouncing with energy the whole time, forcibly pulling you into the laser tag hall. He’s so excited to show you how amazing he is (not like he really has to), and he can’t wait any longer! Honestly, though, he prefers Paintball. The only reason he chose laser tag was because he didn’t want anyone shooting real bullets (read: paintballs) at you. He gets your vest and gun for you, not even bothering to ask if your know how to put any of it on or use the gun before he ‘helps’. As the teams are decided and everyone goes inside, he starts giving out commands. It quickly devolves into a yelling match as your other teammates argue because he’s orders make no sense.

As the buzzer sounds, you force your way into the middle of the group and start yelling commands. Every shuts up and listens, except for Black. No… Black is too busy being in complete shock to even move. His eyelights follow you around as you bounce around and give more commands. As it stands, he doesn’t move until you tackle him out of the way of an approaching gunner. You shoot the incoming enemy while laying on top of him. Once the man runs off, you prop yourself a bit and smile down as Black. A blush is working its way across his face and it gets worse when you thank him for bringing you here and give him a kiss on the cheek. Laughter escapes as you shoot someone else who thought the two of you an easy target.

He stays there for the rest match, long after you hop back up and go back to giving orders.

After the match, several of the players go up to you and ask you to lead them during their state championship matches. You merely chuckle quietly, putting your stuff away and going back to Black. You’ll have to take off his stuff and bring that back, too, because he’s still dealing with his shock still. By the time you come back, he gives you a big hug and tells you how amazing you are (also that since you had such a good time, you obviously want to go another date so he’ll text you with the info).

The next day, Black shows up with a suitcase full of guns for you. Someone stop him.

Papyrus (Rus)

Rus only decided to go because you really wanted to. He’s not a huge fan of things that involve guns, especially if you are also involved, but he won’t argue with what you want to do. You’re his deity, and whatever you say goes. As the vests light up, signalling teams, he starts trembling. He was willing to deal with fighting with you, but against you?! As everyone takes their places inside the arena, he decided that he’d just find you and watch your back anyway. You were much more important than some stupid match.

As the alarm sounds, beginning the match, Rus takes a short cut to your side of the arena. Where he expected to find you and some teammates hiding behind some set pieces, he finds nothing. He did, however, hear evil laughter sounding throughout the area. Starting to feel a bit concerned, he moved to head through the middle when you flashed by, vaulting over a set piece taller than him, two teammates behind you. You shot two enemies, turning quickly to shoot him. A wave later, you were back to your laughter and commands. If he focused hard enough, he could hear your cold commands flying throughout the field.

Rus got the worst score, but he didn’t care. There was really only a few thoughts on his mind. He wanted to date you forever. Gods, you were quickly becoming even better than a goddess in his mind. He hadn’t even thought that was possible??? The biggest thought he had though, was when he’d get to hear that commanding voice of yours directed at him.

Birthday Parents (2/4)

A series of drabbles based on the request: Can you write something for Gillian’s and David’s birthday with Eaden and her siblings, please? Maybe in the Vancouver house.

It was long after midnight, almost three hours into his 57th birthday, when David tentatively knocked on Piper’s bedroom door and waited for her reply before slowly pushing it open.

The only light in the room came from the lamp on the nightstand, which was turned around so it wouldn’t illuminate the bed, and bother the sleep of the little three year old who was sprawled out on it.

Her older sister was lying beside her over the covers with her legs crossed and a book on her lap. She was smiling tiredly at him, and he reciprocated it with an apologetic one. From what she’d texted him, and knowing his little daughter, it must’ve been one hell of an evening for Gillian’s eldest daughter.

“Hey,” David whispered and came closer.

Around midnight, Gillian had received a message letting them know that Eaden had woken up from a nightmare and was standing in front of their bedroom, crying heartbreakingly. Because of their birthday presents, apparently. During recess, Gillian had called Piper, who was still busy soothing a very upset Eaden, who’d apparently dreamed that she’d broken her promise by telling Mommy what Daddy had gotten her for her birthday. But what was really upsetting her was her thinking that Gillian didn’t have anything for David’s birthday. Which would obviously make Daddy very, very sad.

Oh this little girl with her big heart and the over-active, beautiful mind - she was keeping them all on their toes, that was for sure.

“Hey, David,” Piper replied and put her book aside. “How was the evening? Did you have a good time after all?” she asked quietly.

“It was fantastic. I just hope she didn’t give you that much of a hard time, even though I know she did.”

Piper chuckled and slowly pulled the covers from Eaden’s tiny form. She was lying on her back, sucking on her thumb while holding Ruben, the green bunny, close to her chest.

“It was okay. She cried a little more after we talked on the phone, but basically fell asleep once I lay her down. She just didn’t want to be alone. She’s out for a good two hours, though. I think you’re safe.”

“Okay, thank you very much, Piper.”

“I’m sorry the night ended like this. Bet you had a different outcome in mind,” she said with a rueful smile as David gently lifted Eaden off the bed.

“It wouldn’t be a proper date-night without such an incident, would it?” he quipped and kissed Eaden’s temple as her head came to a rest on his shoulder

“I guess not, no.”

“Good night, P. Sleep well,” he said and was about to turn around when she suddenly called out for him to wait and got up.

“Happy birthday, David.” She held out her arms and as he opened one of his’, embraced him and Eaden in a bear hug. “I hope it’s a good one! I love you,” she whispered against his chest and squeezed his back.

“Thank you, sweetie. I couldn’t have imagined a better start into my 57th year of life than being with you guys.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Good night,” Piper said and released him. “And don’t sleep in too long, there might be a special breakfast waiting for you tomorrow morning,” she winked and grinned up at him.

The times when Eaden didn’t wake up when putting her to bed were long gone, so David wasn’t surprised when a pair of crystal blue eyes were looking up at him when he pulled her colorful blanket up and tucked it under her arms, just the way she liked it.

“Hey, little slugger. How are you doing?” he asked softly and set down beside her.

“Good,” Eaden said sleepily and rubbed her eyes. “Where have you been, Daddy?”

“Mommy and I went out together for my birthday. Do you remember?” he asked and put the bunny right beside her on the cushion. 

“Did you get a pwesent from Mommy?” she asked, and suddenly, there was that familiar sparkle of curiosity in her eyes he knew all too well. He smiled.

“I did get a present from her, yes! She took me out to dinner to a very, very nice restaurant and surprised me with concert tickets,” he said quietly, stroking over her soft, blonde hair as she relaxed back into her pillow. “So we had a wonderful evening listening to some great music.”

“Did you dance?”

“Yes, we danced, honey.”

“Did you give her a kiss?”

“Yes, I promise I gave her a lot of kisses to show her how grateful I was for that wonderful present. Were you scared Mommy didn’t get me one?” he asked cautiously, not wanting to upset her again, but to make sure she was fine again. He felt guilty, very much so, for not realizing how much the whole thing had bothered her that she ended up being so overwhelmed by her emotions.

“No,” she stated, shaking her head confidently, and David had to bite on his bottom lip to hold back a laugh. “Mommy loves you, Daddy. I know that.”

“Oh?” he raised his eyebrow as in surprise.

“Yeah,” she nodded slowly, and David could tell that her eyes grew heavier by the second. “I’m sleepy now. We can talk tomorrow,” she murmured, turned to the side and buried her face into her bunny’s belly.

“Alright, I’m looking forward to it. Good night, sweetheart,” he said and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

Sometimes, David wondered what they had done right to deserve this little girl, but when in the last seconds of consciousness she whispered, “Happy birthday, Daddy and Mommy,” before she finally drifting off to sleep, he said a silent thank you to whoever, or whatever, had blessed them beyond measure.

