you were bored

Cuddling with Hoseok:

-Ok, so J-hope would’ve been the most hyper person that you dated.
-You were very bored at that time, so you try entertain yourself by watching Bangtan Bombs.
-Because of this, you microwaved a bag of popcorn and thought that the BTS bombs were movies.
-Meanwhile, J-hope came back from work. He heard a noise coming from the bedroom, so he went inside and found you watching your BTS bombs. Without warning, he jumps on the bed and lands on top of you.
-You scream, not noticing it was just J-hope the whole time. He chuckles, while hugging you tightly.

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Aries: You tried to control them, you tied them down. You always rained on their parade or made it all about you. You made them feel like you needed them too much. They couldn’t reciprocate your feelings. They were bored. You were always arguing and they felt like you didn’t listen to them. 

Taurus: You didn’t need them. You didn’t pamper them. You didn’t wait for them to catch up with you, you made them feel like a second or third option instead of a first choice. You pressured them. They felt ignored. They felt unattractive. The relationship exhausted them. 

Gemini: You were clingy. You didn’t understand them, they couldn’t communicate with you. You couldn’t keep up with them. They felt like the relationship was losing its spark. They loved someone else. You loved them too deeply and smothered them. They were confused and lost.

Cancer: You didn’t try to understand them. You didn’t care about their stories of the past. You blamed them for your mistakes. They felt unloved and unneeded. They were in love with their ex. You made them feel like they were shouting at a brick wall. They were afraid they would hurt you.

Leo: You didn’t listen to them. They couldn’t make you laugh. They felt ugly and boring around you. They got jealous. You made fun of them too much, you belittled them, you made them feel like everything was their fault. You were bossy. They wanted to be the sun, but you were an eclipse. 

Virgo: You didn’t appreciate them. You didn’t respect them. They felt worthless, they felt misunderstood. They felt used. They loved you more than you loved them. You were clingy or demanding. You couldn’t appreciate their quiet, serving way of showing love. 

Libra: The relationship lost the honeymoon feeling. You tried to control them or keep tabs on them. You asked for too much from them. They got tired of trying to please you. They felt like you didn’t appreciate their efforts to keep you happy. They were falling for another. You walked all over them, so they got up and walked away.

Scorpio: They couldn’t trust you. You didn’t trust them. You judged them. They loved you more than you loved them. You were careless with your words. You kept secrets. They were suspicious of your loyalty. You didn’t understand them. They thought you were shallow or superficial. 

Sagittarius: You tried to keep them too close. You didn’t let them go where they wanted. You were stingy and materialistic. They didn’t see you in their future. You pressured them to think about the future. You didn’t respect their opinion. They found you small-minded. They didn’t love you as much as you loved them. 

Capricorn: You didn’t give them space. They were busy with school or work. You were too needy, too demanding, required too much reassurance. You didn’t support their interests or career. They didn’t feel appreciated and understood. You made them feel like they were being pulled in many different directions, and they felt tired and stretched to the limit. 

Aquarius: You didn’t have any common interests. You were needy or clingy. You didn’t appreciate the things they did for you. They needed to be alone. You made them feel small. You couldn’t help yourself, you expected too much of them. They felt unneeded. They had a greater calling from somewhere else. You didn’t like their individuality.

Pisces: You were not there for them. You used them, you lied to them, you tricked them. You took advantage of their kindness, their understanding, their forgiveness. They were afraid of you. They saw another side of you that they couldn’t handle. You were overbearing, domineering, close-minded. They looked at you like you put the stars in the sky… and you looked away.

here’s a christmas skam fic

all the characters are having a christmas gathering around a very large table. it’s snowing outside, they’re all wearing christmas sweaters. not drinking alcohol because most of them are MINORS and you don’t DRINK ALCOHOL WHEN YOU’RE A MINOR. anyway. they’re all talking and then someone asks isak and even how they met and they both share a secret smile and say “kosegruppa” in unison

vilde: see! kosegruppa is all about love and spreading love and now these two are in love thanks to the kosegruppa 

sana: isak only joined the kosegruppa because i blackmailed him, they should thank me

everyone: what did you blackmail him with? 

sana: the weed he left at eva’s place during the party when the cops arrived

eva: you left weed at my place when the cops arrived??

