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Burgundy because fuchsia and lavender. Teal, or at least it seems so. I want to think it's the case. Mauve, and blush. In the end I think cinnamon. Purple, and grey. The truth is green, and black. But I'm just happy if you're happy. I think you deserve nothing but the best <3

“I get excited when I see posts from you” because “your blog content is gold” and “you inspire me.” “We have a lot in common”, or it at least it seems so. I want to think it’s the case. “You’re really talented”, and “seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better”. In the end I think “you’re a really cool person and I admire you from afar”“I don’t talk to you, but I really love your blog”, and “I wish you would notice me.” The truth is “I think you’re cute”, and “I would date you.” But I’m just happy if you’re happy. I think you deserve nothing but the best.<3

You are a wonderful, splendid, charming creature and I don’t want you to “admire me from afar”! Talk to me! This is so beautifully orchestrated and I am in love with it, and in awe of your creativity.

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what if Dean and Cas are on a case together and Dean the little shit decides to throw Cas under the bus the way he does with Sam sometimes (eg. the sketch artist thing), but joke’s on him because turns out Cas is actually insanely good at whatever Dean claimed he was

STAN TALENT. STAN EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?)

Issues with stolen gemsonas & artwork

Hi gemsona fandom! Long time no see, hope you enjoyed the “Wanted” special and got some new ideas from seeing Homeworld!

Recently people close to me and I have had a lot of issues with our gemsonas and artwork being stolen, mainly by RP accounts on instagram and tumblr. It seems like a no-brainer but I guess it’s worth repeating:

  • Do NOT use someone’s gemsona/OC on roleplay accounts without express permission from the creator. Make your own character!! Gemsonas are often self-inserts, taking them is very personally intrusive and feels gross, man. Taking the character to roleplay is even worse- you’re misrepresenting them, changing their personality and using them to gain followers and fandom reputation. That’s a whole ‘nother level of theft.
  • Do NOT use someone’s artwork for blog art, icons, or any other personal/aesthetic use without express permission from the creator. Some artists are nice enough to allow this if you ask, but some art is personal and not meant to be used! ASK THEM FIRST.
  • Reposting or using artwork IS NOT okay just because you actually credited the artist. YOU NEED PERMISSION TO POST FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Just because an artist isn’t active in the gemsona fandom doesn’t mean their OC is up for grabs or any less their creation

Please reblog this (especially rp blogs!) and let younger people in the fandom know that this isn’t okay. Stop reposting art and taking other people’s OCs. Don’t interact with RP accounts with stolen OCs/art. Protect artists in your community!! Report them!!

It’s really unfortunate, situations like this make artists and creators want to take down drawings, stop posting their OCs and leave fandoms after experiences like this..


advice for the signs
  • aries: you're full of ideas and they're always amazing! you are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for, even though you try to appear like you're a bit of a daredevil, you don't always like to come too far out of your cozy little comfort zone. but I promise, if you come out a bit more you can experience so many exciting things, and your abilities will make you shine like a star in the night sky.
  • taurus: not only are you are a badass, you're also super cool. if there are any haters its only because they want to be like you - really though. you just have an aura about you that pulls people in and once they get to know you, they don't ever want to get away. people want to overindulge in you, and if that wears you out then take a break and don't feel bad about it, your friends know you'll come back at the end of the day.
  • gemini: you're not a two-faced backstabbing bitch, you are a beautiful person who struggles with having to listen to an angel and a devil on your shoulders all day, which I can only imagine is super tough but you've done an incredible job to even come all this way and you should be so proud of yourself, I know I am. and lets take a moment to appreciate how you can walk into a room and suddenly be everyone's best friend with your natural charm and easy-going nature. you could take a bullet in the chest and your smile won't even falter. you're so determined to get what you want and you're so passionate and just everything you do is admirable. keep going, you rock this world.
  • cancer: if we're being real here, you don't actually cry *that* much. this is what it is - you have so many emotions swirling inside of you and they are like a beautiful storm of bright lights. and you should continue to let that out and share that beauty with everyone! but even with all that, you can be pretty hardcore and you are so strong, inside that whirlpool is a fire than burns bright, you should show people your intense passions as well as your caring side.
  • leo: you are amazing, and everyone around you knows it. if you're being too hard on yourself, lighten up a little because so far you've done everything right. everything happens for a reason, and if you feel guilty or sad about something just remember that your experiences have shaped who you are today - a beautiful, wonderful, magical creature with sparkling eyes, a loving soul and fabulous hair.
  • virgo: you work so hard to be on top of the game and I know how stressful that can be, but trust me when I'm saying that if you're doing the best you can, please don't push yourself any further. I'm sure you know what it feels like to get 3 hours sleep only to just scrape everything in on time, but you're doing just fine and please remember to reach out to your friends and loved ones and talk about how youre feeling. honestly, letting out any negativity makes you feel so, so much better, and you deserve the best.
  • libra: it's not that you're indecisive, you just like to weigh out all the pros and cons of a situation before you go into something - which is such a good idea, and I admire you for that. I bet you wish you had a crystal ball and could see the future to know how your decisions will turn out, huh? but the reality is that you should stop worrying about about the future and live in the moment. if you're not focusing on the present, you won't get to where you want to be in the future, and we definitely don't want to see you somewhere where your talents aren't being showcased.
  • scorpio: your personality is just so magnetic and you're so hypnotic, so many people absolutely adore you and would do anything for you - but sometimes they might not be 100% certain that the feelings are mutual. now, I know you love your friends and family so, so much with a fiercely strong love, but would it kill you to tell people that you love them and how you're feeling sometimes? everyone is here to help you and guide you on your journey to reaching the stars, but you can't build your rocket ship without the help of others.
  • sagittarius: you are incredible and so smart, it actually makes people stop in their tracks when you open your mouth and spout some beautiful, philosophical words of wisdom. or even just opening your mouth to say anything. everything about you is great but I'm not sure you appreciate yourself as much as you should. all the friends you have who love you should be an indication of how great you are. if you don't learn to love yourself, you might not be able to see through and out of your own little bubble and actually notice how much people care about you. because they care so, so much. don't you ever doubt that.
  • capricorn: your motto is work hard and don't take shortcuts, which is amazing and everyone admires you for that. it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be you, and even if nobody mentions it, everyone is impressed. you're gonna go far, kid. but know that even if you're stuck in a rut right now you just need to jump a little higher and climb out. if you're stressed, talk to someone you trust and just open up and tell them what youre feeling. help them help you, and everything will be okay.
  • aquarius: we're not emotionless, we have a lot of feelings and we just choose not to express them because we're scared of people being overwhelmed by us, and we like to trust someone 100% before we open up. and there is nothing wrong with that. you're so good at listening to people's problems/how they feel and your advice is 10/10, but if you don't take time to talk to people about how you're feeling, you bottle everything up and one day it'll get so full that the lid will burst - and I know you're afraid of letting out all your feelings in one go, I definitely am. the only way around that is to let it out, bit by bit, slowly and over the years, to maintain your composure and sanity. and nobody will see you any different or judge you if you open up to them.
  • pisces: you're passionate, your creativity is out of this world, you're so good at helping people and you don't have a selfish bone in your body. you're always so up for helping people, and that is amazing! you're compassionate like no other, and your ideas are off-the-charts crazy cool. and you're not weak! you are perfectly capable of putting up your barriers, you just like to trust people enough to keep them down a lot of the time. and you're definitely not weak either, you've probably lived through some heartbreaking experiences, and you're still able to walk around with your head up and your heart open. now thats real strength.
General Oikawa Tooru Headcanons
  • oikawa is 100% the guy who gets practically high off of energy drink, like give him one and a half and he’s entered a new plane of existence 
  • is NOT a morning person
  • he goes to school in disguise and gets fully prepared in the bathroom at school; he brings everything, concealer, a comb, hairspray, EVERYTHING
  • kindaichi caught him in the bathroom once and he has never recovered
  • when he can’t sleep he goes on midnight walks
  • or texts iwaizumi who promptly phones him just to tell him to shut the fuck up and go to sleep (which, surprisingly, works)
  • he is way too into conspiracy theories; if you mention area-51 to him he will grin madly and pull out a full ring binder that he keeps in his bag just for those occasions
  • cries at the end of E.T all the time
  • if you want to see the beautiful, talented, amazing (’narcissistic’ iwaizumi grumbles in the background) oikawa tooru cry, mention the ending of E.T every time
  • hates the aoba johsai volleyball uniform, and he always complains that turquoise doesn’t go with his figure (shut up oikawa it totally does)
  • once drank thirteen spritzers and wasn’t drunk but had like, four jello shots and then he was gone
  • he can rap the entirety of nicki minaj’s part in monster and bang bang
  • memorable quotes include;
  • “volleyball is great, don’t make me smack you”
  • “everything is blackmail if you try hard enough”
  • “i have ten copies of E.T, try and fight me, i dare you”
  • he is the vodka aunt
Herc's Four Sets of Corsets and More

