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tw for sexual harassment, but how would the guys react if they were out with their SO and they come back from the bathroom or something to find their SO being harassed by someone who's getting a little closer than they should? I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable

Let’s see how many beatings I can fit into one post.



  • Whoever’s harassing you isn’t harassing you for long
  • They’re too busy getting thrown through a wall one-handed by a big angry hog-man
  • Doesn’t care if he’s causing a scene in a public place; he usually does that just by being in a public place
  • He checks to make sure you’re okay, then goes to pummel the guy to a pulp
  • No one’s willing to interfere because Mako’s terrifying as all fuck and, y’know, a few bystanders think the creep deserves it
  • After he’s done he wipes his hands clean and proceeds to silently fuss over you
  • Brushing his fingers lightly through your hair, gently feeling your arms and body for any bruises or signs that you’ve touched or hurt
  • Then he simply picks you up and hauls you home to vocally fuss over you and pamper you
  • Apologizes for leaving you alone several times, as well as grumbles about people like that creep being one of the many reasons he hates society


  • Again, the creep’s not bugging you for much longer after Jamie notices
  • He’s on the guy in a second
  • Marches right up to the guy and decks him in the face, then catches him by the shirt collar before he falls to the ground
  • Proceeds to threaten to fill every crevasse in the man’s body with dynamite, then keep him locked up in a shed like that for a special occasion
  • Like a firework party
  • Then he shoves the man, who stumbles and curses, away
  • Then he finally goes back to you to confirm that you’re okay
  • When you assure him as much, he continues on with the date or activity as if nothing happened, though he’s got a tighter hold on you than usual
  • You get extra stolen gifts and special gentle cuddles when you two get back home


  • Manages to keep his cool but just barely
  • Slowly saunters over and gets all close you, wrapping an arm around you while putting him between you and the creep
  • Then he gets close into the guy’s face and uses his free hand to show him the precious Peacekeeper he’s hiding under a long jacket
  • He just quietly threatens the guy
  • “Now you better be gettin’ along before you start up some real trouble, ya hear?”
  • Needless to say, the guy backs off
  • Then Jesse hugs you close to his side and takes you to your favorite place to make you feel better


  • Anyone who sees a buff robo-man coming their way at even the most leisurely of speeds better check their blessings and make sure they haven’t done anything in the past five decades to make someone send of ninja beast after them
  • So, I mean, when the guy creeping on you backs away a little bit when they see Genji marching over to your side, they’re not the dumbest person alive
  • But they’re still a creep and they’re going to suffer for it
  • Genji walks right by you and up into the guy’s face, and then keeps walking
  • He pushes Creepster back a fair way, until he eventually hits something to stop him from moving farther away
  • Then he gets a face-full of emotionless Genji (which is terrifying, let’s face it), who’s letting every threat he can think of go
  • Threats of him, his family, his entire clan hunting this guy down, even if he runs forever and literally falls off the face of the earth
  • He’s not a fan of his past but he sure as well will use it to terrify a shitty man back into his place
  • Then he thumps the guys back against the wall and walks back to you
  • He takes your arm like a gentleman and leads you out of there


  • Tbh, what he does is pretty simple
  • His dragons are just as protective over you as he is
  • So he just walks over and wraps his arms around you from behind
  • Rests his chin on your shoulder and looks the man dead in the eye after asking you quietly if you’re okay
  • Then his arm starts glowing and there’s a very vague reptilian shape made of blue light encircling his arm
  • Oh, look, there’s two of them now and the shapes are gradually getting bigger as the light slowly gets brighter
  • Of course, he doesn’t acknowledge this and just keeps giving the guy a deadpan stare, who’s now fidgeting and glancing at his arm every few seconds
  • “So, can we help you or are you going to leave my partner and I alone now.”
  • He does not phrase it like a question but as an order

Soldier 76

  • He literally just walks up to the guy
  • Puts a hand on his chest
  • Lightly pushes him back
  • “Unless you want your lights knocked out, you better be getting your ass out of here.”
  • And if the guy decides to push back, Jack keeps his promise


  • He doesn’t do much right at that moment
  • He asks you to confirm the guy is harassing you, then he decks the man in the face in a knock-out punch
  • Then he takes your out of there
  • However, once you’re in the safety of home and relaxing, he goes back to hunt down the douchebag
  • The man shows up on the local news missing a couple days later


  • He’s a pleasant guy, so he’ll start out asking pleasantly
  • Carefully sliding himself between you two and asking him to leave, as he’s making you uncomfortable
  • If the man persists and tries to move forward, Zen puts a hand out, stopping the dude from making any headway (dude, he’s a robot; you bet your ass he can stop you with one hand)
  • Not to mention the orbs around his neck are whirling a bit faster and glowing lightly
  • “Sir, I asked you to leave. I will not ask you again.”
  • If the guy still doesn’t move, he gets a little push that causes him to fall on his ass (again, robot = stronk)
  • Then Zen lightly slips an arm around you and escorts you out


  • All he has to do is walk up and whoever’s bugging you will stop and run for the hills
  • If they’re really stubborn (and are one of those people who thinks they can take an old guy, even if it’s a 500+ pound old guy who has several visible battle scars), they run off with their tail between their legs when he picks them up by their torso and quietly growls a threat into their face
  • Then he goes back to German teddy bear Rein and sets up to finish your date/whatever activity you guys have been doing


  • He gets a little rowdy but doesn’t actually put up his dukes
  • He puts on a scary face (yes, even our precious frog bean is capable of doing such a thing for someone he loves) and gets a bit pushy with them, trying to get them to back off
  • If they get pissy enough to swing a punch, then he kicks their legs out from under them
  • Then he grabs you and starts to leave, hollering that if they try it again they’ll get a lot worse
  • He buys you your favorite treat to make up for the incident, all the while apologizing profusely for leaving you alone and allowing that to happen

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Hey, Miss Kat! I hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you could do some headcannons for Kakashi if you don't mind. I know all these headcannon asks must be annoying, but I'm crap at them. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

- Continues the proud Team 7 legacy of being a complete Nerd

- Only he’s more subtle about it.

- Has to preserve his Reputation after all

- (Yeah, no, everyone knows this and is very amused by it.)

- Once waited in line for 12 hours to buy the newest Icha Icha book and did not regret it.

- Keeps a scorecard of how many people he’s trolled about his mask that week.

- If the number goes over 30 he takes Tenzo out to lunch and sticks him with the bill.

- It’s character-building, okay

- Gai is the only person in the world who’s known him for longer than .76 seconds and still thinks he’s cool. 

- This is why Gai is his favorite. 

- Does not drink.

- (Often.)

- This is because he’s actually a lightweight. 

- And he has a tendency to be Extra Ridiculous when he’s smashed.

- Seriously, Genma has enough blackmail after that time with the stripping and Aoba and the table in that one bar in Suna. Kakahsi isn’t about to give him more

- Totally lowkey territorial. 

- Most of the time this is fine, but Obito can hold his liquor and likes to drink and has somehow gotten drunk-married five times already and none of those times were to Kakashi.

- It wasn’t even to nice Konoha nin like Raidou or - or Gai or something. Obito had to go and marry into a former terrorist organization and to two members of the Seven Swordsmen. 

- Rin laughs at him. So much. So often. Kakashi is Offended, okay, it’s not his fault he likes his team members where he can see them.

- It totally has nothing to do with that one crush thAT YOU PROMISED NEVER TO MENTION RIN. 

- Absolutely definitely totally not. 

- May have had A Fling with Tenzo when they were both in ANBU but it was Very Awkward and they’re cool as friends. 

- (If Tenzo had known that would have doomed him to get stuck with the bill for the rest of forever, he might have pretended to be a little more upset.)

- Is absolutely terrifying and knows it.

- Never manages to be terrifying enough to catch Obito’s attention Rin what is he doing wrong help.

- On an unrelated note, Rin has been exiled from his circle of friends because she’s a filthy traitor

- Is a good cook and a decent housekeeper, but would rather live off of packaged meals and in the midst of trash piles if Obito wouldn’t yell at him for it. 

- (Why does that get his attention gods this is unfair okay.)

- Has not bought new clothes for himself that are not in some way part of the standard uniform in like. 9 years? Someone help him. 

- Gets shiny new collars and fancy capes for every one of his dogs each time he gets a paycheck, though. 

- Does not trust Cat People. 

- (Yes, Obito counts.)

- Dogs are clearly The Best and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

- Baby Talk to his dogs is totally a thing. 

- No shame about that, either. 

- Would probably jump off a cliff if someone tossed a copy of Icha Icha over the edge. 

- And has. 

- Once, Rin, god, calm down. 

- (Would totally do it again.)

Wiggle Room

I love you guys, and I still really love me some Everlark. Enjoy. xo, CC


“Katniss, take over for me, this customer is being a pain and is taking forever.”

