you were all thinking this don't lie

RQ characters as things I've said and done today:
  • Mare: "I don't know, I'm just trying not to lose my shit."
  • Cal: "I just wanted to know if you did the study guide not if you were considering murder."
  • Maven: "I don't think you're going to appreciate how hard you're being baited."
  • Cameron: *exasperated sigh*
  • Farley: "My immediate reaction to a lot of people is 'fuck off'."
  • Evangeline: "I know, but consider this: I don't care."
  • Shade: "I might be a mess, but I'm a hot mess."
  • Kilorn: *falls down the stairs for the 4th time in a month*
-|Angst Starters|-
  • "How could you? I loved you."
  • "I hate you. I hate you more than anything!"
  • "Don't! Don't you dare touch me!"
  • "Look at what you've turned me into? Are you happy now?"
  • "You ruined everything. You did this. It's all your fault."
  • "I'm never going to love you."
  • "Forget about everything, act like it never happened, because I never want to see you again."
  • "Congratulations, you really made a fool out of me. For a second there, I really thought we were friends."
  • "After everything I did for you? You're just going to walk away like I never existed?"
  • "I lied about everything, about loving you, about caring. It was all a lie, and you should have known. No one could ever love someone as broken as you."
  • "Someday, I'm going to look back at this moment and laugh. Because you really believed everything I told you."
  • "You didn't really think I cared, did you?"
  • "I'm leaving. Tonight. I'm not coming back."
  • "It wasn't meant to happen, but I don't regret what I did. Even if it hurt you."
  • "You're the one person that I enjoyed tricking the most. Because you really bought it."
  • "I wanted you, every part of you. And now that I have it, I'm bored by it. By you."

theaceofwands  asked:

PQ! If we assume that R + L = J, then why didn't Ned tell Cat the truth? I feel like that would've saved Jon and Ned lot of emotional distress. The only reason I could think of for not telling her is that she might spill the beans (which i don't think likely because she loved Ned why would she tell his secrets?) or that it would bias the way she acted towards Jon and so the lie about Ned being his father wouldn't be as convincing, but that's a stretch.

There were probably multiple reasons; beyond the ones you mentioned, I’d add that Ned might’ve promised Lyanna that he’d never tell anyone, and of course that he went through a ton of trauma during this time period and clearly finds it extremely painful to even think about, let alone talk about. Plus, as I think we all know: once you get used to a lie, it gets easier and easier to keep telling it, and harder and harder to stop. 

