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You know what would be a great thing to happen in 2017? Season 2 of Class.

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  • Me: *tries to show family stuff I'm interested in*
  • Family: This is stupid
  • Me: *doesn't involve my family in anything*
  • Family: Why are you pushing us away????

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OMG you too??? Please please please don't. I really don't want to unfollow you. I've always loved your blog and I thought that you were cool with Iron Fist and with Finn Jones playing Danny, but that post that you reblogged with the comparison between Lewis Tan and Finn is so anti Finn and honestly I've had enough of the sh*t that people keep throwing against him in the tag Iron Fist. Now I have to see this on my dash too?? Please don't. 😔

ahhh okay so here is the sort of short explanation and it’s the shortest one i can come up with to sum how i feel rn about finn:

iron fist was and still is my fave defender and the show is my fave show from all 4 defender shows we have seen until now. i think finn is a terrific actor and a nerd and i adore him and support him. the only problem i have is that by the end of the show i didn’t believe that he can kick my ass. like i see davos. davos looks like he can beat me to death with a carrot. this is simplest comparison bc davos was the runner up to become iron fist and danny won. 

FOR SOME GOD KNOWN REASon i didn’t buy the kickass part. like i rooted for danny. i loved danny. i felt for danny. his martial skills were good but for some reason i kept picturing charlie cox who also had no experience in martial arts and ruined our lives in daredevil with every single fight scene. this is probably unfair on my part bc daredevil and iron fist are different shows, hell, i enjoyed iron fist way more than daredevil, but that post with lewis tan (who i just met and came to love) and finn jones was passive aggressive af, but for me, lewis tan, in that one scene he had, made me feel so alive and good, and i reblogged that post bc i think he would be a good iron fist as well comparing his skills and finn’s. i know they sort of screwed up bc they dragged finn from one end to another and didn’t have enough time to work out and practice but i solely reblogged that post bc i do believe lewis would be more believable iron fist. finn jones slayed as danny rand. but for me i didn’t buy the kickass iron fist part. SOMETIMES. in some scenes. like his fight with drunken lewis tan. some scenes like that. 

i will never post hate against finn or anyone like i never have, i do support my smol nerd and i wish him all the best, that post was probably only post ever i will reblog of that kind, but i had to vent a bit and it sort of came through that post. again, not hate. i support finn and danny is still my fave defender and i do believe he will be even better in defenders and can’t wait for him to interact with matt, but again, for now, only bone i had to pick was some fighting scenes and me not being convinced he can kick my ass. 

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I can't speak for the other anons but ive just been hesitant to do anything cause like,,, I just wanna see how this plays out also I wasn't aware if you were okay with personal blogs liking your posts just to show we're enjoying it

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hey so I'm suffering from a really bad break up. he just doesn't love me anymore. he used me. I can't stop crying. I think I have depression now because I don't eat, don't smile (only faking smiles yeah) or don't feel happy. it's the last year of school and he is my classmate. I just don't do anything except homework that I SHOULD do. help me please

You are simply sad because of the breakup, thats not depression. Distarct yourself from the guy as much as possible even when you have to see him in school. You were okay befor you knew him and you can be okay now. Show yourself that you don’t need him to be happy. I’m sure that you have some friends, they are there for you so just talk to them


Right…so here is some Oikawa x Reader fluff- female pronouns used. 

You had never imagined yourself in this position-in a white dress, face concealed beneath a veil, legs planted firm behind the doors of the reception hall. You had never imagined a wedding in your future, never imagined a life beyond one spent living by yourself. In all your childhood dreams you saw a man on a white horse, someone who would take you away but instead, in the final moments of your dream, he always chose the other girl. Always chose someone other than yourself. Each dream held the same fate.  You grew up and you got used to the disappointment, got used to the time spent alone. It was okay because no matter what people said, you were happy. Being alone was okay.

Everything was okay until he showed up. He came swooping in like a tornado, all cheesy jokes and charming smiles; he flirted his way into your life and suddenly you were not alone. You had a constant friend, someone who would defend you and wipe away your tears. He was different around you than his fan girls, different and more himself-those were the words Iwaizumi stated one late night.

