you were about to burn

*markiplier starts playing oneshot*

me *kneels and fold my hands* Dear father in heaven please dont let the millions of people seeing the videos hate on it by saying it’s an Undertale clone, because it’s a beautiful, clever game in it’s own right made by incredibly talented, clever, artistic people, and the original version that changed my fucking life came out in 2014

I wonder if there will come a day when I will stop thinking about you, when your memories will stop looping and replaying in my mind like some sort of malfunctioning tape recorder, when the ghost of your touch I will not feel, and your hugs I will not remember, and your kisses I will finally forget. I wonder, but all I could do is wonder, because I’m still hoping that one day you’ll come back to me, maybe in the middle of the night or in one late Sunday afternoon when I’m least expecting you, and all my memories of you will flashback, but this time you’ll trap me in your embrace me and you’ll whisper, “Love, I’m here now, I’m sorry if I’d ever stopped your world from spinning, time won’t matter from now on, fuck time, I’m not ever leaving you again, and I’m not letting you go. Please start making memories with me.”
—  cynthia go // Once upon a time, I fell in love with a time traveler who stopped my world from spinning [57/365]
I can’t look at someone and see them for who they are, and that is the root of problems in all my realtionships, or atleast thats what it was with us. 
because I saw you as the light when you were actually the flame in a room soaked with gasoline, about to burn and destroy everything inside. I was suffocating in the smoke and yet still, I had no desire to escape because I craved being around you so much it was unhealthy.
I stopped breathing for you, and you were the one that suffocated me of the air I so badly needed and I didn’t even realize how deadly you were. Even when I was dying, all I cared about was if you were okay, all I ever cared about was you and you didn’t give a  fuck  about me.
—  fuck u 
NCIS Imagine: Your Crush on Gibbs Worsening After Dyeing Your Hair Red

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Red Hot 

You really can’t tell if it’s your paranoia, or if Gibbs was really acting strange around you.

Either way, you wholeheartedly blamed DiNozzo.

“Did you have to tell me he had a thing for redheads?” you grumble to him as he pushed a fresh cup of coffee from the closest Starbucks.

He chuckles warmly, eyes lit up with mischief. “I did. Because you have a thing for him, don’t you?”

You nearly choke on the sip of coffee you were taking. “What are you talking about?” you splutter out, face starting to burn.

He looks even more amused now, grinning knowingly. “You do, don’t you?”

“No! Of course not!”

It must have been all the years DiNozzo had worked under him, because he has a pretty quelling Gibbs stare.

You look away after awhile.

He beams triumphantly at you. “I’m right. I know I am.”

You ignore him, trying to tidy up your elegant black gown. Undercover missions required the best of details.

He hands you a clip for your hair. “You know, I don’t blame him for the way he’s acting around you.”

Your face must be hot enough to fry an egg on it by now. “No?”


You’re about to ask why when Gibbs walks into the bullpen. Your mouth shuts with a snap. DiNozzo aims a smirk at you, and you shoot back daggers with your gaze.

He mimes for you to make a move on Gibbs, and you send him a look that promised him pain if he didn’t stop. He stops heckling you, but he’s still grinning.

You wish you could knock the smile off his know-it-all face.

You pick up your bag and try to make it out without confrontation with your boss. You were running late as it were.


You swear internally, and when you glance at DiNozzo, he’s got an expression on like he just won the lottery.

“Yes, boss?” You turn to Gibbs. You’re startled to find him less than five inches away from you.

“You forgot your clip,” he says simply, holding it up with one eyebrow raised. You try to avoid his stare and reach out for it. Maybe if you looked at him properly, you would have seen the tint of red spreading on his cheeks. 

To your surprise, he gathers your red locks in one hand and clips it with the jeweled clip neatly. His mouth is so close to your ear, you can feel his breath against it. You flush, avoiding DiNozzo’s damned smirk.

“There.” His voice is low and deep, and you feel like melting into the floor. Your face is bright red now, and there’s almost a satisfied smirk on Gibbs’s face.

“Thanks,” you answer shakily, and speed away to the elevator as fast as you can without looking obvious.

When the door shuts, you let the back of your head hit the metal wall. Your phone beeps with a text from DiNozzo.

