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humans are weird -- adhd.

So after reblogging literally every single “humans are weird” post that came on my dash I decided it’s time to make my own!

Consider the following;

Humans are already weird space orcs that like either worship the term “fuck it” or make sacrifices to the ship’s rulebook, basically. They have a strict series of social interactions that even distinguish themselves between cultures. Deviation is rare, and sometimes ostracized, no matter how seemingly arbitrary.

So when the ship of the Vyrg’s first human shows up, they were expecting a smiling (humans smile for a lot of the time) human who will shake their first right hand.
Instead, they got a messy, spaced out creature whose hair was falling in their face and whose things were overflowing from their arms, all seemingly hobbies and random trinkets. A backpack hung on their back.

Their first words were accompanied with a (sheepish…the captain thought) smile;
“Sorry, I overslept and I forgot deployment was today! And I forgot my saline for my contacts back in my room but we’ve got to take off, right?”

Great. The crew got a dumb one.

Or so they thought, until their human explained the entire summary of how their ship’s mechanics worked, and fixed their left engine to work at maximum capacity in record time. The human followed it up with a seemingly random tangent about something called the “Stonewall Riots” and “gay rights”.

“Sorry,” Human-Clara said.
“A bit of light just reflected here and it looked like a rainbow and it made me think of it.”
Human-Clara had a tendency to speak either so fast they ran out of breath, or with so many pauses it sounded like they were gathering their scattered thoughts at that moment.

Life with Human-Clara was – odd. They kept to themselves mostly, quietly chatting with crew mates on certain days or absorbed in their transponder for others. Sometimes they would walk out of their room so wholly absorbed in yet another new hobby that the Captain feared xe’d never pull them out of it. The crew never saw a hobby finished. Sometimes when they were spoken to, Human-Clara responded slowly and distractedly, eyes distant and far away as if still thinking of something else. They regularly forgot to eat, or sleep, or take care of themselves if they were absorbed in something else. Directions had to be written down or sent to their transponder. The Captain learned to be patient, as Human-Clara seemed to excel with patience.

Human-Clara was also oddly sensitive. It was quite a culture shock for them to learn that the Vyrg didn’t really have a notion of “friends” other than immediate family, and was almost – crushed, for a few days, the Vyrg’s usual polite friendliness not enough. They seemed depressed when their crazy, thousand-lightyears-an-hour tangents weren’t paid attention to, so the crew began to adapt, and things became much more harmonious.

Sometimes Human-Clara got angry. They were terrifying when angry. It lasted only a few seconds, really. They would blow up, the explosion big enough to scare even the Captain, and after the explosion, be calm in seconds afterwards.

Stimulant chemicals made them sleepy, which the Vyrg thought was adorable. They watched videos of what they called “stims”, and flapped their hands when they were happy, and slapped them quickly and repeatedly on flat surfaces when they were really excited about knowing something. These were “stims” too. The Vyrg wasn’t sure what these “stims” were, really, but they seemed to regulate Human-Clara, emotionally.

Then they got another Human, Human-Steve. Human-Steve was often condescending in their remarks, saying that if Human-Clara “tried”, they could concentrate. It was then that the Vyrg learned what “attention deficit hyperactive disorder, primarily inattentive” was.

They panicked, a little. Was their first human sick?

“No,” Human-Clara explained. “It’s just where the connections in my brain are different, so some things I do differently. Human-Steve doesn’t have that, so he doesn’t understand”.

The Vyrg didn’t either, but their previous methods of interaction worked just fine, so they kept using those.

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Zelda in BotW is an amazing character. If I had to make a list of the 10 best characters in the LoZ games, I have a hard time imagining she wouldn’t be on it. And nearly everything I’ve seen from other people who have played the game has been bursting with positivity and appreciation for this Zelda. 

However, I’m unfortunately not surprised to have eventually run across someone calling her “a miserable cunt” and a “shitty little shit bag” who is “demoralizing [Link] into oblivion” with over 100 people liking/reblogging their post. 

There are a couple of things to say in response to this. For starts, Jesus christ calm down. It’s wild to me how ready people are to hate characters for almost anything (and it overwhelmingly happens with female characters–jeez I wonder why). And second, did we even play the same game? Because you know what the WORST we ever saw Zelda acting towards Link was? 

