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Don’t leave us... - Batsis x Batfamily (ANGST)

Would you look at that ? In the mood for a somewhat angsty story. Also, I promised more Batsis so…boom, here we are. Written in ten minutes (almost exactly) at 4 am so…UHUH. I hope you will still like it


You didn’t intend for any of that to happen. It just…somehow did. 

If you had waited for him, you know it would have been too late.  

Damian was there with you but…there was no way you would have let him do this. Oh no. Not your precious little brother. 

You couldn’t bear it. Nor could you bear for your dad to do it really…

You know…You know it’s selfish. 

You can’t help but think that, at least, you wouldn’t be the one to suffer. You wouldn’t be the one with a bleeding heart…Yes. It’s totally selfish. 

But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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29, Chris Brookes

The first clue was the fact that all your friends hated him.

You remembered telling Kay Lee that you were seeing Chris and her face screwed up in disgust. When you questioned her, she just muttered that you’d find out soon enough. Martina had this pitying look on her face, before pushing a large can of beer into your hand, saying that you’d be needing more of those.

You didn’t pay any mind, too charmed by the way he remembered the little things and just how good he was with his long fingers…

The second clue was the way his friends seemed to avoid socializing with you. They were cool, keeping their distance, only making casual niceties. On more than one occasion, they seemed to forget your name or fumble over it. You were always feeling like the odd man out when you were with them. 

It didn’t matter, not with the way he would wrap around you in bed or the way he looked at you like you put the moon and the stars in the sky. 

Then the going got rough and Chris left, saying he couldn’t handle it. 

Days later, he was back again. 

This cycle went on for months. 

“If you’re under him, you’re not getting over him.”

Kay Lee’s words creeped into your mind unbidden just before Chris’ long fingers crooked inside of you into a come hither motion and your hips bucked upwards of their own volition. He’d shown up on your doorstep two weeks after your last fight and was now apologizing the only way he knew how - with orgasms.

It was getting harder and harder to dissect your own feelings and your inner turmoil regarding the on-again, off-again nature of your relationship when Chris was busy writing his name with his tongue across your sensitive bundle of nerves. Your hands were tangled in his hair and you were soon reduced to a shaking, gasping mess with every insistent press of his fingers. 

Whatever this was with Chris wasn’t healthy, but goddamnit, it felt good.

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If it's not too much, is it alright to request a headcanons (specifically fluffy ones) of Ouma with a female!reader in a platonic relationship? And possibly the female!reader acting like a mother towards Ouma sometimes?

Oh course it’s not too much Anon! I will try to do my best :D

Request: Kokichi Ouma and Fem!Reader in a platonic relationship

- The two of you were always good friends, even though he did tease you quite a lot

- “L/n - channnn! Hang out with meeee”

- “Sorry, I’m a bit busy at the moment”

- Before you know it, he starts crying

- “Waaaahhh L/n - chan hates meeee!”

- You knew perfectly well that those were just crocodile tears

- But you still felt bad

- “Hey… Don’t cry Ouma - kun…”

- You walk over to him and gently pull him into a hug

- “How about I make you a nice snack so you’ll feel better?”

- He instantly looks up and grins at you

- “Thank you mum”

- “Okay stop”

- You giggle before patting his head and heading off into the kitchen

- Once you’re done, the two of you just kind of sit and talk for a long while

- It’s nice, you know you can tell him anything and even though you might be teased for some things, if you need support he is ready to provide you with it

- Additionally, you know that Ouma can be rather careless at times so you always carry plasters and bandages around whenever you’re with him

- If he does actually manage to hurt himself, you’re always the one to treat his wound, although it is usually accompanied with you giving him a small lecture about why he should be more careful

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Helloooo. I love you guys' writing! Hits them really hard especially the juicy ones (; I was wondering if you can do and head canon of how Asura and Indra sees everyone on up on their s/o who is beauty and men gawking at her? Like you trying to make move? How they react and all that. Thank you!!Love you too <3

I know. They always write such good sin… Sometimes I get surprised about how perfect they headcanons are. Also, It’s not fair, we always, ALWAYS have to say the last I love you: we love you, anon <3 ~Admin Night

Indra and Asura reacting to men flirting with their S/O headcanons

Asura Ōtsutsuki

Originally posted by no-life-narutard

• He didn’t realize those men were flirting. Asura tends to run from one place to another when he is outside and might not pay you the attention you need. He saw some guys talking to you, but he confused their romantic intentions with general kindness. You are kind, intelligent, and funny, who wouldn’t want to be your friend.

• However, after he realizes their intentions, Asura runs to cling on your waist. He has to show you are with him. He might even add sugar to his usual honeyed praises. He’ll kiss you more and hug you more and start acting like a love-struck fool.

