you wanted to kill me don't you

Damn you guys and your beautiful CC!

I really wanted to stay CC free with my Lusk Life save but you guys make it impossible with all your wonderful goodies that keep popping up on my dash!

I can’t install all the CC I used to have at the moment because I don’t want to kill my computer, so I’ve just added some hairs to the save. I might keep it like that or once I get my computer working properly again I might also add some clothing, but I won’t be adding any build/buy stuff and everything will be strictly MM.

Either way, no matter what I decide to add, I still won’t be answering WCIFs for that save. You can find pretty much everything you need to know on the resources page anyway.

Have a great weekend all! =D


I really need to talk to you, and if you just give me two minutes of your time I promise I’ll be out of your hair.


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

Some people: Killing Stalking is bad, it depicts an unhealthy relationship and even if it’s fiction you shouldn’t read it.

Other people: Killing Stalking is just a psychological thriller like many others, you don’t have to polemize over it that much

Killing Stalking:


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Also me (after recovering): I’m here for the heart attacks, man.


Since Danganronpa V3 is coming out soon, I request EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE to PLEASE TAG “SPOILERS” in WHATEVER NDRV3 related post you’re showing off, if you do so, then you will be able to PREVENT EVERYONE WHO DIDN’T PLAY THE GAME FROM GETTING SPOILED, including me, since I cannot read Japanese and the game will take a while to get translated to English, so please, TAGGING YOUR POST WITH A SMALL “spoilers” WARNING WILL DO YOU NO HARM AND IT WILL HELP US ALOT!

Sorry for ranting alot, but this is important for both you and me, getting spoiled with game content is very unfortunate, please, and thank you!

Make sure to reblog this so others can know, you don’t wanna stay off the internet for almost a year just so you don’t get spoiled!

“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”

I’m sorry I could never be the daughter you wanted


Able to make him do his killer smile

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

The Fine Print

A new 5e campaign with some slight deviances. I’m a lawful good noble fighter. Smitty is a lawful evil fighter. We’re about to sign a contract to get some captured performers back for the town.

NPC: So I have drafted the contract. Now–

Smitty: I sign the contract!

NPC: Do you want to read it?

Smitty: I sign my name!

NPC: And you?

Me: I read the contract.

NPC: Well, you will be paid 55 gold piece upon delivery, plus a silver piece for every spider you kill to get rid of the infestation. However, if you do not recover the performers in three days, you will be put to death.

Smitty:…I read the contract…

Reasons I Couldn't Wait for Most Wanted Book 2

- Sam and Dave’s relationship
- Information about Hayley Rose’s death
- What happened after Sam got into Dave’s car instead of going back to Texas
- Cassandra’s history with Dave
- Most Wanted universe connection to The Freshman and Rules of Engagement
- More of Reza, Nikhil and Mirasol (best trio ever)
- Ok srsly I need Book Two bcuz the suspense is killing me


We have officially hit rock bottom.

Enjoy these sketches of some idea some twitter mutuals and I discussed XD Hehehe…

(And to clarify, I love PSG’s art style. The art style and music in the series for me is AAAAAH. Love it.)

The real YoI opening

Can you hear my heart beat?
When I see the Viktuuri
I close my eyes
and tell myself
that one day will be canon

There are more gayness than you belive it
They are unstoppable
This week episode
will set my heart on fire!

Don’t stop me now!
The moment I dream
Today is wednesday!
We’ll gonna fangirl, we’re gonna scream
Yes today is wednesday!

BTS as shit my friend says

Seokjin: It’s almost as good looking as me.

Yoongi: Don’t wave at me.


Namjoon: I’m a tree.

Jimin: Look, I got little legs, I’m going to have to speed walk.

Taehyung: We can dab naked.

Jungkook: I’m going to have to fight you if you keep being cheeky


You come to me dressed like my sister, with my death in your coat. No matter that it is not my death. You thought it eas. Why do you do this things. even knowing that those girls sew away my armies through this very hour?

[…] I will tell you why. Because you are a demon like me. And you do not care very much if other girls have suffered, because you want only what you want. You will kill dogs, and hound old women in the forest, and betray any soul if it means having what you desire, and that makes you wicked, and that makes you a sinner, and that makes you my wife.

Is it just me or

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Yuuri seems really soft and squishy? I mean, maybe that’s why Victor hugs him so often: this katsudon is sOFT AND SQUISHY.