you wear a crown but youre no king

  • Jon: You are my sister, but I am king now.
  • Sansa: Will you start wearing a crown?
  • Jon: When you question my decisions in front of the other lords and ladies, you undermine me.
  • Sansa: So I can't question your decisions anymore?
  • Jon: Of course you can, but -
  • Sansa: Joffrey never let anyone question his authority. Do you think he was a good king?
  • Jon: Do you think I'm Joffrey?
  • Sansa: You're as far from Joffrey as anyone I've ever met.
  • Jon: Thank you.
  • Sansa: You're good at this, you know.
  • Jon: At what?
  • Sansa: At ruling.
  • Jon: No.
  • Sansa: You are. You are. They respect you, they really do. But you have to - why are you laughing?
  • Jon: You know what father used to say. Everything before the word "but" is horse shit.

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1. “Close your eyes.“ – „I swear, if you’re doing something strange, I’ll kill you!”

2. “Are you…flirting with me?” – “About damned time you notice!”

3. “Please stop smiling at me. I keep messing everything up when you look at me like that!”

4. “You look so comfy and cuddle-able!”

5. “I can’t believe, how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re eating breakfast in my shirt.”

6. “No…it’s just like…I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

7. “You can hurt yourself with that.” – uses weapon skilfully – “You were saying?”

8. “You know, to be a smartass, you have to be smart. Otherwise you’re just an ass.”

9. “IS THAT PAINT?” – “Nope, just my blood.”

10. “That looks infected.” – “It’s fine.” – “You’re dying!” – “Well…that’s fine too.”

11. “I can save you.” – “No, you can’t.”

12. “Do you think at all before you speak?”

13. “You know, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.”

14. “Promise me you’ll take better care of yourself.”

15. “I’ve made so many mistakes, but you’re not one of them.”

16. “You, didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you!”

17. “Hot, gorgeous, beautiful…whatever you want to call me.”

18. “Who are we ignoring?”

19. “I love sarcasm! It’s like punching people in the face with words.”

20. “You’re one insult away from starting a war.”

21. “I love you from the bottom from my heart, but I don’t trust you cooking. So stay out of my kitchen.”

22. “I have nothing to apologise for.”

23. “Don’t judge because I’m quiet. No one plans a murder out loud.”

24. “Why aren’t you worshipping me, mortal?” – “Not interested, thanks though.”

25. “I’m going to kill you!” – “Daring/Dude, I’m already dead.”

26. “It’s hard to have a heart, when you stopped so many others.”

27. “I’d like to apologies to everyone, for what’s about to happen.”

28. “Death is the only god, who will come if you call.”

29. “God damnit!” – “You can’t say that!” – “Okay. Satan bless it!”

30. “I hate you.” – “Why? I’m lovely!”

31. “Why were you trying to kill me?” – “I was hired to.”

32. “You’re…” – “Beautiful, gorgeous, immensely talented-“ – “…dangerous.”

33. “I know the voices aren’t real, but man, they come up with some great ideas!”

34. “All that blood looks good on you. It really brings out your eyes.”

35. “You see, my idea of ‘help from above’, is a sniper.”

36. “You’re a psychopath.” – “I prefer creative.”

37. “Excuse me? Which level of hell is this?”

38. “Fuck an apology! I’m not sorry for anything!”

39. “Who are you? Death?” – “Sometimes. Not today though.”

40. “I’d rather be spilling blood.”

41. “Spoiler alert: everybody dies.”

42. “No! I’m not feeling violent. I’m feeling creative with weapons.”

43. “Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” – “Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s world?”

44. “I may have, accidently adopted five cats.”

45. “The problem is: if I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

46. “I can lose everything! But not you, oh god, not you!”

47. “Kill me if you must, but I will not bow to a king, who wears a crown studded with jewels of every life he’s taken.”

48. “I am the monster you created.”

49. “Why should I apologies for being the monster I’ve become? No one ever apologised for making me this way!”

50. “The chains may be broken, but are you truly free?”

51. “The devil’s got nothing on me, my friend.”

52. “Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.”

53. “Can I stay in the reality of your universe? Mine sucks.”

54. “So, what’s your plan?” – “My plan was to follow your plan!”

55. “I do what I want and you’ll do what you’re told!”

56. “This is my life now. I climbed that hill and I’ll die upon it.” – “Shut up! We’ve only been hiking for like five minutes!”

57. “I’m getting the distinct feeling that I’m not welcome here.”

58. “Don’t bleed on my floor!”

59. “…I think I broke him/her.”

60. “You’ve got to believe me!” – “Sorry, but I tend to not believe compelling liars.”

61. “I’d take a bullet for you, you know that.” – “You’re immortal. And I’m going to kill you if you keep saying that.”

62. “I know it’s three in the morning, but I can’t find my cat.”

63. “If you walk out that door…don’t you ever come back.”

64. “Will you just let me think for a minute and let me think?!”

65. “Ignore me. I didn’t see anything.”

66. “I’m in love…shit.”

67. “You look…” – “Beautiful, I know. Can we please move on now?”

68. “I’ve never stood a chance, did I?” – “That’s the sad part. You once did.”

69. “I thought you forgot about me.” – “Never.”

70. “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

71. “We have like five people trying to kill us. What are we gonna do?” – “Well, it’s more like nine.” – “Oh well, I’m sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”

72. “Oh, look at all the pretties!” – “Can you please stop talking about assault rifles, the same way you talk about shoes?”

73. “I am way to sober for this shit.”

74. “Stop that.” – “Stop what?” – “That thing you’re doing with your face when you’re happy. It’s making me nauseous.”

75. “Take my hand.” – “Why?” – “I’m trying to ask you to marry me! So, take my damned hand!”

76. “Well, do as I say, not as I do.”

77. “Come here.” – “Why?” – “Just come here!” – “No, you’re gonna hit me!”

78. “I’m fine.” – “You don’t look fine.” – “Then stop looking.”

79. “You need to stop doing that!” – “Doing what?” – “Things that make me want to kiss you.”

80. “I’m not a doctor, but I think he’s dead.”

81. “I’d love to insult you, but I’m afraid I won’t do as well as nature did.”

82. “Want to come over? Nobody’s home.” – “On my way.” – “I’m here, where are you?” – “Told you nobody’s home.”



  • Eric
  • Four

Hunger Games:

  • Peeta
  • Gale
  • Finnick

The walking dead:

  • Daryl
  • Negan
  • Rick
  • Glenn


  • Gibbs

Criminal MInds:

  • Hotchner
  • Spencer

Lord of the rings:

  • Aragorn
  • Legolas
  • Frodo
  • Sam
  • Merry
  • Pippin

The Hobbit:

  • Thranduil

White Collar:

  • Neal

Percy Jackson:

  • Percy
  • Luke


  • Jughead
  • FP Jones

Harry Potter:

  • Harry
  • Ron
  • Draco
  • Fred & George
  • Tom Riddle
  • Snape
  • Neville


  • Loki
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man


  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Jai Courtney
  • Tom Felton
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Bill Skarsgard


  • Dan Howell
  • Markiplier
Human again

request: Can I request and imagine with Adam before the curse and him treating the reader badly and when the curse happens she tries to run but The beast holds her captive, but in the end she ends up breaking the curse.

@quickies-with-quicksilver: Holy crap I just need anything with the beast/Adam and your little one shots are so cute! I don’t even care what the plot is, I just need some!!

warnings: none

a/n:feel free to request more BATB stuff :)

You stood in front of the cocky prince as he shifted on his throne. He guffawed,
“Your work has been lacking lately.”

You kept your head low,
“Yes your majesty.”

“Your work isn’t detailed, your attitude is infuriating, and I don’t think you’ve been taught manners in your entire life.” The arrogant prince said as you gritted your teeth together, stay calm.

“If I may-” You heard Mrs.Potts step forward to defend you only to be cut off
when he raised his hand.

The room was silent before he said,

You did not move an inch as he grew angrier,
“You will listen to your king.”

You looked up at him with narrowed eyes,
“Kill me if you must, but I will never bow to a king who wears a crown studded with jewels of every life he has ruined.”

He stood up to begin to yell at you before you cut him off,
"How can you be so cruel to those who have taken care of you your whole life? Is your heart that cold that you cannot care for even one person?”

The room was silent as you gave him a sympathetic look,
“I pity you.”

Before he could even respond Plumette and Mrs.Potts had led you out of the room and back up to the servants quarters.

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Birthday King

Lance Week Day Six: Birthday

Ok, I’m going to admit that this took a completely different turn than I was expecting it to, but I like the outcome and I hope you will too.

He should be fighting. Lance should be in Blue, besides everyone fighting the Galra and helping to liberate this planet. What if they needed Voltron and Lance couldn’t make it in time? Allura was out of commission and Coran needed to man the ship’s defenses, so they chose Lance to watch over the planet’s Royal Family and citizens while they handled everything else. They would’ve sent Keith seeing as though he’s the best at close range combat, but after what happened the last time they let Keith near a royal he held them hostage. So, that was not an option for them. They needed Shiro’s leadership, Yellow’s strength, and just felt Pidge was too young to be left alone. Lance was the next best option, especially since he had great skills when it came to diplomacy. No one said it out loud, but not only were they depending on him to keep everyone safe, they were also hoping that Lance would be able to talk them into an alliance with Voltron.

Lance wanted to try, he really did, but he couldn’t help but think of the date. Before they left and before all the fighting Lance saw the calendar Pidge managed to whip up and saw that it was July 28. His birthday. He knows since they’re in the middle of a war he shouldn’t expect anyone to notice or plan a surprise party for him, but it still hurt when no one wished him a happy birthday, not even Hunk. He was used to waking up to chocolate chip pancakes in bed that his mom made. It was the only time he could get away with eating on the bed without his mom catching a fit. If he took too long to eat, his nieces and nephews would barge in telling him to hurry up or ask if the reason he’s taking too long is that he’s getting old. Every year like clockwork, his family made sure that Lance knew he was loved, and that they were grateful that he could be in their lives for yet another year.

He wondered briefly what they were doing now. Was his mother making pancakes out of habit? Did they mourn for him, not knowing where he is or if he’s alive? Were they sad that they couldn’t have him for another year? Honestly, all Lance would ever ask is to be with them for one day so that they know he’s alive. So, that his family can finally have closure and know that he didn’t just abandon them or whatever stupid story the Garrison decided to go with. Lance knows this isn’t the time to be having these thoughts, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe if he hadn’t looked at the colander this morning he could’ve pretended that this was just any other day. Just another regular day fighting a 10,000-year-old war with big metal cats. It’s saddening to think that this has become the norm for him. Normal used to be fighting with brothers, playing with young ones, shopping with sister, or sneaking out of the Garrison. Things Lance dared to call boring or annoying, but now he craves.

