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Syn Free Hash Browns

My boyfriend asked for hash browns tonight, and I have to say I think I delivered! I did use crumpet rings to get really good shape to them - cookie cutters would work really well, too.

SYNS: Free on EE

Cook approximately 400g of potatoes until tender. Remove, drain and leave to cool. Ideally you want them completely chilled, so it’s best to do this the day before.

When completely cold, grate the potato into a bowl. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Taste test as you go - remember the potato is cooked!

Grate ½ an onion if you desire and mix in. Beat an egg in a jug and add to the potato. Mix it all together gently.

Spray a baking tray with fry light and place cookie cutters/crumpet rings. Fry light the inside of the rings. Divide the potato mix evenly between the rings. Push down to compact the potato. Spritz the top with more fry light and gently remove the rings (do this one at a time if you only have one).

Place in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for approximately half an hour or until golden and crispy.


psychoyearnings-deactivated2017  asked:

Josh was seeing red. After extensive questioning of his men, his suspicians were confirmed. The cameras were cut during the half hour she was meant to be executed. Leo had disappeared for almost an hour. There was no evidence of blood. No one had been roped in to help. He couldn't have done it all on his own. Unless he didnt do it at all. Josh kicked down Leo's door and surely enough, there she was. "What the fuck?" He growled, knuckles white with clenched fists.

Syn looked up at him, crawling back into the corner. She bit her lip as she backed all the way up until he back hit the wall. “Josh! Please, I can explain. Just…Just give me a moment. I can help you guys. I know you want to kill me but I can get you guys your money back and more!” She begged him. Syn’s breath hitched in her throat as the fear of Josh gripped her heart in icy fingers. Syn bit her lip. “And don’t hurt Leo!” She begged.


A transcript of all the Dianite/Jordan/Mot interactions from the latest stream because I felt like I needed one

<Spirit_Dianite> Speaking of the purge… someone seems to be winning a lot… perhaps he’s using nefarious means

<CaptainSparklez> wouldn’t surprise me sir

<Spirit_Dianite> perhaps you should ask my sister to even the odds… Oh wait she’s failing. Hmmm suppose then it falls to me to even the odds next time, if you wish.

<CaptainSparklez> I’d be down

<Spirit_Dianite> consider it done

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