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We were cheated out of an amazing character Marie Levesque could have been she was written bitter and angry because Pluto left her and that allowed Gaea to enter her mind But what if she hadnt? Imagine if when Pluto left she said good riddance and when Hazels curse became evident she blamed the gods not her daughter? Their relationship would have been different and her anger at the gods would have still allowed Gaea a way in but to protect Hazel from the Pluto not anger at Hazel?

The thing is that Marie wasn’t mad that Pluto left. When she met him, she made a wish for all the riches in the earth which Pluto warned her was dangerous because such big wishes come with a price but she didn’t care. 

“I was so tired of being poor, Hazel. So tired.” 

Then Hazel had her curse, and it worked for a while as Hazel describes how good business was for a time. But then bad things started happening to the people who accepted the riches that Hazel summoned, so people turned on Marie and she started making even less and started being harassed more. Only out-of-towners would come see her and those were very few. 

Obviously poverty is not even close to being an excuse for being emotionally/verbally abusive to your child. But we are talking about a black woman in 1930′s New Orleans who was just looking for a break. And while it was too little, too late, at the end she realized what she had done wrong. She apologized to Hazel, which again isn’t really enough necessarily but that wasn’t all she had to give– she had every intention of sacrificing her life so that Hazel could live. But Hazel being the brave, stoic, and loving person she is, refused to abandon her mom like that. 

She met her mother’s eyes. For once, her mother didn’t look sad or angry. Her eyes shone with pride. 

“You were my gift, Hazel,” she said. “My most precious gift. I was foolish to think that I needed anything else.” 

She kissed Hazel’s forehead and held her close. Her warmth gave Hazel the courage to continue. 

that is not the story of an irredeemable woman, but a woman who was consumed by her circumstances for a time. 

Generational trauma and grief are real and Marie Levesque is not some evil monster who lived to torture Hazel. That’s my only point. Black women never get to rest, even when it’s all they want and the minimum of what they deserve. 

Our Beautiful Family

Request from @harrysliar for:
A Robb X Reader, something romantic and cute, with all Starks happy and alive ;)

Robb Stark X Reader

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**Just seeing this gif of the fam all together and smiling gives me feels, guys. Good ole George R.R. is really tugging at my heart strings with the Stark family. I actually cry every single time something happens to one of them**

A/N: I was happy to oblige this request! I needed some fluffy Robb feels for my heart so thanks so much for requesting this :) I hope you enjoy! With love, Kat.

Warnings: all the fluff, Stark family feels, Father!Robb feels, Husband!Robb feels, just all the feels basically

Words: 2458

The faint sound of crying woke you from your sleep. You were cuddled up to your husband Robb as you groaned and stretched to tend to your son, Greydon Stark, who was turning a year old in a week. You were excited to celebrate your son’s first name day, but he woke you up in the middle of the night more often than not.

“I’ve got him love” Robb said sleepily, kissing you on the forehead and then kissing your slightly swollen belly, “You need your rest.” You watched as he pulled back the lush, fur covers of your bed, clambering over to the crib your son slept in. You were lucky to have a man like Robb Stark at your side. He was loyal, loving, beautiful, and so good with your son. You were already pregnant with your second child, whom both of you were sure was a boy. Since you were already awake, you sat up in bed and watched as the love of your life lifted your son out of his crib and cradled him in his arms, cooing softly and rocking him gently in an attempt to lull him back to sleep. You caressed your ever-growing baby bump, smiling at the amazing sight that was your husband.

“Is everything alright in here?” you heard through the door, followed by a soft knock.

“Yes, mother. Everything is fine, Greydon here was just stirring a bit” Robb answered, tickling under the boy’s chin with his pointer finger, loud enough for Lady Catelyn to hear, but soft enough as to not disturb your son a second time.

“You can enter, Lady Stark” you said, pulling up the covers to conceal your belly. You were going to wait until your son’s name day to reveal your second pregnancy. Catelyn peeked through the door, smiling at you and Robb. He had returned to the bed now, still holding your son in his arms, the two of you fascinated by his tiny features and his already curly, dark hair.

“My, you two look like Ned and I when we had you, Robb” she couldn’t help but tear up a bit as she walked in the room with one hand over her chest, the sight of a new Stark generation forming was warming her heart. The two of you smiled up at her with love in your eyes.

“I see he’s just as restless as you were too” she laughed, thinking back to all the times her own eldest son woke her and Ned from their sleep.

“Lady Catelyn, I now fully understand your fierce protection of your children. I couldn’t imagine a day without Greydon and I now never want to see him hurt or upset. The strength of a mother’s love was something I now know that I never fully understood until the moment I had my first son” you smiled at her and the both of you were crying now. Leave it to the loving mothers to be weeping in the early hours of the morning over how much you loved your children.

“Well, Lady Y/N Stark” she emphasized your surname with a smile, “I’m glad my son chose a woman who makes an excellent mother and loves him as much as I do and I know you’ll protect and love your children with the same ferocity that I did my own. I’ll leave you two to your own, breakfast will be ready in a few hours” she smiled, making her way to the door. Before she left, though, she added one more thing. “Oh, and I’m happy you said first son. I hope that means you plan on having more” she said with a wide smile and a wink, closing the door as quietly as possible with respect to your son who was now sleeping again. Robb put your son back in his crib, smiling down at him and kissing his nose before returning to your bed.

“I’m going to see the midwife today” you said, eyes closed and grinning as you laid your head on Robb’s chest once he laid back down.

“To find out the sex?” he said, you could hear his voice perk up at the idea of finding out if your second child really was a boy. He was stroking your hair with one hand and intertwining his fingers with yours with his other hand.

