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Title: Midtown High’s Homecoming (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The reader doesn’t plan on going to the dance, until Peter asks, of course.

Word Count: 1372

A/N: This is inspired by that perfect clip from the new trailer where peter rips his tie off and i scream so..I hope you enjoy!

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The Wedding Planner (Part 1)

Summary– Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams– later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Author’s Note– First off, I am just beyond excited for this series! I absolutely loved this movie and figured, “Why not make it into a series and add my own twist to it?” So I finally did and I really hope you all enjoy it! feedback would be greatly appreciated folks.

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Jealous - Doctor Strange X Reader [SMUT]

Title: Jealous 

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Request: Hello! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Doctor Strange x reader fic where he gets jealous for some reason or another and it ends kinda smutty. Thanks! By @psychofangirlfromhell

Summary: When the Doctor gets jealous the reader decides to bring out the little green monster in him for some fun…

Warnings: SMUT, of course :)

A/N: If I wasn’t on the naughty list before I sure as hell am now…. ;) I hope you enjoy @psychofangirlfromhell, sorry it took so long xx 

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Iago from the Shakespearean play Othello. It ‘twas my inspiration for this wonderful

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author: admin Jazzi 


warning: smutty smut smut smutty smut

word count:1.4k

               You starred at the clock, waiting for the hand to hit 12pm.

You bit your lip, your fingers tapped the table top, impatiently.  You had been waiting, since last night for this. Your professor, Min Yoongi, who you’ve had a heated affair with for the past 6 months, texted you telling you to meet him in his office during your lunch break. You were so excited, watching him during class.

Everything about him made you excited today. His white button up shirt, which fit tight on his body, he left two buttons undone and he sleeves rolled up.  Even his glasses were driving you wild today; he drove you wild when his muscles flexed from reaching up to push them up on his face.

The clock finally struck 12 and the other students rushed out. You followed the crowd and slipped into his office, which was pretty close to his classroom.

You sat down in his chair, patiently waiting for him to enter.

Yoongi tended to take his time when he knew you were waiting for him. It was his way of teasing you, since when he came in he’d get right to business.

This time he was taking extra long. About 15 minutes passed and you decided to text him.

To Yoons: Are you on your way??

Another five minutes passed, before he answered you.

From Yoons : Be patient baby, I have a surprise for you.

Your face lit up. His surprises were always the best, the last time he surprised you, you got good head and a new car.

Yoongi was that type of person. You never asked him for anything; but he spoiled you just because her wanted to. Even though your relationship with him was sexual, there were definite perks that showed you he still cared about your well being. You lived well since meeting him, a new apartment, vacations, and shopping sprees, whenever he felt like it.

You thought about all the possible things it could be, when Yoongi walked in. You stood up, excited to see your gift, and you were taken aback to see, Park Jimin trailing behind him.

Jimin was a senior, and fine as hell. You took Yoongi’s class together. He was a dance major with an amazing body. You often caught yourself looking at him as he walked, or smiling like a fool when he passed you around campus. He was gorgeous; but what was he doing here?

“Yoongi what’s going on?” you asked starring at the two men.

“Surprise.” Jimin said, walking towards you.  Your eyes followed Yoongi, who locked the door.

He turned around with a smirk, leaning against the wall and watching jimin, as he snaked his arm around your waist.

“I noticed you sneaking away to Mr. Min’s office.” Jimin admitted as his lips made contact with your neck.

“and since I notice you looking at him all the time, I asked him to join us.” Yoongi said.

Jimin kissed up and down your neck slowly, as his hands squeezed and massaged your ass.

You moaned out softly, as you relaxed into Jimin’s touch. He picked you up and placed you on the desk. You watched him carefully as he removed his shirt. Your eyes moved to Yoongi as you heard his footsteps approaching you.

You lifted your shirt, revealing the bra of the red lace lingerie set Yoongi bought you. He bit his lip, a slight smile stretching across his face. He loved when you wore what he bought you.

He walked next to you, placing his hand on your thigh and squeezing firmly.

His finger trailed up to the button of your jeans, only needing his one hand to unbutton them.

Yoongi nibbled on your ear, and Jimin on your neck.

Your moans, constantly flowed as both men undressed you down to your panties. Your clothes and bra slung across the office. Jimin laid you back, dropping to his knees in front of you. He spread your legs, letting them hang over his shoulders, as he thumbed over your clothed clit.

You moaned out his name, your back arching off the table.

Yoongi leaned in and his tongue flicked over your nipple carefully. His tongue swirled around your erect nipple.

You gripped the bottom of his shirt, tightly. Jimin was already driving you at full speed towards your orgasm. His fingers pumped in and out of you, quickly, and his tongue flicking rapidly over your clit.

“come for us, baby.” Yoongi mumbled against your skin.

Your body shuttered to his words. Your eyes shut tightly as you came all over  Jimin’s fingers.

               Your eyes slowly opened your eyes, as Jimin stood up, and removed his fingers from you. He smiles softly and kissing your inner thigh, caressing it gently. He and Yoongi switched positions, while you collected yourself. It didn’t seem real, their hands all over you.

The boy you had fantasized about, and the man that always made you feel amazing, were both making your body shake with pleasure and drip with excitement.

Yoongi moved between your legs, his member springing up as he took off his pants and boxers. The sound of Jimin’s zipper moving, rang in your ear.

You glanced over at the younger boy, marveling at the sight of him.

Your breath hitched as Yoongi filled you up in one quick motion. His hips moving swiftly as he began to pound into your pussy roughly.

You had little time to mask in the pleasure, when your focus was drawn to Jimin who pressed the tip of his member to your slightly parted lips.

You happily welcomed him into your mouth, opening it wide to receive his length. He moaned out lowly, feeling your warm mouth around his cock. He placed his hand on the back of your head. His hips rocked back and forth, slowly, as he  casually fucked  your mouth.              

Yoongi buried his cock deep inside you.                 His hands firmly squeezed your hips. Your moans muffled by Jimin’s cock; but still clearly heard.  You didn’t have anything else to hold on to, so your nails dug into Yoongi’s forearm. The pleasure he was delivering to you sent chills down your spine.  

The taste of Jimin on your tongue and the feel of Yoongi fucking you was sending you over.

You were so close to your second orgasm. Your walls squeezed around Yoongi’s cock. You screamed as his speed increased, his thumb rubbing rhythmed circles into your clit.

Jimin pushed his cock deep into your throat, his own moans growing louder, and his hips thrusting faster.

You watched a he bit down on his lip, probably to keep from moaning loudly, only low grunts escaping from his lips.

He gripped your hair lightly and as he grew closer to his orgasm his lips parted and his head tilted his head back, in pleasure. Moans flowed from his lips along with soft whispers of profanities.

You gripped tightly to yoongi’s arm as your orgasm washed over you.

In the same instance Jimin pulled your head back, with loud moans , he stroked himself, until his seed erupted onto your face, covering your lips.

He let go of your head, catching his breath as he gently kissed your lips.

Yoongi pushed your legs up, spreading them wider, as his thrust became rough. His finger tips dug into your thighs.

Jimin’s hand worked its way to your clit. Both of them working to bring you a third orgasm. At high speed they drove you over once more. Both you and Yoongi coming  explosively.

Yoongi balanced himself over you.

Your eyes were hazy but you could see he and Jimin smiling at each other. Both seemed satisfied with how worn out you wore.

Jimin smiled sweetly as they both cleaned you up and dressed you.

 “looks like we’re going to meet with Jimin more often.” Yoongi said with a gummy smile.

You rubbed your eyes, nodding softly, trying to remove the sleep from your eyes. You were worn out and ready for a nap. You definitely needed to skip your next class.

They both kissed your cheeks, and Jimin walked you out to your car.

Before you got in he pulled you close wrapping his arms around your waist. “Next time, ill be fucking you.” He winked and opened your door for you.

As you drove off you saw Jimin waving through your mirror.

What an exciting time you were going to have with these two.

a/n:bless my soul. Jimin and yoongi are 2 of the biggest bias wreckers. I’m so tired after this.

-admin jazzi🥔

Jughead Jones x Reader: Stick With Me


Hey 😊 Can I request a Jughead x Reader, where Reggie is picking on Jughead and the reader is standing up for him and Reggie is confused, because he and the reader used to be very close and after the incident Jughead thanks her for doing this for him which leads to both of them confessing their feelings for each other and fluffy fluff and aaaw! Thanks in advance 


A/N: Sorry not posting for a while having a bit of writers block, hope you guys like it. Hope I lived up to the requestors vison, I’m finally having some breathing time from uni so I hope to upload more requests this week also update my masterlist and tag list.

Words: 1065

Summary: Reggie and reader had a falling out and now you are best friends with Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Jughead. Reader has a crush on Jughead.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Pretty sure it has like one curse word.

Growing up in Riverdale wasn’t easy, but you couldn’t complain. You had loyal friends and hard working parents that provided for you.

Being from Riverdale meant you knew everyone from the small town and they knew you.

These days were a bit drama filled only because you were a high school student.

You used to part of the River Vixens Cheryl’s cheerleading squad. You recently quit when you had a falling out with one of your best friends Reggie Mantle. He was the only reason you joined the squad. Being in the squad gave you an excuse to go see your best friend Reggie play knowing your overprotective parents would never let you go to every single game unless you actually had to go.

You thought about staying to keep supporting him, but it just didn’t feel the same so the last game you cheered was the memorial pep rally game for Jason Blossom and you broke the news to Cheryl.

