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Melomaniac (m)

» one who is passionate about music.


Words: 11,191 (i’m sorry)

Genre: Smut, punk!jeon by night, school prep boy!jeon by day.

Summary: “Your mother had always warned you about boys in ripped jeans and messy hair but she never warned you about boys like Jeon Jungkook.”

A/N: Idk what this is I’m so sorry but @thedamfangirls @lovelymims @helloblamebts 

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Opposites Attract

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One of the best things about your relationship with Seokmin was your seemingly endless amount of differences. Seokmin was loud and funny, you were quiet and not exactly a laugh riot. Seokmin was outgoing and could converse with a brick wall if he needed to, you were introverted and could barely hold a conversation with someone you knew. Seokmin was very expressive about his feelings, you were more reserved.

The saying ‘opposites attract’ couldn’t have created a better example than the two of you.

Somehow, despite your differences, the two of you worked well together. You made one another happy and you kept one another grounded. You provided that much needed balance for each other and you both continually thanked the universe that you were somehow brought together.

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Presenting for your reading enjoyment my entry for @trexrambling and her daring drabbles challenge! You pick a letter and Jess gives you something beginning with that letter - I chose the letter T and got given toes! Also couldnt go over 500 words!

Word count: 495 (ooo so close!)

Characters: Dean, Reader

Warnings: Tickling, threats to pie, implied smut

The bunker was silent. Silent except for your squeals.

“Damn it Dean! Pack it in!!”

“What’s it worth Y/N?”

‘I won’t kick you in your damn face you big jerk! Dean!! Oh my god please, mercy!”

The first time Dean had tickled you had been completely by accident. The two of you had been alone in the bunker, Sam having driven over to the next town to see some film that even you had turned your nose up at as being a bit too arty. Instead you’d curled up on the library couch, your favourite book in hand and a cup of coffee next to you. Dean had been giving Baby a bit of TLC but had at some point come and plonked himself down next to you, laptop and headphones to keep him occupied. Sitting there, you’d eventually stretched out, your legs draped over his lap. And then he’d gone to go get himself a beer, and his hand had brushed over your feet…

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” you’d replied, slightly muffled from where you’d clapped your hand over your mouth at the snort that brief touch had caused.

“Y/N? Is someone ticklish?”

“No! Dean… Dean!!” you yelled as he grabbed onto your feet again, long fingers causing your toes to curl as he tickled you.

After that, Dean would spend ages waiting to pounce on you. While he quickly found out your sides and back of your neck were good spots to tickle, there was nowhere better to aim for then your feet. Which led to this moment, you desperately trying to wiggle out of his hold as his right hand drew nonsense patterns on the heels of your feet and between your toes.

“Dean!! I swear if you don’t stop I’m never making you pie again!”

His hand stopped at that, but stayed hovered above your foot.

“You wouldn’t dare Y/N. You love pie almost as much as me.”

But the threat had worked and his hand slid up to curl round your waist. As your breathing got back to normal from where you’d been gasping for air against your giggles and curses, you became very aware of the fact that you were practically curled up in Dean’s lap, his arms wrapped round you and his breath hot on the side of your neck.

And as you gave one more wiggle to get out of his iron grip, you froze as your ass came into contact with…damn! Seems you weren’t the only one all hot and bothered from your little tussle. You turned your head to face him, and before you could blink you found yourself on your back, Dean kneeling between your legs.


The two of you were frozen in that moment, just waiting to see what the other would do. And then you decided. Grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down into you, lips meeting in a blazing kiss.

Your toes were curling for very different reasons that night.

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Okay, so this thing really snowballed. I read over it this morning and did some minor editing, but I don’t hate it which is a good thing I guess.

All I wanted was some Astrid taking care of Hiccup for a change plus leading the Dragon Riders because he can’t. Anyway…

I hope you enjoy it, I’ve posted it below the cut because it’s loooong. You can also read it here.

Hiccup pushes himself too hard after the events of the season finale and winds up sick. Astrid is torn between looking after him and leading the dragon riders against the last of the dragon hunters.

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Who Gave You That Black Eye?

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language, mentions of abuse
A/N: Hey guys it’s been a long ass time since I posted, ha, but now I’m writing again here and on wattpad. I’m writing more for Peter Parker now that I saw spiderman and loved it, so feel free to send requests if you want!


These moments were some of your favourites. When Peter was with you, it felt like you could almost forget the troubles waiting for you at home, and you could imagine just sitting here with him forever, even if it was for something as simple as studying for you Spanish quiz next period.

You could almost forget the constant fear nagging at you as the clock ticked on, signaling only two hours left until you had to go home.


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Freedom (Tig x Reader)

Request: sad Tig x reader?

You watched as he laughed with the boys at the bar. You were going to miss everything about this place. From the boy’s mugshots to all of the sluty croweathers hanging around. It’s not like you planned it this way, it was just that you couldn’t take it anymore. The late nights waiting for your man to come home that never bother to show up was getting to you. Also that he would barely even look at you anymore. In the past month you really only talk to Tig once and it was about a club party. Putting away the last few bottles at the bar, you slowly took one last look at the place. This club meant everything to you over the last few years but now it was coming to an end.

Saying goodbye to the boys for the day as they thought, you made sure to kiss your old man on the cheek before you left. You always did even if Tig barely noticed and just went on with his conversion like he always seemed to do. You let out a sigh as you made your way to your parked car. Gemma shouted from her office not to forget about the dinner at her house tomorrow as you took the day off for your plan. Smiling and shouted back that you would never miss it, she waved and you were all set to go home.

You rushed into your house with all of the boxes in hand, making sure that no one saw. If anyone saw an old lady on the run the first thing they would do is tell the club. The town feared them so they wouldn’t just let something like this slide. You didn’t need anyone at the moment ruining this for you. Packing all of your things, you made sure to leave the gifts behind that Tig gave you over the course of your relationship, not needing a reminder that wasn’t memories. When it hit dark outside in Charming you had everything packed and ready to go. Loading your car up set a feeling inside of you that you couldn’t quite get. But as you made your way passed the Charming sign you fully understood what it was. Freedom. The weight of the club and your broken relationship was finally gone and now you were free.