“Yes” you said, kissing the patch of skin that was exposed at the top of his shirt, making your way up his neck to his soft lips.

Unfortunately, your cuddle session with Robb had to come to an end. The sun was rising so you moved to get your son ready for breakfast, handing Robb his clothes from the dresser as you went. You pinned the cloth diaper onto your son, quickly dressing him in his trousers and tunic. His baby clothes were so tiny and precious. You were gifted a hand-crafted tunic with a Stark direwolf sewn on the front by Sansa, she was getting quite good at embroidery, but you decided to save it for Greydon’s name day and settle for a plain grey tunic today. You handed Robb a grey tunic to match his son’s and some black trousers. He donned a simple black leather pullover to go over his shirt, because it was still summer there wouldn’t be many furs worn, especially inside the castle. You handed your son to Robb once he was done getting dressed, because he was quite wiggly and restless and couldn’t be left on the floor or bed unattended because he was sure to get himself in trouble. You had learned that lesson the hard way when you left him on the floor for a moment and he tipped over a carafe, spilling wine all over himself. You returned from the washroom to your son, sticky and purple, giggling and playing in the puddle of the wine he was sitting in. He was a troublemaker, just like your husband.

After you were done tying up your maroon dress, making sure your slightly pregnant belly did not show at all, you turned around to see Robb laying on the bed on his back, tossing your son lightly in the air as they both laughed.

“My, my. You boys definitely keep me on my toes” you laughed, snatching your son up quickly and tickling his sides, making him laugh even harder. It was moments like these that you cherished, when there was no war and no deaths, only peace and happiness.

The three of you made your way to the dining hall for breakfast and you were the last to arrive, which was mostly expected from the new parents. You opened the doors to the hall to see the Stark family all deep in conversation, laughing and having a good time and enjoying their breakfast. You took your seat next to Catelyn and Robb took his seat next to Ned, sitting across from you. You placed Greydon on your lap. Sansa was sat next to you and Arya next to her. John, Bran, and Rickon were sat next to one another beside Robb. You helped yourself to some bacon, savoring the taste of it as your son snuck the rest of the piece you cut in half and tried to eat it. You and your husband laughed as you took it away just in time and moved to grab his baby food and maybe feel him some eggs.

After breakfast, with the whole family sated, you decided to hand your son to Robb so he could watch him while you visited the septa about the baby in your belly. It felt nice to keep the secret between just you and Robb for now. When you got pregnant the first time, you were excited and told everyone immediately, now it felt even more intimate because you and him were the only ones who knew. Robb was going outside with his siblings, so you figured letting your son get some of his seemingly never-ending energy out by running around outside wasn’t such a bad plan.

“Mya” you said, knocking on the door of the room where she conducted exams and delivered babies and pushing open the door.

“Come in, Lady Stark!” she said, her hands submerged in a wash basin where she was scrubbing her fingers. You loved Mya, she helped deliver Greydon and when you told her to keep it under wraps that you were pregnant yet again, she happily obliged.

She tested your blood and examined your body, in an attempt to figure out the sex of your child. You were excited and nervous, secretly hoping that you would bear another boy. The few minutes that it took for the blood test to cure felt like hours and you were sitting on the table, relentlessly tapping your fingers in nervousness.

“Well, Y/N, I had a feeling from your physical examination and your blood test has confirmed it. You’ll be having another boy” she smiled as she saw your ecstatic reaction, tears welling in your eyes in pure, unadulterated happiness.

“Thank you, Mya!” you exclaimed, hugging her tightly and running off to tell Robb the good news. You couldn’t contain your excitement any longer and you had to call your husband inside to tell him the news in private. You poked your head out the door into the courtyard and saw Robb and Jon playing with your son while Bran and Rickon ran around chasing one another and Sansa and Arya danced around, giggling and braiding one another’s hair.

“Robb, can I speak to you for a moment?” you asked, trying to hide your enthusiasm as to not let on that you and he were holding secrets from the family. He excused himself from Jon, leaving your son with him and you watched as Jon lifted him up in the air, laughing and smiling, thinking about how he’d make a great father one day. Robb finally got to you and you pulled him indoors, wrapping your arms around his neck and crashing your lips to his quickly.

“It’s a boy” you said, barely even able to get the words out without laughing and crying at the same time.

“Really?” he asked, tears now evident in his big, blue eyes.

“Yes” you smiled and nodded, giggling as Robb wrapped you up for yet another hug, this one tighter than the last. His beard tickled your skin as he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and you could feel the vibrations of his laughter  on the soft skin of your throat.

The week passed so quickly you could’ve sworn that you simply blinked and it was the day of your son’s name day. You were busy dressing your son in the tunic that Sansa made for him when Robb came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and rubbing your swollen stomach gently as he kissed your shoulder and the side of your face, his scruff tickling your skin, causing you to giggle. Greydon was playing with the fur blankets on your bed and Robb spun you around, kneeling down in front of you and kissing your belly a few times.

“I can’t wait to meet you, little Axell Stark” he grinned that your baby finally had a name, one that the two of you settled on quickly. The two of you prided yourselves on the fact that the names of your sons had great meaning. Greydon meant born to be eminent, while Axell meant Father of peace. You hoped their names would ring true through their lives and that your sons would live up to their great surnames as well.

Carrying your joyful son down the stairs and through the halls to the dining hall where the party was being held, your husband followed closely behind you, making silly faces at your son to elicit giggles from him. Walking into the dining hall, you were greeted by Ned Stark.

“Y/N and Robb! It’s good to see you this morning, and there’s my grandson. The boy that we’re celebrating today!” he smiled, whisking your son from your arms and pulling him into a hug. It was nice to see Lord Stark in such a happy, carefree mood.

