you wear a crown but youre no king

Love yourself girl or nobody will. You cant love nobody else until you know how love feels. You want to make someone happy to forget how you feel? You want to provide for a man … . . but do you have enough to help you? You want to show him what’s real but you cant be true to you? Now do that sound right? Settle down and think for a while. Cater to yourself and you’ll figure it out. The world revolves around you because you are a queen. As a Queen you have to wear your crown right never let it slip keep it on tight. Once a boy see a Queen without her crown he takes advantage. Queens are attracted to Kings and Kings are attracted to Queens not jesters. Jesters are only needed for a Kings amusement for a quick second.  

Dating T’Challa would include...

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  • Being called “queen/king” by him
  • T’Challa kissing your hand like a lot
  • Him spending the night on your house and saying “I’m a king” (he’s joking, of course) whenever you ask him to do something
  • “Babe, it’s your time to wash the dishes”
  • “Are you kidding me? I’m a freaking king, (Y/N)”
  • He washes the dishes anyway
  • Dora Milaje being your best friend on Wakanda, since you two care so much about T’Challa
  • Him letting you wear his crown sometimes
  • “You’re my servant now”, you joke
  • “As you wish, your highness”
  • Long and passionate kisses
  • I mean, seriously, he can’t get enough of your lips and when he has to say goodbye to you, he will give you at least 3 long kisses before actually leaving
  • Slow make out sessions just because he’s a fucking teaser
  • Intense and passionate sex, because T’Challa is the type of guy who makes love to his S.O slowly, making them feel every single damn thing
  • T’Challa loving you unconditionally
  • Him crying on your lap when he’s feeling sad or missing his father
  • You being the reason why he didn’t gave up on everything
  • Wakanda’s nation loving you
  • Daydreaming with him about having kids and about how he’s gonna be a good father
  • Him saying “I love you” to you on his native language
  • Having african nicknames for you
  • T’Challa definitely putting a ring on your finger

Yesterday was l'épiphanie, the day the French eat la galette des rois.

The tradition is that the youngest guest goes under the table and chooses who will eat which piece of the galette.

There is a small porcelain trinket called la fève (because it was originally a fava bean) in the cake and the person who finds it is the king or queen and can wear a very becoming cardboard crown 👑

Even though l'épiphanie is originally a religious celebration, the galette is a tradition for everybody in France, regardless of their religious beliefs because, well, it’s a good excuse to eat a very rich cake with your friends, family, colleagues…

Do you celebrate l'épiphanie in your country and if so, how?

IgnisxReader fanfic chapter 2

Hello all! Here is chapter 2 of my IgnisxReader fanfic! I loved writing this and I hope you love reading it. This chapter might have a little Nyx X Reader in it ;) ❤my work is still in need of a title if you think of something please help me out.
Also here’s a link to chapter 1