• The flirting makes him angry but he tends to wear a happy facade. Asura wants to avoid conflict and believes in a world where everybody can create bonds with each other; lashing out is not an action he desires to or should do.

• Can’t stand when they make you uncomfortable. If he realizes the flirting is upsetting you, Asura may actually grow violent. Now, given the case said men are touching you, even in an apparently innocent way, Asura will choose his fists over a more diplomatic way to resolve conflicts.

• Feels very proud after the encounter: he has the most beautiful woman in the world, not them. The next days, Asura will compliment your beauty, whilst making side-comments on how you choose him above all those other men that wanted you.

Indra Ōtsutsuki

Originally posted by meezumaki

• For Indra, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is trust. He knows you are loyal and will not leave him for one of those inferior men. He would be more preoccupied for dark and non-consensual intentions such people may have, especially as it is common knowledge you are his significant other.

• Still, he feels insulted. Not even the bravest of men try to flirt when he is at your side, they always wait until you are alone, more vulnerable. As if they are good enough to convince you if he isn’t present, as if you were his captive and not a free-willed individual. When he notices their coquetry, Indra walks to your side, a terrifying glare scaring them away.

• If he can, Indra will instantly leave the place. Those men are petty and dangerous. He prefers taking you to a place where you can be relaxed, away from troops of superficial people and opportunists. He never directly asks you if you feel alright, but he is going to pay more attention to your body-language.

• Indra never forgives a face and will recognize your suitors’ years after. Albeit he won’t chase them or hurt them. They have fallen off his grace: if they need any kind of help or are searching for a commercial pact, his answer will always lean to “no”.

• Doubts appear hours after the encounter. Sometimes, Indra compares his personality and virtues to yours: although he can protect you from any harm, he doesn’t have your kindness or sense of humor. Maybe those men, though obscene, aren’t as inferior as he thinks. The thoughts will recur for some days in which he will wear a brooding stare.

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I always feel conflicted because Lana always has amazing magazine shoots and always takes beautiful pictures but I always feel like her album covers are lackluster and don't really fit the theme of the album. Even though I've loved all of her albums, especially Ultraviolence and Lust for Life, the last album cover I've truly like was Paradise.

Her BTD & Paradise album covers were so photoshopped.. like her face didn’t fully look like her you know?  But I agree those shots were better in the sense of being colorful but not too busy, good font / standout… while Honeymoon was too busy and this one sort of is too.. even those this shot is absolutely gorgeous..  I think the original planned Ultra cover shot (photoshopped below) is better 

I like the Urban Outfitters cover ^^^ or if it was zoomed into the album cover shot like this :

Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

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Dating a well known actor isn’t always easy. Mostly for Jake. He always wants to take you out to a normal date, but usually it ends up with people wanting to take photos with him or paparazzi flashing their light in your eyes while you eat.  The part with fans never bothered you. You were happy they had a chance to take a photo with someone they like, someone they are fan of. The paparazzi past wasn’t as much fun. 

“This place is nice” Jake said as you two sat down to have some dinner at a restaurant nether one of you had even been in. 

“It is and the food also looks good. At least from he photos” you joked and couldn’t wait to try the food. Jake and you always have fun when out. But things changed fast. You hadn’t even really started your dinner when you saw lights flashing out side the window looking out you say a lot of people. They all were pushing against the window trying to get the best photo. 

“Shit” Jake said under his breath seeing all the paparazzi. 

“It’s okay” placing a hand on Jake you hoped he would calm down. For a moment he did, but soon got even more angry. As you two tried your best to ignore all the people yelling and taking photos of you eating, someone had an horrible idea. One of the paparazzi guys ran into the restaurant and right to you two. Yelling out questions and shoving his camera in your face, Jake jumped up and started to yell 

“What the fuck? Get the hell away from her” Jake pulled the guy away from you. Still yelling at him as the security got to the table. “Get this asshole out of here” you cold see how Jake was in a position to punch the guy, usually you would say something but it all shocked you. “Are you okay?” Jake came to your side seeing how you hadn’t said a word. 

“Yeah, I just” for you and Jake the dinner was ruined. You tried not to think about it but couldn’t your appetite was gone and Jake just wanted to take you home. As Jake and you walked out the paparazzi hadn’t left the guy overstepped boundaries also wasn’t gone. 

“Hey Jake” he yelled out making him look, Jake met eyes with the guy and you felt him tense up. The guy was about to ask a question but Jake stopped him

“No, Don’t even try. You really think I’ll be answering any of your questions? You’re lucky I didn’t call the cops on you.” Jake was very angry mostly because he was worried about you. 

“Yeah but we did” one other guy said making you and Jake stop in a bit of a shock. You wouldn’t expect them to call the cops on each other. “You shouldn’t have done that. That wasn’t right. So I called” just was he talked the cop car pulled up. 