“Y/N!” Sansa and Arya yelled in unison, coming up to hug you from both sides, the three of you laughing at the gesture. They always treated you as if they hadn’t seen you in weeks even if they had just seen you the night before. You greeted the boys and Lady Catelyn, pulling them all into hugs, with Catelyn examining you after she hugged you, noticing that you had put on some weight. She raised an eyebrow at you, causing you to nudge Robb and smile, signaling it was time for your big reveal.

“Okay, so Robb and I have a surprise for you all!” you said as Robb wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smiling down at you and kissing you on the temple.

“In a few short months” you continued, the smile on your face growing wider, “You will be meeting the newest member of the Stark family, Axell.” When you finished, you were rubbing your belly, revealing the bump through the fabric of your dress. Robb’s hand was over yours, smiling like the proud father that he was.

“Aye, that’s my boy!” Ned yelled, pulling Robb in for a huge hug and ruffling his hair as he laughed and clapped him on the back. He received hugs from all three of his brothers, while Lady Catelyn was simply over the moon for the fact that she would be getting her second grandchild so soon. You were holding Greydon on your hip and talking to the girls and Sansa was prattling on adorably about how she couldn’t wait to sew clothes for another baby and Arya was telling you that she’d help train the boys in sword fighting when they were old enough. The happiness surrounding you was infectious and you were so lucky to be surrounded by such kind, loving, caring people. These were the people who were going to help raise your sons and teach them their most important lessons.

The celebration of your son’s name day was a truly incredible occasion, with many houses of the North coming to celebrate the birthday of the potential future King in the North.

You surveyed your family; talking, laughing, and playing with your son, while the other houses of the North that had allegiances to the Starks presented him with gifts of all kinds. Your family was only in its beginning stages, and you couldn’t wait to continue your adventures with the love of your life and your beautiful children.


This is a one shot/ vignette for my This Ends Tonight story.

I can’t write this as a complete and linear story. I have been writing a lot of pieces for this in the form of vignettes or snapshots. Every one takes place with Ivar and his wife in bed at the end of a given day, recounting something that happened between them on whichever given day, It is all completely out of order but it is just what feels best for this story.

Warnings: language 

 Let me tell you a story about a story that I got more than halfway written and then lost and then rewrote then lost again all in the same day because of this stupid tablet and then obsessed over for like 12 hours. I could not find the end so I shall just end it for my own sanity. I don’t know why this was so hard. I must purge it. 

Aisling sat perched at the end of the make shift bed. Eyes heavy with lust, she watched as her husband stripped off his gore soaked armor. Though wounded and covered in a mixture of dirt, sweat, and the blood of his enemies, she couldn’t help but think that he had never looked so beautiful.

Ivar winced as he pulled the blood stained tunic up and over his head. The sparse candlelight reflected off the canvas walls of the tent, casting a warm glow over his bruised skin. Admiring the rippling of muscle in his chest and arms, she smiled and hummed a sound of approval. Smirking, he lifting his head from the wash basin and caught his wife’s hungry appraisal.

“You’re staring again, wife"

“Aye, but I cannot help it.” she mewled in response. Reclining back on her elbows, she bit her lip and unabashedly let her eyes roam up and down his body.

Studying her face and noticing how glassy her eyes were, Ivar cocked a brow in question.“Are you drunk, woman?”

“Hmmm…Maybe a little.” she giggled.

Ivar tutted and gave his wife a look of mock disapproval before balling up his discarded tunic and playfully flinging it at her. He had aimed for her face, but his aim was too high. Despite being thoroughly buzzed from the mead, Aisling’s arm shot up and caught it effortlessly. Pressing it to her nose, she inhaled deeply and clutched the blood stained clothing to her chest as if it were a precious gift, smiling like a fool.“Seeing you out there on the battlefield today. I wanted to touch myself right there on that hill in front of the Gods and everybody. I am sure that those Saxons would have enjoyed having such a site be their last before being sent to meet their God. Don’t you think so?”

Ivar rolled his eyes, “You’re ridiculous, wife, and you’re also a terrible liar, you know that?

“And you are beautiful, husband. You looked like a God out there today. I would have let you take me right there in the mud like an animal, surrounded by all those dying men. Why don’t you forget about washing and just come over here and fuck me already?”

Ivar shook his head and gave his wife a stern look. Dipping a cloth into the scented water and using the surface reflection, he thoughtfully gazed into the bowl and scrubbed at the blood smeared on his face and neck.  The flickering light and shadows being cast in the tent were not enough to mask the blush that had arisen in his cheeks. Rolling onto her stomach, Aisling whimpered and rolled her hips into the mattress suggestively.

“Stop that.” 

“But I need you and I need you right now, husband.” 

“Odin, just how much did you have to drink today woman?” he scoffed.

Narrowing her eyes, she rolled the garment up and sent it sailing across the tent. Her aim was as good as her reflexes, and it landed with a splash right in the steaming bowl on her husband’s lap.The water sloshed over the sides, soaking into the fabric of his breeches and spilling onto the dirt floor. The burning sensation caused him to clench his teeth and hiss in pain. Pushing his tongue into his cheek, he just stared at the mess in front of himself, shaking his head and laughing dryly. He felt his blood beginning to rise and cut his eyes at his wife, but upon seeing her face, his irritation quickly melted away.

She sat with her knees to her chest, both hands clapped over her mouth. The dying light in the tent also doing nothing to cover the flush now arisen in her cheeks as she tried to muffle her giddy laughter.


