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You’re the One (Daveed x Reader)

Summary: Based on an ask I saw about reader/Daveed being roommates. The reader teases him about his appearance on Sesame Street. Fluff.

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

A/N: This was a good idea. Good job anon.

“D!” You yelled as soon as you heard the apartment door open.

“What?” Daveed went into the kitchen, rifling around in the fridge for something to eat.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to be on Sesame Street!”

“I guess I forgot? I don’t know, I’ve been busy.” He plopped down next to you and handed you a beer, sighing. He looked tired.

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So what's Loki now?


So, before Thor Ragnarok, for me at least, Loki was more a Sympathetic villain or antagonist with redeemable qualities. Like, his actions in Thor 2 were good, but they were for his own sake, his main motivation was, in a long term, to get the throne, something that he does.

But in Thor Ragnarok his motivations are not clear for me, and that’s the reason why now I don’t know where to place him!!

I mean, when he was acting like Odin his government was all basically about arts and venerating himself (my bet, this guy just loves to be loved and wanted the people of Asgard to love him as a hero lol, and that was to please his own pride) but then we get a scene where we see Odin call Loki “son” and also saying his mother would have been proud of him… That is new, more if we take care of the fact that what Loki apparently wanted in the first Thor installment was the recognition and love of Odin (not in a good way, but we get it) and to be equal as Thor.

Later in Ragnarok we get a conversation between Loki and his brother

Thor: “I thought the world of you.. I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever but.. At the end of the day, you are you and I am me. And now maybe there’s still good in you but let’s be honest, our paths diverged a long time ago”

Loki (surprisedly serious and not looking like, yes I want this!): “Yeah, it’s probably for the best we never see each other again"

And then Loki tries to betray Thor again, but then there’s another new thing now… Thor actually predicted the trick and in this story, that’s a game changer to me, ‘cause it shows that maybe now Thor actually gets Loki.

And then we’re in Asgard again and in the middle of the battle Loki suddenly arrives. Thor doesn’t look even a little surprised, he even says “You’re late”

So what was that? Then obviously Thor knew Loki was going, but how? That’s why he said these things to Loki before?

But, what really is freaking me out, is why did Loki not just came back, but willingly helped Thor and became a Revenger (lol)

Was it to please his pride again? (With all the “Your savior is here”) Was it for a tiny piece of love for Asgard and its people as his home? Was it because he wanted to help Thor, because he loves his brother (I mean, for me he clearly does, at least in his own way)? Did we just see for first time a noble Loki?

Or was it part of a bigger plan where Loki wants to get something bigger for himself (as would be usual in his selfishness)?

He took the tesseract, that’s obvious. But why did he? When he was Odin he had free pass to take it, still he didn’t ‘till that moment. Maybe because everything was gonna get destroyed and leave that destructive thing right there wouldn’t have been a good idea at all (that’s true). Maybe because he thought it could be useful in the future, or maybe just because why not? It’s Loki.

Still I don’t think coming back to Asgard had something to do with the tesseract. He went to that room after Thor suggested his master plan, and he wasn’t going there before that.

At the end he actually looks by Thor’s side (but he has looked like that before!)

So, for me, Loki can still be a sympathetic villain. Or just an anti-hero with the possibility of a good redemption arc.

But that depends on his motivations for saving Asgard’s people… And also depending on whose side he’s gonna take in Infinity War.

When Thor said “I might give you a hug if you were actually here” and then Loki answers “I’m here” for me it screams possible redemption arc in big (also, BROMANCE) and this scene also shows a change, and a big one. Loki is never there, Loki never moves from the same, he doesn’t evolve and keeps being trapped with his past and his problems and for me this scene is meant to show that now there’s a change, now Loki is there. What that means for the future, we only can wait to see.

But all of this  also makes me insanely conscient that This Is Loki™ and even if he gets a redemption arc, he still has to be Loki, unpredictable, tricky Loki. If writers give them an arc like that then it’s gonna be highly interesting to see how our mischievous is being at the good side (if he ever is).

And if they don’t give them that, although that would be disappointing for me, I hope they at least give the character justice. Many are speculating Loki will bring the tesseract to Thanos, etc etc, ant that may be true, maybe he will do an heroic action to save Thor at the end, or maybe not, who knows?!

For now, for me, Loki is a tentative antihero. Because I can’t actually discern his motivations at the end of Ragnarok, and because I don’t know if he would keep himself by Thor’s side or if he’ll change later. So, we’ll see

(Infinity war hurry up, I’m dying here!!)

answering asks!

just picked 20 this time. ill open asks again next week

some of the questions i got were answered in the faq too! pls read that before sending questions, even if you think your question wont be there.. it probably is JKFLD;JFS

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Ghostbusters 2016 rant

Re: whether or not a reboot should have been made…

There is a difference between remaking something like Gone With The Wind and Ghostbusters. Comparing a cinematic masterpiece to a cult classic is apples and oranges. Yes, the original Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of all time, but you know what else it is? It’s a hero movie. It’s a timeless underdogs-becoming-heroes story, and the fact that so many little boys (and girls) looked up to the old ghostbusters should not be a reason to *not* remake it. To properly reboot a franchise one major question you must answer is “how can we make this different and worthy?” And they answer that question with great dexterity by making the heroes women.

I grew up with the original ghostbusters as heroes. We played GB every day on my street, and I looked up to those guys, partially because they were cool role models, but also because there were no women heroes worthy of looking up to. Yes, Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver’s characters are iconic but they’re not heroes. They’re not heroes of their own story. This new movie could only work as a reboot and it could only work with women. There would be zero reason for a reboot starring men, since the originals are still so popular. And as a lot of grumpy nay-Sayers like to talk about, no it doesn’t work as a sequel with women because a sequel to the originals would mean that these women were riding on the coat tails of men. It would mean that every bit of science they had would have only been possible because men did it first. This reboot gives them a universe of their own where the science is theirs, where the heroics are theirs, and the reward is theirs and theirs alone. You know, like in real life, where women do things without men literally all the time.

These women are the Ghostbusters I needed when I was a kid. It would have been a game changer for me. And what upsets me the most about these butthurt fanboys who can’t shut up about how this movie somehow “ruined their childhood,” is that they completely forget the fact that THEY ALREADY HAD THEIR CHILDHOOD. They HAD their heroes, they HAD their toys, they HAD their fun, and they grew up not knowing what it’s like to never be represented in any way other than an accessory. I will *never* understand why they feel it necessary to try and take this movie away from NEW generations who didn’t and have not had that. Girls who have never seen a group of female action heroes who are smart, and funny, and independent, and so wonderfully bad-ass. Let the girls have this movie. Piggy backing on that- never before have you seen a movie where the action heroes are four women over 30! Three of whom are over 40! And who represent so many different kinds of women! AND THEY’RE SCIENTISTS IN COMFORTABLE CLOTHES! I am always so touched to read posts where women say “I saw myself in this character because…” Representation is important, and if lack of representation doesn’t bother you it means you’re represented enough not to care. If you’re upset that this movie was made for whatever reason I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter because THIS MOVIE ISN’T FOR YOU. Like Paul Feig tweets all the time, this movie has already made a huge impact on many people, young and old, all different sexes, genders, races, and geographic locations. It’s an unmitigated success on many levels, backed by reports from Sony themselves. When a movie makes nearly $100mil profit in ticket sales (not including merchandise or third party tie-ins) and you consider that the majority of movie goers ARE women, it goes to show that this is what the audience wants. What the audience has been wanting for for a long time.

