you were a little bit embarrassed by it

Being a famous idol and meeting Blackpink


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It would depend how old you are. If you’re older than her Jennie would be super nervous but excited to meet you. She was a big fan of your group and wanted to make a good impression. If you were her age she’d be a little nervous but mostly happy to meet you and she hoped you two would become friends. 


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Oh Jisoo was a nervous/excited mess. “That’s really (y/n)? (y/n) wanted to meet us? Really?” She was a bit of fangirl for your group and she didn’t want to say something embarrassing around you. When she met you she had lisa’s arm gripped so tight that she left a mark. She wouldn’t shut up after she met you. The whole ride back to the dorms she’d be like “I can’t believe we really just met (y/n).”


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Rose tried to be professional but the second you came up and greeted the group she started blushing like crazy. She looked away from you and covered her mouth. When you told her that you loved her voice she’d smile nervously and thank you. Afterwards, she’d turn to Jennie and bury her face in her shoulder. “(y/n) was too cute I couldn’t even look at them!”


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Like Jisoo she was a fan of yours so she was nervous meeting you. When you greeted her Lisa just kind of froze. You said hi and she just smiled back at you for like three seconds. Everyone looked at her. Lisa snapped out of it though and asked you to take a selfie with her. When you left her groupmates asked her what had happened. Lisa shook her head. “I literally forgot how to speak when I saw (y/n).” But she was so glad she’d gotten a selfie with you she made it her wallpaper for a week.

BTS reaction when you accidentally touch their boner

(requested by anon: hello, can you do a reaction of bts ( and seventeen vocal team ) to their girlfriend accidentaly touch their (…) boner?)

→  Seventeen vocal unit version

warnings: smut

As you grazed his boner not even aware he had one by that moment, your embarrassed eyes met his shook yet dark ones


He tilted his head to the side a bit, grinning. „Now you’re gonna finish what you started baby“ he pulled you onto him so that you were straddling him. He started kissing and biting your ear as his dick got harder beneath you, making you moan his name softly.


He was super embarrassed and he started laughing nervously, covering his face with his hands. You took his arms from his face and started kissing him all over it. Once you reached his lips he pushed you softly on the couch and hovered over you, returning the favour plus a little extra.


He was so shook he stared blankly at you. „Oppa it’s okay“ you said laughing at his dumbfounded face. He was still stiff and shook and it made you laugh even more. You leaned in and kissed him softly. It didn’t take long for it to turn into a hot make out session.


He licked his lips and pouted making you blush harder. As you slightly moved he grabbed your wrist tightly and pulled you close to him. „No running away from me“ he said as he watched you with his dark eyes. He slowly put your hand down on his hard dick, making you gasp.


He smirked, staring at you with his dark, playful eyes. „Oppa don't“ you shifted on the couch, knowing exactly what those eyes meant. He made a low sound almost a growl and he was on top of you in seconds. „What did you just say?“ his hips thrusted against yours, making you cry out softly.


He smirked playfully at you. In seconds he was standing in front of you, looking down on you since you were sitting. He grabbed your hips, pulling you towards him and kissed you needily. He picked you up by your thighs, not letting you detach your lips from his as he carried you to the bedroom.


He bit his lip and looked at you with dark eyes. „It was an accident“ you said with a low, whispery voice. „I knew you’d say that“ he jumped from one side of the couch to the other where you were. He pinned you down and whispered in your ear. „Liar“ he growled making you shiver.

xx hope anon is satisfied with both pieces; keep requesting xx

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Hinata, Tanaka and Kei's reactions to their sibilings walking in on them and their s/o during an intense makeout session. Or a short scenario if thats okay;;

Hinata Shoyou

  • He’s so embarrassed and startled???
  • He was not supposed to be corrupting his little sister like this at such a young age.
  • Hinata literally deflates and hides himself behind you, he can’t face his sister after this. 

Tanaka Ryuunosuke

  • Oh god, his sister was not supposed to be home right now so why did she end up walking in at this exact moment???
  • She knew exactly what the two of you were up to and just had to investigate. It was on every siblings bucket list to catch their sibling in a make out session. 
  • He sits there for a little bit with a sheepish expression on his face. He won’t be able to continue in this state so you just have to cuddle.

Tsukishima Kei

  • This little shit knew that his brother was in the next room and did everything in his power to make sure you were loud.
  • Even when the blonde came busting in the door did he not stop, even going so far as to directly look Akiteru in the eye as he slid his tongue in your mouth.
  • You may have been embarrassed, but even then Kei kept going, muttering something about how obnoxious his brother was. Nothing was going to keep him from a good make out session.

I am all here for Blitz and Hearth kissing for the first time in a time of distress (much like Percabeth’s first kiss) but I think this might be my favorite scenario right now:

Magnus and Hearth have to go one way, Samirah and Blitz have to go another. Magnus is having a heart-to-heart with Sam and they say goodbye. Blitz and Hearth are being their usual selves and talking/arguing. Before Blitz leaves though, he takes a long, meaningful look at Hearth and kisses him.

 It lasts for a few seconds and Hearth kisses him back while Magnus watches them, a bit embarrassed by displays of affection but he’s not going to say anything in this situation. 

They break apart and Blitz leaves with Sam. Magnus goes over to Hearth, snaps him out of an apparent daze and signs, I didn’t know you two were together.

Hands shaking a little, Hearth signs back, Neither did I.

Some Undertale Headcanons

I figured I’d post these and contribute something to this fandom. Some of these are from my brain and others were influenced by other posts or fan fics. Anyway these are a few of my headcanons for various undertale characters x reader.


-he’s actually pretty good at cooking spaghetti and when he cooks for you on a date he makes the spaghetti from scratch and it’s delicious.

-he always plans something really fun for a date and even if some of his ideas are a little childish or strange you always end up having a blast 

-he makes you shirts for your dates (like his “cool dude” shirt) that are very cute and while you were originally a bit embarrassed about wearing them you eventually end up wearing them all the time because they’re comfy and he always looks so happy when you wear them.

-in terms of intimacy he really wants to make you feel good and to make sure you’re comfortable. He spends a lot of time learning what he should do and then has a long conversation with you about what you like and what you need to make sure he does everything perfectly


-he flirts with you through his puns and enjoys saying really cute things that make you blush

-however he gets flustered VERY easily and just the smallest of sweet comments will make him go very blue and he’ll spend the next hour at Grillby’s underneath his hood blushing furiously because he can’t stop thinking about you

-once he realizes you’re flirting with him he has no idea how to handle it starts to act really nervous around you until you finally drag him to Grillby’s on a date because every time you’ve asked him out he’s just cracked jokes because he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions

-the first time you kiss him he practically passes out

-He regularly tells you that you are the best thing to ever happen to him

W. D. Gaster

-the first time he rips through the void to see you it absolutely terrifies you and while you can see signs of his presence for the next few weeks (like late night dishes being clean in the morning and revisions on your essays) he doesn’t try to contact you again

-you start leaving him notes and cups of tea when you go to bed

-you still have to call out to him to get him to finally materialize which he is very scared to do because he doesn’t want to frighten you again

-he loves to talk to you about science and his eyes just light up when he gets going, even if you don’t understand what he’s talking about you still love when he talks about science stuff with you

-when he gets flustered he gets gloopy and starts to speak in wingdings until he calms down

-he thinks you are incredibly beautiful and doesn’t understand why you would like a messed up monster like him

-it takes forever for him to be comfortable with letting you get close to him physically, eventually he lets you get close to him and you start having cuddle sessions with him 

-because he can influence the form of his body he is the best. cuddler. ever.