His Hair: Part 3

I got the last part finished for you guys, so here it is! @strongenoughfoundation you asked to be tagged, so I couldn’t forget to, haha. Hope you like it! More is coming soon! :3

The third time you noticed, you were at home, messing around in the kitchen.

You didn’t normally cook that much (as you were admittedly not very good at it), but you liked the simple distraction it offered on lonely evenings. And it was a lonely evening. Lin wouldn’t be back until a little later; something was going on today with a few cast members that he hadn’t told you about. When you’d asked what it was, he just got this nervous, goofy smile on his face and said it was a surprise.

So, you may or may not have been dying to know what it was all day. But you’d have to wait, so you knew that you should try to keep yourself busy until then.

Sighing to yourself, you leaned against the counter and squinted at the cook book propped open before you. The side of your half-zipped jacket flopped off your arm as you did, but you didn’t bother to pull it up. It was a jacket of Lin’s after all, it’d been falling off of you all day because it was too big. But you liked it too much to not wear it.

“Ugh, I need a bowl,” you muttered under your breath. Straightening up, you cast a glare up at the shelves above you. You weren’t very tall, so this was bound to be interesting. Lifting up onto your toes, you reached up as high as you could. You could get the cabinet open fine, but the mixing bowl you needed was on the highest shelf inside. “Dammit,” you mumbled, dancing around on your toes to stay balanced and swiping at the bowl in vain. “Goddammit, why am I short?”

“Need some help?”

The arrival of another voice scared the crap out of you and you yelped as a pair of arms snaked around your waist from behind. It took you only a moment to recognize the voice as Lin’s though, and you relaxed with a huff. “Lin, you gave me a heart attack,” you complained, automatically setting your hands atop his on your stomach.

He snickered and you felt him leaning his forehead against the back of your head, lips touching your neck. “Sorry,” he mumbled into your skin, breath warm and sending a delighted thrum down your spine.

Sighing defeatedly, you relaxed against him, back against his chest. You didn’t feel much need to talk at the moment, though you were already starting to wonder what his “surprise” had been. But it was nice to just…be together after a day apart. You felt a sleepy contentedness in his arms and decided that you could stay like this for the rest of the day. His lips grazed your neck again and you tilted your head to invite more. He pressed soft kisses up the line of your throat to the place beneath your ear and you tried to hide the way your breath hitched. Suddenly, you weren’t so sleepy anymore.

“S—so what was the surprise you wanted to show me?” you asked. You needed some kind of distraction from him or you were going to forget all about what you were cooking two minutes ago.

He laughed sheepishly, starting to withdraw his arms from you. “Well, uh…I guess I just hope you like it.”

Your curiosity was definitely piqued now and you were grinning as you made to turn around. “What is it?” you asked eagerly. “Did you—?” You broke off with a surprised gasp, as you came face-to-face with a nervous Lin.

His fingers slid into his jeans pockets and he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, a sure sign that he was uneasy. But that wasn’t what had made you gasp. It was his hair.

He’d cut it. The messy bun you’d grown used to was replaced by a shorter, dark wave that swept over his forehead and edged down toward his eye. You blinked, not quite used to the way it made him look now. “Wow, you really got it all cut,” you remarked, stepping closer.

He gave you a hesitant smile, biting his lip. “Do you like it?”

You had to smile back, because this was Lin being bashful, and it was honestly too cute. “Let me see,” you chirped, walking up to him with head cocked in mock thoughtfulness. When you were close enough, you slipped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss. There was a quiet noise of surprise and then he was kissing you back, tilting his head. His hands moved to your waist to reel you in closer and he did that thing you loved, biting gently on your bottom lip. You slid your hands up into his hair in reply, marveling at the cut strands feathering between your fingers. Then you curled your fingers in it and pulled. Lin whimpered against your mouth and you grinned, pulling away to lean your foreheads together.

“Yeah,” you breathed, looking into those soulful eyes you loved, “I like it. I really like it.”

He huffed a laugh, breathless and shaky. “Thank God. It would’ve taken me a while to grow it out again.”

“You’d do that for me?”



“Only because you said you really liked it now.”

“Uh-huh, sure.”

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A concept: after some disaster or another, Wonder Woman appears in National City to train Kara. Very early in this training, Maggie teases her for having Thoughts™ about Diana. Kara protests that she looks at *plenty* of her female friends that way. Maggie tilts her head. Things click. Diana is supportive.

It starts, as most things in Kara’s life seem to, with running late.

It starts with a missed alarm, a frantic rush up the elevator and into Snapper’s office, and a desperate prayer that he will not yet have noticed her absence.

(He has.)

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Silver Lining ⦁ I.M

i.m x reader ➠ requested by anonymous—”fluffy changkyun scenario.”

warnings: none. genre: fluff. word count: 989 a/n: this was super vague so i just ran with it the only way i know how… with stupid humour and dumb scenarios.

Originally posted by iamonstax

After a week of rain you were overjoyed to wake up one morning and find sunlight streaming through your blinds. Usually you aren’t much of a morning person but this morning was a special one–you had to call Changkyun and make sure he was free to enjoy the sunshine.

Do you have any idea what time it is?” is the first thing he said to you that day.

“It’s not like you’re a stranger to waking up early.”

There’s silence on the other end and for a moment you’re worried he’s fallen asleep but– “Yeah, I know, I’ve been up for an hour already.” He laughed loudly and you realised that the other members must be awake too. “Figured you’d call me when you saw the weather so I didn’t bother waking you.

“How do you know me so well?”

You could actually picture his exaggerated shrug before he replied. “I love you, don’t I? Anyway, am I picking you up or what?

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could you do a drabble where newt and reader just came home from a small date and theyre literally so happy but still arent sure the other reciprocates their feelings but then they kiss and then one of them (preferably newt) says "oh, there's no way i'm done kissing you." idk its something thats been bothering me for a while have a great day love ♪

“Would you like to come in?” You mumble, face already turning a bright red as you ask the question. You pray he won’t misunderstand. You just want to spend more time together. He’s a fantastic man—funny, interesting, cute—and you want to spend more time with him.

You fiddle with your keys, eyes fixed on how them gleam in the light over your front porch. Oh Merlin, what if he doesn’t want to come in? What if he thinks you mean something else? What if he’s really just waiting for a chance to disappear? He seems kind enough to not outright reject you; what if he says yes but doesn’t really want to?

You bite your lip. “You don’t have to. I was just thinking you may like some water or a snack.”

Merlin’s beard, this is horrible.

He himself seems nervous, hands shoved deep in his pockets, eyes avoiding your own as he nods. “I’d love to if you’ll have me.”

You glance at him, searching his expression for any hesitation but find none. “I’m sorry if it’s a little messy.”

He chuckles and shrugs. “I don’t really mind a mess.”

“Okay.” You give him a nervous smile before turning and fumbling with the keys, cursing yourself in your head when it takes a few tries to turn the lock. You look over your shoulder as you push the door open. “Dumb thing likes to stick.”

“I could look at it if you’d like.”

You shake your head quickly. “That’s all right. I don’t want to make you work at all. I’ve already put you through enough this evening.”

“Please,” he replies as he steps past you, “I’ve been the one wasting your evening.”

Your palms start to sweat when he says that. Does he think you haven’t enjoyed the date? Oh Merlin, that’s not at all how you feel. You’ve loved every second of it. For a while there, you’d even been able to relax. Then you’d worked up the courage somehow to slip your hand into his on the walk home, setting the nest of butterflies waiting in your stomach all night into motion. You’d become an utter wreck, wondering the entire time if you were gripping his hand too hard, if he was interested in you, if he even wanted to be walking you back to your house. You second guessed yourself so much, you considered pulling your hand away, but you figured you were in too deep. It would seem weird if halfway home you just dropped his grasp.

