you were all adopted


18 June 2014 - Now
1 Year Anniversary


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To say your Mum and Dad weren’t happy when Aunt Alice saw the Volturi popping in for an impromptu visit would be the understatement of the century. It wasn’t going to be especially pleasant, after all, they were vampires, you were their adopted human daughter. Emphasis on the human. There was no way this could end well. You could either end up turned, which was the absolute last thing your mother wanted or dead which was probably on the same level actually.

Nothing could have prepared you for what really happened when they arrived. Leading them was a blond man, one you could only assume to be Caius Volturi considering all you’d heard of the Volturi. The next thing you knew there was a hiss and another, a growl or two, Aunt Alice had a vision, there was some super speedy vampire conversation that you didn’t have a hope in hell of understanding and then your Dad had picked you up and your Mum and Dad had run back to the house with you faster than ever before.

When they explained exactly what was going on, that you, of all the unlucky people were apparently the mate of Caius Volturi you couldn’t decide whether it was a blessing or a curse. On the one hand you had been expecting a death sentence and a huge fight, on the other, you’re parents were pissed.

Teen Wolf: I’m... What?

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(A/N: I’m still not sure wether or not to add Theo and Parrish to these. Please tell me what you all think. )

Scott: You were adopted when you were a baby. You had no clue that your birth parents were pureblood wolves. You didn’t even know you were a wolf at all. That was, until the full moon after your birthday. You were sitting, having a movie night with Scott, when you felt an enormous pain shiver through you. You watched as claws came out of your fingers and felt the fangs grow in your mouth. You had no idea what was going on, but Scott did. He was just as confused as you were because he had no idea that you were a wolf. But he took action and wolfed out to help you calm down. After 30 minuted of holding you down and putting you under cold water, you transformed back. He sat you down on the couch and stopped the movie, taking the next couple hours to explain everything to you. You had no clue how it happened because you weren’t bitten, so you looked in to your birthparents, where you made the discovery.

Stiles: You were at school late trying for rehearsal for the upcoming dance show. You were walking out to your car when out if nowhere, a human- looking beast came up out of nowhere and bit you on the shoulder. You screamed, and the beast disappeared. You passed out and woke up in the hospital with Ms. McCall looking after you. You decided to see how bad the wound was, but when you looked there was no wound at all. You began to panic when Ms. McCall rushed in with Stiles on her tail. Turns out, Stiles saw the beast attack you and he took you to see Ms. McCall. He sat you back down and spoke with you alone, explaining that the beast was a werewolf, and because you weren’t dead, you were now one as well. You were shocked to say the least, but you accepted it, just as long as Stiles was there to help you.

Derek: You were in a car crash. It wasn’t your fault; the other driver was completely hammered. You were nearly unconscious in your car, coming close to bleeding out when someone ripped open your door. All you know was that you felt a sharp pain in your forearm. That is when you blacked out. You woke up later in what looked like a vet’s office. You noticed that you didn’t have a single scratch on you from the accident. You looked around and saw that Derek was there waiting for you. You asked him what happened to you. You were on the verge of death, but now you were completely fine. Derek made sure you stayed calm as he told you what happened. You didn’t believe him at first, but when he showed you his eyes, that is when you realized that your life would never be the same.

Isaac: Isaac had already told you about him being a werewolf, so you already knew they existed. You never expected to turn in to one in your lifetime, but you were proven wrong. You were walking home from a friends house when someone came up and held a knife to you. You gave them your purse and tried to get away, but you felt a stabbing in your side. They were gone before Isaac got there, but he was quick to act by giving you the bite. The next day when you woke up, you asked Isaac what he did. You were mad at him at first when he said that he bit you. But when he told you about the stabbing, you guessed you had to be thankful that now you could heal quickly.

Liam: The Dread Doctors caught you on a whim, and they experimented on you. You had no idea what was going on. You didn’t go to school the entire next week, and Liam had no clue what was wrong. So he went to visit you to try and figure out what was wrong. When he walked into your room, he saw you on the edge of the bed. You looked like a werewolf, but with the venom of a kanima. You were freaking out as he approached you, telling him to stay away, but he kept coming closer. He began to slowly explain to you the story of the dread doctors, telling you that you were a chimera. You were still panicky, but it was better than not knowing what you were at all. He could help you, and that was all that mattered.


New Addition

You walked through the narrow aisle as you looked at all of the puppies that were currently up for adoption. You had promised your boyfriend, Dan, that you were only going to have a look, but the dogs all seemed to give you this look that said ‘please take me home’. 

You made it to the end and a small multi colored pup caught your eye. It was sitting in front of one of the empty food bowls and was significantly smaller than the other dogs it was sharing the kennel with.

“Dan, can we get this one?” You asked your boyfriend, who had been following you the entire time.

“Y/N, you promised that you were only going to look.” He said, giving you a fake stern look.

“But look at how adorable he is!” You said, trying to convince him, but it looked as if he wasn’t going to give in any time soon. Dan looked away for a second, pondering; you could tell that he was on the verge of giving in. “Please!” You begged some more, hoping that it would do the trick.

“Ugh, fine, but only because I love you.” He said, covering his face with his hands. You squealed quietly before giving Dan a peck on the lips.

You walked around and found one of the employees to help you out. Once the two of you had filled some paper work and paid the fee, you were ready to take the pup home.

Once home, you took out the toys that you had bought and started to play with the dog. He was a bit shy at first, but started to come out of his shell once you started to play with him. While you were sat on the floor, Dan was sat on the couch watching you with an adoring grin on his face.

“What are you smiling about?” You asked him, sending a curious glance in his direction.

“Nothing, you’re just cute.” He replied nonchalantly.


You pulled back the covers and crawled into the warmth that was the bed. Dan was still in the lounge editing a video, which would still take him a while longer. You had turned off all of the lights, your eyes drifting closed when the sound of scratching on the bed alerted you. You peered over the edge and sure enough, there was the new addition begging for you to put him on the bed.

Dan still wasn’t done, so you decided to bring the dog up, you needed someone to cuddle with anyways and the pup would perfectly substitute Dan’s place. Immediately, the dog went straight to Dan’s side of the bed. After scratching and tugging at the covers, he found a comfortable position that took up as much space as possible.

“Y/N, the dog stole my spot!” Your boyfriend whined once he had finally decided to come to bed.

“That’s what you get for coming to bed late.” You retorted playfully.

Dan made a whiny noise in the back of his throat and attempted to move the sleeping dog. “Come on, dog, that’s my spot. Go find somewhere else to sleep.”

Annoyed, the small dog stood up, this time cuddling up by your side. A grin spread on your lips and you began to pet his soft head.

“Really? First you steal my side of the bed and now you’re attempting to steal my girlfriend?” He said jokingly before crawling under the covers and falling asleep, the dog sandwiched between both your bodies.

Don’t lie. You know there was a time you were obsessed with Link...

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Probably explains why now we’ve all adopted this cinnamon roll, who’s kind of his doppelgänger. Instead of Hylian elf ears we get cat ears, though. :D

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I mean, he even has a fairykwami that follows him around and bugs the shit out him. He is granted supernatural abilities by being entrusted with a spirtual stonemiraculous stone and harnesses the power of a fierce dietyquantic god… 

It’s…it’s like I’m witnessing the circle of life in my fandoms… it’s so beautiful! ;~;