-very easily flustered and its super noticeable since he goes bright blue and you have almost too much fun making him blush

-he is very skilled at healing magic and when you fall victim to your own clumsiness he patches you up

-and lectures you on being more careful

-which you both know will have zero affect on your future actions

-his chuckle is the sound of a fire crackling

-however when he really laughs its a loud bellowing laugh as well as the crackling but to laugh like that he has to open his mouth which he rarely does as it looks quite monsterish and he’s super self-concious about it

-one day when hanging out at his place you tell a joke that makes him laugh very hard and its the first time you actually see his mouth, you think it is the coolest thing ever.

-he, however, is mortified and locks himself in the bathroom for half an hour while you call through the door to try and get him to come out, eventually when he realizes you haven’t run away he comes out blushing and the bathroom is filled with steam - which is his form of crying - and you reassure him that you aren’t afraid

-his biggest fear is that you will find something about him terrifying and it will scare you away

-he is incredibly worried about burning you so it takes a long time to get him comfortable with being physical with you

-he is also nervous about you being around any open flame, even a candle, which is mostly because burns are the one thing he can’t heal


-as flirty as he is, he doesn’t actually know much about relationships and is very nervous when he finds himself falling for you

-he doesn’t blush, but when he overheats his fans start whirring and the sound is very noticeable when its quiet, he also happens to be very embarrassed about it

-he doesn’t know how to handle it when you ask him about why his fans are always running and he begs Alphys to make them quieter which she says she can’t so the next time you fluster him he turns the fans off which causes him to get way too hot and glitchy and he eventually has to force shut down which terrifies you

-you take him to Alphys who figures out what happened rather quickly and when she gets his systems back online she yells at him for turning off his fans just because he likes you so much that he gets very flustered around you very fast and that’s how you find out he has a crush on you

-he loves to get you gifts but he really just wants to do what will make you happy, and if that’s movie night then that’s what you do

-that being said when he can get you out in public he does because he just adores showing you off to the world

-he marvels at your body, your softness, your curves, and he regularly tells you how beautiful you are

-he’s incredibly gentle and in terms of intimacy he is very vocal, asking you just what you want and he picks up on what you like an don’t like very quickly

Everything That Could Go Wrong...

Lafayette X Reader

Warning: Secondhand embarrassment, swearing (bad habit sorry), fluff, a little bit of Lams


You are going on your first date with Laf and Alex and the squad show up to watch

Note: The POV switches back and forth from yours and Alex’s. It’ll tell you but just a heads up :)

(Your POV)

You stood in front of the mirror nervously. You were going out with the most attractive man you had ever met. When you saw him in the coffee shop, you honestly could not comprehend how someone could be that handsome. Your thoughts were interrupted by a sharp rap at the door. You answered it timidly and you smoothed down your outfit. Damn, he was a gorgeous as you remembered. How you were going to get your blush to fade, you weren’t sure.


Oh fuck, he said something. You quickly thought of something witty to say, but his gaze distracted you

“I, um, uh, hi.”

Goddamn it.

“You ready to go? I hope you like French cuisine! I know the best place. When I lived in Chavaniac…” He babbled
You smiled at how passionate he was, and took his hand. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all…

You arrived at the restaurant and you gasped. The place was beautiful, with luxurious seating and sparkling chandeliers.

“Do you like it?” He asked nervously.

“Oh Laf, I love it!” You squeezed his hand reassuringly.

A finely dressed waiter escorted you to your seats and placed menus in front of you. After he left, conversation flowed naturally between you two.

(Alex’s POV)

“Laf is getting laid tonight boys!” I shouted from outside the restaurant. John whooped and high fived Herc. I zoomed in the binoculars. “Looks like they just sat down, and the conversation is flowing. Let’s see if we can, ah, ease the tension a little bit more.” John looked confused. The man was gorgeous, but he wasn’t the brightest at times. “Just follow me.” I sighed.

(Your POV)

Laf sat directly across from you, the only thing dividing you was the almost empty plate of bread. You both shared so much in common, including your passion for politics and food. The only thing you had disagreed on was fast food.

“Burger King has a crown for a reason!” He argued

“Oh please, the Big Mac was the original 1000 calorie burger, Burger King copies.”

While you argued, three men approached your table. One look and you saw Laf’s face go sheet white.

“Hey, Laf!” The shorter one said, dripping with innocence. “We just came by to let you know your test results came in, sorry dude, you tested positive for an STD, although we aren’t sure which one.” He smiled sweetly, then turned to you brightly.

“You must be the date! Hi, Alexander Hamilton, pleasure.” Alex shook your hand like a salesman, never breaking his smile.

“The lovely men to my left are John and Hercules, but don’t talk about Herc to Laf. They’ve got a history, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.” He stage whispered. You saw Laf’s face go furiously red when Hercules winked at him, and he became suddenly very interested in the table cloth.

“So!” Alex exclaimed, putting his elbows on the table. “How did you two meet?”

“We met at a coffee shop called Central Perk.” You said, nodding at Laf reassuringly. The poor boy seemed embarrassed out of his mind.

“Ah, Central Perk! Laf, wasn’t that the place you went to stare at the hot blon-”

“OKAY!” Laf yelled. “I think it’s time for me and [Y/N] to order now!” You saw a bead on sweat trickle down his forehead. “I’ll see you guys at home!”

“Can’t wait.” Said a flirty John, who then winked at his latest victim. They all turned and strutted towards the entrance.

You turned back to your date, who looked as if he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. “I, uh, don’t have an STD and I didn’t have a relationship with John or Hercules and the only person I’ve ever met at Central Perk is you and-” He babbled.

You giggled. “Laf.” He looked up and his eyes softened. “I know they were your roomates. I saw them with binoculars before they even walked in.” A look of relief swept over him.

“Oh thank God.”

“Still pretty embarrassing though.”

“Don’t remind me.”

You laughed, and the rest of the night went smoothly. After dinner, he walked you home and kissed you goodnight after making plans for another date. “I promise I won’t tell the boys about this one.” He joked. You walked in your apartment feeling like you were floating. You couldn’t have asked for a better date!