She grumbles and spins around in her chair, taking a long sip of her soda. “Thom, I’m on my lunch break.”

“Yeah, well, I was supposed to clock out ten minutes ago, but this guy can’t decide on a pair of sneakers. He has about twelve pairs out there,” Thom says, shaking his head. “I’m already late, so please, go out there and help him.”

“Fine,” she sighs, taking one last sip of her drink before standing up. “Which one is he?”

“Didn’t you hear me?” Thom chuckles. “Twelve pairs of shoes. You can’t miss him.”

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Alright. What are some of your favorite Sterek headcanons, then? :)

ok listen, like i have so many and this is a dangerous question because you have open the floodgates. (also, i’m so sorry that i’m so late to answer these. life is getting in the way!) 

  • derek hale and stiles stilinski fall in love with all of each other 
  • derek likes to chase stiles’ lips when they’re kissing because every single taste of him is addictive and derek’s never felt so much need
  • stiles likes to trace derek’s tattoo when they’re resting on their bed, his fingers languidly following the lines while he murmurs, “alpha, beta, omega. past, present, future.” and derek will have this gentle smile as he replies, “you’re my future.”
  • derek’s head automatically turns to stiles’ heartbeat even if he’s in roscoe still heading up the street. he can pick it out of a thousand heartbeats, knowing which one thumps in his ears when he goes to sleep at night
  • stiles will never miss any opportunity to touch derek
  • stiles and derek find the most support from the sheriff 
  • when john looks at derek, he doesn’t see an adult werewolf, capable of ripping people to shreds, he sees the same young man who’s eyes were red-rimmed and lost at the station, soot covering his body
  • stiles sometimes wonders if derek will stop loving him 
  • derek wakes up every morning to make stiles a cup of coffee
  • they fight a lot. usually it goes something like this, “derek, stop being a self-sacrificing dolt. erica can handle it. allison and lydia are backup. they’ve got this. plus, the rest of the pack is gonna be with them.” “i’m not letting erica walk right into the line of fire. i’m not letting her get hurt.” “you’re so fucking stubborn!” 
  • but they always talk things through, refusing to go to bed angry with one another
  • i love yous are constantly being shared between them and they never hesitate to say anything to the pack either
  • stiles and derek are happy together
  • and they’re a forever and always kind of love
Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #24

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Yes, it has been a full two weeks since the last “weekly” rec list. I have a good excuse. TOO MANY fics. There have been SO MANY excellent gen fics in the last two weeks, mostly because of @platonicvldweek​, that I simply could not stop reading long enough to make a list. I am serious. And if I listed all of them, it would be just…ridiculously long. So many fantastic authors participated, and most of them posted seven stories, one for each day, and I just can’t do a rec for every single one.

So this week only, the rec list is going to be different than usual. For a bunch of the recs, it’ll a link either to an author’s collection of Platonic VLD Week fics, or one in particular that I consider my favorite, and I’ll make a few comments about how awesome they are, though that really should be a given. And I’ll ask you, my dear rec consumers, to go and read EVERYTHING each author wrote and comment as much as you can, because we need to keep encouraging this to keep the train going. IT’S BEEN WORKING SO WELL! Gen in this fandom is flourishing! It’s SO much better than other fandoms I’ve been in! That’s awesome, and it makes me really happy, but we gotta keep it going.

Not every fic here was written for the event, so some will be regular recs the way I typically do them.

So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn
Words:  19,572 (WIP 9/?)
Author’s Summary: He lets them take out the frustrations on him. Encourages it really, because people need an outlet for their anger, and Lance has always been the best at making people angry at him. (And if his heart twinges a little every time he has to let someone be particularly mean to him, then he just has to remember that this is what he’s good at. What he’s good for.) But Lance is an older brother, and an uncle, and a younger brother. He learned sometimes keeping people means sacrificing his own feelings for a bit. He’s been taught that he can’t always let his feelings take a back seat though. After all, what happens if the rock falls apart? So, while Lance is always prepared to be the enemy on any given day, there are certain days and certain things that he will not let fly. Or, What happens when Lance is sick of his teammate’s shit.
My Comments: At first I was afraid this was going to be one of those fics where everyone feels OOC in order to make Lance into the perfect woobie, but it’s really not. Everyone (except Hunk and Coran) is just having a bad day, or misunderstanding things, and they take it out on Lance because he’s an easy target for one reason or another. But Lance doesn’t take it lying down, which is good to see, though it eventually becomes too much for him. I really like these kind of emotional breakdown fics, not gonna lie, and I’m very much looking forward the healing that I know is coming. Can’t wait for more.

Friends in Space Places by VelkynKarma
My Comments: I’ve recced this author before, so you should KNOW how good she is, but holy crap, she pulled out all the stops for this week. By far the highest word count, and every single word is absolute gold. I have a VERY hard time picking a favorite from this collection, but the day 7 fic is a multi-chapter How to Train Your Dragon AU that’s still being posted, and holy crap, it’s so good. SOO GOOD. But they’re all good! So much hurt/comfort, so much protective paladins, so much badassery all in one place. Just read them. Read them all.

Hand-Me-Downs, Leftovers by yet_intrepid
Words: 1,181
Author’s Summary: “You don’t have to lie to make me feel better,” says Keith. “I’m not lying,” Shiro says. He takes a bite of his pizza; Keith mirrors him with the burrito. “Every step is a good step.”
My Comments: Short and sweet and perfect. So much feeling in a cold piece of pizza and a microwaved burrito. And I feel like I’ve had the same conversation during my college years.

A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 1,143 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: The Gen fics from my 1000 Followers Special.
My Comments: Just subscribe now so you won’t miss any. The first chapter is Shiro comforting a distraught Hunk, and the rest are going to be just as high-quality.

Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies 
Words: 13,196 (WIP 5/?)
Author’s Summary: While saving innocent citizens from a minefield, Lance and the Blue Lion take a beating. Lance’s high brain activity threatens the use of a healing pod, so the team venture out to find a plant that may help Lance’s healing process. Hunk stays behind to watch after Lance, but will he be able to hold down the fort on his own?
My Comments: It’s hurt!Lance, and you know how much I like that. I really like the character interactions in this one.

How Much is that Doggy in the Window by isabeau25
Words: 1,039
Author’s Summary: Prequel to “What Every Little Kid Wants.” Keith finds Shiro’s birthday present and the rest of the team makes sure it will work out the way he thinks it will.
My Comments: I’m going to say this a lot, but read the whole series. The younger paladins work together to get a puppy for Shiro, and it’s adorable and wonderful. The first fic in the series is about Keith adopting a pet for himself, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Dream, Seam by ardett
Words: 4,937
Author’s Summary: Lance is the blue paladin. The Galra realize this before he does.
My Comments: I’ve screamed before here about how thoroughly this fic wrecked me, but I mean it. It WRECKED me. The author and I are gonna try to co-write a sequel, because I lost control of myself and wrote a thousand words of aftermath headcanons in the comments. So yeah. Look forward to that. Also read the rest of this author’s fics for Platonic VLD Week. They’re all great.

You’re The Only North Star (Platonic VLD Week) by story_monger
My Comments: Oh, man, so hard to pick a favorite. They’re all so GOOD, and they’re scattered evenly across the entire crew. I’m tempted to say Moonshadow, because it has hurt!Lance, but I think my favorite is actually The Beat Down for Coran just being absolutely BADASS and AMAZING and also interacting with Lance and reassuring him and just being…amazing. Gah, that fic made me love Coran so much, and I already adore him. Read it. Read them all.

Platonic VLD Week by hufflepirate
My Comments: Again, pretty much impossible to pick a favorite, but the Pacific Rim AU is SO COOL. And also sad and heartbreaking, but mostly cool. Coran is an amazing mentor to Shiro, and so smart and kind despite his unease with the way the Voltron jaeger works. And his relationship with Allura and backstory with Alfor were beautiful and tragic, respectively. Read read read.

Maja’s Platonic VLD Week 2017 by windscryer
My Comments: Such excellent, excellent hurt/comfort, and a lot of focus on Pidge, which is refreshing. I think my favorite is Break on Me for the protective Lance, but again, they’re all amazing. Read them all.

Impulsive/Spontaneous by gringle
Words: 9,230
Author’s Summary: Lance and Allura finally have a bonding moment. Part of Platonic VLD week: Day 6 Injury/Healing
My Comments: Such an EXCELLENT Lance, and great interaction for him and Allura. I love stories where Lance becomes a diplomat for team Voltron and uses his social skills to be amazing and badass. Yes, yes, baby, you have a thing, and it’s a fantastic thing that not everyone can do (I certainly can’t, myself), and you should be proud. I was so happy when Allura got angry, holy crap. Protective Allura is my jam. One of my jams. I have a lot of jams, but this one is delicious.