So you’d walked here hand-in-hand, exchanging light conversation, absolutely exhilarated by how amazing Newt is.

“Not at all!” You blurt out. You close your eyes, kicking yourself. Why can’t you just act normal?

Newt recovers enough of his sense to raise an eyebrow. “You aren’t annoyed by me yet?”

“No. I don’t see how anyone could be. Your stories are fascinating.”

He pulls a hand from his pocket to rub the back of his neck. “You’re in the minority of people.”

You frown, speaking without thinking. “Well, the majority is stupid, then.”

You run a hand through your hair, staring wide-eyed at the floor, embarrassed by your candid confession.

Newt, though, smiles, cheeks pink. “I tend to call them boring.”

“Either way, they’re wrong.” You mutter, ending the conversation.

The floor creaks as you shift your weight from one foot to the other and try desperately to come up with something to say to end the silence.

Before you can, though, Newt clears his throat. “I realize I haven’t told you just how lovely you look tonight.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“I know it’s the first date, so don’t feel pressured to say yes, but…” he trails off, taking a deep breath before glancing up at you, head bowed, hand paused on the back of his neck. “Would it be all right if I kissed you?”

Your face may as well be an oven for hot it gets as you begin stuttering and stammering. “Oh, I, I don’t, I mean, that’d be…”

Newt interrupts you with a raised eyebrow, his own face as red as yours must be. “Yes?”

You let a long breath through your lips as you scratch your upper arm. “Yes.”

He chuckles and steps forward.

Your heart nearly stops when he brushes back your hair and rests a hand on your cheek. He’s so close you can see the light freckles crossing his nose and damn, they’re so adorable.

His eyes search your face as the corners of his lips twitch up into a sweet smile. The butterflies in your stomach storm around as he tilts his head and leans in, pressing a light kiss to your lips. It’s gentle, just one kiss that he holds for a few seconds, one kiss that’s soft and tender and sweet and sends you floating on air, one kiss that you won’t forget.

When he pulls away, you have to swallow three times before you can speak. “I, um, that was nice.”

He laughs lightly. “To say the least.”

You don’t drop his gaze as you search his eyes, trying to identify every shade that makes up their gorgeous color while you murmur, “It’s getting late.” Though you don’t want to, you begin to step away. “I don’t want to keep you.”

Newt grins, it’s nervous but lovely. “There’s no way I’m done kissing you yet.”

You can’t help your own smile. “Well, if that’s how you feel…”

He smiles and closes the distance between you again, and you wouldn’t mind if the night never ends.

Analysis of Kidge
  • When i watched VLD for the first time i was simply amazed by quality. The fact that Dream Works did such a great job on this reboot made my heart skip a beat.
  • All the characters have very nice designs and I.Love.It. Must say i like how they change Pidge into a girl - she is my favourite character(so far) and the possibilities for ships in this show are incredibly. Problematic. For me.
  • Or at least were.
  • When it comes to shipping, i'm usually waiting until the last episode to judge, if those characters could work for me as ship or otp. I love to turn on my analytical thinking on. (that's just how i roll lol) You know - "interaction quality". At first i (what's suprising) din't focus on Klance, the most popular and loved ship or any other ship in particular. My attention drew Pidge x Shiro.(i know, don't get triggered now ok? let me explain)
  • They were just adorable leader - haker team, linked by the situation with Matt and their father. I need to say this, i did ship them romanticaly... But, i found out that she is a litlle younger than him and then Shiro just dissapeared in the last episode of season 2. Poof. Heartbroken lol jk.
  • So my hart was a little confused but i moved on quickly.
  • I decided to rewatch Voltron, just for fun, look for things i did not notice before or just animation errors. Or ANALYSING PLOTS DIRECTION.
  • Guess what happend. Ironically i found fanart of the last couple i could think of. Kidge/Peith.
  • My first reaction was really stupid and bad like :
  • "what is this, who made this, why them together, i don't understand this at all, they don't have much screen time together, did i missed something, must check it out myself and judge"
  • I was really suprised. Like, i don't know why actually.
  • Turns out i was not paing enough analytic attention.
  • It really bothered me so i ended up rewatching voltron just to UNDERSTAND why some people ships Kidge. Seriously.
  • (At that point i was shipping everything BUT KIDGE)
  • And it was good choice to check it out.
  • I was analysing literally EVERY little thing. Like some frikin' conspiracy theory fanatic. And i put my shippers google on.
  • Thats the irony of this situation. Because i find more quality in Kidge than i was expecting. It's true, for some reason they really don't have much time-bonding on screen and i hope it will change in season 3. I don't understand why.
  • If we take a look at things from 80s - they were like ... Best Friends forever.
  • BUT let's go back to VLD. When Keith and Katie do have time on screen together. Ooh. Dude. It's... Really something interesting to watch and think of.
  • Not just because it's suppouse to be cute or whatever, but to understand deepness of the whole show and characters.
  • Both, Pidge/Katie and Keith had someone close to them who was tooked by Zarcons force - Katies brother and father, Keiths dear friend Shirogane Takashi, who (acording to scene where Keith is talking to Shiros hologram) was like brother to him.
  • (brother-zone, thanks Keith for breaking my dreams of Sheith. Still gona ship platonicaly though.)
  • Katie joined the academy, Keith dropped out. Both were devoted and driven by need to search for the answers.
  • Both are inteligent, stubborn and could be daring.
  • Both are not really good when it comes to socialise with people, althoug Pidge is slightly better at this than Keith, who usually plays the role of the lone wolf of Voltron. (not really, he is emo cinnamon roll)
  • Both become voltron arms, side by side working as Sword and Shield of Voltron.
  • It's not just comparisson. They are different in some aspects which brings great balance between them as a duo.
  • Keith is the intuition and feelings, Kaite intelect and logic of Voltron.
  • Just like human left and right side of brain, lions of Voltron working together making it whole.
  • They interactions are not like the rest of palladins, and im not biasing right now to prove my point. There is much more to it than that.
  • It's just pure neutral analysis. When Keith and Lance were showing sings on certain mission it was problematic at first for them to understand each other.
  • While the Keith and Pidge needed only ONE nod to know what is the other one thinking, able to cooperate in case to attack the intruder.
  • That's exacly what makes me interested in this ship.
  • Not sweetness of them. Not becuse it look good/bad. Not the single moments, fanarts, fanfics,of them. But the wonderful pleasure and possibility of analising it just for fun and thinking about the future episodes.
  • Disclaimer :
  • 1. a)they are not my only otp/brotp/ or whatever. I'm a multishipper, and i respect all of the opinions.
  • If you don't like it. I understand and not gonna hate you becuse of that.
  • b) Simply becuse i like all of the characters. Yes, even Galra race needs some love.
  • 2. English it's not my first language, so sorry for every grammar mistake i did in text. Hopefully it's not that bad.
  • 3. I like to draw fanarts of different ships in Voltron, so if you have a problem with that, i'm sorry but it's not gonna change. After all we are all part of the one big fandom. Just like Voltron. We should at least respect each others oppinions.

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I sent a message about 707 reacting to mc being sad but can it be the whole crew instead? I didn't realize and I'm sorry!

no problem!! and writing this really cheered me up, so i hope it will also cheer up you guys as well! if you are stressed, feel free to come and message me! under the cut due to length!!!

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First of all, thank you for doing the KBTBB cheating/forgiving headcanon. It was more than I expected, and it was longer than expected which made me want to request more. I'm sorry to be a bother, and I don't mind waiting. Can you make a KBTBB one in which a loved one or family memeber (anyone, really) dies and MC was devastated by his/her death and the guys comfort him? Angsty, I know. But I do love your cheesy headcanons!