(Alex’s POV)

I was lying with John under my arm when we heard the door open. A few second later we heard a heavily accented voice yell:


Uh oh.

BTS reaction to when their girlfriend grabs their hood and pulls them for a kiss

Request said: Bts reaction grabbing them by the hood and pulling them into a kiss


Jin: You guys were walking down the streets linked arm in arm. When you guys suddenly stopped,you saw your boyfriend with the hood on; covering his amazing face. So, you pulled him by the hood took it out of his face and kissed his cheek. He would be blushing but also embarrassed that you did this to him first. He would say: “Jagi, did you really had to do that?” But them as soon as he said that, you kissed him passionately.  *feeling a little bit embarrassed* 

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Suga: As you saw your boyfriend very concentrated writing a new song with his hood on, you can’t help but tease him a little bit.  You went to his side quietly, as you faced his back you snatched out his hood and kissed him  and quickly got out of the room with the scream of his saying: “Jagiya!!! Come here and finish what you started” 

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J-Hope: As you two ended the planned fun date, your boyfriend pull out his hood into his cute but handsome face. You really don’t like it, when he does that, so you quickly snatched it out of his head and before he could protest you smashed your lips to his. He got speechless because of your sudden reaction but then he said: “Jagi…If you really want a kiss, just tell me next time” 

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Rap Monster: Your boyfriend was practicing his rap parts right before the concert in front of his mirror ,with his hood on. When he wasn’t really looking into his reflection, you got closer to him. Looked into his eyes, took out his hood and put your lips on his and then trying to convince him that he practiced too much you said:  “You are going to do it perfectly, don’t worry about it!”  All he could do is smile widely at you because you gave him the confidence that he needed. 

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Jimin: As he practiced his dance parts in the practice room. He was wearing his favorite jacket with his hood on. He looked so inspired dancing that you lost your thoughts just by looking at him. But since you wanted to see his face. You ran to him, grabbed his hood and took it out of his face. At first he looked confused, but you did not let him talk and you quickly smashed your lips to his trying to send him all the love that you feel for him. When you guys finished the kiss, he was so cute and happy about it. 

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Taehyung (V): As you two got out of the little and cute coffee shop, that you guys loved to visit. You can’t help but notice your boyfriend trying to wear his jacket with his hood on ,but the wind would not let him. So, before he tried again you said: “You know why the wind is not letting you wear the hood” you quickly kissed him trying to tease him a little bit. When you guys finished you said: “That’s was the reason”. He just smirked. 

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JungKook: As you guys walked around the park, the wind started to get a little bit chilly and your boyfriend in order to block the cold out of his ears he decided put on his hood. But since you really wanted to kiss him, you took out his hood and went for it. He just stood there clueless about why you kissed him so suddenly, but he quickly gave in. When you guys finished kissing you put his hood back on. He just smiled at you. 

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Being Wanda Maximoff’s Adopted Daughter Would Include...

Characters: Wanda Maximoff X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

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-          She was an orphan herself so understands what it’s like.

-          If she knew something was bothering and you refused to talk about it, or you were too embarrassed, she would look a little bit in your head.

-          You realised that it was easier to just tell her, and she kept quiet about your secrets anyway.

-          She tells you about your uncle.

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Plus One - Prologue

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Pairing: Sehun x Reader x Chanyeol

Genre: Polyamory AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut in future chapters

Word Count:

A/N: This is my first fanfiction on this blog! I didn’t see much polyamory fics out there so I decided to write one. This is just the prologue, I don’t know when I’ll start writing the whole fic, it might take a few weeks! I hope you enjoy this little part though! 

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My Eyes Only - Part 2

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Part 2 of My Eyes Only. If you haven’t read part 1, I would suggest doing so or the story won’t make much sense.


Genre: Light fluff, heavy smut

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Language, Daddy Kink, lots of smut.

JB stormed towards you, and threw you over his shoulder. His touch felt like lightning, sending a shock throughout your body. It had been too long since you felt his hands on your skin. He gripped the backs of your exposed thighs tightly. You were really in for it this time. You bit your lip as you hung there behind his back, thinking about all the ways he was going to punish you.

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GOT7 Reaction To You Having A Stutter.


I changed the request a little bit, I hope you don’t mind!!


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I feel like Mark would try his best to make you feel comfortable enough to talk to him without being embarrassed. He would always tell you, as cliche as it sound, that you don’t need to feel embarrassed by it because it’s part of you.


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Jaebum would turn into a complete mess when he found out you were embarrassed to speak to him because of your stutter, he’d find you adorable and like Mark he would try his best to make you feel comfortable around him.


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Jackson would be his hyper and lovable self around you, pretending to not even notice your stutter to try and make you feel more relaxed and normal around him.


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Jinyoung would be a lot like Jackson in this situation and would pretend to not even notice your stutter and would never bring it up unless you talked about it and then he would say something cheesy and cliche about it being a part of you so you shouldn’t be embarrassed. 


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Youngjae would find your stutter absolutely adorable and wouldn’t understand why you felt so embarrassed by it but nonetheless he wouldn’t want to you feel at all uncomfortable around him so he would try his best to make you feel better about it.


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I feel like Bambam would find you and your stutter adorable and he would make sure you knew how cute he found it by nearly always telling you so.


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I feel like Yugyeom would be a mixture of Jaebum and Jackson when he found out you were embarrassed to talk to him because of you stutter. He would pretend not to notice it but he would also find it adorable and would have to hold himself back from telling you so.

Makoto’s embarrassing story

“This happened when we were working for the home delivery service… My work uniform was a little too small. It felt a bit tight, but I though I could wear it anyway, so I forced it… But when I put in some strength to unload the packages… The buttons on the chest went… Paaam… So embarrassing!”


He was watching her with an expression so intense that she had to look away from it. She could think of no reply. She felt a little bit stupid that she’d asked and a little bit embarrassed by his answer. Maybe it would be better if he left and came back; maybe if she was less sick and less tired, she would feel less vulnerable. (…) He took her free hand and lifted it to his mouth, kissing the back as though he were that courtly gentleman again.
“Sleep, Tana,” he said, placing her hand back on her stomach, his fingers only a little cooler now than hers. “Sleep while you can.”

Imagine how the boys would react the first time they meet their SO;

Leonardo -

He’s probably the most pulled together of the bunch, especially under the pressures of a new situation… But dealing with attractive people? Especially if they were a girl (you enjoy your sexuality headcanons fandom, I won’t get in the way) he’d freak out a little. After all, he’s not really had the chance to develop further than the ‘ew cooties’ stage given how few girls he’s met, despite how mature he might act. So, he might seem a little quiet, embarrassed and worried. He’d relax as time went on and he realised how nonsense all these ideas pop culture has about girls are nonsense but at the start, he might be a bit of a mess.