Small Fierce Things by playswithworms
Words: 5,241
Author’s Summary: Pidge is badly injured. Shiro does his best to angst over it, but is foiled.
My Comments: Pidge is an absolute badass, and so adorable, and the way she was EXCITED about the possibilities in what most would see as a horrible, unredeemable situation was amazing, and so her. Love this one. Love Pidge. Love Shiro.

Platonic VLD Week by BrOwNiEfOx
My Comments: I think my favorite is Pride as Family. Love that lion bonding, and everyone gets a chance to shine. It’s all good.

Measuring Up by MoonlitWaterSunnyRiver
Words: 1,092
Author’s Summary: Keith has insomnia, and finally decides to *do* something about it. Turns out he’s not the only one up at night. Keith & Lance friendship, written for Platonic VLD Week.
My Comments: Aw, boys. Good talk.

Foundation by buttered_onions for mumblefox
Words: 8,982
Author’s Summary: “Wait,” Lance says, eyes narrowed in suspicion. “I thought you said you’ve known Shiro all your life.” “I might as well have,” Keith says. The story of how Keith and Shiro meet.
My Comments: STAR WARS AU. This is so so so good, holy crap. And it’s a Jed Temple Star Wars AU, where the boys are Jedi with all of the Old Republic Jedi crap about how attachments are dangerous messing up both Keith and Shiro and making it hard for them to navigate the friendship that both of them desperately need. But they figure it out. Gorgeous stuff, gorgeously written. Read the whole series.

Haircut by earthstar
Words: 1,946
Author’s Summary: Keith is in dire need of a haircut.
My Comments: I have previously recced other fics in this series. Just read it all. It’s all good. Then subscribe to the series so you don’t miss anything. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Hair Care In Space by earthstar, isabeau25
Words: 7,764 (WIP 4/8)
Author’s Summary: Just because you’re travelling in outer space in a flying castle, doesn’t mean you can skip out taking care of your hair.
My Comments: Everyone is adorable and it’s all good.

Bridge This Gap by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for mumblefox
Words: 2,287
Author’s Summary: Forming Voltron comes with side effects. A birthday fic

Gunna Go Far, Kid by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for buttered_onions
Words: 3,034
Author’s Summary: Shiro finds himself in the body of a six year old. Again. He’s not any more happy about it.
My Comments: You should just click on anything that has BossToaster as the author.

Come Back (as pure as gold) by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,567
Author’s Summary: When Shiro steps out of his lion after the final battle with Zarkon, something is off. Seems like he missed something. Ten years of it.
My Comments: See above. Also this ones hurts and I hate it.

the art of the trade by tuesdayandtuesday
Words: 2,696 
Author’s Summary: day three of platonic vld week - lions/bonding in which keith and red share a moment or three. s2 spoilers.
My Comments: This one is gorgeous and heartbreaking and so, so worth it.

Catch & Release by anonymous_scapegoat
Words: 2,625
Author’s Summary: Some Galra grunt makes the mistake of putting Pidge and Lance in the same cell. It goes about as well as you’d expect.
My Comments: Pidge and Lance being smart and snarky and perfect and working together really, really well. It really felt like an episode of the show.

when it rains, it pours by tuesdayandtuesday
Words: 2,461
Author’s Summary: day three of platonic vld week - lions/bonding in which lance cannot bear to be himself, and blue cannot bear to have him otherwise. s2 spoilers.
My Comments: I love Lance and Blue interaction so much, and this is beautiful.

Family is the Mixture of Chaos and Caring by CamillaLynne14
Words: 1,883
Author’s Summary: The teams morning has been… Chaotic. With a rough start to the day, then right into an intense training exercise, Coran and Allura feel guilty for how hard they’ve been working them. So the two form a surprise that may not go as planned.
My Comments: They tried, and no one should criticize them.

Hologram by AboveWeird
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: What Lance never anticipated was missing the stars. It felt so weird, so wrong to be out here among the stars when he knew nothing of their names or the myths they took part in. Most of all he missed the sun. It seemed like a silly thing. A giant ball of flaming gases shouldn’t be so dear, but yet no other star could ever mean as much. It had watched over him, looming and unseeing, for all of his life. It was a constant. And now, by an unthinkable turn of events, it was gone. All he had left was this hologram.
My Comments: Cuddle pile on Lance! It’s good.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Scattered by avidbeader
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
In Sickness and Health by JamtheDingus
Chrono Story by Crowoxy
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Project G.A.L.R.A. by GemmaRose (now complete)
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Beautiful Minds by PotatoBender
Mini Lions by earthstar
Aid by Haurvatat

Don’t Look

Request from prompt list Here

Requested: 17,33,44 

For: A beautiful Anon

Originally posted by misshollander1

You sat at the kitchen bar in the Stark tower eating random cereal you picked from the pantry as Natasha made a healthy breakfast for herself. Nothing but the sound of her food cooking and your spoon clanking the bowl every now and then made it a somewhat peaceful morning. 

“Don’t you go to school with Peter?” Nat asked out of the blue 

You look over at her, confused. “Yeah, Why,” you asked slowly.

“He has a huge crush on you,” She smirked. 

You froze for a moment, the spoon full of cereal in mid-air. 

“He does not!”

 A slight blush creeping up on you, not noticeable enough for Nat to notice, or she just chose to ignore it, Thankfully. To be honest you were surprised because you had a crush on Peter.

“Yes, he totally has a huge crush on you,” Nat laughed lightly as she finished cooking her food. You just shook your head not believing her.

“Who has a crush on you?” you heard your Dad, Tony say as he came into the kitchen 

“No one,” You and Nat said at the same time making Tony furrow his eyebrows as he pondered at you both for a moment. You and Nat both knew that if he even for a second knew he would kill Peter.

“Hmmm. Interesting….. Is it that boy, what’s his name,” He snapped his fingers trying to remember.

 “Oh, Jake…Jack…Joe” He named off thinking too much about it.

“It’s John, and no he’s gay Dad,” you said flatly trying to get him off the subject.

“Is it-” You cut him off 

“Just stop,” you held your hand up 

“Okay,” He held his hands up in defeat.  “Do you have your dress for tonight?” Tony asked. 

You furrowed your eyebrows. “For what?” 

“The Party, Did I not tell you?” You shook your head. “It must have slipped my mind, well you better go get one.” He said in his typical sarcastic Tony way.  

“Thanks for the heads up Dad,” You rolled your eyes as he was walking away. 

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady,” You heard him say as he walked down the hall. 

“How would you even know if I did,” you sassed 

“Because you are my daughter my dear, it runs in the family,” 

Once you and Nat finished eating you put your dishes away and cleaned up a bit. 

“Well, I guess I'm off to get a dress,”  you sigh

“Maybe Parker can help you,” she smirked playfully quirking her eyebrow. 

“Oh my god Nat!” 

After stealing a credit card from your Dad you were off to a dress shop to try on endless dresses and maybe find one you actually like, you had a love-hate relationship with your Dad’s parties they were fun, but not at all. See most of the time you had to act like royalty because the press was always there to get the newest story on the Avengers or a juicy story about Stark’s daughter. There never was a good one about you. It was always something stupid like “Is Stark’s daughter spoiled?!” Like of course, I am! Have you met my Father? 

After arriving in the fancy shopping part of town, that you didn’t want to go to. 

“Levi? I thought we were going to the mall” You questioned the new automated driving system your dad had created. 

“Mr. Stark gave me these directions,” Levi said.

You just sighed getting out of the car.

“Sorry for the inconvenience Miss Stark,” you heard Levi say.

‘They’re getting smarter’ you thought as you walked away.

After arriving home with the perfect dress that you would definitely over wear. It was the best thing you have ever seen on yourself. 

You made your way to your room to start getting ready for the night filled with story-hungry reporters and journalist. Well, at least Peter would be there. A smile crept onto your face as you laid the dress out for tonight. 

“Thinking about Peter, I see,” 

The voice startled you, looking over confused and caught off guard you rolled your eyes when you saw Natasha standing in your doorway. 

“You’re never giving up, are you?” 

“Nope,” She gave you a closed lip smile.

Why are you like this?” you groaned  

She just shrugged letting you get back to getting ready.

It was almost party time and all the Avengers were in the tower getting ‘breifed’ on what the night would be like. About not to say too much or too little because they will spin it somehow.  

“Where is (y/n)?” Peter asked not directed at anyone in particular. 

“She’s in her room, you should go get her, she’s been in there forever,” Natasha smirked. She knew you weren’t ready but she sent Peter in there by ‘accident’ 

You slipped on a pair of your favorite undies that were comfy but still just slightly sexy making you feel that touch more of confidence. 

Just as you finished putting your undies on your door flung open making you jump. 

“Peter!” you yelled eyes wide not knowing what to do. 

He panicked and closed the door, but with him inside. 