Prompt: requested by @foxqmulder

Pairing: Starts out Hercules Mulligan X Reader, develops into Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: PG swearing, klutziness, insecurities, fluff??? Second hand embarrassment??? Cute fluff???

A/N: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! I’m sorry! I had work! I hope this is to your satisfaction! I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love y'all! Also, if you have anything you’d like me to trigger, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 5094

Prompt: “That’s awesome! Could I request a poly!Hamilsqaud where the reader is a brit and is new to New York and meets Herc in his shop maybe? and he asks her out and he really likes her so he takes her to meet the guys and tells her abt the relationship and she’s obvs cool with it and some fluff at the end. Thank you so much !! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!!”

You weren’t sure how you’d ended up in the small shop on the corner of downtown, but there you were. It was a rustic, Victorian looking shop, and it just sort of called to you. You’d always been into that kind of stuff, the flowy tops and elegant skirts. 

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Can you tell me your top 5 of Benedict's performances? I know it's hard but I'm curious :)


This is the most challenging question to ever receive as a Bc fan. The faves change from day to day, from moment to moment and from gif to gif (thanks to amazing gifers like @elennemigo, @221bcumberb, @anidoorkitty and @whenisayrunrun ) luckily you have caught me on a day where I’ve been making clips for a future post and have come down with a case of CBF! So being in this state of mind, I think it’s a perfect time to do this list so here it is.

 *warning long post*

1. Richard iii

Bc takes us through the rise and fall of Richards thirst for the crown. From the moment we see young Richard cowering in horror while watching his brother being murdered, to the minute he decides to kill the king, not for his family, not for revenge but for his own dream of sovereignty, and to witnessing Henry Tudor stabbing the last breath out of Richard and proclaiming the “the dirty dog is dead”.

Bc delivers Richards devilish, smooth talking and deliciously devious dialogue with such ease that you can’t help but kind of root for Richard at times because he makes you believe that his Machiavellian dealings are for the greater good. His bone chilling cradling of his newborn nephew, his wooing of the widow of the man he killed. Are that of a man who just wants to be respected, loved and seen for his use rather than be mocked for his disability that he carries on his back.

Bc’s talent of tears and rage and downright madness was just PERFECT. I fell in love with his Richard iii. I felt pity, sadness, attraction to his wicked determination (as terrible as his deeds were) and most of all, affection for his deformity that was the catalyst for his anger and need to prove to the people around him that he could be a normal man that was capable of being a king. Bc’s Richard iii was the best possible example of a master class in acting. Proving yet again that Bc is the best actor of his generation.

2. Sherlock 

The greatest disappointment to come out of BBC Sherlock was the reaction of a group of fans who tried to destroy what MG and SM created because of a certain expectation they were invested in. Most people who hated S4 missed out on what the entire point of this version of Sherlock was about and that was to introduce us to Sherlock Holmes before he became known as Sherlock Holmes. Bc became a star in 90 minutes and the ACD canon would never be the same again.

Sherlock starts off as a man with a fortress of coldness who insists he has no need for friends or relationships, armed with a lifetime of brotherly advice that caring was not an advantage. But once Dr. John Watson comes into play we start to see that fortress slowly melt and the addition of the people who would become his Baker Street family, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson and Lestrade, we begin to see that Sherlock was so full of emotions and the capacity to care, that he wanted to care, he just didn’t know how to care. Bc’s portrayal of the world’s only consulting detective was brilliant and beautiful. Bc help make brainy the new sexy. He also made Sherlock’s drugged out alter ego, Shezza, look sexy too. Of course it helped that the writing and the location of this modern day Sherlock were also brilliant. But looking at those cheekbones and lips carrying a fluffy head of hair that you wish you could run your fingers through, just once! That perfect silhouette of a man dressed in the finest suits. The purple shirt of sexiness, the black suit, the blue shirt of sexiness!! Ok sorry I got CBF for a second there…

What I really meant to say was that Bc’s acting brought new life into this 100 year old literary character and it certainly made me invest my own feelings into these characters that I wouldn’t have any interest in. Bc’s Sherlock was rude, cocky, manipulative, arrogant and flawed, but you loved each of those characteristics because Bc made him lovable even at Sherlock’s worst, he took you through the whole range of emotions and that wasn’t just with one series, it frequently meant each episode! The fact that we got to watch Sherlock grow into a man capable of being a best friend, a kind and caring human being who tried his best to protect his friends, and a man who learned how to forgive and not judge the past mistakes of those around him. Because after all we just might be human. Even Sherlock Holmes. I am forever grateful to the Mofftiss for creating this show and for giving Bc a chance to show the world, what the London stage and various other people in the industry had already saw in him. For me the only Sherlock Holmes is the BBC version that could only have been pulled off by the talents and efforts of Benedict Cumberbatch.

3. Christopher Tietjens

My first thought is always I heart Christopher Tietjens, because I really do. He was the last of a dying breed. He had 2 women who tried to “burst him out of his glass cabinet” the wife who failed because she didn’t deserve him and the woman whom he really loved and waited for, the woman HE deserved. Christopher survived his name being dragged through the mud, a wife who socially embarrassed not only herself but made him look like a cuckold. 

He survived the war, not because he was lucky, but because he wanted to live to come back to the only woman who loved him and accepted him for going along with the parade. Bc’s Christopher Tietjens was a stoic beautiful man when he needed to be, and man enough to cry when the women he loved tugged or threw daggers at his heart.

I know I overuse the word beautiful when it comes to Bc’s acting but Chrissy was so painfully beautiful that all you wanted to do was give him a hug and take him back to Groby so he could live out the rest of his life as an english country gentleman. Another perfect performance from Benedict!

4. Alan Turing

This should have won Bc’s his first Oscar. If you want to truly see what Bc’s talent is capable of you don’t start with Sherlock, you start with this role. Benedict was able to conjure up the spirit of Alan in this performance that even Turing’s own family was blown away by his portrayal. Bc’s ability to display the eccentricities of Alan, the deep emotional bond and love he had for both Christophers and of course Bc’s master class of acting for easily portraying a genius mathematician at work.

