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Hi mama, I've been through some really hard times especially when I found out my dad has been cheating on my mom, my parents are trying to fix things but it's been hard😔 I always go on your blog and it always makes me happy and all I wanted to say is that thanks for always putting a smile on my face🤗Sorry for writing anon some of my friends go on this blog and I didn't want them seeing my name😰 Anyways thanks for everything mama❤️

No problem, love! Please take care to not take too much responsibility for your parent’s relationship ❤ you need to take care of yourself. I love you and I hope things work out for you!

Seth Rollins - Prompt #80 Part 3

Prompt: Part 1 Part 2 
Requested: I can’t remember sorry… Tell me if you guys want more and want to be tagged if I write more.
Warnings: Swearing? 
y/s/n: Your son’s name

*Seth’s POV* 

As I quietly closed the door to y/n’s hotel room, I leant against the door and sighed. I didn’t know what I was expecting when I showed up at her door. Honestley I kinda thought she would slam the door in my face. When she asked if I wanted to see him, my heart stopped. He was perfect. He looked so peacefully. He had one of his legs out from under his blanket, something y/n does constantly. 

I smiled as I walked down the hall to my room. When I originally found out y/s/n was mine… I’m not going to lie, I freaked out. My mind was racing. But now that I’ve had time to calm down and think and see him. I felt okay. It was still massive and out of the blue but I was okay. Y/n and I had talked about kids after we got engaged. She loved kids. She always babysat for family and friends from a young age. Me, kids weren’t my top priotiy. I didn’t care whether or not I had kids, until that night. 

She lay in bed findling with her engagment ring. It had been a week since I had asked her to marry me and she was still playing with it. 

“I really love it” she smiled as I walked into the bedroom drying my hair with a towel. 

“Now that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together” I said lying on the bed next to her “What’s your biggest fear?” 

“Geez going in deep. I thought you were going to say what my favourite colour was” She smiled 

“That yellow, because it makes you smile” I said rubbing her legs “come on… you always said you’d tell me when we were more serious. I don’t think there is anything more serious then choosing a human to spend the rest of your life with” 

“I don’t want to freak you out” She said taking a deep breath 

“Never” I smiled 

“….Not being able to have kids” 

“Really? I never would have guessed that” 

“Yeah. I’ve thought about it since I was like 15. I’ve always been surrounded by kids. I was the only girl my age in my family friend group. Like everyone else my age were boys and the girls were like 5 when I was 15 so I was always looking after kids when everyone got together. So I loved kids and it made think imagine if I wasn’t able to have kids” she said 

“There’s alaways other options babe” I whispered taking her hands 

“I’ve seen first hand how hard it is for people to have kids. Like yes there’s adoption or fostering but like…I want them to be ours. At least related to one of us. Surragacy can be horrible. I saw my friend go through so much heartache with surragacy and I can’t imagine going through it myself” 

We ended up talking about names for kids and I was really glad that she gave y/s/n the top name that we talked about together. She knew I liked the name, it at least means she was thinking about me when she was pregnant. 

The next morning I headed to the gym with Cesaro and filled him in on everything that had happened in the past 24 hours. 

“Is your life ever normal? Like can you just have no drama in your life?” Cesero asked as we headed to a coffee shop. 

“Apprently not” I shrugged 

“So what are you going to do?” Cesero said grabbing his coffee off the table 

“I’m going to be there obviously. I want to be in his life. I’m probably going to move to Florida. I want to be there. I’m gonna talk to someone to make sure we have the same schedules. I’ve missed heaps in just 6 months. I can’t miss anymore” I said 

“I meant about y/n” Cesaro said “It’s been what two years?” 

“Yeah pretty much” I sighed “I don’t know what to do with her. You know how I feel about her” 

“I know I just want you to say it” Cesaro smirked “You fucked up with her” 

“I know I did” I rolled my eyes. It was the worst mistake of my life. The only thing I can put it down to is having a crisis about the rest of my life but that’s no excuse for cheating. My friends and everyone around constantly reminded me how stupid I was. Dean ripped into me. He was like her big brother and since y/n and Renae were such good friends. “I love her. I never stopped. She’s my perfect girl and now she has my baby. I mean I’m tied to her for the rest of my life” 

“Or at least until y/s/n is 18″ Cesaro said 

“I want her. I want us to be a family again but I ruined that. I hurt her and I don’t think she would ever take me back” 

“You never know until you try” 

“You really want us back together?” 

“You made each other happy. You made her happy as much as she made you happy. I watched your relationship blossom. And it hurt me when you broke up” 

“I get it! I fucked up!” I exclaimed 

“I also miss traveling with her. She was great” 

“You realise if we got back got back together and she travelled with us again there would be a baby here” 

“I can deal with that. I’d be a great uncle. Just promise me you’ll try” 

“I’ll try. I’m gonna give her time though…She needs time” 

Hope you guys liked it

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Do you think Kiri has a favorite thing to watch Bakugou do?

