you were never just my queen


Soulmates aren’t rare, they aren’t, you’ll meet a thousand soulmates, just as you’ll live a thousand lives.

North Stars though, they are. By chance you’ll meet someone who encompass the way home. Someone who is home. And knowing them is like being found with never knowing you were lost.And you will love them. God, you will love them as they are because they are yours. They exist beneath your skin, in your veins, to your bones. They were written in some far off past life.There is no force that is more than they are.You are born half in love with them, and to have them, to be theirs, is like nothing else. Nothing would dare to be.

Oliver Queen- I will protect you (Part 1)


Words: 487

A/N: I’m gonna write more parts for this. The last week I’ve been on a my chemical romance spree. They are just so good. Hope you enjoy reading it :)

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“Just me or was this scene undeniablyromantic? Or at least, I have never seen a character make a gesture this gallant and dramatic without some ro
mantic subtext behind it.”

-Lily Sparks

‘I miss you,’ she said. 'Every day, I miss you. And I wonder what you would have made of all of this. Made of me. I think - I think you would have been a wonderful king. I think they would have liked you more than me, actually.’ Her throat tightened. 'I never told you - how I felt. But I loved you, and I think a part of me might always love you. Maybe you were my mate, and I never knew it. Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering about that. Maybe I’ll see you again in the Afterworld, and then I’ll know for sure. But until then… until then I’ll miss you, and I’ll wish you were here.’

Aelin, Queen of Shadows

Do you ever think about the first time Celaena/Aelin told Sam that she loved him, she was looking at his tombstone instead of his face? Do you ever just stop and think about this scene and how much regret she must hold in her heart? Do you think about how it took her four books to finally get her closure and revenge while every day she had to think about what Arobynn did?

Do you ever think about the fact that if Aelin is immortal, there will be no Afterworld for her for a long, long time? That every day for the hundreds or thousands of years she is alive, a little piece of her always loves Sam, always wonders if her people would have liked him more as king, always wonders if he was her mate. And for the rest of her life, there’s a small Sam-shaped hole in her heart that no one would be able to fill. Because no one can replace your first love, especially when your first love was taken from you as violently as Sam was taken from Celaena/Aelin.

SVTFOE S2 Starter Sentences
  • “I’d love to be queen!”
  • “What did you do?”
  • “Alright, fine. Battle to the death.”
  • “Food is anarchy, dude. Live by your own rules.”
  • “We were never friends.”
  • “Don’t read my journal!”
  • “Just pretend I’m not here!”
  • “Are you making me do all your chores?”
  • “You lied to me!”
  • “Maybe there’s something wrong with you. Ever think about that?”
  • “__ and I have recently become smooch buddies.”
  • “Where are the giant invisible goats?”
  • “I’m gonna run away!”
  • “I can’t see how that’d be a good idea.”
  • “You know too much, now I gotta destroy you.”
  • “Give me one more chance!”
  • “You just smashed a police car!”
  • “This princess says no thank you.”
  • “I got kicked out of school.”
  • “Are you happy?”
  • “I’ve got you, trust me.”
  • “You can’t just run away from all your problems.”
  • “You know I do this because I love you.”
  • “That’s not your dog, is it?”
  • “Who’s up for fireworks!?”
  • “You some kind of witch!?”
  • “Are you dating anyone?”
  • “We tried and we failed. And that’s okay!”
  • “You believing in me is all I need.”
  • “I guess I can visit you in prison.”
  • “For a second I thought you were a gargoyle.”

You know I’ve been sitting here thinking about these new people, how pathetic they were for hiding in some horrible land. So their stories didn’t have to play out. And then I realized… that’s exactly what I used to do. I don’t remember you hiding from anything. Oh, I did. My life just stopped. The only story I heard was the one I kept telling myself. That I was the Evil Queen. Until finally I forgot the most important thing. My life was never just one story. It was many stories. To some a villain. I hurt people. In ways I can never make up for. To others I’m… a hero. They’ve seen my strength, my ability to do the hard things even when I thought I couldn’t. I want to start a new story. One where the Evil Queen doesn’t get a part. And I choose to believe that this story will have a better ending than my last.


I was in the darkness… with your kindness… your trust… you brought me into the light. You let me know I deserved it. You were that light and I don’t know if I still deserve that trust, if I deserve you. I probably don’t but whatever has happened, whatever will happen, the way you make me feel is the best part of my life. You can ask me to say that I don’t love you but I will never lie to you again. You are my always and I just want the chance to be yours.

