you were never wrong

Fuck you for making me feel like I didn’t even deserve you when it’s you who doesn’t deserve me


Do you love me anymore? (Alec x Reader)

You stood there watching Alec as he talked to Lydia, for what felt like the hundred time today. Every time you try to talk to him he would tell you he was busy and that he would see you later when you guys did a mission together later that night. But what was so important that he was only talking to Lydia and no one else? As far as you knew nothing big was going on with The Clave. It just didn’t make any sense. Your watched buzz as a reminder to go train with Jace, so you took one last look at the pair and turned away.


   “What’s gotten into you today?” Jace said as he stood over you. You were laying on the matt trying to catch your breath as Jace knocked you over moments before for the fourth time today. By look on Jace’s face he could tell there was something wrong. You were never this bad at training with him. You guys had the same skill level and everyone knew that but today you couldn’t focus. All you could think about was Alec.  You jumped up and told him “There’s nothing to worry about Jace maybe I’m just having an off day.” You didn’t want to say anything to him knowing that you were probably just being over dramatic. “I’ll be better tomorrow, Don’t worry about it. I got to go now and get ready, so I’ll catch you after.” You said as packed your things and left.

    “Y/N” Someone shouted behind you, so you turned around. It was Izzy.

“Thank god Izzy, I’ve been waiting on Alec to show up. Do you know when he’s coming?” You asked her as she got closer.

“That’s what I’m here about, Alec can’t go so I had to fill in” She told you.

“Oh” was all you said. You were disappoint that Alec couldn’t go, you figured it was something to do was he’s been talking to Lydia a lot lately.

“Come on then, lets go” Izzy said grabbing your arm and pulling you with her. Maybe this night wouldn’t to bad after all.


     “See you later” You yelled down to Izzy as you both walked into your rooms. You jumped back as soon as you walked into the room not excepting Alec to be stood in the middle.

“Hey what are you doing here?” You asked as you finally walked in laying your bag to the side.

“We need to talk” Alec said as he stood looking serious with his arms crossed.

“Sure but can it wait? I need a shower after this mission” You told him as you started to walk to the bathroom.

“No it can’t” He said grabbing your arm, stopping you making you turned to look at him.

“Why not? It’s not a big deal that you couldn’t go on the mission” Even thou that was a lie, you were mad at him that he couldn’t go, more importantly that he didn’t tell you. You were just standing by yourself until Izzy showed up.

“Do you still love me?” Alec questioned you.

“What? Why would you ask me that? I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t” You just look at Alec blankly. He stepped away from you, you went to step closer but he put his arm out stopping you.

“This is going to be harder then I thought then” Alec told you. You gasp, you knew what was about to happen. He was about to break your heart.

“I umm I” Alec started to stutter before he took a breath and started to speak again.

“I think we need to break up”

“I thought you loved me?” You asked with tear building up in your eyes. Alec looked away, he didn’t want to see you cry because of him.

“I don’t anymore, I’m sorry”

“YOUR SORRY?” You yelled, Alec filched back “You just broke my heart into a millions pieces and all you can say is sorry” Your voice breaking.

“I’m so-“ He went to say but you stopped him

“Don’t say it again” You took a deep breath trying to calm yourself down, “Just get out of my room please” You said closing your eyes trying not to break down. Alec just nodded and started to make his way out.

“Wait” You whisper, Alec just barely able to hear you. He stopped but didn’t turn around.

“It’s Lydia isn’t it?” You asked not really wanting to know the truth. Alec stood silence for a moment, he didn’t know what to say so he just left. As he shut the door, you broke down into tears knowing that the man you loved was about to walked into someone else’s arms. He didn’t love you anymore and you wondering how long had you been living a lie.

when they won’t respond to your texts, stop texting them.

when they won’t return your calls, stop calling them.

when they stop coming around, don’t sit there and question what you did wrong when you’ve done nothing wrong.

when they walk away, don’t beg them to come back.

don’t chase after them.
don’t plead with them to care about you.

don’t let them make you feel inferior because your love was stronger.

don’t let them make you feel like you were wrong for loving them.

remember that your worth is never tied to a person who can’t see how amazing and wonderful you are.
remember that you are still valuable. you are still important. you are still worthy.
you are not unworthy because someone else didn’t see your worth.
you are not ugly because someone else didn’t see your beauty.
you are not the value of someone’s opinion who left you.