Days passed, you went on with your normal life. Riverdale a bit gloomier since the tragic murder of Jason. With a murderer on the loose your parents accepted your resignation of the team as you lied that you just didn’t feel safe out there. A bit of that was true, but now you no longer had Reggie to protect you either.

You told Betty about your falling out with Reggie since she was your other best friend and she introduced you to her friends. You knew them, but they weren’t big fans of Reggie so you didn’t gain their friendship quickly unlike the new girl Veronica who quickly accepted you.

Time passed and they became like your second family. You were close to them, you could tell them anything, you even helped Jughead with his novel.

Maybe that’s why people say “you win some you lose some.”

They were amazing company and you even became super close with Jughead. Which you were kind of hoping to hit off with him because you secretly had a crush on the brooding novelist.

You’d spend endless nights with him at Pops Diner, and you felt a different safeness with him. He made the butterflies in your stomach do flips and you couldn’t help but smile whenever he was so into his typing he wouldn’t notice your excessive stares. Although you never have the guts to tell him, this was perfect for now.


“So do you think you’ll ever join the squad again?” Betty asked linked in arms with Veronica.

“Yeah, from what I heard you were amazing” Veronica added

“Sorry guys it’s just not a passion anymore” you stated with a small smile.

They gave you smiles and you made your way to an empty hallway.

As you turned you saw though, that it wasn’t empty at all.

Reggie and his Goonies had Jughead pinned to the lockers.

You couldn’t believe your eyes, it was the end of the school day, so there were no teachers to call to put Reggie in his place.

You knew you had to do something, Jughead was your friend.

Although Veronica and Betty weren’t much help, they stood at the end of the hall frozen as you made your way to Reggie.

“Reggie what the fuck!” you yelled anger burning inside of you “put Jug down”

“Why do you care?” Chuck claimed with a devilish smirk.

“He’s my friend and I bet he didn’t do anything to you guys” you spat back as Moose fist was still holding Jughead’s shirt in a fist as Jughead kept his eyes on the floor.

“And you’re so sure?” Reggie finally spoke up.

“Yes, I believe in my friends” you said coldly trying to get a reaction out him, but he just got his guys and walked away.

Jughead fixed himself up as Betty and Veronica came to check up on him.

“You okay Jug?” Betty chimed in as he nodded and you followed Reggie to talk to him about his comment.

“Hey Reg!” you called as he turned your way.

“What now (Y/N)?” Reggie answered.

“Um can we talk?” you pled as he waved off his posse.

“Did Jughead do anything?” you questioned the tall football player.

“Why would you ask me?”

“You were my friend once too, I want to hear your side”

“No he didn’t do anything. Chuck wanted to bug him, I just said that to bother you” Reggie said as Betty, Veronica and Jughead made their way out of the school.

“That’s your cue, bye (Y/N)” Reggie waved.


Later on you met with Jughead at Pops.

“How you doing?” you sled on Jughead’s side of the booth.

“I’m okay, wasn’t the first time you know” Jug kept his eyes on his laptop.

“Sorry about it, Reggie can be difficult” you gave him a smile.

“How’d you do it?” Jughead asked glancing your way.

“Do what?”

“You know, hung around him for so long”

“oh uh- he’s not what he shows the world, he’s actually very sweet, just he lets other ruin him I guess, I really am sorry about him, I’ll try to talk to him” you answered hoping that one day you would be able to fix your differences with Reggie.

“It’s alright”

“No it’s not Jug, you don’t deserve this” you retorted facing him as he grabbed you by the hand.

“I’m the guy, I’m the one who’s supposed to protect you” Jughead proclaimed and you smiled.

“Oh Jug, it’s the 21st century, I think it’s at least fair you let me speak to Reggie and then we can protect each other” he nodded the proximity between you guys becoming very closed until he cupped your check and planted a kiss your lips.

The butterflies in your stomach came to a halt, suddenly everything went dark and it felt like it was just you and Jughead and no one else to bother you. It was the moment you had been waiting for, your lips in sync with his and you were surprised but ecstatic that Jughead returned the way you felt about him.

“How about I just stick with you and you stick with me against the hierarchy that is Riverdale High, what do you say (Y/N) want to stick with me?” Jughead encouraged as he placed his arm around your shoulders.

“I’ll stick with you Jug” you answered placing a quick kiss on his cheeks.

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My Green Valentine

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 1898

Warnings: Fluff… 

A/N: I had to write something since I’m drowning in all the Loki feels… I hope you like this. Also, I apologize in advance for all the grammar and spelling mistakes I may have made. Hope you enjoy this!  💖

You never really liked Valentine’s day too much. To you, it was pointless. Why would anyone ever need a special day to make someone feel loved, when you had more than 300 days to do it again and again.

But it was the middle of December when all that changed. You met Loki.

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camping | isaac lahey

A/N: I wrote this when I should’ve been studying for exams, but anyways, have some Isaac fluff. Love, J xx

Prompt: The pack go on a camping trip and much to your dismay, it ends up being a total couple’s trip with the exception of you and Isaac, whom you happened to be totally in love with.

Word Count: 2.4k

Warning: So much fluff. So much cute.

Camping was Scott’s idea. The Alpha regularly scheduled these ridiculous bonding trips that the pack dreaded but nonetheless endured because no one had the heart to turn down Scott’s enthusiastic grin and puppy dog eyes. That’s how you found yourself struggling to mount your tent up in the middle of the California wilderness. You had followed Lydia’s directions as best as you could, but the sad little pile of tarp gathered on the ground looked nothing like the banshee’s model. 

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request ; Ur fics are so good??!! Like theyre so cute really. Could u do an oak fic bc there’s not enough. Idrc what it’s abt. Thanks!

by anonymous

pairing ; oak x reader

words ; 2320

summary ; he gave her some of him. she broke him. he gave you everything. you fixed him.

warnings ; mentions of cheating; depressed!oak; breakups

note ; ok ok ok i wasn’t sure this made sense at first, so i had to ask jo, and she said it was good, buuuut i’m not positive. lemme know what you guys think!

A broken boy.

That’s who he was. Just out of a relationship that meant the world to him. He still loved that girl, but what she did shattered everything he was. He trusted her, so much so that he gave nearly all he had in himself, and he dated her for two years. But then she turned around and decided that his love wasn’t enough, deciding she needed someone else’s love to satisfy her sadistic needs.

A girl who loved him.

She loved him before he love the girl who broke him. But she stayed in the background, stayed out of his heart. Then, the girl came around, and y/n, the girl in love with the boy, had never felt more alone. After those two years, complete with two good-for-nothing boyfriends and getting through a debuting Broadway show with that boy, she never fell out of love with him. She just couldn’t help herself.

A story to always remember.

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Promise |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  I was wondering if you could please do a request where Joe dares you to do the birthing simulator?

Word Count - 1,677

Warnings - N/A

“I really don’t want to do this.” You whined, throwing yourself down on Joe’s bed.

“Babe, you lost the bet. You don’t have a choice.” Joe chuckled, sticking his tongue out in concentration as he hovered over his camera that was sat on a tripod in front of you.

“Please don’t make me do this.” You pleaded, sitting up and looking at Joe, hoping that he would change his mind.

Joe chuckled as he turned his attention away from the camera and on to you.

“I would love to say no, but a bet is a bet. If I had lost, you would have made me do it right?” Joe asked, bending down so his face was inches away from yours.

“No. Of course I wouldn’t.” You smiled sweetly, biting down on your bottom lip.

Joe instantly smirked as he stared down at you. “Don’t lie. I love you, but I’m definitely going to make you do this. Just as you would have done to me if I had lost.”

Joe chuckled to himself as he leant down further and kissed the tip of your nose.

Rolling your eyes, you laid down on the bed again as Joe turned back to his camera.

“Jack and Conor are going to be here for support if that helps?” Joe chuckled, his back still facing you.

“How is that possibly going to help? You know that they will both just sit there laughing at me.” You shook your head as you moved so you were lying on the back, and closed your eyes.

A few seconds later, you felt the weight of the bed shift slightly before opening your eyes again to be welcomed by the sight of your boyfriend hovering over you, his hands resting by your head.

“Hey.” You giggled, keeping your hands by your side.

“I love you.” Joe chuckled, gently kissing your forehead before starting to plant kisses all over your face.

“Joe, stop!” You laughed, trying to push him off you.

“I’m just kissing my girlfriend.” Joe smirked, moving his lips down to your jaw line.

His actions instantly shot shivers down your spine, causing goose bumps to run down your arms.

“No, don’t. Don’t start because you know that Jack and Conor are going to walk in any second.” You chuckled, resting your hands on his chest.

“It won’t take long.” Joe grinned, his eyes sparkling.

“Tell me about it.” You laughed and rolled your eyes, as Joe glared at you playfully.

“I’m only joking.” You smirked as Joe moved next to you.

“Better had be or I’ll make this more painful than I need to.” Joe chuckled, gently placing a kiss on your cheek as you rested your head on his shoulder as the door of Joe’s bedroom opened.

“Not interrupting are we?” Jack asked, with a small smirk on his face as he slid his jacket off.

“No, don’t worry.” You chuckled, shaking your head at Jack and Conor.

Why did they always think that you and Joe were up to no good? Like you’d be stupid enough to do anything when you knew that Jack and Conor were coming over.

“Aw, better look next time.” Conor laughed.

“How did you even get in here without us letting you in?” You asked, running your hands through your hair.