That’s… that’s it. She told him she didn’t need an escort and shouted at him to stop following her. And this wasn’t just the worst that Zelda ever acted towards Link. It was also the ONLY time we saw her shouting at him or being mean to him. Was it rude/crummy/something Link didn’t deserve? Totally. Was it her being ~a miserable shitty little shit bag cunt that fucking destroyed Link’s sense of self worth~? Hell no. How the hell do you extrapolate THAT MUCH out of such a small scene? 

Just to help paint a larger, and more negative picture of Zelda, let’s talk about another memory. In the first memory, which was of Zelda preforming the ceremony to appoint Link as her knight, Zelda was acting very clearly depressed during the whole thing. That would have conveyed to Link how unhappy Zelda was with him being her knight, which would have surely made Link feel shitty. So there, that’s something else people who hate this Zelda can point to. But you know what? If you want to analyze things like this, Link also made Zelda feel shitty. Oh, sure, we all know that Link made Zelda feel shitty because of her own insecurities about being a failure of a royal princess while Link had successfully become the master of the Master Sword. But Link’s own behavior also made Zelda feel shitty. We saw in the third memory that Zelda would try to talk normally with Link. Talking casually and cheerfully about making adjustments to one of the Divine Beasts because that’s what she was passionate about! But Link… would never say anything back in response. He was silent. He was her appointed knight, but he wouldn’t even talk to her when she tried to talk to him. In fact, at that point Link had NEVER spoken to Zelda, as she expressed in her diary 

Imagine if their situations were reversed, and we saw Link talking to Zelda and Zelda refusing to respond to him and just staring at him with a blank expression–and then Link wrote in his diary about how stressful that was for him and how it made him feel like she thought he was a failure and hated him. The people who hate BotW Zelda would be jumping on that as an example of what a bitch Zelda was to Link. Even though when Link did it to Zelda, there’s no problem whatsoever apparently. Link was just a smol little precious angel that was cowering beneath Zelda’s “toxic belittling and dominance,” as one person described it. 

(And real quick… you know who was ACTUALLY “belittling” and “demoralizing” Link? Fucking Revali. You know, the guy who would walk right up to Link and go on a giant, passive aggressive and mockery-filled rant at Link about how he’s better than Link and Link doesn’t deserve the expectations that others have of him. I still think Revali is a solid character because it’s good to have a diverse cast with varied personalities and different relationship dynamics with each other. But for crying out loud, how is anyone going to hate on Zelda for how she acted towards Link early on when Revali was there being a straight up dick with 0 tragic character motivation behind him to make us sympathetic to why he acted like such a wad?) 

Of course I don’t believe that Link deserves any hate for being silent around Zelda for so long. Just like how I don’t believe that Zelda deserves any hate for the way she acted towards and felt about Link in the early memories. They were two youths who had the weight of the world placed upon their shoulders. Link’s ability to express himself was crushed by the weight of the expectations and judging eyes of everyone around him. Zelda lost her mother, was denied expressions of love from her father, was terrified that she was a failure who would doom the world to destruction because of her inability to access her powers, and was was stuck with a successful, brilliant knight who she assumed hated her and had no way of being told otherwise because HE WOULDN’T EVEN TALK TO HER. 

But despite all that the two became close. Link saved Zelda’s life. Zelda reevaluated how she thought of him and even apologized for her past behavior 

Zelda made an effort and kept talking to him, trying to get him to open up to her. And eventually he did, and she was able to learn the reason why he wouldn’t talk to her, or anyone, in the past. They traveled together. She examined his wounds after battle. They went out to collect specimens in the fields together. Zelda tried to get Link to lick a frog in the name of science. Link taught Zelda how to bond with her horse. They saw their home fall to Calamity Ganon and learned of the deaths of their family and friends. Their world collapsed. They fled. They defended each others’ lives, each saving the other. Zelda spent 100 years suffering alone to contain the abomination that destroyed their land while Link recovered from the injuries he gained protecting her. They fought together again. They freed Hyrule from 100 years of darkness and set out once again to rebuild their kingdom together. 

But yeah. Zelda was such a cunt, right? 

I mean, you can’t please everyone. That’s just to be expected. People are different. People have different attitudes and values, and like and enjoy different things, so there’s no piece of media that everyone will have the same thoughts and feelings on. It’s like how on the Nintendo eShop, BotW for the Wii U has 4719 five star reviews… and 21 one star reviews. You can’t please everyone. But again, jesus christ some people are just ready to violently hate Zelda for having extremely well developed character flaws and a rocky start to her relationship with Link that was the result of both of their individual issues clashing and preventing them from connecting and understanding each other even though they both felt nearly the exact same way. And even if you want to insist that everything bad about their early relationship was 100% Zelda’s fault alone, I wonder how Zelda could possibly make up for it… maybe putting in the effort to develop a very positive relationship with Link, saving his life just as he had saved hers, and spending 100 years in Ganon Jail would be enough to make up for it? 

