you were born with a light between your eyes

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Ok I really want a newt imagine where his wife is pregnant and he has to deliver the baby. I imagine he’s delivered all sorts of babies non human and I just would love a fluffy comical sweet fanfic of him and his wife welcoming their baby together in their case of fantastic beasts with their animal and beast family surrounding them 

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Contains: Fluff,fluff oh and more fluff. Domestic bliss.

When Y/N first announced that she was pregnant, Newt couldn’t believe it. Him! A father! Even if he felt a touch apprehensive, he felt confident that he could handle it, it couldn’t be much different then helping a creature give birth right?

He first started by making a nest, gathering as many blankets and pillows as possible, making a little nest in the shack in the case.He then present it to you, smiling with pride.

You stare at it for a moment, finally realizing where all the pillows and blankets had gone.You were 6 months along,your belly showing through the gap in your bathrobe. Newt was incredibly patient with your mood swings and kept a cabinet full of potions for your morning sickness. He even took cooking lessons from both Queenie and Jacob to keep up with your strange cravings. You also had the niggling sensation that he was trying to fatten you up, always bringing you convenient snacks.

‘Darling, humans don’t…’ You were cut off at his earnest expression, big blue eyes staring at you, waiting for you to comment on how well his nest, your nest was made. 

‘It’s looks incredibly comfy honey’ You finished by saying,taking off your slippers( because any other type of shoes seemed to make you incredibly uncomfortable) and laying on your side in the nest. You had to admit, it really was comfy, the blankets were warm, probably a warming charm was added to them, the pillows soft and squishy, which did wonders for your sore back.You let out a sigh,settling into the nest. You looked up at Newt, who looked incredibly proud of himself,he was practically glowing. This warmed your heart. You reached out a hand for him to join you.He settled in behind your back, hand automatically, wrapping protectively around your belly, the warmth seeping through the fabric of your nightgown.

‘Did you know that female Fwoopers picks the male that makes the most colorful nest?’ Of course you had heard it before but you never grew tired of him rambling about his creatures, listening intently each time, even if it was the fifth,tenth time he told the same story. 

When you would sometime get aggressive( mostly because you were hungry) Newt would gladly tend to you while you laid in the nest, which was where you rested most of the time when you were tired. He’d approach you cautiously but would never fault you for your nasty behavior( which you always apologized for after, nearly in tears) Some of the creatures of the case would also wander in the shack or stay close to you whenever you tended to some of them. When Newt was busy, it would be Dougal who tended to you, braiding your hair(trying to at least) offer you food. The niffler would cuddle close to your belly, The moon calves would crowd you, their tiny noses sniffing curiously at your belly, cuddle you if you sat down in their enclosure. Pickett seemed to have deserted newt and took residence into the pocket of your bathrobe, chirping irritably at any creature who tried to be too rough with you, taking his role of guardian pretty seriously. 

Finally the day of the birth arrived….pretty unexpectedly. You were tending to Nadine, the Nundu, calmly polishing her spines, the feline purring loudly with pleasure when you felt something wet run out your leg. You gasped, seeing the growing puddle on the dirt floor. Nadine chuffed in alarm,standing up. 

‘Newt? Newt!’ You called, wincing in pain when a contraction hit you full force, forcing you to double over in pain, clutching your belly. Pickett let out a worried thrill, peeking his head out of his cozy pocket.’ I’ll be fine Pickett dont worry aHH!’

‘love whats the matter?!’ Newt came running from the other side of the case, slightly winded.

‘My water broke’ You breathed out,trying to take deep breaths to ease the pain. Newt picked you up with ease and carried you to your nest, a few of the creatures following closely, worriedly. He set you down into the nest, arranging the pillow to support your back so you could sit up. 

‘Newt, it hurt’ You whispered in distress and gently caressed your hair soothingly.

‘there there my darling ,everything will be ok’ He had a confident expression of his face but you could feel the fine tremors of uncertainty through his hands. 

‘Dougal, watch over her for me, I’ll go get the supplies’ Newt said to the demiguise as he left, who chirped and came to hold your hand, patting it reassuringly, making small soothing noise at you. Pickett left the confines of your robes and climbed up your chest to pat at your cheek, clicking at you. You smiled despise yourself, even if you were in horrid pain.

‘Newt!’ You cried as another contraction hit. He came running in,numerous floating items following him. He hastily took off his vest and pulled up his sleeves. 

‘I’m here darling’ He said kneeling down beside you, items landing beside him on the ground.’Let’s get you out of your stuffy gown first’ He helped you out of your bathrobe, careful not to jostled Pickett, who now took residence into your hair. He threw it to the side and moved into the nest to between your legs. He reached and took off your now soaked panties and threw them to the side.

‘Alright darling,you will have to push’ He instructed calmly, even if he felt panicky inside, so many things could go wrong but he forced himself not to think about it. You nodded, smiling gratefully at Dougal who patted your sweaty forehead with a towel. You pushed, grunting with effort as Newt held your legs open with his hands on your knees. You sobbed in pain as you pushed some more. 

‘You’re doing very well love, keep going’ Newt said encouragingly, a smile lighting his features, peeking between your legs to see the progress’ You grasped one of his hands and held it tightly.You took a respite, panting heavily, Dougal dutifully patting your forehead every now and then.

‘Push love, I can see the head!’ Newt said, grinning widely. You were torn between wanting to punch him and kiss him. You gave one hard final push and then….

A wail followed as Newt held up your newly born body. You stared in awe, tears of joy slipping from your eyes.

‘It’s a girl’ Newt said reverently, his own eyes filled with tears as he carefully cleaned up the baby and cut the umbilical cord and swaddled her into a warm blanket. He handed her to you and you held her to your chest, gently touching the downy soft cheek of the baby with a gentle finger. Dougal crooned, carefully coming closer to peer at the baby, a small furry hand booping the baby’s nose, causing her to giggle.Newt took off his soiled blouse and came to sit beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, tucking you into his side, peering down at his little girl, a slender hand reach to touch the tiny hand that peeked from the blanket, little fingers latching onto his larger ones instantly.

‘how should we call her?’ You asked,smiling as Newt pecked your temple.

‘How about Gwendolyn?’ He proposed and the baby giggled.

‘It’s the perfect fit then’ You grinned and looked up, seeing that some of the creatures had wandered in, hoping to take a peek at the new welcomed addition of the case.

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Under it all

You don’t even care past what you can’t even see,
That what ground your fingers feel is my sodden seal
So what trodden souls that worm dirty inner life are hidden,
So sorry that I laugh when I see you break off some silly peel,
Some layer I’d kept, left to rise to your perceiving eyes.

So when I grin after some solemn talk,
When I share patch of past decay, you see me when I was young
You call it how I was, just in time and all too late,
Though you console within me that which I had done

I ground myself to cope with what grime grows under,
O, you are coat of snow that sits by my side,
Your cover and comment calls the outside to reflect pure,
My shell, my ground, my pride

You know it’s all part of some work planned,
I complain little and this you sense,
It’s nothing at all, though what you do, like you dig for gold pan in hand,
Your eyes indifferent but glow with each shot in ever-denser dark

At first You thought me sand,
Drifting, telling story of whatever drift wind would print,
But with each step of our intimate excavation, my every thought in your hand,
You hope not for diamonds, (and why would you? I hold you, my hand holding the brightest diamond of all)
I kept my head down, my demeanor still, yet we play our game, slinging faint hints

You’re in the ditch with me now
The kid buried within exposed, and so I know, so I see you sow
Covered in mud the child only wonders how?
And I marvel at him so tame, how you sow my winter, with your snow!