:O idk if you mean more of a canon route or a bakushima route so I’ll do one of each!!

General – I think Kirishima likes watching Bakugou fight in his element. Kirishima admires Bakugou a lot and wants to learn from him, sure, but I think Kirishima gets especially inspired right when Bakugou beats someone, and his hands are still smoking and he has a dangerous smirk on his face. He just likes seeing Bakugou be proud of his victories, since he has had so many defeats since entering UA

Shipping – I think Kirishima likes watching Bakugou wake up. While watching him sleep is… cute, Kirishima finds it a little boring, not to mention creepy. It’s weird to stare when Bakugou doesn’t realize it, not to mention that him being so vulnerable and unaware just isn’t like him. But when Bakugou wakes up, he still retains some of that vulnerability, but he’s also himself. He’s more honest and open right when he wakes up, but that’s because he chooses to be, and Kirishima finds great privilege in seeing that side of him


Screenshots from I Moved! :D

This video made me so happy! Seán just had so much excitement and enthusiasm radiating off of him in this video and I seriously love seeing that. It’s so nice to see him so happy about all this and just seeing the gigantic smile on his face throughout this video and hearing him say that he has like his dream recording setup now just pulled all my heart strings and made me feel so happy for him and it made me have this big dumb grin on my face while I was watching the video. xD I love just seeing him so happy, excited, enthusiastic and extremely grateful and appreciative of being able to do this at all. :) 

Sean, ( @therealjacksepticeye )
I don’t know if you’ll see this post or not but I still want to say this to you. You’re welcome for everything this community and every person that’s watched your videos has ever done for you. I’m sincerely so proud of you for doing this for yourself and I’m so happy for you too. You’re lucky enough to be able to truly follow your heart and make brand new experiences and discover more about yourself and who you are and honestly I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little bit envious of that. I haven’t seen you this happy in a while and that’s saying a lot considering how you’re so positive a lot of the time. I know moving must of been stressful for you and probably for Wiishu as well.  But it seems like it all worth it in the end. :) Congratulations on both of you taking this brand new step in your lives Seán. It’s a brand new chapter for you both and I’m happy that you two are able to have this new experience. Whatever the future brings I know you’ll make the most out of whatever it throws at you and appreciate every moment of it and won’t take any of this for granted. Like I said before I am sincerely so proud of you and happy for you. Go out there and have fun with life Seán! :D


Hello dears, questions will be moving pretty slowly right now. I am having some pretty personal problems to do with my mom at the moment and it is zapping my energy just as fast as i am producing it. My spiritual companions are watching over my astral self and i am being taken back and forth to my astral Dr.

I do have depression, it has been very much under control and only a couple of people know how to how to trigger it and my mom just knows exactly what to do. Her energy is the easiest to read and she doesnt even have to say anything for me to know what she is telling me.

Thus far her energy ranges from i hate you to i never want to see your face again to fuck you to i never loved you. It is just some serious bull right now and now one of my little brother is getting it. So our house is kinda in disarray.

Please understand your questions will be answered as soon as i can and with then energy i habe to spare. Blessings to you and yours

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*peeks out from a corner* Oh! A new person I see. 'v'

Kino: *playing some game on his mobile*

[MTK: My God your face is so strange Uhm.]

Kino: *keeps on playing*

[MTK: It’s really terrible … Oh, look, there’s no more Guava jui-]

Kino: What?!

[MTK: Aaaaah that’s better I think this girl here wants to make your acquaintance =w=]

Kino: Aaah, I see, I see… *looks at his mobile* Tch… well, do you like games?

[MTK: … usually, you ask for the name first…]

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What do you make out of Camila's interview at Beats, telling Zane she hasn't written the 'loving' part of her album and that she's waiting for a boy to go to a party with so that she can write about it. Did you see that part, towards the end.

Yes I saw it.

For me, if Camila said she’s looking for a boy, then I’ll take that at face value and assume she’s looking for a boy.

And as much as my gaydar and my usually correct observations on non verbal cues and reading between the lines (based from personal experiences) point me to the assumption that Camila is not entirely straight, I’d take what she said and just believe her when she says she wants a boy.

Maybe she’s bi. Maybe she’s pan. Maybe she doesn’t care about labels. Maybe she simply loves the person regardless of gender. Or maybe she’s really straight and i’m wrong.

But my personal opinion is that she AT LEAST has been gay for Lauren at one point. Maybe she is mostly in love with boys and exclusively thirsty for Lauren. It’s just my opinion. I’ve had a few experiences about that, I’m into boys more, but there were a few instances where I’m drawn to a girl (eye fucking and all) but never pursued it and kept the friendship extra fond and touchy without doing anything about it.

