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since you participated in the echo gaster project, may we see your part (if you want to of course) cuz the video flashed quite fast (not blaming it because it is to fit with the music) and I can only see a few of yours...P.S. i saw the credit *lenny face*





Here are my contributions! <3 Aster from Zephyrtale! (there are no chains for the necklace because they were on a completely different layer doc I apologize for that)

Also, me and @under-top made a collab for the credits sequence. She did the sketch, I fixed it a bit and lined/colored it! <3

They were shining and beautiful and theyre the beeeesttttt

I also helped her with the lining for her Undertop Gaster parts. Also, they have matching colors based on their necklaces they offered to each other <3

and heres Aster’s soul! :D

You see, it’s these kind of nights where I miss you most. The nights that are darker than the sky could ever be and the demons are clawing ferociously at my bones hoping I’ll cave in. The nights where there is yelling floating through hallways and closed doors and tears rushing down my sister’s innocent, sweet little face. The nights where I am not sure if I’ll live to see the sun again or hell, if I even want to. These nights, I want you the most. I notice your absence from my life the most. It’s these nights and these nights only where I am able to admit to myself that I do miss you, even though I shouldn’t. - I don’t know how to survive these nights without you.

Do you know what I want more than anything after Bernie gets back?

A hug.

Serena and Bernie enfolding each other in their arms and holding tight, pressing together, faces buried in the opposite’s shoulder.

They both need that comfort. & my poor little shipper heart will officially die upon seeing it, so I can die happy.

I admire you.

I admire the way you walk , the way you talk , how the golden hairs on your arms glisten with delight .
Seeing your face makes my heart flutter , I am feeling A warm embrace.
Only cold I get from you are from your finger tips .
I love how cold they get & I imagine them touching my spine aligning the curves within my back. How your hands grabbed my waste and we moved as one. Then your friend came to visit and it gave me chills.
In that moment I felt My soul exchange kisses with angels of the 3rd dimension. I felt my body get weak and in that moment I wanted you to love me . Concretely.

You’re a butterfly to me. So beautiful to see , yet so hard to catch and keep. I’d be the pores within your skin just to get a taste of where all that greatness stems .
I never know what to expect.
You keep me on edge & it’s exciting. I live for the thrill.

Sometimes I don’t think you like me as much as I like you. And I’m sorry if I like you too much .
but I don’t ask because I rather not know . I rather fall so in love with you blindly than willing know that I was a fool.
I know that I’m weird and maybe I’m too much , maybe the softness in my words don’t seem to register as such .

I’m not who has hurt you & you aren’t who has hurt me. I’d never treat you with harsh words and ill intentions. I’d never speak to you in a way that make you feel so small that rocks are the only things for shelter . I want to be who you come to when you’re sad . Who you come to when you’re happy .
I know you don’t know me on a level I would like you to but I just hope you know I admire you.

You possess a power no one else has over me . You get the side of me that’s vulnerable and weak. The side of me that’s scared and weary ..
you said you’d never Hurt me but to me hurt is only if I allow myself to feel .. and I feel a lot .

I admire you.
I often think about you inside me in ways that involve penetration. In ways that pierce my mind . I apologies for being so nervous when you touched me the other night
.. i thank you for not being to fast and for being understanding .
I needed you to know that it would be a while before I was comfortable..I’m kinda self conscious about my body because no one but myself has seen it and now we share that .

I wish I met you earlier in my life because I needed you earlier .. I needed someone to make me feel okay when I’m having a moment .
I needed someone to laugh at my jokes when they aren’t funny ..
I needed someone to like me for me .
I know that I’m not the prettiest girl. I know I’m not Halle berry or even at 10 , I know I’m just me and you can have anyone you want.

I know my body isn’t plump and I don’t have hips that stretch to the heavens or an ass that expands miles long . I know my chest aren’t easy to grab or even to find but unlike other guys you never make me feel as if I should be ashamed of that .

You’re so beautiful to me . I admire you when you don’t even think so . You’re so beautiful to me I always want to photograph you and video you because I love your voice and when you aren’t near I can replay them just to fall in deep all over again.