mahdi: ok but i’m the one who gave him that weed. you wouldn’t have had anything to blackmail him with had i not given it to him. basically i’m the reason why they ended up together. you’re welcome boys 

magnus: ok but i’m the one who gave isak lots of good advice and i’ve been rooting for them since day one 

eskild: hm, excuse you? I’M isak’s guru! i’m the one who gave all the good advice. isak tell everyone i’m your guru

vilde: yes but all of this would mean nothing without the kosegruppa….spreading love, especially during this time of the year…don’t you agree magnus? 

magnus: who, me? yes absolutely vilde. by the way you look beautiful tonight 

eskild: *talking to himself* i mean…who gives better advice than me anyway? the nerve…..

sana: *rolls her eyes* anyway…

chris: *is not even listening, is holding hands with kasper and looking at him fondly* 

noora: i think you guys have proven me that real love still exists in 2016 :)

jonas: *starts playing i’m yours on his guitar* this one’s for my boy isak and his boy even 

as this heated debate continues and no one can agree on who made their love story possible and jonas keeps mumbling the lyrics to i’m yours, somewhere, in the restroom where isak and even first met, a paper towel dispenser whispers

actually it was thanks to me


R like Grantaire

So I had this epiphany a week or so ago. I can’t be the first one to realise this but I need to share. We all agree on the fact Hugo just let himself have a bit of fun with the “R like Grantaire” nickname (because if you read it in French Grantaire = “grand r” = capital r = R. Bravo, Hugo. You really were bored in Guernsey).

But guys, people. In 19th century French history, there are two things that get a capital R. Two fundamental things, two of the main threads that make the very essence of France in the 19th century. 

1. la Révolution

2. la République

Both words, with their capital R (it’s fundamental,1. is the 1789 revolution, the one that started it all and wasn’t really over in 1832, and 2. is 1789′s most luminous legacy), are Enjolras’s wet dream. 

So Hugo’s offhand comment on the fact Grantaire nicknamed himself R is not offhand at all. Grantaire, which means Hugo, nicknamed him Revolution and Republic. 

That’s it. That’s all. I have a whole analysis on the ready draw your own conclusions. But damn, Hugo, master, I knew you’re not subtle, but that’s a whole new level.

ETA : I made a second post around this kind of stuff if you’re interested (it’s fairly longer, but mostly because of pretty pictures, lol)

Sweet Tooth (M)

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Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: ass play, oral (receiving), exhibitionism (?),  dom!kookie, SMUT.

Word Count: 2,980

Summary: You were bored. Stuck at home all night with nothing to do, so you decided to call up a friend and politely invite yourself over for a movie night, and you’d bring all the treats. Who could say no to that?


Me: hey, dipshit. What are you doing tonight?


Muscle Pig: ???? rude. Just watching movies at the dorm, the guys are out this evening.


Me: aw. Still can’t play with the big boys? Tell you what, why don’t I come over and keep you company?


Muscle Pig: Wow ok. You can come over if you’re bored. No need to pretend it’s for my sake. We both know you want to be alone with me >:)


Me: Ew, please. Anyway, I’ll be over in 15… and because I’M helping YOU out ok????


Muscle Pig: mmmmmmhmmmmm sure ok, got it *wink wink* whatever you say. See you soon.

You trudged down the hall to the boys’ dorm, arms carrying at least half a dozen bags filled with popcorn, candy, chips and every other snack necessary for a movie night. To be completely honest, you weren’t here for the overgrown man-child. You’ve been feeling frustrated as of late, the responsibilities of work and school weighing down on you and not giving you time to, well let off some steam.

It’s been about… six months? Yea, that seems about right.With no time to get into a relationship, a one night stand was seeming more and more tempting. You pushed your thoughts aside and set the bags down in front of the door. You entered the passcode and stepped inside the boys’ dorm.

“Kook! Where are you? Come help me!” You yelled from the entrance. You heard him pause whatever was playing, and soon he was standing, or rather, towering over you.

“Well, hello to you too.” he quipped, his signature smirk plastered on his face. He grabbed a few of the bags you brought and walked back into the dorm, leaving you by the door. You huffed as you removed your coat and shoes, picked the rest up, and followed him into the kitchen. “What did you buy? It’s just the two of us why did you bring the entire store?”

Rolling your eyes, you pulled out a few sweets and popcorn, getting ready for your movie night. Once you had everything ready, you met Jungkook on the couch, and began watch the rest of the comedy he had on. Jungkook looked over at you, two bags of candy in your hands as you watched the movie. He chuckled at your behaviour, and reached over to the coffee table to grab a bag for himself.