Keaton Henson sentence starters
  • "Do you know who you are?"
  • "Do you know your lip shakes when you're mad?"
  • "You don't like to be touched, let alone kissed."
  • "Does his love make your head spin?"
  • "It seems as though I'm on my own."
  • "I'm losing friends."
  • "I know that there's friction between me and you."
  • "I know that you're uncomfortable."
  • "I know it's hard for you to tell me the truth, but while we are doing so... I love you."
  • "You love to argue, you can't play guitar, but still, let me tell you that I love who you are."
  • "Love, I hope you are well."
  • "At least we now both have a story to tell."
  • "I feel you know me better than most."
  • "In spite of real distance, we'll always be close."
  • "I walked through the rain for you, you said to go home."
  • "Miss you terribly already."
  • "I hope for your life, you forget about mine."
  • "Please forget me, you were right, dear. I am cold and self-involved."
  • "I'll write my loneliness in poems, if I can just think how to start."
  • "I still worry more about you."
  • "I am rude and unkind."
  • "It's been four years and it does not end."
  • "I still felt alone, but I knew that you'd be there."
  • "I loved her more than I love myself."
  • "She is with another guy."
  • "I won't dance 'til you hold me."
  • "Please, don't leave me."
  • "I'm sorry, can't make your party."
  • "I'm afraid I'd kill your lover while your back was turned."
  • "So this is where you wanted to be, and it's a goddamn shame that you're not here with me."
  • "I see pictures now of the two of you and it makes me sick."
  • "Damn, I love you."
  • "Here's to you, you miserable fuck."
  • "Drink up, so we can both finally die."
  • "She's as stubborn as winter and as kind as the sun."
  • "Why was she listening to someone like me?"
  • "I know I'm awful, I can't even cry."
  • "You're my best friend, I'll love you til one of us dies."
  • "Teach me how to love you."
  • "I'll learn not to look at you with scorn."
  • "Don't expect me to change."
  • "I never loved you enough."
  • "This feels right and I'm letting it."
  • "I will not tire of you."
  • "Turns out that nothing is fair."
  • "You can leave me if you wish, but I'm not going anywhere."
  • "I am a fragile one."
  • "Please do not break my heart, I think it's had enough pain to last the rest of my life."
  • "You don't have to make any promises."
  • "If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part."
  • "I can see in your eyes that you mean it."
  • "All of these years you've been lonely."
  • "You are right, I've been looking as well, babe, I'm not looking for you."
  • "I'm just as damn disappointed as you."
  • "I'm truly alone and I like it."
  • "Though we're young, I feel eighty years old."
  • "Your arms around me are keeping me warm, but baby, I'm still feeling cold."
  • "You're kind and you're beautiful, too."
  • "I feel in some way I do love you but babe, I'm not in love with you."
  • "You seem to look through me, I wonder what you see."
  • "I wish I could stay with you."
  • "I wish I could wake at dawn to see you without make up on."
  • "You look the best today."
  • "I've been right here waiting for you to wake up."
  • "You think you're better than them."
  • "I hope you end up missing me."
  • "Your friends will always just be in your way."
  • "I'm just getting started, let me offend."
  • "The devil's got nothing on me, my friend."
  • "All I want is to be left alone."
  • "Sweetheart, what have you done to us?"
  • "Oh please, just come here, don't fight with me."
  • "Baby, please don't look at me like that."
  • "I will see you in the morning."
  • "Don't think of me like that, just picture me leaving and not coming back."
  • "This is your home now so don't you forget."
  • "I did it all for you."
  • "I'll do my best to teach you to fly."
  • "Come on baby, make me fall in love with you."
  • "I guess we can make it all the way."
  • "Turns out we don't belong after all."
  • "This feels different than it felt before."
  • "Guess that you were just expecting more, come on, you knew me, what'd you do that for?"
  • "I am selfish to my very core."
  • "I'm so damn scared of dying without you."
  • "Don't lie, I know we're fixing to die."
  • "I'll smile and pretend and won't show to the crowd."
  • "No, I won't be the damnedest bit fucking surprised."
  • "I won't give up, not until I'm holding you."
  • "Don't let go of my hand."
The 16 Myers-Briggs Types As: Michael Scott Quotes
  • ISTJ: "I'm an early bird and I'm a night owl. So I'm wise and I have worms."
  • ISTP: "You don't know me. You've just seen my penis."
  • ISFJ: "It's never too early for ice cream."
  • ISFP: "And I knew exactly what to do. But, in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do."
  • INTJ: "I am dead inside."
  • INTP: "Should have burned this place down while I had the chance."
  • INFJ: "When the son of the deposed king of Nigeria emails you directly, asking for help, you help! His father ran the freaking country! Okay?"
  • INFP: "If a baby were president, there would be no taxes. There would be no war."
  • ESTJ: "You wanna hear a lie? I think you're great. You're my best friend."
  • ESTP: "That's what she said!"
  • ESFJ: "Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, 'Hey, man, I love you this many dollars worth.'"
  • ESFP: "I am Beyoncé always."
  • ENTJ: "I don't hate it. I just don't like it at all, and it's terrible."
  • ENTP: "I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good."
  • ENFJ: "Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."
  • ENFP: "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way."
Thoughts on WWSRD Ep. 10



2. She didn’t see the engagement coming because SHE HASN’T PLAYED THE ROMANTIC SCENES. She wasn’t prepared to be engaged yet because SHE HASN’T GONE THROUGH THE PROPER STEPS TO GET ENGAGED. She doesn’t think Sharon is in a hurry to get married again & if she did it would be for spiritual reasons because SHE WANTS THAT LONG ENGAGEMENT. GIVE HER ALL THE “TRYING ON WEDDING DRESSES, LOOKING AT FLOWERS, LET’S TRY SOME CAKE, GAVIN WILL YOU BE MY MAID OF HONOR” SCENES SHE CAN GET.

3. The writing pisses her off & she feels that Duff writes “easy outs,” especially for Andy, that make it so characters don’t have to “deal with issues” that they greatly should to further that character’s arc. She was annoyed by the boy’s taking over & handling Sharon’s & Andy’s exes. She felt Andy needed to go through the process of annulling his marriage & the boys stole that from him. Because DUFF IS INCAPABLE OF GIVING THIS RELATIONSHIP DRAMA. THAT WOULD REQUIRE COMPLETE SCENES WITHOUT RUSTY. THAT DOESN’T EXIST IN DUFFLAND.

