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Jimin and Jungkook met on vacation and had a veeeeery short (drunk ) one night stand romance. Playboy jk remained single and lowkey sad eversince until they meet again 3 years later and jk curses at himself when he realises how affected he still is by the man who doesn't even recognise him.

+ jungkook could admit he slept around, probably too much. but being a sexy bartender gave him a lot of opportunities. being bisexual gave him even more opportunities. who is he to decline an attractive person’s advances???

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omg “You’re wearing my clothes so that makes you mine,” adorable!!!!! please write more jaebum fluff :P

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You had been lazing around the house for the last two days, summer vacation had kicked in and you worked from home now that school had let out. You had more time on your hands than you knew what to do with, occasionally faxing a piece of paper to your boss or handling a appointment scheduling didn’t take any time at all, so you sat in Jaebum’s hoodie only wearing that over top of nothing but some underwear and cotton shorts. It was the closest thing by you when you got out of the shower - and you didn’t feel like doing laundry.  You got up and went to the kitchen to grab a drink jumping when you heard the front door open, you grinned when you saw Jaebum walk into the kitchen.

“babe! you’re home early!” you said excitedly as you walked over to him and he grinned pressing his lips to your repreatedly. He had been at the dorms for the last few weeks because of promotions, but now he was here which was a relief - you’d missed him so much.

“They’re letting us have the next few days off, I thought I’d come see my favorite girl,” he murmured kissing you again his hands falling to your waist, his eyes glanced at what you were wearing, “is this mine?”

You smiled,”Yep, if you want it back let me go find a shirt,” you laughed a little and his eyes darkend ,”Oh I forgot you like it when I wear your clothes,”

A low groan escaped his lips, “Is there really nothing on under here,” he asked as he toyed with the zipper of the jacket slowly sliding it down exposing the skin underneath. He swallowed hard, “You’re mine, you know that right - princess?” he whispered as his lips captured yours in a passionate kiss while he pressed you against the counter. He pulled back to get a look at your exposed chest.

“Who else would I even want to belong to?” you asked and he grinned bringing your mouth back to his again.

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Don’t Let Go. (Barry Allen Imagine)

Request: Hi! Sorry, I totally forgot to send in a plot with the request! I should know better, I was just a lil caught up in the moment😂 Maybe an imagine where Barry surprises the reader when she’s sad, and takes her on an adventure through CC? Thanks boo💜  from @jaderbugz

That’s alright love! I hope your friend is doing well and I apologize for this late imagine!

This request is also fused with this other request from an anon: HII I love your writing! !! I don’t know if you do requests like questions, buuuut What would it be like e when Barrry reveals to the reaader that he’s the flaSH? THANK YOU SO MUCHhhh!

Thank you dear! I haven’t done requests like that, but even though I prefer requests with plots or a description of what you’d like, question requests are definitely welcomed! 

I’m also incredibly sorry that I haven’t been active in the past week(s)? I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve written something for tumblr. I’ve joined my school’s journalism class and I’ve been focusing my writing on that. 



I hope you all enjoy! (Feedback is greatly needed and appreciated!) 

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You moved to Central City to get away from the danger that Star City had. But you just found yourself being swarmed by more danger as there were beings called meta-humans that the Flash, the city’s Green Arrow, dealt with.You spent most of your time trying to find a job and working a simple barista job. You were actually pretty handy with computer work and were actually college roommates with Felicity Smoak. That’s how you knew the Emerald Archer’s true identity. That is also how you met the infamous Barry Allen. 

However, you were oblivious to the fact that Barry was the Flash yet you still pressed on him for any information if S.T.A.R. Labs needed an I.T. girl. He’d respond with something along the lines of “they seem to have everything handled.”

And that was exactly what he said to you now that you were on your break. “But you spend more time there than anybody! Don’t they need a little technological aid?” 

Barry shook his head with a sympathetic look. “Cisco and Cait have a nice dynamic duo going on since Dr. Wells…” He trailed off. Ever since Barry had been visiting and spending so much time at S.T.A.R. Labs, he’s been more secretive about what he does there. Barry gave you a weak smile, knowing how much you hated how he’d distance you from his life with the others. Before he could say something or apologize, his phone rang. 