So thank you to Sony, thank you to the creators of the original for loving and believing in this movie so much, and thank you to the makers and stars of the Ghostbusters reboot because it is important, it is necessary, and it is wonderful. A sequel would show those butthurt fanboys that we don’t need them to get stuff done.

Thank you for your time. End rant.


Backstage, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a celebrity and goes to see Hamilton? + Lin

Words: 1210 (*Daveed’s voice*: whaaaaaaaaattttt?)

Author’s Note: You guys are insane! I hit 150 followers yesterday and I have hit 200 already! Also, someone take Lin away from me I can’t stop writing for him. Also, someone requested an Anthony fic…i’m so ready to sin.

Warnings: Long. Like, wow. It’s long.

Requests are open until the end of the month! Please send some in!

Askbox | Masterlist | Part Two | Part Three Part Four

After brushing shoulders with Daveed in college, where he was a track star turned theater major, you knew he was off to do amazing things.

That much was confirmed when you heard whispers of a breakthrough musical with Daveed’s name involved. You didn’t know many details, until it debuted off-broadway and it made headlines all over the world.

As you spent most of your time traveling for work, you hardly found yourself in New York at the right time to watch him in his Broadway debut.

Due to a little downtime, you found yourself in the city that never sleeps with a few months to yourself. You immediately texted Daveed.

To: Daveed

heard anything about some hip-hop/rap/historical musical? got tickets for this week’s matinee, any interest?

From: Daveed

told the cast you’re coming. they all died.

You giggled, happy they were excited you were coming, especially when they had such amazing people seeing the show on a daily basis. Thanks to several fortunate television gigs and a movie here or there, you were able to work your way to a successful career.

The day of the show came slowly, and you were practically bouncing on your cab ride there from excitement. A few people recognized you on your way into the theater and politely asked for pictures.

You posed a few times, checking the time to make sure you were seated well before the show started. You chatted with a few people you recognized on your way to your seat, before finally plopping into a seat and pulling your phone out.

A few people had already tweeted the pictures you posed for.

Saw @(Y/N) headed into Hamilton! Super nice! I expect a West Wing-inspired pic from Lin soon!

Ah, your short stint on West Wing 10 years ago. You nearly forgot how much Lin enjoyed the show. With a little scrolling, you noticed Lin had replied to the tweet with a simple shocked-faced emoji.

You went through to like and retweet a few things, deciding to respond to Lin’s tweet later. The lights flickered, signalling the start of the show was upon you. You closed your phone just as the announcements rang out over the speakers, followed by the opening notes.

You were probably the loudest audience member they ever had. You were completely entranced by the performance, on your feet after every show-stopper (particularly the ones that involved Daveed), reacting along with the audience.

You sat in awe for a moment after the final bows. You scrolled through your phone again, greeted with several texts from Daveed inviting you backstage. You opened Twitter again to rave about the show, to find a tweet from the same fan who tweeted before:

I don’t know what’s more amazing, watching Hamilton or watching @(Y/N) watch Hamilton.

Backstage was just as interesting as the actual show. The cast danced around each other, very familiar with one another’s routines. You’d never seen a group move so seamlessly together, and they were all moving around you.

The first was Daveed, who quickly embraced you and started rapidly firing off polite conversation, the usual, ‘How have you been? How long has it been? You’re famous! That’s cool.’

You posed for pictures, some cast members approached you individually and you chatted with them for a bit. Eventually, you begged and pleaded for a picture with as many of the ensemble you could manage and they were very happy to accommodate you.

You thanked the women playing the Schuyler Sister for portraying strong, interesting females, especially as people of color. You told Daveed you think he did alright.

You could barely stop yourself from blubbering over the men, completely enamored by each of them. In particular, Leslie may have been the smoothest, most interesting human being you had every met.

You were particularly hyped about Okieriete who, while played a loud mouth on stage, had quite the charming voice and the kindest smile.

Then, out came Lin. He made a bee-line to you, joining in the little group that surrounded you. You kept your attention on Alex Lacamoire, who was happily chatting about transition.

“-then Schuyler Sisters hits you out of nowhere! It’s all so seamless, your orchestrations were completely breathtaking, a truly amazing job.” You gushed, nearly at a loss of words, trying to remember every positive thought that had run through your mind during the show.

He was very gracious and kindly asked for a picture. Then, you turned to Lin.

“This,” You gestured to the stage around you, “May just be a game changer for me, as a performer.”

“That is the best compliment you could possibly give.” 

He quickly dived into a conversation, expertly dodging any talk about the show and settling on a conversation about your shared interests. His eyes sparkled, suddenly remembering something.

“Do you have time? I promised I would do a quick Periscope Q&A and try to convince you to do it with me.” Without a second thought, you responded.

“I would love to.” He escorted you further backstage and into his dressing room. He fiddled with his phone for a moment, mumbling about being ‘Old Man Miranda’, which you giggled at.

“Guys. History is being made here. I have someone in my dressing room…” He trailed off, watching as the messages came pouring in. His eyes struggled to keep up. He suddenly shifted so you were in frame with him.

“Hi everyone!” You called out, reading the first messages you saw, which mostly consisted of your name in capital letters. Finally, a legitimate question came in, “The show was alright, maybe a six out of ten.” You answered casually, before immediately breaking, “I loved it! I am in love with everything and everyone involved. I’m actually looking into getting married to the show.”

You answered a few more questions before Lin decided to call it quits and say goodbye to the viewers. You took a seat on the couch in his dressing room, and he dove into a conversation that lasted well into the night.

Realizing the time, you decided it was best to call it a night and try to hail a cab. He moved you through the building, saying goodnight to a few stragglers, and into the street.

“You’re in New York for awhile?” He asked, adjusting the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.

“Until I decide on another gig. Taking a much needed break.”

“So you’ll be free if I ask you out to dinner?” He sheepishly asked, still fiddling with his backpack straps just to keep his hands busy.

You giggled, wondering how this man could make you feel like a school girl with her first playground crush all over again.

“How could I say no?” He grinned at you for a moment, before noticing a cab approaching. He whistled, hailing it and holding the door open for you, “You owe me a date.” You pushed your index finger into his chest, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before climbing into the cab.

As you settled in, your phone dinged loudly, you dug through your purse, seeing it was a message from Daveed.

From: Daveed

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

The Fake RWBY Volume 4 or Writing Issues and Pacing

Volume 4 of RWBY ended. We saw our favorite team being split through entire world and embarking onto journeys in entirely different continents, interacting with different characters. Yet for the scope the Volume 4 undertook, There’s a surprising lack of substance. Or Should I say, surprising lack of NEW substance.