4. Mary doesn’t understand why the boys railroaded this & want it to happen so quickly, as she feels it’s more interesting to explore the fine print rather than the conventional romance - such as what if Sharon said no to marrying Andy? BECAUSE MARY DOESN’T WANT THIS MARRIAGE TO HAPPEN EITHER. NOT THIS SEASON. SHE WANTS TO EXPLORE THIS RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE THEIR HASN’T BEEN ONE YET.


5. Really listen to Mary’s words - “Winnie Davis could use Sharon’s engagement against her, hurting her chances for the promotion. This could lead to ambivalence about the engagement. If Stroh comes back, it will take center stage & EVERYTHING else will go to the back burner. If all this comes at Sharon at once, Sharon will crack and we will see a different side of her” I’M CALLING IT NOW - EVERYTHING MARY SAID WAS CODE. I PREDICT SHARON WILL TELL ANDY SHE CAN’T MARRY HIM RIGHT NOW, LEADING TO A MARRIAGE AT THE END OF SEASON 6, WHICH IS WHEN IT SHOULD HAPPEN ANYWAYS. DUH.

Special Moments

Mary saying that Bill was heavy and Andy is light. For Laura that heaviness is comforting & Andy’s lightness is fun for Sharon. But she stressed the two relationships are not near each other as Andy doesn’t have to share leadership with Sharon like Bill & Laura had too. She thinks Shandy is a more “lighter love” & Spaceparents was a more “deeper love.” When she said she wonders what happened to Bill after Laura died? Pfffffpppttttt.

Mary talking about Richard Hatch. Just all of it. Mentioning that she will be attending her first convention in May & it will be the first one he won’t be at & how sad that was to realize that. FRAK OFF ABOUT ALL OF THAT.

Mary loves Frank & Gracie…SQQUUUEEE. THAT’S IT’S NAME NOW.

Mary talking about sons wanting to thank their moms at some point & realizing how awesome their moms are & being in awe of their accomplishments? DON’T LIE. YOU WERE THINKING OF MARY & MIKE RIGHT THEN.


Newt: I swear, you two are the most fucked up people I’ve ever known and I specialize in fucked up.

Gone Girl (2014)

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Now for something completely different

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anonymous asked:

Hello . Can I ask why you think C&D are together ? I saw them with their partners so I cannot understand why you guys think they are together . They didn't see each other in years and don't interact on social media since glee ended . What proof do you have to believe in them ? I don't want to be rude, I want to genuinely understand .

Hi anon. 

First of all is untrue that they didn’t see each other in years, last  June they were both at the after party of Queen and Adam Lambert concert. We didn’t have pictures, but someone who hadn’t any reason to lie said that they’re together. So yeah. And same on the social media. Last time they didn’t interact was December 2016.

And honestly if you think that a relationship is based on the tweets or instagrams or snapchats, I’m very sorry for you. Relationships are so over the social media. I don’t think that you talk with you bf/gf via tweets.

To the not public interact I can almost understand you. But it’s called bad pr and it exist before Glee ended. They thought that if they didn’t make them see together, people would think that they were not together. They don’t understand that if they did the exact opposite, would bring benefits to anyone.
D to the contrary or what they want to us to think is a very private person, same with C. And they’re both not A+ actors who paparazzi follow them like crazy. So even if they go out together they can do it without anyone notice it. And it happened so many times. Paparazzi with them are called or they go in specific places to be seen and make stunts.

I believe in them, because I have two eyes who work very well. I always believed in them since day one. I saw them how they looks at each other. I saw them interact with each other. I saw them being together.
And then I saw how D is forced to be happy with a person who despites. I saw how that woman abuse of him and can’t be an health real relationship. I saw C face when he look to the PA and it’s annoyance. I saw both of them together with their supposed partners and that is not happiness, if you think it’s happiness, again I’m sorry for every relationship you might have. 

I have my proofs to believe even in more in them, but never in a million years I’ll share here. Nice try on this. The eyes will work just fine for you too, like for everyone here. Just look, observe, listen and learn. They talk so fucking much. 

anonymous asked:

I think it would be impossible to revive them who died from the virus, because their bodies would've rotten. And where are the bodies? It's impossible to clean up all of them and I don't see any skeletons anywhere. So Guren is stupid. Yuu is stupid.

You don’t say
But seriously, I wonder what the actual plan is
I believe the “lets revive everyone” thing is all bullshit
I mean, maybe if the plan was some crazy shit like “let’s go back in time” it’d be more believable.
Because, no matter what Guren tries to do to redeem himself, there are thousands- millions of lives that were destroyed.
The only way to move on is acceptance and hardworking, not…not this ugly “LET’S TRY AGAIN” plan.