Like heaven (Bruce wayne imagine)

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Request: Bruce Wayne / batman reader. The joker kidnapped the reader who is Bruce Wayne’s wife. The chains her to the bottom of an empty aquarium sized tank, and he fills it up with water . Will Bruce get get there in time to save her.
Summary: After Joker kidnaps you, will Batman make it in time to save you?
Word count: 708
Warning(s): drowning

The clock in the restaurant was ticking away as people buzzed by. You an Bruce were supposed to meet up there, for your date after work. But as the minutes pass by, Bruce knew something felt wrong.

You were usually never late, but one glance at the clock told him that it’s 20 past eight, you were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago, yet there’s no sign of you. He quickly paid for his drink before running out to get in the car and flooring it to the batcave.

As a safety measure, you always had a small tracker on you, which you agreed on, knowing the dangers of life in Gotham. Your tracker was showing you to be at an old abandoned aquarium attraction at the amusement park.

He wasted no time in getting suited up and jumping in the batmobile. On the way, a thousand thoughts rushed through his mind as to what might have happened to you.

You were waking up from a chloroform induced daze. Trying to stretch your limbs proved to be impossible, as you were chained, upside down. A sickly familiar laughter filling your ears. “Well lookie here, who decided to awaken from their beauty sleep.” He happily chuckles. “What do you want?” you groan, struggling against your chaines.

I just want to bring the bat out to play, and you seem to be the perfect bait,” He smiles. “So this is how this game works..:” He says thoughtfully, before a grin widens on his face once again, “I’m gonna start filling this tank, Let’s see whether your batsy can get to you in time, or will you drown here tonight.” He says, pulling a heavy metal lever with ease, prompting you to lower into the empty glass tank below you. 

Pulling another lever right next to it, water started spewing out of the filling nozzle. You tried your best to keep your composure, not to exhaust yourself too much, just like Bruce had taught you. 

Meanwhile Bruce was speeding through traffic, trying to make it to you as fast as possible. He was unsure of what to expect upon his arrival.

You could hear the roar of the batmobile from the distance, but the water was already starting to reach your nose, you had no idea whether or not he would make it, but you focused on the sound of the car.

The water had just reached slightly over your nose when you heard his breaks, as Joker and his men got prepared to attack. Joker’s loud obnoxious laughter filling the entire building.

Soon you heard what you presume a heavy door kicked in, which startled you, causing you to accidentally breathe in some water, a heavy hough wave causing you to lose your composure. Bruce was full of rage when he saw what was going on. He quickly started tactically taking out all the men, while the tank was still rapidly filling, your mouth nearly under water, the water in your lungs making it hard to breathe without coughing.

When Batman noticed your distress, he threw a batarang at the thick glass, which just stood there. But soon crack started to appear, one after another, the sound heavy in the water. The cracks were connecting when suddenly a large chunk falled out, the aquarium shattering completely around you.

You had inhaled a lot of the liquid, rendering you soon unconscious. When his battle was fought he lowered you to the ground, undoing the bounds you were in.

You weren’t responding to his gentle slaps on the cheek so he started CPR. He held your nose, forcing air to your lungs, before giving ten strong pushes to your chest, surely breaking ribs. He repeated it over and over, losing hope, when you finally threw up a big amount of liquid from your lungs. A few more hefty coughs, and your lungs were depleted of all water, but your throat hurt badly, along with your head and chest.

You’re okay,” Bruce insured, lifting you in a bridal style. “I’ll have Alfred check you over and then you’re on bedrest for a week,” He informs you, clicking your seatbelt in the batmobile. “Sounds like heaven,” You chuckle, before starting another coughing fit. 