“Peter!” you yelled again “Close your eyes!

He was frantic, covering his eyes.

Ignore me, I didn’t see anything,” He said behind his hands, you could see how red he was even behind his hands. 

You smiled slightly as you pulled on the rest of your clothes.

“Okay, you can look now,” 

“I’m so sorry (y/n), I did-” you cut him off 

“It’s okay,” 

You smirked at him brushing past the blushing boy.

Before you could enter the hallway he pulled you back.

“Wait,” He cupped your face in his hands leaning down and kissing you. 

“Finally,” You heard Nat, she was leaning against the end of the hall with a smirk on her face. 

“Oh whatever,” you rolled your eyes at her “Now go away so I can keep kissing him,”  

“Who are you kissing?” Tony said making you both pull away. 

“No one,” you smiled as he walked up to all three of you. 

“Then why is Peter wearing your lipstick?” He smirked making you and Peter except your impending doom, known as Tony Stark.

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can you imagine dan calling arin at like 3 am and he's like "I'm really craving eggs and toast right now at this exact moment." And before he even hangs up arin's already in the kitchen getting out the pans--"my restaurant is always open for my favorite person. Come on over." 🌸

Danny couldn’t sleep.

He rolled over, staring at the blank wall to his side. He liked the size of his bed, but right now it felt impossibly big.

And empty.

His fingers twitched, seeking warm skin to touch or soft hair to stroke. His eyes blinked, once, wearily. But he couldn’t sleep.

Danny wasn’t completely sure why. Voices and sounds echoed in his head, little tidbits left from his busy day. He should be exhausted. After all, Brian and he had just finished their NSP tour. He’d just gotten home that afternoon, and had still had plenty to get done before tumbling into bed at midnight.

But now here he was, at three in the fucking morning, and despite his jetlag and exhaustion he couldn’t sleep.

It was as if his body was trying to tell him something. 

Rolling over, he squinted at his phone. He hadn’t checked it since he got back, being too busy. So he flicked on the screen, ignoring the millions of notifications on the lockscreen, preferring to immediately go to his messages.

Danny flicked over a couple names–Brent, his vocal coach, Ross…then his eyes landed on a notification from Arin.

He sat up.

hope you guys had a great trip!!!! text me when you get back to LA. cant wait to have your dick inside me again. love ya

Danny smiled, a giggle slipping out despite himself. That’s Arin for you, he thought fondly. What a dickwaffle.

His fingers slid over the keyboard, replying.

haha dude we made it back. sorry it took awhile, things were fuckin crazy!! love ya too

Adding a heart emoji for good measure, Danny sent the message. He figured Arin was dead asleep and probably wouldn’t see it until morning.

He set his phone down, thinking perhaps he could try to sleep again, but a soft buzz of his phone alerted him to a new message.

He frowned. Surely not…

But sure enough, it was a reply from Arin.

awesome dude. no biggie. I’ll see ya at the grump room on friday if ur up for it

Danny briefly hoped Arin hadn’t been waiting for a text back that whole time, but quickly dismissed it. Arin was often up late; it was more likely he’d just been working and had seen Danny’s text.

His fingers hovered over a simple message back–ok, see ya then–but he hesitated. He hadn’t seen Arin in forever. In fact, Danny had listened to Sequel//itis more than once to fill the ache of missing his best friend.

He wanted to talk to him.

After agonizing for several minutes, Danny told himself to stop being a pussy and he pressed the call button.




Danny’s breath caught at the sound of Arin’s mildly raspy voice. “Arin?”

“Dan?” He heard some shifting; no doubt Arin was trying not to wake Suzy. “What’s up? Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Danny replied, just beginning to realize how breathless he sounded. “I, uh, just couldn’t sleep.”

“Mm-hmm,” Arin hummed, and Danny heard a door close quietly. “Figured you’d be fuckin’ dead after all that traveling.”

Danny laughed softly. “Me too, man. But I dunno, guess my body just doesn’t wanna sleep yet.”

“So you called for a late night phone sex session?” Arin joked, and Danny could practically see Arin’s mouth twitching in amusement.

Danny laughed again, louder this time. “No, you ass. If you really wanna know, I just missed you.”

A slight pause. Danny waited.

Arin sounded a bit more awake now. “I missed you too, buddy. How was the tour? Sorry I couldn’t finish it.”

Danny started off talking about his favorite venues and hypest crowds and most memorable moments. He talked about his dad and grandma coming to the shows and funny bits with Brian behind the stage and all the shitty hotel food. He talked about the sights he’d seen and the kindness of the fans and how he’d never forget this experience.

Arin was silent the whole time, letting Danny ramble about his adventures for a solid half hour. Now Danny was wide awake.

He paused to catch his breath, and Arin chuckled. “Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’m really proud of you, dude.”

“Thanks, Ar,” Danny replied, feeling his chest glow warm from Arin’s sincere compliment. He let out a breath. “I wish you could’ve been there.”

“Me too, buddy. But shit happens.”


There was a small pause, and Danny found his mind wandering. He felt…better. He felt much more awake and excited than he had since he’d gotten back. He supposed he just hadn’t realized how much he’d missed Arin.

“Dan? You awake?”

“Yes!” Danny snapped back to the present, clutching his phone. “Sorry, Ar, you must be really tired.”

Arin chuckled. “Nah, man. It’s good to hear your voice again. I’m glad you called.”

Danny sat for a moment, biting his lip, wondering if he dared ask.


“Hey, Arin, would you want to…make me some eggs?”

“Eggs?” Arin repeated. “When?”

Danny shifted. “…Now?”

To Arin’s credit, his side was only silent for a beat before he responded warmly. “Of course, buddy. Wanna meet me at the Space’s kitchen in a half hour?”

Danny felt his face grow hot. He hadn’t actually expected Arin to take him seriously. He’d been waiting for a laugh or a “good one,” but Arin had actually agreed.

A goofy smile blossomed on Danny’s face. “Sounds perfect. Maybe we could play some games, too.”

“Wanna get a head start on recording, huh? Look at you go,” Arin teased. “Alright, wise guy. See ya soon.”

“Hey, Arin?”


“Love you.”

“Love you too, ya shithead.”


Late the same morning, around 11 o’clock, Suzy found Arin and Danny curled up on the Grump couch; Danny sprawled across Arin.

Two empty plates sat beside the couch.

They were both fast asleep.

Prompt: "I'm not even sorry"

He hadn’t been home in what feels like forever. And you missed him. A lot. To the point where you didn’t even want to be home alone anymore, so you were out every night and day spending time with anyone who was around. Your friends, family, Harry’s friends and family. You even tagged along with the mean girls at work when they went out for a drink. You were just tired of being alone. You knew this is what you were going to get when you started dating harry seriously. But even in the 3 years you had been dating, it had never been this bad. His album was going great and you couldn’t be more proud. But as harry had once pointed out, he wasn’t the best multi-tasker. So even when he was home, he was buried in e-mails and paperwork, and effectively ignoring you. And to be frank, you were fucking sick of it. You’d go 12,24, and even 36 hours without seeing him and you were in the same city, in the same house and even in the same bed. You had to get his attention somehow because you were tired of being neglected.
He was in his office, filling out paperwork. Concentrating and mumbling to himself, trying to get it all done. You pushed open the big brown double doors to his office but when they creaked open, he didn’t even look up. He only said a soft “yes love?” Before going to check something on his computer. You cleared your throat and when he looked up, his jaw dropped. There you were, standing in black and red lingerie and his favorite black heels. Your hair was curled perfectly and a sheer shiny lip gloss was pained over your lips. His bright green eyes immediately darkened and you already saw the tent from in his pants.

“C'mere” he said darkly, pushing his chair away from his desk. You slowly walked over to him and as soon as you came within arms reach of him, his hands glued themselves to your hips and he looked up at you adoringly.

“ ’s not nice t’ interrupt meh love.”
I’m not even sorry.” You said truthfully, straddling as you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his cheeks.
“What’s with the get-up?” He asks, a smirk pulling at the side of his lips, a dimple forming on his cheek.
“You’ve been ignoring me for weeks H. I had to get your attention somehow.” You say grinding your hips onto him.
“I’m sorry love. I’ve been so busy with tour planning, promo for the album and the movie. Plus I’m playing shows here and there before the tour. I don’t mean to neglect ya.” He said kissing your neck. “I’ll do better, promise. But for now you have my undivided attention and I’m all yours.” He picked you up and placed you on his desk wasting no time slipping his hands in your panties, rubbing your clit.
“And I can’t have a lonely girlfriend on my hands, can I?”