Lily’s Ten Songs I Listen To On A Daily Basis Tag

We were tagged by the precious @kpopyourcherryy so here are my songs!

  1. Bone + Tissue/Cave Me In by Gallant (ft. Tablo & Eric Nam): The weather has been beautiful lately here so these songs are just perfect to vibe to while enjoying the loveliness.
  2. Automatic by Red Velvet: I will never be over this song. Ever.
  3. Emptiness/Get Out by MadTown: Y’all shoulda already known. But seriously; these are my two favorite songs off Emotion and if you haven’t listened to either of them yet, don’t ever talk to me again.
  5. Daisy’s Theme/Can’t Repeat the Past: I love listening to movie soundtracks okay. And both versions of The Great Gatsby soundtrack are incredible and I could actually listen to them on repeat for days on end.
  6. I’m Serious by MadTown: Desire and I are obsessed with this song and you should be too.
  7. Phone Call/No Shadow by Jun.K: This whole fucking album is gold but I just…God these songs kill me. He really disrespected me with these but I ain’t even mad at him for it.

Honorable Mention: Pro-C’s Eung Freestyle Remix ‘cause holy shit They Did That™.

–Lily🎧, who is about to go bop to these songs yet again

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“I realised I have not spent my life losing you… I’ve spent my life finding you.”

“When we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up but you brought them down. You brought me home.”

“You brought light into my life and chased away all the darkness. I vow to you I will never forget the distance between what I was and what I am.”

“The man beneath him maybe flawed but we all are, and I love you for it. Sometimes… the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best tea cup is chipped.”

—  Rumple & Belle’s Wedding Vows ~ Once Upon A Time

#9YearsWithSNSD (x)

I never been so proud of my girls. You guys have been together for so long. It’s actually more than 9 years. We made so many beautiful memories together. Of course, they were ups and down. And there were 9 Princess and now, there are 9 freaking Queen.Thank you for giving us a lot love especially from your beautiful song, dramas, movies, musicals, dj-ing, well just everything.

Thank you for being SNSD ♥

Let’s go for more years together. 


You know, I’ve been sitting here thinking about these new people and how pathetic they were for hiding in some horrible land so their stories didn’t have to play out. And then I realized that’s exactly what I used to do. I don’t remember you hiding from anything. Oh, I did. My life just stopped.The only story I heard was the one I kept telling myself that I was the Evil Queen. Until finally, I forgot the most important thing.My life was never just one story. It was many stories. To some, a villain. I hurt people in ways I can never make up for. To others, I’m a hero. They’ve seen my strength, my ability to do the hard things, even when I thought I couldn’t. I want to start a new story. One where the Evil Queen doesn’t get a part. And I choose to believe that this story will have a better ending than my last.

Hello friend. I’m writing to you again.
How is your life? Mine is splendid.
I know it’s s long time since my last letter. Even longer since our last real talk. I know, I’ve been busy. Maybe you have been too. Life is hectic. It always is. Do you still remember that summer after high school? It was a different time back then. Easier. I know, it’s never good to be too nostalgic. It’s almost as if you get stuck within the memories, believing that it was better before. You know, when we were younger and the whole world was lying big and never ending at our feet. We were kings and queens, just waiting for our turn to rule the world. There was a time when I wished for us to be the only ones who ruled the world. You and me,together, against the world. How naive. It was a marvelous summer. So many things that ended. So many new beginnings. The last breath before adulthood. That last summer of childhood. Nothing was ever the same. Afterwards. I never understood what happened exactly. But one day, something new had begun. And there was no turning back. We lost ourselves there, a little. But at the same time, we found pieces we never knew existed. Pieces of ourselves that told us another story. A new story. A new beginning. I’m sorry. I did it again. I lost myself. I lost myself in the past. We shouldn’t delve in the things that have been, the things in the past. I know that. I’m sorry.
If you ever driving past here again sometime,why not stop, saying hello. You know where I live. I never left. It’s nice here. It’s nice for the kids. Not mine. But so I’ve heard. Do you have kids? I remember you wanted two of them. One boy. One girl. So you could raise them equally. That was your plan. I was never good with plans. Not my thing. But your plans made you leave, didn’t they? You left me behind. It didn’t occur to you, did it? I…

If you had asked. I would had followed. But you didn’t. You just left. You find a new piece. A piece that didn’t need me. Not like before, anyway. You just got up and left. You never looked back, did you? Never again. But you know. I will keep on writing. One day, I will get an answer. An acknowledgment. A sign. That’s why, I keep on trying. Reaching out. Even if every letter comes back- as Elvis once so elegantly put it; ‘return to sender, address unknown’.

