you were only going to screw it up anyways

Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Go Get ‘Em

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  • bitch-marner asked: Hi! I really liked your Connor imagines and I saw that you like Tyler seguin… could you maybe write something with him? Maybe like involving anxiety idk. Please and thanks if you consider it!

Word Count: 710

Summary: Pre-game nerves turn into something a little more for Tyler, and you’re there to help calm him down. 

Disclaimer: I haven’t had much experience first hand with anxiety, so all the information I gathered on it has come from internet searches. Sorry if anything isn’t quite as truthful as it could be. 

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From Con to Con (Part One)

A/N: Oh my goodness, I never thought I would be doing this. First time submitting a story on Tumblr…let’s hope it goes well! This will be a series, possibly a long one. Hope you like it!

Summary: You’re living the dream as an actress on Supernatural. Since joining the show, you’ve made friends with everyone, especially your best friend Rob Benedict, who you may or may not have a crush on even when you don’t want to. When things end badly for you and your boyfriend, will you ever be able to get over it and move on to the man standing in front of you? 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings; angst, cheating boyfriends, hurtful words

Word Count: 2,234

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The Long Drive Home

First time posting via tumblr. Not a Jack-focused fic. Treat me gently. AO3 here

(I would shout out to an obvious tumblr Jerevin fan which I’ve been stalking following but I’m a bit too shy.)


“I’ve got another one.” The blonde said from his spot in the back, lounging out on his seat and tapping an empty water bottle against his knee. There was a case of bottles by his feet, but he still seemed content to hold his empty one. He shifted, and Jeremy couldn’t help but glance back, seeing the loose clothes bunch a little around the lean brit.

“Alright.” The ex-gymnast said, eyes focusing back on the road. It would be a lie to say that he was remaining professional, but they were on day two now of a long ass drive and he was certain that the other man was going to keep talking anyways. At least his stupid questions made the hours go by.

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okay I know I have told this story before but my body has switched over to Pain  O’Clock so it’s rambling time and this blog gets to come along for the riiiiide:

When I was in high school choir we did Les Mis, as you do. And our choir teacher, who had many other failings, told us– I do not forgive him this TO THIS DAY– that it was set in the French Revolution. 

“The one with the guillotines?” we asked, with all the awareness of American students who hadn’t had World History yet.  

Indeed, we were told. The one with the guillotines. 

In fact (we were told) the WHOLE THING happened during the time of Robespierre! Red and  Black was about…the storming of the Bastille? ANYWAY IT ALL HAPPENED BEFORE THE KING WAS EXECUTED. 

“…huh”  we said. 

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Finding Home- Part Three

Author: Emma

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: I struggled with this one a bit. I felt like a was being really repetitive with my wording so if that’s the case I apologize. Hope y'all are still loving this series though!

P.S.- Some of the tags didn’t work again. Not sure what’s up with that. AND it’s not letting me add a gif. Stupid tumblr.

Read Part One, Part Two 

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King of the Underworld

TITLE: King of the Underworld
AUTHOR: winterwolf57
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester x Reader
GENRE: Romance, fluff, smut in later chapters
SUMMARY: AU where Dean is Hades, King of the Underworld.

“That’s it?” you asked dumbfounded. “Err… yeah. What were you expecting? Some kind of sexual torture and a forced marriage? Sorry to disappoint sweetheart, but the women who come to my bed are all more than willing. And they never leave without satisfied smiles on their faces,” he winked and threw a dazzling smile your way. Son of a bitch. That smile would surely be your downfall.

A/N: I’ve always been very fond of retelling Hades and Persephone’s story. I guess it’s because I’ve always imagined him to be a sexy, mysterious character who can actually be written as sorely misunderstood. In my head, Hades isn’t the monster he’s made out to be, just someone people can’t help but be afraid of. Because he is death, and no one really wants to die. 

Most stories I’ve read about Persephone and Hades are about how, after all his wooing, Persephone falls in love eventually; or how he’s always had feelings for her from the start, so I wanted to do something a little different. First by changing Persephone to a different character and second by making the character fall in love with him first.  

Anyway this was just supposed to be a one-shot smutty story, but it ended up longer. Smut will come in the next chapter or so. Hope you stick around for it. :)

Click for fore chapters of King of the Underworld.