Raphael -

Raph would probably handle this better than his brothers. Better than even charismatic Mikey. But that’s only because he’s used to masking how he truly feels about any given situation with his usual tough guy exterior. So, he’d seem pretty normal on the outside but inwardly he’d be a paranoid mess, as in ‘how do I talk to girls, Master Splinter never taught me this’. He’d offer maybe a few weak compliments, if he really felt something spark right away but it’d take some time of knowing the person for him to build up enough confidence for anymore than that.

Donatello -

Donnie is logical mess. Statistics this and statistics that. If he just met the person and the crush formed after that, everything would be fine for a while and then he’d devolve into his math fuelled madness… But if it started right away? He’d constantly be checking the numbers, what were the chances they liked them? What were the chances they’d date? Things like that. He’d do this a lot. Other guys might have the occasional lewd thought about a crush. Donnie would just be freaking out, imagining how, at least on a biological level in his opinion, either of his older brothers would be a better pick than him. Or heck, even Mikey on a social level could sweep them off their feet. What did Donnie have? A calculator. However, his smarts would play a crucial part in retaining all the information he learned about them in order to, when the time came set up the perfect first date.

Michelangelo -

Mikey loves to meet new people! So win already. And, being such a positive little force in the world, he finds most people attractive in one form or another. Always able to pick out the nicest little details about a person that they never could have considered themselves. It was a cute little quirk and it was part of the Mikey charm that could win over almost anyone. But talking to someone he genuinely felt attraction for? Sure, he’d be nervous but he’d be pretty open about it, even to said person. This would probably mean he’d end up in a relationship quicker than any of his brothers and might well be the first to end up with a SO. Of course, that assumes he meets the one first or around the same time as his brothers. But if he did end up to be the only happily taken turtle among his single Pringles brothers, he would soooo rub it in their face. All the time. Always.

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Why do you have to go to medical school to be a psychiatrist? You can learn psychiatry on the internet.

I know you’re joking, but the real answer is “metis”, ie the trial-and-error experience you can’t get from books. For me, that involved things like:

- Knowing how to react when people tell you about how they’re bankrupt and they hate their life and they were sexually abused as a child and they want to die. Not that there’s a *great* way to react, but just not staring open-mouthed or saying something embarrassing.

- Learning actual risk-levels for things. Books will say things like “It’s dangerous to take two SSRIs at the same time” and “it’s dangerous to take MAOIs with clomipramine”, but it’s helpful to learn that the former is a silly theoretical risk that might bother 1 in 1000 people a little bit, and the second will very likely kill you.

- Getting a feel for mentally ill people. If you see enough depressed people, you start to recognize them even if they’re not outright telling you that they’re depressed. If you see enough severely depressed suicidal people, you start to recognize when somebody’s approaching that level.

- Learning how to take a history/interview, including such pitfalls as “do I really have to do the whole cognitive exam?” and “frick frick frick my patient started crying now what do I do?”

- Learning mistrust. My first year of psychiatry I was *so* willing to trust people, just because everyone I knew in real life was a basically trustworthy person and my priors for anyone I met being trustworthy were high. After working with lots of dysfunctional people and getting burned again and again, I no longer have that problem. It’s not that I mistrust people, per se, it’s more that I…have a broader view on what kinds of relationships to the truth people consider acceptable, and try to take that into account and meet them on their own terms.

- Learning which parts of the textbooks were subtly influenced by pharmaceutical companies/lawyers/morality police/SJWs/The Establishment and shouldn’t be taken 100% at face value.

- Figuring out how much deviation from the textbooks is to be expected, versus how much means your diagnosis is wrong/your medication isn’t working/your patient is lying/you are hopelessly confused in your entire paradigm.

- Related: knowing the best things to do when nothing makes sense and there are no good options.

(I’m still in training and can’t claim to have actually mastered any of these yet, but I’m working on them)

carry on, darling, we were built to last

Yuuri didn’t win gold and it was fine. Really. Victor wasn’t as shallow as to hold it against him, especially since Yurio’s skating truly deserved the praise it got. So when Yuuri presented him with the silver, he was in a good-natured teasing mode – he was happy for both of them, okay, let the man live a little.

“If it’s not gold I don’t really feel like kissing it,” he said, smiling.

Yuuri’s face was priceless. It was a bit embarrassed and a bit awkward, and Victor let himself marvel in it for just a second, but no longer.

“Man, I really wanted to kiss your gold medal,” he sighed and then took a step forward, closing in on Yuuri who backed away from him on instinct. “Now people will think I’m a failure as a coach. Yuuri, do you have any other suggestions for what I could kiss? Something that would excite me?”

He honestly meant just a kiss. Maybe a kiss on their engagement rings, they were gold after all. And Yuuri’s blush was so pretty and visible thanks to his brushed back hair, Victor just could help himself. A flicker of something passed through Yuuri’s warm eyes and Victor pounced on it.

“Ah, what did you think just now?” Victor prodded.

“Oh, um… Well…”

It must have been something to make Yuuri stutter like that. Victor could feel the anticipation tingle in his toes already.

But he didn’t expect Yuuri to grab him and push him back until they both fell onto the ground. Victor couldn’t hide his surprised gasp, but he wasn’t complaining. Not at all. Especially since Yuuri was now sitting in his lap, with his arms around him, holding him close, almost desperately.

“Victor,” Yuuri said in a voice that demanded he listened. And Victor did, with his whole being. “Please stay with me in competitive skating just one more year!” Yuuri pulled back to look him in the eye and Victor honestly felt like his heart was going to rip out of his chest, it was thumping so hard. “This time I’ll win gold for sure!”

Was he saying… Was he saying that he’s going to win even with Victor there on the ice, competing against him? Was Yuuri, his shy, anxious Yuuri really saying that?

Victor suddenly felt breathless, but also like crying.

“Great!” His ears were ringing and his vision was swimming, but the happiness was so overwhelming he couldn’t stop himself from grinning his face off. “But up it a notch!”

Yuuri watched him, not really understanding what he was getting at. Victor took his time picking up the silver medal that was carelessly dropped to the floor some time ago.  

“Even I am worried about coming back to the rink while being your coach,” he said slowly, hanging the medal around Yuuri’s neck and letting his fingers linger on the strap. Yuuri’s eyes were wide and his cheeks were flushed in a way that made Victor’s heart melt from the heat of his love. “So I think you should become a five-time world champion or we just won’t be even.”

The tears rolled down Yuuri’s cheeks suddenly, just like that time in the parking lot in Russia. But this time Victor knew what to do with them, so he pulled Yuuri to himself and held him like that, close and by his side, comforting him even if he was doing nothing except just sitting there and grinning through his own clogged throat.

And Yuuri cried into his collar, light tears that made Victor’s heart hum tenderly in his chest in sync with the melody of their happiness.