The King, Dragdox he believes, must have noticed his dampened mood because he decided to bring it up.

“What bothers you young one? I know that we are currently in the midst of battle, but I sense there is something else that weighs down your heart.”

Something about the king’s concern made it impossible for Lance to lie. “It’s just that, it’s my birthday today, and I guess I just didn’t expect to celebrate it by fighting the Galra this year.”

“Birthday, huh? I’m curious to know how your species celebrate the day of birth. I’m sure my people would like to know as well. Won’t you share it with us and take our minds off the battle that rages on the outside?”

“It’s not really that easy. Everyone has a different way of celebrating it. Whether based on religion or tradition, no two households do it the same.”

“Fine, tell us how you are celebrated on your birthday.”

So, Lance did just that. He explained to King Dragdox and the citizens the usual routine in his home. It was essentially a day celebrating the fact that he was alive, that he was Lance. He told them of the endless gifts and money relatives showered him with. How basically everything he said was law, even if just for that day… and within reason of course. Lance tended to get a little carried away with that one. There was a time when he was younger he ordered his brothers to carry him, his feet never allowed to touch the ground. He also used it to cheat at Monopoly, but who cares. He was king from the moment he woke up, to the second he lies down. His family refused to let him think for even a moment that he was anything but royalty. Even the younger ones played along. They had fun announcing Lance’s presence for some reason.

The party at the end of the day was the greatest. They would set up the pool, bring out the grill to cook all of Lance’s favorites, and just have a blast. There was a display board they’d set up with pictures of Lance to show a timeline of growth. Each year adding more and more pictures. Once everyone had a plate of food, they’d go around sharing their favorite memories of Lance. Most were embarrassing since Lance had a tendency to be very spontaneous in his youth and had a very vivid imagination. But each memory was filled with love and care that Lance couldn’t possibly be mad at them for sharing such an uncool moment of him. Usually, around the time the stories are done, everyone’s ready for cake, so they sing happy birthday to him. At the end of the day when everyone went home and most of the mess was cleaned up, his parents would set up a tent for him outside, so that he could sleep beneath the stars. It was always the perfect end, to the perfect day. Once every year, Lance had the best day ever. Seems he’ll just have to skip it this year, and who knows how much more.

Once he was done recapping his usual birthday events, he realized he’d manage to capture the attention of everyone in the room. He was starting to feel a little bashful with all eyes on him, but at least they were no longer concerned about the fighting going on outside.

“I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of fellow royalty. You must excuse me if I said anything inappropriate earlier,” King Dragdox said at the end of the tale.

“Oh no, I think you got it wrong your kingliness-”

“I most certainly do not. Royalty is royalty, even if for a day. The battle may be over long after the day, but I assure you that once it’s won we shall have a celebration in your honor, worthy of a king. Though I know not of my people’s ability to share tales of you since we have only just met.”

“That’s alright, and thank you. I appreciate the thought King Dragdox.”

“Not a problem, King Lance.”

The King was right to assume that the battle would last longer than a day. So while Lance’s birthday was technically over, Dragdox still insisted on having the party. Allura had recovered after some rest and was pleased to hear that the king was more than happy to form an alliance with Voltron. They were concerned however when he wouldn’t release Lance until it was time for the celebration. Hunk’s concern went through the roof thinking that maybe they were planning on using Lance as a sacrifice. This caused everyone else to worry a bit since they weren’t aware of any of the people’s traditions. Shiro warned everyone to be ready just in case they needed to save Lance.

When the party began and everyone was mingling in the crowd still wondering where Lance was, two young kids grabbed everyone’s attention to make an announcement.

“Now presenting, his majesty the King. Lance the Blue Paladin of Voltron, Pilot of the mighty Blue Lion, and Teller of Tales.”

The doors opened slowly to reveal Lance dressed in royal blue robes and garments completed with a crown. To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. Lance walked with his head held high and exquisite posture as though he was born to wear those clothes and that crown. Everyone thought it was a prank at first, but when the room erupted with cheers and applauds as Lance took the throne next to King Dragdox, they realized that the boy had somehow convinced an entire planet that he was royalty. Allura was furious thinking that Lance took advantage of the situation and had lied to everyone. She was about to storm up there and demand Lance to tell the truth until the King started to speak.

“A toast to King Lance’s birth! May he live long and prosper for many years to come, and that he be returned to his family so that they won’t have to wait too long for their King’s return. To King Lance!!”

“To King Lance!!”

How could he have not told anyone that it was his birthday? How is it that an entire planet, not even the one he was born on, know that it was his birthday before them? Feeling a little guilty for not knowing or remembering, everyone made a promise to do something special for Lance the moment they got some down time.

The party carried on well into the night, everyone celebrating both Lance and the fact that they get to see another sunrise. Lance found that he had fun talking with all the people he had spent time with in the underground bunker. They taught him a dance they do for parties, gave him gifts, and literally tried to shower him with money. He should probably learn to start being specific because man did some of those coins hurt. Lance was about to retire for the night when he saw King Dragdox and stopped him.

“Your majesty, this was amazing, thank you. I promise I’ll return the clothes before I leave. You don’t understand how much this meant. Even if it’s not what I’m used to, I really appreciate the effort put into everything.”

“Not a problem King Lance! Keep the clothes. Wear them every year around the time of your birth to remind everyone, including yourself, that you are a mighty king, and you will return to your people. Feel free to keep the crown as well, I have plenty. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times I’ve lost this thing.”

Lance laughed at the mental picture of a closet filled with completely identical crowns. He thanked the king one last time before going to bed. When he woke up, Lance would no longer be a king, but that didn’t matter. He could always wait until next year.

Okay gang, bear with me because I'm going to talk to you about a glorious dumpster fire of a Shakespeare play called Henry VI part 3 and why I love it.

This is a boring sounding title, but it is SO NOT a boring play.

This thing is almost unperformable. It has more battle scenes than any other Shakespeare play. It has the longest soliloquy in all of his plays. It has over 40 characters in it. Many of them die. The characters and events depicted in it are indecipherable to American audiences, who probably have never really learned about the Wars of the Roses.The same two guys keep getting crowned and kicked off the throne in dizzying succession. I just saw a fittingly wack rendition of it performed in a pub with actors openly drinking beer onstage and changing name tags and hats to indicate which characters they were playing, which I think is fully in the spirit of the play, and I want to talk about why I’m so fond of it.

Anyway, you all know that I am obsessed with Richard III. I directed the play. I wrote a NaNoWriMo novel based on it. WELL, that play makes a whole lot more sense, and several of the characters have more depth, if you’ve also read Henry VI part 3… like, yeah, there are two other parts before that, but if your aim is understanding Richard’s role in the story, this play is the ‘villain origin story’ that brings him to the point of his famous opening speech in the play named after him– the speech in which he plots to murder his way to the throne, eliminating any family members standing in his way without a second thought.

But near the very end of this very raw, rough early play of his, Shakespeare manages to condense Richard’s self-loathing, rejection of family ties, and motivation into a few short lines that, in my mind, are even more effective than the entire 'Now is the winter of our discontent’ speech:

“Then, since the heavens have shaped my body so,
Let hell make crook’d my mind to answer it.
I have no brother, I am like no brother;
And this word 'love,’ which graybeards call divine,
Be resident in men like one another
And not in me: I am myself alone.”

The 'rejection of family’ thing is especially powerful because, having read and seen Richard III first, I had certain preconceived notions of Richard’s family dynamics. I had assumed that Richard was treated like an outcast and inferior by his family because of his deformity, and that his older brothers, Edward and George, were portrayed as virtuous compared to him, based on the way characters talk about them in Richard III.

Instead, when Richard bursts onstage in the first scene of 3HenryVI, it is to impress his father with a trophy of war, who compliments him and says “Richard hath best deserved of all my sons.” His older brother, Edward, who will later become Edward IV, brought a comparatively meager relic of war, and George isn’t even there.

Throughout the early scenes, Richard consistently impresses us with his bravery, wit, daring, and combat skill. He is… cool. Compared to him, Edward looks weak, whiny, unprincipled, useless (he gets captured and needs to be rescued by Richard) and a total skeeze who puts his personal life ahead of battles and grants mercy at the wrong times. George looks like a double-crossing, weak-willed, indecisive, and materialistic crybaby who barely appears in battle. In such a time of brutal war, Richard’s incredibly cruel and violent personality makes him look HEROIC. The three brothers may disagree, but they also support each other and seem to care about each other. Richard is in no way excluded- he leads the way. All three brothers equally participate in the murder of the Lancaster crown prince– one that Richard is blamed for in “Richard III.” He claims the prince was slain by Edward, which is played as a lie, but if you look at Henry VI part 3, Edward did strike first. This makes more sense as to why all three brothers are cursed by Queen Margaret in the next play.

And what’s more, nobody in his family ever draws attention to his disability, even when squabbling with him. It’s only the people on the opposing side of the battle who bring it up, constantly taunting him for his deformities. If he comes to see himself as an irredeemable monster whose body reflects his mind, it wasn’t brought on by how his family treated him. There’s sadistic behavior on both sides of the war, but Richard is the only major player who is physically unhandsome, and therefore the easiest to demonize.

We also see a young Richard deal with serious trauma from the horrifying murder of his brother Rutland (portrayed as a little brother and a child in the play, though he was older in history) and his father. When he gets revenge on the people who did these deeds, we feel good about it. He even angrily confronts the man who did it for being a murderer of children– ironic if you know what he’s going to get up to in the future.

It’s when his brother Edward becomes king that the real divide happens between the York brothers. The bond of war that united them instead divides them, as Edward and George become preoccupied with matters of love, sex, and money, and Richard realizes that the world holds no potential pleasures for him except for angling for power.

Killing is all he is really good at– he’s been fighting since he was a kid and has been praised for it, but those qualities that made him an admirable warrior are distasteful in peacetime, especially when civil wars have been tentatively smoothed over. In court, the disfigured little brother has no real place to shine. He was a kid who was totally desensitized to violence very, very early in life.

Also? Queen Margaret, who I played in Richard III, has a much bigger role in this play– and much more sadistic than she appears in Richard III. She’s SUPER vile, and the only character to appear in all four Wars of the Roses plays. And she wears armor and commands armies. I love her. At one point, a character says to her incompetent king husband, “I would your highness would depart the field: The queen hath best success when you are absent.” It’s a pity Shakespeare used his most formidable female character this early in his career.

This play is totally wack, but there’s so much great stuff going on with it, and I really urge people to read it if they’re interested in Richard III. The Hollow Crown did a shortened version of it (Though it’s called Part 2 there), and I really want to see the American Shakespeare Center’s production of it this fall.

Dating T’Challa would include...