Now many who followed my posts might have an inkling of thought on why I chose Ruby with the map as a opener picture to this post. Whether you do or not, let me tell you a tale about Volume 4, the Volume that as far as Narrative and Characters are concerned could as well not exist. In fact if we look from character point of view it literally does not exist. Why?

A long wall of text accompanied by images, charts and schemes waits you after the cut.

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Ruin part 2

Requested by @latteshawn PART 2 PART 2 and anonymous: part 2 to ruin?? it was amazing!! part 1

AN: Thank you both for requesting! It felt really good knowing at least two people enjoyed it enough for a second part. I’m going to put out there how hard I’ve tried today to do the Shawn Mendes Accent Challenge, but I’m so technologically challenged it wasn’t working. I’m still going to try and figure out how to post it though because it was a lot of fun. Also, thank you to @ihaveabadreputation for always being up for reading over my imagines. Allison is amazing !

Originally posted by your-local-killjoy

 Sunday had passed incredibly slowly. You kept to yourself the entire day, avoiding your family. Shawn hasn’t texted or called, which was understandable. You just weren’t sure if it was up to you to make the next move. Even if you did, you had no idea what it should entail. It had been less than twenty four hours and you were still very committed to your boyfriend. You hadn’t bothered telling anyone what happened, either. 

Your finger hovers over Shawn’s name in your contacts then moves to your boyfriends. You came to the one conclusion that sounded fair. The only way you’d reach out to Shawn would be to end things with your boyfriend. You didn’t doubt that it was incredibly rushed, but Shawn made you feel things you only heard of in books, or movies. 

The entire idea sounded insane in your head, but you needed to be honest with yourself. ‘Why were you dating your boyfriend?’ ‘How long would you keep loving him so wholeheartedly, waiting for him to open up with his feelings?’ 'Why were you lying to your friends, but more than that, to yourself?' 

High school seemed to be built off drama between friends and relationships. Even though half the couples you came in contact with only talked through social media. Maybe you were waiting for someone to notice that you weren’t invested in your relationship the way you had once been. That didn’t mean you planned for the words to come from Shawn. 

He was the last person you expected to make you think it was ok to end something that wasn’t going anywhere. You had been no better. Even though you never thought of yourself as being in one of those “cliche high school couples” that’s exactly what you were. Chasing someone’s love who didn’t want to give it to you. Why were you making it so hard on yourself when it could be so much easier? 

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Lightning in a Bottle, where do I even begin? Once again I’ve been enchanted by my favorite festival. Once again I’ve left thinking that this time it was even better than the last. Once again I’ve left inspired, recharged and more comfortable with who I am.

It’s always hard to put into words exactly what this festival is about and what it means to me. When I come back after the weekend everyone likes to ask, and I find it hard to use just a few words to explain the feelings it gives me and the world it creates. So this piece might be a little rambly and long, but I want to paint a picture for you of the full experience.


On Friday, we arrived Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) bright and early. This was the first time we’d decided to do car camping. We were there by 10 am and I found the car camping area to be pretty packed already. It seemed that Thursday was the busy night for the LIB team, with the bulk of campers arriving then. Luckily we had a friend who came in Thursday night and saved a nice space next to his tent for us.

Let me tell you, car camping is a total game changer. I will never not car camp again at LIB. Moving our stuff from the car to camping was 100x easier. It also really helped that it was overcast Friday morning when we arrived. By the time we set up our tent, the sun was clearing out the clouds and warming up the day.

We got a new tent this year too. It was a Coleman 10 Person Instant Tent. We got it at Costco for about $200 and I have zero regrets. Previously we used a six person tent – which holds six people if you’re laying side-by-side next each other in sleeping bags with literally nothing else in your tent. With the 10 person tent, and four of us in it, we were able to fit two queen air mattresses, stand up to get dressed and have a lot of room for all of our other stuff inside the tent this year. We didn’t even need to set up a canopy to keep us shaded because it came with a really great one that attached to it.

Setting up the tent and seeing the lake was totally amazing. For those of you who don’t know, this was the first year that LIB has been at the San Antonio Recreation area with a lake. It’s incredible to see that we had so much rain this year in CA.

After setting up our camping area, we grabbed some beers and went for a walk to check out the lake. It didn’t take us long to realize how the lake was affecting the San Antonio recreation area. Over the course of the weekend we saw two snakes, some half-dollar-sized spiders, and lots of little flies/mosquitoes. Surprisingly, none of these bugs bit us and I don’t have any marks which was a really nice surprise. The snakes were also harmless, mostly just scary. This was solved though by a guy next to our campsite who we ended up dubbing “Jake the Snake”. This crazy guy collected the snakes for us and moved them away from our campsites. (Thank you, Jake the Snake).

It also turned out that the festival had to be reorganized a little bit, because of something else the lake brought with it. Where the Woogie stage used to be, a bald eagle had made a nest and laid some eggs in the tree. Talk about amazing. Some people even got to see it. We tried to look for it once but we couldn’t find her or the nest.

We had one friend arrive at our campsite after us because she had to take a separate car. To offset the carbon emissions, LIB charges single car drivers $30 to park at the festival. Once she arrived, we changed into our first looks and headed into the festival for the first time.

Friday we themed “holographic space lamb”. My group and I really like coordinating themed outfits. I wore my Glamorous UK blush pink mesh maxi dress, holographic J Valentine bottoms, lightning bolt pasties, and some new platform pink boots I had purchased from Hot Topic. It didn’t take me long to need to put some insoles into those shoes. They were cheaply made but became much more comfortable once I had the shoe pads in. They were a ton of fun to frolic in around the festival. I always recommend bringing a pair of insoles to any festival. They can be a totally game changer.

The weather Friday was perfect with the morning haze, then even still once it cleared up. During the day it never got too hot and then at night I layered my look with some leggings and this really cool faux fur jacket I got off Poshmark for $20.

Once changed we headed into the festival to explore. The Thunder and Lightning stages were the same beautiful set up they’ve always been. A new Pagoda Bar, Woogie stage and other some other new structures were set up with beautiful bright colors reflecting on the lake.

Because of the way the festival was reorganized, it did feel a little squished in some areas. I felt like there was a stage near the Gong Sanctuary and The Cauldron tents that was a little too close. The music overpowered speakers there and the meditation space. I also felt like there were a lot more vendors than previously, which was fine, but it just took a little learning curve to learn the new festival grounds.

We checked out a class in the Learning Kitchen, “Digestive Psychology” on Friday. It was about how we often just try to treat an problem vs finding the underlying issue. For example: perhaps we have back pain and we’re dealing with a lot of stress; we should learn to deal with the stress primarily vs medicating the back pain, because the stress could be causing the pain.

Friday night was a lot of fun bouncing around to check out how art pieces transformed into glowing night structures, dancing to music at multiple stages, and eventually closing the night with Rufus Du Sol. We’re not really the group of people who stay up past 2am haha, we were beat and called it a night after 2am. There’s of course music all through the night for those who want to stay up.