…nah. You’ve got to imprison yourself for at least TWO HUNDRED years to make up for telling someone to stop following you one time. Totally. 

this is just a reminder to take some pressure off of yourself. you don’t need to act a certain way or be around certain people if you don’t feel like they are helping you be your best. you don’t need to guilt yourself or hurt yourself in order to improve. things are hard. and sometimes other things make already difficult things even harder to accomplish. i know this is vague but i rlly just wanna make this universal. forgive yourself. for anything you’re feeling shitty about right now, i want you to hold your own hand for a second and realize that anything that you feel bad about doesn’t make YOU bad. take any rough experiences you’ve had and realize maybe you weren’t your best then. but you can grow from that if you allow that hard time to teach you something. YOU ARE SO CAPABLE. i have learned to let go of a lot of the anger and frustration i used to hold so tightly that it started to eat me up. but i am a different person now. and i was never bad to begin with. its just my truth then is different than it is now. LET YOURSELF GROW FROM DRY SOIL. WATER YOURSELF. we are all immensely flawed. that’s okay! we just all have to accept it and strive to be the best we can be because in the end thats really one of the few things that actually matters.

Pregnancy sentence starters

“Y’know, with all your symptoms, it kind of sounds like you might be pregnant.”
“There’s no harm in taking a test, just to know for sure…”
“Morning sickness still pretty bad, I’m assuming?”
“Do you… think you might be pregnant?”
“I know you’ve been feeling pretty shitty, want me to skip work and rub your back?”
“You have to take it easy.”
“Oh my god, we’re going to be parents!”
“Are you pregnant again…?”
“Loving another baby with you would be easy.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“How far along are you?”
“If you’re tired you need to sleep, honey.”
“What did the test say?”
“Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? Or both? Or two of each?”
“I’m pretty sure they call it morning sickness because they want to lie to you and say it’ll only last in the morning so you’ll procreate.”
“Did you throw up again? I can come home early and cuddle with you.”
“I should be recording this for the baby.”
“I mean, someone has to hold your hair.”
“Oh my god! I just felt it kick!”
“Are you SURE it’s a boy/girl or is this just another one of your intuitions?”
“Are you excited?”
“Yeah, growing a person inside you doesn’t sound fun at all.”

[3rd year heroes - part 2]


♧He has grown a goatee that apparently only he and Izuku like. “That’s very manly, Eijirou!” “You think so? Thanks, man! No one has said a word about it…”

♧He has gotten taller than Katsuki (3 glorious centimeters) and his best friend never stopped being pissed about it. “It doesn’t even matter. With that fucking hair, it’s useless anyway.”

♧He’s such a close friend to Tsuyu, Denki and Minoru teased him for all of their second year saying they knew for sure he had a huge crush on her. He most certainly didn’t.

♧Even if they aren’t pro yet, he’s really popular on the internet (probably an effect of his early debut during his first year).

♧He currently holds the title of arm-wrestling master. He’s undefeated.

♧Kyouka accidentally discovered he used to play guitar in middle school and ever since she kind of ordered him to show her what he could do, he started playing again. They sometime improvise punk-rock concerts with Kyouka as the best drummer in the world and Denki as an unexpected good vocalist.

♧The girls have a top 5 of most attractive guys of their class and Eijirou is n.2 “Don’t tell anyone I told you.” “Pinky promise, Tsuyu. But… who’s number one?” “My mouth is sealed.”


♢Denki cut his hair a little bit at the end of his second year, for no particular reason.

♢He has to wear glasses during class ‘cause he started to see blurry from a distance. He surprisingly got confessed to when he started wearing them. He had to decline the girl, though. Why he did it, he’s not sure. He has dropped the whole “I’m an horny teenager” thing a long time ago (some - Kyouka - would say that’s bullshit).

♢He daily challenges Eijirou at arm wrestling and loses miserably. “You should stop. That’s not good for your self esteem, man.” “What do you know?” “Eijirou’s right. You can’t even beat Ochako. What the fuck are you trying to accomplish?” “Blow me, Katsuki.” “Heh, you wish.” “Ugh, hell no.” “Guys, please…”

♢Despite telling everyone once a day he isn’t going to charge their phones for them, he sleeps with at least four plugs in his mouth every night.