His dear sweet wife. Whenever Ivar was having a bad day or was in one of his moods, she so often was able to bring a smile to his lips. On the days when the stress and pain tried to get the better of him, she would refuse to let him sit around drinking and brooding. Doing whatever she could to lighten his mood and coax the laughter from him. It was one of the many reasons he had allowed her to accompany him on this journey. Aside from the fact that he couldn’t bare another long summer without her, she was his anchor. When the demons he harbored inside threatened to consume him and he felt himself growing too weak to resist them anymore, the strong hold she held on his heart would keep them at bay. The love she had for him kept him just on the right side of sanity.

His queen would like to have people believe that she was every bit as cruel as he, that she hated the Christians, that she was viking. But he knew her better than that. She was a Dane, sure, but his wife was no viking. She was inherently good and kind. She was everything he was not and he didn’t mind her light balancing out his darkness. He loved her for it and it was why their marriage worked. He knew she had had her fill of war and death long before they came together. He saw it in her eyes when he had asked her to come, she had wanted to say no but agreed anyways. She knew that he needed her and hadn’t wanted to disappoint him. He saw right through the strong front she presented. His wife found no beauty or enjoyment in watching people get slaughtered. All that morning leading up to the battle, she had sat on a log with a far away look in her eye. If he hadn’t been otherwise preoccupied, he might have noticed the cup never leaving her hands.


Looking at her husband’s perturbed face, Aisling couldn’t help it and fell over onto her side, erupting in laughter.

Ivar made sure to keep his face hard set as he set the bowl aside and slid from the wooden stool to the wet ground. Forgoing his crutches, he slowly crawled towards the bed, his eyes locked on her like a magnet. When he finally reached the bed and grabbed a hold of the mattress to pull himself up, she laughed and moved to roll away, but his hand shot out and took hold of her ankle. Aisling squealed and he tightened his grip, smiling up at her wickedly. “You think that was funny? Hmm?“

“Yes, a little.” She giggled, kicking and pulling her leg, trying to free herself from his hold.She was stronger than she looked and wrestling with her, he felt himself tiring fast. His body was weak and his muscles were sore from battle. Having become so dependent on his crutches, he wasn’t entirely sure he could even pull himself onto the bed from this position. “Woman, stop kicking and help me up or so help me I will drag your ass right down here to the ground with me.”

“Ooh, don’t threaten me with a good time.” Moving closer, she took his face in her hands and pressed a fleeting kiss to his lips before pulling back and giggling like an idiot, kicking and resuming her struggle with a renewed energy.

Giving up, he released her ankle and sighed, pressing his forehead against the mattress.“Aisling, please.”

“Oh, begging becomes you quite nicely, husband.“ she teased, leaning forward and stroking her fingers through his hair. Having taken the plaits out, it was tangled and matted with dried blood and dirt. She picked a clump of something that she hoped was mud but could possibly be tissue out of his hair and flicked it aside, curling her lip in disgust.“You know what, on second thought maybe you should finish washing.”

“Aisling.” he warned.

“Ivar.” she echoed.

“You’re a terrible wife.”

“I am not. I am a wonderful wife and you love me.” She smiled and continued raking her fingers through his hair. Ivar closed his eyes and leaned into her caress. She brushed his hair back behind his ears and tracing over the scar on this cheek with her fingertip.“I was so scared today, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” Taking her hand, he pressed a kiss to her knuckles.“Oh, I’m sure you would mourn for the requisite amount of time before taking Hvitserk as your bed slave.” he smirked, his eyes bright with amusement.“Hmm, I think I quite like that idea.” she beamed, “I mean, who else would do a better job at consoling me than our dear Hvitserk?” 

”That isn’t funny, wife.” 

“You don’t think so?” 

“Not at all.” 

“Why wait for tragedy to strike, didn’t Ubbe once share a wife wife with dear Hvitserk?”

“Can you stop calling him ‘dear Hvitserk’?”

“Why are you jealous?”


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Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 2

I really didn’t expect anyone to even read part 1, so I was sure as hell shocked when I saw that people even liked it. So thank you for even bothering to look this over when I would have probably skipped it myself. 

Summary: Vernon’s a rat (nothing new) and now Elide has to face the consequences of not showing up at the mating ball. And put up with her mate.

Only to find

myself lost

Once again

Elorcan Werewolf 2

Elide decided to make a chocolate cake since what girl didn’t like chocolate? It would be a celebratory cake for the Fireheart Pack making it through their first mating ball alive.

Unfortunately, the moon goddess had other plans.

Elide! Aelin screamed down the pack link.

Elide let out a startled cry, accidentally dropping the batter. Hissing in frustration, she grabbed a sponge.

What is it?

Your uncle Vernon leaked to the cadre about your absence. I’ll kill that bastard. He doesn’t deserve the Alpha position.

Fear leaked through Elide.

What’s going to happen to me?

Aelin didn’t answer right away, and Elide could sense her distress. She left the remains of the cake on the floor and hurried to the weaponry room.

For your apparent insolence, Lorcan Salvaterre wants to whip you. Hide in the dungeons. He can’t detect your scent there among the other prisoners.


Yes. He’s heading into your direction.

Where are you?

Aelin paused. Then growled: Running away from my mate.

Elide’s eyes widened as she stuffed a couple of daggers down her boots, and stuffed medicine into her pouch. 

Why are you running away from your mate? Mates were precious, a gift from the moon goddess herself. Life without a mate passed without true purpose or happiness. 

Because my mate is Prince Rowan Whitethorn, Lycan and heir to the Doranelle throne. 

Elide didn’t have time to be shocked as her connection with Aelin blasted with fear. Before she could ask, her front door banged open, a low growl piercing the empty air. 

Elide didn’t go to the dungeon. She’d had been trapped in one for her entire youth, and there was no way in hell she’d let a Lycan cow her into one. 