You are gardener and I have never seen such harvest,
You reap what you sow, and at this I want it all back
I have seen one season, one goal, one quest
I felt thunder by my bones, though now unheard is a single crack

By you, have you shown me summer, you’ve fed me fire filling me up?
You stay silent, smiling now, your desire the sky and your soul the cup
I waited wordless, basking in newfound May
Little did I know, you listen but upon setting sun, you dream
You bite your tongue, you seek decay
Your mind decided to seek fertile chaos, farming with teeth and seed

Your dreams are true summer, ever on fire
By Buddha were born to burn candle by candle’s light
Pure but what weight you find by fate! Your years bare the burden of the pyre
And I see now, that your kindling might grow cold, that you either flame or frostbite

And still, I think your gardening wonderful,
Ablaze between pleasure, duty
Your heart soothes my worry

Though my eyes see your smoking embers,
And you yourself, I sense despair though worry not
You, transient by nature, obscure smoking being will I long remember

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Hey - could you please do a little one-shot about Mycroft revering his newly pregnant wife?

Every kiss had became more tender, each hug a bit more meaningful and each ‘I love you’ so much sweeter since your pregnancy test turned out positive. There wasn’t a moment that went by that Mycroft wasn’t caressing you with his bedroom eyes with a clear focus going between your face and abdomen.

You could swear that you could practically hear Mycroft voice that wistful voice that soon his child would be born. Mycroft made it no secret that he had no plans for marriage let alone children as his chances of acquiring either were slim. Now however knowing that he will soon have both had the British official in a constant state of awe whenever the mere mention of your name was made. 

His voice would get so soft when he talked to or about you to anyone.

His eyes getting misty and bright, his face seemingly lighting up the room and smile almost plastered to his face.

It was intoxicating.

Humbling to know that out of all the powerful people in the world you were the one to bring the Ice Man to melt all with your love alone.

Mycroft would spend hours if you let him running his hands softly over your soon to be swollen middle. Telling it stories, recited from memory and songs from his heart.

It nearly brought you to tears when Mycroft would worship you in bed, taking great pains to bring you pleasure as many times as you could stand.

The most beautiful woman in the world…the mother of my child…my partner,” he would whisper as he would thrust gently, lovingly, longingly into you until you found release.

How you were going to survive the next seven months without exploding from sheer devotion and happiness was beyond you but it would sure as hell be a way to go.

You only pray that when the pregnancy progressed it would be just as sweet and there would be a few complications as possible.


I curse everyone who’s ever wronged me. May you always live in the pause between important events. May everyone see you only as the calm before a storm. I curse you to only exist to set the bar low, so that anyone can come and raise it ever so higher. May nobody see you as special, may nobody believe you were born under the light of a thousand stars, or that you are one of the hundreds of lights living in a beautiful city. You will only exist in the middle of each breath. Your home will be the moments when you’re blinking, when your eyes are closed. You’ll only know darkness. You’ll live waiting for something to happen, waiting for death.


Pairings: Benny x Reader

Characters: Benny, Reader, Dean, Cas and Sam

Warnings: Death, violence, blood, MAJOR ANGST like a lot.

A/N: Thanks for people that are reading my shitty fiction lol. It means a lot. I’m working on a few things with other characters but I’m always gonna be a Benny girl. Also, if you had a rough day or just don’t like angst, DO NOT READ THIS>

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Neither of you are sure when the idea came about, it just sprung up one day like a dandelion. Actually, if you thought about it hard enough, you’d remember the day it all started. The two of you were holed up in a motel room on a hunt that Dean had sent you on. It was a fairly simple salt and burn, but you’d fudged the truth a little and managed to get two days on your own.

Two glorious days of just you and Benny, naked as the day you were born and tangled up in the sheets. It had been late afternoon, the sun was peeking through were the curtain didn’t quit meet and cast a golden light on your face. You lay stretched out on the bed, Benny’s head resting on your chest and his large body nestled between your legs. You felt his scruff tickle your ribcage when he turned his head. “ Ya’ll sleepin’ cher?”, he asked quietly, his voice low and warm. You opened your eyes and moved a hand to smooth it over his broad shoulders. “ Not yet, what is it?”  He moved a little so he could lay next to you, one large hand on the dip of your waist. He picked up a lock of hair and played with it absent mindedly. “ You like living at the bunker with the boys?” the question sounded light, but you could tell he’d been turning this over in his head for awhile. You shrugged, “ It’s not ideal but, I can’t afford rent without a job. The boys love me and I love them, we are a family.” His soft smile showed he understood. Ever since he’d come back Dean, Cas and even Sam had become like brothers to him. You, on the other hand, had never been viewed as a sister. The two of you had had chemistry from the get go. It only took one solo hunt and a secret conversation between Dean and Benny ( “ Swear if you don’t make a move I’m telling her myself with billboards and sparklers. Try me!”) the two of you were a package deal. “ Guess ya right, Sunshine. But don’t ya want a place of our own? Not havin’ ta be quiet or constantly running ta beat on of us ‘disgusting men’ to the shower?” he tickled your side and you cuddled closer. “ Yeah, our own place would be nice. Some privacy. Some peace and quiet.” You looked up into baby blues and the images swamped your head.

Benny smiled and nuzzled your nose, “ Small little cabin. Just big enough for two people, crazy ‘bout each otha.” You ran a hand up his arm and rubbed his bicep, “ A porch with a swing so I can read when its sunny and we can look at the stars at night.” Benny looped an arm over you and pulled you flush against him, his chest hair tickling your bare breasts. “ Good sized kitchen for me. So I can spoil my Sunshine with all kinds ah good eatin’.”

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Prequel to Tywin x Reader...

Imagine finding out you are marry Tywin Lannister after the deaths of your brother and Mother, Robb and Catelyn Stark.

((Sorry it’s kind of short! Especially compared to the first pt of this series. Gonna be kind of a crazy weekend for me but I should still be able to put out Saturday and SSunday’s one shot))

Read Pt. 1 here

Read Pt. 3 here

Word Count: 1,412

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Hey I am doing Pickup line Prompts from now until the day before my birthday! (March 1-16) (My birthday is the 17th.) I would do it on my birthday but I have a surprise for that day… 😜. Anyways, so here are the prompts below just tell me number, person, fandom (optional.), any specific things you want (also optional.) Don’t forget you can reblog and use these (please give me credit if you repost cause it took me awhile to find all these pickup lines.) so here are the prompts:

1. Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.

2. Baby, you’re so sweet, you put Hershey’s outta business.

3. Didn’t I see you on the cover of Vogue?

4. Excuse me, I don’t want you to think I’m ridiculous or anything, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I just felt like I had to tell you.

5. Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?

6. Hey, don’t I know you? Yeah, you’re the girl with the beautiful smile.

7. Hey, I know you! You were Miss Maryland last year, weren’t you?

8. I feel like Richard Gere, I’m standing next to you, the Pretty Woman.

9. I hope you know CPR, cuz you take my breath away!

10. I just had to come talk with you. Sweetness is my weakness.

11. I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?

12. I think I can die happy now, cause I’ve just seen a piece of heaven.

13. I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.

14. If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?

15. If this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib.

16. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

17. Nice to meet you, I’m (your name) and you are…gorgeous!

18. Was your dad king for a day? He must have been to make a princess (or prince) like you.

19. Was your father a mechanic? Then how did you get such a finely tuned body?

20. Were you arrested earlier? It’s gotta be illegal to look that good.

21. Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.