♢He and Fumikage are the best cooks in their class. His specialty is Indian food.

♢Every time he goes back home and he’s alone, he spends half an hour explaining to his parents that no, Jirou-chan is not here ‘cause we are not together, stop that already.

♢He steals (and consequently risks his life) Katsuki’s t-shirts and sleeps in them and drools on them.


♤He now uses contact lenses instead of glasses on a daily basis. Mei has designed a pair of fighting glasses for him but he wears them only with his hero costume.

♤His hands have become even more frantic and uncontrolled. One time, he accidentally slapped Denki during a particularly heated conversation.

♤He’s class president again, after Momo took his place during their second year.

♤According to Aizawa, he’s the one who has improved the most in hand-to-hand fighting.

♤He’s always concerned for Izuku’s well being. “How did you sleep, Izuku?” “Just fine, mom.”

♤He was close to beating Eijirou at arm-wrestling but got distracted and lost. He never tried again (and Eijirou is grateful. He likes being a champion!)

♤He wants to hurry up and graduate already, 'cause he has to replace his brother (even though he’s reluctant to take his place per se. “It’s fine by me, Tenya.” “I will do my best!”)


the secret list
5. hitoshi (yes, he’s with them since their second year) - the ever imperturbable tsuyu once saw him with his hair down and she couldn’t stop blushing for an hour straight.

4. denki - “I don’t want him on the list, he’s ridiculous.” “You just say that because you like him, Kyouka-chan.” “Shut it, Momo. You can’t talk, with the way you look at Shouto.” “Wha-”

3. katsuki - “Are we sure?” “Yeah, despite everything you have to admit he’s good looking.” “Yeah, he’s good at looking like he eats kittens for lunch.” “Shush, Ochako.”

2. eijirou - “Let’s be honest: he’s n.2 just because-” “Yes, just because number 1 exists.”

1. shouto - no words are needed.

{ Izuku, Katsuki and Todoroki }

Guilty - Part 1

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Alternate Ending I | Alternate Ending II | Alternate Ending III

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 2,548 words

Pairing: Reader x Baekhyun / Reader x Kai

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find yourself getting more and more frustrated with Kai as he keeps hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Krystal, against your wishes. Your solution? Hang out with Baekhyun instead.

You sat at the bar, twirling your straw around in your drink. Your friends would be meeting you soon but you’d arrived early. Perhaps, maybe, too early. You were already halfway through your second cocktail, drinking through your frustrations.

The bar was just starting to get more crowded since it was getting closer to the prime bar hours. You were sitting by yourself, the seats next to you currently unoccupied. Your phone suddenly vibrated, signaling that your friend Mina texted you back, We’re stuck in traffic. BUT we’re almost there!

You smiled. Of course everyone was late when you’d arrived early. You weren’t complaining though, as you were enjoying your cocktail. You took another sip as you stared into your phone. It was so frustrating.

“Why do you look so miserable?” called a familiar voice from behind you. It was Baekhyun. He was the first of your friends to arrive. He sat in the seat next to you, with a cocktail of his own.

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What is Love?

Request: “ Can you plz do a one shot where the reader is best friends with Damian, Jon and Billy, but she’s in love with Damian and is really awkward and doesn’t understand emotions ”

Pairings: Damian Wayne x Reader, Jon Kent x Friend!Reader, Billy Batson x Friend!Reader

Warnings: swearing.. i’m sorry it’s a fucking habit at this point.. whops..

a/n: i tried.

You were at the watchtower hanging out with your three best friends, but a certain Kent made things the exact opposite of fun. “You like him!” Jon shouted throughout the room as you gave him a ‘seriously?’ look. He ran around you like a child on Christmas. You face was lightly flustered as Jon chanted ‘(y/n) likes Damian!’.

You honestly did not know if you like him or not. You loved his company and conversations, but have a crush on him? You were not quite sure. You have seen how love has blossomed a few times now, but you still did not understand it. You saw this one person say some nice things and the other person say some nice things then love would flourish. Other times, they would say some mean things towards each other and end up making out. This made no sense, at all. Damian’s older brother, Dick, said that love was simple, but complicated. That did not help at all either.

Love was an intricate manifestation of adoration towards another creature, but at the same time a series of snags and misfortunes.