KBTBB guys comfort MC when someone close to her dies

a/n: @flairandflaunt I know you said didn’t mind waiting, but I’m sorry this took so damn long :( No one deserves to wait for too long. I honestly hope you like this piece. Thank you for appreciating my pieces, nonetheless.

Warning: The piece below contains some suggestive themes. Please read at your own discretion.


               Today was another boring, uneventful day.

               …well, not that he minded. The past few months were filled with unnamed threats, bombings, and scandals at the Tres Spades, and frankly, he was tired of dealing with all that. Having peacefully monotonous days was a luxury to someone as busy as he was.

               And besides, she was right there next to him. She was on the other end of the couch, lazily reading her novel while he was idly checking out restaurant reservations on his phone. He really couldn’t ask for a more perfect predicament.

               “Hm, we haven’t really gone out in a while, have we?” she passively commented.

               “Oh, did you miss me that much while I was gone?” he teasingly replied. Unbeknownst to her, he was already making the necessary arrangements for their next date.

               “Whatever, Eisuke,” she huffed and looked the other way. Heh, cute as always.

               At that moment, her phone went off before he could tease her any further. She recognized the number as her mother’s, and her face lit up. Immediately, she brought the phone to her ear and pressed the talk button with fervor. He went back to using his own phone.

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Hello! I have been living on your blog for the past few days, and all I can say is that it's freaking amazing! I'm writer myself so I can tell that you are bunch of talented writers, so maybe any of you could write a scenario??? It's Jungkook smut where his girlfriend is a bit perverted and during practice break starts to tease him by talking dirty to him? pretty please~ (。•́︿•̀。) (sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language and I never requested before T~T(it's nerve wrecking))

Hey guys! its been a while since I’ve written something! So i hope you enjoy <3

~~ Admin Abbie

Smut warning

Jungkook x Reader

Drive me crazy with your words

The hot room was filled with heavy breathing and squeaking shoes across the hardwood as the boys practiced. Today Bangtan had invited you to come and watch their practice and give your input. It was convenient for them considering you were and ARMY but you were also dating their youngest member Jeon Jungkook so you got along well with all the members.

Their new comeback was approaching and they were training hard so you didn’t get to see Jungkook very much so this was a good chance to spend some time with him and the boys as well. But you had a bit of a….Situation..

Over this intense practice time and the absence of Jungkook you also had a very barren sex life….And lets just say you were starving for it. And sitting here watching Jungkook….you could see the way his chest moved up and down and the sweat that fell down his face and down his neck almost as if it was mocking you…. his white t-shirt that was nearly transparent to the point you could see his fit silhouette through it.

Your body was just begging for him to touch it….you were craving his lips and his hands ravishing your body. That’s all you wanted! but he was just so busy you and him could never find the right time for it.

He didn’t look upset about this at all!! and your over here getting all hot and bothered by yourself…well things are about to change. The choreographer called a 10 minute break and then Jungkook came over and grabbed his water from you and you wiped his sweat for him.

“So what do you think Y/N? is it looking good?”

“Yea it is!”

‘But you are looking way better…’ you thought

“Great! i’m so glad you could make it today! you are the best”

Jungkook leaned down and captured your lips in a quick but passionate kiss, you loved the way his kisses made you feel….in this case it only fueled your fire more.

As Jungkook pulled away you reached your arms up and wrapped them around his neck and pulled him into a hug. He quickly hugged you back and you could feel his smile against your skin.

You brought your mouth to his ear and slightly nibbled on it causing Jungkook to jump slightly. 

“Let me tell you…a little secret Jungkook.” You whispered in his ear

You could tell his body got tense at the sound of your voice and you knew..You had his complete attention.

“One thing I’ve noticed about you today….is that you really can move your hips baby….Better then i can…when i ride you..But of course, i haven’t showed you…all my tricks yet.”

You let go of him and pulled away from the embrace and looked at him, His face was blank and his lips were slightly parted from the shock. You giggled and winked at him before walking away and swinging your hips a little more then usual.

The 10 minute break ended and the boys were back to practice but this time, Jungkook was just a little more extra with his hips. It seems like you sparked a little something.

You internally applauding yourself for knowing what gets him going..But you weren’t done yet. You still needed to push a little more to get what you really want.

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BAP getting jealous over someone flirting with their significant other?

Tumblr is finally working for me!! Finally, I am back in action and hopefully will get more to you in the next few days. Here’s a few mini-scenarios for you since I have been so poor in posting for a while. I hope you enjoy [:

Yongguk: He hated these things.  These stupid company gatherings to celebrate one thing or another.  They were honestly just an excuse for the CEOs and other greedy shareholders to get together and brag about how much money was dumped into their accounts since the last time they were all together - money that Yongguk and other idols have worked their asses off to earn.  Not to mention, loitering in some hotel conference room and pretending to be interested in what these narcissistic people had to say was precious time wasted when he could be doing something productive like writing a new song or working on a mix.  Instead, he gets to sit and grind his teeth as one of the financial people talk his ear off and you sit across the room with a drink in your hand, feigning amusement over whatever that suited asshole had to say to you.   

It physically pained Yongguk not to be able to march across the room and stake his claim.  Past experiences brought on insecurities and it drove him absolutely nuts; he couldn’t pay attention to anything else.  But there was nothing he could do without going public with your relationship which would open a whole can of worms neither of you was ready for.  Instead, he could only stare longingly at you from across the room, hoping and praying that the night would end soon and he could later comfort himself with you in his arms where you belonged.

Yongguk wouldn’t be one to be too outward with his jealousy.  He prefers to be a private person and most of his darker feelings tend to get released in music rather than actions.  He may stare with a blank face at the guy having the nerve to flirt with you, but that’s about as far as he will go.  Granted, he may bring it up with you later, only to sooth the insecurities that are a result of being wronged in the past.  But he will be very good at being civil and level headed while conversing with you about it.

Himchan: B.A.P wore bright, wide smiles as they exited the stage, a new trophy in their possession.  Himchan was on cloud nine, so excited to share the news with you until he spied you talking with one of the sound guys who kept flirtatiously touching you.  His only comfort was the very obvious discomfort upon your face as you tried to gracefully dodge the guy’s advances. At the same time, it peeved Himchan all the more that you had to endure an awkward situation because the guy couldn’t take a hint.

There was absolutely no hesitation from Himchan as he closed the distance between you, wrapping a possessive arm around your waist and laid a quick kiss on your cheek.  “Jagi!  We won!” he announced, completely ignoring the other man’s presence while making his relationship with you pretty obvious.  The man would only receive a quick glare from Himchan as he pulled you away to join the rest of B.A.P in celebration.  

Himchan just kind of seems a bit on the possessive side to me.  It’s not so much that he sees women as objects or anything like that, settle down you feminists.  He just likes people to know that his girl is his girl and he’s not sharing.  Though he tries not to be too much of a jerk, he can definitely be pretty cold toward any guy that looks at his lady too long. With you, he tries his best to keep his jealousy at bay, but he can’t help the unconscious hand he keeps laced with yours or on your hip as a subtle announcement that you are taken.

Daehyun: It’s been a while since Daehyun last hit the club scene.  Things with the group had been busy, and then he met you.  You weren’t much of a club type yourself, but it was your birthday and you were in Korea.  It just wouldn’t be right not to have yourself a couple sojus and maybe a shot or two.  At least, that’s what Dae had told you.  He was more than happy to be your designated driver and watch you in amusement as you drunkenly swayed your hips on the dance floor, seemingly trying to seduce him.  He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t working, but surely there would be no sexy times by the time you got home. He was confident you would be down for the count as soon as you made it to the car.

“I think it’s time to start winding down for the night.  I’m going to go get you a water,” Dae hollered to you over the music before stealing a kiss and heading toward the bar to get you your promised drink.