Originally posted by marveladdicts

  • Being called “queen/king” by him
  • T’Challa kissing your hand like a lot
  • Him spending the night on your house and saying “I’m a king” (he’s joking, of course) whenever you ask him to do something
  • “Babe, it’s your time to wash the dishes”
  • “Are you kidding me? I’m a freaking king, (Y/N)”
  • He washes the dishes anyway
  • Dora Milaje being your best friends on Wakanda, since all of you care so much about T’Challa
  • Him letting you wear his crown sometimes
  • “You’re my servant now”, you joke
  • “As you wish, your highness”
  • Long and passionate kisses
  • I mean, seriously, he can’t get enough of your lips and when he has to say goodbye to you, he will give you at least 3 long kisses before actually leaving
  • Slow make out sessions just because he’s a fucking teaser
  • Intense and passionate sex, because T’Challa is the type of guy who makes love to his S.O slowly, making them feel every single damn thing
  • T’Challa loving you unconditionally
  • Him crying on your lap when he’s feeling sad or missing his father
  • You being the reason why he didn’t gave up on everything
  • Wakanda’s nation loving you
  • Daydreaming with him about having kids and about how he’s gonna be a good father
  • Him saying “I love you” to you on his native language
  • Having african nicknames for you
  • T’Challa definitely putting a ring on your finger
The future Queen

Request: Hey I hope you are still taking requests but could you please do a thorin x reader where it’s after they reclaim the mountain and thorin is looking for a queen at a ball or something but sneaks out and finds the reader but she doesn’t realize it’s him and they bond before she realizes he’s the king and freaks out?

A/N: First Thorin x reader!! Really like how this turned out. Sorry that I didn’t post it yesterday but I wasn’t entirely pleased with it then. But here it is! Hope you’ll like it. 

Word Count: 1787

After hours of constant bloodshed, the mountain was reclaimed. The company of Thorin Oakenshield had miraculously survived and Erebor was filled with dwarves once again. Although, many lives had been sacrificed for the company to reclaim Erebor. And a great sorrow filled everyone’s hearts from the great loss. To remember the fallen, a grand ball was being held in the mountain. Thorin had insisted that every dwarf, man, wizard and elf was invited. Since the ball was a month after the battle, most of the corpses were gone and Erebor and Dale restored. This ball was not only to remember the dead, it was also a coronation ball to celebrate the king under the mountain. This ball had been a tradition for many generations and Thorin was not an exception. The tradition was that on the coronation ball, the king would choose a queen. However, Thorin hadn’t thought about a life partner the past month due to more important matters than his own pleasure. So here he was, walking around Erebor with Dwalin, trying to find a queen.

 “It’s impossible Dwalin, none of these Darrow dams suits me!” “Ey nothing is impossible! How hard can it be to find one decent lass?” Thorin sighted and looked at the women following him and Dwalin as a bunch of lovesick ants. “Apparently extremely hard, I mean look at them…” He turned around and one of the women blew Dwalin a kiss, which made him turn back around. “Yeah you’re right, there is nothing wrong to be in love but these women are after the title.” Thorin sighted and continued to walk through Erebor. “Yes, she must be real and genuine, not a stalking lovebird.” Dwalin patted his shoulder and laughed. “Yeah and I imagine that you want a tough girl ey?” Thorin shooke his head and smiled. “Well I definitely wouldn’t mind that…” He halted and looked at the grand gate. “I think I’ll go for a walk, this love seeking is tiring for the mind.” Dwalin nodded. “No guard?” He patted Dwalin’s shoulder and shooke his head. “No my friend, not today and I do carry Orcrist with me you now!” “Well that’s a relief and I hope you run into a queen out there because you need one!” Thorin laughed and walked towards the gate. “If it was that easy”


 You were training in the forest outside of Dale. You were tired of your daily life, which was very limited. You had always wanted to fight in the army but no such chance ever came, for you were only a fair face to the race of men. An innocent girl that couldn’t protect herself, if they only knew what you could do. As of now, you hit the target in the center every time with your arrows. Not one missing the spot. Then you heard footsteps coming from behind you and you turned and aimed at the intruder. You had a hood over your head so your hair and face was covered.

 The intruder, who was a dwarf, had his hand on his sword but he didn’t move. “Who are you dwarf?” He hesitated to say his name and before he reveled it he wanted to see your face. “Well you can start to show your face elf if we are to have a proper introduction!” You frowned but removed your hood. Your long hair cascaded in beautiful waves down your shoulders. “I am no elf, I’m human.” Thorin was taken aback by your appearance. You were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and here you were pointing an arrow at him. He eyed it then looked at you with pleading eyes. You lowered it to ease him a bit. “Thorin Oakenshield at your service and who are you?” You frowned then said your own name. “y/n.” “Well forgive me y/n for startling you, it was not my intention, your shooting was admirable and I was to curios to stay away.” You smiled slightly. “Thank you, no one has ever said anything like that before!” Thorin looked confused at your statement. “What? You must be the captain of the guard with those skills, how come you never hear compliments.” You shooke your head and sat down on the rock beside you. “Quite the opposite, women are not allowed to fight in the guard or anywhere at that. So I am nobody really, just y/n.” You were a bit confused why you were talking so freely with this stranger but he seemed harmless and was very handsome. “Oh, well I am sorry about that.” “Yeah, but what about you, are you a captain or just Thorin?” He was a bit taken aback by that. You had no idea that he was the King and he didn’t want to ruin this casual conversation. “I guess I’m just Thorin.” You smiled and patted the rock beside you. “Well Thorin, I feel like we are very similar you and me. But I am no dwarf so please tell me how Erebor is like.” He walked to the stone and sat beside you. He was quite tall for a dwarf, only a tad shorter than you. “So, what do you want to know first?”

 Several hours later…

 “Wow, I didn’t know the ball was for everyone.” “Well the King ordered that everyone was invited due to the great loss in the battle…and for his coronation.”  “I see, he sounds like a great king.” He smiled at you. You had no idea what that compliment meant for him. “He manages the kingdom I guess.” You nod. “And he has a Queen, yes?” He furrowed his brows and didn’t know what to answer. “Well, not officially, but I believe that he has found his one.” You didn’t catch the true meaning of his words but you smiled anyway. “How wonderful, I bet she is beautiful.” Thorin’s answer were only a whisper. “Oh she is”  “Excuse me?” “Oh nothing.”

 You sat quietly for a while until you spoke up. “Who will you attend with then?” You kind of hoped that it would be you but you never knew if he had a woman waiting for him. “The most beautiful maiden in all of middle earth, it’s just one small obstacle, she has to answer first.” You felt disappointed and dropped your head. Of course it wasn’t you. “Oh, I see.” Thorin looked at you lovingly and noticed your disappointment. Then he laughed. This made you kind of mad at him. “What? Why are you laughing? How can this possibly be funny?” He calmed down and tried to explain between breaths. “It’s just that I gave you the grandest hint of all time and you didn’t catch it.” You face palmed yourself, which made Thorin laugh even more. “So will you? Attend with me that is?” You smiled at him and felt very happy inside. “I will” “Wonderful, I don’t have an official jewel to present to you as the tradition says. But this is the best I can give you. He handed you a ring with a beautiful blue diamond in the middle. “Wow, no I can’t accept that, it’s too beautiful.” He took your hand and placed it on your ring finger. “Nonsense, it’s perfect on you.” You shooke your head and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you” He smiled and stood up again. “Then I will be seeing you at the ball tomorrow night.” “Can’t wait” He smiled even more and walked back to Erebor, while you admired the ring that the handsome stranger had placed there.


 “Did you find a lass out there?” Dwalin was smug, because he knew that very few women could satisfy Thorin. Thorin patted Dwalin’s shoulder and walked past him. “I guess you’ll see tomorrow. “What is that supposed to mean?”


 You walked towards the grand gate of Erebor. Your mother had picked out a beautiful blue dress which hugged your body at the right places. It flowed behind you when you walked and your beautiful curls made the look perfect. “Hello y/n, how are you?” It was Bard who walked with you. “Hi Bard, I’m fine thank you and you?” “Never better, so how come you are attending alone?” You smirked and held up your hand to show him the ring. “I actually have a date, he’s inside.” He had a stunned facial expression. “y/n, do you realize who your date is?” You were confused at his words. “Well yes of course, he’s a kind dwarf I met.” Bard realized that you had no idea that Thorin was the King. That ring represented the royal bloodline of Durin. And you were wearing it which were quit a statement. “You are going to have the shock of your life.” Then he walked away, leaving you with many questions.

 When you entered the ballroom, it was a mix between elves, men, dwarves and other people. You tried to find Thorin but you couldn’t see him. Then you heard a loud bang that came from one of the dwarfs. “Welcome everyone, it is my greatest pleasure to present to you, the King under the Mountain. Thorin son of Thrain.” Your jaw dropped when you saw Thorin walking out with a crown upon his head. Bard was right, you did have the shock of your life. When Thorin had greeted the other kings, he tried to find you in the crowd. When your eyes met, he smiled and walked over to you. “Wow, you look absolutely stunning.” He took your hand and kissed the top of it. You were still very shocked. “What? Do I have something on my face?” You laughed and shooke your head no. “No, it’s just that you failed to mention that you were in fact the King himself.” “Oh did I, small detail, easy to forget.” You hit his arm lightly at his sarcasm. “But true fully I didn’t want you to know me as the King under the Mountain. But as Thorin Oakenshield, a normal, curious dwarf.” You smiled and understood why he did hide his title. “I understand, I myself don’t have a secret title unfortunately. But will you take me as I am? A girl who dreams of being a soldier.” He took your hands in his and admired the blue ring on your finger. “Of course I will” Then he motioned you to walk to the dance floor which you gladly accepted. From afar Dwalin and Balin stood and watched you two. Balin had a proud smile on his face and Dwalin was truly shocked. Thorin did find a lass in the woods. And that lass would later become the Queen under the Mountain.   

Game of Thrones Fic Rec: Sansa Stark

Powerful is Sansa Stark - a fighter and survivor, her ability for self preservation is unmatchable. Years of torment, yet Sansa has not broken. Her scars give her leverage, standing tall and strong in her conviction and actions. A true Lady of North, for she, like all Starks, knows winter is coming.