The tragic ending that cut Alan’s life short, made us all want to learn more about Turing and his work. It made us angry at how this man was treated as an enemy, instead of a war hero who helped saved millions of lives. Bc reached into our hearts and brains with his charismatic, tragic, beautiful portrayal of Alan Turing.

5. Doctor Strange

IF ever a role was so perfectly cast it probably was Benedict as Dr. Stephen Strange. Not only does he come super close to looking like the comic book hero that was created over 30 yrs ago, he is able to adopt the persona of an arrogant and brilliant doctor who gets into a car accident that cuts his career short and with all hope lost, seeks treatment at a place that not only gives him the cold hard truth about himself, but it teaches him that in order to grow and learn he would have to open his eye to other realities.  

Stephen learned that all is not lost and there are other ways to help people, most of all, to help himself. Bc is so bloody perfect as Doctor Strange that upon first viewing, I just sat there and cried. I was so proud of him because even though I had very limited knowledge about this comic book character, he convinced me that HE was that superhero that the world needed. Benedict made it all look effortlessly. The American accent, the physicality of being Doctor Strange was just AMAZING. Bc has that ability to make himself into anything that is called for. As someone once said, young, old, strong, weak, whatever you call for that character to be, Benedict can play it and play it so well you don’t even know he’s acting. Not only did it convince us his fan base, but he basically won over the entire comic book community as well as the general public. 

Bc made Doctor Strange into a blockbuster that got overall positive reviews. That is the power of Benedict’s talent. You talk about a good script, you can talk about a good director, but that only goes hand in hand with an actor that can pull it all off and by god did Bc pull it off!

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Taylor Swift has released/produced hit, after hit, after hit, after hit, since she was 16 years old. If you still can’t see how talented she is, you might want to invest in a pair of glasses.


Second installment of the Jasper Hale imagine series “Let It Pour,” requested by anon. “Hi there (: okay, do you think you can continue the Jasper imagine Let it Pour? Your wrote it months ago, but I just came across your blog and the way you ended it was amazing, you’re very talented. I just want to see how Jasper & y/n rekindle: he’d avoid her at 1st, she’s strong so she tries to move on,not onto someone else but emotionally(angst here), but eventually they come back to each other (end w/ fluff). Please and thank you (:” Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…” page.

It was as if he had never crossed paths with you, never set foot on the dampened earth that coated the town of Forks like a carpet of waterlogged velvet. His presence had been eradicated completely from all but your memory. His family still attended school, though now without their brother by their side, the lot of them pointedly ignoring you as if you were nothing more than a shadow in the halls. Only Alice, whose eyes you caught on more occasions than one, paid you any mind; she was watching, always, though most of the time she averted her gaze faster than you could comprehend, but her stare was as searing as her silence was frigid. You couldn’t help but wonder if Jasper was having her keep an eye on you, or if perhaps her attentiveness was merely due to your presence fading in and out of her visions as both Jasper and yourself thought and retracted the thought of rekindling what had been tarnished to the point of dilapidation beneath the torrential fall of rain. Perhaps it was hopeless, allowing yourself to entertain the idea that so absent a figure in your life could be plagued by thoughts of your face, your name… but you couldn’t help imagining a man who had claimed he loved you just as much, if not more, than you loved him experiencing some degree of pain due to your separation. Lord knows it was borderline agonizing for you. You tried not to dwell on the thought of him, the halo of golden hair that shrouded so perfect a face, the honey of his eyes, the burning of his voice, the fire in his icy touch… no, it was best if you locked his memory in a vault. He clearly had no intention of returning. Maybe, just maybe, you’d be so lucky as to see him sometime after your ninetieth birthday, when he thought you were long dead and made his return to Forks. For now, you allowed yourself the thought of him racing through the trees of some dense forest, far enough away from human civilization that he could be completely free.

Your hand had fully healed, thanks to the attentions of a certain Carlisle Cullen, leaving the whisper of a scar left in the crease of your palm. You were sure the shining pink that now puckered your skin would fade, too, but until that time it would serve as a constant reminder of the simple mistake that had cost you something wonderful. Images of his inky silhouette straining against the glow of evening as it seeped through your window haunted your dreams; the tension held in his muscles was painful to witness, the hardness of his clenched jaw so rigid it was immobile. He spoke your name, and each night you ran to his side, watching portraits flash before your eyes with a patient sort of hysteria… his face resting gently against a bed of moss, streaked by the fall of rain, his smile growing wider as he reached for your hand in the halls of Forks High, his skin shimmering beneath the forgiving rays of sunlight, his lips pursed as he tampered with your fear from afar when you found yourself facing the truth of his immortality. You drank his features like sugared milk, retaining as much of him as you could bear as you fought the leaden darkness swarming your limbs to slow your pursuit, your fingertips outstretched to touch his shoulder… and he was gone. You woke each night in an empty bedroom, your hand falling absentmindedly to the divot he had created in your mattress, foolishly expecting to find his chest awaiting your touch. If it wasn’t his face, it was his temperature you found yourself missing; you were always feverish at nights, or struck with a sudden flash of heat, only you were now left without remedy. He was a ghost wandering the vacant halls of your memory, proving himself impossible to forget.

It was injury enough that he had taken the liberty to erase himself from your life, but worse a wound when, weeks later, he finally returned to school. It was as if your heart had stopped in your chest, finally as still and as silent as his own, when you saw the familiar width of his back straining against the tightness of his shirt. The glorious waves of his hair hung like loose threads of spun gold, suspending diamonds of fallen rain as effortlessly as ever, holding the gems of a storm like an embroidered bodice. You were frozen where you stood, your backpack weighing heavily on your shoulder, your hands limp at your side. He, too, was still; he remained unmoving as Alice’s eyes fell, unmet, upon your face, her hands attempting to guide him further down the hallway. You knew enough about his condition to understand that he could smell you, and therefore knew you were present. Hell, he could’ve smelled you a mile away… and yet he proceeded, somewhat rigidly, down the hall, increasing the distance between you, without once turning to meet your eye. You burnt a hole in the back of his head with your stare, watching him abandon you without so much as a second thought. You held yourself upright by some miracle of gravity, your body sapped of all energy, your limbs lifelessly numb as the world passed you by, your eyes following the glow of his hair as he waltzed away from you. You realized now how generous he had been to disappear; it was far worse to have him here… to have him here and not here all at once, to watch his sister lead him away from the risk of reconciliation, her fingers claw-like as they pierced the muscles of his forearm, ushering him away from one outcome or another that she had foreseen. You knew her intentions were goodhearted, but you had never felt more betrayed than in that moment. You hung, suspended in the air, until the bell rang and pulled you from your trance.