22. Were your parents Greek Gods, ‘cause it takes two gods to make a goddess.

23. What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in this room?

24. What’s that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. Hey, it’s not coming off!

25. Ya know, you look really hot! You must be real reason for global warming.

26. You are the reason men fall in love.

27. You know, you might be asked to leave soon. You’re making the other women look really bad.

28. You look like my third wife. She: Oh, how many time have you been married? Twice.

29. Oh my sweet darling! For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now I see that I am very much alive, and heaven has been brought to me.

30. If you have a chance to become anything on earth what would you want to become?“ [the answer] you: ” well to me, I want to be your tear drop: I was born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.

31. You’re so hot you would make the devil sweat.

32. If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking through my garden forever.

33. Excuse me…..Hi, i’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and i was wondering if i could interview you…

34. If god made any thing better than you he keep it for him self.

35. Guy: Sorry, but you owe me a drink. Girl: Why? Guy: I looked at you and dropped mine.

36. Damn, I thought “very-fine” only came in a bottle!

37. Hey, how did you do that? (What?) Look so good?

38. If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.

39. Are you a parking ticket? (What?) You got fine written all over you.

40. If you stood in front of a mirror and help up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.

41. Presents the person with a single rose and say: “I just wanted to show this rose how incredibly beautiful you are.”

42. I betting that you cannot wait until tomorrow, because I bet that you get more and more beautiful every day.

43. You look like a cool glass of refreshing water, and I am the thirstiest man in the world.

44. Are you a tamale? 'Cause you’re hot.

45. You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.

46. Most people like to watch the (i.e. World Cup, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, etc..) cuz it only happens once a year/every 4 years, but I’d rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone like you only happens once in a lifetime.

47. Where’s your paper bag? (What?) Your paper bag to put over your head. (Excuse me?) It’s dangerous for someone like you to be out in public with all of these horny people around. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

48. When I saw you from across the room, I passed out cold and hit my head on the floor…so I’m going to need your name and number for insurance reasons.

49. Do you want to see a picture of a beautiful person? (hold up a mirror)

50. Stop, drop, and roll, baby. You are on fire.

51. Baby, you’re so hot, you make the equator look like the north pole.

52. Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.

53. Even though the ugly lights are shining bright, you still look beautiful.

54. There aren’t enough “O”’s in the word “smooth” to describe how smooth you are.

55. (Walk up to them and touch them) Thank God, I thought that you were only an illusion(mirage).

56. If beauty were a grain of sand, you’d be a million beaches.

57. You must be going to hell, because it is a sin to look that good.

58. Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.

59. If it weren’t for that DAMNED sun, you’d be the hottest thing ever created.

60. That’s a nice watch [Thank you] Actually, that’s a nice dress. [Again, thank you] Come to think of it, everything is nice on you.

61. How is your fever? [What fever?] Oh… you just look hot to me.

62. (Walk up to someone and bite them anywhere) Person: What are you doing?!?!? You: Sorry, taking a bite out of crime. Person: WHAT?!?!? You: Well it has to be illegal to look that good!

63. Excuse me, I’d like to have kids someday, and I wanted to know how your parents created such a beautiful creature.

64. When God made you, he was showing off.

65. If all the stars in the sky were summed, not even words that many times stronger than “beautiful” could ever be used to describe you.

66. If you were a laser gun, you’d be set on stunning.

67. The drink: $6. The room: $100. The night with you?: Priceless.

68. Listen to this: my buddies over there said that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful boy/girl in the bar. Wanna buy some drinks with some of their money?

69. If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have five cents.

70. I don’t know you, but I think I love you already.

71. You look beautiful today, just like every other day.

72. Are you an interior decorator? When i saw you the room became beautiful.

73. You know I’d like to invite you over, but I’m afraid you’re so hot you’ll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill.

74. [You] Here are my keys [Other] Why? [You] Here’s the key to my house, my car,…and my heart.

75. You had better direct that beauty and femininity somewhere else, you’ll set the carpet on fire.

76. When I’m older, I’ll look back at all of my crowning memories, and I’ll think of the day my children were born, the day I got married, and the day that I met you.

77. Is your name Summer? 'Cause you are as hot as hell.

78. Fascinating. I’ve been looking at your eyes all night long. I’ve been looking at your eyes all night long, 'cause I’ve never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them.

79. Fat Penguin. WHAT? I just thought I’d say something to break the ice.

80. You know that I think about you only twice a day? Once when my eyes are open, and once when they are closed.

81. If I had to choose between one night with you or winning the lottery…I would chose winning the lottery…but it would be close…real close…

82. If I were a stop light, I’d turn red everytime you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.

83. Damn, Sugar, settle down. I’m diabetic.

84. You need $20 and a friend. Give friend the $20. Walk up to target. Friend says, “You’re right. Those are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.” Hands you the $20 and walks away.

85. So last night I had the same dream over and over - always the same thing, but in a different location every time. I kept dreaming that I was asking you out, but every time before you answered, I woke up, and I’m dying to know what your answer was.

86. If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.

87. (If s/he is looking at you)You know, my mother always told me it was impolite to stare… so what do you say we dance?

88. See these keys? Ya like em? I wish I had the one to your heart.

89. Do you have a twin sister? Then you must be the most beautiful girl in the world!

90. I think that your attractive and simply amazing from what I’ve seen so far. Can I get your number and meet your personality.

91. All the other girls are just rough Drafts …. but i think you are the FINAL COPY!!

92. If God had a refrigerator, a picture of you would be on it.

93. You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.

94. A thousand painters working for a thousand years could not create a beauty that equals you.

95. If you could put a price tag on beauty you’d be worth more than Fort Knox.

96. You’re so hot, I’d better smother you with my body before you burst into flame!

97. You’re single. I’m single. Coincidence? I think not.

98. Kissing Burns 6.4 calories per minute. Wanna work out?

99. Let’s play a game. Winner dates loser.

100. You are perfect, but there’s one thing I wanna change about you. (What?) Your last name.

Executive - Chapter 04.

img cr as marked

Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
There will be smut in future chapters.
Word Count: 3,997

All Chapters

04. Provoke

You were awkwardly fiddling with the salad on your plate trying not to look at Jongin’s smirking face or meet Junmyeon’s steely gaze. It was difficult. 

“So, how do you two know each other again?” Junmyeon asked, bringing the large glass of red wine to his lips and taking a sip. His eyes didn’t leave your face for a moment and you wanted to hide from his inquisitive stare. You couldn’t understand why there was such a shift in his attitude. He did mention Jongin was a close friend so surely there was no reason for him to be upset by his presence.

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Sleeping At Last Sentence Meme: Atlas - Light

“The world is brighter than the sun now that you’re here”

“You are loved, you are loved, more then you know.”

“I hereby pledge all of my days to prove it so.”

“Though your heart is far too young to realize, the overwhelming light that you hold inside.”

“When we woke up the world was figured out.”

“This brilliant light is brighter than we’ve known”

“Without our darkness to prove it slow.”