So she slung the pack over her shoulder, and sprinted as fast as she could with her ruined ankle to the back door, and slid into Aelin’s camaro. After dutifully clicking on her seat belt, she slammed on the pedal and steered the car with impressive strategy through the woods into the main road.

If she made it into the completely human cities, then she’d be safe. Lycans had a covenant under Pack law to not step foot into mortal land for their safety as their temperament could wreck cities.

Elide sent a quick message down the pack link of her plan, and then palmed a knife in her hand. She wouldn’t go down without a fight. There was a time she’d been defenseless, but she was no longer that girl anymore.

A howl sounded through the air, and a small part of Elide yearned to slam on the brakes and comfort the wolf. But Elide wasn’t going to listen to that part of her that might kill her, so she pressed the gas pedal harder.

Survival first.

Don’t use the main roads, Aelin let out a strangled sound down the link. He’s sending his bribed police officers in to slow you down.

Elide let out a curse that would have made Manon proud. She didn’t know why Lorcan was so bent on punishing her. The entire world didn’t revolve around them, and sure as hell didn’t live to satisfy their every whim and urge. 

As soon as she caught sight of the flashing red and blue lights of police cars, Elide swerved the car into the forests. She expertly drove through the line of trees, both fallen and drooping as if expecting her unwelcomed entrance. 

What she lacked for her werewolf form, she made it up with driving. When Aelin had became Alpha, she’d gained all of Arobynn’s previous debts. To force her to step down, most of the Alphas had demanded that Aelin pay them immediately.

Elide had helped by racing on the streets, much to Aelin’s and Manon’s protests. She didn’t mind. It meant she could serve and be helpful in other ways rather than doing laundry and washing dishes.

When she’d been beaten Lycan Fenrhys in a drag race, she’d gained over one trillion in dollars, no one believing a little girl could out race one of the cadre, betting against her. Fenrhys had demanded that Elide take off her pale mask she wore to protect her identity, but as soon as her hands had gotten a hold of the money, she had booked it.

The way the male had looked at her like she was his next meal  —

Elide shuddered.

When the forest cleared out, Elide hit the side streets. Her fingers gripped the wheel tightly as she zoomed past the edges of her pack’s border at 250 mph. There was no way Lorcan could catch her.

Or so she thought.

The same dark blur flashed past the car, and a blink later, Elide saw a male standing in the middle of the road, arms crossed. The aura of power and dominance oozing from the male was enough for Elide to slam on the gas pedals.

She would not stop for anyone.

The male seemed to realize that Elide would run him over, but also seemed to have a death wish, because right when the car was a fraction of an inch from his chest, he easily sidestepped, a brow raised.

Elide flung the dagger out the window in his direction, and then pressed the pedal harder.

There was no way. There was no way a werewolf — even a Lycan — could run that fast. But it seemed like fate wanted to test her today.

The passenger door of the car ripped open, and Elide screamed as a body slid into the shotgun seat with the ease of gracefulness and elegance. She slammed on the brakes, watching in satisfaction as the male’s body hit the dashboard — served him right for having absolutely no manners and not bothering to buckle up.

Before she could reach for the dagger in her boot, the male snarled, and lifted himself up.

A large, muscular body with ropes of corded muscle looming over her.

The hunt had ended. 

And Elide knew she’d been captured as soon as those onyx eyes locked onto her.

“You ran away from me, Elide Lochan.” His canines elongated, and Elide shivered at his low voice, that granite rough-hewn face. Her pulse throbbed as the male’s eyes raked her over.

The Lycan leaned forward, resting his jaw against her collarbone, a warm breath caressing her skin.

Elide swallowed harshly.

She felt the edges of his teeth gently scrape against her flesh, the male inhaling her scent greedily.

“Did you know,” Lorcan breathed, sending sparks and shivers down her skin. “You ran away from your mate, Elide Lochan?”

MONSTA X REACTIONS : Surprising you for your birthday

Requests are open ♥

Shownu would come and surprise you at the end of the day at work. He would buy a rose bouquet with a letter and take you on a 2 days 1 night trip to spend the weekend together. He would have prepared the whole weekend in advance, going to an aquarium, getting couple massages, or having dinner at a restaurant… Everything was planned for you to enjoy a perfect weekend with the one you loved. 

Wonho would send you a text telling you to check in your bedroom once you’ll be back home tonight. He would’ve booked a table at a fancy restaurant and bought you a stunning outfit for you to put on for the night. The both of you would spend a delightful dinner and before the desert he would make you stand up, turn you around and put a necklace around your neck, “Happy birthday, thank you for being born.” You would then spend the night together. What the both of you did that night is up to your imagination lol.

Kihyun would’ve told you to come home a bit later that night to have time for him to prepare. He would’ve cooked a whole meal the whole day to then put together a simple but elegant table. Candles, crystal glasses, wine and champagne… Everything was there. Once you’d get home he’d act as a gentleman, removing your coat and leading you to the table, “You’re the main guest tonight, you stay there and I’ll take care of you.” He’d act as the perfect boyfriend, making you feel like the most important person for the rest of the night. 

Hyungwon would ignore you all day long, from the moment he woke up he’d act annoyed. He knew you didn’t care about birthdays and you always forget about yours so that’s why he pranked you. Not answering your texts all day long, you’d come home to a dark house. Not lights and all the blinds shut. Once you’d turn out the lights all your close friends would pop up and scream “Surprise!” and Hyungwon would be all smiles and laugh at your surprised face.

Minhyuk would treat you like a Queen/King from the moment you opened your eyes in the morning. He would bring you breakfast in bed, spoiling you with his love and gifts. You would also spend the day at the amusement park, feeling like a children again and having the greatest time ever. Once you’d get home, you would spend the night cuddling together under a blanket in front of a movie. 

