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I am so turned on by you. I want you to bang me doggy style in front of a mirror so you can see how happy I am the whole time. And when I try to put my face down you grab my hair and pull my head back up cause you love seeing that look on my face. 😘

AN: Thank y'all once again. I really am enjoying writing this. I really appreciate the nice feedback that’s coming in! (Gif is mine. I made it.)

Part 1

Part 2


“Now You Know” Part 3

Pietro still hadn’t given up on Y/N. As much as Y/N tried to avoid him, everywhere she turned, he was there. “Why won’t you tell me?” Pietro pleaded once again.

“I barely know you.”

“You keep saying that, but I know…” Pietro gently moved Y/N’s face to face him, “I know that you’ve been reading my thoughts. You know me better than I know myself.”

“I-I…” Y/N looked at the floor, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t do that. I really hate doing that, but-”

“But you wanted to see why I cared so much. I know.”

Y/N sighed and cleared her throat, “If you really want to know that badly-”

“I do.” Pietro blurted out.

“Look, I have powers. Some that I don’t want. I can’t control them.”

“What kind of powers?”

“Similar to my telepathy, but much more advanced…and dangerous.”

“How are they dangerous?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.” And with that, Y/N left Pietro to think about what she just told him.

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Every single time I sit down to write something,
your face comes to my mind–
don’t you want to know whether
I dissect you into blood and bones
or flowers and sunshine,
don’t you want to know whether
I see you for the cruel human that you are
or the romanticized lover that you once were?
I’ll tell you that you are both,
and I am still trying to decide
where my heart lies when it comes
to how I feel about you.
—  When you love the person who broke you

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'I want the K' Wanted to try out and see how it goes

Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number (NSFW version)

9: Jawline bitingI looked over and started to chuckle as I saw that my friend had smeared ice cream all over his face. As our eyes met he blushed and quickly tried to wipe it off while looking into the other direction.

“Is it gone?” He asked as he looked back and I shook my head chuckling again. “There’s still some ice cream on your face.” I said and he blushed again. “Can you get it for me?” He asked and I nodded.I moved closer and leaned in and lightly bit down his jawling to get the ice cream off of his skin.

I knew I could have just wiped it off, but somehow I had wanted to make him blush even more. As I was done I pulled back and smiled michievously. “All gone.”


Hola! So I’ve been seeing this #dontjudgemechallenge and as someone who suffers from severe acne (although it has healed significantly) and hairy eyebrows if I don’t maintain them daily, I just wanted to show that people can be attractive with any skin condition they have!!! Putting down other people’s insecurities does not make you attractive or confident. To truly not judge a book by its cover is to not judge ANYONE whether they have acneic skin or flawless skin and to judge someone based upon ones character. And let me tell you, as an esthetician and skin care therapist in training, I can assure you that almost 90% of the people participating in this challenge have just as bad skin under all of the makeup and angles and lighting. I know this because I know very well how to cover everything up with makeup. Please stop promoting your beauty through physical mockery. You can be confident in many other positive ways than this. And to anyone out there who has felt discouraged through this “challenge”, I myself am telling you that you are beautiful the way you are and as long as you stay true to who you are and continue being the best you can be… You are beautiful and I will not judge you.

I need to get this out of my system. About KuroTsuki ship hate.

You don’t see the chemistry between Kuroo and Tsukishima? Alright, I don’t see the chemistry between your rare pairings. But you still ship them? Deny all you want, I am very sure you will find that little excuse to ship whatever your pairing is. So why can’t we KuroTsuki shippers do it for our ship?

KuroTsuki makes every other ships invisible because we make it as if Kuroo was the one who did a great part in Tsukishima’s character development? Are you telling me to ship everyone with Tsukishima? OTP will lose its meaning, it is One True Pairing for a reason. Don’t we all focus on 2 characters only in all our pairings? Why can’t we KuroTsuki shippers do it?

Why are the other rare pairings allowed but not KuroTsuki? The other rare pairings have nothing to do with each other at all and you haters allow it but not KuroTsuki? Why can’t we ship whatever we want? Are you the only one allowed do it? Do I look like I freaking need approval from you to ship what I want to ship?

Yea, Kuroo’s contribution cannot be compared to what the others did for Tsukishima’s great character development. I don’t see what Tsukishima or Kageyama did for each other only something what teammates need to do, but you ship them? (No hate, I am okay with KageTsuki. I’m the one who will ship anything as long as the glasses is the uke. But I’ll definitely have 1 pairing that I love with all my soul and that pairing is KuroTsuki.)

Why can’t you keep the hate to yourself? Block or unfollow anyone that reblogs or posts about your NOTPs. It won’t affect us at all, will appreciate it if you get out of the tag. Actually not mentioning about KuroTsuki at all will help you hate less. And don’t bitch when we talk shit about your pairings.