You’re so sweet.
A steel butterfly . All I ask is that you never leave me .
if you did I wouldn’t be upset, because you’ve made me so happy In a world that only hands me Bullshit and you’ve become a peace of mind .
A state of tranquility
A slow jazz rhythm to my heart beat .

Written by: Troy Nicole

Dedicated to: My love 🌹


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How the characters would act during and after a mid-day nap.

How cute~

Yoosung sometimes gets drowsy after a long day of school and gaming on LOLOL. You’d come over to see him face down on the keyboard, snoozing the afternoon away. He looks so cute when he sleeps, his eyes closed so peacefully, his breathing long and steady, his cheek squished over one eye. You’ll have a hard time waking him up because your conscience wants to watch him sleep a little longer. When he wakes up, his eyes sparkle from seeing you’re there. He’ll yawn and rub his eye with a smile, “Oh… Hey, (Y/n). Sorry, I must’ve dozed off… Alright, I’ll go to my bed. But… will you join me?”

Zen’s canon to be a night owl, so it’s not all surprising to catch him catching some beauty sleep in the middle of the day. You’ll probably find him asleep on the couch in his living room, his script open and laid on his face, his left arm drooping off the couch. You figure he wants to catch up on his sleep for his rehearsal tonight, so you carefully climb on top of him and nuzzle your head against his chest. To your surprise, he stirs to play with your hair. Half asleep, he mumbles “My princess… You’re so cute, haha..” before he continues to drift away in comatose.

Jaehee? Napping? That’s a first. The only time she’ll take a break is if she gets really exhausted and just passes out in the middle of doing work at her desk. You’d notice how beautiful she looks with her hair mangled and her glasses off, her plush lips taking in relaxed breaths. You worry she’ll get aches if she continues to sleep like that, so you encourage her to go to bed to nap, but she mumbles something like “I need to finish working”. You have to be firm in order to get her to finally comply, having her lie down on the bed and covering her with a duvet. “I really shouldn’t have fallen asleep… but then again, even I should relax once in a while. Thank you, (Y/n).”

Jumin manages to get Jaehee ticked off because he doesn’t show up to work and he misses an important meeting, so she asks you to get him there. You find him snoozing while sitting on the sofa, his arms crossed. His face is stoic like he spent time in a coffin, his head tilted slightly downwards. When you attempt to get him up, he grabs you by your wrist and pulls you towards his body, his back falling onto the sofa cushions. Before you can say anything, he silences you by nuzzling his face in your neck as you’re laying on top of him. “I’m aware I have business to attend to, but… I rather stay like this all day.” You better believe he called Jaehee to cancel all of his plans for the rest of the day and evening.

Seven pretty much sleeps during the day anyway, so this is nothing new. You come over to his place to see it being a total pigsty- empty Dr. Pepper cans and Honey Buddha Chips scattered everywhere. You don’t see his maid anywhere, so you go to his computer room to see him K.O’ed on his keyboard at his desk, snoring and drooling like no tomorrow. You shake his shoulder lightly to get him up and he scARES THE LIVING SHIT out of you by jolting with an outburst like “FOURTH WALL BREAKING”. As soon as he realizes you standing there, he’d quickly wipe the drool of his lip and chuckle sheepishly. “Hehe, It’s you, (Y/n). Don’t worry, ahaha! I’m going to bed. Only if you join me though~” He’ll lay with you and get comfortable in your arms, kissing your cheek before he gets comfortable. Right when you expect him to be sleeping, he whispers, “Hey (Y/n)? What do you call a sleepwalking nun? … A roamin Catholic. :D” “SAEYOUNG I SWEAR TO GLOB–”

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Oh! Do you headcannon that Tobirama has more red tattoos than the ones on his face, too? Because I can TOTALLY see that! It's a concept I've been wanting to play with for a while now and I'm so happy to see it with someone else! :D Also, Madara, get dat booty lol

My dear, you don’t know what Pandora’s box you have just opened. Because after @redhothollyberries had seen the drawing she went “you have ad headcanon for those? “ … not really?” “then WHY NOT …?” and here we are, those tattoo have an headcanon and is a long one, so get ready! (And say thanks to her because she wrote all of ours … ideas? Angsty brainstorming? In English, my “fancy” use of the language is going to stop here!)