“TIG” Gemma shouted as she saw the curly hair man walked over to his bike. He looked at her waiting for her to go on with it. “Can you go remind your old lady about dinner? I think she might have forgotten since I told her yesterday, she isn’t picking up her phone.” Gemma thought for a moment “Have you heard from her?”

“No sorry Gem, I’ll go get her” Gemma nodded her head happily and made her way back to her office. Tig wouldn’t tell her that the only time he actually saw you lately had been at the clubhouse when you were working. He hasn’t been home in over month with all of the stress from the club he rather just stay there. Not bringing home any of the drama seemed like the right choice or as he thought. Pulling out of the lot, Tig was pretty happy to actually to be going home to you.

Disappointment washed over Tig’s face as he pulled up seeing your car gone. He thought that you were already gone to Gemma’s but was given his answer when he walked into the house. It felt different the minute he opened the door. Not really knowing why, Tig took out his gun getting ready to shoot if needed. Slowly making his way in he noticed everything was in it’s place. Still on alert he went to your guys bedroom. The gun hit the floor with a bang as he entered. His jaw dropped as he looked around the room, everything you owned was gone. Speechless, he didn’t know what to do. Where did you go? He knew that he hasn’t been the best man around lately but he didn’t think it would come to this. Grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the bottom drawer he laid on the bed, taking in your scent from your side. Tears fell from his eyes but he didn’t bother to wiped them. You were gone and Tig knew you weren’t coming back.

All eyes were Tig as he entered Gemma’s and Clay’s house stumbling. Clay quicking went over to him making sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. No one truly knew what was going on, only that Tig was half drunk in the kitchen but they all knew it was something bad when Tig broke down crying. He was never one for tears. Gemma made her way over the broken man with the others behind her, leaning down to him her heart broke at the slight.

“Tig baby, what’s wrong?” Tig didn’t answer just kept crying, wishing he brought the bottle of whiskey with him more than ever. “Tig did something happen?” still no answer just tears so Gemma try something, knowing where he came from. “Did you have a fight Y/N?” You weren’t here so Gemma knew it was something with you two but just didn’t know what. Tig cried harder at the sound of your name.

“She umm..” Tig was at a lost for words but managed to get out with a hoarse voice “Y/N left me” Tig looked up at everyone who now had shocked looked across their face.

“Honey how do-” Tig cut Gemma off and started to speak

“Her stuff is all gone and her phone is disconnect Gem, I knew I wasn’t good enough but I never thought she would leave without saying goodbye.” Tig brawled into Gemma chest not knowing how to get rid of the pain he felt. The clubs eyes were on their broken brother, they didn’t know that you guys weren’t alright and they wonder how come. They knew they needed to find you to fix this but if you didn’t want to be found, could they find you? Anger filled the room from what you had done. As Tig cry from pain everyone got to work to make sure you would be coming home. But Tig knew and so did Gemma as she also let tears fall. You weren’t coming home, you left this life for a reason and never looked back.


Sneak peek at the JayTim one-shot I’m working on for jaytimweek!


“Sometimes I think you want to eat me,” Jason said, examining a mark on his stomach, still wet from Tim’s mouth. It was purple and red and pretty, and soft around the edges; a flower petal blown off the stem during a rainstorm, clinging damply to Jason’s skin.  

Tim didn’t answer. Instead, he bent his head down over one of the scars near Jason’s hipbone and bit down.

“Jesus,” Jason huffed out, bookended by a curse word or two. Something vulgar that made his pouty lips look indelicate in the handsome cut of his face.

“Does that mean you want me to stop?” Tim’s lips ghosted over one of Jason’s nipples.

It was a rare, lazy Sunday morning, an entire day free of responsibilities waiting for them beyond the bedroom door. When Jason had woken up, Tim had already been waiting for him, watching for the moment his breathing changed.

Now, Jason’s body jerked under the ticklish, teasing pressure. Tim felt Jason’s hands flutter for a moment to hover over the back of his head, only to fall helplessly to the bed sheets. “No.”

When Tim glanced up, Jason’s head was thrown back and the tendons in his neck were straining against soft, dewy skin. Watching Jason like this was Tim’s favorite thing, a narrow opening into the locked pleasures of Jason’s mind; a sliver of blue moonlight spilling into an empty bedroom.    

“Beautiful,” Tim huffed between the valley of Jason’s collarbones.

A startled gasp.

Tim lifted his head fully to stare at Jason’s half-lidded eyes. In answer, he brought his hands up, soft palms and callused fingers, to cup the sides of Tim’s face. Thumbs stroked over Tim’s cheekbones, making his skin warm.

“What do you want?” Tim asked, ducking his head so he could rub his lips against Jason’s wrist.  

Ordinarily, Tim considered himself a reasonable, practical person. The mundanities of his daily persona wrapped up tightly in a sharp-looking suit, rigid manners and tightly contained boredom. Yes, to this investment. No to lunch in Park West, even with the view of Gotham River and the surrounding highrises. Push the level 20 elevator button to his top-floor office; push ground when it was time to leave.    

But he’d learned something new about himself these past few months. The carefully constructed control he’d painstakingly built over the years was dust in the wind of Jason’s hitched breaths.

“I want…,” Jason sighed, pulling Tim’s face closer to capture his lips briefly. “You could do anything.”

Jason’s voice was a lightning strike on Tim’s body. He yielded to Jason’s kiss until the words blossomed into something too sweet and dangerous to name, leaving the taste of smoke on his tongue.

Tim moved down the bed until he was between Jason’s legs. He ran his palms up and down the powerful muscles of Jason’s thighs, stirring the light dusting of downy hair.