“I’m right. I know I am.”

You swear to yourself – out loud this time.

DiNozzo knows he’s right about your crush.

And unfortunately, so do you.

To this day I’m amazed when I see comments like these, “Anakin was never there for Ahsoka when she needed him.” and pretty much my reaction is WTF are you talking about!!!? NEVER THERE!!? Were we watching the same show?? Anakin BURNS himself to be there for her. Or as I’m suspecting, are you people blaming him for not being ABLE to be there when she needed him? Because one, that’s stupid and two, WE SEE HOW TORN UP HE IS ABOUT IT. How many times he TRIED to do something while everyone keep telling him to leave it alone, but he doesn’t do that he always thinks of her. I think there is a lot of misinformed fans out there or just bitchy haters, either way let’s get one thing straight here: Anakin ALWAYS tried his best for Ahsoka. He loved her like a daughter so much even as Vader she was able to reach out to him. Something even Obi-Wan failed to do when he meets him again in ANH.

Edmund x reader: We think alike

~Hello again! This is my first Modern AU story…let me know if you like these! :) Also, to anyone wondering, my main blog is multi-fandom. It’s called @imguessingphan Because why shouldn’t we always assume Phan is the answer to everything? Ugh, I ramble too much. Here it is!~

The train’s wheels screamed as the car came to a sudden stop at a station. You ignored the noise and involuntary jolt foreword as you flipped a page in your book.

You were reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again, even though you obviously already knew how it ended. Yes, it was quite a large book to carry around in your small book bag, but the journey into the city was a long one and worthy of a good book. You leaned into the window. The cold glass made contact with your cheek and burned it scorching cold.

You were about to turn another page in the book when you heard a voice next to you. “You know, I don’t think Voldemort is all that bad.” You turned your head so your eyes were met with the ones of a boy around your age. You hadn’t noticed that someone had sat next to you. “What?” You asked incredulously, straightening up in your seat.

“Well, I believe there’s more to his character than we think.” The boy said, unabashed. You scoffed. “And what do you mean by that? That he’s actually good at heart?” The boy shrugged and nodded his head. ”Yeah. I like to think so.”

You rolled your eyes and leaned back into the window. “I am not having this conversation with you right now. I don’t even know your name.” The dark haired boy chuckled.

“Edmund.” He said, before quickly adding, “And yes, I know, it sounds very pretentious.” You raised an eyebrow and smiled at him. “Y/n. And, actually, I like the name Edmund.” You paused for a moment. “Even if the bearer of his name is in denial about Voldemort’s evil-ness.”

Edmund raised his eyebrows. “Evil-ness isn’t a word.” He said matter-of-factly. “Whatever Edmund.” You muttered, smiling as you watched the passing hills and telephone poles from the window.

“Even a traitor may mend.” Edmund said thoughtfully.

You turned to face him again. You thought for a minute; then you smiled. “I like that. But, I don’t think that really applies to Voldemort’s situation.” Edmund laughed. “Maybe not Voldemort. But, I think, and not to play devils advocate here, but we might have just entered the new topic of Severus Snape.”

You sighed. “I’m not going to have a long, pointless discussion about characters and plot development on a 30 minute train ride to London.” Edmund’s lips curled into a grin. “All the same.” He replied simply.

You smiled back at him. You liked this guy. He was interesting. “I like the way you think, Edmund.” You said honestly. Edmund smirked slightly. “I like the way you think too. Even if I’ve only known you for around 5 minutes.”

Edmund reached for his backpack that was sitting snugly under the seat. He unzipped the side, revealing his own copy of the seventh Harry Potter book. You gaped at him. Edmund just smiled. “You and I, Y/n, we think alike.”