“Wow noona, you really love candy huh?” he said as he watched you pour half a box of Skittles into your mouth. “I’m kind of glad you brought them though, I didn’t realize how much of a sweet tooth I had until you came over.”

You turned and gave him a small smile, though the one returned to you seemed to have hidden intentions. You pulled the small blanket up your body as you continued to watch, the chilly autumn weather now seeping in. Damn, why did I have to forget my heating blanket? You thought as you started shivering under Jungkook’s throw. The shorts and t-shirt you had on proving to be a bad idea. You then felt a hand around your wrist, pulling you with such force that you have no choice but to comply. You end up on Jungkook’s lap, hearing him mutter something about body heat and science.

The position you’re in isn’t the most comfortable, your legs ended up straddling one of his surprisingly large and firm thighs, but the heat was nice so you stayed. Besides, you kind of liked how his thigh felt, not that you would ever admit that out loud. Jungkook started complaining about not seeing properly, and moved you to the side, as you shifted yourself so he could see. The movement had you rubbing against his thigh in the best way, and before you could stop it, a breathy moan escaped your lips.

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Plot twist, the dimensional dragons are actually all female. And they’re super protective of their humans because they see them like helpless hatchlings.

It’s like ‘You have no natural armour to protect you or defense mechanisms like claws/wings/horns/a tail/breath weapons etc. You are soft and squishy and small so I must protect you because I don’t know how you’ve survived so long’

Protective dragon moms.

how scandal is about this:

  • the very first event of the season is moriarty receiving the “staying alive” phone call, which he identifies as the final problem on the rooftop in reichenbach
  • the same little girl in scandal is the little girl in the plane in tfp (on a flight of the dead)
  • flight 007/bond air is go is a statement about literally fucking… john’s interest in action movies and we keep talking about how tfp is like john’s garbage movie taste
  • ok also that is mark ANNOUNCING that they’re going to go through with this plan? like they always talk about how they weren’t sure if they’d get renewed after series one but now, like, they know
  • MYCROFT: you’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages – or were you too bored to notice the pattern?
  • the promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption


Beginning astral travel (1/3)

Everyone has their own methods, but I thought beginners would be interested in trying to use mine. 

Five steps to begin your journey

Step 1:

Relax. Calm your breath, calm your heart, calm your thoughts. You don’t need to have a blank mind, you just need to have the same mental activity as if you were bored during a long car travel. You know when you start to see what you imagine in flashes? When you read a book and see the scene? Like that.

Step 2:

Now take a random image in your mind. Can you keep it in front of your eyes? How long does it stay? How well do you remember it? Once you feel like you can keep the image and play with it as if you were playing a VR game, you can go on. 

Step 3:

⍟ I need you to visualize the easiest way for you to enter the astral plane. My favorite way is to imagine a door with many details and to implant my intention in it by imagining words/sigils etc being engraved in it. Doesn’t have to be specific, or to be an intention at all. Then, I open it and there is a world in front of me (see next step). 

OR there are also other ways. I also like to take a music and use it to build my environment, or to imagine my palm being pressed against the bark of a tree/wall. I’ve heard people imagining walking through mirrors, jumping in a hole, and even using pop culture items like the Star Gate or a Tardis. It’s your mind, you do what you want with it. 

Step 4:

⍟ Once you have the “world” in front of you, I want you to focus on your other senses. You don’t have to, you can use your eyes only, but you’ll have more troubles maintaining your concentration. Focus on whichever sense feels dominant other than your sight. For me, it’s touch, thus I focus on how my astral body feels. Is the weather warm? Is the ground grass or marble?  

For other people, it can be hearing or scenting etc. Some might even have a dominant sense that is not sight! Usually, the sense that manifests the more in your dreams is your dominant one. Raise your awareness sense after sense, in the other that feels more natural. 

Step 5:

⍟ Once you feel your new world, you can begin to explore it! You might want to visualize a barrier/ward and to draw sigils for protection and invisibility on your astral (and physical) body before you do, just to be sure.

I will cover how to build your own astral “house” (which can be used as a mental palace, a meditation area, a temple, a resort area etc) and what dangers you can encounter in there, how to protect yourself, and what you can do in a general way in parts 2 and 3.

Have fun!

Jealous much ?

Word count: 1548

Request: Hey :) can you do an imagine where me and cam are best friends and i kiss nash then cam gets jealous

“Ow, That hurt” you rubbed your arm where a punch just landed moments before.