I really think it’s a lie.

If it’s not then LOL let’s just hope it is

  • Nora: Ren?
  • Lie Ren: Yes Nora?
  • Nora: Do you want to go watch a movie in Vale tonight? I mean I know we always go and watch films together but what about seeing one 'together, together'? But if you don't want to be 'together, together' with me we can always just go together. I think we would be pretty awesome 'together, together' after all we've known each other since we were kids and I think you know how I feel after telling you those dreams I had about you. Also-
  • Jaune, Pyrrha, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang from behind a conveniently placed bush: JUST KISS ALREADY!
  • Nora: What the-? I thought I told you guys to stay away!
  • Lie Ren: Nora.
  • Nora: Yes Ren?
  • Lie Ren: I think we should do what the bush said.

anonymous asked:

How do you know if someone is actually a toxic person in your life and it isn't just your anxiety/low self-esteem acting up? I always overthink everything between this person and I so I'm unsure if they really aren't that great or if I'm just expecting/wanting too much and setting myself up for disappointment. At the same time, this person does things that I don't think someone who truly cares about me would do. Am I taking things too seriously or should I let this person go completely? -A

I often had trouble figuring out if the people around me were toxic, or if I was just ‘overreacting’. the easiest way for me to figure it out was to check the following:

do they lie to you? this doesn’t include small white lies but twisting information, misleading you, withholding information, and just plain lies are all red flags to watch out for.

are they selfish or self absorbed? toxic people are rarely concerned about the feelings of others and they lack compassion. this may involve taking up a lot of your time, and they will always meet their needs before yours. consider what they’re gaining vs what they are giving. 

how do they speak about others? this could involve trash talking anyone, even other friends from your circle. anyone who is happy bringing others down should be avoided. the chances are, they’ll say the same negative things about you behind your back. 

do you get a bad vibe from this person? trust your intuition. it’s usually right.

if you find yourself saying yes to most or all of these, then I would definitely suggest giving yourself personal space from this person for a while. they could be heavily affecting your self esteem, and honestly you deserve to be surrounded by people who respect and support you. concentrate on yourself for a while. hang out with friends who make you feel good.💕