“Oli is upstairs.” Jack shrugged, sitting on the bed. “What was this bet you lost then?”

“Oh, that’s not important, most important part is her punishment.” Joe smirked as he pressed record on his camera, and you all sat on his bed.

“So the other day, I was scrolling through the internet as I usually do-” Joe started.

“Why does the sound like the beginning of a weird fairy tale?” Jack asked, chuckling.

“- And I found a video of a lady and her partner, and they had this labour pain machine, and obviously Jack, Conor and I are never going to go through the pain of childbirth but…” Joe continued, smirking at you with a sparkle in his eye.

“Y/N is going to go through child birth today!” Conor grinned excitedly.

Honestly, they were like little children at Christmas.

“Y/N, we’re just preparing you for when you have kids so you know how to deal with it in the future.” Jack chuckled.

They were all clearly looking forward to this.

“So, this is a pregnancy simulator, and I’m going to strap Y/N up to it, and prepare her for her future children.” Joe told the camera, with a smirk on his face.

“I hate all of you.” You mumbled, ignoring the sniggering looks from the three boys that you were sat in the middle of.

“You don’t mean that.” Joe chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

Rolling your eyes, you laid down on the bed with a pillow under your head as Joe sat at the foot of the bed, with Jack and Conor next to you once Joe had attached the simulator pads to your back and stomach.

“So, Y/N is going to answer questions about our channels, and each time she gets one wrong, she is going to get a ‘contraction’ and-” Joe said, looking down the camera.

“And if you lie and change the answers, I swear you won’t live to have children yourself, Sugg.” You told him, giving him a playful glare.

“Anyway,” Joe chuckled, shaking his head at you. “First question, how may subscribers do I have?”

You gripped Jack’s hand as he chuckled excitedly.

“I don’t know, I don’t pay that much attention to your channel.” You smirked, nudging him gently in the back with your foot.

Your answer caused Jack and Conor to burst into fits of laughter.

Joe rolled his eyes but gave you a playful grin. “Come on babe.”

“To the exact bloody number?” You asked, your mind quickly searching for an educated guess.

“I’ll let you have it in the million point the hundred thousand.”

“7 million, 9 hundred thousand?” you mumbled unsure as you tightened your grip around Jack and Conor’s hands.

Joe looked at you, showing no expression what so ever.

“Well done babe.” Joe smirked, leaning over and planting a kiss on your cheek before sitting up right again.

“How many subscribers does Jack have?” Joe asked, a sly smile forming on his lips.

Glancing up at Jack, you let out a deep breath.

“He has like 3 subscribers.” You chuckled, squeezing his hand so he knew that you were only joking around with him.

“And it’s me, you and Joe.” Conor butted in, chuckling.

Jack rolled his eyes and looked at Joe.

“No, like 9 hundred thousand?” You mumbled as your stomach dropped, knowing you had given the wrong answer.

“Nope, he reached 1 million. You went to his party to celebrate.” Joe laughed, reaching for the simulator.

“Oh shit yeah, I forgot about-” your sentence was cut short as Joe turned the simulator up causing you to scream loudly.

“Joe! Stop it!” You screamed, grasping Jack’s hand tightly. The pain was beyond strange. It was as if someone was doing acupuncture but wrong.

Your reaction reduced Conor to tears as he was curled up on the bed laughing.

Joe turned the simulator off again and gently rubbed your knee as the pain faded away.

“Sorry babe but I’m only asking 3 more questions. I promise.” Joe chuckled. He didn’t look sorry in the slightest, and neither did the other two sat next to you.

Conor was still in fits of laughter and Jack was sat chuckling to himself, his hand still holding yours.

“Hurry up because I want to get this bloody machine off me.” You mumbled, actually very thankful that you were holding Jack’s hand.

“Name three of Conor’s covers in 7 seconds.”

“Why 7?” You asked, looking at Joe with a curious expression on your face.

Joe shrugged and chuckled. “Just a random number.”

“Erm, Hello, Never Forget You and …” You rattled your brain for another song that Conor had done his own version of but no.

Instead came a shock so harsh that you couldn’t even scream.

“Joe!” You were finally able to get a sound out of your mouth.

Joe switched the simulator off after a couple of seconds and looked at you, biting down on his bottom lip.

You glared playfully at him and answered the last 2 questions, only getting one of them wrong.

“You okay?” Joe chuckled as he switched his camera off and you sat up, pulling the pads off your body.

“Brilliant.” You smiled sweetly, not wanting to show him, Jack or Conor any reaction.

How else could you get payback on them if they already expected it?

Jack and Conor chuckled as they left the room and went upstairs. Though Jack was rubbing his hand as you had held it slightly tighter than what was needed because he deserved to experience a fraction of the pain that the pregnancy simulator had put you through.

Standing up from the bed and pulling your shirt down into the right place again, Joe’s arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

“It wasn’t very painful was it?” He asked, sounding incredibly guilty.

“Well we won’t be having any kids, put it that way.” You chuckled, turning to face him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Really?” Joe asked, a serious look on his face as his smile faded.

“I’m only joking; I guess I can go through it again for you.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“I love you.” Joe grinned, leaning his forehead against yours and gently pressing his lips onto yours as his hands made their way up your back.

“Mhm.” You mumbled, shaking your head as you pulled away from Joe.

“Am I forgiven then?” He asked, a shy smile on his face.

“I guess so; Jack and Conor aren’t though because they went along with it.” You chuckled, as a smirk spread across Joe’s face.

“I’ll get them back for you, don’t worry.” He chuckled.

“Promise?” You smirked.

Joe simply nodded and chuckled quietly.


THE FIRST MOVE (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a Bellamy x Reader where he rescues her from the wreckage of the ark when it falls and then feels responsible for her and takes care of her while she heals and then teaches her to fight and shoot guns and slowly falls in love with her and it ends in smut

As pieces of the Ark broke off, you found yourself gripping onto the belt wrapped tightly around your waist, wondering if you were even going to survive. While you made your descend down to Earth, all the 100′s eyes were on the falling piece of the Ark as it sparks through the night sky. The noises coming from the Ark was anything but reassuring. Jolting you around, the massive metal structure began entering Earth’s atmosphere. Everyone sat in silence, silently hoping they were going to make it to see earth.

You aren’t really sure what’s happening. It’s like your brain can’t make sense of what’s going on around you. One second you were closing your eyes in the Ark but now as you look around all you see is grey smoke. Springing into action, you unclip your seat belt, but when you stand you have to pause. Coughing out your lungs, you cover your mouth and nose with your shirt but it doesn’t stop your knees from wiggling and giving out. Your eyes shut.

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Young God: Daveed Diggs x Reader (Preface)

Summary: “They say it’s like having sex with a young god.” The Warriors run Brooklyn and for years you had managed to stay out of their way. It was only a matter of time before you got caught up in their mythological stories.

Word Count: 800 (but get ready.. there’s a lot coming)

Warnings: Mentions of sex

A/N: Finally out of the slump I’ve been in, guys. Many chapters of this to come.


“They say it’s like having sex with a young god.

“Karen, don’t you think that’s a little dramatic?” You sighed, lying back on your bed as your best friend gossiped to you about the people that were constantly heard about in the hallways: The Warriors.

The Warriors were one of many gangs in New York City, but they were the group that ran your section of Brooklyn. Even better, they went to your high school.

There were always rumors going around about The Warriors. You knew they were there, as you passed by them every so often in the halls, but the thing that was most present was their tags on the subways cars that zoomed underground and on a wall here or there. It was their city, and everyone knew it.

There were six warriors, each with his or her own distinctive personality. But, they all had one thing that brought them together. They all had a two of the same tattoos.

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Semi (Jax x Reader)

AN: This wasn’t requested, but I hope you like it. 💕💕

Summary: Your dad was best friends with JT and he was also in the collision with John, passing away. Jax and yourself have each other to keep each other standing tall. (You and Jax are in your teens)

Warnings: Death, Difficulty Dealing With Death, Some Fluff, *NO TARA* (there will almost never be tara lmao)

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Nothing Like A Little Jealousy (Luke Hemmings Smut)

The Lovely  @imagining5sosinmeoops :) Helped me with this but editing it for me and just making sure that it made sense and the plot flowed well .If you enjoyed this story please follow me and feel free to request and ill try my best to write it for you :)

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Word count : 2402

You had known that coming to the club was a bad idea especially after you watched Luke on stage giving it his all. You had always loved how passionate he was when on stage, but recently he’d been wavering his voice during vapour and this did not help your recent sexual frustration. But alas, Luke was simply your best friend and he would never want you in the way you wanted him. So here you are watching him dance with some girl in the club. The girl was gorgeous and you imagined that you were in her place.  You hoped that, if that was you grinding your arse against his perfect body, you could turn him on more than any girl he’s been with. That of course would lead to amazing, mind-blowing sex that so many other girls have bragged about. The bubbling ping of jealousy could be felt deep in your heart as you watched him with her. You scoffed and turned your head to face the other way. You noticed a rather cute guy watching you from across the bar. You smiled at him, biting your lip in a flirty way hoping he’d get the hint and come over. If Luke got jealous, it would be an added bonus.