“Jake do we have to stay here?” it was getting a bit out of hand. Jake kiss your cheek and you walked to the car and drove home. The night didn’t end the way you wanted. Jake couldn’t really let go of what happened. He feel responsible for what happened. But you never blame him. 

“I’m really sorry for today.” Jake said as you both were getting ready for bed. 

“Jake. Stop. It wasn’t your fault, it’s not like you invited the guy to join us for dinner. He’s an ass. It’s not your fault” as you were about to get in bed Jake came to you and pulled you in a hug. 

“I love you. I’m just scared someone will hurt you.” such a sweet man, you kissed Jake. 

“I love you too, Don’t worry I know that if someone hurts me you’ll just kick their ass” with one last kiss and a laugh you both went to bed. You’ve always felt safe with Jake, there hasn’t been a moment where you have to scared for your life. 

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Sherlock was always one to experiment in your relationship, this time was no exception. He groaned as you rode his hard cock just how he wanted it. His scarf around your neck, he tugged it down as he thrusted up into you. "You clench so hard when I tug my scarf.... maybe I'll use this more often..." he purrs against your lips as you were panting, riding him harder. "That's it... take my cock like a good girl...." he smirked as he hits your g-spot just as he releases the scarf, making you scream.

Probably wouldn’t help that he’d be slightly influenced by Irene Adler.

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i don’t have time for people who are like “now that one direction aren’t together they’re actually making good music” they were always making good music beatrice and you would know that if you weren’t weak and listened past uan

But I think it was obvious to everyone that we were always five best mates on the road; it was real nice. And as time went on, we all began to understand each other. There are often misconceptions, but we’re all such good mates. If you look at the X Factor final, when I performed my song with Steve [Aoki], all the boys came to support me, and I didn’t know until a couple of hours beforehand" – by this, he is referring to his first solo single, an EDM track with Steve Aoki called “Just Hold On”, which he performed on the show last year. He continues: “It wasn’t one of those stupid fucking celebrity things where it’s like, ‘lets all get in a picture and put it on Instagram and show everyone that we’re best mates’ ­ – we didn’t even put it online. There are always those little things that people don’t hear about.
—  I’m ugly crying

there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

inevitable realizations ☼ peter parker

summary : peter’s always been a little bit in love with you, it just took a difficult night and warm, ever comforting words for him to come to the realization. intelligent he may be, but he’s a clueless teenage boy before anything else.

word count : 2.5k

   It was eleven o’clock at night and, as per usual, you were neglecting the sleep you desperately needed in order to finish up the notes on your assigned reading novel that were due in just a few short hours. You were never one to finish tasks, especially menial ones such as homework, in a timely fashion. This was just the tip of the iceberg. You briefly took off your glasses, rubbing your tired eyes that were now struggling to focus on the words in front of you properly. When you slipped them back over your nose, glancing up toward your bedroom window that lead out to the fire escape, you saw the familiar face of your best friend peering in through the glass in a way that was only slightly creepy. 

   Peter knocked rapidly on the glass, waving at you in the typical, hyperactive way that he always had about him. You jumped off your bed, reaching out to shut your bedroom door before walking over to the bay window and unlocking it. A rush of cold winter air nipped at your face the minute it swung open and Peter Parker shoved himself through. Visits from him in this particular manner were common, especially after a day’s work of fighting crime throughout various parts of New York, but not usually this late- and never without a text to alert you first.  

    “You must be freezing,” you shivered, closing the window quickly. “How long were you out there?” Making yourself comfortable on your bed once again, you propped open your book, ready to force him into helping you study. He didn’t answer. Instead, he drew his sweatshirt closer to his body, sliding to the floor beside your bed and leaning his head against the soft duvet. His curls were sticking up in every direction when he pulled his hood away, his cheeks and the tip of his nose a brilliant shade of red, but not from the bitter chill that was sweeping mercilessly over Queens. 

   You heard a distinct sniff, then another, then another. His breathing, already shallow from the frantic climbing he had done to reach your fire escape, became even more labored. He pulled his knees to his chest to hide his face. He felt you press yourself against him, your arms around his shoulders and across his chest before he could pull away in embarrassment. Your glasses creaked when they pushed too far into his shoulder. Neither of you moved. You clung to him and he sat there, silently shaking and leaning into your embrace as if it were the only thing keeping him from falling apart. 

   “Hey, hey, shh, shh, Peter, you’re okay,” you whispered, rubbing his back. “I’ve got you, I promise. You’ve gotta breathe, though, okay?” He was always ashamed of his sensitivity, but he couldn’t help it. He was a sensitive boy and he cried easily and had an awful lot of anxiety sometimes. Today was one of those days, with good reason. He nodded stiffly, maneuvering himself to hug you back, face pressed into your shoulder this time. 