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do you think that anyone wants to kill people?!! 
what kind of person would do this for fun?! 
who would want to do this?! with what we did of course you despise us and want to kill us! we can never take any of it back... but we could not come to terms with our sins... when we were pretending to be soldiers, it was a little bit
easier. it's not a lie, connie! jean!!
it's true that we deceived you but it wasn't all lies! we really did think of you as friends!!
i know we don't have the right to apologize.. but someone.. please i'm begging you.. someone find us..
Happy Birthday Bertolt [ 30.12 ]
Mumford & Sons sentence starters
  • "I never meant you any harm."
  • "If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won."
  • "You rip out all I had just to say that you've won."
  • "I gave you all."
  • "This is not the end."
  • "My heart was never pure."
  • "Love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free."
  • "Be more like the man you were made to be."
  • "You hold your truth so purely."
  • "I'm worried that I blew my only chance."
  • "Steal a kiss and you'll break your heart."
  • "Lead me home."
  • "My heart was colder when you'd gone."
  • "I lost my head, but found the one that I love."
  • "Let's live while we are young."
  • "I don't even know if I believe everything you're trying to say to me."
  • "This is never gonna go our way if I'm gonna have to guess what's on your mind."
  • "Say something, something like you love me."
  • "I will wait for you."
  • "Well, you forgave and I won't forget."
  • "Now I'll be bold as well as strong and use my head alongside my heart."
  • "Spare me your judgements and spare me your dreams."
  • "It's getting dark, darling, too dark to see."
  • "Just give me a second, darling, to clear my head."
  • "You have blood on your hands and I know it's mine."
  • "I just need more time."
  • "Let's kiss like we used to."
  • "I've got unfinished business."
  • "My head told my heart "let love grow", but my heart told my head "this time no.""
  • "Were we too young?"
  • "Do you ever think of me in the quiet, in the crowd?"
  • "I was desperate, I was weak, I could not put up a fight."
  • "You said no one would ever know the love that we had shared."
  • "As I took my leave to go, it was clear you didn't care."
  • "Well I guess I'll just go home."
  • "I struggle to find any truth in your lies."
  • "Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all."
  • "You are not alone in this."
  • "As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand."
  • "You'll never be what is in your heart."
  • "You're not as brave as you were at the start."
  • "Take all the courage you have left and waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head."
  • "But it was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line."
  • "I really fucked it up this time. Didn't I, my dear?"
  • "Darkness is a harsh term don't you think?"
  • "It seems that all my bridges have been burnt."
  • "But you, you've gone too far this time."
  • "Can you lie next to her and give her your heart, as well as your body?"
  • "Tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart?"
  • "You desired my attention but denied my affections."
  • "It's empty in the valley of your heart."
Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics Starter Sentences
  • "I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life."
  • "It's not over, you don't have to throw it away."
  • "I'm a monster if that means I'm misunderstood."
  • "I've been changed, and now I can't stay the same."
  • "Sometimes, I feel like a monster, and times, I feel like a saint."
  • "Look to the sky because it's almost over."
  • "Don't talk if you aren't going to tell me the truth."
  • "I know we've tried this thing a million times."
  • "This time I'm letting go, 'cause I can't take it anymore."
  • "We need your help, 'cause we've got nothing left to lose."
  • "Stand if you're gonna stand, everybody's here."
  • "You could try to turn a lie into the truth."
  • "I don't know why it's so hard to swallow our pride."
  • "Sometimes it just feels so good to cry."
  • "That's all I need to know."
  • "There was a world full of kings and queens."
  • "I had a dream."
  • "I don't think I need you anymore."
  • "We can all be kings and queens."
  • "It blacked out the sky and all the sunlight."
  • "We were making the bullets to a broken gun."
  • "Would I be able to accept what I can't control?"
  • "Would I share what I saw?"
  • "Haven't seen you before?"
  • "If we can just learn to believe..."
  • "They want to bite us."
  • "What are we waiting for?"
  • "I'm tired of bein' ordinary."
  • "Just tryin' to wake the rest up."
  • "I'm fine."
  • "Well thanks for the push 'cause you all were wrong."
  • "I'll never bow 'til I'm six feet under."
  • "I was born to set it off."
  • "You'll never take me down."
  • "Listen to the sound of rolling thunder."
The Color Before the Sun Starters
  • "I don't think I could last one second longer, cuz in these waters I'm done for."
  • "Give me one good reason to stay here at all."
  • "Where's my lifesaver when I'm screaming danger?"
  • "There's no future I see with you in it."
  • "Turn the clocks back to the way things were."
  • "I never wanted to be this me."
  • "Show me back then, the kid before the man."
  • "I don't think this me is who I am."
  • "When the world comes crashing down, don't make a move, don't make a sound."
  • "Just watch it all come crashing down."
  • "Does it feel good to let go?"
  • "How the times have changed."
  • "You're my everything from here to Mars."
  • "I know I could be your better half."
  • "As a boy, I watched the world through broken eyes."
  • "We carried on, unnoticed, thinking all dreams were ours for the taking."
  • "When the rug gets pulled out from underneath, just embrace the fall."
  • "Nobody gives a fuck who you are."
  • "Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm the lie you use."
  • "I learned how to keep quiet, how to keep my distance, afraid to let strangers in, how to keep my secrets."
  • "I promise I'll go in peace when I'm free."
Anastasia {Sentence Starters}
  • "Say your prayers, _____! No one can save you!"
  • "You're a very good actress, best yet in fact. But I've had enough."
  • "If we live through this, remind me to thank you."
  • "You know, you really should watch your blood pressure."
  • "I don't believe we told her that."
  • "I'd give her a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OOH-WAH! And I'd kick her, sir."
  • "That, uh, that dress looks really good on you."
  • "Will you please remove him from my sight?"
  • "I'm begging you, please, forget the girl and get a life!"
  • "Do you really think I'm royalty? Then stop bossing me around!"
  • "Oh look! The drawing you gave me! Remember?"
  • "Why are you circling me? What were you, a vulture in another life?"
  • "It was all a lie, wasn't it?"
  • "I could teach you the latest dance step. It starts with, like a 'whoa.' And then you get really crazy with the hips!"
  • "You used me? I was just part of your con to get money?"
  • "What do they teach you in those orphanages?"
  • "Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot."
  • "From the very beginning, you lied!"
  • "Please don't talk anymore, it's only going to upset me."
  • "Oh sure, blame the ____. What the heck? We're easy targets."
  • "Years of dreams just can't be wrong!"
  • "You're on your own! This can only end in tears!"
  • "I am calm. I am heartless. I have no fear what so ever."
  • "I'm probably about as stubborn as you are."
  • "In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning, and the nightmare I had was as dark as can be."