“Anything, he says,” Tim mocked softly, his hands stilling on Jason’s knees, his lips skimming the taunt, thin skin just below Jason’s bellybutton. “Where’s your sense of self preservation?”

“With that mouth?” Jason laughed, the sound sliding like warm honey down Tim’s spine. “I’d be stupid to give you less.”

Tim smiled, settling down more comfortably between Jason’s legs. He could still remember the first time they’d done this, hurried and frantic, both too desperate for it to even fully undress. You’re lips are going to ruin me, Jason had said against his mouth. You ruin me completely.

When Tim pulled back the thin white comforter from his waist, Jason was wonderfully naked. His cock was hard, thick and pretty, curved against one hip.  

“Anything,” Tim repeated, pretending to think. Pretending like he hadn’t already imagined forty different ways to fuck Jason since his first opened his eyes, each passing thought more intoxicating than that last.

“I have some ideas,” Jason volunteered, his voice low and promising. “If you’re having a hard time.”

“Would that turn you on?” Tim asked, sliding his palms further up Jason’s thighs. “Me doing whatever you say?”

Jason’s strong fingers twisted gently in Tim’s hair. “I’m already turned on.”

“I noticed.”

“Very perceptive, Detective.” Jason stretched, trying to bring his hips back into contact with Tim’s heat. “Gonna read me my rights next?”

“Why?” Tim asked, before his mouth found the soft skin on Jason’s inner thigh. “Have you been bad?”

Shall We Test That? (Loki/Thor x reader)

Request: phantomsmenace said: hi bonnie! i was wondering if you could write one where during the events of the first avengers movie where Loki tries to protect you while everything is going on? either romantic or platonic? thank you!! 

“It’s an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.”

Loki heard Fury reply to his taunting, but he didn’t hear the words from his mouth.  In fact, he barely knew what he, himself, had just said. He was simply buying time, waiting for the moment when the Hulk would take center stage against a team that was barely his own, and when Loki could be free to make his escape.  He didn’t care at all about anyone on this floating fortress other than one; he only cared about where they were holding you and how he would reach you.  If his connection to Barton was holding, the archer would already be following his orders to retrieve you and keep you safe.

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Troublesome Duo

Originally posted by pervingonkpop

“Hello.” You answered the phone with no enthusiasm, you were worn out and on the brink of tears. Your once nicely curled hair was now up in a ponytail. Some strands had been pulled out by Ki-Tae. He was the youngest of your troublesome duo.

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I'm Sleepin' Early Tonight

A/N: Hi guys this this my first imagine I really tried on this feel free to leave request and critiques because I only want to get better hope you enjoy

Sitting in your office waiting for the clock to strike that wonderful time while you massaged your feet that have been aching all day, had been a bit rewarding. Sighing while taking the ridiculously tight bun out of your hair letting it fall to your shoulders got you to that rewarding moment a little more. Your day was long it kept dragging out proving to be more difficult than you had anticipated , you were sick of it. The day got closer to 6:00pm and needless to say you were excited, now you can fulfill the promise you made earlier.

“Button! Please don’t leave meh like this jus’ please skip and I’ll make it worth it.” Harry pouted on the bed as you were getting ready for an eleven hour day at work. Harry unfortunately woke up with a stiffy and his hands “just aren’t enough” and he wanted you to stay home so you can work out the problem. You had already gotten up late and you rushed your full face of makeup with a nice outfit, Harry was not messing that up. “I’m sorry hun but not right now wait until I get off then you’ll get all the cuddling and kisses you can dream of.” You grabbed your work bag and left the room.

“I can dream o’ a lot”

While in the elevator you texted Harry your whereabouts, something he had asked you to do since you didn’t want security guards and drivers along with your every move.

“It’s a compromise love, mor’ fo’ my piece o’ mind than your’s.”

That request lead to you being a pain in the ass a few times like texting him every time you breathed, chewed, used the bathroom, or blinked. But you respected his wish and compiled. Walking to the car you paid for yourself even if Harry pleaded to buy it himself, you wanted your own little victory, you placed (threw) your bags in the back and drove home to the man you love.

“H? I’m home.”

“Livin’ room love!”

Walking toward the voice you see Harry spread out on the couch on his laptop. Different bowls of chips and such on the floor making you question his diet. You scanned the room some more and found Matilda muted on the TV Harry was probably watching some different earlier then turned his attention to his laptop leaving the TV on and quite.

“How was your day love” Harry said as he put his laptop aside to look at you. “It wasn’t the best I bit the inside of my mouth twice and it was bleeding for ten minutes. My boss kept running me around like his personal assistant all day. When I finally got sometime to myself I had work to do and my feet started to ache.”

“Aww button come here.” Harry opened his arms wide open inviting you to a warm hug and you didn’t need to be asked twice. You threw yourself into Harry’s arms and inhaled his sent. “You sniffin’ me love?” You smiled a bit a snuggled closer. Harry wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your back, trying to lull you into exhaustion. “H I’m tired I wanna go to sleep.” your voice was muffled in his stomach and your voice came out in one big hum, if you and Harry weren’t together for years he wouldn’t have caught a thing you said but since he knew you inside and out muffled words weren’t a problem for him.

“Sleep?” Harry exclaimed “Yeh can’t go ta sleep it’s only six thirty-seven. Wadare yeh a nan?” Your head shot up and gave him a half scowl half pout look. “Listen here bud I worked all day and I am beyond tired so nan or not I’m sleepin’ early tonight.” Now Harry wanted to take you serious but you were just “too darn cute” when you got upset. Harry chuckled a bit and cooed while he stroked the top of your cheek “I’m jus’ kiddin’ button, I understand go to sleep whenevah yeh like I need yeh awake for tomorra.”

“Tomorrow?” you squinted up at him.