Tobirama wasn’t always that OP. He was damn smart, but he wasn’t strong the way Hashirama was. He was quick, but weak when compared to his brother. Also, his albinism made him too sensitive to midday light and he was often sick.

When Hashirama discovered his mokuton, Tobirama felt left behind. He couldn’t help his brother, couldn’t protect him, if he couldn’t even keep up with him. So he started researching for way to make himself better. The stories said that the Uzumaki used fuinjutsu to change their bodies - why couldn’t he? He asked to be allowed to study with the Uzumaki, both he was denied - so he started studying on his own, making it up as it went.

The first thing he corrected were his eyes (the diagonal lines under each eyes), that neutralized his sunlight handicap. He was 13.

Next, he went about augmenting his speed and agility - the bands on his ankles and wrists. That fuinjutsu helped him channel his chakra in a more minute way than it naturally would. The bands around his ring fingers helped him control better his jutsu.

But he soon discovered they weren’t really effective: they were too chakra consuming. Those seals directed the chakra better, true, but they needed a lot and Tobirama didn’t have his brother’s reserves. So he came up with the spirals wrapping around his legs and arms (ankles, thighs, wrists and biceps): pieces of fuinjutsu that act like a battery, sapping at the chakra his body produce and storing it (the longer the spiral, the more chakra stored). With enough days of charge, he can have as much if not more chakra than his brother. This both supports his speed-enhancing seals and his suiton affinity.

Then, when he’s 15, he goes further. He’ s sick of being ill so often, so he creates a seal that fortifies his immune system, so that he won’t catch any more bugs (the seals on his chest and lower abdomen). Thing is, he doesn’t realize these new seals tap in the same chakra pathways the battery seals do. That means that when he’s off duty is immune system does work better - but when he releases the battery seals and floods his body with chakra, he overcharges the anti-illness seals and his immune system starts attacking his own body.

It takes months of usage before he realizes he’s ill - something he can’t cure because nobody realizes what’s happening. He suspects his seals to be the culprit, but he doesn’t know why or how. So he hides it - until he can’t hide it anymore and collapses. Touka and Hashirama are out of their minds with worry. They had never liked those seals.

Hashirama kidnaps Tobirama and runs to the Uzumaki. (@redhothollyberries is going to reblog this with a drabble, look out for it!)

There, he begs for them to save his brother. The Uzumaki are jealous of their medicine and fuinjutsu secrets, and would let Tobirama die - if it wasn’t for the daughter of the Clanhead, Mito, who isn’t about to let a boy die if she can help it. She’s cunning and smart, and persuades her father that it would be in their favour to have the Senju in their debt.

Hashirama agrees to whatever they might ask him, just please, save his brother. So the Senju ask for the Mokuton - they are a Clan of hotheads who want to make themselves better so of course they would be interested in it. They want to experiment on the Mokuton. Hashirama agrees on both giving them tissue samples and to taking an Uzumaki wife - with the catch that any mokuton child would be given to the Uzumaki.

Mito and the best of the clan save Tobirama, correcting the seals and adding the design going over the shoulders. In the meantime, Mito and Hashirama fall in love - later, Mito will persuade her father to marry her to Hashirama, and to make the treaty into a real alliance between the two clans.

When Mito eventually moves in with the Senju, she and Tobirama become best of friends. She teaches him what she knows of fuinjutsu, and helps him complete the set of seals: one on his back and around his neck to widen his chakra sensing range, and one on his chin to neutralize any poison.

And that, people, is how Tobirama becomes OP.

And some character reference! 

Ps: I asked for porn! But she was more interested on the “Fuuinjustu!” stuff *pout*


I’ve been waiting here for hours by the time the sun finally sets. my ass is numb and I’m almost positive Kit told Em I’m waiting here and that’s why she hasn’t come home yet. 