The area was almost empty when they left, but there was a glow in Yuuri’s eyes and Victor couldn’t wait for what the future held before them. Because no matter what, he was sure it would be golden.

Jungkook Vampire AU

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Jungkook Vampire AU: Part 7

Published: November 11th, 2016

Word Count: 2,942

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Your POV:

“Could you stay a little bit longer? Please?”

Jungkook’s eyes widened at your unexpected request. He looked at you; after a few seconds, his face became solemn and he nodded silently.

He cleared his throat, his eyes flitting between yours, and nodded again, “Of course, y/n.”

You nodded and looked at your feet as you pulled your hand away, dropping his sleeve. Slowly, you backed up to pull your door open wide enough for him to step through; you were immeasurably embarrassed, but unable to take back your words. The thought of sleeping at home, alone, made your stomach twist, but Jungkook’s presence gave you a comfort that you currently needed.

Jungkook stepped through your front door, calmly, and turned to you as you closed it. When you turned around after pushing it into its place, you looked up to see Jungkook staring at you, concerned.

You blinked at Jungkook, suddenly frozen by his steady gaze.

Jungkook’s eyebrows became furrowed as he cocked his head. “Y/n, are you okay?”

Your right hand reached to clutch your left wrist, as you desperately trying to keep your hands from shaking. The sudden question had allowed dozens of thousands to begin buzzing around your head again.

“I…I,” You struggled to find the words and Jungkook slowly walked up to you before placing his hand on your arm, clearly trying to be comforting. You initially recoiled at the sudden contact, but with nowhere to go, as your door was behind you, you closed your eyes and tried to take a deep breath.

Moments later you looked up again to see Jungkook’s eyes, now full of sincerity, looking into yours. You felt that you could trust him, abruptly, that he wasn’t going to hurt you.

“I…I’ll be honest,” You breathed with a chuckle. “I’m terrified, Jungkook.” You smiled bitterly and stepped away from Jungkook’s touch only to wrap your own arms around yourself. “Not only for myself, but for you. I’ve brought you into something that you have no reason to be a part of. You barely know me, but you’ve saved my life.”

You began to shake as tears began to fall fast down your cheeks. Guilt, terror, and concern for the boy next to you all spilled out of you in the form of tears and you let it.

“I’m sorry,” You whispered as you lowered yourself into a crouching position. You tried desperately to wipe away your tears, but new drops would replace them twice as quick.

“Y/n,” Jungkook said quietly as he knelt down next to you. “Y/n, please look at me.”

Finally, you looked up to see Jungkook’s face in front of you, but it didn’t look like him. This boy looked broken and hurt; his eyes were empty and full of pain. As Jungkook caught your eye he slowly lifted his hand, holding it out for yours. Slowly you unwound one of your arms from around your shoulders and placed your small hand in his large one. He gave it a small squeeze.

“You have a right to be terrified, y/n, but I’d rather you let me be scared for you. Please, would you let me worry about this for you?” Jungkook’s voice was low but soft, clearly holding back his pain. Additional tears escaped your eyes as you heard him willing to carry your worry.

After a few moments, you nodded; you couldn’t deal with this alone. Jungkook squeezed your hand again before reaching for your other hand and helping you stand up. You felt a strong headache, due to your crying, set in as you stood up. You took a deep breath as you clutched Jungkook’s hands. Your vision flashed dark and reflexively, you pulled Jungkook closer to you as the room slowly faded in and out of focus. Your head fell against his firm chest and you let yourself stay that way for a moment, telling yourself you were just waiting for your headache to clear.

Jungkook kept his hands in yours, carefully trying to soothe your emotions by holding them relatively tightly, letting you know that he could keep you steady.

“Let me protect you, y/n,” you heard him request quietly as the pain in your head subsided and your eyelids drooped from fatigue.

You could just barely nod in consent in your half asleep state.

Jungkook’s POV:

“Let me protect you, y/n,” Jungkook said before he could stop himself. He bit his lip, afraid you would pull away but instead you only nodded sleepily into his chest. He could tell you were exhausted from recent events and after a few minutes of standing still together, he heard your breathing become steady–you were asleep.

Slowly, Jungkook dropped your hands and would his arm around your waist, placing one around you back, taking care to keep your head resting against him, and bent down to place his other behind your knees.

Gingerly, Jungkook lifted your feet off the ground and secured you in his arms with your head against his shoulder. You mumbled something in your sleep and burrowed your head into his shirt, longing for continued contact.

The smell of your cherry perfume once again encircled Jungkook. His smile grew as he looked down at your sleeping face; all he wanted was to keep you in this peaceful state forever.

Jungkook eventually lifted his foot and began carrying you steadily to your bed, stepping carefully through your broken door. He felt a pang of guilt as he looked at its wreckage.

Your bed was still a mess of blankets and sheets just as it had been last night when he had rushed in to see you collapse to the ground.

Cautiously, trying not to wake you, Jungkook placed you into an open space on your mattress. You let out a whimper at the loss of connection and scrunched up your face. Your hand reached up, indignant, and grabbed his sleeve for the second time that night, and brushed his arm’s bare skin, causing Jungkook to feel dozens of small volts of electricity go through his body.

Jungkook stared at you and, eventually, you shifted away from him, letting go of his shirt in the process, in favor of clutching your comforter.

He pulled his arms out from under your back and legs as you began to toss and turn, looking for a comfortable spot to rest; you looked like a dog and Jungkook smiled as he pulled up your comforter over your legs and torso; you stilled at the sudden weight upon you and he watched you carefully, making sure he’d done nothing wrong.

Finally, you let out a sigh and your body relaxed against your mattress, asleep.

Jungkook turned away from your bed and walked through your bedroom’s broken door. As he looked around your living room, his eyes landed on your couch, still a mess because of him. He thought back to what your eyes had conveyed in accompaniment with your words just a short time ago: “Could you stay a little bit longer? Please?”

Jungkook shut his eyes, trying to convince himself it meant nothing. Suddenly, his stomach growled and he startled. He realized he hadn’t really eaten anything today. He didn’t want to leave you, but leaving for nourishment was better than the possible alternative ending to the evening. In a last minute decision, he headed out your front door at a jog.

A little while later, Jungkook arrived at his late night nourishment destination. As he walked into Café Pire, slightly out of breath, Jungkook’s mind want back to the first day he had met you.

As soon as you’d walked through the door, with your hair wet and your slightly parted lips, his eyes had been glued to you. He’d sat straight up in his seat in front of the door and was one of the first to see your sudden arrival.

You’d run your hand through your hair, clearly irritated, maybe by the rain, before catching his gaze. From one look, Jungkook could tell you weren’t right to be here. Your skin was darker than his and your eyes were bright with frivolity despite your current disgruntled nature.

His gaze had remained constant, unable to tear himself away from the sight of you, as you uncomfortably looked away from him in favor of a place to sit. Eventually you decided upon a booth on the side of the large room.