Saturday I wore matching tie-dye overalls with my boyfriend, which we dyed together the weekend before. This look was totally his idea and they turned out amazing. Everyone loved them, I swear I got more compliments on my outfit that day vs any other day. We purchased the white overalls from Forever 21 and got a tie-dye kit from Michael’s with a coupon. I actually ended up having to dye the overalls twice because the first time we didn’t properly fill in all the white space. That worked out fine and they turned really great. I loved having all the pockets and it wasn’t too warm to wear during the day because we didn’t wear any shirts underneath. and at night, I just added my coat again and I was perfectly content.

Saturday we ventured out and checked a few different classes. First was “Sex, Love & Awakening: 4 Keys to Ecstatic Partnership” at Haven. Let’s be real, we wanted to check out at least one class that had sex in the title. I really ended up liking this class and the speaker. She was super well spoken and had a lot of interesting points. She talked about the fours stages of a relationship that she’s studied as a psychologist, and my friends and I had some great discussions after about our own relationships.

Then we went to “Tarot Readings with the Tarot Woman” at Craft-Folk Arts. Each reading was $20. After, we went and checked out a favorite from last year, Benjamin Pixie and salmon skin tanning. This year the class was hands on and we saw a little of the process he uses. Mr. Pixie has some great stories and a love for sharing them that makes his smile quite infectious.

We checked out another Learning Kitchen class Saturday called “Flavor Tripping: A Trip Down Sensory Lane” which was really cool as well. This one was presented by New Belgium Brewery, and they had some beer samples for us while they talked about the process and different tastes of each. They also told us about this thing called a Miracle Berry and let us experiment with it. It’s a plant native to West Africa that contains glycoprotein, something that causes sour foods to taste sweet temporarily. We all got to have one of these little pill versions of the fruit, then they passed out lemons and limes to taste. It was totally crazy because you really did have a tastebud change!

Saturday we also checked out the 2nd Annual Soapbox Derby which was so awesome, and spent most of Saturday night at the Grand Artique which is set up like an old Western town, and played some arcade games. I won a rabbits foot on my first try.

While it may sound like we had very organized days, it was was really made up of a lot of hopping around. We’d taken a look at the schedule before and picked a few things that sounded interesting, but for the most part we would check out a class here, listen to some music there, grab a snack or sit by the lake. There’s really no set schedule you have to abide to at LIB and that’s one of the things that makes it so much fun. We weren’t living by the clock and rushing to keep to a schedule. Most people also have no service at the festival, and you either decide it’s too frustrating to try to keep to posting things, or you just don’t care anymore and you put your phone away to just experience everything.

Sunday was the hottest day. We woke up feeling hot for the first time, and decided it was time for us to venture down to the lake for a swim. The water was so refreshing and felt so nice. The shore was rocky but once in the water you could swim or float without touching it. Everyone was in the water Sunday AM it felt like. Pockets all over the grounds were filled with colorful floats. One of my favorite things about LIB is how we all accept the fact that just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life and have fun. We still like to play in the water, climb on playgrounds and be silly. I love that we’re given this freedom there. I love that no one judges anyone there. The festival had artists build a few climbing structures on land, then a few floating art pieces as well for us to all play on to further facilitate our play.

I think what always keeps me coming back to LIB is this overarching theme of freedom. I get to wear all my “crazy” outfits with lots of colors, dye my hair pink and do my makeup with tons of glitter. I get to play dress up and people don’t stare at me like I’m a weirdo, but appreciate the creativity in it. I get to walk around with a backpack filled with cold beers and drink responsibly instead of trying to drink a ton before getting into an event so I don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts to drink once inside. I never feel harassed by security or pestered by rules. It’s an adult playground; we’re given the freedom to explore, take charge of our own bodies, take charge of our own time, and express ourselves in our own creative ways. It’s one of the most freeing experiences of my life each time I go.

Sunday we went back to Craft-Folk Arts to listen to “Storytelling - Animal Awareness with Rainbow Dreamer”. It felt like story time in school again- Rainbow Dreamer was a flawless storyteller, with a mesmerizing cadence. From there we went to one of the last Sound Healing sessions at the Gong Sanctuary. Here you lay down with your eyes closed and they play all these sounds around you like rain sticks and gongs for about 20 minutes as a mediation session.

We then hiked up to Mediation Point to take in the view, and ended the day like every other day, watching the sunset from a cliff with other festival-goers. This is always such a magical close to the day, and it was even more beautiful this year with the lake reflecting the light. After howling and clapping at the sunset, we changed for our last night at the festival. Sunday night was the coldest and the most windy, but we had a great time again closing with Bassnectar.

Sunday I wore a hot pink metallic one piece swimsuit I had been pining over since I first saw it online. I waited for a good sale and purchased it, the brand is Motel. I wore it with some fun alien hoop earrings my boyfriend got me for Christmas, and at night with some glitter tights. During the day I had a faux fur purple vest with it from Poshmark, then at night again my faux fur jacket to stay warm.

There’s so many things to explore at LIB, but my friends and I felt like we didn’t miss a thing this year. We experienced it all as it was meant to be, by fulling allowing ourselves to journey through the festival. We went to some great classes and lectures and then took those further into wonderful discussions together as the sun set each night. We grew together over this weekend, and I know we won’t forget the memories we made anytime soon. I love this feeling I leave LIB with, and I hope it stays with me for a long time until it’s time to be refreshed again next year.

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Tododeku with 1

1: the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate.

Shouto has long ago perfected the art of coexisting in the same space with other people without actually ever talking to them, so in retrospect, it’s not that surprising that his soulmate was in Class 1-A and neither of them realized it for nearly three weeks. 

As it is, the only reason they first speak to each other is because of an accident. 

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All My Idols Ch 28: The Magic Potion

“This looks delicious!” I say with a big grin.

“Well dig in than!” Seungri eagerly offers me every beautifully made dish on the table, even daring the snatch it out of the older men’s hands. But they put up a fight when the see the smile on my face. I stuff my face for the first time in a long time, I can’t remember the last time I ate such delicious food to my hearts content. The guys must think the same as they order more and more food after plate after plate becomes empty.

“When was the last time we had a lunch like this?” Youngbae is grinning ear to ear with a hand on his full belly.

I chuckle as I mimic his actions and rest my hand on my distended belly, “I don’t remember but oh my go it has been too long!”

“Look at your little belly,” Seungri teases from my left, placing his hand over mine.

I swat him away, “Leave me alone with my chubbiness.”

Jiyong chuckles, “Did you enjoy your meal?”

I nod eagerly, “It was amazing thank you guys so much! But I need to run to the restroom, I’ll be back in a minute, okay?” The minute I try to get to my feet all five are doing the same. “No, absolutely not. You guys are not walking me to a public bathroom, sit your asses down.”

“Charlie,” Seungri tries to offer but my glare makes him shut his mouth.