(Starting from here, it will be my own story with KuroTsuki.)
I love KuroTsuki so much is because this ship has brought me up whenever I’m down. In February-July 2014, I was having a really bad time in school. I wanted to pass the time fast by sleeping in class. I was really sad because I had a great fight with my ex-best friend. I’m someone who doesn’t know how to socialize in real life so I was alone that few months. KuroTsuki stayed with me during the mentioned months, I felt better every time I think of them. KuroTsuki is precious to me, I would have done something stupid if it weren’t for many of the authors and artist that kept me thinking positive during the bad months. Of course, I had other things that made me happy but the important one will be my OTP and a few of you here on Tumblr. My story might sound like another weaboo story to you, but it isn’t for me.


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I'd love to see what that other person was talking about as a one shot, where Rose doesn't "wake up" with the kiss. I totally get that it's not something you can/want to think about while working on Mr. & Mrs. Gold, but I think a lot of your readers would love to see that AU on your already semi-AU story at some point :)

((I BET YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS MUWAHAHAHA but no, I’ve been saving it in my drafts forever and now it smells musty and needs some work. Rated T for Teensy Bits of Inappropriate Talk.))

“It’s time to wake up, Belle,” he murmured.

She stared at him, “Belle? Who-”

He cradled her face in his hands and kissed her. Unfortunately he had no time for tenderness, immediately putting his all into it. He held the kiss for as long as he dared, then he slowly retreated.

She stared at him and he felt his pulse race. The seconds ticked by and yet there was no change in her expression. Then, she smiled, “Did you hit your head on the way back?”

His stomach plummeted. It hadn’t worked… His sweet Belle was still trapped somewhere inside, with Rosaline French Gold as her warden. And, despite being married, Rose did not love either Mr. Gold or him.

“It, it’s nothing,” he said as he straightened, his face burning from humiliation. Rose looked at him a moment longer before picking her book back up.

“Alright, leftovers are in the fridge, unless you ate.” Without a second thought she found her place and started reading again, shutting him out as thoroughly as if she had slammed a door in his face.

He stumbled into the kitchen, grasping the counter and fighting back tears. Of course… He had been so naive to think it would be a matter of true love’s kiss to break his love free from the curse… But it was hard to love someone you couldn’t remember, or couldn’t remember loving.

It felt like a living nightmare, he and his wife preparing for bed, mere feet away but worlds apart. She didn’t say a word to him, only giving him a weird glance if he stared for too long. When they slipped into bed and turned off the lights, she did not close the gap between their sides. His arm, slightly extended, remained empty as she mumbled a good night and turned her back to him.

He wanted to scream at the loneliness tearing through him; he wanted to close the distance, spoon her, whisper how much he missed her in his ear between kisses placed on her neck. He wanted to discuss where to go from here, figure out their game plan to both get Emma to believe and keep Regina off their backs. He wanted to fuck and make love to her in an endless rotation until they were both too exhausted to move. He wanted to assure her of his love. He wanted to hear her call him “Rumple”; he wanted to see her eyes light up.

He wanted his real wife back.

Tears slipped down his face as he tried to imagine facing the end of the curse without her support…without her love. He couldn’t…he couldn’t do this…

He turned his head to look at her; to watch the rise and fall of her side as she slept unknowing beside him. It was her… Deep down his true love was waiting for him. And he’d be damned if he didn’t do everything in his power to bring her back to him.


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Ok, so I've been tracking my successes much like your charts from FMLS90 but as someone who has depression, my "victories" are all things like "shower" and "brush teeth" and "wash face" and stuff. And I really want to post about that stuff, but I'm nervous about people seeing that I need a checklist to remind me to do such basic hygiene stuff or send me hate or shit for missing stuff if I'm being honest. Am I being too paranoid or am I right to keep that stuff off the internet?

I think it’s awesome that you are making the plan work for you! I’m proud of you!

How will others react? I suppose most will be like me and know you are doing what’s right for you, right now.

We do have a few jerks in our community but most people are supportive.

If you want to share it with me confidence that would be an option too.

Regardless… Keep up the hard work. I’m proud of you!

Vibrant colors of red, blue, yellow and orange. The black silhouette of buildings casting shapes of life in the horizon. a light breeze pulling through they’re hair. One of them can see natures light show in full, eyes contemplating as she looked on. Her companion refused to face the scene, a blank void of emotion on his face, one she had never seen him give up on, the expression stayed neutral despite her attempts to change it. 



She looks forward again, to the black buildings against fading lights. It was calm and peaceful, how she imagined a home should feel like. Secure. Safe.

“Your thinking too much. Stop it.”

A deep rumble of a voice, sounding like distant thunder and one too many late nights of little rest and too much work. She  doesn’t look away, instead she closes her eyes and takes in the sounds of day turning to night. Birds resting, crickets chirping, the feeling of powerful mana, even from such a distance, hung in the air like a magical barrier. The sound of bones clanking together broke the spell and she huffed softly.

“I like thinking too much, it’s better than thinking too little.”

“Thinking leads to curiosity. Curiosity gets you killed.”

She had to wonder- why was he always so negative? Thinking too much was bad, showing emotion was bad- it was all either bad or dangerous. She looked over her shoulder to stare at him.