Anna, the waitress, came and went, but you didn’t order.

Gradually, more and more people came to notice you. Their eyes became trained on you and Jungkook could practically see their obvious hunger for someone like you.

As Jungkook saw Anna, the waitress, walk out of the kitchen for the second time, pen and paper in hand, he stood up quietly and picked up his cup and saucer. While Anna was taking your order for a chai latte and preparing to rush off again, Jungkook slipped into the seat across from you with his own drink. Anna rushed off at the sight of him without confirming your order.

Surprise showed on your face and Jungkook’s throat hitched; your eyes were completely entrancing up close. “What do you want?” Your voice flowed over Jungkook and even the small amount of hesitance in your voice captivated him.

Jungkook blinked and mentally recouped himself. Slowly, he leaned forward across the table. Remembering the gazes of the people around you two, Jungkook became suddenly serious, noticeably focused on trying to appear as calm as possible. The wrong words left his mouth before he could stop them.

“Who are you?”

Jungkook slowly stepped through the front doors of the café into the dark red interior. Only seven or eight people sat around at various tables, most of which were couples.

As he wound his way dazedly between the tables to the back of the room and the bar, Jungkook scanned the room more thoroughly, recognizing most of the faces around him.

Anna popped up from behind the counter and smiled at the sight of the familiar boy.

“Hey, Kook, what can I get for you?” she sang as she polished a glass in her hand.

Jungkook settled onto one of the stools at the bar and rested his head in his hands; his hunger had begun to affect him as he’d seen everyone else with food at their tables. “O, please, Anna,” He said groggily.

She noticed his exhausted state and rushed to try to get his order filled as quickly as possible. Moments later she reappeared in front of him with a tall glass of red liquid and a blue straw.

A sympathetic smile sat on her face as Jungkook looked up at her return. “Thank you,” he mumbled as he placed the straw in between his lips and began drinking, hungrily.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s on the house. I was beginning to worry about you, Kook. I haven’t seen you in a couple days; usually you’re in here every afternoon for your drinks.” Jungkook’s eyes widened as Anna patted him, comfortingly, on the shoulder and walked away from him to take care of the customers behind him.

A smile spread across the boy’s face as he continued to sip his drink.

“Being pitied by the staff; I thought you held yourself higher than that,” a voice said condescendingly from behind Jungkook. His hair stood up on the back of his neck as he turned to see Taehyung take a seat next to him.


“No girlfriend on your arm today? Is she too scared to leave home or did you finally drop her?” Taehyung’s smooth voice composed each sound casually even if his face held a malicious smirk.

“It’s none of your business, but she’s fine, Taehyung,” Jungkook lied steadily as his fists shook under the bar as he tried to hold back from attacking the boy beside him.

Taehyung cocked his head and sneered. “Are you sure? She seemed pretty shakable after her hospital visit. By the way, is that ice cream place near the hotel any good? I passed by earlier today but didn’t have time to stop and try it.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened as he remembered your shaken state after he had arrived with your ice creams and had trouble restraining himself, “What did you do, Taehyung?” Taehyung shook his head and chuckled.

“Why, I didn’t do anything, Kook,” Taehyung pressed his hand to his chest in fake offense, “I was simply passing by playing with my new toy,” He lifted his hand to show Jungkook a medium sized silver pocket knife, seemingly ordinary except for the black button near the bottom of it, “And I happened to see y/n on my way home.”

Jungkook’s eyes narrowed as he stood and downed the last bit of his drink before placing a few bills on the counter as a tip. Anger set his eyes afire as he pointed an accusing finger at the boy before him.

“Stay away from y/n, Taehyung.”

Taehyung smirked. “Try and stop me, Jungkook.”

Furious, Jungkook turned on his heel and walked out the door, not even noticing Anna waving goodbye to him.

Your POV:

The sunlight flooding through your windows momentarily blinded you as you opened your eyes. You heard early morning shouting from outside your apartment and cars honking as you sat up groggily and stretched your arms. You thought back to last night and froze; had you fallen asleep in Jungkook’s arms?

Instinctively, you ran your hands over your clothes and hair; everything was exactly as you remembered, but your surroundings were different. Had he carried you to bed?

You swung your legs over the side of your bed and stood up unsteadily; you walked to your bedroom door and were surprised by the lack of it. Although your door frame was still there, the door was not. Your stepped through the doorway into your living room, surprised to see it completely clean. Jungkook’s sheets and blankets sat folded on your couch and any debris from your broken door had disappeared.

Your eyes scanned the room before you turned around to walk back into your room and your eyes landing on the boy sitting next to the entrance to your bedroom.

His dark hair was messy and tangled, as if he had run his hands through it, angrily, multiple times. His eyes were closed and his lashes lay delicately against his cheek bones. His light pink lips were parted slightly and chapped, with a red stain beside them; it looked like blood. Perhaps he had cut his lip?

You frowned and crouched down to look at him. His head hung forward and his chin rested his chest while his lower back was leaning against the wall. His palms had half-moon indents on them; had he been clenching his fist? Had he gone somewhere last night?

You stared at Jungkook for a few more seconds before standing up again and rushing into your kitchen excitedly.

You pulled out bacon and eggs and started cooking. Soon your entire apartment smelled of food and you had begun humming as you cooked. After a while, you heard the pat-pat of bare feet against flooring and looked up to see Jungkook rubbing his eyes with his hair even messier than before. His shirt hung unevenly on his torso exposing his left collarbone. Mechanically, he stretched, revealing his lower abdomen for a moment. You tore your eyes away, suddenly red faced.


You looked up again to see Jungkook smiling at you.

“Hm?” You quietly acknowledged him as a shy smile slowly crept its way to your lips.

Jungkook scratched the back of his neck and looked at you, “Are you making food?”

You grinned and held out a plate of finished food to him. He smiled and took it and a fork from you before sitting at your table and starting to eat.

You made yourself a plate and moments later were sitting across from Jungkook. “So you threw out my door?” You started the conversation playfully.

Jungkook looked up, his cheeks full of food, and quickly swallowed. He let out a nervous breath, “I’m sorry, y/n, it just didn’t seem like a good idea to keep it around since it was ruined…” Jungkook became silent and you started giggling.

“I’m joking, Jungkook. Don’t worry about it,” You said after laughing. “Honestly, I’m thankful that you did it for me. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do it myself. Thank you.”

Jungkook smiled and looked back down at his plate of food.

Jungkook’s POV:

Somehow you had both ended up on your couch watching TV after your breakfast, but Jungkook could barely focus on the show.

Following breakfast, you had gone to clean yourself up and minutes later had walked out of your bathroom smelling, again, like cherries. Jungkook’s mind had raced as the smell had invaded his nose. Your suggestion of some TV had barely reached his brain and replying in a normal voice was even more effort.