“You’ll live” Cameron chuckled at your response to his punch. This was the usual relationship you had with him. You’ve been best friends for as long as either of you could remember. 

“You’re right, what’s a minute worth of pain to a year worth of pain to your pride, since you just got beaten by a girl once again.” You smirked. You were both playing Mario cart at Cameron’s apartment since you were bored. And typically you always won. Cameron rolled his eyes at your comment as he pressed okay to continue to the next level.

“Hey guys, whatcha doing?” a voice said behind the couch.

 “Mario Kart” You replied not even looking up which was at least a response since Cameron just gave a grunt. You both were super competitive and in the zone and had no time to look up from the intense game that lay on the screen before you. It most likely was Nash who lived with Cameron or one of the other guys who came to visit every so often. They always stop by unannounced. 

“Alright, I play winner” The seat beside you sunk down a little by the weight of the person causing you to glance who it was. Nash. But the split second your attention was diverted caused Cameron to seize the opportunity and throw a shell at you. One you were unable to dodge since your attention was somewhere else. 

“Oh c’mon, Seriously, I was distracted” you groaned, seeing that you lost to Cameron.

 “All’s fair in love and war” Cameron said taking the remote from your hands and handing it over to Nash’s eager ones. 

“I don’t think that’s how that quote goes” You replied but Cameron just shrugged at your response leaving you with your arms crossed. You sunk down into the couch awaiting your turn to beat cameron.

“Hey the boys and I are having a bonfire at the beach tonight, you should come (Y/N)” Nash spoke over the game. Cameron gave him a glance but it was so quick you wondered if you imagined it.

 “I don’t know, parties aren’t my scene” You replied. They weren’t really. You’ve been to a few sure and had some fun but you didn’t really like the atmosphere. It was all about who was drunk and who was the prettiest and who can who hook up with.

“Lie, you enjoy them” Cameron called you out his eyes never leaving the game.

“Can i bring (Y/F/N)?”

“Sure, the more the merrier, Dang Cam” Nash groaned at his defeat, finally looking at you and handing over the remote. 




“We’re going” (Y/F/N) replied over the phone after you told her of the invite you had received from Nash.

“Why? It’s just a party”

“Yes and a golden opportunity to look good and meet hot guys” You let out a deep breath of air, there was no changing her mind once she had it set on something. And that something was the party tonight. 

“I’ll be over in a few” She stated.As soon as she hung up you heard a knock at your door. She probably was already on her way over as soon as you told her. As soon as you turned the handle she burst in the room chattering about hair, clothes and makeup. “..It’ll be perfect, should we wear bikinis under our outfits? or curl our hair? I’m thinking more natural so if we do swim we won’t look ridiculous.” She continued making it hard for you to catch everything she was saying. Before you knew it she had you sitting on your bed and was in a whirlwind of motions.

 “I forgot to ask what time it will be at…” You trailed off in between things being shoved in your face and clothes thrown your way. (Y/F/N) was a handful but she definitely made life a bit more interesting.

 “Um text Cameron, duh, that’s important” She replied, throwing another article of clothing your way.

YOU: Yo Cam, when’s the party tonight?CAMERON: Should be around 8ish, why?

YOU: because i’m going… ? duh

CAMERON: Right, i’ll see you there :)

“Its around 8ish” 

“Perfect” (Y/F/N) was finally deciding on her own outfit.




By the time 8 o’clock rolled around both you and (Y/F/N) looked great. (Y/F/N) pulled up to the parking lot by the beach where the music was already shaking the air. As you went to open the door to get out (Y/F/N)s hand whipped out to stop you. 

“What are you doing??” you questioned.

“Um hello you’re always supposed to be fashionably late, duh” She said in a tone like it was obvious.

“How late is fashionably late??”

“8 minutes”

“And how is that determined?”

“I don’t know i don’t make the rules?”

 “Who does”

“I don’t know, we just follow them” she threw her hands up in an exasperated sigh. You finally gave in and allowed her to make you wait until the clock reached 8:08pm. Then both the car’s doors opened as you both got out. The beach was amazingly wrote and the you could see some stars glitter through the LA smog. There were a bunch of teenagers already gifted with a red solo cup and dancing around the fire or lazily laying out. A few party goers were splashing around in the water. 