   “It’s… the anniversary,” he said, his voice broken. “One year.” Hollow. “One year since- since Ben. One year tomorrow.” 

   He pulled away, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his oversized sweatshirt. There were traces of tears still making their way down his cheeks, sliding across his nose and down to his lips. He tried to rub them away, too, but you caught his wrist in your hand. 

   “You’re not wrong or less of a dude for crying, Peter.” The way you looked at him, so lovely and caring and worried, made his heart cry out for the safety of your embrace again. “Were you at the cemetery?” You matched his stance and rested the side of your cheek on your knee, still carefully studying his face. 

   “Yeah,” he exhaled, placing his chin in his palm. “I’m gonna go again in the morning with May. Gonna miss school. I- I probably should’ve, um, stayed with her tonight but I…” he trailed off, “I needed you.” He said it as he said most things to you, with his soft tone of voice and his hesitance that made him, him. He never really noticed until now. 

   “What are best friends for, right?”  

    “Yeah. Best friends.” 

    Ignoring the odd way those two words slipped out of his mouth, you said, “I’m sorry, Peter. I know you loved Uncle Ben so much. I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this. You and May don’t deserve this.” You reached out to him, your hand gripping his without an ounce of doubt. You had small hands and he didn’t but he felt a thousand times better when yours found his. “I’m always here for you. Do you wanna talk about it?” 

   Surprisingly, he shook his head adamantly. “No, no.” He squeezed your hand. “I kind of, um, just wanna go to bed. Crying like a little baby really tires a guy out, you know?” He gave a weak laugh, a tiny grin, and you smiled right back at him before pulling him to his feet. “Can I use the bathroom?” He needed to wash the sticky feeling of dry tears off his face, rub the sadness out of his eyes. He wanted to be strong for May when he got back in the morning. 

   “Of course, just be quiet. Mom and dad are asleep.” You padded across your rug and opened your door a crack, holding it in a specific way so that it wouldn’t creak when you let Peter through. He gave you a grateful squeeze of the hand again before disappearing into the bathroom. 

    He splashed water on his face, staring up at his reflection, at the water dripping off his eyelashes and the curling ends of the hair that was plastered to his forehead. He rubbed at his face and took a deep breath. He wasn’t going to cry anymore. You had sufficiently comforted him for the night. Peter could breathe again. 

   Peter quietly walked back down the hallway and into your bedroom, watching for a second as you pulled spare blankets down from a shelf in your closet and arranged them on your bay window. You had cleared your bed of your school supplies and had left the covers open for Peter to crawl into without a second though. Which he did. Your covers smelled quite lovely, actually. It was the scent of your perfume that you wore often enough for him to recognize the scent, and he wanted to fall asleep under the inviting covers that were laid out for him. Then, he saw you sit atop your window, about to lie down. 

   “Wait, why are you doing that?” He got out of bed and took your hand for the third time that night, growing accustomed to the feeling of it. He pulled you over to your bed. “You’re not sleeping on a stupid window. That’s ridiculous. I’ll take the window.” He spun you around and ignored the protestant noise you made, gripping your shoulders and sitting you down on the bed. 

   “I’m not letting you take the window, either!” You argued, yanking him back down on the bed. He huffed, glaring at you in a teasing manner. “C’mon, just take the bed. You need it more than I do.” His glare dropped to his lap, an idea rolling around in his head. “What?” 

   “Y/N, how about we just both take the bed?” He said finally, lifting his eyes back to yours. He wasn’t sure what made him say it, why he didn’t just take the floor like he probably should have, but the words were out there in the world and there wasn’t a way to take them back now. You bit your lip, then shrugged, scooting over. 

   “It is big enough for the two of us.” You turned away from him, turning off your lamp and getting under the covers. You heard Peter slide in next to you, but your back was toward him until he poked you sharply. “What’s wrong, Peter?” 

   “Can you- um, well-” 

   You flipped over on your side, just barely making out his face in the darkness of your room. “Do you want me to cuddle you?” Though you said in a teasing sort of tone, you were silently quite pleased when he mumbled a reluctant yes. You moved closer, one arm going around his waist and the other underneath him. Your head was on his chest, listening to the resilient beating of his heart. He placed his chin atop your head. He focused on the sound of your steady breaths until you were sleeping peacefully beside him. 

    He was so grateful for you- the person who stood by his side throughout anything and everything. You, so strong and beautiful and brave and comforting in his times of distress. You, who never seemed to waver in your loyalty to him. You, the very picture of loveliness and a girl who he’d very much like to- 

   His eyes flew open, and he almost jumped away from you. He didn’t want to risk you awakening, though, so he stayed put, freaking out internally rather than externally the way he was prone to doing. He had been thinking of kissing you. That was what he was going to say. Kiss. The thought had come so simply to his brain it was like he already thought the same thing for years. Maybe he had. It wasn’t like he was blind. You were a stunning girl, even if you didn’t think so yourself, you were his best friend, you were practically perfect and Peter would be an idiot to not adore you the way that he did. 