Luckily, after some time, Jungkook regained his composure. He was just beginning to get into the show with you when his phone started ringing.

He stood up, giving you a shrug before walking out your front door to answer the phone, “Hello?”

Jimin’s voice came through the speaker, getting straight to the point, “Jungkook, where are you?”

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, thinking about how to respond. “I’m-”

“Are you with y/n?” Jimin interrupted him. His voice sounded exasperated and Jungkook gulped.

He hesitated before replying, “Yes, I’m with y/n.”

Jungkook heard his hyung sigh before responding. “Ditch her, Kook. We need to meet.”

A Day in San Francisco

A Day in San Francisco

Prompt: Imagine ice skating with Sam

Summary: After a string of back-to-back cases, you and Sam spend a day in San Francisco

Word count: Just over 5,000

Pairing: Sam Winchester/reader

Warnings: Fluff and Smut. Oral, both male and female receiving. A little bit of dirty talk.

A/N: This is the cheesiest fluff ever. 

A job with a ghoul took you and Sam to Reno while Dean helped Cas in Cleveland. The two of you continued West to take care of a werewolf in Sacramento. Now, it was a crisp November night and you had dispatched a gang of vampires in Sausalito. The back to back cases had you worn out. Neither of you were looking forward to the 27 hours of driving it would take to get back to the Bunker. After a quick discussion, you decided to take a couple of days in San Francisco before making the drive. Sam had seemed hesitant at first, San Francisco was mix bag for him. He had some pleasant memories of a few days spent in the City while he was at Stanford, but that was another life.  He relented when he saw how happy the idea of seemed to make you.

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A/N: Another Misha story?! Happy actor’s week! ;D

Artiste // Misha x Reader 

Words: 2496

Warnings: None!

Request: So you’re writing Misha requests?That’s actually very cool! Do you think you can write one shot where reader works on Supernatural set but as a make-up artist and she and Collins have a crush on each other. They’re talking a lot, whenever Misha sees her he runs to her etc. A little bit blushing never hurts ;) And it’s obvious to everyone but not for them. Jensen and Jared do everything to finally bring them together. Their plan is rather weird and embarrassing but successful. and Misha’s single.

– – – – – –

Your name: submit What is this?

If there was one thing the guys were good at, it was always messing up your masterpieces. And by that, you meant the makeup. 

Sometimes you were convinced that they did it on purpose. Jensen and Jared would come to you, grinning like idiots at how dirty they’d gotten, and you’d sigh and start over with them. Whatever it was, you always couldn’t resist the jokes about it. This was your job, anyway. Even if they did get into food fights when they weren’t supposed to, or wipe dirt on their faces even if the script didn’t call for it, it was fun for all of you to goof around. 

And it got even worse when Misha came along. 

That guy was a joker, even worse than Jared and Jensen, and he’d had you laughing the day he came in. 

“I guess you must be Y/N the makeup lady,” he greeted you that first day, and your smile had trouble leaving your face whenever he came around to get ready for the camera the rest of the day. It was like that from then on, constantly teasing each other and messing around, and soon, he caught on to what Jared and Jensen were always doing. 

“Hey, Y/N,” Jensen grinned, coming in that day with his fake blood nearly all smudged off. You groaned playfully and hit his shoulder, watching him fake the pain. “Don’t hurt me, it wasn’t me! It’s all Misha’s fault.” 

“I know what scene you’re filming right now and he isn’t even in it with you,” you countered, giving him a playful glare as you got to work. 

Misha’s character wasn’t set to film until this one was finished, and it was with Mark and Jensen in this current one. Mark had just barely come to get some touchups done. Something was iffy. As always. 

It made you blush that you even knew Misha’s filming schedule in the first place. You were always getting Jared and Jensen’s scenes mixed up, always genuinely happy and surprised to see one or both of them come in. With Misha, it was different. 

It’s because his name doesn’t start with a J
, you convinced yourself, nodding once as you applied more makeup to Jensen’s face. Less confusing that way. 

You didn’t even notice Jensen’s shit-eating grin until you pulled away to look at your work, and you raised your brow in suspicion, instantly wary about everything around you. From the look he was giving you, there was either something he wasn’t telling you, or he was about to pull a huge prank. “What?” you muttered, the corners of your lips twitching up a little as you fought your smile. “Why are you smiling like a freak?” 

“How do you know Misha’s schedule?” Crap. He caught on, too. 

As you fumbled with your words, the door opened up to reveal an equally ruined Jared, face nearly wiped of all makeup in general as he burst through the doors. It only took him a split second to see the look on Jensen’s face, and your blushing cheeks, and then he was grinning just like him. Something was up big time. 

“What’s going on?” he chuckled, taking a seat next to Jensen as he scrubbed the remnants of makeup away. “This wasn’t me, by the way. It was Misha.” 

“Why do you guys keep blaming Misha?” you snorted, adding a few more details to Jensen’s faux bruise on his jawline. “Is he even here today?” 

“You tell us, Y/N. Since you seem to know his schedule,” Jensen smirked, waggling his eyebrows to Jared, who had scooted his chair to be right next to Jensen’s as you worked. 

If it was possible, your cheeks flushed with even more color, but you couldn’t duck your head away like you normally would. That was the thing about being a makeup artist. You couldn’t look away from what you were doing. 

There was some unspoken secret between the two of them in that room, some sort of inside joke, and you kept quiet as they snuck glances at one another.
“All done,” you sighed, defeated, and then turned to Jared. “Let’s get that pretty face done, too.” 

“Oh, I’m going to lunch so I won’t need anything done for a while,” he smiled, nudging you playfully. “How come you don’t know our schedules? You’ve been working with us longer, Y/N.” 

The teasing was constant with these guys. You were expecting more, but someone called you out to be on set, and you bolted faster than actual lightning. Was it really that obvious that you had a crush on Misha? It was just a silly crush…it wasn’t like he had feelings for you, too. Most of the time you two were just flirting, nothing serious. 

Hopefully those two weren’t going to tell him about it. The only thing more embarrassing than Jensen and Jared teasing you about it was Misha included in it.

“Y/N!” the director called, waving you over once you went on set. “We need you to stay here for a little while. The rain’s making everyone’s faces fall off.” 

You nodded, acknowledging his request, but your eyes were only briefly on him until a pair of blue ones caught your attention, and in no time at all, Misha was running over, a grin ever present on his face. He nearly tackled you into a quick hug, careful not to make too much of a scene, and you flashed him a shy smile as he started babbling about what was going on. 

“I think I look so much better without all that makeup on anyway, but no one else agrees,” he told you, eyes squinting just a bit from how big he was beaming. “What do you think?” 