Falling in love was not an easy thing. It did not overtake you one morning but instead was as gradual as the process of erosion. Each day a bit more of myself was given to him until you were fully and completely in love with Oikawa Tooru. The day you spoke your true feelings was the day he grabbed you in his arms, a tight embrace that almost gave you no room to breath, and kissed you until you were breathless. If your smile was like the sun, bright and happy, his was like the moon, a light in the darkness.

You had never imagined yourself in this position, the girl getting married at the wedding, the bride. It was such a foreign concept and yet, when you hear the music playing and watch as the doors pull open, you feel your lips tug into a smile.

Because standing at the end of the aisle is the man you are going to marry; Oikawa Tooru, your best friend, your first love, your future husband.


robb stark appreciation month @robbstarkappreciation

day twenty-six: favorite S1 scene

1x08, the pointy end, “Treason? Sansa wrote this?”

“Are you afraid?”
“I must be.”
“Why is that good?”
“It means you’re not stupid.”

as in: there’s a lot of scenes I could have picked because S1 was definitely my favorite as far as show!Robb was concerned, but I went with this one because of that shaking hand detail which in my opinion was one of the best additions they made to the original canon when discussing Robb’s show writing - more under the cut before this post becomes way too long.

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You’re My Own; Moriarty x Reader

Requested by Anon: Can you,pleeeease,make a part 2 of You’re My Own? I just LOVE it! (and please,destroy me :3)

Really hoped you enjoyed it and that I ‘destroyed’ you! And also, Chapter 2 of Manufactured a Human should be up tonight!

Finally after plenty of pulling and dragging you and Jim had finally made it back to your flat. You calmly took off your coat, leaving Jim to stand nervously, waiting for your reaction to the scene you just witnessed.

You walked over to your kitchen and took out two cups of tea and began to boil water. Jim slowly and cautiously walked over to you in order to make sure you were mentally okay. You did just catch him with another woman… right?

“Y/N?” Jim called. You looked up at him with an expectant glance, showing him you were listening. “Are you okay?”

“Okay with what?”

Okay you had to be playing a trick on him. There’s no way you were this calm. “Catching me with another woman?” he reminded you.

“Oh! That! Yeah, it’s fine.”

Jim looked around for hidden cameras trying to see if he was been pranked. “It’s fine for me to see other women?”

“That’s what I said.”

“Really?” Jim asked excitedly.

“No! Of course not! Who do you think I am? Who the hell was that?” you screamed.

There’s the Y/N he knows. “That was Ashley… she introduced herself didn’t she?”

“Jim! Who the hell was that?” you demanded, waiting answers.

“She’s my platonic work friend, Ashley.”

“Oh! Whatever! You don’t kiss ‘platonic work friends’ Jim!” you yelled before Jim looked down at his feet. You continue to just stare at him. Who was this in front of you? Where was the Jim you knew? The Jim you loved? “… What’s wrong with me?” you asked, on the verge of breaking down. “What went so wrong in our relationship that you decided to lie and cheat? Why couldn’t you talk to me?”

“Y/N, I… I…”


Jim, finally defeated, sighed. “I just… I needed a release. My job has been too stressful lately and I feel like I’ve neglected you because of it which didn’t make coming home and easier and… I was scared of losing you.”

“So you cheated on me?”

“Look I know it sounds ridiculous-“

“It sounds more than ridiculous.”

“… but just hear me out. I love you. I love you so much Y/N. I don’t think you’re able to understand how much I love you. When I thought I had neglected you so much that I was going to lose you, I got scared and did the opposite thing of what I had meant to do. I ran away, I met Ashley, and started being around her because it was easy.”

“Relationships aren’t easy Jim. There supposed to be hard and when it gets hard you work through it… together. You could’ve talked to me.”

Jim looked ashamedly at his feet. “I know… I know… What are you going to do now?”