Jooheon would wake you up with kisses and hugs, he would act like the most affectionate person. He would have prepared a song for your birthday, telling you everything he felt for you and how precious you were to him. He would gift you with promises rings to then take you on a picnic in the forest. 

I.M wouldn’t be able to spend the day with you due to his busy schedule. However, he would’ve prepared his surprise when you were asleep, leaving notes all over your house to give you hints about where he hid your present. The last note you’d pick up would be in a cupboard and it would say “Check the mail.” and it would be 2 tickets for your dream destination.

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Cute Satoshi ♥ - TOKIO x Arashi Premium Talk 2014.12.28 

expectant dad!Ashton would include
  • trying to have a family for years and nearly giving up until you find yourself throwing up one morning, seeing the same spark of hope you had, also reflected in your husband’s eyes as you both prayed that this was finally it
  • ‘Mr and Mrs Irwin i’m going to put you out of your misery; congratulations, you’re 7 weeks pregnant!’
  • ashton bursting into tears, sobbing that ‘i’m gonna be a daddy! We’re finally having our baby…i love you so much’
  • buying a lil yellow blanky with ‘IRWIN’ stitched into it because you’ve just passed 12 weeks and there’s a higher chance the baby is going to make it into the second trimester
  • Ashton’s heart plummeting as you screech his name from the upstairs bathroom when he comes back home, blanky in hand and tears in his eyes
  • realising that your cries were ones of joy as you lift your shirt up to show your stomach -  ‘Ash I know it’s just little but-’ ‘it’s our baby, it’s perfect
  • that night, and every night following, he pulls you close, placing his large hand over the small rise on your abdomen covering it completely as he places delicate kisses on your shoulder
  • being in the very same position every morning, making you realise that your baby is gonna be so loved and protected
  • him promising through early morning whispers that he’d 'never leave you or baby irwin…lil irwie’ and that he was ‘gonna be the best husband and dad ever known’ 
  • him telling you to ‘please be careful’ whether it was when he left to record in another country for a week, or if you only went to the kitchen to fetch something to eat
  • buying the baby a gift every time he went to a different country
  • making an important video for Twitter with you, explaining how he has a ‘special announcement’ which isn’t band-related and he’s beaming at you when you tell the camera you’re expecting baby irwin in the spring
  • him wanting to take a picture every week beside the door to mark your ‘bump progress’
  • spending hours being intimate in a new way by allowing him to paint on your bump
  • ‘ashton i meant nice pictures why have you written ‘kickass’ on it?!’
  • ‘Babe c’mon, our kid is gonna be so kickass!! And very cute and smart and happy. I just want to see them now!’
  • him crying because he wanted to feel the first kick and the baby somehow never kicks when it hears his voice
  • But he feels it for the first time when he starts tapping soft rhythms on your stomach while you both think of names
  • ‘Ashton it’s been three hours and I’m trying to sleep can you please stop crying’
  • mentioning that ‘this baby has been drumming inside me all day’ to your friend on the phone
  • his stupid grin from the doorway with a comment of ‘hey did you say they were drumming? Taking after daddy already’
  • ‘you are not buying a baby drum kit and that’s final!’
  • ‘I knew you knocking me up would mean having a large and excitable baby dammit. Let’s hope they have your dimples and curly hair to make up for it’
  • Ashton spending an entire week on the baby’s room, even thinking about knocking the wall down between the master bedroom and the nursery for a door so that baby irwin would never be too far from mummy and daddy
  • hitting the bump by accident and feeling THE WORST EVER especially if it left a bruise like he would buy you flowers and make you go to the doctors just in case 
  • generally being hell-bent on making sure you’re safe, and worrying about something pregnancy-related 24/7
  • Organising your baby shower meant putting up pink and blue coloured balloons all over your house with him eventually putting one up his t-shirt pretending to be you
  • Getting an adorable picture together for Instagram with the two ‘bumps’, the caption explaining how he couldn’t even begin to compare to how amazing you were giving him such a precious gift, tagged with #thisislove and #babyirwie
  • Also keeking stupid videos like when the boys saw the unborn baby irwie move inside your stomach, and being kinda grossed out
  • Buying a new camera to take so many pictures of the baby when they arrive, which would be adding to the collection of every single ultrasound picture which he’s kept for all these months, in a scrapbook for his baby to look back on when they’re older named ‘adventures’

expectant dad Calum / Luke / Michael

He gets whatever you want/need while you’re pregnant



The boys found it weird how much he was willing to do for you, well you were carrying his precious gift so of course he would. “Jeonghan” you whined as you guys walked passed the concession stands with the others, he turned to you quickly “are you alright, is it too hot or cold, are your feet tired and I should carry you-” “I’m hungry” you pout. “When are you not noona?” Seungkwan said “leave her alone” Jeonghan said with a death stare that scared Seungkwan instatnly “sorry sorry” he apologizes walking to the other’s. “You didn’t have to do that you know. He’s right” you said “he may be but he doesn’t say that to a pregnant woman when she’s eating for 3 people now ” he said kissing your forehead. “Now what does my baby want?” he asks as he wraps his arm around you “I want a really big order of Chinese food” you say as your mouth watered at the thought “and if that’s what you want we’ll get it” he tells you “bubble tea too?” you ask “anything for you” he says kindly. “We’re going to be broke soon” you tell him “even if we are, I still have a huge future ahead of me music wise. I’ll make sure you 3 get all you need” he tells you as you catch up with the boys. “So what are you getting Y/N?” Seungcheol asked “Chinese food” you say “oo that sounds good right now” Minghao said “Jeonghan you paying?” Hansol asked “only for my family. There’s 3 people other than me I have to make sure eat so get your own” Jeonghan snaps rolling his eyes. “If this is what appa Jeonghan acts like I am very scared” Chan says “he’s going to be an amazing dad” you say lovingly as you looked up at him.