“I think you need to be camera ready but you do look just fine without any makeup on,” you agreed, shoving him away playfully and waving a few of the extras over to help them out a little. Most of the scene was gory and dirty, and they all needed to look the part, so you were in charge of dirtying them up with streaks of dirt and some bloody gashes, and that was that. 

Jensen and Jared and appeared halfway through your small line of people needing to be retouched, and you blatantly ignored them, hoping they wouldn’t say anything. 

“Misha, you’ve met Y/N,” Jensen smiled, a sly one that lit up his eyes in the most mischievous way. “She’s cool, right?” 

You whipped your head around to glare at him, sending daggers right into him so that he was paralyzed, but Jared had caught on and filled in for him. 

“Isn’t she just the greatest?” 

The best thing you could do to retaliate and make them both shut up for good was to dip a brush into some foundation and flick it at them, smirking evilly as it hit their faces and clothes just enough to make them flinch. 

“That foundation is expensive. You owe me money,” you told him with a curt nod, turning back to finish with the last actor before they ran off. 

“Misha’s next!” Jensen declared, shoving Misha forward with a huge smile, and gave him a wink before walking off with Jared, both of them apparently going to lunch now. 

There was a moment of awkward silence before you got to work, working on perfecting Misha’s face for the cameras once again, and then he smiled at you out of nowhere, something you were totally used to. 

“Sometimes I think that both of them have crushes on you.” 

He was obviously teasing, these two were fathers and husbands even if it was sometimes hard to believe, but you played along. 

“I think so, too. They came in just a few minutes ago because they said you ruined their makeup,” you revealed, not expecting the startled reaction from him. He looked genuinely confused, just like you would have guessed, and eased him with a smile. “I didn’t believe them, though. Those two are always messing stuff up.” 

Misha gave you a wry smile and nodded quietly, a first for him, and maybe it was just your imagination, but you were almost certain that behind all that makeup you’d just put on him, you could feel the heat of a blush. 

– – – –

A sick day wouldn’t kill your career. You really needed one; that was what your cough and rising fever were telling you. 

You looked as pale as the dead body you’d helped create and you were trying so hard not to cough on everything; the last thing you needed was to sterilize everything. So yeah, a sick day was going to have to happen. 

“I hope you don’t mind covering for me,” you told one of your assistants, voice apologetic as you packed up your bag to head home for the rest of the day. 

“No problem at all, go get some rest,” she assured you with a smile, patting your back sympathetically when you hacked out another cough. 

You sniffled a little and waved a weak goodbye, stepping out of your trailer to get to your car, but you bumped into none other than Misha before you could even get a few feet away. 

He was holding his face in one hand, eyes wide as he looked at you, and you saw Jensen and Jared running after him a few yards away, both of them looking amused but also a little worried. 

“Misha, don’t run away like that!” Jared cried, arms outreached for the actor, and you raised a brow. 

“Y/N, don’t let him go anywhere!” Jensen pleaded, but you weren’t about to do that without a good reason. 

“What happened?” you asked Misha quietly, eyes widening in alarm when he pulled his hand away to reveal a forming bruise on his jawline. A real one, not one you’d painted on before. And maybe it was a horrible time to brag, but your bruising makeup was pretty spot on. 

Jensen and Jared had finally caught up, flanked on either side of Misha, looking sheepish but not all that sorry to begin with. 

“Can you fix this for the shoot? We accidentally punched him in the face,” Jensen explained, Jared biting his lip to hold in the laughter. “We smudged his makeup and now he looks ugly.” 

“Guys, really?” you huffed, and the sudden release of air from your lungs made you cough violently again. “Now you’re dragging Misha into this little game of yours?” 

Both of them shrugged and nodded, not at all guilty, and you snorted a little at the gleaming in their eyes. They were up to something and it probably wasn’t something you would like. So, you’d give them a taste of their own medicine. Tease them right back. 

“As you can probably tell,” you began, waving a hand around your face and body, “I’m not feeling a hundred percent today and I’m going home early. Someone else can handle your accidental fight club today. I need fluids and probably some meds to help me sleep.” 

“Are you sick?” Misha asked immediately, completely disregarding his face to tend to you. It surprised you a little and you stepped back, eyebrow raised. 

“The more important thing is your bruise right now. That might be a bit of a sucker to cover up. How did they even accidentally punch you?” you asked him, reaching out to touch it, but Misha waved you off and scoffed. 

You watched in amazement as he wiped away the bruise with the pads of his fingers, easy and swift, and the realization that these three idiots had punk’d you yet again was nearly enough to make you even more ill.

“Are you joking?” 

Misha looked the most embarrassed out of all of them, so you left your glaring to the other two. 

“We can explain?” Misha tried, giving you a shrug and then looking to Jensen and Jared, a blush whirling across his face as he looked back at you. “This is going to sound like the stupidest thing ever but I already look so stupid anyway. Jensen and Jared were trying to be my wingmen – I hate that term and I’m never using it again – and they said that the way I can see you the most is by wiping all my makeup off to go and make you do it again. That sounds awful, though, and I don’t like wasting your time. So Jensen made a plan to pretend to punch me in the face and the one of the intern girls in the makeup crew, her name is Victoria and you might know her, helped me with the bruise. So that you’d have to help me…I don’t want to keep talking. Do you get it? I’m sorry.” 

“I get you,” you said quickly, pressing your lips together firmly as you sorted everything out. He’d gone out of his way to do all this just to get you to pay attention to him. As if you weren’t already doing that.

The way Misha looked so embarrassed made your heart flutter, and the smile that tugged at your lips spread without much of a fight. 

“Their plan was a little stupid,” you admitted, looking to Jensen and Jared, who still looked pretty damn proud anyway. You saw Misha duck his head, and you kept going. “But only because I always pay the most attention to you, anyway.” 

He looked up just then, looking bewildered that this had actually worked, and you gave him a quick smile before bursting into a very unattractive fit of coughs yet again, covering your mouth with your hand as you let it out. 

“Let’s get you home,” he urged, pushing you forward gently to lead you out for the day, and both of you groaned at the whoops Jensen and Jared were letting out, as if they had completed some sort of victory. 

“I think I’ve got it from here,” you teased him weakly, nodding towards the parking lot. “I can make it. My house is only ten minutes away.” 

Misha gave you one of those amazing smiles of his, shrugging a shoulder nonchalantly as he followed you out. “Consider this a really great first date, consisting of me making you soup and asking you lame questions about makeup.” 

“Won’t you get in trouble for leaving work?” 

It was then that you saw a grin so alike to Jensen and Jared’s that it actually scared you. 

“I’ll just tell everyone that those two giants punched me in the face and bullied me all day. Joke’s on them.” 

You felt lighter as a laugh escaped your lips, a little raspy, but genuine. And you even felt better when Misha tentatively grabbed your hand and led you to the car, making small talk to keep you aware. If anything, you were coming to the conclusion that Misha was the best medicine. Him and his fake bruise ideas.