Not that I blame her for not wanting to see me but I cant go another minute without her. 

I just want to talk to her, hear about her day, I listen to her talk about anything, because I miss knowing this girl. 

I pull out my phone, looking at the time I tell myself if she’s not here in fifteen minutes I’ll leave. I pocket my phone and look up just as Em’s walking towards her front door. 

“What are you doing here?” She demands crossing her arms against her chest. 

“I know you probably don’t want to see me.” 

“You’re right I don’t.” 

I look at the ground instead of her angry face, I knew she wouldn’t be happy to see me but a part of me was hoping she wouldn’t turn me away. I don’t know what to say, I’m sure anything that leaves my mouth will sound like some kind of line. 

“I just.” I start but stop,the words trip over them self in my mind, tied up in knots just like the nerves in my stomach.”I just really wanted to see you and I dunno like talk. I miss talking to you,okay.” 

Her face softens and for a second i think she’s going to give in, instead she turns on her heel and I panic because I’m not ready for her to walk away from me again. 

“Please Em stop.” I grab her shoulder and she does. 

“Why should I Bentley?” 

That’s a good question, unfortunately the only answer I have shows just how selfish I really am. 

“Em I promise, I promise I’m not here to try and make you uncomfortable. Listen we don’t even have to go inside, we can talk out here but I need to see you.” 

She sighs and her whole body sags,”Fine follow me.” 


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HEY GANG So like if you know me you know I like writing fanfic. Generally for rarepairs and keeping to the background. But! I have been in so many fandoms I can’t count them! So I’m willing to write ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO For the right price~

Why??? Well I just. Really want to see some of my friends over the holidays this year. They’re all the way in Europe… But I really miss them, even though we’ve never gotten the chance to sit down irl. There’s a soft heartache under my ribs when I think about it day to day. I can’t describe the joy they’ve given me or just how much I need this chance to see them face to face. To sit down and breathe easy knowing they’re alive next to me. Just for a few days.

THIS MEANS I NEED A ROUND TRIP PLANE TICKET And various other expenses accrued like food and board. A round trip costs a minimum of about 1000 USD and I just don’t have that much money lying around. I do have some and I’m working for more but… Well it’ll take time.

Again, My Ao3 is Here, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your fandom there! Message me if you’re in doubt.

My price is a penny a word. I discount 5% if you go over 2k words, 10% if you go over 5k, 15% if you go over 10k.

I will write for any fandom, pairing, headcanons, kinks, or length. Don’t be shy!

See a fic you wish I’d updated but it looks dead? You can pay me to update too!

*[The fake bruise instalment]*

So I decided that I wanted to play around with some of my palettes today and attempt to create a fake black eye with purple and yellow shades. It turned out pretty ok for someone who’s never before done this sort of thing. I’m preparing for a Halloween party that I’m attending on the weekend, where I will be dressed up as a dead Minnie Mouse.
I then decided I wanted to see if I could fool anyone into thing I had actually been decked in the face.
My parents were my first target.
My mum came home and said she had a present for me, which I responded with “I have one for you too”. She threw mine at me (it was a package I had ordered the week before) and I stepped out from the wall I was hiding behind and she immediately said “what is that on your face? Did someone hit you? Who was it this time?” I simply smiled and said “so it looks real?” Knowing I had fooled her.
The next target was my dad and brother, who came home shortly after. They took a while to notice, my brother saying “what is that?” And my dad adding on with “what the fuck is wrong with your face?” I told them what I had done and they said I should put it on Facebook and see who I could fool. So I uploaded the photo above to snapchat and sent it to a few friend groups on Facebook to see what would happen

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Do you have any expectations of SC on the red carpet at the Baftas? I'm trying not to expect anything but in my fucking dreams I want them to come out holding hands, arms around each other, heart eyes motherfucker, that type of schinizzle.

Now’s not a good time for this question haha. I had expectations, yes, but let me get back to you when I’m hopefully slightly less mad at Sam because at the moment I don’t even want to see his face on my dash.