  • Sansa Stark x Jaime Lannister
    • The Eyes See True*: Tyrion’s escape plan for Jaime is successful, and he leaves Riverrun without having made a vow to return Catelyn Stark’s daughters. He arrives immediately after the Battle of Blackwater and learns the truth about Cersei much sooner. Joffrey and Sansa are still engaged. How will his presence change events?
    • The Lion and the Wolf*: What would happen if, instead of Tyrion, Sansa Stark is wed to the other brother? If she can win him, can Sansa use Jaime Lannister to influence his own family? Or, better, will he keep his oath and take her home? Jaime L./Sansa S.
  • Sansa Stark x Joffrey Baratheon
    • A Caged Songbird*: “I will be a silent, and dutiful wife,” Sansa spits. “I will be their pretty little songbird, and wear their ugly crown, and sit on their painful throne. I shall give him a babe, and my love, and I will wait until he thinks that he has won. And then I shall take his life.“ Shae goes still. "You … you plan to kill the King?” “No,” Sansa says. “I plan to kill my husband.”
    • Heart of a Lion: Good Joffrey! Got your attention? Basically this is ‘what if Robert had Joffrey fostered by Ned? The result is a somewhat decent Joffrey, who regards the Starks as his family, genuinely loves Sansa, is at odds with his mother who only wants (what she perceives as) what’s best for him. Despite this, all hell breaks loose anyways.
    • The Northern Lion: King Robert knew nothing good would come of his son inheriting the Iron Throne if he kept behaving the way he did. After the last straw of Prince Joffrey’s petulant and violent behavior, King Robert sends the unusual five year old to be a ward under House Stark. If anyone could fix the Future King of Westeros, it would be Eddard Stark.
    • The Thrill and the Hurting*: Sansa slips into shadows. She can play Joffrey’s games or perish on his horrific playground. She realizes she must invent a new persona to suit her mad king’s desires. Joffrey is plagued by unsettling flashbacks that may explain his gruesome hobbies. As the memories become more vivid, he must face a very dark secret he repressed during childhood. Now they play in shadows. Together.
  • Sansa Stark x Margaery Tyrell
    • Rose Fangs and Wolf Thorns*: “'Valar morgulis,’ they say,” Margaery murmured. “But we are not men, my Sansa. And we are survivors."Margaery marries Joffrey, and becomes Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Sansa remains.
  • Sansa Stark x Oberyn Martell
    • A Red Wolf Emerges*: There is a chance to escape the monstrous place she used to call home. There is a chance to break free from the vile animal that is her husband. A wolf gets away from the hold of the men who flay, and finds solace in a city full of snakes.
    • Vengeance is Ours*: Armed with a common vengeance, it would seem that now is the best time for the Wolves of Winterfell to be allied with the Vipers of Dorne. If this was what it took to see the realm renewed from the hold of the Lannisters, this is the gamble that Robb Stark would take, even if the price was to have his sister Sansa wedded to the Red Viper himself.
    • Revelations: "She has night terrors. It relaxes her to sleep where I am, and as I am needed at my desk most nights, she’s taken to sleeping in the armchair. An innocent notion, I assure you, King Robb.”
  • Sansa Stark x Petyr Baelish 
  • Sansa Stark x Podrick Payne
    • i love a maid as white as winter: She moves too quickly for him to react, but suddenly, her hand is on his chin and her lips are pressed against his cheek. The gesture fills him up like Arbor gold, a sip of summer in an instant, a sample of something more.
    • Game of Thrones: After the Trials*: Podrick suffers a hard life, bullied at school by Joffrey for things beyond his control, he suffers daily. Sansa also suffers at Joffrey’s hands, as his 'girlfriend’. When events spiral out of control, the two begin to discover their feelings for each other and begin to wonder if they can truly be together and see Joffrey brought to justice.
  • Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane (The Hound)
    • A Lightness*: Sandor never left during the Battle of the Blackwater. Stannis was defeated and killed. Robb returned to Winterfell to take back his home. He married Roslin Frey and there was no Red Wedding. Joffrey did not die at his wedding. Robb waited for the right opportunity to take Joffrey down. For Sansa, there was only waiting. Waiting for someone to take her from King’s Landing… waiting for the rest of her life to begin. (Complete)
    • A Song of Steel*: Sandor Clegane embarked on a quest to find his brother, but so far all he’s found is a lost little bird - and a big problem.
    • Always Find Me Here*: Joffrey makes them do it - again, and again, and again. (Complete)
    • Broken Wing*: Sansa is broken beyond repair. (Complete)
    • Come Morning Light*: “I lit a candle and I prayed for you,” Sandor rasped. “I prayed that you’d hate me and forget me, forget this face. And I’ve been praying it ever since. Get that in your pretty head, girl. I lit a fucking candle, and I prayed for you.” (Complete)
    • Cut if out and then Restart: After the Battle of Blackwater, Sandor takes Sansa to Riverrun and joins the Starks; Yet the road to redemption is never a simple one, nor is it an easy thing to change one’s fate. (Complete)
    • Her Liquor’s Top Shelf*: Sansa Stark has had an easy life as a normal teenager until she gets embroiled in the life of Sandor Clegane, a man who seemingly has a simple life himself of owning and running a bar. Clegane has a dark past, though, and he owes debts. When his old boss comes calling on those debts, Sandor can’t say no. Under the guise of being a nightclub owner, Renly Baratheon runs half of the city against the likes of the corrupt politician, Tywin Lannister. The balance of power is shifting, though. Jaime Lannister, who has broken the law under his badge, turns his eyes onto Sandor. Meanwhile, Renly turns his eyes onto Jaime and the entire Lannister family. What results is a war unleashed onto the very streets of Kingsland, pulling Sansa’s own family into its clutches and changing their lives forever—and no one more than herself and her sister, Arya Stark. (Complete)
    • The Hound and the Bird*: Sandor and Sansa try to fight their growing feelings for each other as King’s Landing descends into chaos. Together, they find soft moments in a harsh place.
    • Into the Wood*: A divergence after Blackwater. (Complete)
    • Kept*: Joffrey is still alive after his wedding to Margery Tyrell and Sansa is still his prisoner. But when his most loyal guard asks for a favour, he feels honour bound to grant it. (Complete)
    • Kindred*: It is said that two souls, whether kin or strangers, old or young, friend or foe, may be 'kindred’. These souls are thought to be bound in some way, their paths wound by Fate from the same thread. Many never realize this, but some choose to follow the thread, whatever may come. Until.
    • The Prophecy*: Prophecies of market charlatans might entertain idiots who have their heads full of dreams, but Sandor knows better. Love, lands, family. Why not as well tell him that he will soon sprout wings and fly into the sun, as longs as she is at it? (Complete)
    • Thunderstruck*: Straight-laced and a yuppie in the making, Sansa is dragged to a metal concert by Arya and Gendry where she captures the eye of the guitarist of the band Cannibal Star. Crude and lewd, Sandor is everything Sansa was certain she didn’t want. Even with this unlikely match, sparks fly and misadventures ensue as they try to get their two worlds to combine.
    • Wolves and Hounds Work Together*: Sandor decides to help Sansa and rescues Ned from being executed, swearing loyalty to the Starks. He is made Sansa’s sworn shield to protect her from any conflict due to the upcoming war, but what will happen when they spend too much time together?
  • Sansa Stark x Tyrion Lannister
    • A Shadow and a Wolf*: Tyrion Lannister weds Sansa Stark and everything goes as it happened in the show. However, just before Joffrey’s wedding, an unexpected event changes everything. The forced husband and wife will have to go beyond their family loyalties in order to survive and hope to win the game of thrones.
    • Desperate to Connect*: Sansa is in need of security since the last of her family has been butchered at the Red Wedding; but what if Baelish cannot come through with his promise? She develops a new strategy in the fight for her survival; one that will impact the lives of her and Tyrion Lannister forever.
    • Sins of the Father*: Joffrey never died at the Purple Wedding so Tyrion wasn’t put on trial for his death nor did he murder his father and lover. Sansa didn’t fall into the hands of Littlefinger - though she did fall into bed and babe with Tyrion. Spans their life until 318 and it wasn’t as clean as they thought it might be with an heir produced for Winterfell and Casterly Rock. Also, being Queen does not bode well for Margaery when she struggles to give Joffrey a son at first,monly daughters which he ends up neglecting, only for his eldest to become a sadistic murderess: his ideal child for the Iron Throne whole his only surviving son is the heir he never wanted.
    • UNDER THE SUMMER SUN*: Tyrion and Sansa escape together from the Purple Wedding in an intensely emotional, romantic and sexual voyage, also full of discovery and a little adventure. I love this couple.
    • Wolf in the Lion’s Den*: A tale of Sansa and Tyrion’s growing relationship after they have married. How will their relationship bud among the troubles that surround them?
Personal Favourite Agatha and Tedros Dialogue - Book Three.

“That cat is Satan” Tedros hissed, watching Reaper try to climb out of the toilet bowl and slide back down. “And if you knew me, you’d know I hate cats.”
“No doubt you like dogs - wet-mouthed simple, and now that I think about it, a lot like you.”

Agatha glared at him, Reaper shivering in her arms. Finally Tedros exhaled, looking ashamed. He stripped off his shirt, spread out his arms, and sat on the bed. “Have at it princess.”

Tedors cocked a grin. “That handsome, am I?”
“Even Sophie was more tolerable than you!” Agatha yelled into a pillow. “And she tried to kill me! Twice!

“Look, it’s best if I do it,” Tedros said, walking faster. “You two seem to have serious connection issues.”
“And and you two don’t” Agatha said chasing him.
“All you and Sophie ever do is fight-”
“Because it always involves you!

Tedros’ face changed.
“Agatha,” He whispered, looking very scared. “Why are you bleeding?”
Agatha shook her head, tear welling, hyperventilating too fast to talk.

(He’s such a mum, honestly mama Suho vibes.)

Cinderella?” Said Agatha.
“Don’t give me that face,” Cinderella sneered back at her.
“For being Camelot’s supposed future queen, you ain’t much to look at yourself.” Her hawkish green eyes shot her down to Agatha’s clumps, “Bet no one want to see those feet in glass slippers.”
“Hey now! She’s my princess! Tedros jumped in.
“I don’t blame you handsome,” Cinderella smirked, voice smooth as an eel. “Your daddy didn’t have a good taste in girls either.”

“You’re not allowed to take that off,” he whispered.
“Not even a ‘good morning’ before you start bossing me around” said Agatha. “Besides, are you tying to give orders to a queen?”
“Oh, so today you’re a queen,” Tedros said pulling her closer.
“Late bloomer if you haven’t noticed,” said Agatha.
“Well, even so…a king is still a king.”
“Which means that your queen is beneath you?”
“No, only that you should do as you’re told.”
“Or what?” Agatha chortled.

“Lift me up,” she nudged Tedros.
“On your shoulders.”
Tedros frowned. “Just because you’re wearing a crown doesn’t mean-”
The prince sighed. “And I thought Sophie was high maintenance.”

“Someone’s whipped.” said Pinocchio.
“Finally as tall as his father.” Cinderella groused.

“Not sixteen until tomorrow boy”, piped the wizard, sizing up the young couple. “Besides in time, you’ll have a little rug rat who needs a tutor too.”


Legolas Greenleaf X Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds them only to take them home to care for them. 

Warning(s): nudity, mentions of torture 

A/N: AYoOoOoOoOO I’m back. (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Color. And I’ll probably write a part 2 for this but idk yet.