“Hi, the name is Hudson. I couldn’t help but admire your beauty from my seat across the bar. How would you feel about a dance?” He asked sticking his hand out. You smiled, accepted, and let him lead you over to the big crowd in the middle of the large room. As you stepped onto the dance floor, Low by Flo Rida came on and you smiled to yourself .This song plus your dance moves proved very effective on Ashton the first time you met, and you looked forward to doing it again with Hudson. You began dancing with him, the six previous shots of vodka (courtesy of Calum) making you really let go. You started to get into the dancing as he ground his crotch against your arse. You looked up quickly and made eye contact with Luke and the look in his eyes screamed jealousy. You smirked at him, turning yourself around and wrapping your arms around Hudson’s neck, pulling yourself closer to him. His hands snaked down to your hips as you moved to the beat. You felt him slowly leave kisses down your neck and you began to feel the effects of the alcohol mixed with the blush from Hudson’s lips. The mission that started out as a ploy to make Luke jealous was now a lot more fun than you thought. Hudson was sexy and, more importantly, thought that you were sexy. You almost forgot about Luke in the corner, but then somebody grabbed your arm and drug you away. You heard Hudson shout something, but you couldn’t make out what he said due to the alcohol in your veins and growing distance between you.


After a few twist and turns, you felt yourself being pressed against a brick wall behind the club.  You were met with Luke’s bright blue eyes and his breath fanned your face.

“Duuude what the heelll?! I was having fun you arsehole!” you drunkenly slurred looking up at him with a pout.

“Are you kidding? He was just a dick who wanted to fuck you and then take his story to the nearest newsstand! Think about it Y/N! You’re with me in the tabloids all the time. He just wanted his 15 minutes of fame.” Luke responded pushing his head against yours as his grip on your arms tightened. You were about to object to his notion before he pulled away frustrated.

“But Luke, he was going to help get rid of my sexual frustration! I am a woman and I have needs! My vibrator just isn’t doing it for me anymore.” you groaned as you looked up at Luke. You saw his eyes darken and heard him take in a deep, low breath.

“Oh baby he isn’t man enough to pleasure a girl like you. The only man fit to fuck you is me.” Luke stated pressing his lips against yours abruptly. At first, you didn’t respond, but with Luke’s soft lips moving against yours, it was only a matter of time before you melted into him. His tongue entered your mouth and the warmth elicited a moan from your throat. You moved against his lips feverishly and your hands were everywhere. Luke pulled on your bottom lip before leaving your mouth and pressing his lips against your neck. He smirked pulling away as your breath hitched in your throat. You were soon met with his eyes again, a new found ache in the pit of your stomach.

“As much as I’d like to fuck you against this wall, I don’t think management would appreciate the headlines that would follow.” He smirked at you, pulling you out of the alleyway. Once you hit the streets, he hailed for a taxi to take the two of you back to the hotel the boys were staying at for the night. Once in the car, you felt Luke’s lips connect with your neck again. You moaned, moving your head to one side, giving Luke better access to the skin. Before you knew it, you were back at the hotel and being dragged to the lifts. After Luke had pressed the button for the top floor, the door closed. The second you were alone, he pushed you against yet another wall, kissing up your neck and across your jaw, quickly finding your lips again. You wrapped your legs around his waist and slowly began to move your hips lightly against his hard on. He let out a breathy moan as the doors opened and he dragged you out of the lift. Your drunken state made it increasingly hard to walk so Luke threw you over his shoulder in an attempt to get you to the room in one piece. You were surprised at how quickly he unlocked the door with being drunk himself and having you thrown over his shoulder, but you weren’t going to question him on it. Once inside, he threw you on the bed and his body was soon hovering over you.


“God, the things you do to me. These past few months with you on tour have been torture. You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to fuck you, princess.” Luke whispered as his hands found their way under your dress. He cupped your breasts over your bra and began massaging them making you moan at the feeling. With all the willpower you could muster, you pushed him away smiling at him reassuringly as a look of concern washed over his face. Reaching your hands up to your shoulders, you removed your dress slowly and threw it across the room. Luke let out a groan as he took in the sight of your half-naked body. He connected your lips in a feverish manner moving one of his hands down to your thighs. He slowly ran his hand up and down, getting closer to the place you really wanted him. You gasped loudly as he moved your left bra cup to the side and begun sucking on your exposed nipple, swirling his tongue in a tortuously slow manner. He surprised you again by bringing the hand that was resting on your thigh to your clit over your soaked panties. He smirked as he spoke, his voice lowering with lust. “I’ve barely touched you and you’re already dripping for me princess, but you are wearing far too much for my liking.” You whimpered in response as he removed your panties and unclipped your bra. He threw both items across the room, them landing somewhere unknown to you both. You smiled against his skin, tugging at the hem of his shirt signalling for him to remove it. He gripped the bottom of his shirt and ripped it over his head, dropping it on the floor followed by his jeans shortly after.

You pulled him back to your lips by the cross necklace he always wore. His fingers found their way to your clit again, rubbing small circles against it. You squealed at the feeling of his long, slender fingers making their way down to the lips of your pussy.

“Luke, please.” You begged, expelling a chuckle to fall from Luke’s perfect pink lips.

“What do you want baby? You want my fingers inside that pretty little cunt?” He sighed, lips connecting to the base of your ear. Your hips reacted to his words by rolling up into his stilled hand. Luke answered by sliding his fingers into you slowly and curling them upwards. Your hips continued to buck up into his hand, causing his wrist to rub against your sensitive clit. You threw your arm across your face to stifle the loud moans that were threatening to spill from your parted lips. “You like that pretty girl? You like when I finger fuck you?” Luke teased, pumping his hand even faster. You nodded frantically, not being able to stand the pleasure. Your hand wrapped around his arm tightly as his speed slowed, eventually pulling his fingers out of you. He examined them with a face of pure satisfaction. “So wet for me, Y/N. Has anyone else ever made you this wet?” He asked, searching your eyes for an answer.  

“Yes, Luke. Fuck.” You groaned, throwing your head back, the absence of his fingers causing the ache in your abdomen to grow. Luke crawled back up your body, his face hovering over yours. You only got a glimpse of his eyes before he collided your lips together again. His erection was pressed against your thigh, basically begging for your attention. Your hand moved down to the tent in is boxers and you began to palm him slowly.

“You need to stop that baby girl because I won’t be able to control myself if you don’t.” He growled against your lips.

“You promised me you’d fuck me the way I should be fucked and if you’re not up to it, I’ll go find someone who is.” you said teasingly, sitting up slightly. You smiled as you heard him growl.

“The fuck you will! I’m going to fuck you so good that no guy after me will ever be able to satisfy you.” he said pulling away from your lips to grab a condom from his jean pocket. He ripped open the shiny plastic with his teeth and discarded it on the floor. He pinched the tip of the condom as he rolled it down his fully erect cock before lining himself up with your entrance.

“Ready princess?” He whispered. You eagerly nodded knowing you’d never been more ready for anything in your life. You sighed at the delicious feeling of his cock filling you up in all the right places. He waited for a few seconds, letting you adjust to his size. You had never had a guy as big as him before and you now knew what you were missing out on. Luke made eye contact with you, non-verbally asking permission to move. You nodded frantically as the anticipation was killing you. He started thrusting at a steady rhythm creating a nice friction between his cock and the wall of your pussy.

“Faster Luke. Fuck me like you promised, baby.” you whispered against the skin of his neck. Luke growled at this, speeding up his hips and fucking you at a dizzying pace. Both your whimpers mixed together and you felt your orgasm slowly building. As if he read your mind, Luke’s fingers returned to your clit. Your hand tangled in his hair and gripped tightly, the new feeling overpowering you.

“You going to cum for me, princess?” Luke smirked, already knowing the answer. You nodded and your eyes met his. They were immersed in pleasure just as you assumed yours were. “I want to hear you say it. Tell me how you’re about cum around my cock.” Luke said slowing his hips down to a near stop. You let out low breath, glaring up at Luke.

“Yes Luke, I’m about to cum all over you. Please make me cum.” you said, begging him to start moving again. Luke started rolling his hips again, but still very slowly. You waited patiently for him to speed up, but he didn’t. “Damn it Luke, fuck me!” You groaned, slight anger in your voice.

“As you wish baby girl.” He chuckled, snapping his hips back and into you again. Both of your moans got louder as his speed pushed you closer to your orgasm. “That’s right princess, let everyone know who’s fucking you this good.” Luke said, more to himself than to you.

“God, I’m so close Luke!” you moaned out. Luke quickened his thrusts as he moved your leg over his shoulder to get a batter angle. His cock was perfectly hitting your G-spot, and seconds later, you were cumming around him. Your vision went hazy and all of the muscles in your body contracted. The sounds you were making didn’t even sound human. Luke fucked you through all of this and his lips never left your clammy skin as you came. Your body spasmed uncontrollably beneath him as your orgasm slowed to a halt. You heard Luke whimper above you as he chased his own orgasm, filling up the condom not long after. His stomach muscles flexed above you as he came and his whimpers were stifled against your neck. Luke let out a moan and fell against your chest, breathing heavily and covered in a thin layer of sweat. He stayed in this position, kissing your neck and chest softly as both your heartss slowed to a normal resting rate.

“Fuck.” He chuckled, rolling off you and taking off the condom. He threw it into the bin next  his bed and laid back down next to you. You were at loss for words. You’d never had an orgasm quite like that before and you wanted to experience many more like it.

“Well you certainly did fuck me well, I’m going to be sore for weeks.” you responded smiling at Luke as he pulled you into his chest.

“Well you better drink some water and rehydrate because nothing is stopping me from fucking you senseless in the morning.” Luke winked, kissing your forehead.