That afternoon, you stepped into the rain with full intent to drown yourself in the downpour. You didn’t care enough to shield your hair with a hood, nor your body with an umbrella, as you pushed through the doors separating the safety of the school from the hellish storm beyond the walls. You were among the first to rush from your classroom, though your movements were far less vibrant than your classmate counterparts. You moved like the dead, swift despite your numbness, eager to escape the social confines that made it impossible to cry freely without suffering the judgement of others. You longed for the serenity of your home, the quiet of your bedroom, the calm of an environment you knew would keep the spilling of your emotions a secret. Walls couldn’t talk. Students, on the other hand… well, there wasn’t much else the average high schooler was universally good at. You trudged through the sheets of icy rain towards the promised warmth of your car, your hair sticking in strands to your cheeks by the time you reached the driver’s side door. You slid behind the wheel, your brain on autopilot, fighting back the burning image of his back as it bit at the vault door you were so desperate to spin shut. All you cared to do was survive the drive home through the Friday rush of reckless drivers and lose yourself in the unattached surrender of sleep. You drove with practiced precision, peering almost unfeelingly through the falling rain until you pulled into your driveway, proceeding to enter your home without so much as an absent thought. You were off, it seemed, moving and breathing with just the basics to survive, your cheeks burning with the pressure of your mind scorching against the wall you had erected. No, you wouldn’t spare him any tears. You wouldn’t spare him a single sliver of your mind. You flooded your brain with void blankness, pulling your comforter back before throwing yourself in all your rain-slick glory onto the cushioned comfort of your mattress, steering clear of his side of the bed as you pulled the cotton canopy over your head. Your mind was good to you. Merciful, even. You slept easily.

Your dream was tainted by the events of the day. His silhouette was turned away from you, shielding the heavenly image of his face, your feet carrying you as desperately as ever toward an uncaring, guarded figure cut from the darkness by the dull glow of his diamond flesh. You whisked away the images of his smile, the echo of his laughter, your brow furrowed with determination as you raced, unhindered, to his back. Your hand grasped his shoulder, thrilling at the contact, spinning him to face you, his golden eyes burning with shock, his adoration unhindered by the surprise that painted his features. Your palm cradled his cheek, the ice of his skin melting effortlessly into the fabric of your subconscious, watching his parted lips sigh into the ghost of a smile. His shoulders angled toward your body as your dream snapped unceremoniously to the evening of your waking reality. You sat bolt-upright, disoriented by the passing of time, your eyes falling quickly on the figure that was perched on the ledge of your windowsill, his body freezing to see you waking so soon. He was exactly as you remembered him; of course he had remained unchanged, but it was more than the flawless resistance of time that struck you as familiar… he was rigid, his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes locked painfully on your own. You exhaled quickly, the wind forced from your lungs by the sheer surprise of his presence, both of you remaining unchanged outside of your frozen astonishment for an endless minute. He had not parted his lips to speak, but the manner in which he held himself suggested he had fully intended to explain himself. Then, with your next inhale, he was upon you, moving with impatient and inhuman speed to mold his body to yours, his palms guiding your lips to his with the ease of familiarity. The floodgates burst, and the river roared in.

His lips crushed against yours with a passionate fervor you had never witnessed in the man, his hands moving to your waist to cement your body to his own, all but pulling you from your bed as he lavished your mouth with his. His fingers tangled in the silk of your hair, his thumb caressing the curvature of your cheekbone as he breathlessly mobilized his apology. Your hands closed easily at the back of his neck, all but clawing his skin as you forced yourself ever closer to him, running your palms along the broadness of his back, clinging breathlessly to his shoulders as his tongue traced the curve of your lower lip. He finally pulled himself away, separating briefly before resting his forehead against your own, his hands on your cheeks once more. He shook his head, visibly torn by the anguish that so obviously ravaged his body, his ragged inhales moving against your beating heart. You breathed in the luxury of his scent, your eyes absorbing every minute detail of his body, the vault door blown from its hinges as you matched every aspect of him to the memories you had suppressed. He exhaled raggedly, his eyes burning brightly as they met your own, the gold of his irises molten with adoration.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he breathed, his voice breaking under the weight of his guilt, no more than a whisper in the darkness, his pained features illuminated only by the moonlight streaming in through your window. “I’m so sorry, Y/n. I can’t believe I-” He choked on his apologies, his thumbs working over your jaw, his lips finding yours once more, his urgency bleeding through his skin and into yours, your hands spreading smoothly over the hardened expanse of his chest. He caught your hand as it rose along the center of his chest, stopping your movement as your fingertips kissed the angled neckline of his sweater, holding your palm over his unbeating heart. He moved from your lips, then, his eyes dropping to your palm, his fingers turning your hand in the darkness as he searched for the remnants of your minor injury. After determining that you were fully repaired, he lifted your palm to his lips, pressing a tender kiss to the thin layer of scarring that remained, your skin electric under the softness of his lips. His eyes met yours as he tipped his face downward, inhaling deeply at your wrist before lowering your hand between your bodies. He sighed then, as if emptying himself of sorrow, releasing freely into the bliss of the moment. “I’m sorry I left you,” he whispered, his tone grounded with the power his volume lacked, compensating with resonance rather than expose his presence to your sleeping parents. “I thought, stupidly, that staying away from you would prevent what almost happened in the woods from happening, more severely, in the future. I couldn’t bear the thought… if I had been any slower, any less on guard, what might have happened to you… I realize now how selfish that was, to remove myself without any regard to your emotions, to leave you stranded in the aftermath, to trust my own judgement over anyone else’s, especially yours… and despite how selfish it is for me to be here now… I can’t stay away from you any longer. You can’t imagine… or maybe you can, how much I missed you. I can hardly bear to think about leaving you again come morning… that is, if you’ll have me.” You pressed your lips to his, both of you moving as one, your thoughts aligning exactly as if you had never been parted. You spoke, your lips a breath away from his, your mind clearing like inky clouds after a rainstorm.

“I can’t believe you thought I’d let you leave in the morning,” you whispered, his smile stopping your heart in your chest as he spun you in his arms, his lips peppering your exposed skin with elated kisses, his joy clear in his breathless, suppressed laughter.

“I’m here until you send me away,” he grinned, his eyes alight with glee. “I love you,” he breathed, his words ringing with the passion of an oath, the fortitude of a vow, his voice painfully tender. His arms wound around your waist, holding you strongly and softly to his chest, his lips in your hair as you melted in his embrace, listening to the sound of raindrops striking your window as the day’s storm opened once more, washing the world of misery beyond the glass, Jasper’s hands smoothing over your back as you watched the trickling of rain bleed into a downpour.

“I love you.”

EXO Reaction to their S/O has the superpower of invisibility but not having much control over it

Me if I had any superpower xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Knows you could be there watching* “Ahh… it’s so hot in here… maybe I should take this off… maybe… I don’t know…” *Such a tease*


*Literally every time something moves “on its own”* “NO I’m done! No one told me about ghosts in this galaxy!!!”


“This is not fair… she can make pranks better than me now… one moment she’s with me and next thing we know she’s invisible and pranking god knows who” *Maknae wants that talent too*


“I see…. so you want to play hide and seek hm? So… if I find you… what will be my reward?” *;))))))))))))))*


“Aigoo…. you are telling me… you go invisible… without controlling it… I swear that time… when you found the fridge empty…. it wasn’t me…” *Knows his mischief secrets are in danger*


“No… not again…. why did she have to go invisible in the middle of a crowd…. I guess I’ll have to look through the whole city again…”


“So… invisible hm? You know… you could try so many things while on it… if you want some tips, you can ask the master” *Master of mischief* 


*Him looking for you everywhere* “Is she made of air or something? Where did she go? I was just… talking to her… baobei…. why can I hear her voice but not see her… yeah must be the air theory”


“This is very… you… how am I going to kiss you now… I’m not sure if this is your nose.. forehead… oh wait…this is squishy…”


*He knows you are behind all the pranks and missing things from the boys* “Well… at least Baekhyun will stay quiet until he finds his eyeliner…”


*Him the first few times it happens* “NOOO BAOBEI! DON’T DISAPPEAR…. COME BACK TO MEEEE… I NEED YOU!!!”