“… I don’t know Jim. I really don’t know.”


“I was thinking that, maybe after I’m done with my homework, we could-”

Tony interrupted you. “I can’t. I’m sorry Y/N, I know you wanted us to go watch that new Ghostbusters movie together, but there’s this kid that I’m kinda mentoring.” He told you. You tried your best to put on a straight face and show him that you were okay. “T-that’s fine.” You smiled. “Why don’t you take some of your friends? My treat.” He smiled at you. “Oh, that’s fine. I’ll just stay in my room.” You told him and walked out. 

Being Tony’s kid, people assumed that you loved being in the public eye and had dozens of celebrity friends that would be the definition of squad goals, but you weren’t anything like that. You weren’t very social and had a difficult time making friends, hence why Tony and some of his ex-teammates were your closets friends. 

When they left Tony, they left you and you felt betrayed by them. You were a lot of Tony, having a hard time trusting people and being extremely intelligent. You were going to graduate college soon and being the youngest person in your university you felt like an outsider. 

Through the security cameras, you saw Tony opening the door to Peter himself instead of opening it from his man cave. You watched with envy as he hugged the kid and invited him in. He looked around your age and seemed very happy to just be in the presence of the great Tony Stark. You rolled your eyes and watched Tony take him into the kitchen. 

“You don’t look happy.” Vision said as he phased through the wall. “Jesus Vis! You can’t do that!” You told him. “I’m, sorry. I forgot to knock.” He told you. “What’re you doing anyway?” You asked him, turning your attention back to camera footage. “Why aren’t you ready for the movie?” He asked. “I’m not going. My dad had better things to do.” You said and he looked at Tony talking to Peter. 

“Why didn’t you go with one of your friends?” He asked. “I don’t have other friends, Vis. People only use me to get close to my dad and his money.” You explained to the android. “I have no use for money.” He stated. You laughed, “Ask that to your Ned Flanders fashion line.” You told him and he smiled. 

“I would like to watch the new Ghostbusters film with you.” He told you. “How much do you think a synthezoid ticket costs?” You asked him and he chuckled. 


“That’s what you were worried about?” You asked before twisting your expression in confusion and cocking your head. “King Shark had you by the neck and you were worried about looking… Good?

“Yeah. I mean, normally I’d be more concerned for my life but Patty was there so…” He clarified as if that was enough explanation.

“So, you were just trying to show off?”

“Well… Yes and no…” He shrugged. “Okay, obviously stopping King Shark was way more important than my swag-factor but I didn’t really wanna get my ass kicked in front of a girl either.”

You rolled your eyes. “What, are you fifteen?”


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Gif reaction to BTS meeting you for a second time at your second fan meet (you are the girl almost a foot shorter than them), and you trip up the stairs but manage to catch yourself then strike a pose showing you were okay?

haha omg

Jin: omgomg the fairy princess is back-iS SHE OKAY?!

Suga: *cheers you on* 

Namjoon: “How do you live with such grace?”

J-Hope: *so adorably, obnoxiously excited* YAAAAS THE POCKET SIZED FRIEND HAS RETURNED!!!

Jimin: *so concerned that his future wife is hurt*

V: *poses with you* 

Jungkook: *impressed* NICE SAVE, CUTE LITTLE PERSON, NICE!

~ admin ariel

Mini's Arm;

So apparently Minis arm is injured, or broken (I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS PLEASE FUCKINT PROTECT HIM)

And I saw his video, the comments werent really showing concern for him

Like what, are you for real this is probably someones hero and theyd feel down you didnt even show concern,

like okay maybe they were just lightening the mood, cause they know they dont really wanna cause much sadness but can you please just show a lil bit of “I hope you feel better though” for him

I know no one would read this at all, or probably they dont really feel this how i feel it, but its just me, wishing he gets well soon


I told Lynn about the book I gave to Alex and she said that it sounds amazing and that she can’t wait to read it and thanked me about 3 times and we carried on talking for like 10 minutes and wow PVRIS are a truly lovely band