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"watch your step"

-  Y/N needs to sneak Justin into her house.

Here’s what really excites me - Imagine your boyfriend of 3 blissful months coming up to your room late at night nearly every day to see your face when you need him, great right? Well if Justin wants our relationship to stay that he should hurry his ass up. After playing some rounds of on my IPhone and checking any Instagram updates from time to time small taps on the window could be heard.

“Justin?” I muttered, searching the area of the window view keeping a close eye of any sign of movement or code signs Justin and I do whenever privately meeting him. “Y/N I’m down here” replied the not so foreign voice behind the trees near the hammock when lit highlighted Justin’s best side allowing to look as flawless and breath-taking that he is. “Are you going to let me in or carry on staring at this sexy face?” Shouted Justin allowing me to break my short trance. Placing my thumbs in a thumbs up position signalled Justin that I was ready and on the process of going downstairs through the dining room to open the doors.

Placing the duvet over my body I was ready to finally go downstairs to get Justin in the house without my parents or siblings finding out. The floors were cold and creaky challenging me to make as little sound as possible after all mom/mum was a light sleeper. “Justin come” I sneered

“"Damn ma why so rude?” laughed Justin walking into the house shortly before locking the door behind him and interlinking our fingers together; leading him to my room finishing our plan #2. Slowly walking foot by foot on the stairs Justin’s foot stepped onto the creakiest side of the stars, “watch your step dumbass, you gon’ wake my mama and dad up” I retorted earning me slap on the ass from Justin which he always did especially at around this time because he can’t keep his boy feelings to himself, he’s worse than a male 14-year-old. “Y/S/N is that you” Mumbled dad sleepily walking to the toilet in the mists of his late night pee sessions, This can’t be happening I thought as I did the only rational thing that would work and get him out of my case, Mimic Y/S/N’s voice, “Yeh, I just needed a drink of water”

“Right Just don’t leave those bottles in your room”

“Ok daddy” Dad never takes a quick piss and leave, knowing this before 3 minutes is the best time to wait which Justin knew from the time that we were nearly caught; months prior to now me and Justin were getting ready to sneak out for one of his “road trips” up until we were so close to getting caught after 1. Not responding when dad called my name and 2. Not going to the front door. After learning from that mistake I was not a natural pro at sneaking in and out of the house without my parents finding out. Entering the bedroom, Justin’s first instinct was dimming the lights and resting himself onto my bed. “Staying over yes or no?” I asked while changing into my Calvins and joining him on the bed and playing family Guy on the TV. “You already know the answer but I will be here all night so get ready to see this face when you wake up” he snickered removing his top revealing his tanned body and snuggling into the covers enjoying spending time with his favourite girl.

A/N: this is such a short story

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I am very close to my family, but because of my job, I live across the country from them. It's incredibly difficult, and I've been living away from them for about five years now. I haven't seen my sister in four months and the distance really hurts. How can you cope with long distance family relationships?

I feel you. I’ve lived away from my family for over 10 years now. I visit when I can, but it doesn’t help the days when I want to hear my parents laugh or see my sister do a little weird dance. 

FaceTime/Skype/Google video chat all helps, so you can actually see each other. Something my husband and I do if we’re far away from each other for a while is watch TV shows together, i.e., we both cue up an episode of something with a FaceTime camera pointed at our faces so we don’t have to talk the whole time but we can still be together.

My family and I also do this dumb thing where we take photos of places we are or things we’re watching/doing and group text each other “Guess where I am?”. I also text about sandwiches I’ve eaten, or particularly hot days, or if I bought a new weird toy or piece of art. My sister will text the family and say “here’s what I’m doing today, what are you guys doing?” and we all respond. I just bought a candle for myself, one for my sister, and one for my parents, so we all can smell the same grapefruit smell at the same time. All that little stuff helps, because when you’re far away from someone, it’s not the big stuff that you can’t live without (and honestly, when you’re an adult, not too many HUGE things happen to you), it’s the little random moments and tiny funny stories that you really miss. 


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as you can see, I am very very very vERy wrecked for min yoongi in this photoshoot… the first pic is me thinking abt school next tuesday and the other pic is me after I studied SATs just now ;___;

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My sister said I can stay with her in Athens if I go to Walker Stalker Atlanta. I’d only go for two days or a day though if that’s the case. Any suggestions? Never been to a big con.

