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Meet the Blogger!

Dear everyone who’s going to the Leipzig Book Fair today, just letting you know that you can meet me! If you want to, just hit me up with a message and figure out a meeting spot. Or just stay on the lookout for this girl:

Basically, short girl with a black flower-patterned dress, a cream cardigan and a dark ponytail. If you’re not sure if it’s me, just call “Ruby” and see if I react!


Hey remember when @cupcakelirry tagged me to do this selfie thing like 500 years ago but I never did bc I’m a mess??

anyways I tag @drippingpen @lilypheonix @firefliesforstars and @lilacsanpeonies but all of my followers are cute so you should all do it!!

Hi, I’m Anja, and this is my face! I saw a bunch of people sending you selfies so I wanted to introduce myself! I hope you have a fantastic day/night ❤

Omg friend I love love love the half up half down hair you have going on it’s on poooooint and aghhh I love half frame glasses and they look so good on you and like this pic is just overall so ~aesthetic~ and I love it !!

anonymous asked:

Had to unfollow before because Lana turned this blog into her makeup/clothes diary. The amount of selfies she posts is ridiculous. If you want to post that many then create a separate account or hop on ig

me: posted 1 selfie but like…. okay? i havent been on here for a week and i posted a selfie when i said i was back to show i was alive but like go off i guess


“You need to smile when mama brings in the spaghetti! And now–oh no! Mama dropped the spaghetti! And now–you have to eat the spaghetti off of the floor!
No, the boy has eaten too much spaghetti!”

for @colourfulheroes