“(Y/N) you made it!” A familiar voice chuckled. By this point (Y/F/N) had already disappeared leaving you alone to face them. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you joked as you turned to face Nash. He handed you a red solo cup and you took a small sip. You didn’t mind alcohol but you didn’t always like the effects. Especially the ones that came when you became drunk.

“The stars are out tonight” He said pointing at the sky. You nodded your head in realization. Quickly an awkward silence filled the air like a blanket covering a child. 

“Well i’m going to go join the party, I’m sure Cam would want me to tell him i’m here” You said pointing off in the direction of the party. 

“Wait” He grabbed your arm as you were walking away and pulled you in close to him. Very close. Close enough that you could feel his chest rise and fall with every breath he took. He looked you deep in the eyes and bent down to kiss you. His hand fell to the small of your back holding you against him. You were in complete shock. But soon found your mouth moving against his and your eyes closing. You finally pulled away for a breath of fresh air but your heart broke to see the sight behind Nash. Cameron quickly walked away down the beach. 

“Cam. Wait” you sighed out in exasperation.

“Just let him go” Nash tried to pull you back in but you had one thought in your head and that was Cameron. 

“Cam” You tried again. When you finally caught up to him you grabbed his arm to make him stop. But he wouldn’t turn to look at you. “Cameron Dallas” You said emphasizing his full name, something you never do. His eyes finally met yours. You could see they were filled with emotions, anger, sadness, regret.

 “How could you?” He stated dully.

“How could I what?”

“Kiss him” He replied angrily.

“Why is that such a big deal? Why are you even upset?” Yu questioned until realization hit you like a ton of bricks. “Jealous much” you teased.“I am not”

“Then why else would you be upset?”

“Because he throws girls away like laundry, he just wants to sleep with you. Im looking out for you, as a friend” He emphasized friend at the end. You knew him better than how he let on though.

“No if you were being an overprotective friend you would have confronted Nash, this time you walked away” You pointed out “Why are you jealous?” 

“Because I LIKE you” Silence filled the air. You could hear the party going on faintly in the background.You were rendered speechless. Your best friend for as long as you could remember just confessed his feelings for you. Out of every girl he could have. “Oh just forget it, go back to nash” He started to walk away again. Away from you. But before you could register what you were doing you pulled him to you. You could smell the cinnamon scent that he had and see the speckles of light in his eyes.

“I never wanted Nash” As soon as the words left your mouth Cameron bent down and kissed you. The kind of kiss that you see in the movies where the couple is holding on to each other s tight and the girl props her one foot up. When you finally pulled away a small blush appeared on you cheeks along with a little smile. “You know seeing you jealous is kind of a turn on” You smiled cheekily. 

“Stay away from Nash” His eyes looked at yours in a glare but you could see that playful smirk in them as he bent down to kiss you again.

RFA Sending Nudes..?!


- You were just lying down, bored out of your mind, rewatching episodes on netflix

- Your phone buzzed, and you rolled over, holding your phones with arms stretched upwards 

- You saw a picture from Yoosung and decided to open it

- Seeing the picture of him… without anything on… was certainly shocking, and you dropped the phone onto your face yea we all did that before

- Was it accidental..? With flushed cheeks, you inspected the photo

- His face seemed a little red, and he was avoiding looking at the camera

- Was it intentional then? Either way, you couldn’t see the blonde boy the same way again

- When you saw Yoosung, both of you turned red and looked away 


- You were just sitting down, reading a book or maybe a fanfic when your phone buzzed

- Seeing that it was a photo from Zen, you put away the book and opened it

- The photo of Zen winking in the mirror, nude, made your jaw actually drop 

- It wasn’t accidental. The wink said it all. 

- You couldn’t help but stare a little at his muscles, and the message that came afterwords caused blood to rush to your already reddened cheeks

- “Don’t stare too hard honey~” 

- You closed the image, but you kept unconsciously thinking of it, along with the teasing message

- Next time you saw Zen, you felt your face heat up, yet he would pretend nothing happened


- You were just doing some doodling, nothing too special, when your phone gave out a high pitched beep

- You lazily reached out, and opened it, seeing a message from Jaehee

- You opened it and… wHAT THE FUCK WHAT

- The typically prim and proper Jaehee sent a picture wearing… nothing?