“Yes because you’re stayin’ home to act on your promises. Deal?” You looked up at Harry, locked pinkies, and grinned.


anonymous asked:

If you're taking prompts how about spideychelle with peter being jealous?

hello! thank you so much for sending this! i’m sorry it too me a bit to get it done! i’m currently on a road trip so i don’t have that much time. as someone who really struggles to write anything but fluff (lol), this was an interesting challenge! because jealousy is such a complicated emotion! for more angst: check out @spideyxchelle‘s jealous!peter headcanons here and here! they are soooo good!!!

also again, thanks to @accioharry for reading over this before i posted, like she always does. and check out her headcanons! and she’s cool i guess so maybe follow her?

but anyway, here’s wonderwall a fic in which peter parker has the best girlfriend. but everyone else notices too and it’s becoming an issue™ for peter. (ao3)

a short list of things peter loves about his life:

  1. being spiderman, which he’s got on lock
  2. aunt may, who hugs him when he’s sad and gives him good advice
  3. going to mit, for which he’s paying basically nothing thanks to financial aid and scholarships
  4. knowing tony stark, who managed to convince aunt may to let him live off campus after sophomore year and to let tony pay for said apartment
  5. ned, his best friend, who’s killing it at columbia
  6. michelle, who is, objectively, really fucking awesome, and also in love with him

a short list of things peter doesn’t love about his life:

  1. michelle is irresistible to people other than peter parker
  2. peter parker gets jealous

a brief saga of the green eyed monster in peter parker’s life

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jungkook scenario | make me blush

I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please. >> Jungkook
requested by anon
drabble // fluff // 400 words

“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

These are the words that Jungkook breathes against your lips - his follow up to your first kiss… which led on to nine more to make up for lost time.

A laugh slips from you, breathy, heady, unable to draw away from him, all you can do is murmur, “Only ten more?”

He scrunches his nose, bumping it against yours, as he tries to get closer, as if arms pressed to arms, your thighs curved around his, sandwiched together in the back seat of his car… as if that isn’t enough, like he wants to be closer still, all points of contact sparking curious new sensations. That’s what you hope he’s feeling, because it’s what’s happening to you. You want more, more, more. Having chosen to open… whatever this is, it’s now impossible to close it – you wouldn’t be satisfied with anything else.

You have to ask: why were you so hesitant before? Saying: “No, Jungkook, we can’t kiss now, not here. I want our first kiss to be special.”

And then when he leaned in, ready to chance his luck anyway, you’d push him away, giggling like a school girl, and he’d echo you, and you’d collapse against each other.

“Alright,” he’d say, “No kissing… not on the lips, at least.”

You’d nod.

“Well then, I guess you won’t mind this?” And he’d kiss your forehead, your nose, your chin… but he’d keep your lips free, because they were waiting for the right time and place.

Except, now, here - in the backseat of his car - is not the right time or place. It isn’t the romantic moment you’d imagined: enjoyed under the light of a million stars, out in the open - slow, sweet, steady.

But you couldn’t wait anymore. He had fallen against your lips, and you had responded the only way your body could – you’d reciprocated, searching, starving. And you realised, it didn’t need to be special, set up just right like a scene from a movie. If it was with Jungkook, that was enough… better than enough.

So you let him kiss you ten times more.

And then another ten.

A/N: A little short something in between the longer fics I’m working on <3

Please feel free to request more prompts from this –> list

I’ll Be Good - Part 4

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 3  -  Part 5

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter - Bucky goes behind Steve’s back to release you, and you use your new freedom to finally relax.

Warnings: Swearing. Wow that’s it!

Word Count: 1542

Author’s Note: Okaaay I don’t know about this one, guys. I’m in agony right now. Parts 1-3 were all one fell swoop of inspiration but this feels like jumping off a cliff. A new side to reader because let’s be honest, nobody’s on their A game all the time. But don’t worry, you’ll be back to fucking shit up in no time.

Bucky walked in front of you, silent and swift, leading the way through endless corridors. The technology around you was impressive. Nat must love it here, you thought with a wistful smile, technology was always her thing. We could really do some damage together with resources like this… The smile faded as quickly as it had come. Maybe once. A long time ago.

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rennoftheraven-clan  asked:

Okay so I was finishing work outside earlier and a random girl came up to me out of nowhere and leant over the fire escape and was like "Can you do me a favour?" and she handed me a folded up towel really delicately and told me there was a tiny mouse wrapped up in it, and she asked me to go release it somewhere safe for her because she had no shoes on. I literally dunno who she was or why no shoes, but POINT IS, can you pretty please turn it into a Wayhaught prompt? Just because because

Waverly lets out a soft sigh as she drags a black trash bag across the parking lot, the mound of discarded gifts from her ex, weighing her down significantly. “Fuck you, Champ,” she murmurs to herself as she readjusts the bag again. 

She’d dumped the man as soon as she found him in his dorm with another girl and not just any girl, her own sister, Wynonna. Sure, Wynonna had apologized and really Waverly wasn’t all that mad at her, if anything she was relieved that she had an excuse to end her relationship. 

Champ on the other hand…he could go fuck himself, in fact, that’s probably what he’d be doing while Waverly disposes of any shred of evidence that she’d ever been with him. 

“Why the fuck is the dumpster on the other side of the fucking building?” Waverly huffs as she pauses to take a breath, running a hand through her hair. 

She shakes her head a bit, looking around the corner and into the alley where the dumpster sits, trying to gauge how much effort she needed to get her bag from point a to point b. 

She knows she could have asked her roommate for help, but there was something uncomfortable about getting someone else involved with something so personal. “Okay, you got this, Waves,” she nods before hulking the bag back over her shoulder. 

Thankfully the lid is open when she reaches the dumpster, making the job of wrestling the mess into the bin, just a little bit easier. When she’s finished, Waverly leans against the brick wall, eyes closed as she just lets herself relax. 

“Hey, you okay?” A soft voice above her asks, making the small girl jump, her eyes snapping open. There’s a tall redhead standing on the fire escape, a small towel folded in her hands. 