“You are enough.”

“These little words, somehow changing us.”

“Our shadows grew up too, but they’re just old ghosts that we grew attached to.”

“The tragic flaw is that they hide the truth.”

“You try your hardest to leave the past alone.”

“This crooked posture is all you’ve ever known”

“It is the consequence of living in between, the weight of family and the pull of gravity.”

“Long before you were born there was light”

“Hidden deep in these young, unfamiliar eyes”

“You are so much more than your father’s son”

“You memorized those unscripted lines, desperate for some kind of clue”

“When the scale tipped, when you inherited a fight that you were born to lose.”

“No, it’s not your fault, I put this heavy heart in you.”

“You remind me of who I could’ve been.”

“Had I been stronger and braver way back then.”

“A million choices, though little on their own, become the heirloom of the heaviness we’ve known.”

“When I was young I fell in love with story.”

“With the eleventh hour, with the blaze of glory.”

“But even dust was made to settle.”

“I guess we give what we’ve been given”

“A family tree so very good at giving up.”

“Though the truth is heavier than fiction.”

“We’re leaving our shadows behind us now.”

“May our stories catch fire, and burn bright enough to catch God’s eye.”

“‘Till our temporary brilliance turns to ash.”

“We pull apart the darkness, while we can.”

The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 15)

Chapter 14 

A/N: This is a day late. I sorry. 

Dean Winchester, the brave warrior. The older brother; the one ready to be the protector.

Dean Winchester, Michael’s true vessel.

Sam Winchester, the noble knight. The brother ready to sacrifice himself for anything, ready to sacrifice himself for anyone.

Sam Winchester, the true vessel of the fallen angel Lucifer.

Ranger Winchester. Me. Where does that leave me?

Here I sit, an empty bar, the angel in front of me holding my fate, holding the answer to who I am, who I will be.

“What did you do with Sam and Dean?” I asked, my mind automatically going to the safety of my brothers.

“Ha, don’t worry about them. They should be in Dr. Sexy right about now. A version of me is down there with them.”

“So. So you’re not the Trickster.” I said. Gabriel and I sat across each other in a booth in this bar. This bar.

“No, sugar, I’m not.”

“Where are we?” I asked. It kept feeling like I had been in this place before.

“Place Dad made up. Perks of being an archangel, I get access to most of his location creations.”

I nodded, trying to let all that’s happening sink in. I was sitting in a bar that God created, with an archangel himself.

“Now to those questions I need to ask you.”

I nodded, again, beckoning him to continue.

“You could obviously hear me when we were in the warehouse…” said Gabriel.

“How is that possible?” I asked. The only voice I’ve ever been able to hear is Chuck’s. Chuck’s…and Castiel’s.

“Can you see demons? When a demon is in a vessel, can you see their true form?”

I nodded slowly, remembering the moment when I could see Meg’s true form under the vessel.

“You saw my wings. You could see my wings.” I nodded again.

“How are you feeling right now? Sitting in this bar, how does it feel to be here?” asked the archangel. I had no idea what he was getting at with these questions, but it seemed like there was a point.

“It feels, it feels like home. I feel like I’ve been here before.” I said. It was weird. This bar felt more like home than being in the Impala.

“Last question.”

A silence set between the two of us. Gabriel knew something already. He knew something I didn’t.

“Do you have an imaginary friend?”


“You can hear a voice in your head. You’ve been able to talk to a voice, haven’t you? Haven’t you?” I could feel my body going limp as I listened.


“So the stories true. The stories freaking true.” said Gabriel.

“What story? What’s true?” I asked. “Gabriel do you know what’s happening with me?”

“In the name of my dear father, I wish I could tell you.”

“You gotta give me more than that!”

“Sweetheart, the archangels were once told a story about someone very important in the upstairs ranks. They would be able to hear a voice, have visions, and see angels and demons true forms, etcetera etcetera.” Gabriel snapped his fingers, two suckers appearing before  him. He handed one to me.

“I can’t tell you much because part of the deal is that the girl needs to figure it out on her own. But, know that now, as the first archangel to meet you in this process, I’m free to answer any questions once you do figure it out.” said Gabriel.

“But it had always been more of a legend to us archangels. The legend of the imaginary friend is what we called it. You should see Michael; he never believed it was true. I did though, and now you’re sitting in front of me. But, sugar you gotta be careful now. Now that I’ve met you, any other archangel is going to know who you are. That includes staying safe from Lucifer, and I know Bevis and Butthead down there are doing their best to find him.”

“So, to wrap it up here, I’m someone important to the man upstairs? Why? Why me?”

“Oh sugar you have no idea. But why not you, that’s the question. Think about it, both of your brothers are vessels for two of the strongest archangels in all creation.” said Gabriel.

Fair point.

“Whelp, we gotta go. Can’t leave your brothers down there for too long. Too much trouble.”

With a snap of his fingers, Gabriel and I were back in the ware house.

“Give me a minute, will ya?” asked Gabriel. With a nap of his fingers, he was gone. A few minutes later, Sam, Dean, and Gabriel were back in the ware house. Only this time, Gabriel was trapped in holy oil.

I guess Sam and Dean had figured it out too.

Gabriel started clapping.

“Well played, boys. Well played. Where’d you get the holy oil?”

“Well, you might say we pulled it out of Sam’s ass.” said Dean.

“Where were you this entire time? Are you alright?” asked Sam, turning to me.

“Oh she’s fine, Ranger’s not worth the trouble of putting her into TV hell. It’s you two that are fun to play with.” said Gabriel.

Sam and Dean turned to me for some kind of confirmation. I shrugged, not really knowing what to say at this point.

“Where’d I screw up?”

“You didn’t. Nobody gets the jump on Cas like you did.” said Sam.

“Mostly it was the way you talked about Armageddon.” said Dean.

“Meaning?” asked Gabriel.

“Well, call it personal experience, but nobody gets that angry unless they’re talking about their own family.”

“So which one are you? Grumpy, Sneezy, or Douchey?”

“Gabriel.” I said softly, looking down. Dean and Sam whipped their heads to me in shock. They turned back to Gabriel, slowly.

“Gabriel, okay? They call me Gabriel.”

“Gabriel? The archangel?” asked Sam.


“Pretend to go along with them.” I looked up at Gabriel with confusion. He just sent me a stern look, not wanting anymore of his cover to be blown.

“Okay, Gabriel. How does an archangel become a trickster?” I asked.

“My own private witness protection. I skipped out of heaven, had a face transplant, carved out my own little corner of the world. Till you three screwed it all up.”

“What did Daddy say when you ran off and joined the pagans?” asked Dean.

“Daddy doesn’t say anything about anything.” said the angel.

“Then what happened? Why’d you ditch?” asked Sam.

“Do you blame him? I mean, his brothers are heavyweight douchenozzles.”

“Shut your cakehole. You don’t know anything about my family. I love my father, my brothers. Love them. But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each other’s throats? I couldn’t bear it! Okay? So I left. And now it’s happening all over again.”

“Then help us stop it.” I said.

“It can’t be stopped.” said Gabriel.

“You wanna see the end of the world?” asked Dean.

“I want it to be over! I have to sit back and watch my own brothers kill each other thanks to you two! Heaven, hell, I don’t care who wins, I just want it to be over.”

“It doesn’t have to be like that. There has to be some way to, to pull the plug.” said Sam.