Eyes Closed part 2

author’s note: part two of Eyes Closed. happy reading! ☀ also, feedback is very welcomed!

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Toronto, Canada. June 15th, 2021.

A graduation day, year 2019-2021. University of Toronto.

“Lumiére, watch out what you are going to do,” you chanted, clapping your hands cheerfully, for your friend Lucinda Lumiére who was one of the students giving the speech. Also you had to do it too.

“Y/L/N, you are next, my hoe,” she winked seductively, her beautiful brown eyes were sparkling like the brightest stars in the world. Not to forget it that her gorgeous peach-coloured dress fitted perfectly with her shimmering brown skin. You couldn’t stop smiling, you were so in love with her.

She shook hands with the professors and teachers of our university. Lucinda rolled her paper open, taking a real quick deep break and said the last words in this university.

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Chapstick Challenge || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 741

Summary - The one where the challenge goes a bit farther.

After you and Joe made your relationship public, you appeared in almost every video Joe did. Whether you were just a voice behind the camera or a face in front of the lens, you were always there. The viewers didn’t mind- they actually all liked you a lot. It had been highly requested that the two of you do the Chapstick Challenge. So, Joe finally gave the fans what they wanted.

“So today I am joined by my girlfriend, (Y/N), and we are going to be doing a highly requested video!” Joe said to the camera, putting his arm around you and pulling you into his side.

“The Chapstick Challenge!” you finished with a smile. “We had Caspar pick out ten different Chapsticks, so we don’t know what the flavors are. We each take turns putting one on, then we kiss and the other person has to guess what the flavor is.”

“Kissing is very inappropriate!” Joe said to the camera, trying his best to be serious. “So if you’re under 18, click off this video!”

“Joe,” you giggled, “it’s not like we’re making a porno.”

“I just want to warn the younger viewers!” Joe continued, a small smile growing on his face.

“You’re such a wierdo.”

Joe told you to close your eyes so that he could pick out the first Chapstick and put it on. You did as he said, waiting patiently for him to finish applying it. He startled you by pressing his lips to yours. It was a quick kiss, so you hardly got any taste of the flavor. “Wait, come back,” you said. “I didn’t get anything.” Joe laughed and brought his lips to yours again, kissing you for a bit longer than last time. “Is it mint?” you asked.

“You gotta be more specific,” he said.

“Burt’s Bees?” you clarified. “Like, their original mint?”

“Dammit!” Joe said. “You got it right.”

“That’s my favorite Chapstick!” you laughed. “It makes my lips feel all tingly.”

The game went on like that for a while. Your kisses slowly started to go longer and longer. You would often have to pull away from Joe if you felt his tongue grazing your bottom lip. These kisses were making you flustered as well, but you were filming a video. You just had to focus for a little bit longer. “Okay,” Joe said, reaching into his pocket. “Last one.”

You closed your eyes and within seconds, Joe’s lips were pressed to yours. This time, you didn’t even attempt to pull away. It was a kiss much more forceful than before. His hands found your hips, gripping you tightly. You knew you had a video to film, but you couldn’t help but kiss him back. After all, coconut flavored Chapstick was one your favorites. Your arms draped over his shoulders, playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck. You felt him smile against your lips, the satisfaction of seeing you cave probably floating through his mind.

You turned slightly on the end of the bed so that you were sitting even closer to him. Joe let out a low groan against your lips, grabbing your waist and pulling you so you were literally sitting on his lap. Your palms ran down his torso to the bottom of his shirt where you slipped your hands under the fabric, feeling his toned chest. All while doing this, you were grinding against him, feeling him getting hard behind the fabric of his jeans. “Babe,” Joe finally said, pulling away from you. You took this as a chance to place kisses to his neck. “We’ve got to do the video.”

“You started it,” you mumbled, letting your teeth graze his neck. He groaned and tossed his head back and you smiled. You took one of his hands in yours and trailed it up your body, stopping so that his hand was under your shirt and on your chest. Your top was backless so you weren’t wearing a bra.

“Fuck,” Joe muttered, squeezing your chest in his palm. You let out a content hum. “Alright,” he said finally, “we’ve gotta finish this video.” He gave you a gentle nudge so that you would crawl off of him, which you did, a sly smirk on your face.

Joe rushed through the outro and turned off the camera before rejoining you on the bed. The two of you would stay there for the rest of the day.

High Tensions - Thirteen

This chapter is loooong. And it could be two chapters really but I decided not to prolong your suffering.

You slept in the next morning waking up at around 11am, only to move to the bathroom to lounge around in the bath for another hour.

The whole team had stayed at headquarters until 2am at least, everyone wanting to finish off their case files so they didn’t have to go in this weekend. There was a certain buzz among everyone, it was the first time you’d all get to go the ball together. And you were especially excited to see Reid all dressed up. You might have a small ‘thing’ for guys in tuxes. 

The girls were picking you up at 2pm and you were heading to the hotel, so you started getting your things together, carefully collecting your dress bag when Penelope text you to say that she, JJ and Prentiss were on their way. You headed outside to wait for them all. 

They pulled up minutes later and you climbed into the back seat carefully.

Twenty minutes into the drive your phone buzzed, interrupting your chatter with the girls. 

Spencer, “We’re already at the hotel. Our rooms are next to each other by the way.”

You replied, “Is that by coincidence or by the doing of a certain Doctor I know.”

“I might have asked them to make some amendments to the bookings. It just makes it easier for when you’re texting me later, begging me to come and take you.”

You smirked at your phone. “You still think you can make me ask for it? Spence, you’ve already told me I’m getting it one way or another Sunday night anyway. I think I can wait until then.”

“And what if I’ve changed my mind?” He had to be shitting you right? 

“What’s Emily’s room number? I’ll visit her and fuck her mouth instead.”

“No fucking way Y/N. I’ve not changed my mind at all. The only mouth you’ll be fucking this weekend will be mine. Hopefully later this evening if I have my way, but if not then tomorrow will do and I’ll crown you Queen.”

“Tomorrow will be fine. This Queen needs her crown. And you can kneel before me as a loyal subject.”

“I’ll forever be loyal to you Y/N. And no matter what, you’re still my Queen.”

Awww, that was actually sweet. You smiled, putting your phone away and raising your head, seeing JJ and Penelope looking at you, Emily’s eyes flicking to the rear view mirror. 

“Are you two sexting again?” JJ grinned from her seat. 

“Erm not really.”

“That’s a yes then,” Emily spoke. 

“Y/N? What happens after you two actually do it. Because…. I’m not the only one here who can see that there’s something more going on am I? I mean I’m not even a profiler.” Garcia turned to you, the others nodding in agreement. 

How much did you reveal here. When you hadn’t really revealed that much to Spencer. 

Fuck it. You didn’t get chance for girl chat that often. 

“Okay, so to begin with, it was just about sex. It’s no secret that Reid and I find way other attractive, that was established a while ago thanks to those tequila slammers you poured down our throats.” You glared at Penelope jokingly. 

“But for me at least, there’s definitely more there. We’ve talked but only briefly. And we kinda had a date a few weeks ago. So we’ll see. I hope it goes somewhere else, but I’m a big girl and can cope if it doesn’t.”

The girls seemed satisfied with your answer, them giving the expected squeals and smiles at your admission of actually wanting more. 

You arrived at the hotel thirty minutes later and checked in, texting Spencer that you were here. 

Less than sixty seconds after closing the door, you heard a knock. As expected it was Spencer. With a gift bag. 

“Can I come in for a second?”

“Of course.” You moved aside to let him in, sitting on the edge of the bed. 

“So I got you a gift. It’s not another toy though so sorry to disappoint. Open it when I leave okay.”

You furrowed your eyebrows at him but agreed. 

“Are you looking forward to the party?” he asked, sitting next to you on the bed. 

“I am. And I’m especially looking forward to seeing you all 007’d up.”

He laughed at you, reaching out and brushing your hair behind your ear. 

“Will you dance with me later Spencer? I know that’s not really your thing.”

“Maybe. We’ll see whether you make it to the dance floor or not. If I have my way, you’ll be dragging me back up here after dinner.”

He leant in close, his hand going to the small of your back and his lips connecting with your neck suddenly. 


“Spencer, I need to get ready,” you moaned as his mouth sucked on your collarbone, his tongue tickling you sending warmth straight between your legs. His other hand moved to your thighs, pushing between them dangerously close to the top and began tracing patterns over the inside. Fuck. 

“You sure you don’t just want to stay here? I’ll make it worth your while.” His words breathy on your neck. 

“I’m sure you would but I want my crown tomorrow. And I’ve paid for a dress that looks amazing. I wanna wear it.”

“So wear it whilst I’m doing you then. We can pull it up.”

You laughed and pulled away from his wandering mouth. You really couldn’t wait to feel those lips everywhere tomorrow. 

“Maybe I’ll put it back on for you tomorrow Spencer. Now leave please. I need to make myself presentable.”

He begrudgingly pulled away and stood, heading to your door. 

“Y/N you could go down in a bin bag and still be the most attractive girl in the room. But I’ll leave you alone. For now.”

“Just a second Spence.” You hauled yourself off your bed and walked over to him. Standing up on your tip toes you brushed your lips against his, doing the one thing that you’d been allowed to do all along but so far hadn’t.

He responded immediately, his hands moving to your waist and pulling you close as your hands reached around his neck, tangling in his hair. His mouth began to move against yours, his lips soft and smooth, his kisses sweet and slow. You’d resisted kissing him until now, it was something you adored doing; kissing seeming so much more intimate in some ways than actually having sex with someone, But with only 24 hours to go, you figured it would be okay.