And I ain’t taking no photo ops or going anywhere near Norman because I’m going to look like a fucking dweeb with a pained look on my face most likely. He’s gonna be like “are you okay?” and I’m going to forget my name. Then I’ll feel shitty because I’ll remember the lady who bit him and I don’t want to be like her. Then I’ll tell myself to get a grip and act cool. Except, I won’t. Probably drool a little. Maybe black out. I might steal one of those golf carts and run away. So, no, I am not embarrassing myself. I will be fine if i can see his ass from across the room. At a safe distance. Where I can maintain my dignity.

Also, I hope they have corndogs. That is all.

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So you like parallel Fiddauthor, do you think PF and Ford could ever be happy together? Personally I don't but it's always possible right?

I love parallel Fiddauthor, but just like you, I don’t think they could be happy.

You want my version of this angst? Hope you like it cause i love it and needed an excuse to explain my version:

Okay first off, I like aro!Ford, 2nd, I like to think it was PF that would be the one to start a relationship cause the Ford from his dimension did not return his feelings but that Ford didn’t wanna lose his best friend to something as silly as feelings so friends they are still. In comes this older canon Ford who is more or less just excited to see a face he recognizes (you know after the whole restraining him) and PF just can’t.

So PF goes for it and canon Ford is thrown off by the whole thing, cause he really doesn’t love PF the same way PF does (not that PF could use the word love either but that’s different) but it’s Fidds. And Ford feels like he did Fidds so wrong from his own dimension and he is just so heartbroken over it that he lets PF do whatever he wants. Ford wants to try and make right and he does love Fidds just not in the way he feels the man deserves.

They both know it’s not the same but it fills some of the void.


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13, Kylo please!

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Kylo was staring at a wall, his mind was racing faster than ever. You walked into the room, looking at your loved one, realizing that he was crying. Quickly, you made your way to his bed at that room on the medical station of the First Order’s base.

“Babe?”, you called him. Kylo’s gaze was on you now, enjoying every single detail of your face. You never looked more like an angel to him.

Run away with me.


“(Y/N), run away with me! We can go anywhere you want. We can live in peace, we can do whatever you want. But, please, my love, I can’t stay here…”

His hands gripped your thigh, in a quiet beg. You then held his face, being careful to not touch the big and fresh wound he was carrying in his right cheek. It was painful to see him like that. It was even more painful to know why he was asking you that.

“We can’t, Kylo. We can’t and we won’t.”

“But I-”

“No! You’re stronger than you think, I know that, you know that! It doesn’t matter what happened, it doesn’t matter if Snoke thinks that you’re a coward or weak right now, you have more to prove from now on. Not to them, but to yourself. I know the truth, I know your power maybe even better than you do, because I feel it. I feel it inside you, babe, and it’s big. Bigger than you think.”

Kylo started to cry again. He never felt so weak and dumb in his life, for losing a battle to a traitor and his so powerful friend; for crying in front of you like a little child; for knowing that he was a disappointment to Snoke and, especially, to his grandfather.

“You will have your moment, Kylo, I promise you. You’ll win this, and I’ll be right there beside you, watching while you prove to every one that you’re just as powerful as your grandfather!”

He hugged you, carefully - his face was hurting yet. He believed you.

1,000 Followers Celebration!

Hey guys! A little announcement, we’re getting close to 1,000 followers! We’re currently at 944, which is honestly crazy to me. Like, god damn that’s a lot of people. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys.

Anyways, I want to do something for you guys to celebrate! I made a poll for you guys to vote for what you want me to do; you can vote here! The three options are:

A face reveal! Which I’m honestly nervous about, but if that’s what you guys want, I’ll totally do it!

An ask me anything! Basically you guys would just send me stuff you might want to know about me to my askbox, and I’d answer all of them!

Writing prompts! For this, you guys would send Wildehopps prompts to my askbox, and after a certain period of time, I would pick my favorite three and write! Each short story would be around 1,000-2,000 words, so nothing too crazy long, but I thought it’d be a fun option.

So yeah! You guys can vote at that link, and once I hit 1,000, I’ll let you guys know what won!

Again, thank you guys so much. I’m honestly still in disbelief. So thank you, each and every one of you.