Jon’s screams finally brought you out of your thoughts. You stood and grabbed Jon by the shoulder stopping him from running around.“I don’t like him, okay?” You sigh letting go of his shoulder.

“Then why are you less mean to him?” Jon questioned crossing his arms.

“He’s much more mature.” You replied in an obvious and sassy tone.

“That’s true, but I’m much taller.” Jon replied proudly, puffing his chest. You rolled your eyes and smiled.

“Okay, well that’s true.” You said as a chuckle escaped your lips. Suddenly, a small young boy seemed to discreetly sneak into your conversation. Damian stood by the door frame glaring at Jon.

“I swear on my honor, Kent, if you don’t stop making that joke, I’m going to rip your tongue out.” Damian says walking towards you two. You just laughed at Jon’s revelation. Although, You loved your three best friends it was fun to see Damian and Jon fight about simple things, such as height. Damian put an arm on your shoulder and face immediately flushed red.

“And you need to stop terrorizing (y/n) with your nonsense.” He continues his arm still dangling over your shoulder.

This wasn’t normal. You didn’t even believe that Damian would ever do such a thing. Damian realized this and quickly, but subtly took his arm off. You both looked away from each for a moment, looking in completely different directions. Jon just smirked at both of your obliviousness towards each other.

“It’s not nonsense it’s advice.” Jon answered looking you straight in the eye, with that stupid grin. You shook your head at him slowly all while giving him a death glare. You pushed Damian behind you and blocked him from whatever Jon was going to say.

“It is nonsense, now stop.” You growled at him and with that another boy entered. Another boy who insisted your infatuation towards the robin. Shazam, or more notably as his form right now, Billy Batson.

This was perfect, absolutely perfect. It was just what you needed.

“I see the two are together.” He mumbles walking towards Jon. Jon just nods and Billy’s response is a simple sigh, but simple things can make big differences. His eyes lit up like Jon’s running frenzy a while ago, a child on Christmas day. He nudged Jon and glanced at the door. Jon eyes lit up as well and he nodded once again.

“Well, I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Anyone else?” Billy asked walking towards the door.

“Didn’t you jus-”

“Me! Let’s go.” Jon raised his hand. They both exited the room and shut the door. Now, you were left awkwardly in the room with a person who you possibly like. You could leave, but it would just leave Damian lonely.

“What the hell was he talking about?” Damian asked walk sitting down on a chair. You sat down as well and took a deep breath. “He kept on teasing me because I liked you.” You paused for a moment to see Damian’s reaction. His face went completely burned up, but he somehow still managed to look you in eyes.

“But uhm, no offense, but I’m not sure if I do.” You said looking down. Something broke in Damian’s heart, but either way he was determined to help you get your feelings sorted.

“Why not?” He was barely uttered. He was still in shock, because of your confession. At the same time he was shattered on the subject of not truly knowing whether or not you loved him. He knew he loved you, he admitted it to himself for months already. Honestly, He was trying his best not to break the

“Well, what exactly is love?” You asked looking back at him. You were looking at each other deeply, both relishing the moment. He did not know how to say this. He did not know how to explain love himself, but he tried his best.

“Well, it’s when someone just takes away your breath in a good way and she makes you feel less shitty and not want to kill the rest of humanity. She gives you hope. Essentially,she just makes everything feel alright.”  He gave a slight smile hoping he at least lightened the situation. You were in awe at the poetic description of what he felt Love was. Your mind was set and you were ready to reveal your feelings.

“Oh, then I’m sorry Dami, If this is going to turn out to be a bit awkward.” You trailed off quietly. In that moment his tiny heart was definitely crushed into a million pieces.He smile turned into a quiet frown.

You pulled his face closer to yours, and planted a kiss on his lips. He was surprised at first, but then eventually went along with it. He caressed your cheek gently which made you feel safe.It felt true, passionate and right. You knew now that you genuinely did love him, you were just scared such a terrifying thing. You both pulled away.

“Don’t worry that wasn’t awkward.” He replied with the biggest grin on his face.

“I guess I should thank Billy and Jon.”

Third Wheel: Bonus. Part 6

You thought i forgot about this don’t you?  #LetLanceBuildANest2k17

Also, i think i’m getting “faster” to write? i wrote this today in my free time. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 
Part 5

Ao3: Click me to read. 