[part 2]

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queen in the north

The King in the North abdicates his throne and pledges allegiance to the Dragon Queen. However, the North remembers, and doesn’t follow suit. one shot 3k+

The walls of Winterfell and the people within them are cold and unforgiving.

This realization is something Daenerys takes to heart. For she is meant to be their ruler, and a good ruler is supposed to be beloved by the people. She cannot be like her father. She is no Mad King.

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A Queen for the King #7

Summary: With a righteous blow, Arthur defeated Vortigern, destroyed the looming tower, and had taken his rightful place on the throne, vowing to do whatever was necessary to defend the kingdom, and her people. He was a King of the people; honest, compassionate, hard working. Everything that Vortigern was not. There was just one thing missing; the woman he was betrothed to as a child. There is a saying, after all; every king needs a queen.
Characters in this chapter: Arthur Pendragon, female reader, Hannah [minor ofc]
Characters mentioned: People of the kingdom 
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x female reader
Word Count: 1,483
Warnings: Cavity-inducing fluff
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for all the support and positivity you have shown us! This series would be nothing without you.

Co-written with @mrs-squirrel-chester

***Our work is not to be posted on any other sites without our express written permission.***


Sighing in contentment, you spoke, not afraid of the words that were about to leave your lips, not after the incredibly private moment the two of you finally shared. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“That’s good,” he chuckled, turning to kiss your forehead. “Because I have already fallen.”

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fic: pas de deux

in which arthur wins the tourney at harrenhal and crowns elia like a responsible adult and no one is offended except rhaegar

He’s not going to crown her. He’ll win the joust, because of course he will, but he won’t crown her. Of little else is she so certain.

His eye has wandered, to put it delicately, and he has not been subtle about it either. It was innocent, at first, when the girl had wept at his song, and then turned into something much different. He’s enraptured by her for a reason that Elia has tried and failed to comprehend.

Lyanna Stark is pretty enough, she supposes, in a wild, coltish kind of way, but she’s still half a child, a wolf pup barely out of its den. Only Robert Baratheon seems to be as taken with her as Rhaegar, which, as her betrothed, is at least understandable. But Rhaegar…him Elia has no explanation for.

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Fallen Leaves (Remus Lupin x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders Era )

Pairing: Reader x Young Remus Lupin

Warnings: SMUT Smut and more smut also be warned, it is fluffy smut… a deadly combination.

Request: hello hello hello I was wondering if u could please do Remus smut ? ?? ?? thank u so much have an awesome day

Author Note : Such a simple and oh so sweet request, let’s see if my mind can come up with some Remus smut, oh look there is an endless supply ;) 

Word Count: 1.2k

The date was October 9, exactly four days after the full moon, but it was also your favorite time of the year because it was fall. You grew up a mudblood so watching the seasons change, all the leaves change colors and fall from the trees was the most magical thing you had ever seen. Until you came to Hogwarts, in which Remus Lupin’s smile took that prize.

You loved being outside in the fall, you would sit in big piles of leaves and read on park benches and just enjoy the way the air felt lighter, not so hot and heavy like summer, not as wet as spring and nowhere near as cold as winter it was perfect in every way.

The only thing not perfect about the season this year was that just as the leaves started to change and fall there was also a full moon, which ate up about a week of your life. A week you were more than happy to give to your boyfriend Remus.

Usually you had no problem spending a week with Remus, in bed watching movies and sneaking into the kitchen for snacks, usually enlisting help from a Hufflepuff ,when he ate all of his chocolate, every month you would buy him more than the last but every month he still managed to eat it all.

Today you were tangled in fuzzy blankets, thin sheets hanging above you to create a fort for the two teenage sized children lying in the bed. Your head was lying on Remus chest as he read a book aloud to you. This was something he liked doing after full moons, rather than the two of you reading separate books side by side he would read aloud to you, it helped calm him down and helped him forget.

Remus was sat on many pillows, due to the fact that you had stolen all of the other boys pillows and he was wearing a paper crown that you had made him out of some old homework because you had crowned him the king of your blanket fort.

You were looking out the window which you had enchanted to be much bigger than usual and you watched the leaves blow in the wind as you imagined how the air would feel on your face you had zoned out from the book.

“Y/n, love is the book that boring, or is it just me, am I boring you?”

You zoned back in at the sound of his voice changing, “No Rem, I could never get bored of you, I just wish I could bring the trees and the leaves inside the room with us.”

Remus smiled ” Well, you can go outside for a bit without me, I’ll be fine on my own.” Remus had gotten pretty hurt during the full moon so Sirius and James tried to avoid him a bit, not wanting to see the hurt they had accidentally caused him, so all he had was you and Peter occasionally. In a few more days he would be fine to leave his bed and go outside and you were willing to wait.

“Rem I don’t want to go without you.” You pouted as you stuck your bottom lip out and he kissed you in response.

“Well I know a way to cheer you up.” Remus almost whispered in your ear and you knew exactly what he meant but you wanted to toy with him a bit so you teased back “What by giving me chocolate? Too bad you ate it all already.”

Remus just chuckled at your joke and you laughed along with him but suddenly stopped when he pulled you over so you were now on top of him, straddling him and you kissed him instantly.

You and Remus went from joking and cuddling to grabbing needily at each other in a matter of seconds. Remus left sloppy kisses on your jaw and slowly trailed down your neck and pulled your shirt over your head revealing your bare chest underneath.

As much you wanted to take all of Remus’ clothes off you knew it would be better to keep them all on given his wounded state, instead you pushed your hands under his soft sweater feeling the healed scars beneath.

Remus bent his leg, pushing his thigh up in between your legs, you instantly grinded your clothed heat against him, using his thigh to give you some much need friction. Remus let out a low chuckle at your actions, his face plastered with a smirk “Love, I could watch you do that all day.”

Your face heated up but you were getting too much pleasure from gently riding his thigh to stop, until you noticed the tent growing in his pajama bottoms and stopped your movements to pull his pants down just enough for his length to pop out.

Remus quickly placed his hands on your hips and lowered his leg down as you hovered over his length you pushed your panties to the side and Remus slowly guided you down. He instantly stretched you and you sat down completely bending down to lock your lips once again before he started pulling on your hips.

You let him have as much control as he could, this way it’s easier for you to not accidentally hurt him. Remus was gripping your hips so tight there would be marks by the time he was done. He moved a hand from your hips to grope your breast as you continued the steady pace.

Remus was letting out soft whimpers in your ear as you kissed down his neck, covering him in the good kind of bruises until his movements became more erratic and you felt him twitch inside you. Remus sped up bringing you both to your climax’s, you stayed there until you slowly sat up and Remus lifted you and you laid down beside him, with your head on his chest.

Remus pulled one of the sheets of the blanket fort down covering the two of you since your top half was bare under the blanket and the other guys could really walk in any minute. Remus Waved his wand and a tree appeared in the corner of the room, the branches stretching all the way to over top of your bed, the leaves falling off one at a time.

You looked up at Remus and moved to kiss him once more but as you did a leaf fell on his face. You grabbed the leaf and folded it tucking it behind his ear as you kissed him. Remus drifted off to sleep before you. He awoke to see it was far into the night, the other boys all asleep in their beds. He moved his head to look down at your sleeping figure but as he did he noticed his paper crown had been replaced with one made of leaves, he just smiled and placed it on your messy head of hair before drifting back off to sleep.

You had come to England a couple of days ago. You were part of a large viking army led by the legendary Ivar the Boneless, your husband. After finding a good place to land the ships, you had built up a camp and were preparing for battle. It was early in the morning and you and a few men were out in the woods to hunt. These forests were full of game and you were following the tracks of a big stag as it suddenly started raining arrows. You found some cover behind a huge oak tree, but not everyone was fast enough and you saw many of your men die. You drew your sword and peeked around the side of the tree to see where the enemy was hiding. Then all of a sudden the shooting stopped. You got out from behind the oak and saw men in thick armor running down the hill towards you. They were many, too many. Besides you, there were only four men left, the others were either dead or badly wounded. You looked at your men and they nodded towards you.

“Walhalla is waiting.” One of them said.

You grinned, tightened your grip around your sword and started to run towards the enemy. You all fought bravely and managed to kill over a dozen hostile soldiers but in the end they were just too many. As the warrior next to you fell, you realized that it was only you left. The soldiers tightened the circle around you and you knew that this was the end. You snarled at them through your teeth and fought like a berserk but suddenly you felt something hit your head from behind. The pain shot through you for one second before everything went black.

You woke up on a cold floor. Your head was still paining and as you reached up with your hand you could feel some dried blood. It was almost dark around you but could see a massive wooden door. You managed to get up on shaky legs and tried to open the door. It was locked. Of course it was locked. With a sigh you dropped against the wall and closed your eyes.

You didn’t have to wait for long. The door opened and four soldiers entered. They grabbed you by the arms and led you out of your cell. You kicked and punched and did your best to fight them of.

“Crazy bitch.” One of them said and hit you in the face, which only made you more angry.

You were brought into a huge hall were a man was sitting on a throne. He was wearing a crown so you assumed he was some kind of king. These christian kings and their crowns. To you it looked ridiculous.

“I know who you are.” The king said. Your English wasn’t perfect but you could understand most that was said.

“Why I am here?”

“Your husband is leading the heathen army that is threatening my kingdom. I know you are not much more than wild animals but I hope he cares enough for you to agree to retreat in return for getting you back alive.”

You burst out laughing.

The king seemed bewildered by your reaction. “What is so funny?”

“My husband will never retreat.”

“If he wants you back, he will have no other choice.”

“You christians are afraid of the devil, right?” You looked up to the king with an evil grin on your face. “But you haven’t met my husband yet.”

It gave you some satisfaction to see how scared everyone in the room was.

After the hunting party had not returned for hours Ivar had gotten worried and send out some men to look for them and most importantly look for you. After only little more than an hour they came back and entered the tent as Ivar was talking to Ubbe about where he was planning to attack.

“Where are they?” Ivar wanted to know.

The men chewed on their lips, each of them hoping one of the others would start to speak.

“Where are they?” Ivar asked again, getting impatient.

“Dead.” One of the men got out. “We found them slaughtered in the woods.”

The words hit Ivar like a punch in the face and he had to use all of his willpower to remain calm.

“What about Y/N?”

“We don’t know. She was not there.”

Ubbe put his hand on Ivar’s shoulder to calm him down. “If she’s not there she’s probably still alive. Maybe they know who she is and have taken her prisoner.” He said.

Ivar looked at his brother. “I swear to the gods, I will get her back!”

They hadn’t brought you back to your cell, instead they led you to what seemed to be a small market place inside the castle walls and chained you to a pole. The place was crowded with people from soldiers to farmers. They all looked at you with a mixture of disgust and fear. You looked around to find a way to escape but there was nothing that could have been helpful, so all you could do was to lean against the pole and watch the people until it got dark and everyone disappeared.

