you went out like a boss babe

A/N: Hope you guys like this… -L

Prompt: “Stained coffee cup” - from No Control

Harry woke up late, like he usually does on days he has off. Rubbing his eyes, he laid in bed for a few extra minutes. Then, he got up, put his robe around his body and tried to smooth out some of his crazy curls. Y/n had already been up for a few hours. He could tell because as soon as he walked into the kitchen, the smell of coffee his his face. He smiled and went to the fridge to get some creamer for his coffee, when he noticed the note on the door. “Sorry, babe, boss called for backup. See you tonight. Love, Y/n.” He read the note out loud, then rolled his eyes. Her handwriting was sloppy, like she was in a hurry. However, his most defining clue was the coffee cup, sitting at Y/n’s spot. It’s company was an empty plate, just crumbles of the chocolate chip muffin she always has on it. It stared back at him like an ugly reflection. One thing that caught his eye was the red lipstick mark on the mug that was facing him, mocking him. He missed her, even though he saw her last night. Harry just wanted to have a normal morning with her, but it was hard dating her. Her internship was rough; being called in for even the smallest thing that wasn’t even necessary. He knew what he was getting into though. He cherished the time they had together. It was rare for them to have time together, but it was precious. He took her coffee cup and plate from the table to the sink, but he kept the lipstick on the cup. He didn’t have the heart to wipe it off. It was a reminder of just how much he loved every little detail about her.