But I believe, whenever you decide to reconnect, it would be like we never parted. At all. Like it was just another hot summer evening. And you and I was standing alone but together, against the world.

—  @celtic-poetry, Letter number 207

Soooooo I heard it was bubbline month and so I had to draw the gays in cute outfits that I could probably never pull off XD
Her shirt says I’m just your problem in case you were wondering hohohoho XD 

Miss Malice: The Joker’s New Queen // Chapter Five

Ahhh! I am so sorry I took so long getting this out to you guys. I had some trouble getting all my ideas to flow cohesively but I think I finally made it work. I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve already started on Chapter Six so you can expect that one soon. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!

              The days that followed my little emotional episode were spent in unparalleled bliss, giving me a glimpse of J that I never even knew existed. He was crazy, sure, but that was just one facet to his extraordinarily complex personality.

               As promised, he had all of Harley’s things packed into that armored ice cream truck, and we drove it out into a field in the middle of nowhere.

               “Go ahead,” He told me. “Douse the whole thing with gasoline.”

               And so, I did, enjoying the strong smell of gas as it burnt the insides of my nostrils. I danced around the pile of her shit until the entire canister was empty. It was J, however, who lit the match. I watched him as his eyes glazed over, the match he pinched tightly between his two fingers was burning down quickly.

               “Harls,” He mumbled, “we had a good run. Can’t say I never missed ya, but I can say that I don’t anymore.”

               He drew his eyebrows down, his face twisting into a wide, evil smile as he flicked the match and the flames exploded outward, engulfing the whole pile in seconds. He watched for a moment, transfixed, more than likely saying his last mental goodbye, before he turned to me and yanked me into his arms, covering my mouth with his. The kiss was fiery, and full of promise. It wasn’t long before he had me laid out in the back of the ice cream truck, fucking me within an inch of my life as the flames licked the sky.

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Some quick quick doodles of the other electricons (I believe that’s what they were called?) from KC. I really enjoyed them but we don’t see much fanart of characters who aren’t MCs so you get my bad art instead. Also what the heck @vaveyard you have an opportunity for an electron pun and you don’t take it

We never really got a physical description of Rafe but since the other two seemed tall and lean he was more shorter and muscular to me. Eh.

I love them all. (Please don’t remove these captions or repost!)

Felicity, before I met you, I had a plan. I had a way that I was going to be. Then you walked into my life, or I … I showed up at your cubicle, and you changed everything. I was in darkness. But with your kindness, your generosity, your compassion, your intelligence, your wit and your trust, you brought me into the light. You let me know that I deserved it. You were that light. And I don’t know if I still deserve that trust, if I deserve you — I probably don’t — but whatever has happened, whatever will happen, the way that you make me feel is the best part of my life. You can ask me to say that I don’t love you, but I will never lie to you again. You are my always, and I just want the chance to be yours.

Oliver Queen’s vows to Felicity Smoak (Arrow 4x16, “Broken Hearts”)

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am i the only one who feels bad for taeyeon when she and baekhyun broke up. i felt so sad when i read the english translation of 11:11. i dont know much about them tho it's just that if i was in her place i would be shattered and knowing me i'd probably have breakdowns often bc you can feel how genuine their love was in her songs :(

There is still a debate on whether or not them dating was real (I lean more towards that they were) and I was so into their relationship. And after they broke up I feel like….no one really cared? Everyone was just happy that “baek is back onthe market and queen is still slaying.” Honestly want their feelings on what happened but we know well never get that/: but I feel you if aek went solo hed probably have heart wrenching lyrics that id only assume would be for taebae. Taeyeon is a fav so thinking about how much Baek made her happy….*cue my heartbreaking*

-Admin Kookfairy

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💫 🌻 🐝 ✨ (natalie) (lol) 💛 (okay so i was greedy & i want them all) (also ur choice of emojis made me giggle) (wtf is the middle one omg omgmgmgmg) (also pls forgive me pls for being the worst person in the world on kik) (i stg my love for you has not changed one bit i'm just The Antisocial Queen) (also i love you did i mention that?)

(natalie? rly? i never knew?)(lol it’s not like i have a tag dedicated 2 ur beautiful existence or anything)(also it’s a bee!!)(i luv bees)(and ahhhh i love u no matter what (also messaging can be stressful so plz never do it when ya don’t wanna do it))(also so sorrry this took 5eva u were literally the last one in my inbox and also i had to do it right) 

it’s all under the cut (cause i mean it’s long) 

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