“You do not know my family. What you guys call the apocalypse, I used to call Sunday dinner. That’s why there’s no stopping this, because this isn’t about a war. It’s about two brothers that loved each other and betrayed each other. You think you’d be able to relate.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You sorry sons of bitches. Why do you think you two are the vessels? Think about it. Michael, the big brother, loyal to an absent father, and Lucifer, the little brother, rebellious of Daddy’s plan. Don’t even get me started on Ranger. You were born to this, guys! It’s your destiny! It was always you! As it is in heaven, so it must be on earth. One brother has to kill the other.”

“What the hell are you saying?” asked Dean.

“Why do you think I’ve always taken such an interest in you? Because from the moment Dad flipped on the lights around here, we knew it was all gonna end with you. Always.

A silence set in between the four of us. No one really knew what to say.

“No. That’s not gonna happen.” said Dean.

“I’m sorry. But it is.”

“Close your eyes and try a little. Prove me right. You can see it.” said Gabriel all of a sudden.

I tilted my head in confusion, yet the angel kept giving me the same look.

I closed my eyes, straining a little, trying to figure out what Gabriel was meaning. After a second, I could see it.

Sam and Adam standing off in a graveyard, yet it wasn’t my brothers. It was Lucifer and Michael.

Before I could do anything, Gabriel spoke up.

“Guys. I wish this were a TV show. Easy answers, endings wrapped up in a bow… but this is real, and it’s gonna end bloody for all of us. That’s just how it’s gonna be.”

After a minute of more silence, Gabriel spoke up again.

“So. Guys. Now what? We stare at each other for the rest of eternity?”

“Well, first of all, you’re gonna bring Cas back from wherever you stashed him.”

“Oh am I.”

“Yeah. Or we’re going to dunk you in some holy oil and deep-fry ourselves an archangel.” said Dean.

I cut the angel off before he could say anything to make it worse.

“C’mon Gabriel, just bring him back.”

Gabriel looked at me and sighed.

“You’re lucky I like you sweet cheeks.”

With a snap of his fingers, Castiel appeared next to me.

“Cas, you okay?” asked Dean.

“I’m fine. Hello, Gabriel.”

“Hey, bro. How’s the search for Daddy going? Let me guess. Awful.”

Cas glared at Gabriel, a strange silence setting in the room. Suddenly Cas turned to me, eyes wide. Seems like the two angels could talk to each other secretly as well.

“Okay, we’re out of here. Come on, Sam, Ranger.”

“Uh. Okay. Guys?” asked Gabriel, confused as it seemed Dean was just gonna leave him in the holy oil.

“You’re just gonna, you’re gonna leave me here forever?”

Dean stopped at the door, turning around.

“No. We’re not, cause we don’t screw with people the way you do. And for the record? This isn’t about some prize fight between your brothers or some destiny that can’t be stopped. This is about you being too afraid to stand up to your family.”

I sighed at my brother, reaching up and pulling the fire alarm before he could make it any worse.

“Don’t say I never did anything for you.” said Dean.

Gabriel glared. Dean, Sam, and Cas left the warehouse, leaving me alone. I turned ready to leave.

“Hey sugar.”

I turned back.

“Anytime. You need me at any time and I’ll be there.”

I smiled, nodding, before turning and leaving the warehouse. The door closed with a loud thud.

Something changed today. I was one step closer, one step closer to the answer of my life story.

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Nr.8 with Eisuke please:)

Hello! This is SUPER late but… it’s here! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Nr.8 - “What do you like the most about me?”

The sun was midway through an attempt to escape through the curtains of the bedroom, casting distracting rays of light onto your face as you stirred in your sleep.

Stretching out, you started to regain consciousness – as you did every morning.

I’m still here. I’m still happy… I still have Eisuke.

A smile slipped onto your face, and you were now fully awake as you untangled yourself from Eisuke’s arms and legs - and the nosy sheets in between the two of you - your eyes blinking into daylight.

Eisuke was still asleep.

With his eyes closed, he looked about as innocent and as vulnerable as a new-born baby; there was a softness to his features – his fluttering eyelashes, twitching nose, slightly parted lips – that even he couldn’t control when sold to sleep… You were sure that your body woke you up at this time just so that you could enjoy the sight.

You couldn’t quite help yourself – reaching out to gently touch his face, your fingers skimmed over his soft cheek, and when his nose twitched again, you giggled mischievously and pulled your hand away, touching it to your own cheek as if to share the warmth.

Eisuke stirred slightly, stretching out a little bit, mumbling something or other. His deep voice sent sudden shivers down your spine, especially when you heard him say your name.

“____,” he mumbled, narrowing his eyebrows and turning over a few more times.

So cute!

“Eisuke,” you replied through a quiet giggle. Your hair tickled his cheeks when you leant forward to kiss one of them – he just looked too adorable right now for you to resist! “I’ll be back in a moment with coffee, okay?”. He mumbled your name once more, quieter this time, and you were smiling as you moved to get out of bed… but then-

“Oh!”. Eisuke’s hand shot out to tug you back down suddenly, and with a yelp, you fell into his embrace, your heart increasing in its beating.

Eisuke just laughed at your perplexed expression, his eyes bright and endearing – clearly quite awake.

You could have cursed at him, but he got there before you.

“You know you’re all the sweet I need this morning, ____”. His eyes explored your own, and you had meant to tell him how cheesy that was, but your brain must have mixed up the command, which is why you instead only blushed furiously in reply.

Eisuke was very pleased with himself, which was all the more evident in the way he moved forward the distance until his lips touched yours, softly at first, until eventually you were running your hands through his messy bangs, your breaths mingling whilst the world stayed silent.

Some good morning kiss, you couldn’t help but think once he pulled away.

“Good morning, ____”. You cursed and damned your cheeks for appearing so red right now, and stammered out a reply.

“Um, g-good morning, Eisuke”. He stayed staring at your for a moment longer, his eyes roaming over your body in a way that you had come accustomed to, taking in every aspect of your being – well, you were sure that your hair was somewhere between messy and disastrous, sleep was still lingering and your eyes must have been a little red… your pyjamas weren’t even all that sexy! Just a random nightdress that you’d found in an equally random drawer! Yet this man – this gorgeous man – looked at you as though you were Aphrodite herself.

And then you just had to ask the question that presented itself in your thoughts, not stopping to think consequentially.

“What do you like the most about me, Eisuke?”. He didn’t seem particularly fased by your question when he leant down to kiss you again, quickly but perfectly.


“More specific, please!” you laughed.

The amusement in his eyes was instantly replaced by concern, and he propped himself up on his elbows to get a better look at you.

She seems troubled, he guessed from the bothersome frown on your face – he wanted to expel it forever.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his frown matching your own.

“Nothing!”. You smiled convincingly, not wanting him to worry. “Honestly, I’m just curious!”. Another convincing smile later and Eisuke ran a hand through his hair, sighing as he tried to think of something to say.

You watched the confusion on his face and raised an eyebrow.

“…This is taking a while-“.

“That’s because I don’t know what to say, ____”. He looked a little disappointed at himself, shaking his head as though he was completely at a loss. “I’m sorry”.

You pouted somewhat jokingly, folding your arms over your chest.

“Maybe you just don’t love me as much as you thought you did”.

“That’s not true,” he told you, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly at your dramatic reaction. “And anyway – why such a deep question so early in the morning?”.