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Ive seen your OCs on my dash a lot, and now I want to go back and see all of them! Like from the first post! How do you tag them? Or how should I find them? THANK YOU AND HAVE AN AMAZING DAY YOU TALENTED GOAT

Here’s the last page for my OC TAG ;w; You can start from there, this has all the comics, doodles, and drawn answers for them 

:’> Thaaank you 

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I was going to do this anonymously. I wanted these words to have no face or name behind them. I only found you through Reid Perry. But that isn’t the soul reason I like you. As I saw more, I wanted to see you as more than ‘Reid’s girlfriend’ as people I know by username only see you as _-_ You're helping me change my outlook on myself. I feel I can have quirks but still be beautiful, like you. You inspire me. Thank you. I hope you & Reid work out; you look so happy together. Keep being you <3

Thank you so much for your sweet words! I love that you’re seeing how beautiful you truly are, just the way you are. Keep radiating this kinda love onto the world, it needs a whole lot of you in it. 

‘I had a dream last night,’ he says.
He speaks like this: a hungry thing stalking,
each step a deliberation
every breath a gamble.
‘A big black maw,’ he says, ‘swallowed me up.
And crunched me up, ‘til I was dead.’
I ask him how it felt.
'It felt natural,’ he says.
'Sacred – you know? Like my bones were
hollow, and urgent; even monsters need
to eat.’

I want him to know:
at night I see my blood pool in his elbows
like spittle; red and spilt. The ice-pure
pane of his face, unblinking.
His mouth, open, thorny.

Maybe it’s like this:
a cold wind lifts the forest floor
and curled beneath are a million blind maws,
pink worms eating of earth, earth eating of rain,
rain eating of itself.

I want him to know:
I consume the monster, and he consumes me.
Our bones crunch; our tongues are damp.

I want him to know:
Even prey needs to eat.

—  ((cannibalism is a way of life)) 

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Mccree, Lucio, and Junkrat react to their S/O confessing their love please and thank you :3 ~

((My pleasure))


  • Seeing his s/o flustered and shy as they confessed would be literally the cutest thing to him.
  • But he’d be honestly surprised by the confession. Surprised and overjoyed.
  • He’d get really emotional as he’d pull his s/o into a tight hug
  • “I love ya’ too, darlin’” He’d mumble into their hair, and he’d never want to let them go.


  • The moment he’d hear his s/o confess, he’d practically tackle them in a tight hug.
  • His heart would swell and he’d pepper their face in kisses
  • He’d spend the rest of the night cuddling with them, probably listening to music or watching movies or whatever.


  • Junkrat is definitely new to this whole “love” thing. 
  • He’d be very nervous when it came to confessing, not really knowing much about relationships.
  • But when his s/o confessed all his nervousness would disappear and a wave of relief would wash over him
  • He’d pull them into a bear hug and nearly squeeze the air out of them. He’d just be so happy.

Here is a rough design I did of my oc, I have colored one but I’m not satisfied with it if you want to see it just ask… Tho I kinda like the design of her but u want to change something just I dunno, what do you think?
Oh also her main attack is kinda like a fire spead like mei’s but it cause more damage along the way like symmetra’s cause it’s freaking fire in your face

oooh, she looks awesome! :D i don’t think you should change anything, since i’m not really the one who should judge your OC.

i really don’t like the tumblr posts that are all ‘if you aren’t speaking up [on tumblr, right now] against them, you’re with them’ because… no.  like, there are multiple reasons you might not be speaking up *on your blog*.

  • you might not be aware of the issue/person/organization in question yet
  • you might not have a blog that fits that purpose (especially photo-only or personal-only blogs)
  • you might have another avenue where you do your activist work and tumblr is just ‘down time’

it is really frustrating to see such binary and aggressive thinking posted and reblogged so frequently on here.

i have many feelings and many beliefs, which i may share on here when the mood strikes.  i do not want to feel guilty when i flip idly through tumblr just because i do most of my activist work in face-to-face discussions and through public education.  i am not a bad person for not reblogging your post or sharing your links.


(I’m not on my computer so I can’t link it but if you see this and you want me to draw you then there’s a post that’ll be on my tumblr that you can rb so I draw you in this style, or hey! Even rb this with three colours and your selfie tag!)