Shiro and Keith took things slow as they promised and even started courting Lance the right way, bringing him small gifts of things they collected from the planets they saved.  They were sweet and respectful with him,and  always tried to be attentive to never overpass any of Lance’s boundaries. 

Of course, things weren’t that easy. Lance was still hurt and some days, even when the alphas were trying their best, it just wasn’t enough for the omega. Shiro and Keith had bad days too. The anger and guilt just becoming too much for them to handle, making them snap at each other resulting in awful fights. Sometimes they avoid Lance, afraid of snapping at him too. But this only made the omega angry, because they were only doing exactly what they promised not to do. 

Three months passed before they could find a balance in their relationship. Too many tears were shed in the process, and they yelled to each other too many times to count. 

They experienced many things together. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Shiro and Keith brokedown a few times, thinking they weren’t good alphas and didn’t deserve anyone. Lance sometimes thought it was better to give everything up. 

But everything was worth it in the end. 

Lance trusted his alphas more, and this time he could finally say that he felt a part of them. Keith and Shiro were… Simply amazing with him. What they had now it was completely different than before. This was real, they truly cared. Even his friends could see the change. 

It wasn’t 2 + 1, it was 3.

But, even when they were in a much better place now and Lance could see the alphas loved him as much as he loved them, they still had a little something they needed to resolved.

The alphas were getting worried. They had been searching for Lance for the last 20 minutes with no success. At first they were only curious about the whereabouts of their mate, but as more time passed, the worry only grew in them.

He wasn’t hanging out with Pidge or Hunk or Blue, and he wasn’t cleaning with Coran or talking with the Pirncess. 

Now, they were totally ok with Lance doing whatever he wanted with in his free time and not giving them any explinations. But the castle wasn’t exactly safe. They have had intruders before, and let’s not forget when the castle was haunted once. 

So yes, Shiro and Keith were a bit worried. They needed to see if their mate was safe and sound. And there was a place they haven’t checked yet.

His room. 

The alphas could hear music from Lance’s room in the halls. Shiro felt relief, ‘We should’ve come here in the first place’, he thought.. Keith rapidly went and knock the door. But the omega never opened.

“He can’t hear us, the music is too loud. Maybe we should leave?”

“But what if he fell? And he’s hurt? Or what if he’s sad and that’s why he’s here on his own?” Keith said with a frown. Shiro sighed, and put a hand on Keith’s shoulder. He always thought the worst about every sitaution thanks to his anxiousness.

“He’s ok, Keith. Maybe he wants space.” But he knew the younger alpha, he needed to see their lover by himself. “Let’s go and say hi, ok?”

Shiro put his hand on the wall and activate a little panel. He pushed some buttons and after a few seconds the door opened. Lance didn’t hear them going in. He was to focus on his current task. 

Keith just raised an eyebrows in confusion. The smell in Lance’s room was sweet and made his mouth water, but he couldn’t understand what the omega was doing. Even when he felt a strange need to go and grab the omega to lay on his bed and cuddle, he couldn’t get why he had so many things there. The place looked quite messy and Lance was doing the opposite of cleaning..

Shiro looked at Lance with tenderness when he realised what the omega was doing. He was trying his best to make his nest as big and comfortable as possible. It was pretty, to be honest. Plain, since the pillows and sheets of the castle were only white. But pretty in his own way. Or maybe it was Shiro’s alphaness talking.

Shiro also managed to see a few of his and Keith’s shirts on Lance’s bed. He smiled.

“Oh, so that’s where my favorite shirt is.”

Shiro’s voice brought Lance back to reality. He turned around and looked at the alphas with wide eyes. Shiro’s sweet smile made his heart jump with happiness, but when he saw Keith’s expression… His eyes filled with tears and he went into full defensive mode.

“Get out. ” His voice was cold, and it took them completely by surprise.


“I said get out! Get out of my room!” He threw one of his pillow at them. “I want him out!” Lance pointed at Keith and the alpha looked hurt and confused. Did he do something to upset his mate?

“Baby, what’s wrong?”  Shiro asked putting himself in between his two lovers.

“He destroyed my nest!”  Lance was crying now. He looked so sad that Shiro felt his heart shrinking at the sight.

Keith felt awful. He had hurt his mate? But how? “But, but i never–?” He was stuttering. 

Not again, please i promised not to hurt and i did it again oh my god.’

“You did! You destroy my nest! And i didn’t even give you permission to see it last time! Now you both are here, and you will destroy it again!”