   Adore, adore, adore. Oh, boy. Peter glanced down at you, sleeping in his arms, and confirmed what he had so stupidly never noticed before. His infinitesimal, brief affection for Liz Allen had absolutely nothing on his all encompassing love for you. 

   Peter bid you goodbye that morning at six thirty sharp, before either of your parents had woken up for work. Before he slipped out your window and into the cracks early morning sunlight, he had pressed a gentle, chaste kiss to your cheek. It was only the briefest touch of his lips to your face, but you had held your face, right in that spot, for practically the entire day. Ned had questioned why, but you brushed him off with an answer of exhaustion. 

   The day after that, Peter returned to school, dragging Ned off to the side as soon as he stepped off the train platform. He had waited for the other boy purposely, seeking advice. 

   “I have a huge, gigantic, terrible awful problem right now, Ned!” He exclaimed as soon as he saw him, throwing his hands up in the air. “I need help.” 

   “Psychiatric help,” Michelle supplied, appearing out of nowhere as she usually did before walking down the path to school. 

   Ned shrugged. “She’s not wrong.” 

   Peter, frantic, seized Ned’s shoulders and shook him. “This is not a roast Peter session! This a cry for help! Help me, Ned Leeds!” 

   “Am I your only hope?” Peter wanted to scream. 

   “This isn’t the time for Star Wars puns, either!” Not waiting for Ned to quip back that every time was Star Wars time, Peter said, loudly, “I’m in love with Y/N and I don’t know what to do!” He ran his hands in his hair, wanting to pull it out. “I just- I just realized the other night! Everything just kind of, like, clicked and I’ve been so stupid. I should’ve realized it before, but of course I didn’t and now I have no idea what to do!” 

   “Wait, dude, you seriously have never noticed this before? Are you kidding me? Peter, you’re supposed to be the genius of the school. I feel let down.” Ned shook his head solemnly. “Dude, everyone knows you love her. Even Flash. That’s why he picks on her all the time. He likes pissing you off and nothing gets under your skin more than someone messing with Y/N. She’s the first one you told about being Spider-Man, you go to her for all your problems, you practically pee yourself racing to be her partner for almost everything- not science because science is our subject, but still. I figured you knew you loved her and just didn’t wanna talk about it because she’s out of your league.” 

   “Hey! I am not-” He stopped. “So what if I am? That’s not even the point. The point is that I love her. Me realizing it was inevitable, even if it took me like eighty years to get there. Doesn’t matter. I’ve gotta tell her, right?”

   “You totally should,” Ned encouraged. “She’s definitely in love with you, too.” 

    Hopefully, Peter grinned. “You really think so?” 

    “Anything’s possible!” 

    “The reassurance you give me is suffocating, Ned. Stop before I die.” 

    That day in gym class, Ned and Peter went off to the side to pretend they were doing stretches while you sat with Michelle and conversed about literature for the first half of the period. Your conversation, however, soon led off into other directions. 

    “Hey, MJ, have you ever… I don’t know, been in love?” 

    Michelle raised her eyebrows. “Only with crushing the patriarchy. Why? Have you?” The intuitive girl already knew your answer, of course, but she was invested in you and Peter’s love story and was desperate to hear the truth from your own lips. 

   You played with the hem of your shirt, thinking. Peter and Ned casually inched closer, having been listening to the conversation for quite sometime now. They were unapologetically nosy. “I think I am.” 

   “With who?” Peter clasped his hands together, silently pleading with the universe to grant him this one wish. I promise, universe, I’ll never ask for anything ever again in my whole life if you just let this girl love me back I swear I’ll be the best Spider-Man there ever was and I’ll protect New York until I’m eighty five just please oh my god please- 

   “With Peter.” 

   The gasp he let out was involuntary, but you didn’t hear him. He turned to Ned, his expression of shock, as well as elation, mirroring Peter’s own. Suddenly, Ned stood, shouting for the entire gym class to hear, “Y/N! Peter loves you too!” You looked up, Michelle’s happy and knowing smirk going unnoticed by you because the only thing you could focus on was Peter and what Ned had just declared. 

   The gym fell silent, every student turning to stare at you and Peter. You were frozen in shock up until the bell rang and everyone filed out quickly, leaving you and Peter alone. 

   “Did he mean it?” You asked, your sneakers squeaking against the floor as you closed the distance between you and Peter, your head tilted to meet his. 

   “It’s the truest thing anyone has ever said.” His lips met yours, and the slant of his mouth against your own was a feeling you could definitely come to adore more than you already did after just one kiss. 