“You’re off again.” You said, begrudgingly. “Whatever, my break’s almost over anyway.” 

“Don’t be mad. I’ll make it up to you, babe.” He assured before kissing your cheek quickly and disappearing in a blink of an eye. Before you could even respond, he was just gone… You blushed recalling the moment that happened moments ago. You liked Barry yes and anyone would react that way if their crush did the same thing. 

Throughout the day, you came to the conclusion that your new trainee was trying to snag your job. The boss favored her, you could tell, but he couldn’t just boot you to bust girl out of a whim. You noticed how everything that went wrong today was linked to your new trainee. 

She “accidentally” spilled black coffee from the top of the loft that drenched you from head to toe. The stench of bitterness stayed with you throughout the day and costumers would give you a distasteful look when you served them. You were sure your boss took note of that. Then you were slicing bread when she shrieked. You had cut your finger in fear that you were being robbed but no, the trainee just claimed she thought someone had a gun and was pointing it towards Jitters. You rolled your eyes and put your finger in your mouth. And lucky you, your boss saw. The third thing was when it was your break, the time sheet was neatly scheduled underneath the cash register, when Barry came in. You sat with him and the two of you chatted. 

“(Y/L)! You’ve been a bad mentor all day!” Your boss exclaimed. Your eyes widened as you got up from your seat in confusion. “First your body odor was scaring costumers away, then you were tasting food for the customers, now you’re lounging on your trainee’s break?” You protested that it was your break when he pulled out the time sheet. Your break schedule was crossed out and was replaced with your trainee’s. “Now you’re defiant! GET OUT! You’re FIRED!” 

You and Barry walked in silence. “This sucks.” You sighed. “Now I’m job hunting again.” 

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Barry asked. 

“I wish you were the Flash so you can just run me home.” You smiled jokingly. 

Barry’s posture straightened up. “Stay right here.” Confused, you turned around to see that Barry was gone. Beginning to curse his name, you began to walk alone when the Flash showed up in front of you. You gasped as he held onto you and sped you to the top of what seemed like S.T.A.R. Labs. 

“DON’T KILL ME!” You screamed, thinking that there was some evil side to the Flash. “You should kill my boss! Or the trainee! Heck, kill Barry Allen!” 

“Wow, you’d sell me out just like that?” The Flash laughed. His voice and that laugh was all too familiar and you knew who he was immediately.

“Barry!” You gasped, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug. “I thought I was kidnapped or something.” You took off his mask and he gave you a child’s smile. 

“Did I make it up to you?” He asked. 

“No, you scarred me!” You protested. 

“How can I make it up to you, babe?” Barry inquired. You blushed again at his nickname. 

“You can kiss me.” You whispered, looking into his green eyes. 

“’bout time I do that.” Barry muttered before pulling you by your waist and into a longed for kiss. You pulled away with a small smile. “Don’t Let Go.” He whispered as the two of you sped off into the city. 

Cisco was rolling his eyes as Caitlin smiled fondly at footage of the two of you on the roof top. “Crazy kids, get off my roof.” Cisco murmered. 

“I made reservations” “Have a good day at work” (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon. Also, @khiphoponeshots, I see you girl and I hope you enjoy this!

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You knew you were being a bit over the top, but how could you trsut him? You were in the early steps of the relationship so you felt like you walked in eggshells. Jay was a good man, you felt good around him, he showered you with compliments, it was like you found mr. perfect. Of course there was a downside, the person that he was when he was in public, whenever he went out you usually didn’t go with him, when you did you had to keep a distance, while he talks to other girls and gets drunk.

Now he had to shoot an M/V with Bora. You didn’t have anything agaisnt her, she was a beautiful woman. The problem was he thought the same way, you were scared that he will do something, he had a crush on her for ages.

“Good morning”


You replied, putting on your earrings. You had to leave for work, while he was laying on the bed smilling like an idiot. Most of the time you would smile at the view, now it was just bugging you.

“Leaving so soon?”

“I have work, the boss wants to discuss a project with- ah”

He had grabbed you by the legs as you were about to reach for your blazer and threw you in the bed

“5 minutes”

“No minutes. Jay let me go”

You got out of his grip and went on with your stuff. Jay got up with you, following you into the kitchen

“You’re not mad are you?”


“Fine, then give me a kiss babe, come on give me a kiss”

He grabbed your arm, pulling you closer to his body. You just yanked your arm away from him and turned your back to him so you can drink the last sips of your tea. You heard him scoff and you could just feel him rolling his eyes.

“See? That’s how I know you’re mad”


You took a sip of your tea as he wrapped his arm around your waist, barely reaching you since you wore heels. If you were not mad you would laugh at him

“I made reservations, I want us to have dinner together”

“Are you sure you’ll have time? I mean… you might get carried away with Bora”

He spun you around, he had enough of it. He understands how hard it can be, but now it was getting under his skin. The luck of trust was beyond him

“Do you see me hugging her? Kissing her? Sleeping next to her? Trying to understand why the fuck she is mad? No I do all that for your stubborn ass. Give me a kiss”

He puckered his lips like a fish, the view made you giggle. He was right and you knew that, here he was trying to get along with you, while you were mad over his career. You decided to give up and give him a kiss. He pulled away with a huge grin on his face

“You have morning breath”

“Shut up. Now go, have a good day at work babe”

He smacked your butt as you walked away from him which made you let out a shriek and a slight blush appeared on your cheeks

“Tell to Bora I said what’s up”

Kisses & Massages

Requested: Yes

Rated: R I guess

A/N: Hey I tried my best to make it as smutty as possible :p adding a little daddy kink I hope you like it Hun -Victoria

Anonymous: can you do something where ashton is rubbing your back at the end of the day and he gets turned on by the moans you’re making so he decides to make it a full body massage with his tongue and wow I’m so done with myself.


It had been a long and stressful day at work. Your boss Cindy or as you like to call her slutty Cindy had made you work overtime. It was no surprise she hated you well she was more jealous of you because you were dating the cutest , sexiest , rock n’ roll ray of sunshine Ashton Irwin. She’d always try to make ashton fall for her but he just wouldn’t budge he loved you too much. She would always make you do the harder stuff and sadly you could do nothing but nod and say “yes boss” although you would have gladly whacked her on the face with a shoe. But luckily you could go back home to your beloved boyfriend at times like these you didn’t know how you would live without him. When you finally got home you fished out keys from your purse you slowly opened the wooden door and stepped inside your shared house. “Ashton…babe I’m home” you announced. You went upstairs only to be greeted by a very dimply Ash. He was wearing one of his favourite blink 182 shirts with a pair of ripped skinny jeans with open arms. You rushed to his embrace inhaling his sweet scent he buried his face into your neck. He pulled away and said “you look horrible” “wow i love you too” you said sarcastically he let out an adorable giggle you pinched his cheeks then pecked them. Both of you headed to your room hand in hand inside your shared bedroom. You changed into one of Ashton’s shirts and a pear of comfy pajama pants. You soon collapsed next to Ash “(y/n)?” Said ashton “hmm?” You hummed with your eyes closed “wanna a massage ?” He offered you opened your eyes and nodded your head. You laid on your tummy as he started working his magic fingers on you. He delicately started massaging your neck and slowly started going lower. Whilst he was massaging your back you moaned out loudly “right there babe , oh yeah mhmm , harder babe” ashton felt his jeans getting tighter soon there was a huge visible bulge popping out. Ashton’s eyes widened as a naughty thought crossed his mind he started going Lower and soon reached your bum. He gently massaged the perky flesh “Babe what are you doing?” You knitted your eyebrows in confusion. He quickly flipped you over with a naughty smirk he started taking off your clothes piece by piece until you were completely naked “(y/n) how about I give you a full body massage” giggled ashton as he placed his hands on your thigh “umm okay” you said a bit flustered he slowly climbed on top of you and started licking your jawline tracing it with his tongue he went down to your neck and bit your neck aggressively you let out a low groan. He started tracing all around your body with his tongue. His tongue went around your boobs , nipples stomach , hips even thighs but unfortunately not the place you wanted your pussy. He dipped low to your core and looked at you with his dark lustful eyes. He darted his tongue into your aching vagina licking you wet walls he moaned into your pussy making you shiver “(y/n) you’re soaking wet Hun” he said as he continued licking your womanhood “now who’s fault is that” you said in between your moans. He giggled whilst he was still enjoying your taste “Ash” you moaned as more juices flowed out of you and inside his mouth for a second he pulled away “Call me daddy baby girl” he ordered you quickly nodded and said “daddy please lick my pussy please” you pleaded he smirked and continued until you came “how about I return the favor?” You smirked as you flipped him over and started unbuckling his right jeans it took a whole since that boy wore jeans tighter than a virgin you ridded him of his boxers and jeans and started sucking his tip “(y/n)” he moaned you soon started taking him into your mouth it was hard since ashton was huge you took as much of him as you could and started bobbing your head up and down. Moans spewed out of his mouth as you bobbed you head faster his breathe hitched as he felt his stomach tighten “I’m cumming” he blurted out so you started bobbing your head as fast as you could and sucked him harder until he spilled his load into your mouth you greedily swallowed every single drop of cum. Both you and him laid on bed next to each other his arms were wrapped around you waist and your head was on his chest “you taste good” you said “what am I cheesecake?” He giggled “no more like red velvet” you both laughed as you pecked his adorable pink cheeks.