You ran up the steps up the Kingsglaive headquarters, you’re heart pounding as you opened the massive ornate doors.
Titus stood waiting for you in the main lobby, he looked stern as always but you saw a flicker of anger in his eyes.
“What’s going on?” You said as you caught your breathe
“The king has announced a peace treaty with the empire” Titus began to brief you as he walked with you down a corridor
“The king will resign all territories of Lucis to the Empire, except for the Crown City” his words wear heavy and made your heart sink “and that the prince, Noctis, be wed to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, princess of Tenebrae”
All you could do was nod your head sharply as you opened the door to the briefing room
You walked in hands behind your back straight as a board as you stood in front of the Kingsglaive. The air in the room was tense and everyone wore a snarl or frown as they stood at attention all staring forward.
“At ease Glaive” you sternly said as you relaxed your own stance
All at once the room burst into shouts and exclamations of anger and questioning.
“Commander did you know about this!?” Libertus shouted
“You still need to be respectful” Titus yelled in all the Glaives direction
“I was not aware” you said with a frown
“Uhuh sure your buddy buddy with the king” another Glaive said crossing his arms anger dripping from his words like venom
“I am not the enemy nor is the king!” You shouted tired of the sudden disrespect
The Glaive all paused in silence and backed down
“I am sorry to hear that your-” you paused “that our home lands have been affected in this treaty, but do not get angry with myself or the ones who run this city” you looked around at the whole room “this is hard news to bare after all we have been through for this war,” you paused and sighed “and for all that our fallen sisters and brothers have sacrificed” everyone shifted and some motioned their arms over their hearts “but nothing we did was in vain, I promise you that” a few of the Glaive scoffed and rolled their eyes
“That. Is. Enough” Titus said walking forward intimidatingly, everyone straightened up and stared ahead
You shook your head and knew whatever you said wouldn’t help at this moment, they wanted to be angry.
“I trust in the King and his decisions, he doesn’t take this decision lightly, he only does what he must, I have faith in his choice” you reassured the Glaive, knowing well that they disagreed, but you still had a job to do.
“Captain” you turned to Titus “the floor is yours” you said as you took a step back
“Crowe” he motioned his head to a young lady with black hair “orders” he began to speak but you were dazing out, thinking of the treaty and how you had been blindsided by the news, and how deeply you felt for your Glaive.
“Break” Titus finished as he turned and faced you awaiting direction
“You’re free to go” you said with a wave of your hand, “you know what must be done” you finished and he saluted you and turned on his heel and walked out of the room
“You alright?” Nyx, a hero of the Glaive and one of your best trusted soldiers came over to you and put his hand on your shoulder
“I should be asking you all that” you said resting your hand on his shoulder in reply
“Well some of us won’t forget that your homes out there too” he said shaking his head. He honestly cared for you.
You tried to smile at him, you appreciated that he thought about you and remembered that you’re a human with emotions too.
You knew you were staring into his beautiful eyes for to long, he was so damn handsome, and broke the embrace and turned to face other members of the Glaive who had many questions or wanted their superiors words of wisdom.
You felt your phone going off in your pocket and excused yourself from the room.
“Hey wanna go get a drink?” Nyx said with a charming smile, as he followed you out of the room, you pulled your phone from your pocket and glanced at the screen
“Yeah that sounds nice, I’ll meet you there” you said turning away bringing your phone to your face
Nyx, Libertus, and Crowe walked in the other direction
“You gotta stop hitting on the Commander” Crowe said with a slight frown “you’re just gonna be disappointed”
“Do you blame him though!?” Libertus mused with a laugh
“No idea what your talking about” Nyx smirked “and be respectful Libertus” he teased
The gang walked to the bar trying to make jokes but their hearts heavy with the days news
“Hello lovely” you answered your phone trying to hide your pain
“You can’t fool me” his voice soft and caring
“Oh Ignis…” you didn’t know what to say
“I’m sorry to hear the news for you and your Glaive” he began to say his word dripping with sweetness
“Oh it’s life” you sighed as you walked to your office
“I want to see you” Ignis said abruptly his words almost desperate
“I want to see you too, always” you said a blush on your cheeks, opening the door to your office and turning on the light
“Tonight meet us at Noct’s apartment” he said, he sounded somewhat off
“Yeah sure thing, I promised my Glaive I’d go have a few drinks with them, then I’ll head your way” you sat down at your desk
“Ah I see, it’ll be good morale for them to have you there” Ignis said
“Yeah I thought so, but I’ll make sure to be at Noct’s place” you reassured Ignis who sounded slightly worried
“Are you ok?” You asked
“Yes I’m fine, just please be safe” Ignis said shortly “I’m sorry, I must go now, I have a meeting”
“Ok I will be, you too” you said