“Uh, yeah,” Waverly replies, brows furrowed as she takes in the other woman’s appearance. A baggy hoodie over fuzzy pajama pants and no shoes. “What are you doing?” 

The ginger looks down at herself and then to the towel in her hands before shrugging a bit. “Wanna do me a favor?”

“I-I guess?” Waverly answers, an odd frown pulling at her lips as she watched the taller girl kneel down, extending the folded towel toward her. 

“There’s a tiny mouse wrapped up in this, could you take it to the grass over by the car ports and let it go? I would but…I forgot my shoes and I’m five floors up from here,” Mystery Girl says, with the most sincere look on her face. 

How could Waverly deny this beautiful, caring girl? So, she reaches out and gingerly takes the folded towel from her. “Yeah, of course,” She says softly, bringing the little package close to her chest. 

This makes the girl grin before she’s darting back up the steps, presumably heading back to her apartment. “Alrighty then,” Waverly chuckles to herself as she heads toward the car ports. 

She kneels down in the grass once she reaches it, unfolding the towel slowly. “Hey little guy,” Waverly hums as she catches sight of the small, grey creature. 

The mouse wiggles their little pink nose at her, letting out the smallest little squeak when she gently strokes the top of their head. “You’re really sweet, huh?” Waverly murmurs, watching the mouse crawl from the towel and up her arm. “Don’t you wanna go home?”

The little thing just continues it’s journey up her arm, curiously sniffing her shirt before nibbling at it gently. “Aww, I can’t just leave you out here…” 

With that revelation, Waverly gently picks up her new friend and places them back in the towel, folding it up before making the trek back to her dorm. 

After introducing her roommate to their new pet and checking to see if it was a boy or a girl (which was harder than they anticipated, google was involved) they affectionately named him Goob and placed him in a small plastic tote with some towels and some veggies they checked to make sure were mouse friendly. 

“I’ll head to Petsmart tomorrow morning to get him a nice set up and food,” Waverly hums, smiling at her new little friend. 


A few weeks pass and Goob seems happy in his enclosure that seems much more extravagant than anywhere Waverly has ever lived in, complete with many tubes for him to run around in. “Can’t believe you gave up about half the living room for him,” Wynonna comments as she bends down to look into the cage. 

“I just wanted him to be comfortable…” Waverly mumbles, shrugging a bit as she comes to look at her pet. “I’m even looking into finding him some friends…since they’re social animals and I’ve read that they get really lonely.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” Wyn chuckles, shaking her head a bit as she straightens up. “Anyway, you ready to go? Doc’s waiting in the parking lot.” 

“Yeah,” Waverly smiles, taking a moment to drop some treats in for Goob before grabbing her jacket. “Let’s go!”

They head down stairs, chatting about the night they were about to have. Doc and his partner Doll’s had finally opened up their new bar and they were treating Wynonna and Waverly to free drinks for always supporting them. 

“Hey, do you mind if I check my mail quick? It’ll only take a second,” Waverly hums as they step off the elevator, brows raised at her older sister who just shrugs. “Kay, just wait for me by the door.” 

Waverly all but skips to the wall of mail boxes, skidding to a halt when she sees a familiar crop of fiery hair a few boxes down from her own. “Mouse girl,” she finds herself saying outloud, causing the taller girl to turn. 

“Oh, it’s you! I was kind of wondering when I’d run into you,” She says, running a hand through her already messy hair. “Well, hoping actually. I wanted to introduce myself since I didn’t after handing you a small life.” 

Waverly chuckles at that, biting her lip. How was this girl so damn cute? “Yeah, that was a little weird,” she says, shrugging her shoulders a bit. “But I’m Waverly.” 

“Nicole,” The red head replies, leaning against the wall of boxes. “I hope that little guy is alright out there.” 

“Yeah, about that, I kind of adopted him when he did the cutest thing and climbed up my arm and I just…i couldn’t leave him out there, ya know?” Waverly spits out quickly, rubbing the back of her neck.

This makes Nicole grin, the same grin she wore when Waverly accepted the little creature. “That’s really awesome and super adorable,” she says, shaking her head a bit. “I’d love to see him sometime.” 

“I’m sure Goob would love that,” Waverly replies, a blush crawling up her neck at the thought of seeing Nicole again. “I can give you my number, so you can let me know when you’re free?” 

“Yeah, that’d be awesome,” Nicole hums, offering up her device without a question. “Wait, Goob from Meet the Robinsons, Goob?” 

“Yeah actually,” Waverly smiles, handing the phone back before shuffling her feet a bit. “But, I should go, I have a thing to go to with my sister.” 

“Have fun,” Nicole says softly, offering Waverly a warm smile that has the smaller girl feeling a certain kind of way. 

“Thanks, I’ll text you,” She murmurs, taking a few steps back before turning around and forcing herself to walk to where her sister was waiting for her. 

Waverly is in the car when her phone vibrates, Nicole’s name flashing across the notification bar.  Do you like fishing? Cuz I’ve been hooked and you’re reeling me in 

Jesus,” Waverly breathes out, her cheek flushing as she shakes her head, sending Nicole a heart eyes emoji before tucking the phone away, unsure if she’ll be able to keep her mind from wandering during the night. 

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Can you do 8 with Bruce?

Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.

The Batcave is chaos.

Your three older boys scramble about frantically, helping Alfred gather the necessary medical tools required to help in your youngest boy’s recovery. Bruce had said it was going to be dangerous, but together he and Damian were lethal, so you had trusted that they would be fine. You had never doubted them before, and you knew they had fared well against the most powerful of opponents, so you allowed yourself to worry little, for your boys always came back to you.

This time around, however, something had went wrong. When Bruce finally commed in after a long period of radio silence, sounding slurred and half-dead, he only said that they were caught off guard, and that Damian had suffered as a result. He didn’t answer any of your questions, and immediately dread pooled low in your belly.

