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there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

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stherix  asked:

I'm very interest in the gifs you're reblogging, what's the name of the show?

Hello, friend, you are just the sort of person I want to hear from right now.
The show is called Timeless, and here is the trailer:

There is also this other cool promo. You don’t have to watch it. I just think it’s really fun with all the effects and transitions:

I watched the trailer and sort of fell in love instantly……… with the villain antagonist character and his potential interactions and relationship with the heroine. (WHICH have not let me down, btw. They have, in fact, lifted me up and added five years to my life span.)

Timeless is airing now on NBC. There have been 11 episodes so far with 5 more left in the season. And the reason that inquiring people like you are a such a beautiful gem is because the show is a little on the fence right now. We’re really hoping for a second season and need as many people as possible on board to boost ratings. It’s a great show with amazing acting, sets, and writing that just gets better as it goes. Please don’t let a possible threat of cancellation deter you. It is my opinion, where Timeless in concerned, that it is truly better to have loved and lost.

The premise is super fun as they go to many different periods in time ranging (so far) from 1754 to an upcoming episode taking place in the 1980s. All of the actors and people involved go on about how much they love it because each episode is almost like its own movie with different events and environments. And it really is. You’ve got the Hindenburg, the Lincoln assassination, the Alamo, Watergate, the American Revolution. Not to mention historical figures like Bonnie and Clyde, Katherine Johnson, Houdini, Benedict Arnold, etc. Every episode it’s new and beautiful sets. It’s gorgeous, period costumes so the time traveling characters fit in. And it’s a little mystery trying to figure out what in the world they are doing there. lol. Plus, if you like three-dimensional villains, the villain antagonist from Timeless is the embodiment of the saying, “Every villain is the hero in his own mind.” He has such understandable motives and is not 100% bad. Always a plus to me.

But also the series is not afraid to address “unpleasant” issues. As shown in the trailer, one of the time traveling characters is black. Another is a woman. And quite often they do not have an easy time because of it. So it’s really great that Timeless not only has a diverse team but also takes the time to present a realistic image of what their experience would be like. And it’s also nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. A+

So! If you are interested, all episodes are on Hulu right now. And NBC’s website. (Some episodes on their site need a cable subscription to watch, BUT the first three episodes are FREE!) 

Anyone willing to give Timeless a try and help ratings will have my express gratitude and love. ♥

anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i’m afraid

please remember me when you go out into the real world. and when you meet a girl and she smiles at you, remember how you were the only reason for my smile. and when she holds your hand and looks at you, remember how my hand fit perfectly in yours. and when you take her home to meet your family and she’s nervous, remember when i tried to impress your family by making them coffee and ended up spilling it on the stove. remember me as you lay her down, remember me when she kisses your neck, remember me when she whispers ‘i love you’.
  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.

PSA: Just because you’ve suffered more hardships than a person does not give you to right to dismiss their problems and say “I’ve had worse.” and “You know, that was nothing compared to…..” Their experience does not make it any less painful to them than yours. Not only that, you will also prevent them from reaching out to people when they are dealing with severe problems and force them to deal with their difficulties without the support of others. No one’s emotions are ‘superior’ to others; all of our emotions have equal priority. And remember that crying never makes you weak.


“The almighty is still not listening.” you were whining. “the almighty must have had his reason for erasing my memory.“  You were guessing my intention. I was always listening. You were pleading for death, So I gave you a chance. But…why are you still alive? I never erased your memory. You chose to have your memory erased and yet, you think it’s the Almighty’s plan or mistake? the almighty simply questions. Fate is the question I throw. You…can find the answer.

I don’t define people based on their opinions. Opinions change. People learn things. I don’t understand why people write others off so easily based on them.


I have opinions. But I would rather be seen through my want to understand the matter than what I have to say on it.