You set your phone down on the desk and laid your head down in your hands with a heavy sigh. You looked up and forced yourself to finish your days reports and work. After finishing your work you pulled an extra set of normal clothes from the cabinet and changed from your Kingsglaive uniform into a pair of tight jeans, and a black v neck shirt and a pair of heeled boots. You didn’t want to drink in the Glaive uniform, you knew whenever you wore the uniform you were always representing the Glaive.
You locked up your office and headed out of the headquarters in the direction of the Glaives favorite bar.
You walked into the bar and out onto the patio outside and saw members of the Glaive sitting at a few of tables.
The Glaive all saw you and raised a glass for you
“To our fearless leader” they all cheered
You smiled and was incredibly happy to see them in a somewhat better mood, thanks to the booze.
Nyx waved you down having saved you a spot on the bench next to him. You walked over and sat yourself down next to him. His cheeks were slightly red from all the drinks, he threw his arm over your shoulder and swayed side to side a little.
“If it isn’t my favorite woman” he snickered
“Is that so” you laughed
“Yeah and you need a drink” he mumbled and waved down the overwhelmed waitress
She brought you over a drink and you took a long hearty chug of it, feeling the warmth wash over you.
The Glaive was having a good time and trying to drown out their sorrows and forget what bad they had been handed. You loved that in moments like this the Glaive treated you not as a commander but as a sister among them, but knew when to give you the respect you deserved.
“How late are we graced with your presence tonight” Crowe smiled at you raising her glass
“Oh an hour or so” you replied back taking another drink
“That’s it!?” Nyx was genuinely disgruntled
“Yes I had prior obligations” you shoved his arm
“Tell them no. You’re mine tonight” he smirked at you
You just raised an eyebrow, Nyx was trying real hard with you tonight.
“Please just slap him” Crowe said behind her mug rolling her eyes
“Yes…please do” Nyx purred with a smirk
You just laughed and leaned over to talk to Crowe. You smiled to yourself as you looked around as everyone teased each other and talked
You pulled out your phone and saw a text from Ignis
“What time will you be over?”
“Next hour or so” you replied to him
“That your boyfriend” Nyx leaned over his lips awfully close to your ear
“Oh no no no” you said with a blush, his breathe was tickling your neck and he mumbled a seductive “good”
“Git off” Libertus slurred as he grabbed Nyx and pulled him away trying to save you
“He loses all idea of personal space when he’s drunk” Libertus said slurring his words and taking another drink his arm wrapped around Nyx
Nyx was just eyeing you as he took another drink from his glass, he made it a point to seductively lick his lips. You shifted away with a smirk at him to have another conversation with a member of the Glaive sitting at the table next to you.
You were having a great time and didn’t want to leave, the Glaive made you feel at home, but Ignis’ voice was at the back of your mind how he needed to see you.
You had been there for a few hours and drank more then you meant too, you stood up and steadied yourself on the table as you stepped over the bench. You felt a strong hand grab your wrist
“Don’t go” Nyx smiled at you
“I have too” you smirked back at him
“Common I’ll make it worth your while” he started to stand up
You laughed and pushed down on his shoulders to make him sit and you leaned down and whispered in his ear
“Not this time handsome” your breathe heavy, sending chills down his spine.
“See ya guys, be safe” you walked away with a wave
All the Glaive waved and yelled goodbye and a few tried to stop you from leaving and one even passed you another drink that you had to sadly decline.
You walked the empty streets towards Noctis’ apartment, it was a bit of a walk, hopefully enough to help you sober up a bit. The cool evening air hitting your hot face. You pulled out your phone and opening the screen
“On the way” you sent to Ignis
You opened a text from Nyx
“Let me no if u arnern busy later?” He had sent with a bunch of drunken typos
You just smiled to yourself this man was gonna kill you.
“Thirsty much?” You replied back
“Nah, just let me know if you wanna get together tonight or whenfbfr”
“Maybe ;)”
You put your phone away shaking your head at the thought of Nyx acting so desperate, he’d hit on you before but never outright said he wanted to get together, though once you were very close to it. Maybe with the news from the day he was trying to drown out all the anger and have as much fun as possible, and you were A ok with it at the moment, the drinks blurring your thought process, the thought of drowning your worries in the scent and feel of his skin becoming more and more appealing. A thought you put on the back burner.
You walked for a while before hitting a nicer part of the city and ending up at a rather large apartment complex. You pulled out a key card and swiped it gaining entry, you stumbled up the stairs, not as sober as you wanted to be.
You walked up to a door and knocked a few times on it. The door opened and you almost fell in the room from leaning on the door frame and not expecting the door to open so quickly.
Strong arms caught you mid fall and brought you up to standing again, the hands not leaving your shoulders.
“You should have had me come get you” Ignis’ voice was stern but his eyes soft and with a hint of worry
“I’m fine I promise” you said with a slight yawn
“You smell like booze” Gladio said as you walked by using Ignis’ arm to help you over to the couch
“Thanks it’s a new perfume,” you smiled at Gladio “it’s called shame”