When all of them are seated I give them a smile, “Thank you. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I leave the private room, taking it slow so I don’t have to worry about them scolding me because I know without looking over my shoulder that they are all watching from the doorway. The whole restaurant is made for privacy, every one gets a private room, the servers don’t ask questions or even look you in the eye. Though I am not a fan of these places, their food is amazing, and the guys seem to prefer it. The bathroom is on the far side of the building, almost as far as possible from our room, half way there I kind of wish I had let one of them come with me. I must look so pathetic limping down the hall but none of the staff say anything to me and I can’t get the courage to ask for help.

I use the restroom quickly and come back into the hall, ready to rush back to the room but five steps into it I’m stumbling into someone’s arms. My arms wrap around them in return, clinging to them like my life depended on it, in this case my ankle might. If I keep falling like this I’m going to seriously mess it up and I don’t need that.

“I’m so sorry,” I mumble is broken Mandarin.

The man mumbles something back that goes completely over my head. He leans away a little when I don’t respond so he can see my face.  I’m too awe struck by the pretty face in front of me to try and translate the words coming out of his pretty lips.

“Charlotte!” Is the only word that gets through to me.

“Yes?” I respond in English without thinking about it.

“Oh,” He clicks his tongue, small smile graces his face, “You don’t speak Mandarin, I’m sorry.” His English response throws me off even more. “Are you okay? I know your ankle is injured, didn’t anyone come with you? Are you wandering around by yourself?”

I told them I would be fine on my own for a few minutes, now I’m sitting here looking like an idiot,” I mumble on and on. “You must think I’m an absolute idiot! Wandering around while I’m hurt in a place where I can’t even speak the language well-”

“Hold on, hold on pretty girl,” He chuckles, “I speak pretty good English but that was way too much, way too fast.

I’m sorry,” I quickly bow my head in embarrassment.

He lifts my chin, a small smile on his beautiful face, “Lets try this again, maybe meet in the middle? How about we try Korean? I feel like we could be more evenly matched.”

I gulp but nod, never feeling so nervous to speak Korean in my whole entire life, “Okay.”

“Okay, now tell me, what are you doing out here?”

I point to the bathroom, “I am heading back from the bathroom.”

“I see you made it pretty far,” He teases. “Where are you headed? I’ll take you back. Who are you here with?”

“Big Bang.”

“Ah, I hear they are your favorite.”

I cock my head at him, finally asking, “You know who I am?”

“Yes I do, which is why I yelled your name at you earlier to get your attention.”

“I know that, but how?”

He chuckles, “How do I know your name? How could I not? You are the princess, I would have to live under a rock not to know who you are. But I take it this means you know who I am.”

“Why do you think I was just staring at you awe struck for a minute?”

“I thought it was my handsome good looks.”

“Well you aren’t far off. That pretty of face of yours made me lose my train of thought.”

“Pretty?” He pouts.

It’s my turn to laugh, “I’m sorry, I meant handsome.”

“Ge what are you doing out here?” A tall man with blond hair steps out of the doorways a little farther down the hall. My jaw drops for a moment until I make eye contact with the giant and I scream. Like I honestly scream, I am so lucky these rooms are sound proof or I would have caused a even bigger scene.

“What in the world is going on out here?” Another giant appears from the doorway, this one even taller with blood red hair.

“Oh my god,” I half heartedly scream into the purple haired man’s chest.

“I feel so insulted that you didn’t react like that to me,” He puffs his chest.

“I’m sorry, I just, this is a lot.”

The blond comes closer, “Is that who I think it is?”

“Wow, how did you mange to find her?” The red head whistles, swaggering up behind the younger.

“She stumbled right into my arms,” The eldest informs, I now realizing neither one of us has let go since our conversation began.

“Luhan-ssi,” I call his attention back to me.

He smiles wider, “Yes?”

I suddenly find myself blushing, “I um… I just need to um…” No proper sentence will form on my lips.

“Are you okay?” Tao comes even closer, resting a hand on my shoulder.

“Maybe we should have her sit down, she’s injured right? Luhan ge can you carry her in or should I?” Kris offers, already holding his arms out, ready to take me from the older.

Luhan shakes his head, “I’ve got her.” Without another word he scoops me up and carries me into their private room, the other two follow behind us, closing the door. For a brief moment I wonder, am I being kidnapped?

“You guys I am fine,” I try to get out of Luhan’s hold but for being such pretty boy he is a lot stronger than I thought he would be.

“Have you eaten?” Tao wonders when the elder sets me down in one of the nice chairs.

I nod, “I just got done eating. I really need to get back to my oppas before they start to worry.”

“I will get you back to them just give us a minute, okay?” His voice is sweeter than I’ve ever heard.

“A minute for what?”

“To just talk to you,” Kris answers finally coming into the conversation.


Luhan crouches down by my seat and stares up at me with sparkling eyes, “We’ve heard a lot about you, we’ve seen you interacting with so many people and even though we had never met before I felt kind of jealous.”

I stare down at him with wide eyes, “You what?”

Tao chuckles, “You have this aura about you, you seem so warm and inviting and we just want to talk to you for a minute to experience it for ourselves. Is that okay?”

“Yea, um, I guess, I’ve just got to get back really soon.”

Luhan nods, waddling even closer, resting his hands on my thigh,  “Of course, but tell us first, how is your leg feeling?”

“My leg? I only hurts if I try to over use it like an idiot.”

“And your health?” Kris pulls up a chair on my other side, all three of them surrounding me.

“My health is a lot better after my time in the hospital and lots of bed rest.” They all nod, smiles grace their handsome faces. “How about your health?” I blurt out, throwing them off, “Tao-ssi, how are your knees?”

“My knees?” He chuckles, “I’ve had plenty of time to rest, they feel a lot better.”

“Luhan-ssi, Kris-ssi, have you had plenty of time to rest? Have you eaten lots of food? Spent lots of time with your families?”

They smile wider, “We have had plenty of rest, thank you for your concern. You know a lot about us, I feel at a disadvantage,” Kris hums. “Tells us more about you.”

“It appears to me that you know a lot,” I hum back.

“Okay well we know what has been printed in magazines, on the news and things on blogs but that it.”

I click my tongue, “Than we a evenly matched.”

“So you have looked us up!” Tao beams at me.

“Of course I have, I try to stay as up to date on you guys as possible, though I haven’t been able to attend any of your concerts since I’ve been living in Asia. But I did see Great Wall, xXx, and the Game Changer, you guys were amazing.” I continue to ramble on about the things they’ve been up to since they left EXO, filled with so much excitement that I don’t even notice how much I’m actually talking and how fast my mouth is moving. But I suddenly do notice how they are staring at me, full handsome smiles are on their faces, eyes crinkled into almost nothing, they look so cute.

My mouth finally stops moving and we are all left just staring at each other. We all seem to be awe struck by the other, I take a moment to scan each of them over. Tao and Kris are dressed similar like I always imagined they would, both wearing black jeans, only difference being the zippers that are all over Tao’s pants. Kris’s outfit is on the fancier end, a nice button up and I’m guessing the long trench coat hanging on the back of one of the chairs belongs to him while Tao is wearing a worn out t-shirt that probably cost more than my apartment. I notice a large leather jacket on the back of the chair I’m in and assure it belongs to him.