This is why you hated the job, the uncertainty of it all. These agonizing moments left waiting for your family to return to you alive, minutes feeling as though they stretch into eternities. You were never good at dealing with injuries, so you’re thankful when Cass wraps her arms around you and presses her forehead against your shoulder blade.

“They’re going to be okay,” she whispers, reassuringly. “They have to be.”

You only squeeze her hands when the Batmobile tears through the cave’s entrance, skidding to a stop before your children converge on it, already pulling the doors open and yanking the limp body of your youngest free from the seatbelt. Dick takes him into his arms carefully, and your heart breaks when you see the fear set in the creases of his face, the worry that eats at him when he takes in Damian’s fragile state. Before long, they’ve disappeared, already well into the area designated as the medical wing.

Bruce takes one look at you, and he nearly collapses as he frantically makes his way over to you, breathing harshly as he pulls you into a firm embrace. You can feel the stickiness of blood, and you find you don’t want to know if it’s his or your son’s. You only sob against the kevlar of his suit, allowing him to cradle you like a lifeline. He pulls away after a moment, and you gratefully accept the brief but rough kiss he presses to your lips, brows furrowed.

“He needs us,” he whispers, wincing slightly as you prod at his ribs. “Worry about me later. Our son is more important.”

“He’ll be okay,” you whisper, resting one of his arms over your shoulders as you lead him to the concealed medical wing. “We’ll save him.”

Bruce doesn’t say anything, but he allows himself to lean on your further, grateful for the support you lend him. He doesn’t need to know how scared you were, or that you cling to him so tightly not because he’s hurt, but because for a spilt second, you thought you were going to lose two of the most important people in your life.

Fame is a Lonely Road

Summary: Kylo Ren is the lead singer of the Knight’s of Ren, one of the most well known bands of late. Despite his success in career he still feels lonely, cold, and afraid. That changes when he spots you. 

A/N: ughhhh im a sap, sorry hope you guys like this fluffy oneshot, trying to get back into things, also thanks @fanfictionauthoress for the idea 

Sweat trickled down his brow, the sound of the crowd dying out to the roar of his heartbeat. In that moment he forgot everything, in that moment his world was you.

You didn’t even notice that the lead singer was staring straight at you, completely love struck. You were looking around, observing, waiting, wondering why you were even here. Sure the Knights of Ren was a popular band, and they put on a great show, the music was good but you just didn’t feel that connection, and you were just here because you got such good tickets for free, so you only felt more out of place.

It felt like everyone was staring at you, like they knew that you weren’t a true fan. You slumped in your seat, trying to shy away from the uncomfortable itch of a burning gaze. You quickly get bored of staring at your hands, and wonder when the band is going to play their next song. When you look up you find the source of the gaze, brown eyes molten with passion, framed by dark strand of hair scattered on his forehead. Maybe you were imaging things, but was Kylo Ren staring you down?

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Little Sister [8]

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, sister!reader, Jessica Moore.

Words: 2770

[Character death, Angst, Fluff]

Tags: @annabethgranger123 @cookee50 @pizzarollpatrol @waywardbaby97 

A/N: This series has about 17,000 words by now, so congrats, you’ve read a novelette haha. But thanks guys, for sticking with me through this! I never thought it was going to turn out to be such a long series, the idea literally just started with some random inspiration. Again, thank you for all the nice comments <3

So, here you go: the last part of Little Sister!

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Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t only stir in your sleep while Sam was by your side, you actually started waking up. And merely seconds after he left, you opened your tired eyes, and you instantly knew, deep inside that something was different. You didn’t say anything, you were still in a state between being awake and asleep. However, you soon started feeling very weird. Really uncomfortable actually. It felt like your skin, your bones were crawling, and you started to get nauseous, your head spinning.

You tried getting out of the sofa, but you couldn’t. Just as you let out a whimper, less than 10 seconds after it started, all symptoms stopped, and now you felt like you were being strangled instead. Quickly sitting up, after whatever had left you feeling momentarily paralyzed had passed, you tugged at whatever was tight around your throat. You fumbled with controlling your limbs, and that’s when you realized it; you were back to normal. You weren’t 3 years old, and neither 5. You were 22 again. A jolt of happiness and relief erupted in your stomach, and you had to stop yourself last second before letting out a squeal because you realized that it was in the middle of the night, Jess was sleeping and probably Sam too, and well you were still stuck in what you understood was your pajama top.

After a rushed and embarrassing struggle you got the small top off, and you could pull the sweatshirt — your sweatshirt — over your head, and the bliss only grew. It felt so great to be back, you couldn’t wait to speak to Jess and Sam in the morning. You knew you should also probably take that moment to apologize for everything, as you remembered it all perfectly clear.

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Lesson One: Focus

Commission for @tami-flu who’s a sweetheart and wanted me to bring one of our very self-indulgent AUs to life

“Are you sure this is the right address?”
Lance tried really hard not to roll his eyes when he unstrapped the wiggling child from her booster seat and lifted her out of the car. This was only about the fifth time Shiro asked that question, after all.
“Yes”, he hummed patiently and tucked a lock of white-blonde hair behind Emily’s ear. “It’s the address Laura’s mum gave me and that I checked on the internet. Besides … it says dojo in big red letters above that door?” He pointed over his shoulder at the sign. “I think we’re good.”

Shiro gave a short hum as he threw the door shut and locked the car with the press of a button.
“It’s just so … empty”, he wondered and looked around the parking lot, only a few other cars scattered across it. Some, like theirs, were parked in the shade of big oak trees to shield them from the already burning sun. It was hot for May.
“Relax, man. We’re twenty minutes early. What did you expect?”

Just at that moment Emily wiggled free and started running across the parking lot, heading for the dojo.
“Hey!”, Lance called after her with a laugh. “Wait for us!”
“Catch me! Catch me!”, she shouted back over her shoulder, giggling, her bright green backpack bouncing up and down with every step.
“Oh, just you wait, young lady!”, Lance grinned as he took up the chase, barely hearing Shiro behind him, calling for his daughter:
“Don’t go inside without us!”