As the first light rose to the sky someone on the wall started to ring a bell. Now it got really busy around you, soldiers running here and there. You smiled to yourself. This could only mean one thing.

You saw the king hurrying up the stairs to the wall. He talked to some soldiers and then gestured in your direction. As you were brought to the top of the wall what you saw made you smile again. On a slight hill less than a mile away hundreds of warriors were standing, the sun rising in their back. To you it was a beautiful sight. You could see a single figure approaching on a white horse.

“Who is this?” The king asked.

“This is my husband. So you better start paying to your useless god.”

As Ivar had almost reached the gate the soldiers lifted up their bows.

“Don’t come closer.” The king said and Ivar stopped his horse looking up the wall.

“I came to take back my wife.” He said in a commanding tone then he looked at you and his features softened for a moment. “Are you okay?” He asked in your language.

“I’m fine. Just kick their asses.”

“If we give her back to you, will you agree to take your men and sail away?” The king interrupted the conversation he did not understand.

“You are not listening, Saxon King, I didn’t say I came to  bargain, I said I came to take back my wife.” With this he turned his horse and cantered back to his warriors.

You looked at the king and shrugged. “I told you.”

“Bring her back down.” The king ordered the soldiers.

You were chained to the pole again and four soldiers kept standing close to you, their hands on their swords. It almost drove you insane that you couldn’t see what was going on. There was a battle going on in front of the gates, that much you could tell by the noises. You wished you could fight alongside the others, to sit and wait was much more brutal than to be on the battlefield. After what seemed like hours the gate burst open with a loud crack. The soldiers that were guarding you immediately drew their weapons came towards you, ready to kill you. Seconds later the one in front fell to the ground, an ax in his forehead. You looked up and saw Ivar riding over to you, his horse no longer white but covered all over in blood. But there was no time to be relieved, the next soldier had almost reached you. You dropped to the ground and kicked his legs away. He fell to the ground and you quickly moved to strangle him with your chains. Before the others could reach you Ivar was at your side, slaughtering the remaining soldiers.

You looked up to him. “What took you so long.”

He just grinned at you and gestured for one of his men, who was carrying a huge battle ax. The heavy weapon cut through your chains like a knife through cheese. Ivar offered you his hand and pulled you into saddle behind him. He guided his horse through the fighting men towards the gate. You slung your arms around his waist and pressed a kiss to his blood smeared cheek.

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Bakugo and 8 please! :)

Okay this one was WAYYYYY to much fun.

Soulmate AU Prompt #8- AU where any ink marks on your skin (i.e. pen, paint, pencil, etc.) show up on your soulmate’s skin too

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He hates his soulmate. He hasn’t even met them, but he despises them
  • Constantly has dick drawings and weird doodles all over him in visible places cause of them
  • He knows they must be getting a kick out of this, as he watches the 4th dick drawing showing up on his hand during class
    • Kirishima is chuckling and Kaminari is smirking. Both these shits find it hilarious…
  • He has attempted to get revenge or make them stop
    • “Awe so my soulmate does exist. And no thanks, this is fun.”
    • He once attempted to draw a dick on his forehead, but he’d also have to keep it… so he decided not too
  • May or may not wake up with whiskers drawn on his face
  • It’s like his soulmate is Jigglypuff and their pissed at him
  • They are not though, as they just think it’s fun to get him all riled up.
    • Plus Bakugou makes it easy and seeing him write them back in all caps on their arm is really enjoyable
  • When he finally meets them, he’s absentmindedly is watching some shit person draw on their arm. He’s at the mall and then realizes there that crude drawing of some duck is also on his arm
  • Nearly blows up their table and nearly gets kicked out of the mall when he storms up to them
    • “Fucking found you…”
    • “Oh hey.”
  • His soulmate is so chill that it balanced his no chill out perfectly
  • Eventually he and his Soulmate take a liking to each other, though it is through teasing
    • “How about I write across your forehead ‘Bakagou?”
    • “How would you like to be fucking dead?”
  • Loves them to death, and shows it when he doodles a heart on his chest.
    • He wants them to know, but he doesn’t want others to see that he’s a softie when it comes to them
  • Grows fond of when they draw little doodles of him and they appear on him
    • His favorite was one when his S/O made him wearing a crown and defeating a bunch of enemies. The caption reading ‘King of Explodo-Kills saves the World.’
    • Takes pictures of all their drawings before they disappear cause whether he admits it or not, his soulmate is a really good artist
  • Loves to communicate with them through his connection. It really strokes his pride to know he’s the only one who can talk to them this way.
Jonsa Battlements Convo Analysis (for the worried shippers)

I actually wrote this when replying to a thread, but figured it would reach more of you if I tagged it appropriately and posted it as a meta (bear with me, I kinda suck at these). I see a lot of asks floating around about what many feel is Jon’s ooc behavior while conversing with Sansa, so I’m here to (hopefully) put some of you at ease.

I went back and watched the beginning of this ep. again so everything would be fresh in my mind.

So let’s start from the top at the Stark town hall meeting lol - Jon’s laying down the game plan, and Karstarks and Umbers come up along with the word treason (I feel like this is a good time to mention that this is probably a touchy word for Jon considering what happened on the Wall). So we all know the convo, we all know that Sansa interjects her opinion. She’s not wrong, but I’ve mentioned before that I agree with Jon’s reasoning on this matter. But, let’s break this down a bit more - a war is upon them and the WW are coming and Jon KNOWS they don’t have the numbers (as clearly mentioned when he ordered that girls/women would have to take up arms as well) -he needs everyone united.

Taking this a bit further, we all know that Jon’s KitN status is tenuous at best, and so he needs it to be clear to his “subjects” that he is a STRONG leader and that his say is the final one. At the end of this scene, when Jon talks about living by Ned’s words: “the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword” he lets everyone know that he’s been betrayed and executed men for not following his orders, but he’s also a fair man, and doesn’t believe in bestowing the sins of the fathers onto the children. It’s a moving speech really, and when he beckons the children forward and they bend the knee and swear to house Stark, the camera pans to Sansa’s face TWICE - the first time she’s looking up at Jon and then afterwards, her eyes are lowered and she’s looking down and the scene cuts with LF smirking in his creepy Chester way. Now, I get the impression that Sansa’s expression is ambiguous for a reason- and we are left to interpret it in two ways: she resents Jon for going against her, OR she realizes that what he says rings true and therefore lowers her eyes a bit shamefully (and maybe that’s not exactly the best word to use, but I hope you all pick up what I’m throwing down here -like when someone brings up a better point than you, and you know deep down that they’re right). I’m going with the latter, and I’ll explain in a bit more detail below.

I know I’m not alone here in thinking that Jon, Sansa and their advisors should have probably discussed this prior to the meeting, however, they are new to this “ruling Winterfell together” thing, and are learning as they go. I think the writers wanted to make that painfully obvious.

So moving along, and now they’re walking through Winterfell and Jon seems tense and agitated, walking a bit ahead of Sansa, as they hash out their differences. I reiterate: they are talking about it, NOT burying their disagreement and allowing it to fester and drive a wedge between them. That’s an important distinction, even though I believe the writers are trying very hard to tease a “growing conflict” between the two of them -but not exactly the type of conflict that you would see at face value. Does that make sense?

Sansa is more bold here in her home, she doesn’t have to keep her mouth shut like she did in KL -she feels safe in Winterfell, and safe enough around Jon to express how she really feels about things. That’s really fucking important you guys!!! And so, she DOES.

J: you are my sister, but I am king now.

S: will you start wearing a crown?

This is blatant sarcasm. Don’t let the power go to your head, Jon. He may be the KitN but she is also the true born heir to Winterfell, and NOT ONCE has she made mention of that or tried to wield her power over him. She just wants to be heard. She brings up Joffrey as a warning -he was a cruel little selfish shit who did what he wanted, when he wanted, with no thought to consequences or how it would affect others. He let no one question his authority. He wasn’t a good king.

J: do you think I am Joffrey?

Jon says this with utter disgust -in both inflection and his facial expression. He’s insulted, visibly upset, and it stops him dead in his tracks. Sansa comes around to stand before him, she looks away and sighs, her features soften. Of course Jon is NOTHING like Joffrey. She tells him so in a very sincere and heartfelt way.

S: you are as far from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met.

Jon thanks her sincerely for the obvious compliment and quickly looks away and down at the landscape. Why is he having such a hard time looking at her lately? Especially when he couldn’t keep his eyes OFF OF HER last season?? What’s with all this Starkbowl tension of an unusual kind?

Now earlier I said I’d explain why I felt Sansa’s expressions (and looking down) in the last scene meant I felt the latter -that she believed Jon was right in what he did even if she didn’t fully agree with it - what she says next pretty much seals the deal for me.

S: you’re good at this, you know?

J: at what?

S: at ruling.

J: no. (He sighs and looks away again).

S: you are. YOU ARE (I’m on mobile, so pretend my caps are italics for inflection instead).

Sansa is persistent. She really does believe he is a good King. A good man. Our sweet Emo Jon really has the lowest of low self esteem. He wants to be worthy of the name Stark. Worthy of Sansa. His expression here is so fucking important, guys! His eyes are downcast, and he drags them up to look her in the eyes. Sansa believes in him -the approval he always sought from Lady Catelyn (who Sansa is portrayed so much as very similar to her mother), who never let him forget that he was an (unworthy) bastard. And here’s where it gets sticky -

S: they believe in you, they really do (a sort of eye-roll) but you have to ….

Jon gives a sardonic shake of his head and a laugh to accompany it. He almost believed her and he feels like the joke is on him. Sansa asks why he’s laughing, because she TRULY is being sincere, but Jon feels like she’s just placating him. He brushes past her and starts walking again. Their gait is a bit slower now, but he still walks in front of her, explaining what Ned said/meant about “anything that comes before ‘but’ is horse shit”.

S: the world is dirty -father couldn’t protect me, and neither can you, so stop trying. (I can handle the truth, remember the chat we had about being honest with each other -heed your own advice Jon).

J: right. I’ll stop trying to protect you when you stop trying to undermine me.

S: I’m not trying to undermine you. 
(Dammit Jon, listen to me. I’m on your side.)

She grabs his arm and forces him to stop and face her. He sighs again, looks down at where she’s holding onto him, and again drags his eyes up her body before meeting her gaze (FYI: this in itself is a romance trope and it’s funny that the cameras pan in on her grabbing his arm -like “hey! See what we’re doing here in plain sight?”). She tells him he has to be smarter than Robb and Father -they were good men, honorable men, she loves and misses them, but they made stupid mistakes which cost them their lives (and she doesn’t want the same fate to befall you Jon, duh!).

Jon: and how should I be smarter? By listening to you?