He gave a hearty laugh and rolled his eyes at you. Ignis sat you down on the couch next and left to the kitchen returning with a glass of water for you and then he sat down next to you. Prompto was sitting on the floor using the coffee table to rest his arms on, and Noctis was sitting in a recliner chair playing on his phone.
“How are you holding up?” Ignis said resting his hand on yours, slightly stroking your thumb with his own.
“I’m fine” you lied as you looked away towards the wall, your vision still kind of blurry.
“I’m sorry” Noctis said seriously setting his phone down
You just looked at him and nodded, afraid that if you spoke your voice would fail you. Everyone sat in silence for a few moments feeling tense.
“You know it’s not like I’m that upset over my home,” you began to say with a chuckle “I haven’t been there in 15 years, I was raised here and I suppose this feels like my home even though I know it won’t be” you shrugged your shoulders, all the boys looking at you with sadness on their faces
“So you think I’ll get shipped back to my home with the rest of the Glaive?” You looked down at the floor
“What no!?” Prompto exclaimed looking at Ignis for an answer
“I highly doubt it, you were brought here long before the need of the Kingsglaive” he was still holding your hand “you have a higher purpose” he finished trying to sound reassuring
“Yeah and my Glaive have used theirs” you scoffed, your anger beginning to show. “They’ve overstayed their welcome”
“Not true” Gladio said with a frown “the Glaive has been the reason we’ve done so well in the war, and all thanks to you”
You sighed and shook your head, you were done talking about this.
“Well we have some news of our own” Ignis began to say wanting to change the subject, the others shifted uncomfortably in their seats
“Yes?…” you said worriedly
“The king is sending Noct away to Altissia to meet in secret with Lady Lunafreya to be wed” Ignis began saying and you remebered reading a report about Crowe going to retrieve and escort Lady Lunafreya in secret to Altissia.
“So your all leaving?” You asked understanding why they all seemed so uncomfortable and sad
“Yes we are to escort the prince safely” Ignis finished as he pushed up his glasses
“Alright” was all you could muster to say. Could your day get worse?
“We depart in the morning” Ignis said squeezing your hand tighter
“I’ll see you all off then” you remembered reading that you needed to be in the throne room on duty in the morning to meet with the king “I’m on duty in the throne room” you sighed “hopefully without a hangover” you tried to laugh but it sounded foreign in your throat
“Can’t you go with us?” Prompto asked as he leaned up against the couch
“I do whatever the king asks of me, and right now I’m sure I am needed here to protect him and the city during the signing”
“After maybe? I mean you can’t miss Noct’s wedding” Prompto continued on
“Possibly” you tried to smile at the thought of a wedding. Attending one for a best friend would be amazing and knowing that you would probably never get married.
“I’ll let my dad know I want you there” Noctis said trying to help cheer you up
“Thanks but again I have a big job here, we shall see” you shrugged your shoulders and pulled your hand away from Ignis.
This news added to your already broken heart. Who knew when you were going to see these boys again? It could be a short time or a long time, you weren’t sure but didn’t want them to be that far away from you, nonetheless. They meant the world to you and you wanted to go with them and protect them. You never cried, you honestly couldn’t remember the last time you had. Your line of work made you a hardass, but in this moment you felt your eyes brimming with tears. You felt sick to your stomach.
“A moment” Ignis stood up and offered you his hand, you grabbed it thankful that he was going to let you cry away from the others
He led you out onto the balcony by the hand, you were angrily wiping your eyes, smeering your perfect makeup.
You turned to face him, gaining control of your emotions.
“I’m here for you if you need anything” he raised his hand to wipe away a tear
“I’ll be fine, I just wonder who’s going to take care of you” you said with a smile
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine” he reassured you with a sweet smile
You let the cool air hit your warm face and you took a few deep breathes. Ignis was letting you take all the time you needed. You sighed heavily and looked at his face searching his eyes.
“I worry about you, please be safe, I fear it’s about to get even harder” Ignis said his smile faltering
“I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl I got this” you smiled trying to make Ignis feel better, you absolutely hated seeing him down.
“You better text me whenever you can and call me every night” you said going in to give him a hug, his strong arms wrapping around you giving you a tight hug.
“I promise” he said smiling
You two walked back inside and the others were having a lively conversation at Noctis’ expense.
“You gotta know how to treat a lady right” Gladio was explaining to Noctis, Prompto was rolling with laughter on the floor
“We should all be heading to bed” Ignis said in a parental tone
“But it’s our last night here” Prompto said in shock
“Yeah we need to have time with our lady in shining armor” Gladio teased
You smiled but your head was swimming from the days news and from all the drinks earlier, you went to lay down on the couch
“Just a little longer Iggy” you smirked and winked at Ignis who came to sit in the chair nearest the couch
“As you wish” he said “but don’t come complaining to me when your all tired tomorrow” he smirked knowing well that the night was far from over and didn’t want it to be.