Check out my other stories HERE.

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Terry Pratchett – Carpe Jugulum. A student asked me last week what my favorite book series is. I struggled a lot more than with anything else (we were having a kind of “getting to know you” day, so there were lots of questions). I eventually had to answer “Discworld.” No one knew anything about it. I’m going to have to start assigning that Weatherwax short story from the Legends books. 

Anyway. When I read Small Gods in high school the top of my head blew off. It pointed out everything about religion that had been bothering me for years. More significantly, it didn’t sneer at religion itself, only screwed up versions of it. That little seed let me finally come back around to getting it – maybe your religion isn’t for me, but that’s fine. It took a while, but I got there. I can only imagine if something more hardcore had fallen in my lap at that time.

So imagine my shock when I read Carpe Jugulum in undergrad and what was left of my skull just shattered from the force of this novel. It’s a vampire novel! It’s Pratchett riffing on Dracula and Hammer horror films and just having fun! Right?

No, not right. He features a priest of the new Omnian church, the church that comes out of the events of Small Gods. And that priest is a priest because there weren’t many other good options. And his holy symbols don’t work. They’re supposed to work on vampires, right (shades of I am Legend here)? 

This is what he says pages from the end of the book. And, just like Granny Weatherwax replies… It’s a start. 

anonymous asked:

Did you ever have any real trouble around girls, or even just in general when it comes to being social? I feel like YouTubers always make a big deal out of it when you have any interaction with a female because you're a big dude with nerdy hobbies, but from stories you've told it seems to me like you've been doing pretty ok for yourself since as far back as high school and have had a more interesting social life than like 80% of the Mega64 fanbase.

In high school, I didn’t think about girls at all. That was not on my mind in any way really. And not that I didn’t have confidence or anything, but I think a little part of me felt like those commenters you mentioned- “Why would anyone be into me? I’m a huge dork.” But like, you know, I was cool with it? It wasn’t a big deal to me, I just assumed that was the way it was. And yet- I did have girlfriends as high school went on, all of whom pursued me rather than me to them. I didn’t understand it but I didn’t ask questions. After high school, I got really serious about my work and getting my life together (I went through a big crisis of figuring out what the hell I wanted to do in life) and I swore off any kind of significant other for a long time. A couple years went by, and I had found my path in life, but by that point I hit kind of a lonely patch, and that caused me to kinda spend a lot of my early 20’s trying WAY too hard to impress girls or win them over. I would way overdo it or lay it on way too thick to try and get close to someone, and it NEVER worked. It was this big “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE LOVE ME” phase in my life and I hated every minute of it. I got obsessive and weird, but I was honestly just confused. I felt like everything was going really well in my life otherwise, so why couldn’t I make this work? It was so frustrating! So, after a while, I was just like- you know what? Screw it. I got so burned out on all that, and things were only getting better with my job, so I thought- forget it. My work is going well- I’m gonna focus on that completely, and better myself though that, and not worry about relationships. I wasn’t the kind of person that depended on that stuff anyway, so I would be fine. And I was- I worked harder than ever and was totally proud of what I was doing. And you know what happened? Almost the same second I gave up, I was hitting it off with girls again. Big time. It was never a problem again for the rest of my life. I have had the best social life I could possibly ask for. I realized what I should have in high school- that it was having confidence, but not trying too hard, that was key to being desirable in any way. I don’t think that I’m the greatest person ever, by any stretch of the imagination! But I know who I am, I know the score, I know what I like, and I don’t waver from that. I don’t get caught up in trying to be something. The big irony to connect to anybody was to unabashedly just be myself and not -try-. Sometimes, the greatest trick is no trick at all. Dude. REAL TALK.

Orphans - Part Nine

Summary: Your parents died on a tragic car accident. Though you were lucky and survived. Depending on how one would describe lucky since you were now an orphan and had to live in an orphanage where you didn’t know anybody. But that quite blue-eyed boy, seemed to become a closer friend than you first expected.

Chapter Summary: Keeping it a secret for so long wasn’t the best decision to make for Castiel. Now he had to face the consequences.

Words: 1288

Pairing: eventual Castiel x Reader

Originally posted by perevalovaaa

Warnings: angst

A/N: Feedback is as always appreciated!