(Requested by: @blueeyedsoulme )

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bellarke (fall, modern au) prompt ideas: jumping into piles of leaves (and them pulling broken pieces of leaves out of each others hair), clarke introducing bellamy to mini marshmallows in hot chocolate, clarke wearing a big pair of bellamy's wool socks, trying to find both the biggest and smallest pumpkins at a pumpkin patch (i'm a huge sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope also)

A|N: I decided to go with ‘wearing a pair of bellamy’s wool socks’, because that’s so Cute and I haven’t seen anyone writing that. Hope you like! x
The thing is, loaning Clarke his scarf didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. They’re roommates, after all, and she’s pretty much his favorite person in the world. Honestly, it’d probably be weirder if he didn’t, really, so Bellamy doesn’t think much of it when she doesn’t return it right away.

But then it just keeps happening.

He spots her wearing his gloves the next time they’re out, the fabric loose around her wrists and bunching comically around her fingers. (A part of him is tempted to remind her that she has a perfectly adequate, fitting pair of gloves herself, but he refrains, in the end.) Then his sweatshirt goes missing, miraculously resurfacing during movie night when he catches her shrugging it on over her shirt. His beanies are the next to go, followed by his hoodies.

Still, he draws the line at his socks.

“Are those mine?” he demands, expertly weaving past the crowd gathering over by one of the pumpkin patches. Pumpkin picking is one of her favorite fall traditions, though he’s not sure how she manages to rope him along every time. (Well, okay, maybe he does have an inkling how, but denial seems to be the best approach when it comes to his feelings for Clarke.) “Jeez, Princess. I’ve been looking for this pair for forever now.”

She blinks up at him, gaze cutting down to the hint of blue peeking out from her boots. “Oh, right,” she says, frowning. “I didn’t— I think I may have just grabbed them from the laundry basket? I must have thought they were mine.”

He arches a pointed brow over at her, crossing his arms over his chest. “Are you telling me that you owe a pair of socks with a Caesar reference on it?”

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I’m not sure if I made it on time or if this is late but here is my YOI fandom appreciation post!! In the short time I’ve been here people have been nothing but kind to me and have always made me feel welcome. 

I’ve also been having a pretty shit couple of days but with everyone tagging me in their appreciation and good things in life finally coming up I feel so much better today, in part because of this fandom. 

I’ll start with probably my newest best friend Marti, @venenix, witout whom I wouldn’t have even half as many of my headcanons. From the moment we started screaming at each other in all caps and S P A C E S I knew we were gonna be friends. Whether it’s me sinning, you cheering me up, or both of us losing our shit over Vichris/Vichrisuuri, my day isn’t complete if I haven’t talked to you. I love you, Marti, mio stellina, mio girasolle.  

Of course, I also have to special mention Lea, @otasucc, for being an absolute doll. You’re kind, funny, and always have an ear for me when I rant about fuckbois TM or Our Boys (you know… the entire YOI cast). You’re gorgeous and I can’t wait to get drunk with you <3

Next up, my emo in not disguise, Noelle @otabaeee, without whomst my life would be much less bright. You were one of the first people I talked to in this fandom and I couldn’t be more grateful that you responded with kindness and enthusiasm, without you I wouldn’t know half of the people I know now. You rock, I love you, stay emo bitch. Oh, and when are you and me and Lea getting white girl wasted TM? 

I’m pretty sure this day was meant specifically meant for content creators so let’s start that appreciation with Maria, @angryskatinghedgehog, you … wonderful human person. I have the best time when you tease me with snippets and an even better time when I get to read a finished chapter. I know you don’t believe it but you’re a REALLY GOOD WRITER TM and I’m going to continue to support and love you forever. Thank you for ranting with me about whatever and being my friend <3

Read Behind Closed Doors, an Otapliroy Uni AU with feelings and porn and Yuri being the Best TM, here.


I know that there are a ton of you who also create content and I’d love to link everyone to everything but there just isn’t the time and I’m sorry. I’m also really terrible at paying attention to who does what so I’d be afraid I wouldn’t be able to correctly pinpoint which amazing mutual did which amazing thing, you know? 

But a special shout out to:

@baramini, @crescendotayuri, @altin-s, @otapocalypse, and @1pen1knife for being the best children a mother could ask for. I hope you all get the love and happiness you guys deserve <3 I love you all so much it’s not even funny. 

further shout out to @gutgemacht and @onotherflights and @novocaine-sea for being silly and lovely and indulging me and my whims. Michaela, you keep doing you and I’ll keep crushing from a distance. Marie, thansk for not judging me over my spitting kink and for writing about it in the first place. Aja, no one supports my unpopular opinions like you and I love you for it (and our Kacchako talks which have nothing to do with YOI so be). 

I of course also have to give my love and appreciation to the following people who are awesome and amazing even if we’ve never talked, only talked once, or talk sporadically. I think of you all as Valued Mutuals TM and pals at the very very least (so like… more than that): 

@aftgonice, @faeyuri, @severeminx@altisetsky@plishooksky, @yurochkas, @kymbawee, @penciltrash @gia-comeatme, @phaytesworld, @iamatrashfan, @tootsonnewts, @eclair, @ellipsesarefun and the lovely lovely @meimagino who has saved me from SNK spoilers more than once. 

You guys are truly all the very best and my dash woulnd’t be the same without you. 


Last but not least I’d like to shout out some content creators that have made some of my FAVORITE things. 

@iruutciv - you probably now know me as that girl who shouted about your gifs in the tags. twice. I know you already know how i feel about those gifs but I just wanted to let you know that I also appreciate your other art and the amount of time and energy you put into everything you do. Thank you for creating such lovely things <3 

@zephyrine-gale - you gave us the crop top trend AND the Victuuri fusion, two things for which I will forever be grateful. Thank you for bringing both into the world and for everything you do for the fandom <3

@kawaiilo-ren - I feel like there isn’t a YOI blog out there that hasn’t at least heard of your Mafia AU and I think that’s amazing. You’re an incredible artist and a super cool person. I hope your creativity and ideas keep going strong <3

@natsubutart - I just recently stumbled accross your YOI Lovechild art but ;I think it’s incredible and I’m so glad you had this idea and have kept with it. Not only is it an awesome concept but there’s also clearly a ton of thought and love behind it. I hope you keep up with it and I can’t wait to read all of it!! <3

@creemsicaal - Your art style is one of my absolute favorites. Every time I see it I just… feel better?? I honestly don’t know how to describe it but I love it and I hope you keep making more <3 

@superspicy - I really love your art style so much!!! I have to tell you, me and a friend of mine always crack up when we see our comic about Otabek looking through Yuri’s baby pictures. The amount of times a day we make that pose, you know the one, is ridiculous. Thank you for bring this thing into my life, it quite honestly is one of the things that I can look at and always be happy <3 


Sorry this got so long but I wanted to make sure I got everyone and I’m sure I still missed someone and if I did I’m so sorry, I promise I still love and appreciate you <3 

To the cast of Teen Wolf

Tyler Posey- you’ve taught me through Scott to never give up and never run. To always look for your friends during the hard times and always stick together. It’s okay to be afraid but it’s not to let it stop you. Thank you for being the best Scott McCall there could ever be.

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Dylan O’Brien- you’ve shown everyone that you can still make people laugh in a horrible situation, which was usually not right at all lmao. But thank you for being the most sarcastic character to ever exist and the character in teen wolf to make me cry the most. Thank you for putting your soul into Stiles Stilinski. I will miss him.

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#disapprovingstiles ^

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Holland Roden- thank you for playing the most badass banshee ever and showing us and Lydia it is OK to be yourself. Lydia learned to always be there for your friends, no matter what. You made Lydia’s improvement so much more special by really getting into your role and becoming Lydia Martin, the most caring girl in Beacon Hills. 

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Shelley Hennig (my favorite person in the world)- thank you for basically being yourself as Malia. You are literally her and I’m forever thankful you were the person to play Malia Tate. You were the funniest, most sarcastic, but caring in your ways, girl on teen wolf. You became Lydia’s best friend after Allison and your guys connection made the feelings so much more real. Thank you for being part of Teen Wolf. 

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Cody Christian- I don’t even know where to start with you. The way you portrayed Theo was amazing and I will never ever forget him. You showed us that the way people act isn’t always their fault. Theo was raised around no love or compassion but you showed us how Theo could change for the better and he isn’t heartless. You made me feel the emotions Theo was experiencing and the way you made Theo go from being selfish and letting people die to being the bait and helping Liam not kill people. You showed us what it’s like for someone who was shown no love or care, to love and care about those around him. I don’t know what else to say but thank you for being Theo Raeken. I learned so much from him. 