Boy, were you regretting that decision now. Spencer’s hands slipped under the bottom of your t-shirt, warm against the skin of your tummy. His tongue flicked out, swiping slowly across your mouth, requesting access. You both angled your heads, instictively leaning in the opposite direction to the other to allow the kiss to deepen.

Your lips parted and you tongue found his, the tips carressing each others lightly. You could taste a mixture of coffee and mints, the combination unsual but not offensive. You moved your hands to his hair, running your fingers through his locks, messing them even more than they already were. Fuuuuuck, you just wanted to do this forever. You needed to stop. But….Just one thing first. Something you’d been dying to do.

Pulling back, you sucked his bottom lip inbetween yours. Tugging at it slightly with your teeth, hearing him groan against you.

Okay….Stopping now. Definitly stopping now. You broke contact completely, reaching behind him and pulling your door open.

“Bye Reid! Best start getting ready.”

His eyes were glazed slightly as he slowly licked his lips, tracing where yours had been only seconds ago.

“You sure you dont’ just wanna stay here all night?” his voice low and sexy again.

“Sure….Well ninety percent sure at least.” More like fifty/fifty if you were being honest with yourself but he didn’t need to know that.

He sighed loudly, rolling his eyes at you. “I’ll see you soon Y/N.”

You shut the door behindhim, squeezing your eyes shut. Fuck me, the boy was a good kisser. Good with his mouth, which only made you think of one thing.

STOP……24 Hours girl. Queen Tease remember. You’ve got this.

You sat down at the dresser, plugging your curling irons in and got to work.

An hour later your hair and make up was done. Your hair was half up and half down, light curls flowing through it. Your make up was simple but effective. Dark smokey eyes with lashings of mascara to excentuate your lashes, and a light brush of lip gloss. In the mirror you spied the gift bag that Spencer had given you and you moved back to the bed to open it.

Two packages were inside, The first, a small black box which you prised open to find a pair of gorgeus silver earings. Small diamond studs with a trail of tiny silver stars dangling from them. They were beautiful and would go well with your dress tonight. You threaded them through your ears straight away, admiring them in the mirror. How sweet of him.

The next package was soft and tissue wrapped. You unwrapped it, laughing when you saw what it was. A pair of black, lacy french knickers. A note fell from the tissue paper and you recognised Spencer’s handwriting.

“I have no idea what sort of dress you’re wearing, but providing it allows wear these underneath please. When you beg me to peel your dress off you later, I want to see these underneath. If the dress doesn’t allow for lacy things, then don’t wear anything at all!”

The dress you’d chosen wasn’t tight fitting and if Spencer liked lace then he was in for a treat. You’d gone with a shorter dress, one that one was fitted to your waist but then flared out slightly, the skirt made from layers of chiffon. It was a light purple and was one of the more expensive items of clothing you’d purchased. The back of the dress was a sheer lace panel which meant you had to go braless. Luckily the front of the dress had built in support.

You stripped and slipped on the underwear, the material soft against your skin. Turning sideways, you inspected your profile in the mirror, enoying the way they cut across your butt making it look perter than normal. You were tempted to take another photo and send it to the man in the room next door but you knew if you did, you’d never make it to dinner. Instead you continued dressing, completing the look with pair a silver heels. Satisfied with the overall look, you spritzed yourself with perfume, noting that it was fast approaching the time you’d agreed to meet.

Grabbing your evening bag, you opened your door to see Spencer stood there, his hand raised ready to knock on your door.


Spencer in a tux. 

You exited your room quickly, pulling the door shut behind you, knowing you were tempted to pull him into the room and abandon all hope of getting your crown.

“Fuck, Spencer.”

“What?” he asked you, confused.

“You look hot. Like so fucking hot.”

“Really? I feel ridiculous.”

“Well you don’t look it. You look handsome, and gorgeous and just…..ugh.”

He grinned at you, please with your compliment. “You look stunning by the way.”

“Thank you kind sir. And thank you for these. They’re beautiful.” You motioned towards the earings.

“Oh and….” you glanced around, checking that the hallway was empty before lifting the hem of the dress up quckly. “Thanks for these too.”

You spun on the spot, giving him the full 360 degree view of your in the french knickers, his eyes widening at you and a low moan leaving his  lips.

“Ready for dinner?” You smirked at him.

“If we must. I’d much rather be eating something else though Y/N.”

“You can have as much of that as you want tomorrow. Seconds, thirds and even fourths if you want.”

“You bet I want.”

You reached out for his hand and headed down to the elevators with him.

Dinner was amazing. Naturally the BAU were seated at the same table, the wine flowing.

When the plates had been cleared away, the music was turned up and people slowly trickled on to the dance floor.

You were deeply engrossed in a conversation with JJ and Emily, Spencer’s hand carressing your leg under the table out of sight from the others. His fingers kept drifting higher, stroking the edges of the lace on the panties he’d asked you to wear. Luckily you were sat in the corner so people situated at the other tables couldn’t see your dress being moved higher and higher.

His finger slipped under the edge of the lace, not actually touching you anywhere he wasn’t allowed to, but still incredibly close. Yet his face was the picture of calm whilst you were sure yours was becoming increasingly pinker. 

You were right.

“Are you okay Y/N, you look a little flushed,” JJ asked. 

You coughed, clearing your throat. “I’m fine. I could just use a drink is all.” Your wine glass was empty and the waiters hadn’t been round again to replace the empty bottles. 

“Do you need something wet to quench your first Y/N? I know I do.” So close, so fucking close, if you shifted your weight slightly he’d have his hands on you, just where that bullet had been. He smirked. 

“Actually Spencer, I do. I’m going to the bar.” Pushing his hand away you stood up, shimmying past the other chairs and out of your corner. 

Instead of going to the bar, you headed to the ladies room, splashing cool water on your face and freshening up some. You heard the sounds of the toilet flushing in one of the cubicles and a few seconds later, Garcia exited. 

“Hey Pretty Lady, you okay?” she asked, washing and then drying her hands. 

“Yep.” You reapplied your lip gloss. 

“The genius is trying to get to you isn’t he?” She raised an eyebrow. 

“How do you know?”

“Well it’s pretty obvious when the hand that’s closest to you has been under the table for most of the evening. I hope he’s not breaking any rules!” She grinned. 

“Technically he’s not Penelope. But damn, I wish he fucking would.”

“So just call it quits, declare him winner and go get some.“ 

“Not tonight. I just…. I need to win.”

You led the way out of the bathroom and back to the ballroom, noticing that the team had got up to dance in your absence, Spencer with them. 

You and Penelope stood at the edge of the dance floor watching them, giggling at Spencer’s clumsy moves. He didn’t look terrible, just self conscious and that made him look a worse dancer than what he actually was. 

Derek spotted you both and strutted over in time with the music. Both hands held out, he reached for you and Penny, taking one of your hands in each of his and kissing Penelope first and then yours. Tugging, he pulled you both on the dance floor. 

You let yourself be tugged and you were soon engulfed into the horde of bodies, dancing and laughing with everyone. 

Even Hotch was having a good time, spinning JJ around and attempting to dip her. You danced for about twenty minutes before the tempo dropped, a slower song coming on. 

Immediately looking around for Spencer, you felt a tap on your shoulder, turning to see one of the interns looking at you. 

“Erm…. I don’t suppose I could have this dance could I?” He looked so sweet and nervous, Daniel; you thought his name was. 

You nodded not wanting to hurt his feelings and placed your hands on his shoulders, moving with him for the song. When it finished, his grip on your waist didn’t loosen and you glanced around looking for Reid. You couldn’t see him. 

“Excuse me Daniel, I er, need a water break.” He released you and you wandered to the edge of the dance floor, not seeing Spencer anywhere. 

There was a balcony area outside, near where the exit was and you tried there, thinking maybe he’d needed some air. 

You were right, you found him leaning on the railing alone. You walked to his side and touched his arm. 

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah. I just….. I don’t know. I didn’t like seeing someone else slow dancing with you. It would have okay it if was Hotch or Rossi, or even Morgan, but I didn’t like watching him with his hands on you.”

You turned to Spencer and took his hands into your own, placing them on your hips. 

“So put your hands on me instead then.” Another slow song had started up inside and you stepped closer to him, linking your arms around his neck. 

“Dance with me?”

He nodded and you slowly began to sway to the music together. In your heels it was easy for you to rest your head on his shoulder and as you did, you heard him sigh. 

“Spencer what’s wrong?” you whispered. Something was bugging him. 

“I just…. I just don’t want this to be over.”

“What to be over?“ 

“This. You and me. After tomorrow, there’s no reason for us to spend as much time with each other, no reason for us to be around each other as much as we have been lately. I don’t want it to go back to normal.”

“Spence, we talked about this though. I thought we were going to go out on an actual date and stuff? ”

“Y/N. I’ve seen the way guys look at you. You can have anyone you wanted. Why would you want to date me?”

“And I’ve seen the way girls look at you too. And it’s not just looks Spencer either. I’ve told you before, I think you’re perfect. And don’t say you’re not. Because what I mean, is that you’re perfect for me.” You pulled away to look up at him, disbelief colouring his eyes still. Why didn’t he get it? 

You tried again. “This isn’t just about sex for me Spencer, and I know it’s not for you either right?“ 


“Do you really think that if it had been me and Morgan or you and Emily left standing at the end of the original bet that it would have been extended?”