You didn’t know what else to say – sometimes it just struck you how much he had proven to love you, and your modesty made it difficult for you to understand how that was so possible. All of the women who throw themselves at the great Eisuke Ichinomiya’s feet… and he chose you, just as you chose him. And he has done nothing but choose you ever since.

He took your hesitation as a hint, and he watched the way you pouted your lips in thinking, the way they parted slightly when you breathed, the way they made him want to kiss you endlessly until the end of time.

“The thing I like the most about you, ____,” he began, gently caressing your cheek with his big hand. His eyes were sincere, and he kissed you slowly, whispering “Is your lips” against, well, your lips.

“My lips?” you managed to say, but the words were muffled by your shared kiss. Heat ran down your body at his touch and his words.

“Your lips,” he agreed, smiling in satisfaction. When he noticed your clueless look, he went on with an exasperated eye roll. “I like kissing them,” he began, obviously.

Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

“Oh, is that so? I couldn’t really tell from the amount of times you’ve already kissed me this morning-“.

“And I like them when you’re lecturing me – it’s pretty sexy”. Your reddening cheeks were all the reply Eisuke needed before continuing. “And when you laugh, and they stretch into the most exquisite smile I’ve ever been lucky enough to see…”. He hesitated a moment, only watching you. “Or when you bite them without thinking – and there are many other things they do that I’m a fan of, actually-“.

“That’s quite enough, thanks!” you exclaimed, well-aware of precisely where this conversation was about to go. You tried not to laugh, but didn’t bother to stop yourself once you’d started.

Good, he thought at the sight of your stunning smile.

“Have I answered your question, ____?”.

You nodded – embarrassed for the most part – through a wry smile.

“I suppose I should go and make those coffees now,” – anything to change the subject and stop him from staring at you in such a way!

You obviously hadn’t learned from the last time, for when Eisuke tugged your arm again to pull you back down to the soft sheets of the bed, you still yelped like a puppy.

Barely giving you a second to gather your thoughts together, Eisuke moved until he was hovering over you, his face only inches away from yours, his sparkling eyes imploring your own in such an intimate way that you thought you might just explode.

“What do you like the most about me, ____?”. The question caught you completely off-guard – especially when paired with his slightly shy tone and serious expression – so you froze like a statue and did nothing but blush at his heated gaze.

This amused Eisuke greatly – no surprises there.

“What’s the matter?” he teased, his voice deceptively soft. “Do you love me so much that you can’t even put it into words?”.

Something like that, your mind urged, but your lips – the ones Eisuke had just confessed his love to mere moments ago – were saying something else.

“Shut up, Eisuke”. With that, you had meant to roll away from him. You were going to leave the room, feel the cold, soothing floorboards against your feet on the way to the kitchen, where you would make yourself and your boyfriend a cup of coffee… but Eisuke interrupted your plans with yet another kiss. His hands found your body, and he held you in a way that made certain that you could not and would not leave him.

His eyes were sincere.

“Answer me, ____… please”.

You succumbed, supposing that the longer you let this drag out for, the longer it would be before you would be able to regain a normal temperature.

And besides, the question was an easy one.

A natural smile fell into place on your face as you reached to place a hand against the left-hand side of his chest… against his heart.

“The thing I love the most about you, Eisuke,” you said, overjoyed when you spotted the warming blush on his cheeks at the contact. “…Is your heart”.

You expected some sort of retort or something, but Eisuke only looked down at your hand on his chest, his eyebrows furrowed together as if he couldn’t quite comprehend what there was to love.

“I have never met someone with so much power and… and influence,” you began, finally finding your words. “… And yet, you still manage to have a good heart – you always have. And I know you’ll never admit that to yourself… but I see it, alright? The guys see it – we all see it, Eisuke!”. His cheeks were burning despite the indifferent expression on his face. You made sure that you had eye contact before continuing. “You’re a good guy,” you told him suddenly, and he actually looked taken aback. “It’s this heart of yours that made me fall in love with you in the end-“.

“Liar,” he spoke finally, and you were grinning just as he was. “You fell in love with my looks first, and you know it”.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself,” you admonished, although you were giggling playfully. “Yes – you’re hot. But that wouldn’t have been even nearly enough without this heart of yours”. He didn’t appear convinced by your words from the raised eyebrow he offered… but he eventually let out a chuckle, touching his forehead against yours with intention.

“You know, ____…”. He hesitated, blinking gorgeous brown eyes. “With my heart and your lips, we could probably be happy forever”.

Did he really just say that?

It took you a minute to pinch yourself and realise that this was reality, before you were laughing like a schoolgirl all over again.

Eisuke laughed with you, and it was almost as though fate had heard the two of you laugh and had realised that the two sounds just sounded perfect with one another – that was a good explanation.

“That,” you said through a smile. “Is by far the cheesiest thing that you have ever said to me”.



the way you say my name
is terrifying to me.
you say my name playfully,
as if you’re doodling
in the margins.
i don’t know how you do it -
send vibrations through
every sweet breath.
it’s like warmth on my shoulders
when there’s snow
inside my mind.
always imagining the feel
of your lips against my skin,
the way the tips of your fingers
sweeps of chaotic abandon.
lost in the way your
eyes spark like galaxies.
i feel you in the shadows,
we explode into waves
of ecstacy.
silver light comes from you,
kisses my cheeks,
turns my face up,
and the moon couldn’t even
make me feel so gold.
we were both born
with spaces between our fingers;
the words of comfort we need
are buried inside of ourselves.
yet you spit out the words
that would set my tongue
on fire.
your smell
lingers on my skin
and lives in my soul
like it was already
a part of me.
—  i dedicate all that is endless to you
Growing Up

inspired by; @playifyoudontknow a confused luke at a fancy wine party for your work when he was born to be a beer dad

‘I don’t see how we’re going to manage not telling anyone about the baby at your company’s wine-tasting party.’ Luke states the obvious remark that had been swimming around in his head in the hours leading up to the most prestigious event of your workplace’s history; its’ 50th anniversary, and the celebration of breaking into the mainstream market internationally for the first time. With an additional dinner, and more than enough colleagues and ‘plus-one’s’ to fill the dance floor to think about, Luke had yet to question the most obvious way you could be caught out at the three month stage of your pregnancy.

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CONVERGENT - Chapter 10 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

(previous chapters)

“You’re going to be alright.” Shawn whispered just as softly. You watched his lips shift closer to your face as he lifted his chin so he could kiss your forehead protectively. “You’re going to be alright.” he repeated.

“(y/n)!” a familiar voice interrupted your moment with Shawn. Shawn reluctantly detached his lips from your forehead, as you slowly moved away from his body, stalling for as long as possible. You didn’t realize how much you missed being around Shawn.

You turned to see Uriah and Lynn standing next to each other, hips on their hands and deep smirks on their lips.

“I knew it.” Lynn’s grin was devilish when mixed with her smirk. You noticed that she had holes in the sleeve of her black Dauntless clothes. Someone from your team got her.

Uriah chuckled, shaking his head with a knowing look in his eyes, as if a teacher catching a student doing something they’re not supposed to.

You stole a glance at Shawn and saw that his usually fair skin was flushed red. Before you could blush too, Uriah jogged over to you.

“Come on, Juliet. Matt got the flag. We won the game.” he flashed a wink at Shawn. He held out an outstretched arm to help you get up.

