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Okay. I am not able to make comprehensive sentences, that's why you have to be patient with me. Furuta. Furuta. Furuta. your opinion of Furuta. I want to know. Eagerly. Great blog.


It’s funny that you’re asking me about my opinion of Furuta when most of the time I take your posts as a basis for my own speculations and / or for my general understanding of him :’’D 

Anyway, I think that Furuta is a really, really fascinating character, and despite all of his character flaws, despite all the morally ambiguous things he’s done, despite his role as a major enemy, I’m really drawn to him as a character. 

What makes him so fascinating imho is the fact that he’s not by any means a relatable character. He is a twisted antihero as much as Kaneki is the perfect hero, and that’s totally programmatic on Ishida’s part, since they’re so similar in some respects, but soooo different in some other. 

To give you an example: what made me open up to Kaneki as a MC was his empathy. Even when he went down his darkest paths, the reader knew that at his core he never changed. His defining trait was still his ability to put himself in other people’s shoes and make their pain his. Well, this never happens with Furuta, because Furuta has been depicted as a psychopath unable of empathy since his very first apparition. Like Kaneki, he puts on masks over masks to hide his real feelings, but his real feelings aren’t something that the reader can identify with. Furuta is selfish and cruel as much as Kaneki is selfless and kind. 

So, when I say that I love Furuta I don’t mean that I condone his actions, because I could never empathize with a misogynistic, cruel, harbinger of chaos. I say that I love Furuta because I love his character dynamics, which are exactly what make him such a complex and entertaining character. 

His complexity is undeniable. He enters the story in a really subtle way. He’s always been there, like a true Villain, even before we came to learn of him as one of the major chess pieces on the board. We come to learn how far his power reaches, and how much of Kaneki’s misfortunes are his fault. We are supposed to fear him. And yet, despite everything I said, I personally can’t fully perceive him as a Villain. That’s one of the reasons why I say he’s so complex. Everything in his backstory is a backstage for his role as a major villain, and yet he doesn’t side with the Bad Guys. Instead, he wants them dead as much as the Hero. He has his hands in every possible organization of this manga, and yet still feels far less threatening than Eto or Arima, who only guide one faction each. My point is, even though he is an enemy, I think that Ishida’s point isn’t that of making him the ultimate villain, but rather another one of the countless victims of this system, as well as a counterfigure to Kaneki’s hero side. 

Careful there, because I’m still not condoning any of his actions, despite my claim that he’s also a victim. 

As many people have already pointed out, I think that Furuta’s role in the story is supposed to be that of the comedy to Kaneki’s tragedy. Just like Kaneki, everything in his life went wrong: first as a half-human, then as a willing test subject for the half-ghoul surgery, his life has never been properly his, much in the same way as Kaneki complains that he was “forced” to be the protagonist of his own story. And yet, we never see Furuta breaking down under the weight of an adverse fate, despite the fact that he’s a Hanged Man just like Kaneki. We only ever see him laughing, and tearing everything down as much as Kaneki tries to build things up. 

So, to sum it up: I think they’re specular figures, and that’s mostly what makes Furuta such an interesting character to watch for me. I want to see what kind of revolution he’s going to bring to the world, because I think that “super peace” is probably his way to parallel Kaneki’s idea of correcting the wrongness of the world, in Furuta’s own twisted way. And I can’t wait to see how he plans to make it happen. 

I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 5/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 4

“What the hell is that supposed to mean, Stark?  You got a problem with me, then say it!” Bucky growled, pushing Tony back.  “You got something to say?”

“What do you know about this that you aren’t telling me?  Where did he take her?”

“I don’t know!”

“Don’t lie to me!  You and Rogers have a hell of a lot in common, Barnes, including a nice round of Hydra brainwashing,” Tony hissed.  “You can’t tell me that just goes away, because I happen to know those ten little words that can flip you into beast mode.”

“Fuck off, Stark.”

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“Check their teeth! No, wait, x-ray their bones! No, wait, check their DNA! No, wait, suspend their human rights! Oh to hell with it, just burn them! BURN THEM!”

i watched 3 ben affleck movies today (after getting back from jack reacher) and it’s 11:15 and i was like ‘okay i rly need to shower and then go to bed’ so i force myself to shut my computer and go into my bedroom

so i turn on my tv as i get ready to go shower and i don’t even fucking TOUCH the channel and i look up and this is what fucking greets me: