you wear a crown but youre no king

Human again

request: Can I request and imagine with Adam before the curse and him treating the reader badly and when the curse happens she tries to run but The beast holds her captive, but in the end she ends up breaking the curse.

@quickies-with-quicksilver: Holy crap I just need anything with the beast/Adam and your little one shots are so cute! I don’t even care what the plot is, I just need some!!

warnings: none

a/n:feel free to request more BATB stuff :)

You stood in front of the cocky prince as he shifted on his throne. He guffawed,
“Your work has been lacking lately.”

You kept your head low,
“Yes your majesty.”

“Your work isn’t detailed, your attitude is infuriating, and I don’t think you’ve been taught manners in your entire life.” The arrogant prince said as you gritted your teeth together, stay calm.

“If I may-” You heard Mrs.Potts step forward to defend you only to be cut off
when he raised his hand.

The room was silent before he said,

You did not move an inch as he grew angrier,
“You will listen to your king.”

You looked up at him with narrowed eyes,
“Kill me if you must, but I will never bow to a king who wears a crown studded with jewels of every life he has ruined.”

He stood up to begin to yell at you before you cut him off,
"How can you be so cruel to those who have taken care of you your whole life? Is your heart that cold that you cannot care for even one person?”

The room was silent as you gave him a sympathetic look,
“I pity you.”

Before he could even respond Plumette and Mrs.Potts had led you out of the room and back up to the servants quarters.

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Legolas Greenleaf X Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds them only to take them home to care for them. 

Warning(s): nudity, mentions of torture 

A/N: AYoOoOoOoOO I’m back. (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Color. And I’ll probably write a part 2 for this but idk yet.

[part 2]

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Dating T’Challa would include...

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  • Being called “queen/king” by him
  • T’Challa kissing your hand like a lot
  • Him spending the night on your house and saying “I’m a king” (he’s joking, of course) whenever you ask him to do something
  • “Babe, it’s your time to wash the dishes”
  • “Are you kidding me? I’m a freaking king, (Y/N)”
  • He washes the dishes anyway
  • Dora Milaje being your best friends on Wakanda, since all of you care so much about T’Challa
  • Him letting you wear his crown sometimes
  • “You’re my servant now”, you joke
  • “As you wish, your highness”
  • Long and passionate kisses
  • I mean, seriously, he can’t get enough of your lips and when he has to say goodbye to you, he will give you at least 3 long kisses before actually leaving
  • Slow make out sessions just because he’s a fucking teaser
  • Intense and passionate sex, because T’Challa is the type of guy who makes love to his S.O slowly, making them feel every single damn thing
  • T’Challa loving you unconditionally
  • Him crying on your lap when he’s feeling sad or missing his father
  • You being the reason why he didn’t gave up on everything
  • Wakanda’s nation loving you
  • Daydreaming with him about having kids and about how he’s gonna be a good father
  • Him saying “I love you” to you on his native language
  • Having african nicknames for you
  • T’Challa definitely putting a ring on your finger

Love yourself girl or nobody will. You cant love nobody else until you know how love feels. You want to make someone happy to forget how you feel? You want to provide for a man … . . but do you have enough to help you? You want to show him what’s real but you cant be true to you? Now do that sound right? Settle down and think for a while. Cater to yourself and you’ll figure it out. The world revolves around you because you are a queen. As a Queen you have to wear your crown right never let it slip keep it on tight. Once a boy see a Queen without her crown he takes advantage. Queens are attracted to Kings and Kings are attracted to Queens not jesters. Jesters are only needed for a Kings amusement for a quick second.  

Chapter 13 dialogue

Hello my fellow Ardyn fans! This is a small shout out for you all to help me with my audio files I try to record for you all!

Before I release chapter 13, I really want to know if I got all lines. If you miss any in the upcoming list. Please let me know! (locations where he says it would be a huuuge help too!) (This will follow for chapter 14 as well, when I’ve finished that list =D)

Thanks in advance and enjoy the list!

“Look at you, all by your lonesome.”
“How does it feel to be powerless?”
“Can’t help your friends if you can’t help yourself.”
“Can’t you simply taste the air of foreboding?” (laugh)
“Must be tiring, having to run all the time.”
“That magic is a royal disappointment.”
“It’s all coming along swimmingly, isn’t it?”
(Another laugh.)
“Poor Prompto must be feeling the heat right about now.”
“Ah, you should’ve seen the look on your face! You’d best hurry. Next time, it might really be your friend.”
“That’s one of my personal favourites.”
“Are you certain it wasn’t the real thing? Wouldn’t want to make a mistake…”
“Oh, it’s just so unfair! (laugh)”
“Your heart’s desire so close now! Soon it will be within your grasp. I suggest you take the central elevator. It will take you to your goal.”
“I believe you’ve lost something: your spine.”
“Oh, now they’ve found you…”
“If a king cannot protect himself, how is he to protect others?”
“The higher you climb- the further you fall.”
“Not so tough without your borrowed toys, are you?”

“Did you hear that? There’s something out there…”
“A-ha! Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”
“You really are helpless without your friends babysitting you.”
“I have great doubts about your friends.”
“Tragedy could strike at any moment.”
“What was that noise?”
“Is it scary being on your lonesome?”
“I love surprises!”
“Oh, you’ll fall for anything.”

“The Empire made considerable inroads into the science of daemons.”
“Well, after I showed them the way, of course. We’d managed to make daemons… right here.”
“Your head can do more than wear a crown. Use it!”
“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re lost?”
“Ever wonder where daemons come from?”
“Once upon a time, they were children of nature- beasts and men. Aw, and you’ve killed so many.”
“The infantry units you callously dub ‘MTs’ all began as babes in this very facility.”
“Imprinted with serial codes and incubated until they were strong enough to fight.”
“What a pity. Innocent souls fated to suffer… at the hands of a foreign king. Well, not so ‘MT’ after all, are they?”
“Oho! Well done, my boy!”
“The most fascinating tidbit about your dear Prompto…”
“Turns out, he’s not empty either. He’s got quite the ‘skeleton’ in his closet.” (Evil laugh)

“How will this story end, I wonder.”
“Where are your friends? You don’t think they ran off without you?”
“Where does it hurt? You can tell me.”
“You still haven’t found Gladio?”
“Only a matter of time before Ignis bumbles into a trap.”
“You must feel very much alone right now.”
“Your buddies have bright lives ahead of them. Don’t take it personally if they choose their over yours.”

“In case there was any doubt: it’s a trap.”
“A little pain never hurt anyone. On you go!”
“Hurry. While your dawdle, people are dying.”
“Reunited with your retainers at last. How very touching.”
“Must be a fine feeling, having friends. Look how happy you are!”
“I pray you find your dear Prompto soon.”
“I knew you’d go that way.”
“Oh, you’re such a tease.”

“Your Majesty, your precious Crystal awaits you. To liven things up I thought I’d take you on a stroll down memory lane. Of course, memories decay with time.”
“You could still get to the Crystal…if you went on your own. Your friends will have to stay behind.”
“You’d better think fast. I don’t envy you your decision.”
“Betraying your friends for the greater good-the mark of a monarch! Step forth, your Majesty!”
“If you wish to obtain the Crystal’s power you must be prepared to lose all else.”

“Do you suppose your dear friends are still alive?”
“Those who died for you-do you even wonder what went through their minds?”
“Can you even recall their final words?”
“Your journey is over, Noct.”

“Ardyn explains critical plot while Noctis is grunting yaaay!”

Once more, thank you for taking your time to go through this list. If anything’s missing of these lines I have already recorded, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Personal Favourite Agatha and Tedros Dialogue - Book Three.

“That cat is Satan” Tedros hissed, watching Reaper try to climb out of the toilet bowl and slide back down. “And if you knew me, you’d know I hate cats.”
“No doubt you like dogs - wet-mouthed simple, and now that I think about it, a lot like you.”

Agatha glared at him, Reaper shivering in her arms. Finally Tedros exhaled, looking ashamed. He stripped off his shirt, spread out his arms, and sat on the bed. “Have at it princess.”

Tedors cocked a grin. “That handsome, am I?”
“Even Sophie was more tolerable than you!” Agatha yelled into a pillow. “And she tried to kill me! Twice!

“Look, it’s best if I do it,” Tedros said, walking faster. “You two seem to have serious connection issues.”
“And and you two don’t” Agatha said chasing him.
“All you and Sophie ever do is fight-”
“Because it always involves you!

Tedros’ face changed.
“Agatha,” He whispered, looking very scared. “Why are you bleeding?”
Agatha shook her head, tear welling, hyperventilating too fast to talk.

(He’s such a mum, honestly mama Suho vibes.)

Cinderella?” Said Agatha.
“Don’t give me that face,” Cinderella sneered back at her.
“For being Camelot’s supposed future queen, you ain’t much to look at yourself.” Her hawkish green eyes shot her down to Agatha’s clumps, “Bet no one want to see those feet in glass slippers.”
“Hey now! She’s my princess! Tedros jumped in.
“I don’t blame you handsome,” Cinderella smirked, voice smooth as an eel. “Your daddy didn’t have a good taste in girls either.”

“You’re not allowed to take that off,” he whispered.
“Not even a ‘good morning’ before you start bossing me around” said Agatha. “Besides, are you tying to give orders to a queen?”
“Oh, so today you’re a queen,” Tedros said pulling her closer.
“Late bloomer if you haven’t noticed,” said Agatha.
“Well, even so…a king is still a king.”
“Which means that your queen is beneath you?”
“No, only that you should do as you’re told.”
“Or what?” Agatha chortled.

“Lift me up,” she nudged Tedros.
“On your shoulders.”
Tedros frowned. “Just because you’re wearing a crown doesn’t mean-”
The prince sighed. “And I thought Sophie was high maintenance.”

“Someone’s whipped.” said Pinocchio.
“Finally as tall as his father.” Cinderella groused.

“Not sixteen until tomorrow boy”, piped the wizard, sizing up the young couple. “Besides in time, you’ll have a little rug rat who needs a tutor too.”

You had come to England a couple of days ago. You were part of a large viking army led by the legendary Ivar the Boneless, your husband. After finding a good place to land the ships, you had built up a camp and were preparing for battle. It was early in the morning and you and a few men were out in the woods to hunt. These forests were full of game and you were following the tracks of a big stag as it suddenly started raining arrows. You found some cover behind a huge oak tree, but not everyone was fast enough and you saw many of your men die. You drew your sword and peeked around the side of the tree to see where the enemy was hiding. Then all of a sudden the shooting stopped. You got out from behind the oak and saw men in thick armor running down the hill towards you. They were many, too many. Besides you, there were only four men left, the others were either dead or badly wounded. You looked at your men and they nodded towards you.

“Walhalla is waiting.” One of them said.

You grinned, tightened your grip around your sword and started to run towards the enemy. You all fought bravely and managed to kill over a dozen hostile soldiers but in the end they were just too many. As the warrior next to you fell, you realized that it was only you left. The soldiers tightened the circle around you and you knew that this was the end. You snarled at them through your teeth and fought like a berserk but suddenly you felt something hit your head from behind. The pain shot through you for one second before everything went black.

You woke up on a cold floor. Your head was still paining and as you reached up with your hand you could feel some dried blood. It was almost dark around you but could see a massive wooden door. You managed to get up on shaky legs and tried to open the door. It was locked. Of course it was locked. With a sigh you dropped against the wall and closed your eyes.

You didn’t have to wait for long. The door opened and four soldiers entered. They grabbed you by the arms and led you out of your cell. You kicked and punched and did your best to fight them of.

“Crazy bitch.” One of them said and hit you in the face, which only made you more angry.

You were brought into a huge hall were a man was sitting on a throne. He was wearing a crown so you assumed he was some kind of king. These christian kings and their crowns. To you it looked ridiculous.

“I know who you are.” The king said. Your English wasn’t perfect but you could understand most that was said.

“Why I am here?”

“Your husband is leading the heathen army that is threatening my kingdom. I know you are not much more than wild animals but I hope he cares enough for you to agree to retreat in return for getting you back alive.”

You burst out laughing.

The king seemed bewildered by your reaction. “What is so funny?”

“My husband will never retreat.”

“If he wants you back, he will have no other choice.”

“You christians are afraid of the devil, right?” You looked up to the king with an evil grin on your face. “But you haven’t met my husband yet.”

It gave you some satisfaction to see how scared everyone in the room was.

After the hunting party had not returned for hours Ivar had gotten worried and send out some men to look for them and most importantly look for you. After only little more than an hour they came back and entered the tent as Ivar was talking to Ubbe about where he was planning to attack.

“Where are they?” Ivar wanted to know.

The men chewed on their lips, each of them hoping one of the others would start to speak.

“Where are they?” Ivar asked again, getting impatient.

“Dead.” One of the men got out. “We found them slaughtered in the woods.”

The words hit Ivar like a punch in the face and he had to use all of his willpower to remain calm.

“What about Y/N?”

“We don’t know. She was not there.”

Ubbe put his hand on Ivar’s shoulder to calm him down. “If she’s not there she’s probably still alive. Maybe they know who she is and have taken her prisoner.” He said.

Ivar looked at his brother. “I swear to the gods, I will get her back!”

They hadn’t brought you back to your cell, instead they led you to what seemed to be a small market place inside the castle walls and chained you to a pole. The place was crowded with people from soldiers to farmers. They all looked at you with a mixture of disgust and fear. You looked around to find a way to escape but there was nothing that could have been helpful, so all you could do was to lean against the pole and watch the people until it got dark and everyone disappeared.

As the first light rose to the sky someone on the wall started to ring a bell. Now it got really busy around you, soldiers running here and there. You smiled to yourself. This could only mean one thing.

You saw the king hurrying up the stairs to the wall. He talked to some soldiers and then gestured in your direction. As you were brought to the top of the wall what you saw made you smile again. On a slight hill less than a mile away hundreds of warriors were standing, the sun rising in their back. To you it was a beautiful sight. You could see a single figure approaching on a white horse.

“Who is this?” The king asked.

“This is my husband. So you better start paying to your useless god.”

As Ivar had almost reached the gate the soldiers lifted up their bows.

“Don’t come closer.” The king said and Ivar stopped his horse looking up the wall.

“I came to take back my wife.” He said in a commanding tone then he looked at you and his features softened for a moment. “Are you okay?” He asked in your language.

“I’m fine. Just kick their asses.”

“If we give her back to you, will you agree to take your men and sail away?” The king interrupted the conversation he did not understand.

“You are not listening, Saxon King, I didn’t say I came to  bargain, I said I came to take back my wife.” With this he turned his horse and cantered back to his warriors.

You looked at the king and shrugged. “I told you.”

“Bring her back down.” The king ordered the soldiers.

You were chained to the pole again and four soldiers kept standing close to you, their hands on their swords. It almost drove you insane that you couldn’t see what was going on. There was a battle going on in front of the gates, that much you could tell by the noises. You wished you could fight alongside the others, to sit and wait was much more brutal than to be on the battlefield. After what seemed like hours the gate burst open with a loud crack. The soldiers that were guarding you immediately drew their weapons came towards you, ready to kill you. Seconds later the one in front fell to the ground, an ax in his forehead. You looked up and saw Ivar riding over to you, his horse no longer white but covered all over in blood. But there was no time to be relieved, the next soldier had almost reached you. You dropped to the ground and kicked his legs away. He fell to the ground and you quickly moved to strangle him with your chains. Before the others could reach you Ivar was at your side, slaughtering the remaining soldiers.

You looked up to him. “What took you so long.”

He just grinned at you and gestured for one of his men, who was carrying a huge battle ax. The heavy weapon cut through your chains like a knife through cheese. Ivar offered you his hand and pulled you into saddle behind him. He guided his horse through the fighting men towards the gate. You slung your arms around his waist and pressed a kiss to his blood smeared cheek.


The 1OO Aesthetics:
King Roan Kom Azgeda

                                                   The heroes of old have NOTHING on you. 
                  The WEIGHTS you put upon your shoulders are far more than you should bare. 
                                           Your crown lies HEAVY and your heart wears THIN. 
                               The whispered VILLAINS of the past are not as terrifying as you. 
                                              They have not  s o u l s  or a conscious to prick. 
                                    It is not the man with nothing to lose which should be feared.
                                                                   It is the men like YOU

                                         The ones who have watched too much
                                                                             SLIP BETWEEN THEIR FINGERTIPS. 

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Hi! So first of all this blog is amazing and I appreciate all the work you're doing. Could you maybe make a list of fanfics (multichapter please) with grounder!bellamy (huge + if bellamy is the king of grounders)? I checked the tags and I've read already 'Bravery' and 'In dreams we're always together' so if you know anything else I'd appreciate it! THANK YOU!

+ grounder bellamy & grounder leader bellamy tags!

anon said: Are there any that are along the same lines as In My Dreams We Are Always Together by andsowemeetagain, aka grounder leader!bellamy arranged marriage with clarke for a sealed alliance? 

When Haechan arranges a prom for you because you couldn’t go to your actual prom

Thank you for requesting~ I hope you like this and please do tell me what you think about this ^^

loving all these haechan requests tbh TuT not sure if this is good though >< sorry if i ruined your request ;-;

Words: 1696

Fluff TuT

Requested by anon ♥

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Before you read! 

In this scenario you are in a new girl group SM has just debuted a few months earlier and you are in the middle of preparing for a comeback.

“Oh, sorry,” Donghyuck apologized when he entered the practice room where you were alone, practicing your new choreography. “I didn’t think anyone would be here this late,” he said with a small, awkward smile while scratching the back of his head.

“No, no, it’s okay,” you shook your head. “I was just about to leave,” you said.

You felt a little shy to be alone with him. You always felt a little shy around him. It’s not really a surprise since he was your crush after all.

“You should stay,” he said and closed the door behind him. He went over to the row of lockers that were placed along one of the practice room’s walls. “Are you practicing for your comeback?” he asked, opening one of the lockers.

“Yes,” you answered.

“Hmm,” he hummed and placed the white towel he had brought with him in to the locker. “How is it going?”

“Well…” you started. “Not very well…”

“Why?” he turned around after closing his locker.

“It’s really tiring,” you said and sat down, leaning onto the wall behind you.

“It’s tiring for everyone,” he said with a chuckle. “I understand your pain.”

You bit the inside of your lip, looking at your worn out shoes that weren’t even that old.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, noticing your expression.

You shook your head immediately. “No,” you lied.

He didn’t buy your words. “Did something happen?”

You let out a sigh. “It’s just that… this is going to sound very stupid but…”

“What?” he asked when you didn’t continue. “You can tell me.”

“I’m going to miss my prom because of our schedules,” you said and looked at him, expecting an amused expression but instead he looked at you a little apologetically.

“And you are upset because of that?” he asked, sitting down a little further away from you.

You nodded.

“Donghyuck-ah,” a voice made you both look towards the door. “Did you-“ Taeyong stopped when he noticed you. “Oh, sorry. Did I interrupt your conversation?”

“No, no, no,” you hurriedly got up from the floor and grabbed your water bottle. “I was just about to leave.”

Taeyong looked at you when you walked over to the door and bowed to him before leaving.

“I shouldn’t have barged in like that, huh?” he asked Donghyuck apologetically.

“No, it’s okay,” Donghyuck said. “We were able to finish talking just before you came in.”

You looked at the clock. You had just finished your vocal practice. Your group’s members had left a little earlier, saying that you should leave too but you stayed, not pleased with yourself. Now, after a few hours you were finally done and headed towards the dance studio to practice dancing.

I’d be at the prom about now if I weren’t stuck here, you thought, still upset about not being able to go to your own prom.

From far you already saw that the lights of the dance studio were switched off, which meant no one else was there. You felt good and bad at the same time. It would have been nice to hang out with, well, anyone. But at the same time, you were happy that you didn’t have to show your moves - that weren’t perfected enough yet, at least not in your opinion - to anyone else.

With a small sigh you grabbed the door’s handle and opened the door. It was dark and you switched on the lights only to be surprised by a group of people. Among them were your group’s members who came over to you, very excited.

“What’s all this?” you asked them, flustered.

“We wanted to surprise you,” your group’s leader said while hugging you tightly. “Welcome to your prom.”

Only now you really took a good look at the room. The decorations looked old and a little shabby but you just smiled happily. Everyone had decorated the room just for you.

After admiring the decorations, you looked at the people who were standing in front of you.

“Oh, hello,” you greeted them with a bow since they were all your sunbaes. Red Velvet and most of the members of NCT were present since those two groups were the ones your group was closest with.

“Don’t be so formal,” Wendy came over and put an arm around your shoulders. “You should have fun and relax tonight. How does that sound?”

“Good,” you said and smiled to her and so the makeshift prom began. Your group’s members dragged you over to a table that was filled with snacks and cans of soft drinks.

You breathed in the night air while leaning on to the rooftop’s railing. It felt good to be outside since you had spent the whole day inside. You had decided to come to the rooftop to get some fresh air because it had gotten pretty loud inside the dance studio where the prom was held.

“Here you are,” you heard a voice and turned around a little to see who it was.

Mark walked over to you with a warm smile and you smiled back at him.

You and Mark were very close. He had always been very supportive towards you and your group, even before your debut. You had become good friends during your trainee years even though he had already debuted when you entered the agency.

“Are you okay?” he asked after stopping next to you.

You nodded with a smile. “Yeah. The air was just a little stuffy inside.”

“It sure was,” he gave a laugh. “That many people in one room is not a very good idea.”

You laughed a little and nodded. “True.”

“Speaking of ideas,” he leaned on to the railing you were leaning on to and looked at the city in front of you. “The whole prom was Donghyuck’s idea.”

“Really? No way,” you gave him a look of disbelief.

“He saw you sulking over the fact that you couldn’t go to your prom so he told us that we should arrange one for you,” he smiled, thinking about how Donghyuck had told him that he wanted to arrange a prom for you. “Even though it isn’t really a glamorous prom,” he gave a laugh. “Everyone is wearing the clothes they wear to practice.”

“I don’t mind,” you said. “It’s all about having fun anyway.”

Mark smiled widely at your words.

“I’m surprised Donghyuck did this much for me,” you said.

“I’m not,” Mark looked at you with a grin. “I would have been more surprised if he hadn’t done this.”

You felt your heart beat a little faster.

“He really cares about you,” he said with a tone that was almost teasing.

“As a sunbae,” you tried hard not to get your hopes up.

“As a guy,” he corrected you.

“You aren’t just playing with my feelings, are you?”

“What do you take me for?” he laughed. “I’m serious.”

Before you could say anything else, you could hear a door being opened and you both turned around to look who it was. Mark smiled and immediately walked over to him before you could force him to stay.

“Why are you leaving?” Donghyuck asked, surprised.

“You two should talk,” Mark patted the younger one’s shoulder and went inside, closing the door behind him.

You looked at Donghyuck, extremely nervous. He was nervous too - which you didn’t know - but he walked over to you anyway.

“What were you talking about?” he asked and stopped next to you.

“You,” you said. “Is it true that you are the one behind all of this?” you asked, curious.

He cursed Mark in his mind. “Yeah… It was supposed to be a secret though.”


He glanced at you. “Because I thought you wouldn’t like it as much if you knew,” he mumbled.

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused. “What? Why would you think like that?”

“You always avoid me. No matter where we are, you always seem to run away when you see me.”

“Oh…” you felt a little ashamed. “I didn’t do that because I didn’t like to be around you…”

“Then why?”

“Because…” you hesitated. Just when you were about to continue, you were interrupted.

“We are announcing the queen and the king of the prom guys,” Taeyong stood in the doorway. “You two should come too.”

You thanked Taeyong in your mind and rushed to the door. Donghyuck followed you, a little disappointed that he didn’t get to hear your explanation.

Much to your surprise, you and Donghyuck were crowned the queen and king of the prom. The others had made two crowns out of paper and you were wearing one of them while Donghyuck was wearing the other one. You nervously bit the inside of your lower lip, thinking they were going to make you two dance together.

“Now,” Doyoung said, taking the role of the MC. “What should we make these two do?” he asked.

“How about a flick on the forehead for both?” Chenle suggested.

Donghyuck gave him a death glare. “Come here.”

Before he could start chasing the excited boy, the Red Velvet members said it sounded like a fun idea and the rest of NCT agreed.

“Ah, why?” Donghyuck whined. “Why are we getting punished?”

“Just for fun,” Mark chuckled.

“I don’t really like the idea,” you said.

“See? Even _____ dislikes the idea. Besides, she shouldn’t get hit. This is her prom.”

“You can be hit twice if you don’t want her to get hit,” your group’s members said with smiles.

Everyone seemed to like the idea.

“Sure, I’ll do that,” he said. “But can’t you-“

“Who wants to flick his forehead?” Doyoung cut him off while laughing at the outcome of the situation. Everyone excluding you and Donghyuck played rock, paper, scissors to see who would get to flick Donghyuck’s forehead. In the end, your group’s leader won. She jumped in joy and Donghyuck got hit twice by her. Everyone laughed at how red his forehead was after getting hit. You laughed along even though you felt a little bad for him.

I’m actually happy I missed my prom. There’s no way it could have been more fun than this prom.

This is Halloween - Elijah Mikaelson

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This is Halloween - Elijah Mikaelson

Request: Can you do a cute Halloween with Elijah one shot? ((Anon))

Warnings: Halloween? None?


“So, Klaus is throwing a Halloween party?” You set the invitation that Klaus had given you last night. Elijah looks up from his book and then back down to it.

“Yes, I suppose he is.” You pluck the book from his hands, bookmark the page, and then sit on thigh. He smiles as you rest our elbow on the arm to run our hand through his hair.

“Are you going? Mr. I’m-a-thousand-year-old-super-mature-big-brother?” The corner of his lips twitch up as you talk.

“Niklaus wants me too. And I do think that seeing Hope in her costume would be absolutely adorable.” You smile.

“What do you wanna dress up in?” He groans, rolling his head back, already knowing what you were going to suggest.

“A vampire?” You taunt, a big smile on your face, “A big bad scary vampire?”

“I thought you were meant to be someone else on Halloween?” Elijah asks, smirking at you. You laugh and hit his shoulder.

“Yes, you are so scary, so terrifying, look at me, I’m shaking in my boots. Such a big bad vampire you are, Elijah.” He nods to your every sarcastic word, chuckling along with you at the end. You turned him soft every time you smiled.

“What are you going to be, darling?” Elijah asks. You look up and purse your lips, thinking for a moment.

“Rebekah’s going to be a princess, Hayley’s a warrior queen, so I am going to go with the theme and become a warrior princess.” Elijah nods, liking your idea. You bend your head back down to look at Elijah.

“So, what do you say? Wanna be my king for a night?”


The dress alone made you feel like a princess, and then you added the accessories (including the katana on your back and the knife on your exposed thigh and well… you really did feel like a warrior princess. Elijah was wearing one his fancier suits with the crown on his head. He helps you position your tiara before offering you his hand.

The whole bottom floor was filled with people talking, eating, and drinking loudly. Some of them turned to you and Elijah as you walked down the stairs. Hayley motioned for you to come over when you reached the floor.

“You look amazing, Y/n.” Freya says as she walks up to stand next to Hayley, her pointed witch hat making her look taller than normal. You giggle and Freya’s nods.

“It’s been making people laugh all night.” She walks away to the bar.

“You are a very powerful looking pair, love.” Klaus says, walking over with baby Hope held in his arms. She was eating a lollipop and every time she moved one of her fairy wings would hit Klaus in the face.

“It’s the sword, isn’t it?” He gives you a wide wolfish smile before disappearing with Hope.

“I better go make sure he doesn’t give her a sugar coma.” You watch her walk away to where Klaus went. You turn back to Elijah.

“You do look very powerful. Like a force to be reckoned with.” Elijah says, you smirk as you look up at him.

“Oo, tell me more.” He shakes his head and leans down to kiss you.

“Get a room!” Kol yells from across the room, making you giggle and break the kiss. This was going to be a fun night.

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Ed Sheeran ÷ (Divide) Meme

“I’m well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me.”

“I am happy on my own so here I’ll stay.”

“Save your loving arms for a rainy day.”

“And ain’t nobody want to see you down in the dumps.”

“I beg you don’t be disappointed with the man I’ve become.”

“And to the next generation, inspiration’s allowed.”

“The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow.”

“ Found my heart and broke it here.”

“ But I can’t wait to go home.”

“I miss the way you make me feel.”

“Maybe I played my cards wrong.”

“Don’t call me baby, unless you mean it.”

“Don’t tell me you need me, if you don’t believe it.”

“Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.”

“Cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was.”

“I will not give you up this time.”

“Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song.”

“She took Jamie as a chaser, Jack for the fun.”

“You know she beat me at darts and then she beat me at pool.”

“Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you. But ain’t nobody love you like I do.”

“ Cause, baby, you look happier - you do.”

“Promise that I will not take it personal baby, if you’re moving on with someone new.”

“Ain’t nobody need you like I do.”

“I’ll smile to hide the truth — but I know I was happier with you.”

“Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier - aren’t you?”

“I knew one day you’d fall for someone new.”

“ But if he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I’ll be waiting here for you.”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his arsehole bleached.”

“But I heard he makes you happy so that’s fine by me.”

“ — drinks beer but has a six pack, I’m kind of jealous.”

“I feel safe when you’re holding me near.”

“I saw people marching in the streets today.”

“How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?”

“I’ll be taking my time - spending my life, falling deeper in love with you.”

“So tell me that you love me too?”

“Dad always told me ‘don’t you cry when you’re down, but Mum there’s a tear every time that I blink.”

“I’m in pieces, it’s tearing me up…”

“But I know, a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.”

“You were an angel in the shape of my Mum.”

“When I fell down, you’d be there holding me up.”

“I hope I see the world as you did.”

“I’ve got two left feet and a bottle of red wine.”

“I lost my shoes last night, I don’t know where I put my keys … I was tired and fell asleep beneath an oak tree.”

“I bet my mother’s proud of me from each scar upon my knuckle and each graze upon my knee.”

“I got a cab and then threw up upon his car-seat.”

“Someone told me, always say what’s on your mind.”

“And I asked her father but her Daddy said ‘no, you can’t marry my daughter/son.”

“We got married wearing borrowed clothes.”

“I never worried about the King and Crown.”

“I drove miles and miles but would you do the same for me - honestly?”

“Life can get you down, so I just numb the way it feels - drown with a drink and out of date prescription pills.”

“Human beings are destined to radiate or drain.”

“What line do we stand upon cause from here it looks the same?”

“ My dad was wrong, cause I’m not like my mum — cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining.”

“Before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself.”

“Before I blame someone else, I’ve got to save myself.”

“Before I love someone else, I’ve got to love myself.”

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elia martell + 22

“I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever.”

“I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever, you know,” Oberyn says breezily.  He always speaks breezily, her little brother, and Elia rolls her eyes as he extends an arm to her.  Then, more seriously, “I hope you’re not unwell, sister.”

She gives him a look that she hopes channels mother, because of course Oberyn would know.  He knows that her health has always been fragile.  She grips his arm more tightly than normal as she says, “Do I look peeky?”

“You are as radiant as the sun ever was, sweet sister,” Oberyn says and he kisses her cheek in a very ostentatious way, and Elia swats him with her free arm while still gripping him tightly.  

“Well, I suppose the sun must shine, even in the north,” she says.  She knows that somewhere, the Stark boys would moan at her calling Harrenhal the North, but it is a gray day today, and she is wearing more layers of silk than she had in King’s Landing.  I woke in the night shivering.  And I haven’t bled.

“How long before your husband crowns you do you think?  Do you think he can truly best Barristan the Bold?”

“You don’t think he can?” Elia asks as they mount the dias.

“I do think he can, but it is a good deal less exciting than if he’d…” Oberyn looks around.  The King isn’t present yet.  “Than if our mystery knight were in the final tilt.  I’d sooner see him face Ser Barristan.”

“You’re a dreamer,” Elia remarks.

“And stories of princes are boring.”

Oberyn settles himself in the seat next to her, and looks down at her arm.  She’s  still gripping him tightly now, and his eyebrows knit together slightly.  “Are you unwell? You do look pale today,” he asks under his breath.

Rhaenys was hard on me, and I haven’t bled, she wants to say.  But she knows Oberyn well enough to know that if she tells him any latent fear of what was to come, he’d be paralyzed by it.  Her brother was fierce and could slay thousands of knights in battle, but knowing he could do nothing to ease her pain and fear… If Rhanys loves this one half so much as I love my brother, I’ll be content.  “I slept poorly,” she says.  “And should speak with a maester.”

“I shall find one at once,” Oberyn says, making to rise, but Elia doesn’t let go of his arm.  

“It’s not urgent.  I know what I think it is,” she says.  Oberyn looks confused, and Elia shifts in her seat and rests a hand lightly, for a moment, over her belly.  Oberyn’s eyes light up and he opens his mouth, but Elia cuts him off.  “Not just yet,” she says.  “No words.  I want to know for true before anyone says a word.”

Oberyn kisses her cheek again, and then they rise for the king has arrived.  He ignores them both, and Elia breathes deeply.  It is easier when the king ignores them.  “Have you told your husband of your suspicions?” Oberyn asks quietly as the crowd begins to cheer.  Rhaegar and Barristan ride past on their horses, looking properly gallant.  Is she imagining it, or is the crowd less excited than they had been for the mystery knight?

“Not yet,” Elia says.  “Perhaps tonight, when I know.”

“And he’ll bed you with flowers in your hair,” grins Oberyn.  “Or is he the sort to stay away when the deed’s done, poor gallant fool of a man?”

“Oh hush,” Elia says and they ride. 

Barristan rides well, but Rhaegar rides better, and Elia leans forward in her seat as Rhaegar rises his horse onto his rear legs and collects the blue wreath.  She lets go of Oberyn’s arm for the first time since she’d found him that morning, and prepares herself to rise and smile.  But Rhaegar keeps riding and she doesn’t rise at all.  She watches as he gives that flower to a different woman and this time, it is Oberyn who grabs her arm with a grip like iron.

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Hello again :) Could you pretty please write n° 37 with Robb? You gad been growing up together, but when the war happened you're already married to some lord, who is a great warrior and together, you are helping Robb to defeat the Lannisters. Robb has had a thing for you since you were kids, so things will be compicated. Hope this makes sense. Thanks a lot 💙

Robb Stark - “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”

Your eyes wandered over the different pieces on the map of Westeros. A shiver rolled down your spine when you realized that all those pieces represented real people and that all those real people could die during one of the many battles to come.

“Lady (Y/N)?” Robb smiled when he bent his head slightly to greet you. “I wasn’t expecting you in my tent tonight.” He stared at you with those piercing blue eyes and though many years had passed since the two of you had met last, everything that had been there was still there.

You knew that you shouldn’t be here, that you were taking risks you shouldn’t be willing to take, but even though you had learned to love the Lord you had married in some way, your love for him couldn’t compete with your love for the newly proclaimed King in the North.

“I hope you and your husband know that I’m very thankful for all the help and the extra men you’ve offered me.” He stayed at a safe distance with his hands folded behind his back. He had gotten older and even though it had always seemed impossible he had gotten more handsome too.

“You know I’ve always had a weak spot for you, my King.” Your lips curled up into a slight smile when you called him that for the very first time. You had to admit that the title suited him, even though he probably didn’t realize the consequences of wearing a non existing crown. “And don’t we all want to defeat the Lannisters after all the horrible crimes they’ve committed?”

Even though Robb kept his distance, there was still an invisible thread pulling you towards him. He had never lost the glimmer in his eyes, despite all the horrors he had witnessed and endured. He had never lost the sparkle in his smile, despite all the tears that had attempted to wash it away. “Your husband is a great warrior and it’s my honor to have him by my side.” Robb cleared his throat and he shifted his weight as if he was fighting all those urges you were trying to fight too. “Are you happy with him?”

You had been. Or at least you had thought you were. Until you had met the eldest Stark son again and had felt all those things your husband had never made you feel. “Not as happy as I could have been with you, I’m afraid.” You took a deep breath and before you realized what was happening Robb had his arms wrapped around your heated body.

“I somehow wish you hadn’t said that…” He whispered and his hand, slightly sweating, tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. He still carried that familiar and welcoming Winterfell smell around and you closed your eyes to enjoy it to the fullest. “All this time I tried my best to not feel anything for you.” Robb’s eyes seemed even bluer now they were so incredibly near. “Guess what? I failed.” Little pearls of sweat covered his forehead while you felt his breath on your skin. “If only you had told me you were happier with him than you would have been with me…” He softened his voice and he pressed the palms of his tender hands to your blushing cheeks.

“I have never lied to you and I will never lie to you.” You closed your eyes when his lips kissed yours with all the love and passion you had missed so badly ever since your father had promised your hand in marriage to the man you now called your husband.

“Would he miss you if you would stay with me tonight?” Robb kept his forehead pressed to yours and you shook your head while you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him again.

“I hope he doesn’t.”

Dear Black Men

Dear Black Men,

A driving force
Yet so subtle and sincere
You are everything that my heart desires

Even in those times when it seems
That the world is against you
I will always be there to remind you of who you are

Most people fear of you
Because of what they do not know

That your abilities are limitless
You strive to surpass your own expectation
Even when it seems impossible
You always manage to show contrast

I am only trying to reassure you
That I am the exception to the rule
That I will love you no matter what
Win, draw, or lose

Even when you are feeling
That you have lost your place in this land
Sometimes being portrayed and even told that you are less than a man

Don’t hold your head down
Exhibit your strength and your pride
Remember, you wear a crown

Because You are still a King In my world, you are high in demand
Remember, I do love you no matter what

I've finished it now presenting HAMILTOTS: A Child's Play

Mr. Washington: 31
Alex Hamilton: 5
Aaron Burr: 5
John Laurens: 5
Hercules Mulligan: 6
Lafayette: 5
Angelica Schuyler: 6
Eliza Schuyler: 4 ½
Peggy Schuyler: 2 ⅔
Sammy Seabury: 5
George King: 6
Rachel Faucette: 25

[The scene starts with minimal set with 3 tables and a teachers desk.
Two tables are SL and the other one is SR with the teacher’s desk
center stage. Mr. Washington walks in SR with Alex, they stop at
Washington’s desk. Lighting only on Washington and Alex.]
Mr. Washington: Ok Alex, you can sit next to Aaron Burr.
Alex: [Timidly] Okay [Washington pushes Alex to the first desk SL
Lights show that one boy is sitting reading a book]
Alex: [Walking cautiously over to the table] Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr?
Aaron: [Looks up from book] That depends who’s askin’
Alex: Oh! I’m Alex Hamilton, Mr. Washington told me to sit here.
Aaron: Okay [goes back to reading]
Alex: [gaining courage] Whatcha’ reading? Do you like to read? Does
Mr. Washington allow a reading period? What about-
Aaron: [Getting frustrated] Talk less
Alex: What?
Aaron: Smile more
Alex: [Confused] heh
Aaron: Don’t let people know what you are thinking. They’ll get
[annunciate] an-noy-ed [During this part, light up full stage]
John: Yo yo yo What time is it?
John, Hercules, and Lafayette: Snack time!

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Whelp, I’m heading off to China for spring break in 16 ish hours) and I still have to pack and all but I’m all nervous as it’s my first international trip so here’s the result of my nerves:
* OK, so Tyler easily coulda been Medusa (Stone face Tyler and all, not to mention his curls would be great snakes)
* BUT I see your eternal bad hair day and raise you…
* OK so he obviously would wear all black designer clothes (partly because he’s sick of people making fun of his Ninja Turtle shirt, partly because he has a reputation to uphold)
* And of course he has an all black crown made of bones, like what else would he have? An eleven circlet? Please.
* His build and height make him a ruler that intimidates you and seduces you (the latter being purely on accident)
* He’s also good at raising hellhounds, who are quick to yield to his strong voice (He doesn’t say anything, but his favorite is the youngest- Chica, who he plans to gift to a friend)
* It’s hard to imagine this guy rules the undead with his excessive beanie wearage and adorable inspirational monologues for the nicer spirits
* But there’s a reason those on Mt. Olympus call him “The Apocalypse”
* Once, an unruly Skeleton Warrior stepped out of line
* The River Styx churned for days
* Despite his modesty, Tyler is actually incredibly knowledgeable. The man has seen the very best and the very worst in humanity, he’s learned a thing or ten.
* He chose to rule this land and sometimes, it’s too much for him. Some nights he thinks that maybe he wasn’t made for this life. What would his life be like if he didn’t rule this land? If he wasn’t a god?
* But as he sits on his throne, overlooking the boats as the cross to his domain.. As he punishes the evil and guides the good to their perfect eternity…
* He smiles and knows that he made the right choice

Arranged Marriage (Part 2) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can you do another part to the arranged marriage prince Barry imagine where he and the reader have been married for awhile and people are wondering when they are going to have kids until they both through a ball and announce that the reader is pregnant and the entire kingdom is happy for them

a/n: i love prince!barry js im a slut…im still sorry…..

Part 1

Barry has never been a fan of fancy outfits. This isn’t a new thing. Draping his velvet cape around his shoulders, he twitches underneath your fingers, trying to scoot away. “Barry, this is not the way for a king to act.” you scold, tying the golden string. Ever since you got married a year ago, you’ve been helping him get ready; he protested things he could do for himself.

“I do not like this outfit.” he whines, pouting as his crown slips down his forehead. Huffing, he pushes it up, seeing you straighten out his ruby red shirt. “This is uncomfortable. Surely I could wear my boots and be king?” he persuades, giving you his best puppy dog eyes. You stare at him for a moment, trying to assert dominance…but you break, letting his cape fall to the floor.

Beaming brightly, Barry removes the posh uniform, fetching his black leather pants. Stepping into the fabric, he pulls them up to his hips, sitting on the bed to put his boots on. You giggle when he breathes a happy sigh. “You and your boots…” you hum, handing him his loose burgundy shirt with a wide grin. “You are announcing the birth of your child to the kingdom…in commoners apparel…”

The new King smooths out the toga, readjusting the strings so that a sliver of his pale skin. Green eyes shimmer at you lovingly. “It is comfortable.” he shrugs, hands resting at the end of your corset. “Though, I will wear the crown to appease you.” he huffs, lifting the gold hat from his eyelids. “You do look stunning, as always.” Barry compliments, hands traveling to the skirt of your red gown.

Blushing, you peer down at your growing stomach, bringing his fingers to it. He grins, thumb rubbing the golden embroidery. “Shall we?” you ask, allowing him to escort you out of the chamber. His black knee high boots click on the marble tiles, stepping into the main room.

The subjects clap and you hide half of your face in Barry’s shoulder, waving. Copying your actions, your husband smiles, hand cupped above him. He leads you towards the thrones but doesn’t sit himself; you do though. It hurts to stand for a long time.

Barry clasps his hands together, licking his lips, quickly glancing back at you for support. You send him a shy grin before he turns to the crowd. “Hello! I am very pleased you are gathered here. Um…” His palms press against his leather-clad thighs. “As you are aware, the Queen and I have been married for…” he sighs happily, “Two years. All of you were wondering when we will provide another heir… and I am extremely happy to say…” he bites his lip, red shirt flowing around him.

“I am pregnant.” you interrupt, hiding your mouth with the back of your hand. Barry laughs, setting his fingers on his hips, bowing his neck before gesturing to you. The townspeople cheer and you stand up, waddling to the king. “I was growing impatient.” you explain shyly.

Barry pecks your lips, “My apologies, next time I will try to get to the point.” he giggles, brushing his thumb against your cheekbone.

I'm sick ( Reader X Jughead )

Reader X Jughead

Request: yes

Warning: topic about a disease

A/N: TO ANYONE SUFFERING WITH ANYTHING! You will be strong okay, YOU WILL FIGHT AND ILL BE HERE IF YOU NEED ANYTHING! I’m sorry if anyone suffering with The disease that’s in the story and I didn’t describe it as it is. Because no one will know how to describe such a terrible thing unless it’s the person going through it. Once again to anyone going through any problems , illness or disease. I’m here for you at any time ♥️♥️
Once again I’m sorry for any mistakes.♥️

Sunday was yet another normal day, everything was going great.. Well that’s till I started noticing a small circular rash around the area of my left rib. I didn’t think much about it, just thought it was an allergic reaction or something, I added a rash cream and went on with my day to see My best friend Jughead at Pop’s.

When I had arrived at pop’s and sat down with Jughead everything was pretty much normal.
When I say normal, I mean it’s quite.
Jughead and I sit at our spot and order our milkshakes and drink them away

“( Y/N/N), what do you say we go enjoy the river and swim?”

I of course agree because it’s summer and basically we’re the only ones left from our group that didn’t take a road trip with our families.
Right after our milkshakes Jughead and I agreed to meet at the river in about an hour, that way we get the stuff we need and I make some sandwiches for lunch. When I arrived home, I removed my clothing and was just about to grab my two-piece swimsuit but remembered the red spot that was visible. Changing my mind I wore my one piece bathing suit and dressed in a shirt and shorts , and quickly headed down to make the sandwiches.

Once I was done with everything I grabbed my bag with food, extra outfits, towels and sunscreen and i ran out the door like I was sonic the hedgehog. When I arrived to the river I noticed Jughead just arriving too, thank God.
“Juggie, why on earth don’t you have a bag with your extra outfit and why do you still have your beanie crown still on, you’re going to get it wet!”

“(Y/N/N) please I know you well enough knowing you’ll bring me a towel and extra outfits that I leave in your room, besides this crown reminds me that I’m king.” Jughead smiles at me knowing that I didn’t exactly just that.

“ you know Juggie what if I didn’t bring anything, what would you do?”

“(Y/N) I know you, you’re just so caring. Any guy would be lucky to have you… and when I say any I mean ANY, including me.”

After those words i could feel my cheeks turning pink because God knows how much I have a crush on Jughead. Anyway I ignore his comment and walk to the side of the river and lay down the towel and basket, remove my outfit and get inside warm water of the river.

“JUGHEAD JONES HURRY UP AND GET IN THE WATER!” I shout from the top of my lungs because jughead looked like he was dreaming for a second.
After my call jughead walks into the water and slowly swims towards where I am, during that Process He slowly starts to lower himself into the water until only his nose and eyes are the only things showing. I start to swim away because I don’t even know what he’s about to do, but before I can completely get away Jughead pulls my hand toward him and I’m now stuck with both of his arms around me.

“Juggie, don’t you dare push me down!” I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips because if he plans on taking me down, he’s going down with me.

What I didn’t think or expect was that Jughead would end up gripping my waist and pulls me closer towards him till our chests are basically touching.

“ I actually like this position, for once you’re actually relying on me.”

“Juggie, I’m only holding on to you because if I die you’re dying with me… I’m not gonna let you be the Cheryl Blossom here while I’m Jason .” I joke with him

“ Look at you using sardonic humor on me.”

“ What can I say, I’ve learned from the best… Yup I knew I was a great teacher for myself.” I laugh at my own joke but notice Jughead is just looking at me. Before I can speak and ask what’s wrong, Jughead’s lips crash onto mine and I automatically kiss him back because once again I HAVE A FUCKING CRUSH ON HIM!

We kiss for a couple of seconds more until we both pull away with the sound of a ‘Pop’. Due to Jughead and I being one of the most awkward people on earth, we shy away and swim back to shore and act as if nothing just happened. By the time it’s time to leave we both have changed and picked up our things, Jughead offers to walk me home because in his words “ no one has found the killer yet so it’s safer if I walk you home.”

Once we reached my house, still I feel all fuzzy but don’t mention anything. Jughead on the other hand thought differently.

“(Y/N), I was wondering… umm I’ve been meaning to ask you out but wasn’t sure if you liked me, but after that kiss which you kissed me back. I was umm wondering if I could, i don’t know take you out on a date? I mean if you don’t want too it’s okay, but I would like it if you would.” Jughead jumbles his words as he asks me out.

“Jughead I would love to go out with you, how about Tuesday?”

He quickly nods without any hesitation. I smile and kiss his cheek and wish him a safe walk back home. I close my door and hear a small “Yes” from the other side. With a smile on my face I walk to my bathroom, shower and get ready for bed.

It’s currently Monday but I’m not feeling well, actually I’m feeling terrible. I noticed the small spot by my rib area has doubled in size and my muscles are aching me. I tell myself it was probably from the swimming yesterday and that this red spot is just an allergic reaction to something. I go on with my day and talk to Jughead on the phone for hours and don’t mention anything to him regarding my pain… it’s 7 p.m. and it’s time for me to eat with my family.

“ Mom, my joints are hurting me and I have this weird red spot by my rib area.” I inform my mom after dinner. She tells me to show her the spot and when she saw it she said it was probably an allergy or a mosquito bite. After my mother’s clarification I walk to bed and once again think that another day passed and all I can hope for is that tomorrow the pain leaves and I’ll be able to enjoy my date with Jughead.

It’s officially Tuesday the day which I’ll have my date with Jughead. My joints still hurt me and my spot is still the same size, which I think is good considering it didn’t get bigger. It’s only 3 in the afternoon but I know I have a lot of getting ready.
When I’m done with everything for my date I notice that it’s 6 and that Jughead will be arriving to walk us to the one and only Pop’s. Just as I thought of that the doorbell rings indicating he’s here. I skip to get my purse but I end up feeling a great ache on my knee joint, I hiss a bit but walk it off and walk down to greet Jughead.

When i reach down the stairs and open the door, I notice Jughead standing there with his usual S shirt but layered with a blazer and his little crown.
“You look beautiful (Y/N).”

I blush and close the door behind me.
“ you don’t look so bad yourself Jones the third.”

After the date, Jughead asked me to be his Girlfriend and obviously I had to have fun with this moment

“ I don’t know Juggie, I’ve always wanted a crown and I’ve always like your crown.”

“Well you can’t have mine, this is my beanie crown , only the king wears this one. The queen must wear something else. ”

“Well then Jughead, this just won’t workout I should have let you drown in the river.”

Jughead quickly removes his beanie and puts it on my head. I laugh and nod my head agreeing to be his girlfriend. To say that was my best night in my life is an understandable.

Two days have past since I’ve agreed to be Jughead’s girlfriend.. two days have passed since I was admitted into the hospital. After Jughead dropped me off home, my body and head were in so much pain that I had completely fainted. My parents walked in finding me passed out on the floor which is when I was sent to the hospital. The red spot has spread around my body and my joints are practically as hard as a rock. After countless of tests and checkups The doctor has diagnosed me with Lyme Disease,the doctor told me that living life would be a bit difficult from now on. He said I would have the good days when everything is fine and the bad days when I would be in this room with medication.

After the fourth day of me being in the hospital and countless of lies to Jughead I guess he had to take matters into his own hands and look for me.

“(Y/N) why didn’t you tell me?”

I stay quite and play with my hands.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N) I said why didn’t you tell me? Why did you lie to me? How long has this been going on?” He raises his voice and walks closer to me.

“ Because Jughead, what do you want me to tell you? ‘ oh hey Jughead I’m sick and I’m in pain,anyway; how’s your day?’ I didn’t want to worry you okay! It started the day we went to the river, I didn’t think it was anything but the day after I started to feel pain. After our date I just fainted and I’ve been here ever since..” I try to keep my eyes away from him.

“(Y/N) you were exactly supposed to tell me you’re here! I’m your best friend and boyfriend! I should be helping you, just like the way you helped me during my bad times when I had no one, back to the times I would hate myself because I never fit in and back to the times I felt unloved by my own family! Now it’s my turn to be there for you.” He walks over to my resting bed and grabs my hands.

“ Jughead you don’t understand! this isn’t like any of your situations, this will go on for God knows how long! There will be times when I’ll be perfectly fine and the next when I’ll be in the room attached to all these needles unable to move a bone in my body! I’m sick, and I’m not going to get any better any time soon.”

“(Y/N/N) and that’s why I’m going to be there the whole way! The whole way till you recover, the whole way till you smile and the whole way till I know that you won’t need me anymore

wickedzilla  asked:

How would the Horsemen, Azreal, and Samael react to flower crowns being put on them? 🌷

Death: He’s so accustomed to your odd human behaviour that he just lets it happen. In his opinion, flower crowns are far from the worst thing you’ve adorned him with.

War: >:( He’s not happy. He couldn’t be further from happy about it. But seeing you happy with his new flower crown, War can only grumble and snarl, keeping it on but being spiteful about it.

Strife: “Does this make me a king? Because I’m only wearing it if it automatically elevates me to regal status.” Shows it off proudly and asks everyone if they’re jealous that he has a sick flower crown and they don’t. 

Fury: She loves it, marvelling at how much effort you’ve put into making it. She’s so thrilled to be involved in a part of this strange, but delightful human ritual. She’ll keep the flower crown until it wilts. 

Azrael: “For me?” He’s pleased as punch that you’ve made him this wonderful gift, adorning it immediately and looking at himself in a mirror. The angel’s wings flutter elatedly and he thanks you repeatedly. 

Samael: Ah, no. Sorry. You managed to toss it over one of his enormous horns but he plucked it off and dropped it onto your head instead. “You made it, you wear it.” He growls warningly. He’s the Prince of Hell for goodness sake. Not a vase.