But Emily was far more occupied with outmaneuvering Lance, jumping around the low hedges confining the parking spots and shrieking whenever Lance got too close.
“Too slow! You’re way too slow!”, she taunted and laughed but after a few minutes of trying to catch her Lance finally got a hold of the little gremlin. He hauled her up into his arms, blowing an obnoxiously loud raspberry against her shoulder which made her shriek with laughter, short legs kicking but arms flying around his neck to hold onto him.

“Shoulders”, she demanded after a few seconds, already trying to climb higher and Lance boosted her up until she could swing comfortably onto his shoulders with him holding onto her legs tightly as to not let her slip off.
“And now?”, he asked, spinning in circles a few times and spotting Shiro heading for them and the entrance to the building that Emily soon pointed at.
“Onwards, trusty steed!”, she ordered and he couldn’t help but snort, wondering where she’d picked that up. He started galloping toward the wide double doors anyway.
“Your word is my command, lovely princess”, he grinned but earned a weak kick against the chest for his troubles.

“I’m a knight”, Emily declared instead and ducked down when they reached the entrance. Lance bent his knees as well, just in case, and waddled through the open doors.
“My apologies, your braveness…”
Emily just hummed, apparently pleased with his reaction, and straightened back up, head held high as they made their way to some sort of reception.

There was a man standing behind a short counter, writing something down in a notebook. When he looked up to greet them Lance almost tripped.
Because damn, the guy was hot. His dark shirt was clinging tightly to his body, leaving hardly anything to the imagination as it revealed strong arms and well-sculpted pecs, a tight stomach. His features were Asian, Japanese maybe, and finely cut, a nice fit with his lean form. But the most impressive thing were his eyes, an intense, stormy blue-grey that stared straight at Lance for a few moments before shifting up to Emily.
When he smiled it was like his whole being was blossoming.

“Hey, now that’s a brave knight if I’ve ever seen one”, he said and Lance could barely keep from whimpering at the smooth tenor of his voice. The man reached out to shake Emily’s hand. “I’m Keith, I’m one of the teachers here.”
“Hello. My name is Emily Shirogane. It’s nice to meet you”, she replied and shook his hand, always polite and well-mannered when meeting strangers. No matter what a tiny beast she could be when it was bedtime.

“Oh yes!”, Keith nodded. “I talked to your father on the phone. Is this him?”
Stormy eyes flicked down to meet Lance’s again but before he could answer with anything but a breathless wheeze Emily giggled, her little body shaking on his shoulders.
“No! This is my nanny!”
Lance nodded and managed to mumble his name. Keith didn’t offer him a hand to shake.

“I’m her father”, came Shiro’s voice from behind them and Lance didn’t know whether to be relieved or mortified because … there was no way Shiro didn’t hear that, right? “We spoke on the phone.”
“Right, now I recognize your voice. Mr Shirogane”, Keith nodded and stepped around the counter. Damn his legs were long.
“Just Shiro please”, Shiro smiled and extended a hand for Keith to shake. In a split second stormy eyes flicked up and down Shiro’s body and Lance felt himself bristle.

Oh no, he didn’t.
No matter how hot the guy was, it was on. Lance hadn’t spent the better part of a year trying to get closer to the utter heartthrob that was Takashi Shirogane only to have some random karate teacher butt in at the last second.

“We’re here for the trial lesson”, he said, interrupting their little moment before it could grow into something entirely unnecessary. “Emily’s a friend of Laura, she told her she really liked coming here.”
It took another second too long for Keith to end the handshake and look over at him.
“Yes…”, he nodded. “Oh yes, I remember. Shiro told me on the phone. Laura’s a good kid, very … fierce.”

“Oh, Emily is, too”, Shiro chuckled and Keith smiled at him. Lance wanted to slap his stupid, pretty face. Even if it would most likely get him the ass-kicking of his life. The dude was probably a black belt if he was teaching.
“I believe that…” Keith turned to look back up at Emily. “You can join us for a lesson or two, see if you like it as much as Laura does.”
“Yes”, Emily said and nodded strongly, judging by the movement of her body. Keith smiled at her before looking back at Shiro.

“And I’ll see if she can follow the instructions, integrates well with the other kids, things like that…”
“Wait, so you’re teaching her group?”, Lance blurted, earning a slight frown.
“Yes”, the instructor nodded. “I give classes for children and teenagers. Is there a problem?”
Lance held that intense gaze for a beat or two before forcing out an awkward laugh.
“No!”, he shook his head. “No problem. No problem at all, I was just … I don’t know, forget it.”
Keith frowned at him for a horrible moment before his expression softened and he looked back up at Emily.

“If you want you can get changed over there.” He pointed into the hallway behind himself. “Then I can show you around until the others get here. That sound good?”
“Yeah!”, Emily quickly agreed, then kicked Lance’s chest again. “Onwards, trusty steed!”
Lance hesitated.
“Come on, Em. You’re a big girl, you can get changed by yourself.” Besides, he’d rather not leave Shiro alone with painfully hot Keith. But Emily wiggled on his shoulders and leaned down to whisper into his ear, hands cupped around her mouth:
“I don’t wanna go alone…”

Shiro gave a carefree laugh that made Lance swoon inwardly. Of course he’d heard the little plea, Emily wasn’t too good at whispering yet. He cocked an expectant eyebrow at Lance which usually meant it was time to do his damn job.
Lance reluctantly galloped down the hallway.


It turned out there was another boy in Keith’s class that Emily knew from preschool and as soon as Laura and him arrived the little girl made it very clear she didn’t need Lance’s assistance anymore. Instead she ran off with her friends as everyone got ready for the lesson.
Him and Shiro weren’t allowed into the room but could watch Emily from a row of windows where a bunch of other adults were already gathered.
Lance chatted with Laura’s mum for a bit, telling her how excited Emily was to try karate as well and scheduled a playdate for Saturday, when Laura’s dad would finish preparing the pool for the summer. The girls should have fun cooling down like that.