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wickedzilla  asked:

How would the Horsemen, Azreal, and Samael react to flower crowns being put on them? 🌷

Death: He’s so accustomed to your odd human behaviour that he just lets it happen. In his opinion, flower crowns are far from the worst thing you’ve adorned him with.

War: >:( He’s not happy. He couldn’t be further from happy about it. But seeing you happy with his new flower crown, War can only grumble and snarl, keeping it on but being spiteful about it.

Strife: “Does this make me a king? Because I’m only wearing it if it automatically elevates me to regal status.” Shows it off proudly and asks everyone if they’re jealous that he has a sick flower crown and they don’t. 

Fury: She loves it, marvelling at how much effort you’ve put into making it. She’s so thrilled to be involved in a part of this strange, but delightful human ritual. She’ll keep the flower crown until it wilts. 

Azrael: “For me?” He’s pleased as punch that you’ve made him this wonderful gift, adorning it immediately and looking at himself in a mirror. The angel’s wings flutter elatedly and he thanks you repeatedly. 

Samael: Ah, no. Sorry. You managed to toss it over one of his enormous horns but he plucked it off and dropped it onto your head instead. “You made it, you wear it.” He growls warningly. He’s the Prince of Hell for goodness sake. Not a vase. 

29. Gilgamesh, Ozymandias

Request: Making flower crowns with the Master

Requested anonymously! Thank you for the request!


The King of Heroes eyed the circlet in your hands with contempt. Ignoring him as best as you could, your hand reached for the basket of fresh flowers that you and Jeanne had picked earlier today. Though ephemeral, you felt that just placing them on the table in a glass of water would be too much of a waste of their beauty, and so you thought of making flower crowns out of them for some willing Servants to wear instead.

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Word Count : 2,155

“Ada!” You called out while you ran through the crowd, wearing a beautiful blue dress. It was your 18th birthday and your adopted father threw you a great party. Your birthday being exactly the day of the feast of the starlight made it even grander.

Yes.  Adopted. You knew you are adopted. You know you are a human while they are elves. Thranduil had found you 18 years ago within the forest, crying and calling out to the parents who abandoned you. You piqued his interest, even more when Tauriel picked you up, gave you to the King and you instantly stopped crying and started reaching at his crown while giggling.

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all the kings and queens are dead
and all the stars are falling cold and black
and all the earth is freezing and burning and drowning
and all the sunlight is fraying on the far horizon
and all of man is screaming its last dying breath

oh, but my love, 
you wear their crowns piled high on your brow
you glow with all the stardust you swallowed
you calm the earth with your twilight breath
you burn like a nebula birthing a virgin sun
you tremble with the voice of a newborn era

—  you are the apocalypse and i am your herald ( j.p. )

they say that goddesses have white teeth forged from marble and they hold onto nothing but threads of human eyelashes to know the length of mundane existence but

i’ve felt your breath leave your mouth and powder my face and you turned in my smoke curtain and billowed upwards reaching for trees and god before i snatched you down

how beautiful was that end? some poetic nothing where i loved you all as much as something otherworldly and you said i existed by myself at some single blight in the universe.

you told me i was a dying flower stem because my petals had already left me. i engulfed myself into the tundras in your eyes and laid down in a coffin of thorns and my blood made your land fertile.

my head is a crown of love and sadness and never seemed to be less than the lyrics ive woven into invisibility and my breasts wear it pretty. the harps screech under my feet, the singing of ravens and lost kings thrones. 

i’ve kissed princesses and laid princes under dirt and their tongues sprouted fruit that pulsated the earth and zeus and the trees and the babies wear wreaths of twigs and the skulls of rats for accoutrements. my hands are down and the night’s eyes watch me with every step i take.