“You know jagi… we need to do something about this… I’m not sure how but I’ll help you control it… we won’t leave the practice room until you do… I hope you are listening because I can’t see you”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

A warm Dan ❤
This is for a collab of me and my talented friend, Charlie ( @emptystxrs ) , so if you want to see their part (which is Phil, obvs) go check them out as they’ll be posting it soon 🐶
@danielhowell are you still afraid of trees?

“I just need a hug” - WillNE drabble

Drabble: “loose-limbedii said: 22, 35 and 36 with will? cheers if u do xx”

Author’s note: This is a little shorter than usual and a bit sad but I hope it’s okay!

22. ‘Please stop crying’
35. ‘I’m just stressed’
36. ‘I just need a hug’

You entered the flat cheerfully, closing the door behind you and calling out Will’s name. You waited eagerly to hear him call back, however the silence that followed was deafening. You had come around to the flat with good news to share with Will, your boyfriend of a few months. Things between you were great. He was a refreshing character, no day was the same with him and you adored absolutely everything about him from the way he scrunched his nose up when he was frustrated, to his singing in the shower. You supported each other in everything you did, so you were excited to tell him you had gotten a promotion at work. 

You decided to wait in the flat for him to come home. You wandered aimlessly around and into Will’s room. Upon opening the door, you saw Will slumped back in his office chair with his hands behind his head. His face was red and blotchy, his cheeks glazed with tears and his gaze fixated on his bedroom wall. You approached him slowly, feeling a sense of urgency but not wanting to startle him. You knelt down in front of him, setting a hand gently on his knee.

“Will” You whispered feebly. “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Nothing is going right.” He replied quietly, his gaze not moving from the same spot on the wall. 

“What do you mean nothing is going right? We’re okay aren’t we?” You asked worriedly. As far as you were aware, everything between you was fine. “Your channel is banging-“

“That’s the exact problem, my channel isn’t banging.” Will began to raise his voice slightly as he cut you off, his eyes becoming tearful again. “I get these views and I put all this time, effort and money into my channel and I get fuck all back. I’m trying so hard- I put out friendlier content in hope of getting some ads on my videos and I get next to nothing. My last video got more views than Chip’s last video and yet I haven’t even made enough money from it to pay our bills, but somehow he’s made enough to cover two months rent! How am I meant to support myself and you if I can’t even make enough money from three videos to cover rent ? I feel like I’ve been dropped in the middle of the ocean and no matter how hard I try I just can’t keep my head above the water. I’m just stressed.”

You knelt there, listening to Will open up to you about his worries. He had never expressed any of this to you before now, especially about his job. Your heart ached for him. He put hours of work into his job every day, writing, filming and editing; and yet he wasn’t reaping the benefits of his hard work. Will’s gaze finally met yours, a torrent of tears cascading from his eyes, down to his jaw and off onto his hoodie. His eyes were bloodshot and red, he looked dishevelled and utterly broken. You knelt up and cupped his face with your hands softly. 

“Will, I don’t know if what I’m going to say is going to make you feel any different, but I hope it makes you feel at least a little happier. You are the hardest working person I know. Your work ethic is absolutely phenomenal and you give your everything to making every video you make the best it can be. I know it can be disheartening to you to see that you might not be getting the results that you want, but take pride in knowing that you’re making content you want to make and people love it.” You spoke softy to him, using the sleeve of your jumper to wipe his face dry. “I can cover rent for as long as you need me to, I don’t want to see you stop doing something you love  and are so talented at just because of money. Please stop crying. We’ll make this work like we always do- we’re a team.”

Will nodded his head. He exhaled slowly, his breath quivering as he tried to calm himself down. You scanned his face. His skin was less blotchy but his eyes were puffy and he looked exhausted from exerting so much emotion. He placed his hand on top of one of yours which was still cupping his face and brought it to his lap. He fiddled with your fingers and rings, his own hands shaking ever so slightly.

I just need a hug.” He admitted, looking back up at you. “Will you lay down with me for a while?”

You nodded and gave him a comforting smile. You moved over to the bed with Will, he still absentmindedly held your fingers. He sat back against the headboard and pulled you in for a cuddle. Your head fell to his chest and you snuggled in, trying to express all your affection towards him in a hug. Will wrapped an arm around you as you cuddled, giving you a gentle squeeze and a kiss on the top of the head. You reached one hand up and ran it gently through his hair. You laid like this for some time, Will’s heartbeat finally regulating back to a normal speed over the period. 

“I’m sorry for all of that.” Will spoke quietly, his words slightly slurred as exhaustion got the better of him and he began to fall asleep. “Anyone else would have left me after seeing that but you didn’t. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you for sticking by me.”

“We’re a team. I’m not going to stop supporting you because you’ve had a rough day.” You replied sweetly. “Roll over and you can be the little spoon today.”

anonymous asked:

So....I wrote TWO screenplays over the summer. Now, I'm thinking of sending it to an agent. Beside sending a query letter, is there anything I need to send along with my letter?

That’s great, anon!

Usually it is just the query letter and the screenplay. If you haven’t heard anything for 2 weeks, you can send a follow-up letter or email. If you get a response, follow up with a thank you.

Now this is a bit outside of your question, but I feel I have to go more in-depth about getting an agent, because it is a lot more than just sending scripts out.

There are a lot of elements that go into getting an agent and chances are you will sent scripts to hundreds (yes, hundreds) of agents before you get someone interested. it’s just the way the business goes.

Here’s an article written by a screenwriter about what it takes to get an agent. Agents regularly get heaps of screenplays by people they don’t know and have to sift through them and find what will make a good film. They judge scripts, but their judgement isn’t infallible. For example, all the major studios rejected the script for Back to the Future for four years, until it was picked up by Amblin Entertainment.

Now this article seemed a bit pessimistic to me, but it is important to note the article also encourages screenwriters to advertise their stories. The internet is a great way to begin building a name for yourself. How else can you get an agent?

Take a look at this article written by an actual agent. He details the ways in which agents try and find clients. Notice that almost all of the methods listed were personal interactions. The agent and client met in person and the client was proactive and prepared. You have to know your pitch, know your audience, and have a body of work ready for anyone who shows interest. (It is important to note that while short films are great for getting made, they are not helpful when building a portfolio as a screenwriter. Award-winning shorts tend to have all the praise on the director and agents want to see features, spec scripts, and pilots.) Agents want great clients, and they want to see you showcase your talent, not just a script.

I guess the takeaway here is that your body of work is more important than any single script. If you write a lot and you write well, agents will find you.



Are you gonna be mine? ✘ Hunter Clarington Imagine ✘


I’m sorry for my delay, anon. Hope you like it!

Thanks @lyss-91 for beta!

Request: could you please do a hunter clarington imagine where the warblers come to McKinley and they are all together in the choir room and the New Directions get into an argument with the Warblers about performance skills and they perform a song that’s a little sexy and the reader catches hunters eye because she’s really hot and wears a cheerios uniform that makes her butt look good and you can take it from there 💙💙💙

Warning aka disclaimer: Insinuation of sex.

 Song: You better work, bitch.




3 of you

  • All girls

All group

Originally posted by fandomximagination

“I hope you’re all here to give our trophy back,” Quinn said, looking at the Warblers. One of the boys, one she had never seen before, took the lead.