Luhan looks amazing in a three piece, all black suit, that has my mouth watering. I have no idea why he is dressed so nicely for a lunch with some friends but I thank whatever the reason is a thousand times in my mind. Luhan’s attractiveness always switches on and off for me depending on how he is carrying himself and what he is doing but right now he is carrying himself the man he is.

“If I had known I was going to run into people I would have dressed better,” I accidently say out loud. Even though I find myself blushing at my own words, I’m happy it was that and not my thought seconds before.

Tao chuckles, “You are telling me, I would have worn a suit too if I knew the princess would be gracing us with her presence.”

“You guys all look amazing! I’m the one without any makeup and dressing like a little bum.”

“Good, from the way you were staring I was starting to think I had something on my face,” Kris teases.

“You are such a cute bum,” Tao chimes in, he caress my cheek with one of those smiles and I’m too in awe to stop him, but the others are not afraid to scold him.

“Ya! What do you think you are doing?” Luhan smacks his knee.

Tao seems to be in a trance himself and quickly shakes out of it, “Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to, it’s just that… um…you looked so cute… It must be that magic potion of yours!”

“Ah,” I nod, “You aren’t the first to do something like that, it’s fine Tao-ssi.”

He scoffs, “Tao-ssi? Oppa,” He corrects, “Or Ge.”

“Tao oppa,” I test it out on my tongue.

Luhan clicks his tongue, “There you go making me jealous again. Me too, call me oppa too!”

“Luhan oppa,” I look at Kris with a big smile, “Yifan oppa.”

He grins back, “I didn’t even have to ask.”

“Oh how I wish we could keep you all to ourselves for a little while longer,” Luhan hums.

“Oh crap that’s right! My oppas! We have to go back!”

“Why did you have to remind her?” Kris pouts. “We only had her for a few minutes.”

“I only asked her for one so who am I to keep her for more if she has other places to be,” Luhan stands up. “Come on pretty girl, I’ll walk you back, or would you preferred to be carried?”

“Normally I would say I can walk but I need to get back before they send out a search party, could you carry me back? If not, that’s okay!”

He chuckles, “I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t willing, ready?”

I nod.

His arms go under my knees and behind my back, picking me up princess style, “Wow, you are so tiny, are you sure you ate?”

“I know manly man, now lets go! Quick!” I tap on his chest to get him going but once he starts moving towards the door I slam my hand on it, “Wait a minute!”

“Okay Love you need to make up your mind,” Kris comes over and takes my hand away from the door.

“I forgot to say thank you for being so kind to me and letting me ramble on like an idiot.”

“You are not an idiot, I am so happy we got the chance to meet you. Though I’m a bit upset that it will be a long time until we will be able to meet again,” Kris strokes my head.

“If you are ever in Korea, let me know, I will happily hang out with you!”

“It’s a date.”

“You stay safe okay?” Tao chimes in getting my attention, “And make sure you get plenty of rest. I will be looking for you on my next trip.”

“I’m taking her back now,” Luhan interjects, managing pull open the door and get out into the hall.

“Can’t we come with?” Tao wonders.

Luhan shakes his head, “I don’t think that will be a good idea, I’ll bring her back and we can have lunch.”

“That won’t be as fun but whatever,” Tao plops into the chair I just occupied.

“Bye guys, thank you.”

Kris winks, “Anytime Love.”

Hope you enjoy!

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Let's humor them a second and imagine Jonny and Dorito are the big epic romance of the series. Aren't their fans bummed at what an epic failure it was onscreen? I went into that season prepared for devastation and it was underwhelming, to say the least. Flat, bland, boring, zero chemistry. Very poorly written, directed and most of all, acted. Especially from Kit. What a shame for one of the greatest shows of all time. So anti-climatic.

You know Nonny, I waffled on it for weeks, sitting here and writing post after post, and answering ask after ask, calming the masses and warning them to pay attention to the context -and meanwhile, I was here biting my nails. And then we got episode after episode of utter weirdness on Jon’s part. By the time he left Dragonstone (and didn’t turn back), I started to wonder if the leaks were wrong.

Two episodes of “romance” -tepid at best. And look, unlike a lot of Jonsa shippers, I don’t hate Dany …and since I knew we’d never get Jonsa before season 8, a tragic romance made sense to me, knowing that R+L=J would be a major game changer for season 8 -and I really didn’t mind it (I just didn’t want everyone else to freak out).

but …what …even …was …that??

We all bitch about D&D, but one thing they actually do quite well is romance. So for them to make it so ….lacking, is very telling IMO.

Plot twists abound in season 8! And when everyone loses their shit, D&D are gonna sit back all smug-like and tell everyone ALL THE SIGNS WERE THERE (if you were paying attention). 😘

Reveling in Richonne

#5: The “Hey, You Too.” (4x16)

Now the previous excerpt was sort of cheating because it was about an episode that I loved for the Richonne in retrospect. I hadn’t caught it in the moment but I couldn’t resist reflecting on it here lol cuz it was a game changer for me to realize the slow burn of Richonne. Something that did always stick out to me in the moment tho was this small line in season 4. 

It was when Rick, Carl, and Michonne were giving some serious family vibes and Rick was showing Carl how to catch a rabbit. Carl asks to come along and Rick (in a very “dad” way) tells him “well, how else are you gonna learn?” *melts* But then he tells Michonne “Hey, you too”. *melts more* Such a small moment right? See I had a shipper mentality before I even knew what that was, cuz that small moment felt meaningful. 

To me it said “oh in Rick’s mind they are a unit now” and Michonne’s smile said she felt the same. The three of them are family and Michonne has moved up the ranks in his heart to someone that he can now be playful with and talk to more intimately and casually. The way he said it was so loving and he can’t hide his joy that she’s with them on this journey. Like they have so little in this moment and yet they are so happy. Cuz they’re together. And even back then, they knew that’s all they need. 

Rick is a family man tried and true and you can just see how much he enjoys the fact that his family feels whole again. When he asks both Carl and Michonne how hungry they are and Michonne humorously tells him she’s at a 28 on the hunger scale over Carl’s 15, it’s such a sweet domestic moment out there in the woods. I loved that they were having fun and being playful with one another. You could tell that between now and the time we last saw them they’ve done a lot of family bonding. 

This scene stuck out to me as important to the growth of R&M’s friendship and kinship, even when I was just GA. Michonne was being included and it just felt like a family camping moment and I was all the way here for it. 

 Side note: There was also that spectacular moment in 4x15 “Us”, with Michonne and Carl on the tracks, placing a bet and sharing candy and Rick beaming at them. It was the best scene of the episode to me, but at the time it aired I just took note of Rick appreciating the bond between Michonne and Carl. Now I realize that in this moment he wasn’t just glad that Carl loved Michonne, he was also realizing that he loved her also. 😭  No wonder by 4x16 they were no longer Rick, Michonne, and Carl they were an “us”. Amen! 🙌🏾

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Honestly god bless you for being the sex-ed that most readers here (including me) needed but didn't get. I too remember reading fics that were at least borderline rape when I was younger. Hell, I feel like the whole genre of yaoi (that is often adored by young girls) very often dangerously balances on that line. And I remember not knowing exactly what to think about these things.