Just my thoughts on what happened with the Supergirl Cast

I ship Supercorp, and I 100% want nothing more than for Jeremy Jordan to get lost. But as I was watching, and rewatching, that entire monstrosity play out I started to pick up on something that I myself have experienced.


I experienced the receiving end when my entire theatre class joined in on a “No one likes you —-” and even when I was having a good time talking to my friends, one specific girl would always cut into my conversations and throw in a “no one likes you anyways”. Somehow she always got it in there, and people I thought were my friends would join in. Peer-Pressure. Now I would laugh along, act like it was a funny joke, but inside I was dying about it. It really hurt. But I knew that the majority didn’t think the same way that girl did; they just said it to join in on the joke because they saw me laughing and everyone else was doing it so why not?

Now, how this connects to Supergirl. Jeremy Jordan was the one singing it all. And when he brought up Lena and was saying that they (Lena and Kara) were really great friends, Katie began laughing, and Melissa started singing “My Girlfriend!” while Katie began making a praying kind of hand symbol. In this split second before asshat began to scream at the camera, you could see that they were being fun and lighthearted about SuperCorp. They were being pro-SuperCorp, and all was well in the world. Then Jeremy started screaming into the camera, and like almost anyone who is put into an uncomfortable situation, they all started joining in and laughing. It was obvious how uncomfortable the whole thing was for Katie and David, and maybe even others felt uncomfortable. But because of the reason that just stopping all of the “fun” in the middle of an interview to call out Jeremy for his bullshit would have looked SO AWKWARD, and who the hell wants to do that when look everyone else is having fun??? So they joined in and didn’t say anything even though they probably didn’t agree on the inside. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be so quick to condemn everyone in the cast (besides Jeremy fucking Jordan) and we should wait it out and see what happens. We probably won’t get an apology, but notice how Katie then went on to not so low-key defend SuperCorp by saying that the audience can take from it what they like, and Melissa joined in with a “Yea!” And the others were nodding awkwardly. They wanted to agree, but probably felt awful about what they had just done. I’m completely open to all sides of this fandom, Karamel, SuperCorp, Sanvers, etc etc… so if you would like to comment on this and let me know how you read into it, I would be so pleased to hear about it! I just felt that I had to express how I felt after that shit storm.

Jason Todd dating Tony Stark's daughter

•You met Jason under some odd circumstances.

•You caught him under his cover of Redhood trying to steal your Dad’s tech.

•"You’re stealing my stuff.“ You awkwardly asked him as you walked into the room.

•"I’m stealing Tony Stark’s stuff.” He explained.

•"Uh no. Actually I made that.“

•"Oh, well I’m stealing your stuff.”

•"I can make you a new one?“

•Jason looked really surprised, he was stealing your stuff and you offered him to make another one???

•I mean he said yes and sat there as you put it together.

•He was dazed off until he felt his red helmet rip off his head.

•He drew his gun but you just stared at his face.

•"For a thief you’re REALLY attractive.”

•"Thank you?“

•"You’re welcome Jason.”

•Wait what?

•You ended up background checking him by using some DNA.

•He was really impressed and scared tbh.

•Since you already knew who he was Jason started to come by the tower to hang out with you.

•The Avengers told Tony that there was a kid who hanged out with you usually at night.

•They all spied on you both, but you and Jason just watched movies and laughed together.

•But Tony was Not Happy.

•What’s a attractive biker boy doing at his daughters place in the middle of the night???

•Flicked on the lights one night as you both were watching a movie and gave a death stare.

•"Y/N, what’s this roguish biker boy doing here at NIGHT?“

•"Watching a movie?”

•"With just you?“

•You bet he did a background check.

•"I thought you were into nice guys like Peter.”

•But Peter ships you and Jason together so it’s all cool.

•He doesn’t want to control you and your love life, but gives Jason the “I’m watching on you” stare with the hand gestures included.

•He set up a couple rules though.

•1.) No running away together.

•2.) No making out. (Jason didn’t listen to that one)

•3.) Jason has to ask him before marrying you.

•"If you break up with Y/N the whole Avengers will find you.“

•He’s so over the top, but you warned Jason beforehand so he was prepared.

•Jason’s gadgets were improved greatly since you were so good at it.

•The Batboys got kind of jealous. Who was giving Jason all these amazing tech???

•Jason will make sure to visit you every week.

•He knows that you can protect yourself so he’s not that worried about sharing his love with you.

•He always tries to distract you when you’re engineering something.

•"So you could take a break and kiss me OR work on that piece of metal.”

•Jason keeps you healthy because like your father you tend to get obsessed about some projects.

•If it gets really bad he’ll literally pick you up and carry you out of the room.

•He’s so strong you can’t do anything about it.