Sigh. This is an asinine statement, and I agree, quite OOC for Jon, but okay, bear with me here, Jon needed to say something to keep this “tension” bubbling -and I think this was tossed in here simply for her reply.

S: (voice so very soft and imploring, her pretty blue eyes boring into him) Would that really be so terrible?

Jon sighs again -like a full-on, heavy body sigh. His own expression softens (note how closely and intimately they are standing now?) and he looks like he’s about to say something, and then they’re interrupted. (Ned/Cat parallel from S01xE01).

King of Hearts || Byun Baekhyun

Drabble Game

59. “Who’s this?“

10. “I can’t. I’m allergic to bullshit.“

Byun Baekhyun + Reader + Fluff + King AU

“Your highness, are you sure you’re allowed to leave the palace like this? It’s dangerous to roam around with no guards.“

“Stop calling me ‘your highness‘. You used to call me ‘poop head’ when we were kids.“

King Byun Baekhyun was no ordinary King. He can be professional and smart-witted when it comes to protecting the kingdom at all cost, but he can also be a 5-year-old boy stuck in a 25-year-old man’s body, who happens to be the King of Exordia. 

“Quick, hold my crown for a bit. I’m gonna climb this tree.“ Baekhyun instantly removed the crown that was resting on his head before throwing it carelessly to your direction. His sudden action made you panic, afraid you might miss the crown and break it.

“Holy shit Baekhyun this crown is heavy!“ you cursed. The crown was just like the typical crown a royalty wears. Except, you were sure this was the most beautiful and elegant crown you’ve ever seen compared to what the Late King used to wear. Not to mention it had diamonds and jades decorating around it, which is probably why it was heavy as heck.

“How can you wear this without breaking your neck?“ you asked particularly to no one. 

“Are you coming up or not?”

You diverted your eyes from the crown and to Baekhyun who was neatly seated on a thick branch 5 meters above the ground.

“My dress will be ruined, Beak. Plus, I’m wearing heels.“ you kicked your foot from the inside of your dress to show your heels. Baekhhyun groaned and rolled his eyes.

“When we get married, I’m banning you from wearing heels and puffy gowns. Those are no fun.“ He adjusted himself until he can rest his back against the tree. You decided to seat down on the grass despite it being itchy under your legs. Puffy dresses really are no fun.

“Who’s this?“

Baekhyun suddenly asked after a few minutes of silence. Your eyes followed to where he was looking at only to see one of your guards hiding behind the tall tree where the two of you were resting on. “How dare you disturb our peaceful rest?” His voice grew louder in annoyance. You forgot to instruct your guards to hide a few feet away from you and the King. Baekhyun didn’t like having different companies when roaming around the forest. He felt free in his own safe haven and he only wanted the presence of the people he adored. That’s why he never asked for guards, he only wanted the two of you to be alone.

“Your highness, my apologies. He is my guard whom my Father ordered to follow me around in your kingdom.“ you stood from the ground to bow down in front of Baekhyun.

“Why would you need a guard to protect you? I can do it by myself.“ he scoffed. Baekhyun jumped from the branch, landing gracefully on the ground with him dusting off the dirt behind his pants. “Do you really think I can’t protect my queen?“ 

You laughed at his sudden seriousness. You’ve known Baekhyun all your life and you swore you only see him in his serious state when he’s sitting on his thrown.

“Wow, Baek. We’re not yet married. Slow down.“ you playfully pushed his shoulder. 

“Dammit, (Y/n). I’m trying to be romantic here.“ he stomped his feet like a child. 

Your marriage was arranged by both of your families. To the people of your kingdom, they pitied you for having your freedom of love be taken away just for the sake of power. What they didn’t know was that Baekhyun was the love of your life. He was your childhood best friend, your petty enemy, and your first love.

It was never an unrequited love. Baekhyun felt the same. He felt home in your presence, even if the both of you are in a different place. He once said that when he was with you, he didn’t feel like a king with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He felt like Byun Baekhyun, the boy who loved street foods and cheap chocolate drinks that can be bought at the local market. You were his anchor. 

“You need to try harder. Try again, say something romantic.“

Baekhyun cleared his throat. He ran his fingers through his hair as if he was in deep thought.

“Your dress… makes you… prettier..“ he stuttered. His eyes blinked fast as he forced himself to make eye contact with you. “than that… frog over there?“ he pointed at the green frog across the tree. 

“You suck at being romantic.” you grumbled. You turned your heels and started to walk away. The kingdom wasn’t too far from where you and Baekhyun rested, so you can walk there by yourself.

“I can’t. I’m allergic to bullshit.” Baekhyun explained before following behind you. “I’d rather show you how much I care about you than say sugar-coated words that can be easily said by any other men.“ 

You stopped on your tracks to look at Baekhyun behind you. He stood a few feet away from you. He was nervously picking on his nails with his lip between his teeth in embarrassment.

“What do you mean by that?“ 

Baekhyun looked at you with the softest eyes and warm smile you have ever seen. “I’m not good at saying sweet words to tell you how much I love you. But at least I can show you.”

Before you know it, a pair of soft lips was pressed against your own. Your eyes fluttered close at the contact, and you didn’t want to open them. You wondered that if you closed your eyes forever, maybe this moment will stay unchanged. A moment that can swiftly stop the earth from spinning but with your heart beating faster. 

You couldn’t wait to be married with the love of your life, King Byun Baekhyun.

Drabble Game Here

Rami & Characters as Parents:


Originally posted by tomlhardy

It’s your children before absolutely anyone else.

He never takes roles if it means leaving your family for too long a period of time.

“Rami we can relocate if-“
“Absolutely not. I’m not uprooting their lives for some role.”

He spoils them rotten, but never lets them forget his humble beginnings and the importance of gratitude and appreciation.

He tries to keep them out of the spotlight, but feels tremendous pride when the paparazzi snap pictures of him doing everyday things with your kids.

He also finds said pictures online and saves them because he loves them so much.

He’s very conscious of online safety, much to the irritation of your kids.
“You should change your password every two weeks, there are so many dangers-“
“Dad, it’s just a club penguin account.”

Your kids love to tease him about his past roles. 

“Be sensible at the party tonight, don’t drink too much and don’t do drugs, please.”

“What, not even morphine? Or a little J? C’mon dad what would Elliot think?”

“You’re grounded.”

“Dad I can’t believe you were in a Twilight movie.” 

“God, you’ve done some digging…” 

He loves when your kids make up little productions together and perform them in the living room for the two of you. Even if the plot isn’t particularly good, his face glows with pride as he watches his children perfect his craft. 

He may or may not have had a large platform built in the yard so that in the summer the kids can put on performances while the two of you sit on the lawn chairs enjoying the sun. 


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Josh is the ‘cool’ dad. Or at least he thinks he is.

He picks your kids up from school in his flashy car with his sunglasses on.
“Hey pornstars! Hop in!”
“Dad that’s super weird please stop.”

He loves to organize unusual holidays and expand your kids’ horizons, but he sometimes goes a little overboard.
“Safari vacation this summer? We can ditch the car and run with the lions!”
“Josh, I’d like to return with all our limbs.”
“Ok well what about storm chasing-“
“White water raft-“
“Josh, I love you, but shut the fuck up.”

Josh encourages your children to follow their dreams and pursue their ideas, whether it’s as small as your five-year-old son’s lemonade stand or as big as your daughter’s fundraiser for mental health centre for young people.

When Josh’s depression creeps out from the shadows he fears that he’s not a good enough father, but your children always seem to sense his insecurity and reassure him with hugs and movie nights.

Your children are what gave Josh the confidence to visit his sister’s graves. With them by his side, he feels unstoppable.


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Snafu is the king of pretend games. He’ll use whatever he can find around the house to set the scene for the game.

In fact its a struggle to get him to stop playing. 

“Wench, fetch me my dinner!” Snafu orders you while wearing a crudely fashioned cardboard crown. You roll your eyes but comply, placing his plate in front of him. Your son watches the interaction with a sparkle in his eye. 

“Wench, fetch-” 

“Don’t even try it kid.” 

“Sorry mom.” 

Your kids never get tired of sitting by the fire with their father and listening to his stories about the war. He tells them of his comrades, his injuries, his brushes with death, but his favourite memories to recount are those of your reunions with him when he came home from battle. 

Snafu is careful to remind his kids to always treat their love interests with respect, especially your sons. He tells them how you taught him the hard way about how to treat a lady, and that a respectful compliment or simply holding the door will go further than any cat call or crude pet name. 

He misses the thrill of going off to war and the adrenaline rush fighting gave him, but Snafu would never again risk his life, for his responsibility as a father was far more important to him than his responsibility for his country. 

In lieu of returning to the battlefields, Snafu teaches your children all he knows about hand to hand combat and survival in some of the toughest terrains. He never lets them forget that behind the sensational stories of heroism and bravado, was a terrifying reality that few survived. 


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Ahkmenrah is a big softie around his kids. He lets them try on his crown and heavy jewellery, he lets them sit on the throne and he lets them play wherever they want in the palace, but screw with his family, and you will know the meaning of the word fear. 

He can be strict, since he is the king and his heirs have a reputation to uphold, but away from the public eye he is just like any other father. He enjoys playing games and sometimes is just as childish as the kids. 

Ahk is a man of the people, and although your children often see his parents and his brother’s side of the family treating their servants and subordinates in a lowly manner, he will not accept such behaviour from his own kids. He is careful to teach them that although they are royalty, all lives are equal and one should treat others how they wish to be treated. 

Your children are brought up unrestricted in who they are allowed to be friends with. You and Ahk are firm believers that class does not matter where friendship is involved. This means that your kids are far more worldly than their higher class peers. 

As your children grow older, Ahkmenrah is enthusiastic to involve them in royal affairs. He explains the art of negotiation and that peace is far more favourable than war. He makes certain they know that other nations have many things to offer and it is in their best interests as potential future rulers to stay on good terms with them.

But Ahk will never let his children become naive, they know exactly how to wage a war that they will undoubtedly win. Because they know that one day they may have to teach someone the meaning of the word fear. 


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So Close I Can Taste It, I See What’s Mine And Take It- Part 6/?

Summary: You are the daughter of Robert Baratheon. During the events of S6, you are reluctantly sent to secure an alliance. It is not what you expect.

Paring: Euron Greyjoy x reader

Warning: Smut, some swearing. Fluff? Kind of?

A/N: Part 6 for you! It’s possibly the longest one yet.

You spent most of the afternoon walking the shores of Saltcliffe.

Euron talking to you about trips taken here as a boy, and about how he’d first sailed here in a tiny boat, on his own, from Pyke as a boy barely grown, causing half his household to be out looking for him until he returned at dusk, with pockets full of things he’d stolen from a market stall. Started young, obviously.