By the time Daehyun had your hydrating beverage in hand, there was another man on the dance floor trying to attach himself to you.  In your drunken state, you tried to turn him away but stumbled over your heels, nearly falling into his arms instead.  Luckily, Dae had snuck up behind you in time to wrap an arm around your waist and pull you into his own embrace.  He smiled down at you as you giggled and placed your hand over his, swaying your hips against his.  After laying a quick kiss on your shoulder, he lifted a snarky grin to the man that still stood before you.  “Sorry friend, but this one’s going home with me tonight… and tomorrow… and intently the rest of our lives.  But thanks for noticing how beautiful she is,” he curtly told the man as he handed you the plastic cup of water he held in his other hand.

Jealousy doesn’t often creep up on this guy.  He’s pretty confident in your relationship together and usually finds other men’s advances more amusing than anything.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional annoyance toward other men when they take things too far.  It’s not so much jealousy as it is disgruntlement that you are put in a situation you’re uncomfortable with.  Deep down, he gets quite a bit of enjoyment out of putting other men in their place and rubbing it in their face that he gets to call you his.

Youngjae: You laughed aloud at the latest sassy comment Youngjae had for his fellow members as you stood in line at the coffee shop. How someone with such a sweet face could speak such things never ceased to amaze you.  It was perhaps one of the many qualities that kept you firmly by his side.  There was certainly never a dull moment in his presence.  

“Good morning.  What’ll it be, Beautiful?” the barista asked you once you stepped to the counter.  Before you could even open your mouth to reply, Youngjae’s sharp words cut through the air.

“Do you greet all your patrons that way or only the ones accompanied by their boyfriends?”

The man behind the counter blinked as you gave your boyfriend a warning glare.  “I’m sorry.  It was just a compliment.  I didn’t realize you were together.”

Youngjae gave the young man his famous sarcastic smile.  “Right,” he commented.  “That will be two white chocolate mochas with an extra shot of espresso.  Thanks.”  You couldn’t help but to bite your lip and give the poor barista a silent apology as you pushed your boyfriend to the end of the counter where your drinks would be served.  As flattering as his outright jealousy could be, there were definitely moments where you would much rather melt to a puddle and escape your embarrassment through the floorboards.  “I don’t get how anyone could possibly assume you’re single when I’m standing right next to you!” Youngjae continued to rant quietly.

With another eye roll, you give him a playful nudge.  “It’s probably because I’m so far out of your league,” you teased, grinning up at the playful snarl he threw back at you.

Youngjae wouldn’t be one to bother hiding his jealousy.  Instead, he would do whatever in his power to diffuse the situation.  Whether it be sending the other guy a warning glare or throwing a snarky comment their way, he’d make it perfectly clear that you are taken and he disapproves of the attention they are giving you.

Jongup: The crowd was slowly clearing as you slowly managed your way in the direction of the bleachers you had seen Jongup seated with Daehyun, Youngjae, and Zelo as they watched you defeat your opponent at the tennis match.  With the thrill of victory added to your excitement of seeing your boyfriend for the first time in several months while he was away on tour, you wore the brightest smile you could manage.  It only widened as you made eye contact with your grinning boyfriend who stood only ten more feet away.

As you stepped in his direction, another man stepped in front of you with a smile of his own, causing yours to falter as you lost eyesight of Jongup.  “You looked really good out there.  How ‘bout I take you out for a congratulatory meal?” the man offered with a sleazy sideways grin.  It took every ounce of willpower to not grimace at the man, but you reminded yourself of the importance of manners and instead gave him a small smile as you politely declined his offer.  Unfortunately, this man refused to take no for an answer.  To your relief, Jongup was at your side before you needed to awkwardly sidestep another advance from the man.  The stranger took quick notice.  “Oh, is this your boyfriend?”  He chuckled.  “You sure you don’t want to date a real man, Sweety?”

Jongup remained silent, staring at the guy with his lips tightly molded together and carefully controlled in a flat line to hide the real emotions simmering beneath the surface.  Though he did his best to suppress his laser-eyed glare, you caught the slight twitch in the corner of his eye.  He was obviously bothered by the man’s comment but made no remark of his own.  Instead, he simply laced his fingers with yours, earning himself a reassuring smile from yourself before you turned your attention to the stranger.

“I’m fairly certain I am dating a fine man with a very admirable respect for women.  Perhaps you should take note and you would have yourself a girl and would no longer need to hit on a taken woman and embarrass yourself.”  You gave the man a sarcastic smile.  “I wish you the best with that.  Have a nice day, okay?”  The man stood shocked as you pulled Jongup along with you.

Jongup would be a silent sufferer in his jealousy.  Though he would do his best to mask his annoyance with the situation, it’s still pretty dern clear that he is unhappy with another man making advances on his girl.  The poor boy would have much to say, but he’s aware that there is quite a difference between the things he wants to say and what actually comes out of his mouth.  This is why he remains so quiet, even long after the situation passes.  His ego would probably take a hit and he’ll need a bit of nurturing to return to his usual self.  This is why he needs to be protected!

Zelo: Zelo could hardly begin to express how much it mean to him that you got on well with his hyungs.  Though he knew quite early in your relationship that he was falling quite easily for you, it took him some time to introduce you to the others in fear of how they would react to you.  In hindsight, those fears were completely misplaced.  In fact, there are times he finds himself a little uncomfortable with just how well you get along with Daehyun and Youngjae in particular.  He certainly wasn’t worried that you would ever be unfaithful to him or that his hyungs would ever do anything that would hurt him.  Still, it didn’t make it any easier to watch you laugh heartily with the two while he sat across the room discussing work with Bang.

Yongguk’s question hung in the air as Junhong stared longingly across the room. The leader didn’t even have to follow the young member’s gaze to know exactly what he was looking at. With a sympathetic smile, he patted Zelo on the shoulder and suggested a break to give the maknae the chance to steal you away from the others and set his nerves right.

Zelo didn’t need a second invitation.  Without hesitation he crossed the room and grabbed your hand, silently pulling you from the others and leading you out of the dorm.  As soon as you were out the door he turned around and pulled you into his embraced, sighing as he rested his chin atop your head.  You stood stiffly, unsure of what to make of his actions, but you needn’t question them before he spoke.  “I’m sorry. I guess I just got a little jealous watching you with Daehyun and Youngjae,” he admitted sheepishly.  “It’s selfish, but I want to be the only man to make you smile and laugh like that.  I share everything else with them; I don’t want to have to share you too.”

Zelo would be another silent sufferer until an intervention from one of his hyungs.  It may be a subtle intervention in the form of a little hint or two to get him to talk to you about it, or even blatantly shoving him in your direction and giving him no choice in the matter - it depends on which hyung he’s dealing with.  Overall, he’ll eventually come to you with his discomfort and talk it out like the mature young man he is.


It was a long weekend for both you and Harry, no plans or anyone to bother the two of you. You had taken up reading a book outside while Harry watched football inside. After about thirty minutes outside reading you were getting distracted by the loud sound of the tv on. Putting the book down and going inside, you decided to sit down with Harry. He was wearing his black workout shorts and no shirt, his hair messy from his hands running through it.

You didn’t pay much attention to the game on tv since it wasn’t really interesting to you. Noticing the way Harry was sitting on the couch, with his legs spread and his hands resting on his thighs dangerously close to his crotch. Watching as he mindlessly scratched at the skin of his thigh, pulling the material of the shorts up higher. It made your mouth water at the sight of his thighs.

They had always been so thick and you loved them. Especially when he was pounding into you and you could feel them against the backs of your own legs, or when you were on your knees sucking him off and had to hold onto them because of how good he was. You’d had countless sleepless nights because of the feeling of his thighs pressed against you.