With love,

Reasons why State Of Grace itself deserves a Grammy:

I’m walking fast through the traffic lights
Busy streets and busy lives
And all we know
Is touch and go
We are alone with our changing minds
We fall in love ‘til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time
And I never saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same
You come around and the armor falls
Pierce the room like a cannonball
Now all we know is don’t let go
We are alone, just you and me
Up in your room and our slates are clean
Just twin fire signs
Four blue eyes
So you were never a saint
And I’ve loved in shades of wrong
We learn to live with the pain
Mosaic broken hearts
But this love is brave and wild
I never
Saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same
This is a state of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right
These are the hands of fate
You’re my Achilles heel
This is the golden age of something good and right and real
And I never saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same
And I never
Saw you coming
And I’ll never be the same
This is a state of grace
This is the worthwhile fight
Love is a ruthless game
Unless you play it good and right

The Piano

You never imagined you’ll pass from a sonata to a concerto. Never in your life imagined that your piano would lend you to meet the person who would make a dramatic change in your life. No one ever expects those things, and that’s exactly why they say life is full of mysteries. 
The Piano. 
It was everything you had and everything you needed, or so you thought; you lived for it and from it, it was your life, it was part of your self being. But just like objects can have such value in our lives, people can too. But you didn’t know yet, you hadn’t met the person. And you thought you would never do, but that’s where you were wrong.

Working at the old bar had its cons and pros, but for you it was mostly about the pros. It was true that only old people would go there; only people who liked and appreciated the sound of a piano at the background. But you thanked the audience for being like that, at least they would listen to your music. So the bar was known for having excellent music but old people, it was known for having the same people every night that went to admire the lonely pianist that played with her heart together with the moon. But being the way it was, helped you to notice when new faces discovered the place. As you had seen during the months working there, some would stay and become regulars, other would come once or twice a month and other would never come back. You couldn’t blame them, it wasn’t a bar for everyone.

Yet that smiling boy had returned. He came back every week, sitting at the same table where the acoustic would be perfect for him as he watched your performance. Sometimes he would come alone, sometimes with his friends, but he would always come, come and steal a smile from you. You hadn’t realized but he had become part of your life, part of your week, part of your music. You played for him whenever he came and he knew. You didn’t have a romantic story or adventures like any normal person would have thought, you simply shared so much with some little gestures. Like your piano for his smiles, like his presence for your heart, like your smile for his heart.

Lay” He said after inviting you a drink. “My friends call me Lay but my name is Yixing” You had accepted his drink after a long working night, after wondering if it was a right thing to do, asking yourself if talking to him wasn’t going to break the spell, the magic that ran through the both of you.
You come here every week… I’m curious to know why, it’s rare to see such a young man in here” You smiled, hoping it didn’t seem like flirting.
Well…” He smiled again, this time taking a long pause before talking again. “I’ve never enjoyed listening to a piano this way before coming here. There’s something in your music that makes me come back every time” The truth was that he sounded like a music lover, probably not like the romantic boy you thought. 
So… you come back for the piano?” You asked a little bit disappointed. You looked away but before you could take another drink, the took your face in his hands and gave you a long but very soft kiss. 
No, not really. I come back every week, for the pianist”

A/N: I really hope you guys like it! Idk why I haven’t been inspired at all, I tried my best! Xoxo, Ara~

Imagine Sonny defending you after your ex-boyfriend makes a scene at the station

(A/N: Warning=Contains mentions of emotional abuse/an unhealthy relationship and also contains brief act of psychical abuse.) 

This is a part two to this imagine here

Imagine Sonny defending you after your ex-boyfriend makes a scene at the station

You thought it was over.

You thought you would never have to see him again.

You were wrong.

After your night with Sonny, you had expected to feel guilty. Even if it was only a little bit. But you didn’t. You woke up the next morning, your head resting on his chest, your naked bodies entangled and all you felt was happiness. The feeling of being free.