"Virginity" - One Direction Preference

He’d pictured this moment, here with you, so many times in his head. He could imagine just how he wanted it to go. Just how perfect it should be for you. Losing your virginity should be special and sacred. As you sat on his bed, looking small, and slightly vulnerable, he wanted more than anything, for you to know just how loved you were. How much space you occupied in his heart. He knelt down in front of you, placing a single kiss softly to your lips, “I love you,” he breathed. He cupped your cheek tenderly in one of his large hands, looking deep into your eyes. His bright blue eyes shone as he said, “I want you to know just how special you are to me. I want you to feel safe, and secure, here with me.” He ran his hands slowly through your hair, trailing them down your back. “I want to be with you, in every way possible.” He pulled your body so that it was flush with his, holding you tightly in his arms. He kissed your neck, and you let your head fall back, giving into his smooth lips. He carefully lifted the fabric of your sweater over your head, gazing down at your body, your skin looked so soft and inviting. He put his hands above his head, helping you to pull his shirt off over his own head. You smiled softly at each other, keeping the pace slow and tender, as you slowly removed each article of clothing from your bodies. With his hands, and his words, you let him show you all the ways he loved you.You tried not to be nervous. Tried your hardest to remain confident and sexy. The truth was, you weren’t always a self confident person, and in this moment your heart was racing. Mostly with desire and lust, but also with nerves. As Niall undressed you, eyes scanning every part of your body, it was easy to see the love in his eyes. He made you feel beautiful, and he gave you a new found confidence as he tenderly made love to you, for the first time.

You were both sitting on his bed, your backs resting against the headboard. You each had an xbox controller supported in your laps. Louis was so much better at video games than you were, especially when it came to FIFA. Your tongue was poking out of your lips in concentration, as your body rocked from side to side, trying to control your player. Louis glanced over at you, eyes lighting up when he saw how hard you were trying. He stifled back a laugh, “does the tongue help your concentration?” He was teasing you, and your cheeks flamed pink in response. “Hey, don’t laugh at me. You know I suck at sports. Even video game sports.” You bit down on your lip, and something inside Louis was instantly turned on. He set down his controller, not even bothering to pause the game, before latching his lips onto yours. You could feel the intensity of this kiss, Louis’ breath mixing with your own, his hands tangled in your hair. You pressed your palms flat to his chest, scrunching the fabric in your fingers. He slid you down on the bed, positioning himself over your body. His lips moved expertly with yours, tongue swirling in and out of your mouth. He moved along your jaw line, leaving a trail of feverish kisses down the base of your neck. Your lips were parted, your breathing shallow and desperate. He had your heart beating rapidly in your chest, but then he pulled away, moving to the edge of the bed, he ran his hands roughly through his tousled brown hair. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to push you,” he said, eyes shut tight. You crawled over to him, resting your chin on his shoulder, kissing his neck, “maybe, I want you to.” He turned to look at you, blue eyes alight with lust. “What? Are you saying you-” you nodded your head, “I’m ready, Louis. I don’t want to wait anymore.” His lips curled into a smile, knowing in his heart how important this decision was to you. Knowing how precious a gift you were about to give him.

You sat together on the sofa, and you studied him as he watched tv. He was so handsome, so rugged and sexy. His muscles were on display, peaking out under his thin t-shirt. You swallowed hard, running your tongue over your bottom lip. You moved closer to his side, kissing his neck, as you crawled into his lap, instantly capturing his attention. “Hey baby,” he breathed, a smile forming on his lips. “What’s going on?” He raised his eyebrows as you continued to kiss his neck, sucking on the skin just below his ear. He put his strong hands on your hips, digging his thumbs into your jeans. You flipped your hair to one side, eyes ablaze with desire as you kissed his lips. You felt him tighten beneath you as you straddled him, running your hands skillfully over his chest, sliding them down to the button on his jeans. He slipped his hands up, under your shirt, setting your skin on fire. He didn’t know how much he could handle. He craved every part of you. Desperately ached to be inside of you. To feel your bare skin entwined with his body. He tightened his grip on your legs, jaw clenching in desperation. “Baby, please. I can’t- I can’t handle the temptation.” You smirked, and he let out a low moan, “baby. Please. If you’re not ready- I can’t, control myself.” “You don’t have to, Liam. I’m ready.” He looked at you, his eyes appearing like two pieces of melting chocolate, dripping with desire. “You sure?” He asked, voice low and husky. You gave him a shy smile, nodding your head in assurance. You’d never been more sure of anything, than you were in that intimate moment with him.

You tried to calm the nerves you felt building inside of you. It felt like a million little butterflies were all flapping their wings around inside of your stomach. You applied a thin layer of peach lipgloss, and went to look yourself over one last time in the mirror. You held open your short silk bathrobe, turning to examine yourself from all different angles in the mirror. You took in a deep breath as you heard your phone beep. You checked the screen, discovering one new text message from Harry. “On my way,” it read. You tied the robe, closing it back around your skin. You scurried around your bedroom, lighting the vanilla scented candles on the bedside table, and on top of the dresser. You dimmed the lights, and spritzed on a hint of perfume. Moments later you heard Harry enter your apartment, and you drew in a short breath. “Hello, love. Where are you?” His familiar husky accent rang out through your small apartment. “Bedroom,” was all you could manage to say, your voice shaking the slightest bit. He walked in, bright green eyes growing dark with curiosity at the sight of you. You flashed him a small smile, letting the robe drop to the floor in a puddle at your feet, revealing a matching pair of lace underwear. His eyes grew round, and his mouth fell agape. “Surprise,” you whispered softly, batting your long eyelashes seductively. He crossed the room in two short strides, pulling you into his long arms, his lips moving hungrily over yours. He lowered your back to the bed, desperate to make your first time the most memorable moment of both of your lives.