He considered your question before answering, “Probably not, no.”

“Garcia and Derek suggested this because they knew we liked each other, we’d told them as much before. But nothing was happening. They gave us an excuse to behave inappropriately towards each other. A reason to spend more time together. A cover for us to actually grow closer, develop a relationship out of this even.”

His eyes flickered at the word relationship. “Is that what we have?" 

You watched his face carefully. "Is that what you want?" 

The feeling of his mouth on yours was your answer. You kissed him back, tasting wine on his lips, moving your mouth against his gently; savouring the feeling. 

You pulled apart a few moments later remembering where you were. Anyone could walk out any second and see. 

"Spence, I’m feeling kinda tired. I think I’m gonna head back to my room.” You stared at him, hoping he’d get the message. He nodded. 

You slipped back through the ball room, making your way back up stairs to your room. A few minutes later, a knock on the door. 

“It’s open,” you called. He entered, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. You both just stood there, staring at each other.

Not saying a word you reached for the zip on the side of your dress, tugging it down and letting the dress fall to the floor leaving you standing in your heels and panties. And nothing else. 

Spencer crossed the room, shrugging out of his jacket as he went and falling to his knees in front of you. Pressing his lips to your tummy, he started peppering you with little butterfly kisses, his hands moving straight to the lace fabric covering your butt. 

He kissed every inch of your stomach, dipping his tongue into your belly button  earning a gasp from you as the feeling shot straight to your core. 

Dragging his lips upwards, his teeth catching on your skin, he didn’t stop when he got to your breast this time. One hand remaining on your ass, he moved the other to your chest, cupping you and massaging gently. His mouth continued it’s exploration, his tongue circling your pink nipple, latching onto it when he heard the moan that left you. 

Your own hands moved to his head, tangling in his wavy hair. You looked down at him at the same time as he looked up, your eyes meeting. 

Catching your other hard bud between his thumb and forefinger he tugged, sucking hard at the same time, his tongue flicking over it in quick succession. 

“Oh my God,” you whispered, biting down hard on your lip. 

You felt yourself growing wet between your legs as he did it again, tugging and pinching with one hand whilst sucking and flicking with his mouth and tongue, his eyes not moving from yours. 

The hand that was groping your ass moved, pushing between your thighs and rubbing it over your underwear. 

The friction of the lace being rubbed over your clit as he continued to work your nipples was almost unbearable and you let out a long moan. 

“Y/N, these panties are soaked.” Spencer’s words vibrated against your chest, your legs moving apart at the sound of his low breathy voice. It was amazing how different he sounded when he was turned on. 

“Uh huh. Take them off then." 

"In a sec.”

He dragged his hand over the front of the lace, rubbing right where he knew your clit would be. 

“Oh fuck……Oh.”

Your eyes closed as he rubbed faster over your underwear, your head arching back as he bit down gently on your chest. 

“Spencer…….ahhh. Oh shit.” You’d been in the room for less than ten minutes and you were going to come.

He pressed harder, sensing you were close. It was almost painful how turned on you felt. Just when you were ready to let go, he stopped. Withdrawing from you completely. 

“Wait….. Why have you stopped." 

"No reason,” he smirked, licking the tips of his fingers where he’d been touching you through your panties. You thought you were going to die right then and there. 

He stood in front of you tugging at his tie. You helped, starting to undo his shirt as he pulled the tie from around his neck, discarding it on the floor. 

You reached for his belt, unclasping it and before long, he was in the same state of undress that you were, the outline of his dick pressing hard against his shorts. 

You moved your hand to stroke it but he stopped you, gripping your wrist. “Not yet. I’m not gonna be able to last long this time as it is Y/N." 

"So make me come first then.”

“Oh I will.” He tugged you towards the bed, pushing you down gently so that you were flat against it. Moving to your hips he dragged your panties off then placed his hand back between your legs, his fingers skimming straight over your clit and going straight to your entrance. 

“You’re so fucking wet Y/N,” he murmured, his head resting on his other hand as he lay to the side of you, propped up. 

“Yeah well, take it as a compliment Spen…. Oh……Oh fuck.” You didn’t get chance to finish. Instead you felt him push two fingers inside your slit, curling them once inside. 

“Oh jeez Y/N. I can’t wait to put my dick inside here. It’s so warm and tight.”

“So do….. Oh my god… it Spencer.”

“In a second.”

He started pumping with his fingers, his long digits hitting your g spot and causing you to whimper. Your clit was throbbing still, dying to be touched, although from the look on Spencer’s face he knew what you wanted. He just wasn’t going to do it yet. 

Fine. You slid your own hand down your body, finding your hard bundle with your own fingers and starting to rub as Spencer’s hand thrusted against you. 

“Stop it Y/N. That’s my job now.“

"Then fucking do it already,” you whined. 

“In a second.” He curled his fingers again causing your hips to lift off the bed as he pushed them deep inside you before retracting altogether. 

“So…. Mouth or fingers Y/N?” He moved, positioning himself between your knees. 


He laughed, “I told you. Not yet. It’ll be over to soon.”

“I don’t care!" 

"Yes you do. I recall you telling me before that it didn’t matter if I took 30 minutes or 30 seconds as long as I made you come first.”

“Then hurry up and make me come then.” You were getting impatient and he was loving it. 

“I will. Now mouth or fingers?” he asked again. 


“As you wish.” Spreading your legs he lowered his mouth to your centre. Licking a thick stripe up from your slit, he moaned. 

Your hands were gripping the sheets in anticipation and he licked again, starting from your ass all the way up to your clit before sucking on it hard. He began to move his mouth against you, sucking and rolling your throbbing aching clit with his tongue and teeth before pushing his fingers back inside you, resuming his thrusts. 

It was too much, he was too good at this. He flicked his tongue against you quickly, hearing your breathing and gasps quicken as you moaned his name again. 

"Spencer… OH FUCK… Ah… Oh….. ” No longer capable of forming words, you let go, shuddering against his mouth as he licked and fucked you with his hand, your orgasm burning through you. 

You shudders reduced to trembles now, Spencer spoke, “You know, if I were to carry on, chances are you’d have a multiple orgasm.”

“Seriously Reid, shorts off, dick out and inside me now. You can try and give me one with that.” Your head was pounding but you needed him to fuck you properly. 

“Not likely, unless your playing with yourself at the same time Y/N. You know most orgasms come from clitoral stimulation.”

He was right but you tugged his hair hard pulling him up to you and using your feet and legs to push his boxers down. 

“Just fucking put it in okay.” You grinned at him, seeing him do the same as he adjusted himself at your entrance, before slowly pushing inside. You both groaned and he lowered his forehead so that it was resting against yours, capturing your lips in a kiss as you both got used to the sensation. 

“Y/N,” he pulled his lips away. 

“Hmmmmm?” You smoothed his hair back from his face. 

“This feels amazing.” He shifted back onto his arms and started to move inside you, slowly at first but increasing his momentum quickly. 

Lifting your legs, your wrapped them around his waist knowing it made you tighter for him. Slipping your hand back between you, you started to rub at your clit, quickly feeling another orgasm beginning to build as Spencer thrust away inside you. 

The look in his eyes, and the groans and gasps that escaped him told you he was close. You squeezed hard, causing his eyes to widen at the sensation of you clenched around him as he drove deep inside you. 

You rubbed frantically ready to come again when Spencer groaned loudly and his hips ground hard against yours. You could feel him releasing himself inside you and you continued rubbing, a second orgasm overtaking your body seconds later. 

He pumped a few more times, more slowly, his face damp with sweat and exertion, before collapsing on top of you.

You lowered your legs back down to the bed and wrapped your arms around him as he buried his face into your neck. 

“Fuck me…. ” he muttered into your neck. 

“You kinda just did,” you giggled, playing with his hair softly. 

He kissed your neck gently. “You know what I mean…..That was just….“ 

"Amazing, brilliant, the best sex of your life? Cos that pretty much sums it up for me” you offered. 

“Really? Even though it didn’t last that long?”

“Yep. You’re amazing Spencer. I’m not going to be able stop looking at your mouth now that I know what you can do with it.”

“Y/N, you’re constantly looking at my mouth anyway.”

So he’d noticed then. You chuckled, “What can I say. You have nice lips. And now I know what they feel like on me. I’m claiming them as my own personal property. Just so you know.”

“You can have them for as long as you want them.” He kissed your neck again, nuzzling against you. 



“Cool. How does forever sound?” you asked him tentatively, suddenly scared. 

He pulled his head away so he could look at you. When he was certain you were being serious he replied, “Sounds perfect.”

“Awesome. Now how long before you’re ready to go again, cos I’ve got a huge tub in the bathroom and I’ve kinda always had a thing about you with wet hair as well.”

He pulled himself away from you, moving off the bed and tugging you with him. 

“My Queen’s wish is her command. 

When the alarm went off the next morning, you were both thoroughly exhausted, having got maybe an hour of sleep at most. 

You ached, but in a good way. You lay there, Spencer’s hand tracing lazy patterns on your bare back. You felt…… Happy. 

The rest of last night had been spent exploring every inch of other bodies, kissing, caressing and sucking every part of each other that you could. The second, third and fourth time Spencer had fucked you had lasted much longer than the first and by 5am you were well and truly orgasmed out. 

In between all of the moaning, you two had talked, laughing and joking together, a constant smile on both of your faces. You really didn’t want to leave this room now. 

