you were a trouble

GOT7 Reaction // When you (their crush) does not understand korean.


He would be very understanding and would try his best to conversate with you by not using korean. If you wanted, he could also help you learn it way faster.

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This is where his confidence would start to deflate. He’d probably end up doing too much research on your language and try to talk to you every once in a while.

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Like Mark, I doubt Jackson would have any trouble with this. If you were willig, he would like lessons on your language, and he would give you classes on korean.

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He’d be a little intimidated, but would never show it. Instead, he still try to talk to you as best as he can.

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Like Jinyoung, he’d be a little intimidated, but not to worry, he’ll still try to talk to you with his a+ english.

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Another fluent! english speaker. He would try his best to not disappoint but we all know how that goes.

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He would probably be so intimidated. When he would try to approach you, the words just didn’t come out and he had no idea what to say.

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Sleepless Nights | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Requested: Yep!

          70. “You’ll have to try harder than that.”

          91. “Promise me, you won’t tell anyone.”

Requests: OPEN

Summary: You and Draco form an… unexpected and unusual relationship. Fluff and angst.

Words: 2,796

             If you knew anything about the exterior personality of Draco Malfoy you’d know, first, he is a pompous git fueled by bigotry, and second, he was one of the biggest bullies Hogwarts housed. So, when Draco set his eyes on you, you knew you were in trouble. You were one of the few half-bloods in Slytherin, and for this you regularly faced backlash, though it was nothing you couldn’t handle. When taking into consideration the things you knew about Malfoy and your blood status you knew that the reason that he kept looking at you from down the Slytherin table in the great hall was because he was lining up his firing squad and you were in the cross hairs.

             You’d managed to keep off of his radar for most of your schooling at Hogwarts, keeping your head down, only stepping on the toes of those beneath you. You stayed away from the big guns of the House of Slytherin, and most of all, the Prince of it. So, it was in that moment, when you made eye contact with him and he sneered at you, that you began building up the metaphorical sand bags in your brain, ready to take cover and fire back in defense.

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You used to creep into my room, night after night.

I would awaken and be paralyzed from nothing but fright.

‘Don’t tell mom, we’ll get in trouble’, you were right.

So it became a ritual, you would turn off the light.

And I would cry and struggle using all my might,

As you crept into my room, night after night.

‘I’m not your actual dad, so don’t worry child, this is alright’.

I didn’t like what was happening, so I started to fight.

But you had already decided, that I belonged in your sight.

So you kept on creeping into my room, night after night.

—  Beauty in IT /// The Creeper

“I’ve tried to leave it all behind me
But I woke up and there they were beside me
And I don’t believe it but I guess it’s true
Some feelings, they can travel too”

Loosely inspired by “From The Desk Of…” by @bridgetteirish and @fictorium. Thank you for such an amazing, and (obviously) inspiring work of art