- You assumed it wasn’t on purpose, but you still couldn’t help but be shocked

- You dreaded seeing her, but it didn’t seem like she recalled what she sent 

- Trying to hide your blush, you peeked at Jaehee one more time 

- When she saw your eyes, you could have sworn that her cheeks reddened a little bit


- Jumin was always a bit… suggestive… but he rarely did an obviously scandalous action

- So when you got a picture from Jumin, you were expecting something like a photo of Elizabeth the III 

- But you got a picture of Jumin with only a smirk and a black tie on 

- You felt your jaw drop, and nearly typed something back, but decided to force yourself to take shaky deep breaths

- You had to mentally slap yourself because you kept glancing at his nude body despite your better judgement

- Seeing Jumin at the RFA meeting made you blush instantly, your mind constantly 

- Jumin wouldn’t stop winking at you, causing you to blush which made Zen pretty upset


- You were just doing a youtube video marathon, when Seven sent you a photo

- You clicked it open, and gasped at the sight

- Seven was winking at the camera with a smirk, with a casual Seven style pose

- The picture would have been just a little friendly selfie…. if he had clothes on

- You took a deep breath, biting your lip a little at the photo

- You closed the image, and went back to your videos, desperately trying to get your mind back on track 

- Later, Luciel tapped on your shoulder, nearly eliciting a scream from you, and said something that made your face burn red

- “Hey MC, did you like the selfie I sent you?” 

Cut it here again just in case (unknown, V, and Vanderwood)

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wynneinrome said:                                                           

Hey! Could you do a Sherlock x reader where the reader is Sherlock’s uber sassy sister and she follows him to cases and whenever he tries to be smart she slaps him down with sass?? Sorry that probs doesn’t make a ton of sense…. but anywaaay.

“Y/N, are you listening?" A voice asked snapping you out of your daydreaming.

"Sorry what?” You replied. “I’d dozed off; you were too boring.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “I was describing the newest case. A man in a house had-”
“Had his throat slit however no one had entered nor exited the house. Everywhere has been searched but there had been no forced entry and all of the doors and windows were locked. I glanced over the details earlier. Lestrade had sent me them.”

“Of course he has. Well are you coming then or not?” Your brother wrapped his scarf around his neck and put his coat on.

“Obviously I’m going!” You stood up abruptly. “Why would I miss a chance to insult Scotland Yard?”



“Okay,” Donovan said to Lestrade as Sherlock lifted up the tape letting you through. “I can slightly understand why you’re letting the freak through, although it would be better if you didn’t. But why is that abnormality coming through as well. She’s not even that smart!”

“Shhh!” You exclaimed. “Donovan, can you hear that? Because if you listen closely, you can listen to the sound of me not caring.” You could hear her muttering words about you behind your back. “Honestly, Sally I hope that karma smacks you in the face before I do.”

“Excuse me?” She laughed. “What are you? Twelve?”

You gave a fake smile to her. “Yes! On a scale of one to ten.” Sherlock called you over before the argument progressed.

“Oh c'mon!” You whined. “I was on a roll!”

“You threatened to hit a police officer!” He replied.

“Yeah well… Anyway, what do you know about this case then? Come on big brother! Use your superpowers.”

“They aren’t superpowers.”

“You pretended they were when I was a child.”

“Yes but you aren’t a child anymore.”

“No but I’m still your sister.”

“Moving on, the crime scene!” He turned his back on you and walked into the house.



“So I suspect that the trapdoor leads into the neighbours house,” Sherlock told everyone who was present.

“Well I hope you’re right,” Lestrade responded.

“I don’t,” You stated. "His ego doesn’t need inflating any further.“ You received a glare from Sherlock.

"Surely we would have found this door beforehand though, wouldn’t we?” A forensic pathologist asked. “My opinion, is that you’re a psychopath that committed the murder himself. That is why you planned the murder and know where everything is.” It was obvious that he’d been speaking to Anderson or Donovan beforehand.

“Well my opinion is that you’re a idiot,” Sherlock snapped. "Also, I am a high functioning sociopath not a psychopath.“

"Well my opinion is that nobody cares!” You told your brother. “Oh wait, that is a fact.”

“If you aren’t going to help, can you please get out?”

“Certainly. I was hoping that I could leave soon. I was being crushed by the weight of your self esteem. If anyone wanted to kill someone, then they could just throw someone off of your ego. It’s high enough to kill someone.” You turned on your heel as Sherlock continued with his deductions. You began to walk away but Lestrade stopped you.

“Your comments,” He said. “They knock your brother down a notch. Gets him off of his high horse. They may seem rude but they are useful. Thanks.”

“No problem,” You replied with a smile. “I always know how to beat him.”