•He’ll always bring food and you both would eat on top of the tower.

•Secretly Tony approves of you both together, but will never say it aloud.

Come Back to Me (Part Three)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: No
Genre: Neutral
Warnings: Mention of sickness but nothing severe
Part One Part Two Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

Originally posted by stallingdemons

“(Y/N). Hey, (Y/N). (Y/N)!” 

You jolted in your seat, looking around frantically as you were awoken from your half-asleep state. You noticed you were in class—asleep, nonetheless, something you’d never do—and when you turned to your right, you were greeted with two pair of eyes looking at you. One was amused and the other concerned.

“Oh,” you whispered groggily, clearing your throat and rubbing your eyes. You looked to the front of the classroom where the teacher was still teaching, and you sighed a breath of relief when you realized she didn’t seem to notice you dozing off. You looked back to your side where Peter and Ned sat. “Hey, guys.”

“Are you feeling okay?” Peter asked with furrowed eyebrows, pressing his hand to your forehead to check for a fever.

Your heart sped up in your chest, still not used to the touch of his skin against yours. Since the night two months ago when you had wiped the water from his chin and awkward air ensued, you had noticed Peter had been touching you more. Only in small, subtle ways, like leaning against you when you sat together, or swinging his arm around your shoulder when the two of you walked next to each other. And you couldn’t get used to it. You didn’t think you would ever get used to it.

And of course, the casual touches didn’t help with your still-growing feelings for your best friend. And you were still sure you could never tell him.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” you said quietly, not wanting to attract the teacher’s attention, and pushed his hand from your head. “Just tired.”

You scanned his body, looking for injuries. You were relieved to see Peter here and well, but you couldn’t help but be slightly angry at him for not messaging you last night that he wasn’t going to come over. You had stayed up all night, waiting anxiously for his knock on the window or at least for a call, but neither came. You watched the news, checking every channel you could think of, but there were no bad reports about Spiderman, nor good reports. There were no reports, which concerned you even more. You texted his phone and called and left voicemails, but with no response. For all you could’ve known, he was dead.

You had gotten no sleep over this boy, sick to your stomach thinking of every possibility as to why he wasn’t responding, and here he was now, in school, asking you if ‘you were okay.’

No, Peter, you weren’t okay.

“I’m okay, really! Don’t worry about me,” you smiled, lying through your teeth, but you didn’t think he noticed.

“I always worry about you,” he said in response, but he turned his face towards the front of the classroom before he could see your shock-stricken expression.

You looked towards the teacher as well, hiding your grin behind your hair. He worried about you. Always. Those weren’t words that Peter threw around lightly, but he seemed to say them a lot to you. But still, you wouldn’t let those words distract you from your hidden anger. You poked his arm to attract his attention, and he looked at you with raised eyebrows.

“Where were you last night?” You whispered under your breath to him, making sure no one else could hear you. 

“Oh, yeah, sorry I didn’t text. May has the flu and I stayed in to take care of her,” he said, and you sighed heavily. You couldn’t blame him for being a good nephew.

“Oh, okay. Just, let me know next time, okay?” You responded, and he nodded immediately.

The two of you actually paid attention to the teacher for a few minutes before you felt a nudge to your arm. You looked over at Peter to see him staring at you. “What?” 

“Were you worried about me?” 

You looked at him with wide eyes. “I- uh, what?”

“Last night,” he elaborated. “Were you worried when I didn’t show up?”

“Um,” you tried to articulate an answer to his question in your head, and you tried to think of ways to lie or joke your way out of this and say no, of course I wasn’t worried, but nothing came to mind. So you went with the truth. “Yeah, I was worried,” you chuckled nervously. “I didn’t know if you were dead or if you were trapped somewhere or- I just didn’t know if you were okay. But you’re here now, so.”

You looked down at your desk, red dusted on your cheeks. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t apologize,” you interrupted him and glanced back towards him. “It’s okay, really. Like I said, just let me know next time, okay?”

Peter hesitated. He stared at you for a few seconds, analyzing your face, almost as if he was trying to find something. “Yeah, I will.”

You nodded in return. So did he. The two of you began to listen to the teacher again. 

But what you didn’t notice, was how Peter’s gaze lingered on your face when you looked away, and he smiled softly. 

Let me know what you guys think of this one! I’m not sure if I should make a part four, so pretty please tell me if you’d like another part! Thank you for the amazing response I’ve gotten from the first two parts, it means so much to me!! Feedback is always welcome and requests are open :)


Bts reaction to you being a moaning mess for Daddy

Request:  Mommy can I please please please request thus? Please? Bts reaction to you being a moaning mess so turned on under them that you keep moaning and calling them daddy and purring for them feeling their body hungrily with your hands, please mommy?