Got7 reaction when you burn yourself

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

JB: *He’d take this as if it was a usual situation you normally get into. He’d look at it too see if it was serious and would tell you to run it under clod water for two minutes while teasing you for being so clumsy*

Yugyeom: *He’d tease you at first about it and be a little sarcastic about it but would then help you after you scold him* Nothing I can do about it… Okay Okay 

Youngjae:*He’d try hold back the little giggles that you were so clumsy but he would be concerned about it as you did burn your hand after all* 

Jinyoung: *He’d be quite concerned about this and he’d be quite motherly also. He’d pout and tell you how careful he’s told you to be and that you need to be more careful*

Bambam: *He’d be a little cutie and after treating it properly from how he was taught to, he’d kiss your hand gently and laugh at you for being so clumsy*

Jackson: *He’d make sure that there was no major problems with it and would scold you for not watching what you were doing but would immediately snap out of that after treating it*

Mark: *Being the sweetheart Mark is, he’d run your hand under cold water and smile at you to reassure you that it’ll be okay, his priorities would be to see if you were okay before anything else that comes next* 


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You hunched your shoulders, staring out the window and holding an icepack to your bruised nose. You and your father had driven along in silence for several minutes when you finally blurted out, “I hit him because he said asexual people didn’t exist!”

Your father glanced over at your outburst, raising an eyebrow, “Pardon me?”

You pressed your lips together, tears burning your eyes, “We were talking about other sexualities. He started mouthing off and being really rude and dismissive.”

Gibbs nodded, his gaze fixed on the road as he listened intently.

You poked at your now-mushy icepack as you continued quietly, “I tried to explain it and stuff but he wouldn’t listen. He said asexual just hadn’t had their sexual awakenings and only wanted attention.” You swallowed, wiping at your eyes with the back of your hand to clear them, “I told him I was asexual and he started making fun of me. He said he’d prove otherwise and I hit him.” Your voice cracked and tears began slipping down your cheeks. “I’m sorry, dad.”

Gibbs’ hand found its way to your shoulder as he pulled the car over, giving it a gentle squeeze as he cast you a sidelong look, eyes soft, “It’s okay, [f/n]. I would’ve done the same thing. He was out of line.”

You blinked at your father, wiping at your cheeks, “You’re not mad?”

“For beating up an idiot?”

You shook your head, “For being… different.”

Your father’s hand moved to cup your face, staring into your eyes. “Why would I be mad? You’re still my baby girl and that’s good enough for me.”

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I watched TV. I had a Coke at the bar. I had four dreams in a row
where you were burned, about to burn, or still on fire.
I watched TV. I had a Coke at the bar. I had four Cokes,
four dreams in a row.

Here you are in the straw house, feeding the straw dog. Here you are
in the wrong house, feeding the wrong dog. I had a Coke with ice.
I had four dreams on TV. You have a cold cold smile.
You were burned, you were about to burn, you’re still on fire.

Here you are in the straw house, feeding ice to the dog, and you wanted
an adventure, so I said Have an adventure.
The straw about to burn, the straw on fire. Here you are on the TV,
saying Watch me, just watch me.


Four dreams in a row, four dreams in a row, four dreams in a row,
fall down right there. I wanted to fall down right there but I knew
you wouldn’t catch me because you’re dead. I swallowed crushed ice
pretending it was glass and you’re dead. Ashes to ashes.

You wanted to be cremated so we cremated you and you wanted an adventure
so I ran and I knew you wouldn’t catch me.
You are a fever I am learning to live with, and everything is happening
at the wrong end of a very long tunnel.


I woke up in the morning and I didn’t want anything, didn’t do anything,
couldn’t do it anyway,
just lay there listening to the blood rush through me and it never made
any sense, anything.

And I can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t sit still or fix things and I wake up and I
wake up and you’re still dead, you’re under the table, you’re still feeding
the damn dog, you’re cutting the room in half.
Whatever. Feed him whatever. Burn the straw house down.


I don’t really blame you for being dead but you can’t have your sweater back.
So, I said, now that we have our dead, what are we going to do with them?
There’s a black dog and there’s a white dog, depends on which you feed,
depends on which damn dog you live with.


Here we are
in the wrong tunnel, burn O burn, but it’s cold, I have clothes
all over my body, and it’s raining, it wasn’t supposed to. And there’s snow
on the TV, a landscape full of snow, falling from the fire-colored sky.

But thanks, thanks for calling it the blue sky
You can sleep now, you said. You can sleep now. You said that.
I had a dream where you said that. Thanks for saying that.
You weren’t supposed to.

