you were always the strongest olivia

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Er, Hello, robin from Fea here. I just wanted to say something to any Olivia's. You always felt useless before, and I never wanted you to feel that way. But, I'm playing through now, and you're literally carrying my team. You are my strongest fighter. I would be lost without you, your strength, your wonderful personality. You were a good person and made the shepherds feel like home to me. Thank you for being my friend. We all loved you, don't forget that. -- Robin


 In honour of 2015 being over, I thought I’d do a follow forever to honour a fab year on tumblr. Mutuals/people I extra-love are bolded 💕 

 ✨ Special mentions!! ✨

@guardedlove -Abbie! You’re literally so cute girl. Lover of sad fics and always keeping the gc interesting. Follow!

@leeds-festivanal - Kieran!! Literally gorgeous and down to talk about just about anything. Also shares my obsession with Matt Hitt which is a major bonus. Follow this gal. 

@louisdipity - Javi! My fellow Harry Potter fan in the group chat. Also the only other 20 year old. She has a sick Instagram and is the literal sweetest human!!

@peacesignharold - Olivia! What a gal honestly. She has the strongest snapchat game and also always down for sick convos. 1D wrote “Olivia” about her. Keeps the group chat lit af🔥 

@spicedstyles - Monica! Every time I see your otter picture in the gc I laugh. Love chatting with you! Also your adventures with Baymax were fab. 

@smollove - Moraima! You have the coolest name I stg. Also you’re adorable and the gc wouldn’t be the same without you. Best url ever. Follow this lady!

@78tommo - Dayna! I love this girl. Founder of the legendary L Squad group chat and creator of fabulous follow-trains and the best posts. Quality blog and a lovely human. She also lives in the future.

@happily-home-strong - Kaitlin! My hiatus buddy! Haven’t known you long yet but you’re super sweet! Defs follow this girl!

@stylinsonhazz - Brea! You’re the sweetest human! Please write all your angsty fanfics and become a famous fic author!! Also gorgeous af.

@shippersunshine - Courtney! Thanks for choosing me as part of the gc I absolutely love it! Fellow Canadian Larrie with uber cute hair.

@ithinkyourefabulous - Genesis! An actual human ball of sunshine. Literally the nicest ever. Also has amazing fic ideas hit her up guys.

@louishomeinharrysarms - Kayla! You’re the strongest person! I’m so proud of you, seriously. Also I really dig your purple hair and I kind of want it. We apparently share an affinity for the name Alex?

@hairrystyles - Kiera! You bean! Also a fellow Canadian Larrie (yaaas), and such a sweetheart. I hope you move to New York eventually and invite us all to stay with you.

@stylinsomniac - Rachel! Rocks Adidas like Louis and keeps the gc interesting. What a gem. Follow her. 

@simplebuteffectivebabe - Sere! You angel! Gorgeous and hilarious. This girl deserves alllll the follows. Hit her up.


@avocadolou @aboutchopsuey @allegedlymags @anchoredlou @bad1dimagines @birdalmighty @birdonahotdog @daggeremoji @daggertat @diggingandfluff @doncasterau @eyelashkink


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@1-800-heyangel @19louis75

That’s it I think! If I forgot anyone I’m so so sorry and I promise I love you!! Happy 2016 everyone! xoxo

***edited to include some I forgot***