BoJack Horseman Christmas Special sentence starters

65 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention

  • [singing] “Joy to the world, _____ is here! He drank up all your beer!”
  • “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I startle you with holiday cheer and good will towards man?”
  • “I just had this terrible dream that you were a person that existed and that you were in my room for some reason. And then I woke up and it was true.”
  • “Oh shit, is it, like, our anniversary of that one day that I forgot to tell you how annoying you are?”
  • “_____, it’s Christmas!”
  • “Well, don’t get too excited. I didn’t get you shit.”
  • “When you were passed out, I used your credit card to buy me this new hat. Merry Christmas to me.”
  • “_____, special holiday episodes are always stupid.”
  • “Eggs sunny-side up, just like you like ‘em. The hash has been thoroughly browned, and your pancakes have extra chocolate chips. Any questions?”
  • “I gotta say, I’ve never understood the appeal of fashionable clothing.”
  • “Trends come and go, but give me a pair of sensible winter socks, and for years to come, I can keep my footsies toasty.”
  • “What’s a… Christ… mas?”
  • “What’s a Christmas? Only the most wonderful time of the year! You hang up stockings, sing carols, and wait up for Santa Claus.”
  • “What’s a Santa Claus?”
  • “Santa Claus is the best. He’s this jolly old fat man who lives up at the North Pole, and every year he flies all over the world, leaving presents for all the good boys and girls.”
  • “We get presents just for being good?”
  • “That’s too much, man.”
  • “This Santa Clause guy sounds like a real piece of work.”
  • “I’m just trying to get ahead so I don’t have to work on Christmas this year.”
  • “Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with me.”
  • “Go home, _____!”
  • “Since when does Santa wear sunglasses?”
  • “Alright, _____, are you ready for the big surprise?”
  • “A tree inside the house? Now I’ve seen everything.”
  • “Are you gonna keep talking? 'Cause I’ll just pause it.”
  • “You’re getting into it, aren’t you?”
  • “You have to watch cheesy old holiday specials on Christmas. It’s tradition.”
  • “Things don’t become traditions because they’re good, _____. They become good because they’re traditions.”
  • “Still can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”
  • “But, uh, listen. I’m actually working for Santa, as one of his helpers, so anything you say to me I can relay to the big man himself.”
  • “Is there anything you want to ask Santa for? Now’s your chance. Anything you want.”
  • “I don’t think you’re getting this whole Christmas thing.”
  • “Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind a Pretty Pony Princess playset.”
  • “This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!”
  • “Are you gonna interrupt every five minutes? Because I will ask you to leave.”
  • “No one should be alone on Christmas. Did we learn nothing from John McClane in Die Hard?”
  • “I just hate that he’s making you work on Christmas.”
  • “I’m being really good just so there’s no confusion for Santa over whether or not he should make my Christmas wish come true.”
  • “And we’re sure Santa can’t bring people back from the dead?”
  • “How desperate do you think I am? You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one.”
  • “You can’t have cookies without milk. That’s like Wang without the Chung.”
  • “Wow, this present shows you really care.”
  • “And cue the waterworks in 30, 29, 28…”
  • “I hate Santa Clause and I hate trees and I hate you and I hate Christmas!”
  • “_____, I screwed things up. I got so excited trying to make you excited, I forgot the true meaning of Christmas.”
  • “Christmas isn’t about getting everything you want. It’s about being around the people that care about you.”
  • “I did everything right. Why wouldn’t Santa Claus want me to be happy?”
  • “You said Santa Claus is always watching, so if he’s watching, why doesn’t he help us? Does he enjoy watching us be sad? Is that how he gets his kicks?”
  • “Are we all just pawns in Santa’s sick game? What kind of pervert is he?”
  • “Oh no, Santa’s watching us right now! I’m sorry, Santa!”
  • “You can’t be good just 'cause you think some fat guy in a red suit is gonna bring you presents. You have to be good just to be good.”
  • “Maybe it’s just because I’ve never had a Christmas before, but this is the best Christmas I’ve ever had.”
  • “Well, I guess everything turned out okay.”
  • “I know, it’s really just another day in a year full of days, nothing all that special about it other than the significance we give it, but still, I’m glad I got to spend part of the day with you, _____.”
  • “Hey, after we watch [insert name of show], can we make holiday cookies?”
  • “Can we sing carols?”
  • “Can we roast a Christmas goose?”
  • “Can we play dreidel?”
  • “Can we get a tree?”
  • “Can we be visited by three spirits?”
  • “Can we be visited by three kings?”
  • “Can we go outside and make snow angels?”
  • “What snow? It’s 72 degrees out.”
  • “Can we make driveway gravel angels?”
  • “Can we drink eggnog?”

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