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Dylan Sprayberry- oh Liam Liam Liam. I love you to pieces Dylan but I won’t lie, I didn’t like Liam too much at first and then once Hayden came around I didn’t like Liam at all. But boy have you changed Liam in 6b. You’ve showed us that Liam has changed explicitly and has learned to make the right choices. He has learned and listened to Scott and is trying his best to be a great beta. He isn’t hurting the ones who hurt him, (Nolan and Gabe) and is earning some of Scott’s qualities.  Liam has definitely showed us that you can hide your words but you can’t hide your actions. AKA, Thiam. You’ve made us believe Liam really cares about everyone, even the ones other people hate. Liam pretends he doesn’t like Theo but it’s a lie lol. Your and Cody’s connection has made your scenes so much more emotional and believable and we can tell Liam truly cares about Theo. I want to say thank you for making me love Liam and I will miss him to pieces. 

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My favorite Liam scene lol ^

I’m gonna end with Liam because it’s taken me over 2 hours to write this because I’m so emotional. But I wanna say thanks for being the hilarious Hale family to Ian and Tyler and there’s many more people I want to thank but it will take forever, so.

Thank you for making such a huge impact on my life Teen Wolf cast. I will forever be grateful for this show and all of you and I’ll never forget. 

Farewell Teen Wolf. It’s been real.

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Suprise Part 2 re-upload

Everyone i am so sorry but I had uploaded my fic to the wrong board!!! 

Bucky x Reader

warnings: Fluff (angst)

Word count: 819

Y/N = your name

Summary: Bucky finds out one of his old gal friends is in town and was invited to hang out. But reader has a bad history with her since she too loved Bucky so she wants to come along, but Bucky doesn’t think that it is a good idea. This leads to an argument that doesn’t end with tears of happiness.

                                     Four years before
Bucky POV

You would go to the café every Tuesday and Thursday for a nice cup of your favorite coffee. Sitting in your chair waiting for your cup, you had seen someone walk in and sit at the table across from you.  And there she was, the most beautiful woman you had ever seen in all of your 100 years of living. You didn’t know what is was about her, but when you had first laid your eyes on her you knew you had to have her. You would come to the café more often after seeing her, hoping to one day start a conversation with the mystery woman. And now was your chance, there she was in a short pink skirt, with a white ruffle shirt. Hair in a ponytail, reading on what you read to be “Throne of Glass”. She looked so focused on what she was reading. You could stare at her beautiful features for days, years, maybe forever. She may have felt you staring at her, because she drew her eyes away from the book and looked right at you. You had no idea what to do so you gave her a sweet smile. She blushed and had quickly brought up her book past her face so you couldn’t see.

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Hopeless Fountain Kingdom sentence starters
  • "He said one day I'd realize why I don't have any friends."
  • "I find myself alone at night unless I'm having sex."
  • "He can make me golden."
  • "I don't let him touch me anymore."
  • "I'm not something to butter up and taste when you get bored."
  • "I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors."
  • "Please don't go away."
  • "It's too late."
  • "I can't stop thinking that I almost gave you everything."
  • "Now the whole thing's finished and I can't stop wishing that I never gave you anything."
  • "You wrote 100 letters just for me and I find them in my closet in the pockets of my jeans."
  • "Now I'm constantly reminded of the time I was 19."
  • "He said 'please don't go away',I said 'it's too late.'"
  • "I almost gave you everything."
  • "I can't stop wishing that I never gave you anything."
  • "I know how to play, I know this game."
  • "It's all the same."
  • "He'll never stay, they never do."
  • "If I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you."
  • "You've been replaced."
  • "I'm face to face with someone new."
  • "Would've gave it all for you."
  • "Tell me where I went wrong."
  • "Tell me how to move on."
  • "They don't realize that I'm thinking about you."
  • "Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin'?"
  • "You best believe that I got something on my sleeve."
  • "I walk my talk, no time for wishful thinking."
  • "You thought that you were the boss tonight, but I can put up one good fight."
  • "I can put on a show."
  • "This is Heaven in hiding."
  • "I don't have no time for conversation."
  • "A girl like me is new for you."
  • "I can tell you mean it cause you're shaking."
  • "I'm Heaven in hiding."
  • "He tried to phone me, but I never have time."
  • "He said that I never listen, but I don't even try."
  • "Everywhere I go, I got a million different people tryna' kick it."
  • "I'm still alone in my mind."
  • "Baby, as soon as you meet me, you'll wish that you never did."
  • "I got into some trouble with that drink in my veins."
  • "I got a problem with parties 'cause it's loud in my brain."
  • "I can never say sorry 'cause I won't take the blame."
  • "I know I always go missing."
  • "You ask why I'm distant,oh, I'm runnin' away."
  • "I know you're dying to meet me."
  • "I know you wanna slip under my armor."
  • "I don't wanna fight right now."
  • "Been through the ups and the downs with me."
  • "Got a whole lot of love, but you don't wanna spread it 'round with me."
  • "Never pick up, never call me."
  • "You know we're runnin' out of time."
  • "Need to know that you're mine."
  • "I want you to love me now or never."
  • "I'm callin' it a night now."
  • "Wishin' you were 'round with me, but you're in a different town than me."
  • "We've been through it all, but you could never spit it out for me."
  • "Tryna talk to a wall, but you could never tear it down for me."
  • "I need you to make your mind up."
  • "I've missed your calls for months it seems."
  • "Don't realize how mean I can be."
  • "I can sometimes treat the people that I love like jewelry."
  • "I didn't mean to try you on."
  • "I still know your birthday and your mother's favorite song."
  • "Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me."
  • "Sorry I could be so blind."
  • "Didn't mean to leave you and all of the things that we had behind."
  • "I run away when things are good."
  • "Never really understood the way you laid your eyes on me, in ways that no one ever could."
  • "So it seems I broke your heart, my ignorance has struck again."
  • "I failed to see it from the start, and tore you open 'til the end."
  • "Someone will love you, but someone isn't me."
  • "There's a place where love conquers all."
  • "Don't trust the moon, she's always changing."
  • "The shores bend and break for her and she begs to be loved."
  • "Nothing here is as it seems."
  • "Sun is coming up."
  • "I get the message, you wish I was dead."
  • "Please don't take this as a threat."
  • "If you don't love me no more, then lie."
  • "I'm about four minutes from a heart attack."
  • "I think you make me a maniac."
  • "We both been here since we seventeen."
  • "Here we go, fist fight in a limousine."
  • "We both hope there's something, but we both keep fronting."
  • "Damn, if these walls could talk."
  • "I ain't your baby no more."
  • "Told my new roommate not to let you in."
  • "Got a boy back home in Michigan and it tastes like Jack when I'm kissing him."
  • "I never really liked his friends."
  • "Now he's gone and he's calling me a bitch again."
  • "He wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate."
  • "I believe that we're meant to be."
  • "Jealousy gets the best of me."
  • "I don't mean to frustrate, but I always make the same mistakes."
  • "I'm bad at love."
  • "You can't blame me for trying."
  • "I'd be lyin' sayin' you were the one that could finally fix me."
  • "Got a girl with California eyes, and I thought that she could really be the one this time."
  • "I never got the chance to make her mine."
  • "She fell in love with little thin white lines."
  • "We never told no one, but we look so cute."
  • "Both got way better things to do."
  • "I always think about her when I'm riding through."
  • "I'm in too deep."
  • "I don't mean to frustrate."
  • "I always make the same mistakes."
  • "I'm bad at love, but you can't blame me for trying."
  • "You were the one."
  • "I know that you're afraid I'm gonna walk away."
  • "I know that you're afraid I'm gonna walk away each time the feeling fades."
  • "I don't give a damn what you say to me."
  • "There ain't no time for games with me."
  • "I'm moving on."
  • "I am not the type to be out past dawn."
  • "Can't fuck up my vibe."
  • "Motherfucker, don't play with me."
  • "Women don't play no games."
  • "She doesn't kiss me on the mouth anymore."
  • "It's more intimate, than she thinks we should get."
  • "She doesn't look me in the eyes anymore, too scared of what she'll see."
  • "We're not lovers, we're just strangers."
  • "She doesn't call me on the phone anymore."
  • "She doesn't let me have control anymore."
  • "I must've crossed a line, I must've lost my mind."
  • "When I wake up all alone, and I'm thinking of your skin, I remember what you told me."
  • "I miss the mornings with you laying in my bed."
  • "I miss the thought of a forever, you and me."
  • "All you're missing is my body."
  • "We're not lovers, we're just strangers with the same damn hunger to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all."
  • "I woke up to another mess in the living room."
  • "Conversation's getting hard."
  • "Nobody seems to ask about me anymore, and nobody seems to care 'bout anything I think."
  • "Everybody, look at me!"
  • "I'm faded away, you know, I used to be on fire."
  • "I'm standin' in the ashes of who I used to be."
  • "I used to be a darling starlet like a centerpiece, had the whole world wrapped around my ring."
  • "It's my own anxiety that makes the conversation hard."
  • "Nobody ever cares 'bout anything I think."
  • "I should eat my feelings."
  • "I still let everyone down."
  • "I'm too much to handle, I shine too bright."
  • "I don't wanna wake it up; the devil in me."
  • "Boy, you make it look so easy."
  • "Promise that I'm gonna call you back in five."
  • "Yeah, I've known that girl for like my whole life."
  • "The truth hurts, but secrets kill."
  • "Still here, there must be something real."
  • "You know the good die young, but so did this."
  • "It must be better than I think it is."
  • "Gimme those eyes, it's easy to forgive."
  • "You and all your friends all hate me."
  • "You're better when I'm not around."
  • "I can't help the way you made me."
  • "The good die young, but so did this, so it must be better than I think it is."
  • "I hope hopeless changes over time."