“Lance, baby, relax. Nobody will touch your nest. Do you want us to get out? We can talk about this on the halls.” Lance only shook his head. He looked angry now. “Ok, ok, what if you both talk about this? I’m sure Keith didn’t mean to do it? Maybe it’s a mistake? ” He prayed it was a misunderstanding. Becuase destroying an omega’s nest, their omega’s nest, was something he wouldn’t forgive so easily. “Keith?”

The alpha jumped and looked at Shiro with worry. “I, i don’t know? i don’t remember destroying a nest?”

“You destroyed mine! You came into my room, moved everything from its place, took your sheets and then left!” 

Keith’s eyes opened with surprise. Oh no, he remembered now.

“Oh my God, that was your nest? Lance, oh God i’m so sorry–!”

“Are you saying my nest is ugly?! That’s why you destroyed it?!” Keith shook his head trying to find the words. No, this was wrong. 

Shiro saw Keith confused for a moment, how could he not realised it was a nest? Unless– 

“Lance wait! Keith truly didn’t know it was a nest! Your nest!” Of course, how could he forget?

“How could he not know?!”

“Because i grew up in a house full of alphas! I never had any omega friends before you! My mom… She left when i was very young. And the only friends i had while growing up were alphas and betas.”

“But you learnt about nests in school!” Lance said still looking angry.

“Lance, i was home school before attending to the Garrison… And in the Garrison we never had classes about AOB dynamics because we were supposed to know that already.” Now it was turn for the ometa to started at him with surprise.

“… Oh. That… Actually…  makes so much sense.” He said after a few seconds. 

“Yeah… I never meant to do that to your nest… I know it’s not a good excuse… But i never saw a nest before yours? I just thought your bed smelled pretty and that i wanted to cuddle there, but i thought i was tired. Not instincs talking, you know?”

Lance sighed and tried to clear the tears from his face. “So, you’re not an asshole. Just an idiot… That’s good to know.”

“Hey!” Keith’s face was red and Shiro was smiling.

“No, but really. This explains a lot. You are an awkward alpha. That’s why you were so weird when we met. You whole existence makes so much sense now!” Shiro was fully laughing now and Keith punched him completely embarrased. Lance joined the laughter and Keith just groaned, looking at his boyfriends having fun with the whole situation.

“Well, are you done laughing at me?” He asked them with a frown. “I want to make it up to you Lance… I feel shitty for making you feel like that. Even when i know very little about nests, i know they are a really big deal to omegas. So… Tell what can i do to try to fix this.”  Keith looked serious with this and Lance looked at him for a few seconds before answering.

“You don’t need to do–”

“Of course i need to do something. You were really upset about it. So it’s important to you. Let me fix my mistake.” The omega jumped a little surprised by how committed Keith seemed. He shared a looked with Shiro, who only gave him a soft smile and shrug.

“Just… Let us help with your nest? We can try to bring you things if you need.” Offered the older alpha.

“Oh… That actually sounds like a good idea.”

“Ok, then it’s settled! We can get you more blankets if you like?”

“Actually, i want pillows. So many pillows! I mean, there’s three of us, right? “He said with a blush on his cheeks. Maybe his alphas weren’t allowed to go into his nest before, but now that everything was cleared out he couldn’t wait to have them near to him. The alphas eyes shined and nodded with enthusiasm. "Ok! Go to Allura’s room and steal some of her pillows. She has the comfiest ones in the whole castle.”

Lance’s nest was… Beautiful. 

Maybe it wasn’t colorful, or had the finest sheets in the whole galaxy. But it was comfy, and the best of all? He had his two beautiful alphas sleeping by his side.

They had… a bad beggining, and what they lived together was not a love story. It was sad and cruel, and things got really ugly before they could even phanthom having a future together. But Lance gave them a chance, and Shiro and Keith did their best every single day to prove him how much they cared for him.

“I love you… ” Shiro whispered.

“I love you.” Keith said after him, giving Lance a little kiss on the lips.

No, the path Lance choose was not an easy one. But they all made their best efforts to make their relationship work. To build something beautifuil, healthy and full of love. 

No, they weren’t perfect. They were all human, after all. But they gave their everything and their love for each other was real.

“I love you too, guys.”

And for Lance this was enough.




Oh god, i’m so happy i did this chapter! Hope you like this guys! Also, do you know how hard it is to write when you dog decides to sleep on your lap with their head resting on your hand? Yeah, not an easy thing to do. Well, whatever. 