“Well, New Directions.” He smiled wryly, and that reminded them a little bit of Sebastian. “We would return your trophy if you had the merit of it.”

“I’m sorry?” Santana approached the young boy. “I don’t know which sewage hole you’re from, but you have no more talent than my dog, and I don’t have a dog.’’

"I’m Hunter Clarington, the leader of the Warblers. Nice to meet you. ” Again, the ironic smile appeared on his face.

“It seems like you’ve lost your job to another, evil seed.” Santana said to Sebastian, but before he could respond, Hunter interrupted.

“Is this your best way to insult someone? I see you don’t even have the talent to do it.”

“Listen here, you…” Santana was ready to jump on Hunter, but Sam and Blaine held her before it could happen.

“Well, to be good at talking bad things, I think it helps when you are a bad thing.” It was your turn to speak, already tired of that stupid fight. Hunter folded his arms and gave another wry smile, and you mimicked his gesture. “Now, can you give us our trophy that we won back and return to the nursery where you should be?” Hunter laughed loudly, you couldn’t annoy him at all. Or maybe he wasn’t annoyed because the tight uniform you were wearing.

“Of course, dollface. If and when ya’all show some talent. ”

‘’So, you come here, to our glee club room, to doubt on our performance skills and use our stolen trophy as a kind of sick premium?’’ Rachel asked, crossing her arms then. “This… This is musical terrorism!”

“Yeah. Why don’t we sort this out like men? ” Sam suggested, taking a few steps forward, followed by Finn and the other boys in the group. The Warbles took a defensive stance and their leader sighed.

“Your version of resolving things as a man is violence, I shouldn’t be surprised.” You thought how much irony could come from a person. In fact, it was annoying you.

“Not much different from stealing,” Tina said.

“Alright, that’s enough. You came to try to threaten us and let us down or whatever. But guess what? In this room, your stupid rules of social scale don’t apply. Your words don’t get on us.” You approached him, your faces close and you didn’t even let yourself think about how beautiful your eyes were because of how much anger you felt. 

“Do you want to see our talent? Let’s show you. Artie!” You pulled away from him as Artie put the instrumental music your group had rehearsed the day before to play.

You wanna?

You wanna?

You wanna hot body?

You passed your hands by your body and moved your hip, moving up your butt a little.

You wanna Bugatti?

The New Directions´s Girls went to the boy´s side and they put her hands on their shoulders.

You wanna Maserati?

The girls walked away from the men and got 3 strong decided steps, then everyone pointed at the Warbles.

You betta work, bitch

You wanna Lamborghini?

Santana pretended that was driving.

Sip Martinis?

Britt took a somersault in air.

Look hot in a bikini?

You made a small dance while passed your hand on your curves.

You better work, bitch!

All the girls jumped, standing on the floor with one leg stretched and another doubled, like The Flash from Justice League trailer.

You wanna live fancy

The boys went forward as the girls stood up.

Live in a big mansion?

The masculine part of the New Directions moved their arms, as if they were showing to a mansion.

Party in France?

  • The girls threw themselves at them and whispered:
  • You better work, bitch

And the whole group began to sing:

You better work, bitch
You better work, bitch
You better work, bitch

Now get to work, bitch

The girls did push their respective peers and started dancing more sensuously than before.

Ah, ah

Now get to work, bitch

Ah, ah

Bring it on

You made a sign of “come here” with your finger while your friends danced in the background.

Ring the alarm

You sang, pointing to your wrist, as if the clock had touched.

Don’t stop now

You came down, moving your butt while running the move.

Just be the champion

You raised your hands up and the girls approached you.

Work it hard

You pointed to Santana, who made a dance step.

Like it’s your profession

Same with Rachel.

Watch out now

Now Tina.

‘Cause here it comes

By last, Mercedes.

Here comes The Smasher

You and the girls opened up a space and the boys mingled with the female part in an unlocked wheel, leaving space for the Warbles to see what was going on inside.

Here comes The Master

Britt began to dance, moving her hips with a lightness that would give jealous in anyone.

Here comes The Big Beat

She continued her dance while the rest of you touched the boys’ bodies.

Big beat to blast ya

As Britt took her last step, falling down with her legs spread wide on the floor, the boys gathered and lifted you and Santana, Archie standing between you two with Tina on her lap.

No time to quit now

The remaining girls marched, a group to one side and another to the other, forming two rows beside the heap of boys.

Just time to get it now

They raised their hands and lowered quickly, placing them from their squares.

Pick up what I’m puttin’ down

The boys lowered you and Santana.

Pick up what I’m puttin’ down

They raised you and her as you both crossed your legs.

You wanna hot body?

Tina pointed to Rachel, who went to her side and crouched down.

You wanna Bugatti?

Santana did the same as Tina, but pointed to Mercedes, who approached the group of boys and took Mike out of there.

You wanna Maserati?

You pointed at Kitty, who approached your group of boys and leaned against Puck, making a sensual pose.

You betta work, bitch!

All the girls, even those who had not been called, went ahead of you.

You wanna lamborghini?

Sip Martinis?

Look hot in a bikini?

You betta work, bitch 

With each verse sung, you, Santana and Tina pointed to a girl, and the chosen one ran her hands over her body and moved in the sexiest way they could.

You wanna live fancy?

Live in a big mansion?

Party in France?

You betta work, bitch

This time, Tina sang as the boys put you and Santana on the floor.

You better work, bitch

You better work, bitch

You better work, bitch

You and Santana walked, the girls opening a way for you two. You and your long-time friend gesticulating and singing, as you and were commanding something to each other.

Now get to work, bitch

Ah, ah

Now get to work, bitch

Ah, ah

You two stood face to face and then, turned, standing side by side. Letting Britt stay ahead and dance, making her steps more evolved than those of other girls in the group.

Break it up

Break it down

See me comin’

You can hear my sound

Tell somebody in your town

Spread the word

Spread the word

Mike came in and started dancing with Britt, the girl leading the dance.

Go call the police

Go call the governor

I bring the trouble

Don’t mean to trouble yaI make it bubble up

Call me The Bubbler

I am the Bad Bitch

The bitch that you lovin’ up

You and Santana walked forward just as Mike and Britt finished their dance. Tina came down from Artie’s lap and you three walked forward, you standing in the middle; Power was clear in your footsteps.

Hold your head high

Fingers to the sky

They gon’ try and try ya

But they can’t deny ya

Keep on floating higher and higher

So hold your head high

Girls stood aside and you faced them, dancing the same steps as you did your own dance, always cherishing your ass as much as you could.

Fingers to the sky

Now they don’t believe ya

But they gonna need ya

Keep on floating higher and higher

Keep on floating higher and higher

And higher

Work, work, work
Work, work, work
Work, work, (work), work
Work, (work), work, work (work)
Work, work, (work), work
Work it out, (work it out) work it out
Work it out, (work it out) work it out
Work it out, (work it out) work it out
Work it out, (work it out) work it out
Work it out, (work it out) work it out 
Work it out, (work it out) work it out
Work it out, (work it out) work it out

Tina was the first to do her final pose.

You better work, bitch

And then, Santana.

You better work, bitch

So you did.

You, like all the rest of the New Directions, was proud and tired of the 'improvised’ performance.

You looked at Hunter, and for the first time since you laid you eyes on him, the Warblers’s leader didn’t have a wry smile, the opposite of that, actually.Hunter was biting his lower lip and staring at something fixedly, you arched your eyebrows and followed his line of look, getting surprised when to discovered that he was looking at your butt.