“Matt? Is he okay?” you felt as though you were only half there, the other half lost in your thoughts of Shawn. As you turned to him, you saw his expression fall. Maybe he’s snapped out of it, maybe that was all just an act so you didn’t hurt him further.

“Matt’s great, not a hair out of place. The other team, however…” Uriah trailed off, gesturing at Lynn who was picking at one of her holes. She stuck out her tongue in reply. It was your turn to snap out of it as you turned away from Shawn.

“Uh, yeah,” you cleared your throat. “Let’s go.” you tugged on Uriah, who was making suggestive faces at Shawn.

Uriah let out another laugh as he watch Shawn’s already red colored face turn scarlet. “Let’s go, you idiot.” you rolled your eyes, tugging on his arm harder. His laugh increased in volume as he slung the arm you were tugging on around your shoulder.

“Bye, Romeo!” he called out over his shoulder. This time, you didn’t turn around to see what Shawn looked like.

You and Uriah walked back to your team’s base in silence. For the first time tonight, you took your time to take in everything. There were so many things going through your head at once. Your head was still half numb from all the headaches you’ve gone through tonight. Something was happening to you and out of everyone you knew in Dauntless, Shawn-the person you have been trying to avoid for the past few days-is the only one who knows what’s happening to you. You’d be lying if you said you’re not scared shitless. At first, you would have passed it off as random migraine, you got those sometimes after a hard day at training. But the way Shawn gripped on to your cheeks for dear life, it made you think that whatever happened is way more dangerous than a migraine.

At the thought of tonight, unfortunately, your suppressed feelings for Shawn was now resurfacing. Your mind replayed the way it felt when Shawn’s calloused fingers grazed the skin below your cheekbones tenderly. Shawn was built as a soldier, with a calm demeanor. He was a quiet fighter, large and broad but he moved with swift grace. He’s rough and in every means, dauntless. But the way he touches you so softly, it makes you want to believe that Shawn isn’t the typical Dauntless heartbreaker. The way his chapped lips touched the skin of your forehead so lovingly made you want to believe in Shawn.

Then there was Matt. He understood you, he cared about you, he knew you, and you him. He was lean and precise; he was Candor. With him, you never had to walk on eggshells, you never had to second-guess yourself. Matt had smooth nimble fingers that fit so perfectly with yours, so caringly and yet, you were drawn to the way Shawn’s hand enveloped yours since his fingers were practically double the size of yours. Matt’s smiles were comforting and easy and Shawn’s was expensive; hardly there. Yet, that seemed to make your mind cherish it more. Then again, Matt’s always honest with you; he would always tell you what was on his mind and you never had to worry about random outbursts. Shawn, on the other hand..

You shook your head discretely to stop your thoughts, now finally present in the moment as you kept up your strides with Uriah’s. “So we won.” you started.

“It’s all thanks to you, idiot.” he mocked the insult you used on him just a few minutes ago as he bumped his hips with yours playfully.

“What are you talking about?” you asked rhetorically, rolling your eyes.

“Oh don’t give me that humble talk.” from his voice, you could tell he was rolling his eyes. Uriah wasn’t as tall as Shawn but he was still taller than you and you made no effort in looking up at him. “It was your idea to get to high grounds, you turned the ferris wheel off, you came up with the strategy, and shot most of the team members. We’re just puppets, (y/n). You’re the one pulling the strings and we won.” his eyes glinted with excitement.

“Slow down, tiger.” you chuckled under your breath. “That’s not entirely true either, Matt saved your lives at the ferris wheel, not me. Besides,” your voice dropped. “They’re not going to put me any higher on the ranking board for strategies. We’re in Dauntless, not Erudite.”

“Well then we’ll make them put you higher on the ranking board.” you looked up to see Uriah’s giddy eyes dodging from side to side and you guessed that he was probably thinking about how to convince Mahogany and Bart that this victory was all thanks to you.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” you rolled your eyes, nudging him. That seemed to snap him out of his little daze.

After walking for a few more minutes, your base came into view. You could make out Matt’s silhouette amongst your other teammates, dark against the illuminating blue flag in his hands. The sky wasn’t as dark as it was before the game, subtle blankets of plum and maroon slowly blending in with the blackness of the early hours. You could hear your other teammates, chatting animatedly and hollering in victory.

“I’m gonna go talk to Marlene.” Uriah gave you a small smile as he walked off to Marlene’s slim figure.

As you looked around, you saw that Nash was the first to notice your arrival as you watched him jog over to you. “We totally kicked ass!” he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Indeed we did.” you sighed happily as you leaned on a ruined stack of cemented bricks just about the height of your hips. Your eyes turned to Matt, who was still enveloped in the crowded circle your team mates have formed around him. Most of them were gushing on about how ‘amazing’ his ‘skills’ were.

“Ah, the glory of the flag catcher.” Nash chuckled as his eyes averted to Matt as well. “Between you and me,” he leaned in closer to you. “I think you’re the real winner tonight.”

“It seems as if you Dauntless borns think alike.” you mused, leaning further into the half-wall.

“Yeah, well, you’re something else, (y/n).” Nash shrugged. In the dim lighting, you could see that his freckled fair skin was glowing a soft rosy color. Then again, it might’ve just been the indigo sky playing purple shadows on his face.

Something else’. How romantic.” you fluttered your eyelashes sarcastically.

“I don’t want to go into too much detail ‘cause Matt will kill me but, I mean, you’re smart, you’re kind, you’re selfless, you’re honest, you’re strong, you’re kind of like the whole package.” Nash rambled in one breath. It was an adorable sight; a broad-shouldered, muscular, tough Dauntless, rambling on about how great you are. It was a sight you would have never let go of if you hadn’t heard what he said.

“Wait-wha,” you did a double-take on your words.

“Huh?” Nash’s eyebrows furrowed, stopping abruptly.

“What did you say?”

“I’m not going to say it again, (y/n).” he rolled his eyes playfully, thinking that you were joking.

“No, no. I don’t mean the stuff about me. You said that Matt will kill you’?” your eyebrows furrowed. “Why?”

Nash’s eyebrows raised as he let out a little breathless laugh, as if whatever you just said was a total shock. “Are you really that clueless, (y/n)?”

“What are you talking about?” your tone was demanding, much less playful now as your frustrations got the best of you.

“Wow, then I guess I take back whatever I said about how smart you are.” he chuckled under his breath. Despite his words, his tone wasn’t exactly mocking either.

You gave him a questioning look.

“Matt’s crazy in love with you, (y/n).” his voice was as soft as a whisper. You felt your own lips part but the shock tightened your throat, preventing yourself from gasping. You could see Nash’s icy blue eyes searching yours, the amused smile slowly disappearing. “You didn’t know that?” his eyebrows furrowed.

You felt your lips move but nothing came out. Your head snapped back to the crowd around your best friend. Almost immediately, he felt your stare as his eyes locked on yours, both corners of his mouth quirking upwards at a time, stretching his lips in a friendly smile. But this time, you noticed an unfamiliar glint in his chocolate brown eyes. An unfamiliar glint that kind of looked…affectionate?