A/N: Hope you guys like this… -L

Prompt: “Stained coffee cup” - from No Control

Harry woke up late, like he usually does on days he has off. Rubbing his eyes, he laid in bed for a few extra minutes. Then, he got up, put his robe around his body and tried to smooth out some of his crazy curls. Y/n had already been up for a few hours. He could tell because as soon as he walked into the kitchen, the smell of coffee his his face. He smiled and went to the fridge to get some creamer for his coffee, when he noticed the note on the door. “Sorry, babe, boss called for backup. See you tonight. Love, Y/n.” He read the note out loud, then rolled his eyes. Her handwriting was sloppy, like she was in a hurry. However, his most defining clue was the coffee cup, sitting at Y/n’s spot. It’s company was an empty plate, just crumbles of the chocolate chip muffin she always has on it. It stared back at him like an ugly reflection. One thing that caught his eye was the red lipstick mark on the mug that was facing him, mocking him. He missed her, even though he saw her last night. Harry just wanted to have a normal morning with her, but it was hard dating her. Her internship was rough; being called in for even the smallest thing that wasn’t even necessary. He knew what he was getting into though. He cherished the time they had together. It was rare for them to have time together, but it was precious. He took her coffee cup and plate from the table to the sink, but he kept the lipstick on the cup. He didn’t have the heart to wipe it off. It was a reminder of just how much he loved every little detail about her.

Preference #150: Rooftop sadness.

Request: Can you do a Mikey one where your having and bad night and he finds you on the roof?

You had, had a dreadful night. You were working part time at a bar and had an appalling night, the male customers had been simply vulgar to you and your boss had been ghastly. The customers had been making inappropriate comments such as ‘show us your boobs and other vulgarities’ which you didn’t appreciate and when you told them to shove off your boss pulled you aside. “I pay you to be a pretty face, take their shit because let’s face it you won’t get any other work because your incompetent” you stopped listening after the third insult. You had quit on the spot and returned home. You went up to your roof and cried. Michael returned from work but you hadn’t notice “Y/N” he called out and eventually found you on the roof. “It’s cold what are you doing up here? Babe you’re shivering” he said wrapping his jacket around you “I’ve had a shit night, my boss is a dick and I quit and the customers are grotesque and ugh” you said. Michael wrapped his arms around you “what do you say I order pizza and we watch movies tonight and cuddle?” he asked “I’d like that” you half smiled.