What you had done was wrong. You were technically still in a relationship with Justin despite everything he had done. But you didn’t regret it. Not at all. You knew you never really loved Justin. And you knew that because you had fallen helplessly in love with Sonny over the past year since you had moved to New York. What you felt for Sonny, was something that you had never felt before. Just confirming that you were never in love with Justin, you had only been with him because that’s what everyone else wanted.

What they expected.

That same morning, you and Sonny got up and together you sorted everything out. You couldn’t face Sonny and Sonny was particularly keen on you facing him again especially given your history. Maybe it was a cop-out maybe it was justified. But you wrote Justin a letter. Dealing everything you felt and had felt. Telling him it was over and nothing was going to change your mind. You didn’t say anything about Sonny or having feelings for someone else. He didn’t need more ammunition as you knew he would enviably destroy your image back home. And you didn’t even care because you were happy in the city with Sonny.

That following weekend you moved out of your apartment that Justin had helped you choose and rent for that matter. You put your stuff in storage and brought your essentials to Sonny’s apartment for your temporary stay. You changed your phone number, you didn’t need to see the backlash from when he responded to you after getting the letter. Sonny helped you get everything changed so your mail and everything else came to a external mail-box and not that apartment. The process was surprisingly easy but you think that was because you had Sonny helping you. He was so adamant on getting you out of that situation. He helped you more than you had expected and you could only appreciate his kindness. You thanked him endlessly but he reassured you that it was nothing. He was doing it because you needed help and because he loved you not only romantically but as his best friend.

When you were with Sonny, you forgot all about Justin and your past. After the whole ordeal and after everything was changed, the thought of Justin and his reaction didn’t even cross your mind.

Three weeks passed after that and you had a feeling that your temporary stay with Sonny was going to be more permeant. Sure, it had only been two weeks but you slipped into a relationship with him so easily it had liked you’d been together for years. Living together, being with each other constantly just came naturally to you both. You were already in love and you were his girlfriend at this point. You’d talked about it and since you were no longer attached, it was the perfect.

It was happiest you had been in a very long time. You suddenly loved Fridays because it meant you could spend the whole weekend with Sonny. He’d told his Mom almost immediately that you had started dating. You didn’t tell anyone else expect her and the rest of his family. You’d already met her and attended multiple Carisi family dinners. You fit perfectly into every every part of his life. It was like he was waiting for you. Everything was completely perfect.

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"I’m not the power level guy. I never have been, I never will be." FYI, this is wrong. You were the power level guy once. You were originally hired by Wizards of the Coast as a developer, not a designer.

Even as a developer I was known as “not the power level guy”.

Love fades as stars do||Oneshot

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Vernon x Reader
Genre: Angsty angsty angst

Love seems eternal but it fades as stars do.
He remembers when he first set his eyes on you, you walked right past him and he swore his life flashed before his eyes and he saw you in it. You remember when you first saw him your heart skipped a beat as you walked past him, you walked slow enough to take in his features and your heart dropped. You knew right then and there that he was the one.

He never believed in love at first sight and you were a test to prove him wrong and you did. You never believed in a soulmate, a one and only, until he proved that anything is possible.

He adored the way you felt under his fingertips, you loved how he’d get lost in his music. He loved how the little moles all over your body were scattered around like constellations, you adored how the little dimple on the left side of his face formed when he smiled. He adored how you would play with his hair and leave warm imprints along his being with your hands, you loved how he would slide his hands into yours and wrap his arms around you engulfing your being with his.

You were the epitome of a love struck couple, you had the type of love anyone could have ever desired…..but love fades just as stars do, suddenly and all at once, and love turns into nothing.

He remembers when you first said I love you, those words were like music to his ears he could hear you repeat those word for the rest of his life.
You remember when he first said I love you, it was before you had said it out loud to him and he was in a tired and sleepy state. Your hands were playing with his hair, he hummed silently and then let it out and you swore you’d let him know you felt the same way.