Very few people get the sex-ed we need.  I got a better sexual education than most, but got nowhere near the information I really needed to be a well-informed, confident, safe, sexually active adult.  Much of what I know now came from trial and error (and a lot of those errors are pretty fucking awful and I don’t wish them on anyone).

So much is made of teaching young people how to say no to sex, we forget to teach them how to say yes to sex.  This is really important.  If you want to have sex ask for it or say yes if asked.  If you want to have sex but have certain conditions that need to be met, like “I’ll only fuck you if you use a condom” or “I’ll do oral but I’m not fucking you tonight” or “No butt stuff” or “Only butt stuff” (whatever limits you want to set is up to you) – then state your conditions.  

Learning how to properly say “yes” to sex and to state my limitations up front transformed my sex life!  Like a lot of women, I treated sex as something I could either say no to, or I could let sex happen to me.  It’s not like I was just laying there doing nothing, but I definitely took all my cues from my lovers. I hoped that sex would end up being enjoyable for me, but I put most of my energy into just not being awful and hoping that I didn’t get hurt or humiliated or something bad didn’t happen to me.  It’s really difficult to enjoy sex when you feel like you have to be vigilant and make sure that the person you are with doesn’t accidentally do something that you don’t want.

After a particularly traumatizing sexual relationship, I swore off of men and dating.  After a long while, I found myself (almost by accident) on a date with this guy and because my nature was to just go with the flow, we ended back at his place making out and then things started to get a little hot and heavy and he asked me to move things to his bedroom.  I wanted to mess around with him, but I also knew that this was the first time I was going to be sexual with someone after I had been so traumatized I swore off sex for two years.  I was nervous as hell.  So without even thinking, I heard myself telling him “I’ll go back there, but you need to know that I am absolutely not fucking you tonight.”  I couldn’t even believe I said those words!  It’s like some other person possessed my body and started voicing my thoughts!  I was shy!  I was timid! I was insecure and didn’t want to do anything that would cause men to think I was a prude or unwilling or incapable! So who the fuck was this woman basically saying “I’ll mess around with out but only to a point and here is exactly the limit of my activities”??? I guess that woman was me.

And then the really surprising thing that happened next? He agreed!  He was fine with it.  I set a boundary and he was like, “Ok cool - let’s go get naked and roll around but not fuck.”  It was this weird epiphany for me to realize that I had a voice in this and that sex wasn’t necessarily an all or nothing game.  Maybe I was just extra naive and stupid, but this was a game changer for me.

Later that same night – once the clothes were off and we got to the point where a blow job was imminent… I told him, “I have a rule.  No touching my head while I’m down here.”  I’m telling you all now that this was a rule I just made up on the spot.  Part of my trauma had to do with being suffocated – so having full control of my head movement and my air passages was something I had a lot of anxiety about.  And once again, this guy, he just said he understood and that he would follow the rule.  He did screw up once and started stroking my hair while I had his dick in my mouth, but all I did was stop and look up at him and he immediately remembered the rule and apologized.  And then we continued on in a night of very comfortable mutual pleasure.

By finding my voice and being able to clearly state that I wanted to engage in sexual activity with a particular man and then to also state what my limits were, I was able to relax and enjoy my time with them much more.  I wasn’t as nervous that they might cross a line and make me uncomfortable because they knew exactly where the line was up front.  I also noticed that when I did this, some men seemed to behave more confidently with me, maybe because they also didn’t have to worry about accidentally doing something that would offend or annoy me.  Some guys also would state their own desires or limits more clearly because I had started the conversation.  It’s just so much easier for everyone involved and it really doesn’t have to be a long complicated discussion – just a few words before you get naked is all it really takes.

This isn’t a panacea.  It doesn’t automatically make all sex fabulous – because compatibility and learning how to pleasure each other is something that takes time and effort and may not always work out.  But, for me, it was the first step in building my confidence and having a healthier, more satisfying sex life.


// put my hand where? //

“Y’all haven’t don’t that one?” Kendall drunkenly asked everyone in the room about some obscure sex position she was trying to describe.

“Lesbian sex positions are a little bit different than straight ones, Kendall,” Kylie reminded her more than a little gay sister.

“You should see the way Cara Deleving-“

“Kenny, stop! That’s like my little sister. I don’t want to hear about y’alls wild sex, you kinky ass bitch,” Hailey threw a pillow at Kendall’s face.

“Who’s trying to get FUCKED UP?” Justin who is already fucked up came into the room with two more bottles and a joint behind his ear. I watched as he started pouring shots for all of us and plopping down on me in the love chair.

“Stop Jay, you’re too big for this,” I tried to push him off without having him spill the two shots he had in his hand.

“Aye, thats was she said,” Khalil called out immaturely.

“Fuck y’all,” I spoke as Justin and I switched positions in the chair. I took the blunt from behind his ear without a second thought and lit it while i sat in his lap. Justin and I were always super close, anytime we were together we found ourselves touching in some type of way. His hand used my hip for leverage as he leaned up from him slouch so that i could place the blunt between his lips.

“Now what were y’all talking about?” Justin asked the rest of our friends who wee still making fun of Kendall.

“Best sex positions!” Hailey called out.

“From the back, always,”Khalil comments making Za laugh and shake hands with him in agreeance.

“If a girl every reverse cowgirl’s me when I don’t expect it, I’m most definitely getting her pregnant,” Fredo adds in.

“You know when they sucking yo shit and they put your ball in they mouth, thats it right there. Head is better than actual sex all day,” Za laughed.

“True shit,“ Kylie added in.

“Kylie, can niggas even get to your cunt past all that plastic in your ass?” I dragged her making everyone laugh, Kylie included.

“Like when girls ride me,” Justin piped up.

“Weakkkk!” Khalil called.

“Nah, listen! You can slap her ass, choke her, suck on her titties, and still be fucking. It’s like a 4 in one,” Justin explained his preference.

“Y/N you know all about that with Justin, don’t you?” Za teased.

“I have never fucked Bieber nor do I ever plan on it,” I waved the accusation.

“Wow, Jay, so you really got this girl in your lap and smoking your blunt and you ain’t even fucking? The old Bizzle would never,” Khalil laughed while taking another shot.

“What’s your favorite position, Y/N. You haven’t said anything,” Hailey asked, making everyone look up at me.

“Fine, have any of y’all seen that movie Baby
Boy?” I asked and everyone sent me blank stares. “The Melvin and Jody. Being Melvined is my favorite position,” I concluded before taking another shot.

“What position is that?” everyone asked almost at once.

“It’s like when you’re standing up but you’re riding? And sometimes your legs are over the dudes shoulder,” I tried my best to explain.

“I’m confused,” Kendall spoke.

“Not going to lie, I am too,” Fredo laughed.

“I think I kind of get it,” Justin spoke.

“Then y’all go ahead and show us, playboy,” Khalil instigated.