It wasn’t like a super secret thing you kept from him, he just didn’t know that the past week and a half you’d been having wet dreams about riding his thigh. Just thinking about how it would feel and that fact that he could make you cum, probably really hard by just his thigh, was haunting.


Looking up at his face, you hummed and glanced back down at his thighs again. He got distracted by the whistle on the screen and reached over for your leg, pulling it over his thighs. He didn’t know how in your head you were torturing yourself about how amazing it would feel to be sitting on them.

You could feel the dampness in your panties start to get worse and crawled over to Harry’s lap. Sitting yourself right in his lap, you cupped his cheeks and kissed him deeply. His hands gripped onto your hips tightly as his tongue slipped into your mouth.

“Mmm Harry….” You moaned out and slowly started to rock yourself against him. Since you were dressed in a big shirt and panties it was easy to feel the friction from his shorts against your center. Running your fingers up his chest and around his neck, you grabbed at the short hairs behind his neck.

His hands wrapped around and slipped to your ass, giving it a tight squeeze and throwing you a devilish smile. He pushed your hips down and rocked them against the bulge forming in his shorts, a groan coming from deep in his throat.

“Fuck baby yeh gotten yourself all worked up eh? Can feel yeh basically dripping for me.”

Suddenly two fingers slipped past your panties and started to rub over your clit. A loud gasp left you and you rocked against his thigh. Tingles shot through you as you did it again. The rocking was set by the pace of his fingers working your clit and he was going dangerously slow.

“Harry please fuck! Take them off-oh god yes please….” He ripped your panties off of you and threw them to the floor, running his fingers up your slit and then going back to your clit. “Tell me what yeh want baby girl…” He breathed out and you pulled his mouth to yours in a harsh kiss.

“Thighs please want to ride them!”

Harry stopped for a quick second to catch his breath and then quickly pulled his shorts up. You lowered yourself down onto his skin and started to rock, and then Harry lifted his thigh just a little bit and it made you gasp, clutch at him and the fire in your stomach build.

“Fuck yes baby I can feel how wet yeh are…you like this don’t you baby girl? Hmm you like riding my thigh? Yeh gonna cum just like this aren’t you.” His eyes never left the spot where you were grinding on, a small wet patch forming from yourself. You leaned down at started to kiss his chest, placing a few kisses to his nipples .

You didn’t want to cum so fast and leaned into his neck, latching your lips onto the corner of his jaw. Sucking a nice purple mark into his skin and then a few more along his jaw. Harry’s fingers moved back to rubbing your clit and the knot in your stomach clenched.

“I’m so close Harry please oh god you feel so good!” You whimpered.

“Cum for me baby…let me feel you cum all over my thigh, that’s a good girl.” His fingers sped up on your clit and he attacked his lips to your throat, sucking and kissing just like he knew would completely throw you over the edge.

Your body tensed and you grounded your center into him once more before your orgasm over took your body. “FUCK YES!” You moaned into his ear, and gripped his hair tightly.

“Ugh jesus christ babe look at yeh! Cumin’ just from my thighs and fingers.” He laughed and stuck his fingers pasted his lips to clean them off. Your head was laying on his shoulder while you waited for your breathing to slow down.

“Thank you…you don’t know how much I’ve though about that. You’ve got such pretty thighs.”

Harry raised an eyebrow and then smirked. He made a mental note to start working more on his legs at the gym and to walk around in his underwear or shorts more often.

Soon Isn’t Soon Enough

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 2,517

a/n: Have some kind and caring Jimin for your day and a little Jungkook fluff to top it ;) Part 4 will be the last part!

Summary: When you finally begin to hint at your best friend Jungkook that you like him but he’s oblivious, you resort to tell him, but do you? Does Jimin become what you are looking for?

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

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You sat in class trying your hardest to pay attention to the professors lecture. Your college classes had been taking up your time all week with piles and piles of work. The worst part was that it got in the way of your sleep, making it almost impossible for you to focus. “You should’ve slept in today” you heard Jungkook whisper from beside you. You snorted and ran a lazy hand through your hair, “Should’ve, could’ve, but didn’t” you replied with a sigh. Just then someone unexpectedly placed a cup of coffee right in front of you, startling you and making Jungkook chuckle as he tried not to laugh loudly. You looked up in surprise as you saw Jimin smile, also trying not to laugh. He took the seat next to you and whispered a sorry. “Jungkook told me you needed this” he whispered to you. Your eyes widened and you took the cup and thanked him and Jungkook before taking a long sip of it.

You hummed in satisfaction as you tasted the sweetness in your coffee, just how you liked it and you couldn’t help but smile. “Better?” Jungkook asked, and you nodded enthusiastically. You then turned to Jimin with a frown, “Why are you so late? The class is almost over” you asked as you drank more of your coffee. Jimin’s eyebrows rose and he smiled, “I brought you coffee” he said happily. You watched him, expecting him to further justify his tardiness but he simply grinned and turned to the front of the class. You let yourself smile at your friends kind gestures and drank up your coffee.

The class ended a few minutes later and everyone began gathering their things and heading out. “We should go eat if you guys aren’t too busy” Jimin suggested as he waited for you and Jungkook to catch up to him. “I have plans today, I really can't” Jungkook said from behind you. You turned to look at him with a pout and he shrugged, “Sorry, you guys should go though, don’t let me stop you” he added as he gave you a side hug. Jimin turned to you and smirked lightly, “You want to go?” he asked. You nodded yes and turned to Jungkook, “Have fun, text me if anything” you told him and Jungkook nodded and waved goodbye.

In some way, you felt that you knew he was going to meet up with his date, but you never told yourself he was. “What do you want to eat?” Jimin asked as the two of you walked into the parking lot. You sighed, “I’m craving chicken wings” you said casually, not trying to sound like you were starving, because frankly, you were. “Mm, good choice. I know a place” Jimin said as he pressed his lips together and squinted in thought. The two of you got into his car and began driving away. “So you haven’t been sleeping huh?” Jimin asked, offering you a quick side glance.

You turned to him and grimaced lightly, “Yea, homework has piled up” you said with a sigh. Jimin nodded in understanding as he made a turn, “Yea I haven’t seen you around for a while, except of course, in class” he said with a giggle. “Yea, what about you, have you been busy?” you asked as you turned to look at him. Jimin’s jaw clenched a little and it took him a few seconds to finally answer your question, “Uh, yea, something like that” he said as he glanced at you with a smile. “Do you know what plans Jungkook had?” he then asked.

As soon as he did, you turned away and knitted your eyebrows together, “Nope, he didn’t tell me” you replied trying to sound indifferent. “Really?” Jimin asked, his tone full of disbelief as he turned to you with a confused expression. You stared at him just as confused for his reaction and the two of you held each others gaze for a few quick seconds before breaking out in laughter, “Well I mean we’re friends but I don’t always know what his plans are” you said, catching your breath. Jimin chuckled, “Well yea but you guys are like, always together” he said. “Are you guys dating?” he then asked and you stared at him with your mouth agape in shock.

“What?” you said, your voice barely audible, “No we’re just, really good friends” you added, turning away as you watched how Jimin parked. The two of you got out of the car and walked towards the entrance. “So you aren’t dating?” Jimin asked as he held the door open for you, “No, I’m telling you, we’re just-” you started but Jimin interrupted you, “No I mean like, you” he said with a chuckle. Your eyes widened and you laughed, “Oh! Me? No, no I’m not” you said waving your hands in front of you and nodding no. “Why?” he then asked as the two of you walked towards an empty table. You shrugged as you sat down and stared at your lap. You really didn’t know why you didn’t date. Maybe you had just gotten accustomed to having Jungkook as the only guy you shared personal things with in your life.