A/N: Oh and just incase you were wondering; yes, i do like torturing you guys with this #TeamMatt/#TeamUriah dilemma c:

CONVERGENT - Chapter 15 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

A/N: this is just a short filler chapter featuring naked gilinsky and a lil’ sumtin sumtin extra ;)

A shiver ran down your spine as you gasped for air quietly. Your body jolted into consciousness, the images of your previous dream slowly vanishing from the back of your eyes like a dying fire. This time Carter’s face haunted the nightmarish dream. It wasn’t the usual face you’ve gone to miss, though. It was the face you saw in your ‘visions’ or ‘flashbacks’ or whatever caused your headaches during the capture the flag game. With everything that’s been going on, those visions have been pushed to the back of your head. But now Shawn’s weary voice echoed in your head, telling you not to tell anyone as you twisted and turned in your bed. 

Every Transfer (except for you), had a visiting family today and so everyone agreed to go to bed early, exhaustion from the excitement and sadness of parting with their families again caught up with them. 

You laid on your messy sheets, wondering if any of the Dauntless borns were still awake. You gathered your messy black sheets in your hands, ready to get them off of your body. But what would you do? Who would you go to?

There was Uriah, but he would probably be with Marlene and Lynn. Though you didn’t mind the fiery bald girl, Marlene was a whole different story. Uriah probably wasn’t a good option. 

Nash? You two sort of had an unresolved eye conversation earlier today when he spotted you in the midst of the Shawn-Matt triangle. But he was obviously confused as to which boy he was rooting for too. You didn’t feel like listening to him weigh the pros and cons of each boys, pros and cons you’ve weighed already. 

You wondered if Shawn was even an option. Obviously, he’d know how to handle your situation after that nightmare. But you two could barely talk to each other alone without blushing. He always needed a third party to gain the confidence to talk to you like a normal person. Then again, he wasn’t just any normal person to you either. 

You sighed, shoving the sheets out of the way. Looks like you didn’t have much choice. You slipped out of your dorm quietly, relieved to see that the Transfers fell asleep so early that most of the lights were still on. That meant that most of the borns would probably still be awake. 

As the double doors of the other dormitory came into your view, you saw that Uriah was sitting at the front alone. He was twirling a small dagger about the size of his hand skilfully between his calloused fingers, his eyes following the tip as it spun around his hand. 

“Uriah!” you called out before you reached the door. 

His smiling cheeks pushed his eyes into a squint as he looked up at you. 

“Have you seen Shawn?” you asked once you caught up to him.

“I thought you were here to see me.” His expression fell half-heartedly. You rolled your eyes playfully. “I don’t know where he is, check inside the dorms.” he opened the door for you like a gentleman. You gave him an unsure look. “It’s okay, you’re no stranger.” he rolled his eyes, giving you a little shove.

You stumbled softly into the lit dormitory. It was such a contrast to your own. Here, the borns were still wide awake. Nash, who waved at you the second you entered, was by a little box filled with an array of sharp knifes and daggers, much like Uriah’s. You waved back. 

As you moved on, the dreaded pair of girls came into view. The minute Marlene eyes fell on you, she turned away, her hands in between her wavy dirty blonde hair as she pulled strands of it into rough braids. Lynn, who was doodling in a notebook beside her friend looked at Marlene’s reaction in amusement. She raised her eyebrows in mock fright. You held in a giggle. 

Taylor, who gave you a knowing smirk, was matching and rearranging stacks of clothing, though you didn’t know why. All Dauntless clothes were black, tight and stretchy. It wasn’t like it made a difference. He put down a patterned black shirt before walking up to you. 

“He might be in the showers, go check. The water stopped so I’m guessing he’s not naked anymore.” Taylor said. His eyes made it’s way down your body. Not creepily, just as if he was trying to decide whether you were attractive or not. You felt naked under his stare, only clad in an oversized shirt and cotton shorts that you wore to bed. 

“Excuse me?” you questioned.

“Looking for Shawn, right?” he raised an eyebrow haughtily. You wished you could punch it off of his face but Shawn wouldn’t appreciate you trying to hurt his friend. Since when did you care about what Shawn appreciated and didn’t?

Instead of using violence, you resorted to rolling your eyes. Your cheeks betrayed you as they flushed pink. 

“Oh, I get it now.” Taylor nodded, his lips still in that tight smirk. 

What?” your eyes widened in question. 

“Oh, pardon me, I said that I got it.” Taylor repeated mockingly. You didn’t know whether he was trying to be mean or just to tease you. 

“Yeah, I got that part,” you snapped. “What did you get?”

“I get what Shawn meant when he said that you look cute when you blush.” again with that stupid smirk!

“He said I was cute?” you were taken aback, your lips parted. 

“Just go check the showers, Amity.” he rolled his eyes good-heartedly. You followed his instructions in a dazed-like state. 

However, you were snapped back into reality when you entered the showers. You gave out a shriek, your eyes instantly snapping as a reflex, your lips sputtering incoherent words in shock. Cameron and Gilinsky, who you ran into in the showers shrieked, their voices just as high as yours as Gilinsky quickly ran for a towel to cover up his naked body. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed, finally able to form words. You spun on your heel, about to leave. 

“No! (y/n), wait. It isn’t what it looks like.” Cameron tried to reason. You slowly detached your hand from your eyes, wearily opening each eye. You were relieved to see that Gilinsky was now at least half covered. However, your mind still seemed to spin as you tried to gain focus. It was a little hard when you had the image of a naked Gilinsky burning in your brain. You didn’t need Taylor to tell you that your face was probably flushed completely red. You couldn’t help it. He had a perfectly toned chess, his broad shoulders and impressive height complimenting the definition of each ab line. And God, that V-line. Were V-line muscles a thing? If not, you were pretty sure Gilinsky’s Greek God-like body could make it a thing. His toned muscles ended in a trail of thin dark hair that lead to-

Calm down, (y/n). You were here for Shawn, Remember? 

“I’m sure there’s a logical explanation as to why you and Gilinsky were casually lounging naked.” you tried your best to keep your eyes on Cameron’s. He had his own set of chocolate-like abs. Good Lord. 

“For the record, I was half naked.” Cameron gestured at the towel that was hanging dangerously low on his hips. You took the opportunity to let your eyes catch a sight of his stomach. Keep it together, (y/n).

“What’s going on here?” Taylor, who’s bed was near the showers must have heard your shrieks. Taylor’s eyes widened in understanding once Cameron and Gilinsky came into his sight. “God, Gilinsky. How many times do we have to tell you not to walk around naked?” Taylor rolled his eyes.

Upon hearing your voices, everyone else piled into the showers, even Marlene. It took them a second to understand what was happening, most of them snickering already. 

You shook your head, half wanting to get out of there, half wanting to stay and stare at Cameron and Gilinsky’s naked bodies. “Do any of you know where Shawn is?”

Lynn and Uriah made kissing noises but Marlene stood her ground stubbornly, her lips in an amused straight line. 

“He’s probably at The Net.” Nash gave you a lopsided grin, the kind that was mocking and friendly at the same time. 

“The Net?” you cocked your head to the side.

“Yano, the net Mahogany and Bart made us jump unto during Choosing Day? The Net.”

“Oh.” you nodded in understanding, your mind already visualising a map that would lead you to ‘The Net’.

“Go and get your boy.” Taylor winked at you, gesturing at the exit. You blushed, leaving without an argument. You could hear Nash telling Gilinsky and Cameron to put on some real clothes before closing the door. 

A/N: the sumtin sumtin extra was half naked cameron btw. 

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