Genre: Smut

“Tell me one nore time…who’s a mum?” a Jin snapped his hips in you hella hard “Daddy!” he let out a satisfied groan and did it again and again until you couldn’t see and feel straight. “Good,don’t forget it.”

Originally posted by yoongichii

“So now you are little slut, aren’t you? Always the best out the best, mine.” you meowed in his collorbone trying to survive through his pace. When that didn’t help you were only able to beg and plead him to just be faster and deeper. “Please…”

Originally posted by yoongixjimin

You were so wrecked you could only moan one sentence of two words “Please daddy.” To which Namjoon only increased his pace hitting harder and harder, deeper and deeper. “Please what little girl? What? Tell me.

Originally posted by 98a

Doggy style with Hobi was never just that. He will always thinj if simething to spice it up. And this time was no different. The topic of the night: ‘teasing to the point of giving up’ and you did give up. “I like that Y/N. Your tired form, but you still need to hang in there. I’m not done with you just yet.”

Originally posted by jminies

Slap, deep thrust, curse, it was always bearable until Jimin decided to do all at one making him look so sexy you couldn’t even. And the harder he thrusted in you the loader you were. Shouting one and one thing only. “Daddy, please. I’ll be a good girl from now on.” Jimin slapped you one more time before growling. “This is a reward kitten. You know the best part? I can make you do whatever I want. Cum.”

Originally posted by theholyshiteu

“Daddy, I can’t…I really…uhhh” on the verge of cumming,Taehyungs delicious fingers made their way from your hair to your mouth. Taehyung gentely pushed them past through your lips. “I dare you to make a sound or cum, Y/N. For now suck.”

*told you to get used to it*

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

At this point Jungkooks back was so red and scratched,but he loved it so God damn much. The delicious pain abd you, almost on the verge of tears because of his games. His whispers in your ears made your sensitive self even more sensitive “Look what you did little one. But you know, Daddy loves it. My beautiful mess”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Reaction Masterlist

Always Together (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 3.5k

Warnings: Rated M, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: something that had been sitting in my drafts for over a year and edited a bit, might as well post it since i’m probably not going to finish the entire story anyway! :) 

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Coming Home

Originally posted by dark-dagger

Request: i was wondering if you could do a Deanxreader where the reader is an old flame. After years he find himself in her hometown for another case. Her boyfriend had kicked her out from their home because she is pregnant and he doesn’t want kid. Dean ask her to move in the bunker for sometime. Sam, but especialy Dean do everything they can to make sure her and the baby feel happy and safe. When Dean is ready to talk about his feeling she goes in labor. After the birth Dean take care of the baby like it is his own. And it end up with the baby calling him dada, after the initial shock Dean talk to the reader and tell her he want to be with her and be a family together? Thank you so much!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: none

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Originally posted by hohbi

pairing: hoseok x reader

genre: street racing au, smut, angst

word count: 23k

description: Street racing was your dirty little secret, you could never get enough of the thrill, of the adrenaline that pumped through your veins like a drug. You were used to being the best. The competition would all fall miles behind as you thundered down the empty streets. 

But then Jung Hoseok showed up in town, bringing with him an arrogant manner and cocky attitude and you’re soon forced to acknowledge that you aren’t as undefeatable as you’d once believed. 

warnings: mentions of alcoholism

For you, street racing had always been an addiction.

You had told yourself it would be a one off thing. After all, it was reckless, irresponsible, dangerous and so very unlike you. You who had been so studious and dedicated your entire life, you who rarely drank and had never even tasted the bitter smoke of a cigarette.

It was hard to remember the first time you did it, you’d been so high on adrenaline that the details of the night all seemed to melt together into a confusing smudge of events. All you knew was that when you had sat behind that wheel after finally being persuaded, when your foot pressed down hard on that accelerator and when you heard the tumultuous sound of the engines roaring, you felt more alive than you ever. Nothing else had mattered, handing in work before the deadlines, wondering how you were going to pay for dinner, fixing the leak in your roof, all those things became so laughably unimportant. Your only objective was to cross that finish line.

It felt better than getting good grades, better than alcohol, better than sex.

Of course, the next morning, like any student with a good reputation, you were desperate to sweep your temporary recklessness under the rug. More than reckless, street racing was completely illegal. You were aware of the risks, you could get fired and kicked out of university, you had already stepped far too close to treacherous territory.

But like all drugs, once you get hooked, despite your better judgement, you always keep coming back and back for more. You constantly chase that elusive feeling, the feeling you got the very first time. So you donned a biker helmet, the kind where even the eye screen was made of blacked out plastic, just to ensure no one would ever figure out who you were, and you gave into the addiction, you let it consume your very being.

And it couldn’t be denied, you were a fucking good racer.

So good in fact, that after about a year of racing, no one could beat you. No one, that is, until Jung Hoseok showed up in town.

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