But it wasn’t enough.

You both refused to see it coming until it finally did and when it did boy did you both lose it.
He had never felt as much pain as he did when he saw you; tears running down your face, hair disheveled and unsteady breathing. He often asked himself why he had to let you go, why he had to go and break your heart for. He broke his heart too.
You asked yourself too. Why? Why did he go and do that for? You never thought you could feel as much pain as you did when you saw him; standing there, face serious and a weak attempt to keep a steady stance, his voice quivering as he spoke to you.

It was hard for the both of you, needing to give each other up just like that. You promised each other that when it was time to let go you’d both understand because it was going to be hard.

It hurt, it hurt you a lot. Love and pain should never be related and you understood why they weren’t a common pair.
It hurt him, it hurt him a lot. Being the source of his loves pain hurt, he dreaded the fact he was the source of the pain.

You were angry with him, your heart was demolished into tiny pieces.
All that you could bring yourself to say was,“Why?”
He couldn’t bring himself to say a thing anymore.
“Tell me because I don’t understand why, why do you want to leave, why when I love you more than anything.”
He was angry with himself, his heart fell at his awareness of your words.
“Y/N….” he promised he wouldn’t hurt you ever. You promised you wouldn’t either.

“It’s too much.” He forced himself to say, it wasn’t too much at all. It was actually not enough.
He remembers when he told his mother about you, he couldn’t stop smiling. She could tell way before he could that he was completely and utterly in love with you.

“Hansol son don’t let her go. A pure love is hard to find and that girl loves you for you, love is more important than the fame and those who say it’s better to avoid it because what’s life without love?”

You remember when you called and told your mother about him, you were gushing about him. She was ecstatic, you were struck in the heart and she knew you had found the one despite your cool and cautious approach.

“Y/N honey allow yourself to love, a true love only comes once in your life and you’ll regret it if you don’t embrace it. Because what’s life without love?”

You remember when you first met his managers and the boys, you couldn’t help but be a bit worried and overwhelmed they were so many to leave a good impression on. The boys couldn’t help but adore you, you made their boy whole. He remembers when he told the boys and his managers about you. He was worried and cautious that they’d drive you apart. The boys were overjoyed they’d never seen their cool and collected Hansol talk about anyone like this before. His managers were touched too yet warned him that you two could possibly be driven apart.
But he didn’t listen he thought they were insane and he wanted to believe that your love could withstand anything. And when you started getting hurt because of him he realized that what his managers had warned him about wasn’t insane.
“I’m scared all the time I love you so much but it never seems like enough.”
Your hands shook as his voice quivered with every word he said.

“I feel alone all the time Hansol but I’d rather be alone than lose you. I’d be nothing without you. So let’s not, let’s not be apart.”

“I watch time and time again as you get hurt and by me nonetheless. It hurts me that you feel like this I’ll leave it all for you, the fame.”
“I can’t be selfish enough to do that to you.” He took your hands in his but you drew them away. The tears never seemed to stop falling from your face.
“I can’t live without you but I have too if I don’t want to see you keep getting hurt.” He was pained, this was it. His first love, his soulmate, he had to let go.

You look up at the stars so beautiful and so bright. Just like the love you two held. He looks up at the stars, they weren’t shining as bright as they usually did they were dull reflecting how they love you two held was.
Authors note: This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve written so far, I have a thing for angst if you guys couldn’t tell. Also thank you guys for over 100 notes on my recent piece I’m glad you guys enjoyed it!
You were wrong about me, I was the best fucking thing to walk into your life and you will never find another who can compare. You were wrong, I don’t need you.
—  B.L letters I never sent

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“Really, I thought you were the one who said all those kids were no good villains. Are you admitting you’re wrong and I was right?” Ben teased knowing you were completely against the children coming here.

“I’m never wrong, it’s just not all of them are bad. Carlos is one of those good hearted ones.”