“What about you?” you asked, meeting Jimin’s gaze. Jimin’s eyebrows rose and he took in a deep breath, “I'm… recovering” he said as he let out his breath with a smile. “Oh, sorry?” you said with concern, making him grin and nod no, “No it’s okay, it wasn’t anything too serious” he said, licking his lips and leaning on the table as he stared at his intertwined fingers. The waitress came and the two of you ordered. In a few minutes your food arrived and you were rendered speechless because of how hungry you were and how beautiful your food looked in in your hungry eyes.

When you were done, the two of you walked around the shops and laughed at each others jokes. It almost felt like you were with Jungkook, except you weren’t, and all the playfulness Jungkook carried out with you, Jimin made up for it with his kind personality. Not that Jungkook wasn’t kind, but Jimins sweated kindness. “We should do this more often” Jimin said with a warm smile as you tried on a hat from the store you were in. “Wear hats?” you asked jokingly as you posed cutely before him, making him offer you an eye smile. Jimin bit his bottom lip and chuckled lightly as he moved past you and grabbed a very exotic looking hat. You giggled as he grabbed it, noticing how the neon pink, and greens, reflected off the hat. Jimin looked around quickly and shyly before placing it on his head. You laughed at his expression as he continued to eye smile while looking for a mirror as the hat rested on his head. You followed after him and when he found one, he let out a sudden laugh of surprise as he saw his reflection, making him quickly remove the hat.

“No it looks good on you!” you said in between laughs as you grabbed the hat away from Jimin’s hands. “No it’s too embarrassing” Jimin responded as he laughed and covered his mouth. You felt your cheeks begin to strain at how much you were laughing, making you groan and soften your smile. “I’m smiling so hard it hurts” you said, bringing your hands to rub your cheeks with a chuckle. “I like your smile though” Jimin said sheepishly as he took the hat you were wearing and placed it on his head. Your heart skipped a beat at his compliment and you felt your cheeks turn hot, making your hands cover both sides of your face. However, you only smiled harder at how Jimin looked in the hat you previously wore.

“Does this hat suit me?” he asked as he turned to face the mirror and posed. You laughed and nodded, no longer being able to communicate any words because suddenly you realized, if Jungkook was dating, shouldn’t you be too? 

Jimin removed the hat from his head and grinned, “We should go out together more often, Y/N” he said as he placed his hands in the pockets of his jeans. You looked away from him and focused your attention elsewhere, “That be nice” you said with a smile, still not meeting his gaze. “Yea it would be” Jimin agreed, as the two of you then began walking out of the store. “You know if you need help with the assignments for classes, I can help you” Jimin said, as he cocked his head to the side, glancing at you while the two of you walked side by side. You turned to him, raising your eyebrows as you grinned, “Really? God, yes! I will surely take you up on that offer” you said excitedly. Jimin laughed, “I’m sure Jungkook tries to help you because your his friend but he’s lazy when it comes to school” he said.

You chuckled and nodded, “Yea he can’t stay focused very long” you said. “I can imagine” he said and you grinned. The walk seemed long and full of endless conversation between you and Jimin. It felt as if the two of you had always done this. You had known Jimin for a long time but you were just friends and didn’t spend time together unless Jungkook was around. However, this felt comfortable, and you realized you had missed out on a precious friendship with Jimin. Even if you had been friends all this time, it didn’t bother you at all to learn more about him and become closer. 

As the day grew closer to an end, Jimin dropped you off at your house and walked you all the way to your doorstep. “I had a lot of fun, Y/N. Really, I did” he said as he stood in front of you with his hands in the pockets of his jeans. “I had fun too” you said, smiling shyly and looking away. “Don’t be so stressed” he then said as he pinched one of your cheeks lightly, making you blush almost instantly. You covered the pinched area and laughed, “No promises but I’ll try” you said and Jimin smiled widely. You turned to your door and then back at Jimin, “Well thank you for taking me out and bringing me back home” you said, pressing your lips together. Jimin nodded and licked his lips, “Mhm, any time, hopefully more often than not” he said as he began taking small steps back.

You turned and opened the door of your home and turned to Jimin who was already halfway to his car. Before getting into his car, he waved goodbye to you and you did the same to him, and watched him drive away.

As soon as you walked inside, you came to a sudden halt as your heart jumped in your chest when you turned around and found Jungkook standing before you. “Oh my God! You scared the life out of me!” you said as you hit his shoulder and laughed. “Sorry I didn’t mean to!” Jungkook replied as he put his hand where you hit him. “What are you doing here?” you then asked as you set your things down at the entrance. Jungkook sighed and nodded, “Nothing, I just wanted to see you but you’re probably tired from being all day with Jimin” he said as he approached your front door but didn’t break his gaze away from yours. You offered him a smirk and felt your heart sink a little. All day you spent with Jimin only briefly thinking about Jungkook because it was the right thing to do and suddenly, he wasn’t at your door step, but inside of your house, waiting for you to arrive.

“No it’s fine, stay” you said, gesturing for him to follow you to the living room. Once the two of you sat down, you let out a sigh, “So, what did you do today?” you asked as you turned to face him. Jungkook licked his lips and stared at his hands on his lap. “I met up with the girl I was talking to, actually” he said, his tone hesitant. You frowned and looked down before looking at him again. You were his best friend. Whether you really liked him that way or as more, you had to listen to what he had to say, regardless. “Oh, that must have been nice?” you said questioningly as he didn’t meet your gaze and scoffed. “Y/N,” Jungkook said, as he then bit his bottom lip and turned to you.

You watched him silently and prepared yourself for whatever he was going to say, because you had no idea why he was acting this way and it was starting to make your nerves get the best of you. You stared at him attentively for a few long seconds before he chuckled nervously and looked away. “Jungkook are you-” you were about to ask but he suddenly stood up and sighed, “I should go” he said, scratching the back of his neck. “A-Are you sure? Is everything okay?” you said in concern as you stood up as well. Jungkook’s eyes widened and he smiled widely, “Yea, I’m fine I’m just, tired, I guess. I hope you had fun today, sorry I couldn’t go” he said as he began to head towards your front door. 

You nodded no, “No, it’s okay, I really hope you had a good time today with your date” you said as you walked him out of your home. “Yea, thanks, sleep well, Y/N. I’ll text you tomorrow yea?” he said as he stood before you with a smile that if you didn’t know any better, he was having a hard time keeping. “Jungkook, are you sure you are okay? Did something happen?” you asked, your tone a little more worried than before. Jungkook sighed, and ran his hand through his hair as he looked down, “I’m fine, really, everything’s fine. Rest up” he said, his tone calm and far more relaxed than before. You stared at him questiongly and he offered you a reassuring smirk before taking a step forward and hugging you tightly. It took you a few seconds to respond but when you did, you hugged him gently, mostly to keep your feelings grounded from flying up too high into how much you wished the hug meant more.

Finally Jungkook moved away and patted your head with his hand, “Goodnight” he said with a grin, poking your cheek and turning around quickly. You pressed the spot he poked and you laughed, not being able to help yourself from realizing it was the same spot Jimin had pinched. Jungkook walked away and you watched him go. 

Suddenly you couldn’t help but feel terribly guilty. One minute a new friendship willing to be more, pinched your cheek and the next minute, your one-sided love pocked it. Telling Jungkook soon was completely out of the picture now. Soon was no longer soon enough.

anonymous asked:

Could U write a scenario where u and jackson have been idk married for like 1years now and u guys have a 1yr old daughter, jackson is a cast on roommate and he invites u (his wife) and your daughter on the show for 1 night and 2 days and during the day u jackson ur daughter and the other cast go to park and have fun and night u guys ( jackson u and ur daughter) have a family moment(talking laughing etc)?! Ok I'm sorry if u didn't understand !~.~ I love youu~~

Aw I love you, too ♥ And don’t worry, I think I understand your request just fine!
Here you go (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The moment you and your daughter entered the Roommates house, your little girl immediately looked around for her dad. Having just learnt to babble “Papa” several days ago, she quickly took advantage of it.