i actually don’t totally hate this banner lol anyways
GUYS it finally happened!! i had no idea i would ever reach 1k followers, i’m still in awe, honestly?? why would anyone ever follow me?? anyways, thank you so much guys!! this makes me so happy, and i wanted to thank you all and say that i love each and every one of you!! 💙💙 also everyone in here is a mutual, i messed up with the banner but this is a mutuals appreciation, sorry lol (get ready for some very emo™ stuff under the cut)

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Your Heart Was Beating Too Fast

Yeah…I know, I know. I said I was done. Turns out I wasn’t. This popped in my head, and spilled onto a page very quickly, and well…here ya go. A little prequel to the other two Supercorp/Sanvers/Kiddos fics. (At least this one’s short? Haha)

And now I’m done. For real. …I’m pretty sure…

Feat. Supercorp and Sanvers and Danvers Sisters and babies.

Alex and Maggie barely push the door open, when Kara cries, “Alex! In here. Please…please help me.”

There is a lot of crying coming from Kara and Lena’s bedroom, and not all of it sounds like it’s from their newborn baby girls.

Alex kisses Maggie on the cheek, leaving her to occupy their three kids in the living room and hurries down the hall toward all the noise.

Her jaw drops in the doorway to Kara and Lena’s bedroom.

Toys and blankets and diapers and bottles are everywhere. Kara is cradling two tiny, pink bundles—one in each arm—bouncing and rocking and trying everything she can to make them stop crying, which they don’t seem to be inclined to do, as her own tears stream down her cheeks.

Alex wants to laugh and cry at the same time.

“Lena had a meeting, she had to go…she…and I…I can’t. Alex, they won’t stop.”

“Oh, Kara…”

“Alex, please,” she pleads.

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Since we’re at the end and I’ve never really been a part of a fandom before I wanted to take a moment because I have too many feelings.

Shoutout to each and every one of my followers first and foremost. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog; I never dreamed I’d have so many of you :) 

I tried to say a little something for everyone I tagged but for those of you I didn’t, just fill it in that your blog is awesome, you’re awesome, and people should follow you.


@anationofthieves  ​I know you’re not active rn but I loved all your posts and your gorgeous gifsets   that I’ll probably never be able to do haha 

@candlewindsI live to read your anon replies and your tags and your gifsets

@captain-flintThe very first Sails blog I followed and the Queen of Gifsets. <3 

@crucifythenburn​ (Trinity) I heart your shining personality on tumblr and your incredible Silverflint fic I Will Try To Fix You which everyone and their mother’s sister should be reading

@char7​ (Charley) <3  A gal after my own heart. I swear our brains are wired together; I agree with most everything she says about Sails and politics RPJ and everything else we’ve ever chatted about. And your sense of humor is fantastic

@dimplesflint​ (Mer) We are relatively new mutuals but I’ve followed you since your pianka days. Your Flint gifsets are positively scrumptous and thank you so much for commenting on a couple of my fics on AO3!! It meant a lot.

@ellelan(Elle) BS CATS FOREVER! You inspired me to make the Flint/Ginger Cat post, the first of several. So much fun. You’re such a great personality and the fandom wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful edits and words of wisdom (and your naughty thoughts for fics >:)  

@flinthamiltonStill one of the best Sails blogs and will always be near and dear to my shipper heart. Your gifsets and metas about James and Thomas are just amazing. You are sweet and kind in conversations and you even bother to reblog my things   

@flintsredhair​ (Meg) MEG!! I heart Meg. She is a superbly talented Flinthamilton writer and my favorite Flinthamilton writer. I feel like I can chat with her about all things James/Thomas. I don’t know how you keep pumping out so many great stories but keep it up!

@flintstruestlove Another recent mutual but since you jumped in here with nothing but a passion for James/Thomas AND  you make gifsets of seasons and things I haven’t seen forever, of course you make the list :)

@fmwisWe’ve never spoken I don’t think but you have faithfully reblogged literally every single Flint-related edit I’ve ever done?!?! Thank you!


@jadedbirch I think we’ve circled each other forever on here before we became mutuals lol. You are by far one of my fave personalities on here; you’re very easy going and I love that. And don’t forget whose idea the whole porn police thing was! ;)



@krimsnkramsart I love your style and somehow you come up with the sweetest James pairing drawings <3


@lady-eleanor-vane <3 You are so super sweet and a friendly person no matter what! Thanks for taking an interest in me and my blog 


@Maria (musemm)What can I say? You and shinmaya were so welcoming to me when I was a noob on here and gave me exposure. We both shared our love of Billy/Flint, and even though that hasn’t worked out, we’ve had many, many conversations about all kinds of things and I heart you; you’ve inspired my writing so much you don’t even know. *gives you a big fat wet kiss*


@mirandaabarlow The first person I’ve chatted with about Anne Rice on here. :) And oc your Sails gifs are Pretties I love to reblog


@ohflintYour silverflint edits are absolutely stunning and full of heart at the same time  


@old-long-john EEE I love your Silverflint fics!!!


@primal–scream​ (Lisa) I love your fics too and our funny ramblings on tumbles



@sagestreetEEEE SAGE! I must gush over your Black Sails painting/analysis posts; the fandom wouldn’t be the same without them!!! Also we’ve shared several convos about all kinds of things, serious and not so serious and I’m so glad to have met you here. Thanks again for those movie recs!

@shavingmysealegs<3 Another lovely blog ran by a lovely person ;)


@themissingmask Your artwork always makes me smile even on the worst days and is so very inspirational for writing fics     

@thewalruscaptain (Rachel) Along with Lisa, our funny ramblings on tumbles and also every so often you make fantastic pretties




@vowel-in-thug (Gemma) Your Silverflint fics are amazing!!! I always feel guilty because I can never read more than I write, but I read lots of yours even when I don’t comment <3

@zombievonmorgenWe haven’t chatted in a while but I’ve been loving every single Witcher post you’ve reblogged, and all those art posts very much. Your James Flint drawings are some of my favorite

…I’ll just be over here sobbing quietly now.

anonymous asked:

Now that this season of big brother is over, who are your overall favorite blogs?

Hmm well lets see. I actually followed a lot of knew people this season and I’m glad I did. @huntyhex is super funny and we were always thinking the same thing. Just overall really cool. @sexologii is dramatic, but a sweetheart. @bbad-orwell is pretty amazing. He get’s really passionate about the show and is really easy to talk to. Definitely one of my favorite new bloggers and I could go on. @tahny-lew @cirie-won-thirty-four @joshmartinezisdaddy  @bitterzero @eaerth@kingoftwilight @matthewdaddyclines @bbcrackedt @usernamegameon1000  @versacethotty are  other nice people I got to know this season. Also @muvaship  but I think I was following her through her main blog for awhile.

Other people I followed were @jackie-ibarras and @normani-x-kordei who alongside @hoh-robe @danielles-curls & @davonnelickey are on the younger side so if you grown ass adult are sending hate to people that are 15-17 you really do need to reevaluate your life. Especially since they’re all just really nice people.

Then you have the people I followed since bbcan5 like @juliechicken who will just drained the life out of you with her attention seeking behavior is in a league of her own. I believe I started following @cocoabutterbetch @bb19flop @pizzapocket24@sarahshanlons @sindysnguyen @sarahtilleke @missdominiquecooper during bbcan5 too and they all are really cool people with great post and personalities. @missdominiquecooper really did that with that Dre stan though lol. @youaregoinghome is a legend. @brimlies has been killing the game all around. I also followed @bigbrothermusings during bbcan5. I lurked during bb18 and like some of her stuff, but she kept talking about the plastics during bbott so I blocked her lskajsajsjajsla, but she’s super chill. 

Then going back to when I first started blogging you have people like @sirdippinghotsauce and @daeneryslegend who typically share the same opinion with me and have really great taste in video games! I remember seeing @d0nnythompson posts randomly and was like this girl is crackedT out of her mind, but I love it! I will forever follow her and @spunkyspy, I don’t know a better person! Nothing, but good things to say about these two. @dayslostson @dumbeatrees are a dynamic duo and absolutely hilarious. @davonneday is THAT bitch and @knightjackie is just a bitch. @whats-up-whats-the-issue is super witty and iconic. @snakole @bitchwebroke @j–wdj @ikamwong @tlffanypollard @helen-kim-was-pushed @cjcdeeezy are all cool. So is @notjustawave  when he’s not playing ***** *****.  @feelsg0od is also a quality blow with quality opinions! I’ll round it out with @shaolinbynature who has produced banger after banger, hit after hit. All around a great person. 