Funny fact: from the second you started singing until the time the song ended, you caught Hunter’s eye, he just couldn’t help it but keep starring at your body throughout the performance. The way your cheerios uniform accentuated your curves and made your butt look just so good.

And an interesting fact to complement the funny one: Hunter wanted you to be as sexy as dirty, because he was going to have you; once he put his eyes on something, he made it his.

Sebastian tapped lightly on his partner’s shoulder, causing him to wake up from his trance.

“Well, I have to admit. That was good for my eyes.” He looked right at you when he said that, and you were out of reaction. Because, honestly, Hunter was so fucking hot, beautiful eyes, not exaggerated muscles and a hair that you found yourself wanting to mess with. And he thought you were hot too, at least it seemed. So it was kind of impossible not to be attracted to him, even a little bit. “By the way, a part of the ex Leader of the Warbles, I have no bisexual tendencies.” Hunter smiled wide to you and checked you out again.

Fuck, it let him even hotter.

Of course, something else was between you two: the hatred that was supposed to stand out any feeling; Hatred for the enemy that was a complete idiot who stole your team’s trophy.

“Our trophy, please. ” Blaine asked his old team.Hunter snapped his fingers and Sebastian handed the trophy to Blaine, who looked at him a little incredulously, and you got surprised as well. Wasn’t Sebastian a complete bastard who wouldn’t let anyone stand out to him? Why was he acting like a puppy now? “You’ll hear about us again soon, New Directions. A decent performance doesn’t make you talented, it just shows that you can’t be ashamed of a song, ” Hunter said.

“We can do a sing battle right here, if you’re not scared. ” Santana fired back. Even tired, she wasn’t going to lose her pride, never.

“I’m afraid to end up making one of you die of fatigue if you ask to be descending again. We’ll dual soon.” Hunter smiled wryly at your group. “Especially you, babe.” He winked at you and turned away, then backing off with the Warbles. “It’s a piece of advice: hiding the voices behind instruments is ridiculous.” Hunter looked at your but one last time and smiled malicious at you before he left.

Your group started talking about how idiotic they were, but his head was on Hunter at his last speech to you; His look on your butt.

You shook your head from side to side, trying to avoid such thoughts as you returned to your group.

Funny fact number 2: That night, Hunter, God knows how, would get your number and send you a message. (and he wasn’t an idiot, at all. He could be really sweet.)

Interesting fact to complement the previous fact: you would answer, of course.Last fact: Don’t worry, two weeks later, you messed up his hair. And his bed.

BTS Reaction: Their younger sister has finally debuted after almost a decade of training and they see her crying backstage after their first performance

Seokjin: He was so proud of you. You worked hard and went after your dream. He hated seeing you spend your childhood training but knowing how happy you were it didn’t matter so much anymore. He hugs you tightly against him encouraging you with his words. “You were so beautiful and you definitely stole the show.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi: When you drop down to your knees crying back stage he kneels beside you with a gentle hand on your arm. He understands what you’re feeling and how emotional it can be. He stays quiet until you calm down then offers his thoughts. “You made it. All the years you spent has finally paid off.”

Originally posted by cyyphr

Namjoon: He stands backstage where you can see him so he can help calm your nerves a little. When the stage ends and your members walk back he rests his hand comfortingly on your back as you cry. Although they are happy tears he still doesn’t enjoy seeing you cry. Right now he wants to brag about his talented sister to everyone who will listen. “I’m very proud of you.”

Originally posted by rapnamu

Hoseok: As usual you’d hear him before you spot him. He’d come up to you doing some of your dance moves. He was a very happy brother watching his sister’s dream finally come true. “You’re dancing is amazing!”

Originally posted by hoseokxx

Jimin: He had his arms open and ready for you when you came backstage. He holds you against him rubbing your back as you cried on his shoulder. He lets you get it out knowing you’re overwhelmed with emotions. “Looks like BTS has some competition. “

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Taehyung: He was so excited when your debut was announced. He instantly became your biggest fan and waited excitedly for you backstage. He doesn’t register the tears immediately as he wraps his arms around you swinging you around. “You did it! You were great!”

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

Jungkook: He knew you spent your childhood chasing this dream. He went through it as well so he knew exactly the feelings you had. When you start crying back stage he hugs you to him. “This is the first of many sis.”

Originally posted by bangtan

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C 😍 The Three Capsicles, killing it as always. 😂 (And ooooo, are we approaching #SebAva2k17? Hehe, you’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t you now? 😉😏) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B’)

Chris poked his head into the green room and smiled when he saw you talking to Anthony and Sebastian. The three of them were due to speak at a panel in a few minutes, and you were all waiting backstage for the stage manager to come grab them. You’d followed Anthony and Sebastian into the green room after Chris took too long at the vending machine, deciding what kind of candy he wanted. Everyone knew he was going to go for the bag of jellybeans, so why he had to stand there and question every other type of candy was the real question.

“Ed Sheeran, huh?” Chris heard Anthony say and he looked up from his bag of jellybeans, smiling when he thought back to what you called 'the best night of my life’. The three of you were yet to notice your fiancé was in the room as he was still standing in the door. “He’s a pretty talented guy, I can see why you wanted to go. So how was it?”

“It was life changing,” you answered and the guys chuckled at your enthusiasm. “You’ll see how life changing is it when you come to our wedding. I don’t know how Chris did it, but he got Ed-” Both Anthony and Sebastian nodded, hiding their smiles. “Wait,” you chuckled in disbelief, “you guys already know?”

“I believe you were the last one to know,” Sebastian chuckled. “He was making the phone calls on set, in-between takes. It was a very long and winding process, but it was obviously worth it. I mean- look at the smile on your face, Y/N. If I were Chris, I’d worry about you running off with Ed Sheeran at your wedding.”

“As much as I love Ed, there is no-”

“Ah ha!” Chris grabbed you from behind and you jumped, cutting yourself short; Anthony and Sebastian laughed. “I was wondering where you wandered off to, I turned and you were gone.” He kissed your cheek and you blushed when you saw Anthony and Sebastian smirk.

“I never took Chris for a PDA person, but clearly that was before he met the right girl.” Anthony commented and Chris chuckled, releasing you to just simply hold your hand. “It’s cute. A little diabetic,” Anthony said and Sebastian nodded in agreement, chuckling. “But still cute.”

“You guys are real couple goals,” Sebastian smiled at how happy the two of you looked together. He couldn’t help but wonder when he was going to find that level of perfection and security in his own love life. “That’s for sure.”

Like Chris had planned, the two of you flew from Boston to Salt Lake City to join a small handful of his 'Infinity War’ cast speaking at a panel for Comic-Con. Most of them- like Chris- only had one panel to speak at and one photo-op session to appear at. The events were scattered over the weekend, and though some only had a one day commitment at Comic-Con- they were allowed to have Thursday morning until Monday afternoon. Hence why Chris planned a very long weekend with you; from Boston to see your future house and Ed Sheeran, to Comic-Con in Salt Lake City.

Chris had also got Ava a plane ticket and a VIP pass to Comic-Con- which was really thanks to Sebastian. Unfortunately, her class schedule kept her from coming along. She wanted to, boy- did she want to knowing Sebastian was going to be there, but sadly, the fall quarter started on a Friday which was a day where she had class. You were lucky because your classes started on Monday, and Chris promised he’d have you back before then. That and your parents weren’t as strict with you when it came to you pursuing your passions, whereas Ava’s parents were. They’d warned her if she skipped any classes, especially after they finally agreed to let her give up law and study acting, they’d kill her and bring her body back to England. Neither of you wanted that, so she reluctantly declined Chris’ and Sebastian’s kind gesture and stayed home instead.