You could have listened to him talk all day. You liked his voice, something about him was just so captivating, he made you laugh and when the time came to sail back, you watched Euron command from your where you stood on deck, ordering his crew what to load and shouting instructions and you could see where he got his well earned reputation, although the journey was no more than an hour around from Pyke to Saltcliffe around Ironmans Bay and back, he carried himself as he would on any journey, with absolute power and authority. Even in higher winds, the Silence was just that, quiet, deadly and still against the waves. You knew it was likely because he was a seasoned captain of all weathers, but to you, It was like he could even bend the seas and winds to his will. His boots walking the deck were the only sound you could hear.

Unable to contain your lust for him any longer, you approached him from behind, working your hands through to his waist. He turned around.
“My love, I want to see our cabin,”
He turned to look at you curiously “We won’t be sleeping on the ship tonight,”
“I don’t care,” you lowered your hand down from where it rested on his muscled stomach, dangerously close, to give him the idea of what you wanted.
“Show me anyway,” Euron took your hand in his, leading you below deck and down a corridor.

The moment the door closed, he had you pressed against it, his tongue pressing into your mouth and his arms caging you against the door.
“Seeing you…command…its,” you whispered against his lips. “Makes me want you,”
Euron’s blue eyes darkened “This is nothing…wait till a real battle, Maybe I’ll take you with me when I use the Iron Fleet against your enemies,”
“I’d like that, I want to see you really at sea,” The thought had your heart bursting out of your chest.

He kissed you passionately, your mouths tangled together. “Someone might come in” you tested.
Euron let out a wild laugh “No they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t dare disturb me, their lives are not worth it,”
You dropped to your knees. “Good,”
“Bending the knee for me?” He chuckled, his usual cocky smirk across his features.
“Shhh,” you unlaced his breeches and slipped your hand inside. He was already growing stiff against your hand as you released him.

Euron opened his mouth, no doubt about to provide one of his usual quips, but found himself wordless for once, gasping instead as you took all of him in your mouth.

You began working your way down slowly then back up, first tracing the underneath his cock from bottom to top, placing a few light kisses to the tip then with your eyes locked on him, you drew your tongue across the tip. You enjoyed the slow moan eliciting from Euron’s lips and how he hardened in your mouth as you pressed the inside of your cheek to his end.

Knowing he liked it, you continued circling teasingly before working your way back down, even slower than before, starting at the top and swirling your tongue down and you smirked, you moved one hand to massage his balls. You could feel his cock pulse in your mouth so rolled your lips down to take him all in, hollowing your mouth and licking along the outlines of the veins.

The only sound you could hear was the sea outside, swaying against the ship and Euron’s shallow groans. His fingers scrunched in your hair and encouraged you to make longer, slower strokes. You made your way back to his tip and sucked eagerly, using your other hand to run up and down his shaft.

He let out a low incomprehensible noise to let you know he was close. You continued palming at him with one hand and moved the other and took him deep into your throat, you moaned softly against him. The sensation of your act making him release heavily into your throat. After a moment, you stood up, licked your lips slowly as you knew he was watching you. You kissed him hard on the mouth.
“I’m definitely taking you with me,” he laughed, adjusting his breeches and relacing the front
“I hope I keep my tongue,” you wrapped your arms around him.
“Mmmmm,” Euron pressed his face into your neck and nibbled affectionately. “Of course, I like your tongue, I like what you do with it,” he straightened up. “Where have you been all my life,”
“In Kings Landing. Dreaming of being a queen in my own right, and avoiding lords and men who’d try steal me away,” you snaked your arms around him, enjoying how tall he was next to you. “I thought all Lords were boring fuckers until I met you, I didn’t even want to come here,”
“Don’t blame you. You thought you’d be in meetings with my brother, instead you’ve got yourself a King” Euron bit down playfully.
“I know,” you laughed “I mean no offence, but I’m glad for it. I’m glad it’s you,”
“Give your king a kiss then,” he leant in towards you and kissed you again.


After you docked, you left Euron to oversee his cargo being offloaded with his crew, with a kiss and telling him you’d see him back in your chambers that evening.

You went to your original quarters to make sure everything was packed up and moved to your now shared chambers, and consulted with your handmaiden to see if she’d heard any news from the capital. Nothing, which was hardly a surprise. You were supposed to be here for safety, according to Tommen. Too many ravens addressed to Lady Baratheon go flying off and people would begin to ask questions. Your safety. If only he knew.

Knowing Euron would be waiting, you headed to your new living area. It was at least three times the size of yours and the war council room sat just off your now shared chambers, connected to the main room via an archway. It had previously been an empty room, but upon being crowned King of the Iron Islands, Euron had had a large scale table and chairs placed there. A large map of Westeros lay unfurled in the centre.

When you entered Euron was sitting at the head of the table already.

“I have received a raven from your little brother,” Euron held the scroll up between his thumb and forefinger.
A part of you wondered why Tommen hadn’t replied to your raven.

“He says he has spoken with his trusted advisors and believes his sweet sister is best equipped to negotiate on his behalf,”

Euron continued to read from the scroll. “He says he is focusing himself on building the pillars of the Crown and the Faith and he will leave the alliances to his Uncle Jamie, Uncle Kevan and sister Y/N,” he laughed
“A King who can’t make his own decisions,” he pulled a face, his eyes wide “Sounds promising,”

You couldn’t contain your disgust at your brothers actions. “The Faith? An agreement with the militants who held our mother and his wife prisoner? He might as well have crowned the High Sparrow king,” you clenched your fists “They’ll be looking for me now to throw me in their cells. After all, I’ve committed several offences by their laws and now my brother is one of them,”

Euron threw the scroll on the table and came over to you and took your hands in his “Shhh, my love, They can try.” He spoke confidently “I’ll gut any man or woman who even dares come near you. I’ll hang every septon or priest who tries to take you off this island, you’re not going anywhere. You belong here now, with me.”

His grip loosened on your hands and he pulled you against his broad chest. “I’ll tell your brother that. Iron Islanders worship the Drowned God, not the Seven, the Faith have no authority here,” He kissed your hair. “If I see any ship that isn’t mine on the horizon, I’ll blow it of the water,”

You believed him. Had it been Euron on the throne, he’d had the High Sparrows head on a spike the second he’d began running his mouth off.

“House Tully have retaken the Riverlands,” Euron spoke after some time. He frowned, eyeing the scroll he’d thrown on the great table, still holding you against him protectively with both arms. He used his fingers to push your chin up and capture your lips in a kiss.

You smiled into his kiss. You were surprised Frey’s bastard sons had held it for this long. It wasn’t the worst thing to hear, if they could lose it to a few hundred Tully foot soldiers they’d lose it to the Ironborn in hours.
“Then my uncles army will take it back for the old man. Frey can’t hold it without the support of the crown which he won’t have when the time comes for you to take it, don’t worry, my love,” you freed yourself from his arms and moved to massages his shoulders “you’ll have Riverrun and the Twins,” you pecked at his neck. “My King of Salt and Rock,” you continued small kisses across his shoulders.

“I’ve spent nights dreaming of you with a golden crown, me as your King beside you, wearing my own crown,” Euron cleared the map off, with a swipe of his arm and lifted you up to sit you on the table, and pushed your skirts up. “And days planning for it,”.
He kissed down your neck and between your breasts, pulling at the clasps to undo your dress.
“We’d rule side by side. I could take castles for you… I’ll plant the Iron Fleet around the city, cut off shipping transport of goods…we’ll have all the food, all the ships and all the land and if we got bored, I’d take you on trips across the seas and raid towns and cities,” Euron murmured raggedly, as his kisses reached your hips.
He kissed from one side across to the other and back, his teeth leaving small indents. Your hand moved from his neck to his hair and you tugged at him in frustration. You could feel Euron smirk as he moved his attention to your thighs, kissing a trail up the inside.

“I’d bring you pretty jewels and velvets to dress you in and silks to tear off you and furs to fuck you on. Anything for my love,” he spoke, his facial hair scraping at the most sensitive area of your inner thigh.

He could set you off with words and his voice alone and how tauntingly close he was to you.
You took his face in your hands “I need you to fuck me now, Euron, ”

He tipped your body back to lie against the table and hooked your legs over his shoulders.

“Not yet.” Euron insisted.

He hesitated, teasingly for a moment before pressing his tongue ever so slightly against your opening, working his way up and down the damp folds, pressing his tongue deeper into you each time. You shuddered into him, biting your lip to stop you from screaming, as he worked you with his whole mouth, licking the wetness pulsating from you.

Euron moved his tongue in a smooth motion to your clit and began sucking, making you keen against him. He moaned into you and the sounds from his throat against you set your core throbbing. You could see stars behind your eyes and felt the world glaze over. He placed two fingers at your entrance and pushed them into you firmly, bending them to stroke you inside.

Your thighs held him against you.

“Please, Euron,” you mouthed unsure if he could hear you, you could barely gasp your words out, struggling to catch breath as his lips and tongue ran over your dampening sweet spot again and again and his fingers worked you inside, you trailed off.

Euron paused for a moment untangling himself from you and you cursed him for teasing you so close.

He grinned. “Patience, my love” He slid you down from the table, then turned you around so your stomach was against it, your arms resting on the top.

He positioned himself against you and you pushed back on to him with longing, and he thrust inside of you, almost completely withdrawing then burying himself quickly, making you cry out.
“You’re so wet, my Queen,” you heard Euron sigh out. “All for me,”
The different angle meaning Euron was able to hit new sweet places and you pushed yourself back on him, clenching yourself even tighter around him deliberately and could feel him grow harder inside you.

He let the feeling of your wet core take him over and he fucked you harder, claiming you wholly, encouraged by the ragged moans ripping from you. As he drew close to his finish, he gripped your hip, and held himself deep inside for better anchorage as he came into you with a rumbling groan. His other hand reached around to your front to tease at your clit and send you over the edge.

Euron picked you up in his arms and carried you through to the large bed, placing you down beside him and wrapping you in the furs tenderly.
You lay together facing each other for a few moments, . The way he was post-sex was always such a contrast to the rough, harder, faster, passionate fucking you two enjoyed.

“I’m in love with you,” he broke the quiet. You were often used to Euron speaking out of the blue or saying something so inexplicable, you’d have to make sure you’d heard him correctly.
If I’d hadn’t been for the look in his eyes, and You could feel his heart beat as you lay a hand on his chest. Euron was confident, charming and smart. Yes, he could be wicked or cruel, although never to you. You loved him with every burning part of you. And you knew he meant what he’d said.
And I love you, Euron Greyjoy,“.
Euron smiled "I want to marry you,” he kissed you so softly as if you were breakable. “As soon as we can, Y/N, I want my Queen beside me always,” You didn’t say anything for a moment, letting his words sink in. You traced the fingers of your other hand along his jaw.
“I’d like that a lot,”