For now, she says boys, let’s assume it’s boys.

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Hi!! My daddy and I aren't going to see eachother for a full month and this is the longest we've been apart. I want to do make the day we see eachother extra special but I'm not sure how! What would make such a day special for you? Please & thank you!

iPhones make a long distance relationship easy. Face time, games in iMessage. Set aside a hour before bed to talk on the phone or just text that inter hour. Remind one another how you feel.. remember the good times. I’ve been there many of times!

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you are digusting for letting Chirrut make fun of his blindness. it's a disablity and nothing to make fun of.

He wanted to say, Baze! My eyes—I can’t see! but Baze Malbus had always needed comfort more than humor.

“Shall I drive?” Chirrut asked.

“I don’t mean to offend, but you’re blind.”
Chirrut put a hand up in front of his face, waved it back and forth, gasped.
“Baze Malbus,” he [chirrut] said. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

is this enough or do you want more proof that Chirrut makes fun of it himself and is so damn chill about it because he does not see ( haha ) it as a disability but more as a natural part of him? 


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When You Spend Every Minute of Your Time in School...

…and then just before you move on to the last year they send you a letter saying they regret to inform you the LAST FUCKING OBLIGATORY COURSE you need to get your title will not be opened the next year… ergo you won’t get your title. They also asked me to see the deacon to talk about possibilities. So… not really sure whether that means I will have to drop out, or study something else… or the deacon likes my face and wants to meet me so he came up with this shit… I mean… in hindsight, maybe it would have been beneficial for them to have informed people LAST YEAR before they closed those courses. Maybe. But I wouldn’t know. It’s Charles University, so logic just kind of passes right by it and goes to die in a ditch. Sorry, I have to calm down. This month is testing mah patience. 

A Different take on Sonnet 43.

One. When I am with you I am more. I am more than music turned up loud enough to drown out my own mind. I am more than the mocking I grew up with. I am more than the self-hatred that has sunk into my heart and split me like ice in the cracks in the street. I am more.

Two. I want to lay on the roof and watch fireworks, to pay more attention to the way the lights play over your face, I want to kiss you under those lights. When you talk to me every beat of my heart is one of those fireworks sending a cascade of butterfly shaped sparks through my body.

Three. I want to feel the way your fingers curl around mine when we hold hands. To see how neatly our hands slots together. To know that I am holding something I do not deserve, but yours are the only hands I ever want to hold.

Four. Your smile. The one I saw when we first talked. That small, simple smile. The little curl at the corner of your mouth is nothing to the way your eyes shine. Like crystals in the sunlight, it makes me believe that magic just might exist in this world.

Five. When my emotions boil over like the water in an unattended pot I ignore it until it’s too late. Anger and pain and depression hissing across a stove top, I’m a mess that no one wants to clean up. You never leave. When I start to boil you pushed the pot off the heat with your kindness, your smile, your understanding, but you never leave. You are the first person to not leave.

Six. You are strong. Strong and brave in a way I have never seen before. You stand in front challenges that would bend the knee of a weaker man, withstand the battering of what life sees fit to deal you but you do not acquiesce. People can only take so much, and I have seen the way you are forced to bend to the gales of life. I wish I could physically be there with you in those moments. To let you curl into the circle of my arms  and breathe the tension in your bones out through a sigh.

Seven. You are the first I ever wanted to kiss, and I know it’s not going to happen. It’s a strange realization to have. It’s just that you are the beginning and the end of everything I have ever wanted and I know I won’t ever actually see you in person. And Yet. This, you, are it for me.

Eight. It hurts. To know that in a romantic sense I am unlovable. That me dating has always been nothing more than the butt of someone’s joke. “You’re pretty” “you’re beautiful” “you’re cute” “you’re fun to hang out with” but it’s never made me good enough. You say you love me and I know that you don’t mean it that way, you mean that I am your friend. And that was fine, before I realized I love you.

Nine. I wish I never realized that, that I had never found the key to that little box. That I had never played the part of Pandora with my own emotions.

Ten. I watch you love others, and my poly heart does not have it in itself to be bitter. Not when you are so happy. I just wish I was lucky enough to be that lucky too.

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“Will you continue looking at me like that?” He said in between blinks. Maybe annoyed, maybe shy. Who knows? I don’t care though. I like what I am seeing. I’m staring at his face for five minutes now, like he’s a reviewer I’m trying to memorize, like a sky full of stars I’ve always loved gazing at.

“Yes”, I said, teasing him and looking at his beautiful eyelashes, then his thick eyebrows, then his beautifully constructed lips.

“Why?”, my star said, blushing.

I smiled at him, “I’m sorry love. I just want to make up for the time I couldn’t look at you.” And kissed his forehead.

—  flawed & beautiful // 11:45pm

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