Blonde hair hid most of his face. Back against the stone wall, away from the sun and from the buildings, the complete opposite of her. The fading lights almost made him glow, but his face was dark, the difference in shadow hiding his eyes from view. He almost looked peaceful. Almost.

“Do you think we are the bad guys?” She asked, looking for any sign of emotion.

A twitch of his shoulders; easily missed if she wasn’t paying close attention.

“What do you think makes a bad guy?” He scoffed. “If we are asking ourselves then were not the bad guys, but you ask them?” So much was put into ‘them’. A odd mixture of loathing and disgust with a hidden undertone of what seemed to sound like envy. Interesting. “Then yes, we are bad.”

She looked back. Most of the colors were gone now. Stars twinkled like fairy lights, millions of them lighting up the sky in there own way. “I don’t think we’re bad.”

“Really?” He chuckled, very much amused by the innocent response. “That will change soon once he starts to fill your head with his teaching’s.”

Of course. Him. Their father, their mentor, their creator. To say she wasn’t scared of him would be a fool’s error. He was what made the good bad and the bad go insane. It scared her so much because she liked the way she was, the way her only friend that sat next to her was. She didn’t want that to change… yet it would happen regardless and she had no say in the matter. Where was she to go after all, if not back to her creator. Both of them didn’t belong anywhere else, nor was there anywhere to go- not even if their originals would take them, even if they were to take pity.

The idea of loosing free will was terrifying.

“Your tensing up.” Finally, finally red tinted eyes turned to look at her. “Breath.”

“I don’t want to be evil.” She whispered. Her voice felt smaller then it sounded. She looked at him, tears welding up. “I don’t want to hurt my original.”

A hand took hold of hers. She looked down at the rare show of comfort coming from her usually cold companion. She gripped the ruff leather covering of the gloves on his hands and gave a small smile. She recalled him never taking them off, which seemed so odd now. She squeezed a little harder.

“Don’t ever change.”

She looked at him. What?

“Even if he does try to 'reform’ you” He clarified, ”… fight it. I couldn’t and he got to me. I can’t be saved but you still can.”


No-” Something in his entire body shifted at his sudden outburst. A flip of a switch that had him tensing up like a coiled snake. Too much of his feelings pushed away and shoved to back of him mind over the years, making its way back to the surface in an instant. The out of character display caught her off-guard. “Just- do it okay? He’ll try everything he has to take control, like your some kind of doll he can string up and bend to do what ever he wants with. Don’t let that happen.”

Slowly, after the shock of seeing such vulnerability from her rather stoic friend, she closed her hand around his and nodded. The single action caused him to visibly relax, eyes casting downwards to the ground and face turning blank again, but this time… it wasn’t so cold this time.

“Thank you, Echo.”

Somehow she knew he meant it.

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Hey raini. I just found your tumblr and I just thought I would thank you for pulling me through my recovery for my eating disorder. Seeing your smiling, beautiful face on TV while in the hospital gave me the strength to go on. I know u probably will never see this but I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and I only wish I could thank you enough. I wish you a long and happy career. Thank you for everything. You are the best and never forget how amazing you are!!!

I am so happy you are in recovery now!! Thank YOU for this sweet message. You are the kinda fans I love hearing about, you have no idea how heartwarming it is to know that something I’ve been apart of, or just myself in general, inspired another human being to be the best version of them self. I don’t know how you got into recovery, but whatever the reason, I’m glad it happened and you’re on your way to being the best version of you. Stay strong and amazing! Xoxo

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post Secret Wars, Hawkeyes finding one another, looking into eachother's eyes, then hugging

And that is exactly how it should go,

Because shit: if you are Marvel, making ALL of your characters kind of hate each other is about as creatively bankrupt as you can get.  All-new All-different All cowardly as shit from a storytelling perspective.

What takes courage is fucking up your universe and letting some threads persist.  If you really want to get me invested in a couple of characters, don’t bust up their relationship and then tell me you’re doing a present/flashforward story, because jesus, I have watched enough goddamn Terminator movies in my life, I know how those go, it’s just one arrows-to-face ~~it didn’t have to be like this~~ bullshit cliffhanger after another in the future, and more of the same in the past, angsty “And then it all went wrong..” monologues as far as the eye can see,

THIS.   IS.   BORING.   !!!!!!!.

Give me a couple of friends with a penchant for fucking it up, yes.  Yes, give me a couple of hard-headed people who do not pull punches.  But then, but then, if you really want to hook me, make it work anyway.  Show me how they still have each other’s backs, because they’re Hawkeye and they’re in this together, fucked up mess that it all is.  Hawkeye is two people now.


I see her, and my heart feels like it stops. My sister. Vivian. Golden wings are trailing behind her, and she is glowing. I can’t believe I am seeing her again. I want to run to her. I want to hold her, and never let go. 

My sister, here, with me.



She crosses over to me, and comes to a stop in front of me. I want to reach out and touch her, make sure she’s real. She stares at me, a smile on her face. Eventually, she breaks the silence. 

“Took you long enough to get here.” she laughs. 

I launch myself into her arms.