You’d always imagined what your first time would be like. Trying to picture the moment in your mind. Wondering what it would feel like to lose your virginity. Now, you lay in the warm, white sheets of Zayn’s Queen sized bed, his muscular body encompassing you. He hovered over you, grinding his hips rhythmically between your legs, your bodies moving as one. Your head was tipped back in pleasure, head resting on the pillow, your lips parted as you moaned his name. His soft brown eyes were filled with an intense passion as he took in your every curve, every line, every detail. He was memorizing the way you looked beneath him. You appeared small and slightly vulnerable, but more than anything, you were more beautiful than anything he’d ever seen before. He held you close to him, as you fell to pieces in his arms, pleasure consuming you. You may have pictured what this moment would be like, but your wildest imagination was no match for this moment. As you lay in his arms, head resting comfortably on his smooth chest, you felt blissfully happy. Zayn ran his index finger back and forth along your arm, sending small shivers up your spine. You traced the lines of his tattoos, basking in the afterglow of your love making. You felt completely happy, and more loved than you ever thought possible. You took a mental snapshot of this moment, filing it away in your mind. A moment of pure bliss, and undeniable love captured in your heart, and in your memory, forever more.

LAO Week - Family

This is a snippet of the ‘Artemis as the magical lazerus pit baby of Nyssa and Sara’  fic I’ve been toying with for a while, but haven’t been able to pull together yet. It’ll get continued at some point when I have a spare minute to breathe around my current schedule - but I wanted to post something for LOA week and this feels appropriate. :P


She’s an accident. That much goes without saying.

Sara realises at precisely the moment her daughter asks that she has yet to come up with a suitable bullshit kid-friendly version of the events that led up to her conception in order to explain her existence to her. ('Mommy and Mommy were both bleeding to death so we jumped into an ancient and potentially magical pool and shit got really weird for a while’ probably isn’t going to cut it with a four year old. Especially because damn the kid’s already whip smart and can smell bullshit kid-friendly lies like a mile off. And then she’ll turn red and start screaming and Sara doesn’t have the patience for that this evening).

“You were a surprise,” she says, limply, to the expectant gaze of her small, impossible daughter, who is sitting on the crate they use for a table, chewing a crayon as she awaits an answer.

“Like a present?”

“Yeah. A good present.”

“Ooookaaaaay,” Artemis says, around the bright pink crayon – Sara leans over and pulls it out of her mouth. The box says non-toxic but you never know, and plus those crayons were really, really difficult to acquire, they probably aren’t going to be able to get more for a while. There don’t tend to be craft shops half way up a Tibetan mountain range. “Who was I from?”

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Treat your fellow fans as if they were George Blagden. Treat everyone you meet as if they were George Blagden. Treat yourself as if you were George Blagden. George Blagdenness is a precious gift that must be nourished

With terrible certainty, Hazel knew what would happen next. The only thing Gaea needed was a willing sacrifice—a soul to be consumed for Alcyoneus to awaken. Her mother would step into the fissure and touch that horrible spire—and she would be absorbed.

“Hazel, go.” Her mother rose unsteadily. “She’ll let you live, but you must hurry.”

Hazel believed it. That was the most horrible thing. Gaea would honor the bargain and let Hazel live. Hazel would survive to see the end of the world, knowing that she’d caused it.

“No.” Hazel made her decision. “I won’t live. Not for that.”

She reached deep into her soul. She called on her father, the Lord of the Underworld, and summoned all the riches that lay in his vast realm. The cavern shook.
Around the spire of Alcyoneus, oil bubbled, then churned and erupted like a boiling cauldron.
Don’t be foolish, Gaea said, but Hazel detected concern in her tone, maybe even fear. You will destroy yourself for nothing! Your mother will still die!

Hazel almost wavered. She remembered her father’s promise: someday her curse would be washed away; a descendant of Neptune would bring her peace. He’d even said she might find a horse of her own. Maybe that strange stallion in the hills was meant for her. But none of that would happen if she died now. She’d never see Sammy again, or return to New Orleans. Her life would be thirteen short, bitter years with an unhappy ending.

She met her mother’s eyes. For once, her mother didn’t look sad or angry. Her eyes shone with pride.

“You were my gift, Hazel,” she said. “My most precious gift. I was foolish to think I needed anything else.”

She kissed Hazel’s forehead and held her close. Her warmth gave Hazel the courage to continue.

They would die, but not as sacrifices to Gaea. Instinctively Hazel knew that their final act would reject Gaea’s power. Their souls would go to the Underworld, and Alcyoneus would not rise—at least not yet.

Hazel summoned the last of her willpower. The air turned searing hot. The spire began to sink. Jewels and chunks of gold shot from the fissure with such force, they cracked the cavern walls and sent shrapnel flying, stinging Hazel’s skin through her jacket.

Stop this! Gaea demanded. You cannot prevent his rise. At best, you will delay him—a few decades. Half a century. Would you trade your lives for that?

Hazel gave her an answer.

The last night, the raven had said.

The fissure exploded. The roof crumbled. Hazel sank into her mother’s arms, into the darkness, as oil filled her lungs and the island collapsed into the bay.

Art: viria

Excerpt from, “The Son of Neptune”