“Nah,” I tried to object but Justin already had me on my feet.

“It’s like this, right?” Justin asked once picked me up with my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Yeah but you have to put your hands around my hands,” I instructed, nodding towards my wrists.

“Put my hand where?” Justin got confused.

“Like this,” I held myself up with my legs and grabbed Justin’s hand so that they were wrapped around my wrists. When I was sure he was going to drop me, I leaned back. “This is being Melvined,” I concluded.

“Oh shit, this a game changer,” Za busted out laughing and shook hands with Khalil again. At the boys hyping the position up, Justin jokingly thrusted himself against me, testing out the position.

“I know what they about to be doing once we fall asleep,” Kendall called.

“Real funny,” I detached my legs from Justin and snatched my hands back.

“Y/N’s getting Melvined!” Kylie called.

“Fuck all of y’all,” I pushed Justin back into the chair so I could sit down again.

from the best friend drabble list


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Request: I just spent all afternoon reading your writing, and I just want to say you’re amazing! The way you write is so, so, good and to be honest, it’s what I hope my writing will be someday. Do you mind writing a jack x reader with the song 6/10 by dodie, I’m just in love with your stories so much!

Genre: fluff, angst

I feel like a six out of ten

I gotta get up early tomorrow again

You fell asleep in Sean’s arms for the fifth night in a row, fingers running through his tangled hair while he drifted away from a night of passion. It was the first time in months in which you and Sean actually got to stay together. He was always so busy with tours and conventions, not to mention the fact that you lived in a completely different country. The only reason you met was because of your work as a journalist that paid you to travel around the world and write about different cultures, and meeting Sean in cities was a rare occasion. Whenever you did meet up, you spent the entire night catching up on days you went without each other.

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Let me love you goodbye.

Well, it happened. I thought it would happen but still…

I’m not going to say anything about the hoo-ha surrounding this chapter, except that personally, I think it’s ok if some people (i.e. Erwin fans like myself) don’t really feel like keeping up with SNK after this chapter.

Yes, SNK is a series in which death can come for any of the characters, at any time. Yes, I think Armin deserved a second chance just as much as Erwin, and of course it makes me happy! Titan Armin will definitely be a game-changer. But yes, Erwin was the only reason I was still reading. So have permission from me, a random user, that feeling this way doesn’t make you a bad fan.

I just hope at least Levi (who is so broken this chapter, poor thing) and Hanji have a scene to properly mourn. While I agree that this was probably the most peaceful resolution Erwin could have had, it’s still terrible his last moments were witnessing his friends fall into such discord. A true commander to the very end 😭

BW version


Today’s practice was Distance.  Nothing about it excited or thrilled me - was just mostly a boring routine.  But I went back to practice after a week away, so that is all that really matters.

Would I have gone on my own?  Not sure seeing the workout.  But  @marymack1 needed me to drop her off after practice so I had to be there.  I am still thinking it was just part of her master plan to help me get back on track after last week.  Hmmmmmmmmm - Ha!

Also I think I completely forgot to post about this here.  But last week a package from Aqua Sphere arrived with a nice note thanking me for my post about the extended size swim jammers and how important they were to me.  The package had one of their ErgoBoards and they said they hopes this helps me in my swimming fitness journey.  Pretty awesome right?

Speaking of those jammers - I got a few more compliments on them at the pool today.  I told you I feel so much better in them - true game changer for me.

100 warm up

7 swims on 5:00

  • (Each lane does their given distance on 5:00, so everyone starts together on each swim.)
  • Lane 8 - 200

8 minute kick

  • 10 sec vertical
  • 25 burst half way, then cruise
  • 25 dolphin
  • 10 sec rest

9x25 on coach sendoff

  1. 0,1 or 2 breaths
  2. sprint
  3. easy

75 easy cool down


warm blizzard

Part II of the Voltron Family AU inspired by @lordzuuko‘s lovely fanart.

[Read Part I and Part II on AO3]

They are already standing in line at the register when Keith sees her, just a little way ahead of them. He isn’t even sure why he recognizes her because the years have not exactly been kind to her, but when she angles her head to smile at the cashier, Keith is struck with the empty realization that this random woman on this random day is one of his former foster mothers. 

They are watching pokemon re-runs, all of them cuddled up in the living-room. It’s a day like any other and that means it’s perfect.

“What’s your favorite pokemon?” Lance asks into the ending credits, sprawling across Shiro’s lap.

Shiro pretends to think for a moment before he answers. “I’ll have to go with Pikachu on that one.”

“You’re just saying that because you can’t think of any others!” Lance pouts, even as Shiro reaches out a hand and wipes the frown off his face.

“Nope,” Shiro grins, “Pikachu just kind of reminds me of Keith when I first met him.”

“Hey!” Keith complains from the other end of the couch because he knows exactly what Shiro is thinking.

“My favorite is Magnemite!” Pidge announces to the surprise of absolutely no one.

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Happy Tuesday All.

I wanted to touch base about something that has been happening on this blog since we started our Pride asks but that has come to a sort of Rubicon today. Lately we have been getting a lot of messages in our (already bloated) inbox that are just reactions to our answering Pride asks. You’ve all seen some of them, and we’ve done our best to answer them respectfully but also maintaining our ground.

Today, however, we got a little bit of a game changer. Ten character maxed asks from an anon detailing  how our blog has essentially helped her stop being a hateful person and start being a better person. And let me tell you, that makes us all smile. But within those ten posts were a lot of painful details regarding how that anon had treated friends and family in the past. How past words and actions had been taken or used again the people they cared about, and how they felt some of this stemmed from their faith.

I don’t like putting ultimatums up in this community. I want to stress that right now. None of the mods do– your creativity spawns our writings, and we are endlessly grateful to you all for that. But for myself, speaking of my own personal experiences? These ‘asks’ made me shake. Because in those moments I was no longer a confident happy 20-something sitting in her first home with a woman who loved her and a dog that ate her vacuum. I was a child and a teenager suffering and terrified and isolated by the same kind of people, words and actions as described in these posts, and tormented by the same kind of behaviors that all too many people still feel are mandated by their faith.

I was triggered, and it was so hard not to be able to reach through time and technology to comfort the anons victims. And that’s what is leading me to this.

No more non reaction or reaction related asks may be asked anonymously. You see a mistake or want clarification or think of a really great pun you want to share with Mod Fereldone the community? By all means send it through. But you have a confession or just want to tell us how we affected you or want to complain about how we do things? You send it off anon in a message or you don’t send it at all. 

We do not want to turn off anonymous asks. So many people have things they want that don’t want to be tied back to them, and that is cool. But we also have the right not to be hammered by anon ignorance or hate.

Thanks for being a part of our community.

– Mod Fereldone

On Zeke/Andrea

As you already know, Zeke and Andrea were friends back in New York and played in a real life version of Survivor.

Sandra said in a skype interview that Andrea was mad at Zeke because Zeke was being mean to her and when Andrea asked “what would our friends back home say about how you’re treating me” and Zeke said “most of them don’t like you anyway”.