—  persephone’s monologue

Requested by Anonymous

Could you write a reader x crowley? except instead of reader always wearing dark clothing and stuff it’s all pastel and flower crowns and stuff? and the boys are confused because you’d think the king of hell would date someone with a darker fashion sense??

Word Count: 600+ words

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“Every king wishes he could wear his crown as proudly as you do yours.”
Warriors Pallet Challenge: Day 1- Favorite Cat
tbh it was really close between him and breezepelt but Crookedstar as a character has always been very relatable to me on a personal level.


“That did not bring her back.” Robert looked away, off into the grey distance. “The gods be damned. It was a hollow victory they gave me. A crown … it was the girl I prayed them for. Your sister, safe … and mine again, as she was meant to be. I ask you, Ned, what good is it to wear a crown? The gods mock the prayers of kings and cowherds alike.”

Imagine being a human in Mirkwood and constantly playing pranks on Thranduil. Though he will never admit it he has taken a liking to you and your childish pranks.

For topsyturvy-dream :)


Several brightly coloured flowers poked out from their temporary place in your mouth as you worked on your masterpiece of a prank.

 Kneeling on the floor of the King’s chambers, his crown resting on your lap, you were gluing the most elaborate flowers you could find to the headpiece. You laughed quietly as you worked imagining Thranduil wearing the flowered crown and sparing a glance at the door every now and then to make sure no one was coming.

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Bleak Wisdom To Ignore

…and this time, I will live; I will build and make these dreams
Come to life and be real; sew together these broken wings
That is needed to fly on high and when I plunge to not scream
Now knowing, what climbs also dives; keep hoping things
Will taper off; reach an even keel, but then why try or bother
Life is made, through our losses, the dark reveals the light
Remember as you get closer to the sun it will burn hotter
Heavy is the head that wears the crown; a never ending fight

Don’t believe, wait and see; someday the world’s weight will be on your shoulder
Its burden will weary and then you’ll see clearly; this wisdom comes as you get older

Great power, comes with a price, the responsibility to do what is just
A king of any ring, must defend his title; even from those he trusts
A sour taste akin to vinegar, when those wrong doings bubble bust
When friends and kinsmen desire to reign as you do; beginning to lust
For what is yours, that you gained, yourself through impure ways
Everything comes full circle; tomorrow always comes from yesterdays
The only certainty is the uncertainty that will plague all you ever feel
Because you know, all good things must come to an end; this is life’s deal

Don’t believe, watch and learn; the tallest buildings burn and crumble in history’s pages
Nothing lasts forever, so never think otherwise; the wise have seen this through the ages

…and this time, I will live; I will build and make these dreams come true
Then when the time comes, I will watch as this world tears them down too
This cycle never ending, but forget breaking or bending; I’ll stand and fight
Even though I know this bullshit is right; Again and again I’ll stand to fight

Still don’t believe, good, please keep up the fight; it’s your lease on life, so go out and live it
Just keep in mind sometimes you will find what was said here is true; so try not to be livid
Ignorance is bliss, what I know, I know I have no chance to ever let it go and forget
Sweet ignorance, what bliss, the things I have learned I wish I could forget every last bit of it

Series: In-Lighting-Mint
Artist: Artist X (Justin Roman Cain)


Happy Birthday Baby Boy…
Keep those eyes low
Keep spending your money on them drugs
Keep us groupie bitches in love 😂
Keep fucking with nobody
Stay on another level
Keep riding with your driver
We wouldn’t want it to be different
You got it babe
Kick back, roll up, vibe out
Never another sober night
You don’t need to go back
Pull up in that brand new
Stay high like that
It ain’t nothing to a king, that’s why you wear a crown
We see the signs that you’re the realest
Use the money to pay for things that make you happy
There’s no time to sit around
Only to say you ain’t got it,
You’re the best in the nighttime
And trust me Nate, it’s real now
You’re on fire,
They better watch out,
Cause it’s about to go down.