“Papa! Papa!”, she shouted in her cutest baby voice as Jackson practically rushed out from the kitchen, mouth still stuffed with his quick breakfast of a slice of bread and peanut butter.

“My Wangie! Aw come to papa!”. A never-before-seen-broadest smile etched on Jackson’s face as he greeted his family and Wangie almost instantly reached her arms out to be settled in her father’s. “Honey! I told you I’ll go pick you up! You don’t really have to come here this early.”

You chuckled at your husband making duck face at your daughter while talking to you. Shaking your head lightly, you brought your hand up to wipe off some bread crumbs left on the corner of his lips.

“It’s okay, hun! I know you’ve just came back here from your schedule at three. You need some sleep. And please Jackson, at least have a proper breakfast!”.

The Hongkong gentleman found this nagging side of you extremely lovable, and he couldn’t imagine how bad he missed listening to you like this all day, so he just leaned in to peck your lips, which you would gladly enjoy.

“Where’s everybody?”, you asked after noticing the emptiness of the living room.

“Mostly off to schedule. Others are still sleeping”.

“Oh okay then how about you feed Wangie and I cook you some food while waiting?”, you suggested and Jackson nodded frantically. He guided you to the kitchen and helped you get everything you needed. He smiled to himself, anything with his family is precious, so there he went, placing a kiss on your temple before going back to play with Wangie.

A few hours passed when the casts all gathered in the living room. After the formal greeting and talking, all Roommates decided to go on a picnic in the park, also having a campfire night, just as Jackson’s wish to spend such occasion while his family was still here with him.

To your surprise, Wangie chose to sit on her dad’s lap instead of yours, unlike she had always chosen every time you two got in a car. Your smile grew wide as you shifted yourself to one side to have a better look at your husband and your daughter.

“My Wangie seems overexcited today!”, Jackson cheered as his baby girl squealed joyfully. She held on his forearms for support while jump-dancing to the sound of GOT7’s A being played on the radio on Jackson’s lap, her sugar-like laugh soon made everyone in the van be nearly as happy as her.

“Aaaa~~~” Wangie reciprocated her dad with her adorable pronunciation, her index finger subconsciously swirling while pointing at him.

“Wow she knows the lyrics and the key choreography! Wangie you’re the best!”, Seo Joon praised her and pinched her cheeks slightly as Jackson held her by her sides to wiggle her cutely.

“Of course Wangie is the best! She’s my girl!”

“Doesn’t she take after her mom more than you?”, Jackson’s roommate’s teasing didn’t bother him  a bit. In fact, Jackson was delighted to hear someone say that.

“Even better bro! My wife is the best!”, he said proudly.

“By the way, how old is Wangie?”, Guk Joo spoke from the front seat as you smiled, motioned Jackson to answer the question since you knew how long he had been waiting someone to ask that.

“One year two months and seven days old! Is it Wangie? Is it is it little girl?”. He nuzzled into the crook of her tiny neck, tickling her to make her laugh frantically.


It was in the evening that the van arrived at the park designated for camping. While the guys were unpacking stuff and pitching tents to stay over, the ladies were preparing ingredients for a nice meal by the fire tonight.

“Let me help you guys cook! Please, I insist! I feel like a piece of leftovers if I just stand here and watch you cook!”, you pleaded but the girls kept pushing you aside, making Wangie into the perfect reason for you to get some rest and maybe go check on your husband instead.

“If you cook, then who’s gonna look after Wangie?” Jong Ok asked and they all nodded, only Youngji could spot the guilty look in your eyes.

“I’ll take care of her. Well, as long as I keep her around Y/N or Jackson, I’m sure she won’t cry”, Youngji suggested. “Hi Wangie! I’m Youngji unnie! Let’s hang out!”, she clapped her hands together to attract your daughter’s attention. Wangie looked up at you for reassurance as you nodded, confirmed that this person is okay to play with.

“Yah! Youngji auntie!”, Nana’s comment caused Youngji to laugh furiously as she settled Wangie in her arms and Wangie hesitantly gripped on her shirt.

“Can you spell my name? Younggggg jiiiiii Young Young Youngji”, Youngji formed her mouth into a rather hilarious way which made the ladies team almost died of laughter.

“Come one Wangie! It’s not that hard! Youngji Youngji”, she tried again but her unlucky attempt was swept away as Wangie was too focusing on the figure of the one she loved the most coming closer to her. She started to smack Youngji’s chest, screaming “papa” while Jackson approached her, also held out his hands to welcome her with his her favorite airplane game.

“Let’s fly~”, Jackson held your daughter high with his strong arms, running around the park and making sound like a flying engine.


After dinner, you all gathered by the fire, grilling marshmallow and listening to Dong Wook singing for the first time, then soon led to a small talent competition with judges were the ladies. Jackson, on the other hand, was quite quiet today. Normally, he would be the first to show off, do all the flips, rap and beatbox to get first prize. It wasn’t because he was tired or upset, he was just so happy to have his family here with him right now, so happy that he would use every single second to feel the warmth radiating from you leaning on his shoulder, clinging onto his arm and him cradling his baby girl in his embrace.

Wangie suddenly wiggled, tried to turn herself over as Jackson helped her to turn back to face him. Still sitting on his lap, she looked up to see the reflection of herself in her dad’s eyes and she smiled as if she could feel how much love he had for her. Wangie reached her little hands up to touch Jackson’s face, tapping it before trying to squish his cheeks, which only ended up with her having her fingers bitten by him.

“Papa”, she let out a giggly laugh as Jackson rubbed the top of his nose against hers, then demanding for a kiss.

“Wangie-ah~ Can papa get a kiss? Give papa a kiss~”, Jackson faced his cheek to her, which quickly earned a cute peck. He started smiling like a dork, turned to the other side to receive another one. Jackson was overjoyed with those kisses as he laughed bashfully before returning them with a shower of kisses all over her face.

“Mama is getting jealous here!”, you said jokingly as your husband kissed your hair. When you rested your chin on his shoulder to look at him, Jackson kissed you tenderly, then dropped more pecks before whispering your usual I love you’s.

“So Jackson, Wangie seems to be attached to you a lot, huh?”, Jong Ok changed the subject to the lovable family as Jackson shook his head.

“Just today, noona! Normally, she’s more attached to her mom”

“Aw~”, the casts said in unison. “She must have missed her dad so much since he was so busy!”.

“How do you feel now, bro?”, Joon asked as Mr. Gentle-&-Soft-for-one-day hugged his baby girl and you tight.

“Words can’t express how I feel, hyung! Uhm it’s like… uhm…. Heaven! I’m in heaven!”

“Wangie doesn’t look like she’s afraid of the dark, huh?”, Guk Joo chimed in with her mouth stuffed with marshmallow.

“She’s a brave girl”, Jackson brushed his fingers through his daughter’s hair before looking at you. “Just like her mom”.

“After all, she’s with her parents, what could she possibly be afraid of?”. Seho’s remark received applause from the casts and the whole producer crew and that was the end of tonight’s filming.

That night, before going to sleep with you and your daughter in his arms, Jackson didn’t forget to call JYP to thank him for bring his parents here last time during Christmas and now you, plus Wangie. Seriously, he had no idea how to thank him enough.

i’ve been asked a few times about how i made these two sets and here we are now so you can guess what this is.

we’re gonna take this:

and magically turn this into a nice purple, yo:

  • i used cc when i made this set, but i use cs5 now

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