If I forgot you, that’s your fault, not mine!

But this was our show...

(Disclaimer: This is going to be rather long. Sorry for the negativity)

I know I’m late to the party but I need to get this out. 

I hate series four. Not just TFP, not just Mary’s redemption arc…I hate the whole thing.
The last days I spent delving deep into old tags, fic and started to rewatch the show and I only got sad. So fucking sad.
I remember joining fandom back in June, how it helped me crawl out of my shell and talk to people (sorry for not reaching out, I haven’t forgot about you lovelies).
I remember spending nights reading meta, which brought me from reluctantly shipping Johnlock to a full blown TJLCer.
I remember watching the show over and over, at first on my own, later surrounded by amazing people from all over the world at Steph’s watchalongs.
I remember following the news at the sdcc, and screaming over ‘love conquers all’ and our first teaser trailer.
I remember setlock and all the funny exchanges with Arwel.
I remember Sherlocked and watching the GBBO finale just to see two new frames cut into the teaser.
I remember being super excited about every new TJLCE video.
I remember how I couldn’t listen to the radio because EVERYTHING was Johnlock and my heart beat faster.
I remember “Tell them your darkest secret”-“I love you”.
I remember all those countdowns.

And S4 aired…

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MONSTA X - Chicago

-I honestly can’t properly form all of my emotions into intelligent sentences about how incredible last tonight was…
Truly unbelievable.
I’m still in shock.
I screamed my throat raw, literally shook as I sobbed, my knees buckled and I actually fell backwards, needing friends to hold me up….
I was an absolute mess and I lost my goddamn mind.

• Wonho’s shirtless solo.
• Shownu fucking me up in his red track pants, dancing so damn smoothly.
• I.M in his jean shorts.
• Wonho’s massive thighs, in his tight, white pants.
• All of them throwing out candy.
• Seeing Kihyun eat said candy.
• All of their English.
• Jooheon’s hips and thighs.
• Jooheon’s scrunchy smile and cute cheeks.
• Jooheon rapping faster than the speed of light!!
• Jooheon’s CUTE voice!!
• Kihyun’s crazy BRIGHT smile!!
He is literally the cutest fucking thing you will ever see in your entire life.
• Kihyun’s vocal projection!!
Boy was LOUD!!
• Kihyun’s deep, raspy voice.
• Kihyun dabbing.
• Kihyun almost tripping on the stairs.
• Jooheon and Kihyun’s performance together.
• Kihyun lifting his shirt, exposing his stomach during, “Shine Forever”.
I literally fucking fell the fuck backwards, and my friends had to hold me up.
• Getting to see the end dance move in the “Shine Forever” performance.
• Losing my fucking shit when they performed “Be Quiet”.
• Them all constantly leaving an empty mic stand/spotlight open for Hyungwon. Even when they put their arms around each other, they still held a spot open. My fucking heart exploded as I sobbed violently.
• All of their outfits and hair on goddamn point.
Those mint outfits!! 👌
They all looked like dad’s on a yacht.
• When Wonho grabbed ahold of Kihyun’s arm and spun him around.
• Their completely shocked faces by how loud we screamed and how crazy we went.
They were so impressed.
• How unbelievably sweet and humble they were.
• Them being sad when they had to leave.
• All of them being so happy and excited.
• All of them going so hard and performing to the fullest.
• Getting to be the first to see “All In” performed live.
• Them saying how delicious our pizza was.
• All of their laughs and when they said, “Uugghh…” before speaking.
• Minhyuk’s cute, squeaky voice saying, “My favorite word is gorgeous!”
• Minhyuk accidentally saying that it was their last song when it wasn’t and all of them freaking out.
• Wonho saying that the translators voice was handsome.
• I.M saying that he LOST HIS WALLET!!
Somewhere on the streets of Chicago!!
Can you imagine how crazy it would be if you found it?!
• Kihyun’s introduction!!
“I say Monsta, you say X!!”
“I say Ki, you say hyun!!”
• Jooheon telling us to scream for Wonho’s muscles. Twice.

I could go on forever….

Seeing and hearing them all in person cannot justify ANY video.


I feel so honored to be the first American show and to have been a part of it.

A million thanks, Monsta X. 💖


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elmarayahs  asked:

Omg I saw all the Korrasami on my dash from your blog and I got hit with nostalgia because Korrasami is my OTP forever and always. Do you have a fic rec by chance?

Yeah sorry about that, I fell into a Korrasami shipping hole. I have extremely high standards for fan fic so most of the fics on my list are nothing short of amazing.

They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me. by frenetic_core

“In a world where you share in the pain of your soul mate, the Avatar’s other half has it pretty rough. (Soul mate AU where they can feel each other’s physical and emotional pain to a degree.) Updates sporadically. Will cover Books 1-4.” This is pretty fucking amazing but it’s not finished. I still highly highly HIGHLY recommend you read this. 

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed

“Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I mispell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU.” This is pretty good, it’s not my favorite but it manages to be fluffy and somehow still angsty. 

The Seeking Balance Series by SimplyKorra

“The story of Korra’s recovery, starting from the night after her fight with The Red Lotus. This is a detailed account of the things she went through, how it affected her and those who love her. With the added twist of her saying yes when Asami asks to go with her to the Southern Water Tribe to heal.” Definitely my favorite Book 3 fic, or even my favorite one ever. It does such a wonderful job dealing with Korra’s recovery and PTSD and the priority of their relationship and ugh, just go fucking read it already it’s just everything I imagined it to be. 

Cool For the Summer by iamyouropus (adieu_sweetamaryllis)

“It’s been three years since Korra left for college. Three long years since she’s talked to her friends. Now, she’s coming home for the summer just in time for a road trip with the old gang.Korrasami beach-house AU slow burn. Mentions of past Korra/Kuvira. Might be mentions of Mako/Wu.” This is one of my favorite AUs ever. It deals with Korra struggling with coming out and it’s just fucking amazing. It’s still being updated and I’m a beta for this story and you HAVE to read this.

I Could Make You New Legs by psocoptera

“For the first month after Korra leaves, Asami doodles wheelchairs. Post episode 4x02. An Asami-centric companion piece to ‘Korra Alone’.” I’m not going to lie, I cried. This is a one-shot and it’s beautiful and it’s probably not supposed to make me cry but it hit me in all the right spots also here I am crying. Just go read it okay?

all our lives by valedictories

“Asami is her heart; Asami is her home. And soon, now, Asami will be her wife. (Alternatively: Korra really needs to find better hiding places for important things.)” This is also a one-shot and written beautifully.

if these sheets were the states by neurolingual

“(“I love you.” Asami presses her words over the bruise on Korra’s eye. She echoes it on every cut and bandage she can find on Korra’s body, feels Korra’s hand in her hair, feels Korra’s heartbeat underneath her lips, warm and strong and alive. Alive.

Korra’s mouth burns like fire against Asami’s lips, hands framing Asami’s ribs when Asami pulls the sheets over them, closes the world away. Asami stops wondering what it’s like to imagine and curls into the real thing).” Another one-shot that I also cried reading. It’s fucking amazing and I am so happy we have such tremendous writers in this fandom.

eclipse by clarias

“Korra growing up in the South Pole.” This one’s a shorty but it’s so beautiful and gods I need to find more adjectives but there’s just so many great ones out there and just go read this please.

It’s such a gorgeous sight to see you in the middle of the night by natashass

“She texts Bolin: Good news: Asami isn’t a ghost that eats my ramen noodles.” This is the second most read fic in the entire Korrasami fandom I think and for good reason. This was the first Korrasami fic I read and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The Electric Soldier by lupinely

“When Jinora finds Korra in the swamp, she tells Korra that a group calling themselves the normalists have kidnapped and killed Asami. At least, that’s what they say they’ve done. A Captain America: The Winter Soldier-inspired season 4 AU.” THIS. THIS FUCKED ME UP BIG TIME. LIKE. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW. RIGHT NOW. MY FAVORITE FIC OF ALL TIME. 

All Roads by tofsla

“Republic City to Ba Sing Se, with a number of lessons learnt in the process. Korra and Asami take a road trip.” Another great, great, GREAT one-shot.

Like Broken Thunder by neurolingual

“They’re the last ones in the mess hall, so they’re at the end of the line, but Asami doesn’t care. She can see the skin on Korra’s shoulders move, stretching the dusted freckles near her neck when she motions through the technique she learned from her father when she was waist high, too. Just like Asami.” This is fucking awesome and made me miss camp all over again fuck.

Here is my soul, I hope you like it.