—  Straw House, Straw Dog, Richard Siken

Request - Cora Hale “Beating the monsters in your head”

You didn’t dare to move. You didn’t dare to move and you didn’t dare to scream the scream that was stuck in your throat. A part of you hoped that it was over, that you were awake now, that you were safe now. Another part of you was afraid that your mind was just tricking you into thinking that you were awake while you were not.
“(Y/N)…” Cora pressed her shoulder against yours and you carefully opened your eyes. “Your heart is racing like an idiot. What’s wrong?” She nodded towards you, almost leaning over you.
“Nothing…” You shook your head. You were not gonna tell her about the dream you had been having. You were not gonna tell her about the fire and the burning flames, about the yelling people, about the screaming children. It was already bad enough that one of you was dreaming things like that. You didn’t want to scare her too, knowing that she had been there, had really been there.
“Your heart is not beating like that for nothing, (Y/N).” She sat on her knees, her arms crossed over her chest. “And I’m not letting you fall asleep again before I know what’s wrong with you.” She raised her eyebrows and you stared at her. You knew that look on her face. She was serious about it. She wouldn’t let you fall asleep before you had told her about the dream, the nightmare.
“I just had a nightmare…” You swallowed. She had told you the story a couple of nights ago. The story about her family, about Kate Argent, about what had happened to them. You had not known that it would end in you dreaming about it, over and over again. It was as if you were afraid that someone else would do the same thing, that it would happen again.
“About what?” Cora cocked her head and you sighed.
“About you….” You whispered. “About the fire.” You bent your head and you felt the tears escaping your eyes. You loved her, you loved her way too much.
“It won’t happen again, do you hear me?” Cora bent down and she pressed a soft kiss on your nose before her lips touched yours. “She’s dead and no one else will be that stupid to repeat her actions.” Cora’s lips moved to your chin, your neck, your shoulders. “And everyone who tries will die, just like her.” She smiled and you wrapped your arms around her body. She looked so small, she even felt small, but you could feel her strong muscles. You knew how strong she was, how she had to be careful not to break you, not to hurt you. Not that you minded it. If you would be hurt by someone, you would be happy to be hurt by her.
“Let’s hope they’ve gotten the memo.” You whispered and you felt your heart calming down. It was strange, but you felt safe with Cora. Despite her anger, despite her strong language. You knew that if someone would be able to protect you, it would be her.
“I don’t mind sending the memo again if I have to.” She pressed another kiss on your lips, before she fell down next to you again. “Nothing will happen to us. Not to me and not you. I promise.” She wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you placed your head on her chest.
“I love you.” You whispered, before you closed your eyes.
“I love you too.”

Hogwarts House Shitty Aesthetics

for @worstsuperpowerever

Gryffindor: broken noses, drunken yelling at 3am, hold my beer and watch this, accidentally igniting your clothes with fireworks, getting the cops called at your party, getting into a fight with the cops, the couple down the hall having really loud sex while you’re trying to sleep, some guy playing a video on full volume on public transport, the painful feeling of getting kicked right the junk by someone you talked shit to

Slytherin: middle fingers, quiet loathing of everyone you see, ignoring homeless people on the street, saying mean and petty things for no particular reason, catfishing

Ravenclaw: thinking a million times about comebacks you could have made, anxiety, ignoring texts from people you like, the sound of nails on a chalkboard, 576 unread emails, having the plot of something you were excited about spoiled

Hufflepuff: being tired all the time, freezer burn, stubbed toes, listening to people chew loudly, people walking very slowly in front of you on the sidewalk, charity workers who are very aggressive and in your face, screaming and hyper children in spaces that are not conducive to them

Remember your dreams are valid; don’t make anyone feel they have the right to keep you from soaring too high into the sun.
It’s your flight, if they were so concerned about you getting burned they would have giving you sun block before you ventured out into the unknown. Only insecure people will try to clip your wings, before you even had the chance to know how far you could fly.
—  Joanna Strafford
'Imagine Bilbo being really into spooning but being shy about it, and accidentally clinging to you in his sleep'


With a heavy sigh of relief you dropped onto your hastily laid out bedroll. Stretching out your sore legs you marveled again at the distance the dwarves could travel in a day; mistakenly you had initially assumed that, with your legs being longer, they would tire quicker than yourself. You’d been proved quite wrong and would never make assumptions about anyone again. 

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