Lance excused himself soon after and sidled up to Shiro on the wobbly bench offered for the parents. The kids had just finished warming up and moved on to fall exercises.
While the others were going through the motions expertly already, Emily waited for Keith to show her the basics, how to initiate a controlled fall and how to roll and twist so she wouldn’t hurt herself.
Her first tries still looked clumsy at best but Keith still smiled widely at her, nodding and correcting her posture and movement a bit as he kept watching her.

“I like him”, Shiro said after a while, eyes following Keith around the room as he went from child to child, praising them and offering feedback. Lance felt his heart sink.
“Who? Keith?”
“Yes, he seems to be really good with the kids, don’t you think? I like how he talked to Emily first when we got here. Not a lot of adults do that.”

As reluctant as Lance was to admit it, Shiro was right. Keith was good with kids, had an instinctive, warm ease when talking to them that mysteriously vanished when he addressed Lance. What a shame.
The kids all seemed to adore him, though, striving for his attention and smiling bright when they earned his praise.
“Yeah”, Lance nodded. “Yeah, he’s really good. I think Em likes him, too…”

The kids had a break about halfway through the lesson and while most of them went to their bags to get a drink Emily skipped up to them, face flushed and sweaty but smile wide and eyes sparkling.
“I really, really like it! Keith is amazing! He says I’m a natural and that I’ll be as good as Laura if I come back each week!”, she babbled, climbing into Shiro’s lap.
Lance automatically reached for the little bottle of water in his bag and handed it to her with a stern look. She huffed but took a few gulps.

“Please daddy, please can I come back? I really want to!”
Shiro smiled and nodded quickly.
“I can talk to Keith after the lesson and sign you up. But you’ll have to promise to keep coming here, we talked about this…”

“Yeah yeah, I promise”, Emily shrugged quickly, then perked up again. “Oh, can you make me spaghetti for dinner? I’m hungry!”
“You’re hungry?”, Shiro asked, bouncing his daughter on his knees. “Well, if you want I can make you spaghetti right now!”
She frowned, her little face scrunching up as Shiro touched a finger against her nose: “Boop, you’re spaghetti!”
Both Lance and Emily groaned, rolling their eyes in unison while Shiro grinned, undeservingly proud of himself.

“You’re so lame!”, she cried out and hopped from his lap in protest, crossing her arms. But she was also smart and quick to think, knowing she wouldn’t get her favourite food if she kept pouting, so she corrected herself: “Can you please cook spaghetti for dinner tonight?”
Shiro agreed the same moment Keith called for his students to continue.


After the lesson they waited for Keith to say goodbye to the other parents before approaching him.
“Yes, of course!”, he smiled after Shiro asked him to sign up his daughter. “Emily did great for her first time, her motor skills are already very well developed, I think she’ll benefit from a challenge. I’ll give you…”
Keith held up a finger, signalling for them to hold on as he ducked back behind the counter. After a moment he re-emerged with a few papers in his hands.
“These forms. You can fill them out at home and just bring them to the next lesson.”

“Thank you, Keith”, Shiro smiled and Lance felt that ugly jealousy squirm in his stomach again. “Emily really liked it. Didn’t you, sunshine?”
“Yes!”, she nodded quickly. “Thank you, Keith!”
“Thank you for doing so well, it was my pleasure, Emily.”
She giggled and Lance wanted to groan. Did the whole family have to fall in love with his pretty smile and gorgeous eyes and that lean, perfect, powerful body and…

“Great, see you next week, then”, Shiro smiled softly and Keith nodded.
“Yes, I’m looking forward to it…”
There was definite purr to the words and Lance would have tackled the guy to the ground if the sound didn’t also do things to him…
Instead he sighed inwardly, a long-suffering expression of helplessness as they left the building, Emily chattering on and on about the lesson and how great Keith was, Shiro still smiling.
This would be a bitch.  

[This fanfic was a commission! Check out how to commission me or consider buying me a Coffee if you liked this story!]

Today I woke up with pink eye. Ugh. Isn’t that for kids? Last night I barhopped until 2:00 AM. That’s something I haven’t done in ages. It was a lot of fun. So in addition to my goopy eye I was very “tired.” Eventually I tried to take a nap but my eye caused too much discomfort. Off I went to Target’s Minute Clinic.

After I signed in the computer monitor said I had a 58 minute wait time. Normally I wouldn’t care because I like Target. I could shop. However with my hideous peeper and hangover I slumped in a red plastic chair like a miscreant outside the principal’s office. I’ll just surf on my phone… and no, 17% battery.

There was an outlet next to my chair. Target sells phone chargers. Except I didn’t feel like moving - or being seen - so I waited like it was 2005 with my phone in my pocket instead of my hand.

A family was standing by the clinic entrance. The nurse recognized them and whisked them in right away. A bitchy woman standing behind the family snapped that she had been there first. The nurse politely explained they were squeezing in flu shots between all appointments because they go so quickly. BW seemed OK with this so no screaming or scratching ensued. BW pushed her cart back into the store.

A few more people ahead of BW and me were seen by the nurse and PA. I watched (through my one good eye) as my name moved up the wait list. I determined the name before mine was BW. Finally the monitor said BW was up to bat and I was on deck. Yet I had the waiting room to myself. The nurse came out, looked at me, and said “I bet you’re not Claire.” Nope. “Well she’s not here so your next!” Hooray for medical personnel who don’t waste a moment of time.

The exam was quick. I was prescribed eye drops. Flu shots were free so I asked for one of those too. You know how much I like free stuff. It gets better. Not only were the flu shots gratis they came with $5 Target coupons. I was essentially paid five bucks to get a flu shot.

They wouldn’t give me more than one shot and coupon no matter how nicely I asked. I said thank you and left to pick up my prescription. I sort of wanted to see the expression on BW’s face when she returned and I wasn’t waiting. Instead I hustled home to try another nap.