Orphans - Masterpost

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The Bakes of Wrath pt. 2: Biscuits

Summary: Lily Evans and James Potter are contestants on the 2015 Great British Bake Off. Lily is determined to beat James. James is determined to win. And to make good cakes. Rivalries and Twitter wars ensue.

WARNING: A racial slur is used at the very end of this chapter. 

Full notes and the fic are on Ao3 here.

James wasn’t accustomed to being nervous over biscuits. They didn’t typically inspire such high levels of nausea and terror in him. But then, he wasn’t usually asked to bake twenty-four identical biscotti after taking three goes to walk into a tent. James wasn’t quite sure how they had been walking wrong, and had reached the conclusion that being on television was weird.

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Cant - Key (Part One)


You’re probably thinking, “why is this a surprise?”

Well, it’s because this story, right here? It’s Key’s version of Emma’s story Bosh. You see, Emma and I decided we’d be doing a story swap, and while I gladly gave her “Excuse Me, Miss,” I went right to Bosh and was like, “I have to do the thing.” So, I asked her if I could do something from this universe, and she gave me Key and Taemin~ 

So, without further ado, Key’s Bosh. By the way - this story is actually pre-Onew’s Bosh, so yeah, there aren’t any references to his story. But I collaborated with Emma on this, so there are details in it that may be mentioned in Jonghyun or Minho’s to come. 

part one - part two - part three - part four - part five

UPDATED 6/6/15

He’s got 99 problems, and you don’t plan on becoming one.


In small college towns, especially those in which the main attraction is the massive amount of shoreline, there seem to be three types of people that anyone can easy pick out of the blue.

The first class of people is the student body of the town’s little university. This would, of course, include you and most of the people around your age that stay longer than a week. These are the types of people that really tried to get into somewhere more impressive, but didn’t exactly have anything else to fall back on when that shiny, gleaming rejection letter came in the mail. 

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misfits ask meme
  • “If there is no body, there is no crime.”
  • “The worst thing about being lonely is knowing somebody knows you are lonely.”
  • “If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?”
  • “You think because you’re beautiful you can treat people anyway you want?”
  • “You’re so messed up. And you don’t even know it.”
  • “I’ve basically got fuck all going for me.”
  • “Oh, yeah, you were being lovely. Right up until you threw the chair at her.”
  • “You think you’re better than all this?”
  • “Yeah, ok. Let’s rob a bank.”
  • “So I guess we’re getting serious then.”
  • “You can be so much better.”
  • “That’s probably something you should keep between you and your internet service provider.”
  • “What did they do to you?”
  • “There’s only one thing ladies should be inserting in themselves, and that’s knowledge.”
  • “I’m a screw-up and I plan to be a screw-up until my late 20s, maybe even my early 30s.”
  • “How would you feel about having sex with me?”
  • “You were just using me.”
  • “No, I don’t love him. I love you!”
  • “Does that hurt?”
  • “I did eenie meenie miney mo and you lost but I still chose you.”
  • “I’m not that person any more. I like who I am now. Don’t take that away from me.”
  • “Why did you hit me?”
  • “I know this gonna sound weird and crap, but… I feel like I know you.”
  • “I wanna know everything there is to know about you.”
  • “In my experience there isn’t any problem that can’t be solved by getting really, really drunk.”
  • “It’s too early for this bullshit!”
  • “When am I ever serious?”
  • “Why are you being so nice to me?”
  • “No, I won’t let you die.”
  • “Sometimes I think it’s difficult for beautiful girls. People don’t see past their looks.”
  • “Are you jealous?”
  • “It just feels all wrong, like I’m doing it with my cousin or something.”
  • “So you don’t love me any more?”
  • “Do you ever get embarrassed of anything?”
  • “No, I won’t let you die.”
  • “Jesus. I… I shot someone.”
  • “Why do we always have to get involved? Can’t we just do normal stuff that normal people do, like… go for brunch?”
  • “Don’t get upset, but this isn’t exactly my car.”
  • “You’re being… Get off, you’re being sarcastic. You’re very hard to read.”
  • “Okay. Well, it’s a date.”
  • “Sorry you got shot, man!”
  • “This could be the start of something huge. I can feel it in me nut sack.”