You rolled over to face Spencer, a smile on his face when he saw you were awake. He immediately placed his hand on your hip, pulling you close. 

"Good morning,” his voice was croaky from the lack of sleep. 

“It IS a very good morning isn’t it?”

“I still can’t believe we actually did it.”

“And I still can’t believe that it wasn’t a total letdown. We’d built it up for so long.” You smoothed his hair back from his face, before nestling closer to him. 

He laughed. “I’d offer another round, but I genuinely think we’ve broken my dick. I can use other things though.”

“Spencer if you even dare try to touch me again, I think I’ll cry. I feel like I’ve spent all weekend horse back riding. I’m sooo sore. Give it 12 hours at least.”

You leaned in for a kiss, tasting sleep on his lips. 

“What do we tell the others when they ask who won? Because they’ll definitely know something happened,” he asked when he pulled back. 

“Erm well technically neither of us said it. But you WERE the one to touch me somewhere you shouldn’t have first…… But I’m willing to call it a draw.”

“They’re gonna be so pissed.”

“I know.”

“Y/N?” His hands carresed your cheek softly. 


“This isn’t a dream is it?”

“No Spence, it’s not. Although it feels a bit like that to me too. I think it’s the lack of sleep. Shall we go find some coffee?”

“Can you just insert a drip directly into my veins so I don’t have to move?”

You nudged him. “Come on lazy. We can go back to bed later….. To sleep.”

“Among other things?” he raised his eyebrows. 

“We’ll see.”

You showered, changed and entered the breakfast room together, holding hands. 

The rest of the team were already there and when Derek clocked the hand holding, he started clapping, the rest of the team and then the room slowly joining in and cheering. 

You both couldn’t help but blush as you made your way to the teams table, pulling up chairs.

“Soooo?” Derek asked, a shit eating grin on his face. 

“Oh handsome, do you really need to ask. Did you not see the way she walked? Of course they did it. A fair few times I’m guessing.”

You nodded at Derek to clarify and held up four fingers to him, his eyes widening as he whacked Spencer on his back. “My man!" 

"So who won then, Pen?” JJ asked. 

She pulled out her phone, flicking through her apps. 

“Who caved? Cos three people had tonight but with different outcomes.”

You looked at each other before Spencer answered. “It was kinda a draw. We both gave in at the same time." 

"I kinda thought that would happen. Soooo…. ” Penelope chucked an envelope at you. “That’s the original six hundred from the first bet. Share it, have a weekend away or something because I presume you two are now a thing?”

You both nodded, smiling. Penelope squeaked, clapping her hands. “Told you our plan would work,” she directed her comment at Morgan. 

You laughed muttering to Spencer, “Told you…..” He squeezed your hand under the table in response. 

“And I’ve just messaged the winner to come and collect.”

“How much is the prize money anyway?” Emily asked her. 

“Nine thousand, seven hundred.”

Spencer sputtered and you paused, hand mid air. 


“Well it was a hundred dollar buy in. Pretty much every Agent in the building had a go.”

Every agent in the building knew about yours and Spencer sex life. Fantastic. 

You continued on with your breakfast, light chatter filling the silence. You felt a hand grasp you lightly on your shoulder and you turned to see Erin Strauss stood behind you, her hand on Reid’s shoulder as well. 

“I believe I have you two to thank for funding this year’s trip to Aspen. I’m sure Agent Hotchner has already warned you both not to let this impact on your work, although knowing the both of you, I’m certain it won’t. Congratulations, you two make a lovely couple.”

She collected another envelope from Garcia before winking at Rossi, him quickly pushing his chair back and following her out of the room. 

“Strauss?” Everyone was unanimous in their disbelief. 

“Yup. She was one of the first people to get in on it when we opened the pool up. Rossi must have told her about it because I certainly didn’t include her in the email.”

“I knew I should have bet on the draw.” Hotch gave you both a rare grin.

“I still can’t believe either of you lasted as long as you did. You swear last night was the first time you did it?” Derek spoke. 

“First time we did IT yes.”

“Wait….. You’re saying you did something else before? You can’t have? That makes someone else a winner. There were rules guys. Spill.”

“We didn’t break any rules Morgan. Spencer may have found a loophole though that we exploited a few weeks ago.” You smirked at Reid. 

“Okay, I don’t need to hear this. I’m done guys anyway. I’ll meet you all in an hour to drive back.” Aaron pushed back from the table. 

“Well I do need to hear it,” Prentiss leant in, Garcia, Morgan and JJ nodding in agreement. 

“So erm… We said no actual touching, no sex and no self relief right. Well there was a way around it.”

You watched them thinking, desperately trying to work it out until Emily gasped, her hand clasping over her mouth. 

“A Ryan based way?” she asked. 

“Well…. He bought a new one but yes.”

The girl’s jaws dropped, them all looking at Spencer with a new found appreciation. 

Derek took a little while longer to get it. 

“Wait….. You did what….. Kid!” He shook his head, his eyes wide as he stared at Spencer. “Pretty Boy got game.”

“Yup. He definitely does.” You confirmed. “And that’s what I’ve named this one…. Pretty Boy.”

The table erupted with laughter and you leant over, kissing Spencer on the cheek before whispering in his ear. 

“Although the real thing was much better.

Dates [Remus x Reader]

Anonymous asked:

I’d really love if you could do a Remus Lupin imagine where you are Lily’s bestfriend and she tries to set you up with Sirius but you actually like Remus and every time James and Lily try to get you and Sirius together Remus leaves because he hates the thought of you and Sirius together when he wants to be with you.

A/N: I hope this is okay, I don’t have time to proof-read right now. It’s day three of PEDID, or ‘Potter Every Day in December’, so please send in some aesthetic or writing requests if you’re interested. I have a lot of Remus ones but not many others :)

Description: Remus mis-interprets your friendship with Sirius and you are forced to confess your true feelings. Fluffy af.

Warnings: Jealousy

Word Count: 1,207

“Give him a shot, Y/N,” Pleaded James.

You rolled your eyes at Lily and her boyfriend. Not for the first time, they were trying to persuade you to go on a date with Sirius.

“He’s just my friend, you guys know that.” It was true. You and Sirius were close friends; you only came second to James, obviously. Lily and James shared a look. You didn’t understand why they were pushing it so much. Just then, Remus and Sirius rounded the corner and approaching you. As soon as they arrived, Lily turned on them,

“Y/N, Sirius has something to ask you.”
A look of utter bewilderment passed across his handsome features, but you weren’t even looking at him. Glancing at Remus, you noticed his brown hair looked even more dishevelled than usual. The sight had more of an effect on you than it should have done. He didn’t notice you watching him, he was too busy laughing at Sirius’ obvious confusion. James glared at Sirius and suddenly a look of realisation dawned on his face.

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Big and Beautiful

Originally posted by okayoongz

Word Count: 565

You stood in front of your bathroom mirror, applying the last touches of makeup to your face and making sure every inch of your styled hair was in the perfect place. You smoothed out your dress, running your hands over your voluptuous body. Yes, you were a woman of a bigger stature, but as you looked in the mirror you felt confident in your body and appearance.

Hopefully Jimin likes it just as much, you thought as you left your apartment.

Your best friend, Jimin, had asked you to accompany him to a prestigious dance show. He had somehow acquired tickets for the sold out show and, after seeing how excited he looked ranting and raving to you about it, you had no choice but to say yes to the man who gave you large puppy dog eyes.

You arrived at the performance hall, searching for Jimin in the mingling crowd that was waiting for the show to begin.

“Y/N!” Jimin called from the other side of the room. He jogged up to you, a smile on his face and his eyes shining with excitement.

“Hey Jimin.” you greeted, a smile matching his own pulling on your lips.

“You look amazing.” Jimin said sincerely, fiddling with his hands nervously. You blushed, hoping your attraction for the man wasn’t too evident. You had liked him for a while now, but you always pushed the idea of him liking you back to the recesses of your mind. Because who could love a girl of your size?

“Thank you.” you said softly, pushing the negative thoughts away.

“The shows about to start. Let’s go sit down, yeah?” Jimin smiled, taking your hand and leading you into your seats.

Throughout the show, Jimin kept you close, occasionally whispering compliments to you about the dancers and about how great you looked. The never ending compliments made your heart swell and beat faster. It made you feel a little bashful; you weren’t used to getting constant praise about your body or appearance. After the show was over and you and Jimin hugged out a goodbye, you returned home and stared down at your phone thoughtfully. You decided to send Jimin a message, just one more thanks wouldn’t hurt would it?

You: Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the compliments tonight. Really, they mean a lot. Being a bit bigger kinda ruins a girls confidence sometimes. So, thank you sincerely for making me feel like one of the pretty ones.

You bit your lip, hovering your thumb over the send button. It was a little personal, but you and Jimin were close, and you clicked send without a second thought. You left your phone on the counter and went to go change, slightly anxious to receive Jimin’s reply.

When Jimin picked up his phone after it made his notifications sound and saw it was you, his eyes lit up. But after he read what you said, it made him frown. He thought you were always pretty, didn’t he make it evident enough that he likes you? Jimin quickly typed out his reply, hitting send and hoping that you could get his subtle message.

Jimin: Well your welcome but I shouldn’t have to make you “feel like one” of the pretty girls. I shouldn’t have to because YOU ARE ONE. Your are the prettiest girl I know. Take that as the truth.

Mad: Part 1

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Will contain smut, violence and tense situations in later chapters

Teaser  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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