You could still remember the look on her face when you were leaving for Boston, she was so upset that you offered to skip Salt Lake City and come home after Ed Sheeran in Boston. But she urged you not to, making you promise you’d FaceTime from Salt Lake so she could take a look around and talk to Sebastian. Speaking of, he looked oddly bummed when you and Chris turned up at breakfast without a third person. Neither of you knew why Sebastian was so looking forward to meeting Ava because neither of you knew he’d spoken to Ava before, but then you both found out and your hearts leapt for the possibility of them being a couple.

Sebastian was single now, which meant that he was available for Ava. It was probably a little too soon for him to move on, but it was nice to throw Ava into the mix. They could start off as friends, like you and Chris did and see where things went from there. It would be a dream come true for both Ava, and you and Chris to have Sebastian be together with Ava. It’d be fun to have couple best friends, have them be the godparents of your future children and the two of you be the godparents of their future children. Of course, Chris didn’t think about any of this until you fed him the ideas. But once you did, he could not stop trying to sell Ava to Sebastian, subtly- of course, or so your fiancé thought; the man was not good at subtlety. You told him to stop, and took the reins instead because subtlety and manipulation? Well, that was your wheelhouse.

“Thanks, Seb.” You smiled at Chris, then at him. “I’m sure one day soon, it’ll be Chris and I looking at you and your partner calling the two of you couple goals.” Sebastian chuckled wearily, nodding with false pretenses. “Aw, don’t be like that.” You reached for his arm and gave it a light squeeze. “You’re amazing and you’re going find someone just as amazing to love you.”

“I knew I should’ve gone to Sydney with Chris,” he joked and you laughed, pulling your hand away. Chris tried not to smile as he pursed his lips at Sebastian, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap an arm around you instead. “Oh relax, it’s a joke,” Sebastian chuckled and Anthony laughed. “Y/N’s only got eyes for you anyway. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

“Unfortunately for you, Sebastian,” you chuckled, lifting your head to plant a tender kiss on Chris’ jawline; an act of affection Chris smiled at. “It is one hundred percent true. Don’t worry,” you smiled at Sebastian, “I’m sure you’ll find someone. If you don’t, my matchmaking skills are always at your service.” You tried not to smile at the excitement in Sebastian’s eyes which he hid perfectly; you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t know what you did. “When you’re ready, just hit me up.”

“I will,” Sebastian nodded, smiling.

“We’re ready for you guys.” A man with a clipboard and a communication system attached to his right ear walked over. Anthony, Sebastian, and Chris nodded; the first two followed the man, whereas your fiancé secretly held back so he could say a quick goodbye to you. “You’re going to…” Chris’ instructions faded as the three disappeared around the corner.

“And you say I’m not subtle,” Chris chuckled into your hair when he planted a kiss on the top of your head. You just smiled as a response, which made Chris laugh harder as he pulled away from you. “C'mon, weirdo.” He took your hand and pulled you with him as you walked in the direction the three had gone in. “You can sit side stage and listen to your favorite Marvel trio talk.”

“I think you mean 'The Three Capsicles’,” you reminded him of the nickname you made up for them and he laughed. “And don’t say 'Sam hasn’t been in ice before, it doesn’t work’ because I know that. I already told you he’s a Capsicle because he’s cool and part of team Cap.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Says the guy who’s been called a 'stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork’,” you reminded him and he burst out, laughing. It was funny when he read it on Jimmy Kimmel’s segment 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, and it was funny every time you reminded him. “You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I wouldn’t love a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork like yourself.” You teased him, then giggled when he pulled his hand out of your to wrapped an arm around you and squeeze you tightly against him. He pressed his lips against the side of your head, then whispered with a smile on his lips.

“I’m lucky to have you love me, period.”

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Part 5D

why my top 11 is my top 11


- first of all, he’s not all about visuals
- really talented even though mnet doesnt want to show his talent
- you can see that he dances really well and sings relatively well ( reevaluation got him in B class which is still pretty good) + his voice when he raps is dEEp;
-gugugaga, jeojang, winkboy

-sex god
-super cute off stage but charismatic on stage;
-attitude during reevaluation where he accepted the fact that rappers have to sing really made me like him that much more;
-also got resorted to class A which clearly shows his talent in singing and dancing + he’s originally a rapper so he can do singing, dancing and rapping AMAZING;

-this boy got so much hate because of his “greedy and boastful” attitude but pulled through it with a strong attitude and bright smile
-sososos admirable for his attitude and talent when he’s only 16 (intl age )
-can rap,sing,dance,compose, write lyrics BASICALLY EVERYTHING;
-was center for a fucking reason STOP HATING ON THE POOR BOY

-boy rose to 6th place from 70+ for a reason;
-so charismatic on stage his stage presence is really no joke my eyes just follow all his movements
-snaggletooth is so charming i die everytime
-secretly a beagle and all the trainees love him because of his hyper personality
-dances well OBVIOUSLY, his deep voice when he raps gets me shook everytime plus he sings fairly well i mean he WAS in A class even after reevaluation

- trainee for 5 years and his skills reflect that ;
-sings well dances well so stable during live;
-visuals for days fuck korean beauty standards he’s amazing
-seems to be well liked by the other trainees and his determination is so endearing i love

6.ONG sungwoo
-variety god what is produce 101 without ong;
-slate legend
-triple threat with dance, vocals and visuals
-what is there to not love about ong
-“even his name is perfect” -park sungwoo
-moodmaker and puts everyone in a good mood which is always a plus point
-everyone loves ong

-vocal god
-who says he isnt idol material because he’s been in all the iconic teams (justice league, downpour and never)
- main vocal material, can even rap well ( refer to never team’s trip to cube and his recording)
-laughter is iconic and pLEASING TO THE EARS whoever says otherwise FIGHT ME

-may not be talented but can achieve anything with effort
-slipped into the A-class life from D as a result of his hard work even after the trainer told him he had no talent
-personality seems so endearing and soft, actual cinnamon roll PLEASE
-eats raw egg yolk and makes omelettes instead when told to make meringue
-(also JINSEOB/WOOSEOB/HYUNGJIN idk but he’s cute with woojin)

-vocals are great, can dance fairly well according to donghyun
-is well liked by trainees because of his 빙구 (dumb??) personality HAHA
-too talented to let go KNETS PLEASE
-also super cute with jaehwan LMAO recall what’s in the box video please

-if you look past his memesung™ personality, is actually super talented and hardworking
-can sing so well please refer to downpour peformance
-soso encouraging and nice to all the trainees ( they call him eomma or ahjumma LMAO)
-moodmaker and always takes responsibility for his dongsaengs I JUST LOVE JISUNG SO MUCH

-boy is so hardworking and always does his best
-personality is so endearing and doesnt take his anger out on others just makes people laugh
-his endearing actions when he kept getting moved to other teams is what made him rank 3rd and also what pushed him up my bias list ;-;
-vocals are on POINT and dances so well and don’t underestimate my boy’s visuals also

,,,, OKAY THATS ALL !! literally took so long to write this tbh but i realllyyyyy hope this is the lineup even though i know the possibility is close to zero because my lineup doesnt include jonghyun or baejin or minhyun or guanlin ;-;;;;;;