you were my disease

The first time I heard about otherkin was in 2012 and I was curious enough to join an otherkin forum to troll them. So I made a profile on some otherkin website, set the Ebola virus as my profile picture, and made a post on the intro board introducing myself as ebolakin. I was expecting everyone to be offended and say things like “stop making our identity/culture/struggle into a joke” but instead the replies were things like “welcome! Can I ask when you first realized you were ebolakin?” and “cool! Ebola is my favorite infectious disease! Have you read The Hot Zone?”

That was when I first realized there are people who can’t be trolled, and felt moderately guilty.

You were my cigarettes and alcohol.
A disease that killed me day by day.Once I started it, i couldn’t stop. One sip of that soothing satisfaction, makes me strive for more, just to satisfy my hunger and welcome the foreign feeling of addiction dominate my empty soul.
—  you were my cigarettes and alcohol.(journal 42)

anonymous asked:

Come here legally and you won't have to be afraid of being deported. It's a legal issue not a racism issue.

Omg, First of all no human is illegal. Second of all you ignorant toad my people were here long before your disease infested ancestors who were still living in huts when my people had fucking running water and an epic education system for all crawled off their boats. I’m assuming your white because I kinda want to refuse to believe that a person of color is this damn ignorant. Ya’ll white people didn’t even know how to wash ya’ll’s asses till you were taught it from a culture I can’t remember atm. Point is my people were here first you are the ones who arrived here bringing nothing but disease, entitlement and death. Your like a plague that spread all over the globe leaving nothing in its wake. Then you have the guts to say this shit to me, a formerly undocumented person whose the daughter and grand daughter of immigrants. GTFO, go read a book and educate yourself because right now you look like a damn fool.