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Okay. Stop.

Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t.

All the people around you can and will (which is normal), including the ones you care about the most, of course.

But you? Nope. Absolutely not.

Why? Because you’re wrong.

You can do it. You can.

Sure it may look like you’re at the end of the line but just stop for a minute. Look at where you’re standing now, and look how far you’ve gone.

All that crap thrown at you and that you’ve trudged through all this time.

You did that. YOU.

And I don’t know about you but, that is awesome.

And you know what else is awesome about that? You’re still here.

And if you’re still reading this, then I’m willing to bet that you’ll still be here later. Or tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Or the day after that.

People will doubt you. Maybe not at first, but once they do, it’s usually a continuous downpour from there. The people you love are usually the last ones, too, because they’re the ones closest to having the patience of saints. Terrible timing, isn’t it?

And it hurts. GOD, does it hurt. To have all of them look at you and think that all the effort you’ve made wasn’t worth it? That everything you did was ‘exaggerated’ and ‘unnecessary’? Nothing can literally make you feel more like shit than that.

But here’s the thing. You’re still here. I know, I said that already, but that fact alone is what makes this all so amazing.

Despite everything, you’re still pushing yourself. You’re still reading this and you’re still fighting.

That is amazing.

You are amazing.

So please don’t doubt yourself. You may not know it yet, but pretty soon, everything will be okay.

And if you really feel like giving up, then okay. Sure. But I certainly won’t. (And trust me, that’s gonna be annoying as hell so better just forget about giving up entirely)

Don’t doubt yourself. If you do, then that’s unfortunate because I don’t.

I believe in you.

You can do it. :)

 i can’t sleep and this happens… hope all of you like it?? links to the fanfics mentioned under the cut.

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Starting today, I am running a year long series for students who are going into post secondary education this September. I will be releasing a new post on the 5th of each month, which will be specifically targeted to the phase that a lot of students will be in at the time. This month’s topic is… 

Choosing a University! 

I know there are a lot of posts out there telling people what to include in their spreadsheets and documents. I thought I would make a post sharing what I think are the most important factors to consider, versus which ones are overrated. This is purely based on my own experiences and the experiences of my friends, so everything in it might not apply equally to everyone. (Sorry this post is going to be long as hell).

Most Important Factors

These are the things that I believe are so important that they can make or break your decision to go to a school. 

  1. Major: To me, this is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a school. If they don’t offer your prospective major, you should think really hard about going there. It may feel like you are settling for a major you don’t want before you even start, which is a shitty feeling. Also, because a lot of people change their minds about what they want to major in, it may be wise to make sure there are two or three faculties the school offers that interest you. 
  2. Financial aid: This one is definitely second on my list because it can kind of make the decision for you. If your dream school is way out of your budget and doesn’t have a good financial aid package, you may want to start looking elsewhere. 
  3. Location: Being close to family and friends is way underrated when you are going into first year. A lot of people think that because you are entering post-secondary, its time to completely grow up and leave your family and hometown behind. But this can backfire! If you are really close to your family and friends at home, love where you live, etc. location can be a big factor. 
  4. First year retention rate. This is the one statistic that I think can show a lot about a school. If a lot of people transfer out after first year, it can be a bit of a red flag.
  5. The type of people and atmosphere. This might seem not as important, but knowing the type of school that you are going to be in is crucial to understanding if you will fit in there in the future. I suggest looking into whether or not it is a party school, if it is fiercely academic and very competitive, whether it is a diverse school with international students, whether students tend to have part-time jobs. These kind of things can give you a sense of whether or not you will fit in. 

Semi-Important Things 

These are the things that I think can help you make a decision, but shouldn’t be the basis of one. Think of these as added bonuses. 

  1. Extra-curriculars. Unless you are deeply devoted to a certain sport or club and intend to pursue it throughout uni and into adulthood, the specific of extracurriculars offered probably doesn’t need to make or break your decision. As long as a school has a wide variety of clubs, teams, and other opportunities, you will likely find something to join. 
  2. Things to do in the area. Unless you are heading out into an unpopulated area, there will be things to do wherever you go. Most cities that are big enough to have a university will also have some shopping, a movie theater, a few bars, and some restaurants. A lot of students don’t have time or money in first year to be going out every single night anyways. 
  3. Where you can get a job. Like above… if it is a university town, there will be part time jobs available. Even if you can’t transfer from your current job or your dream job isn’t available in the town, you can likely find some source of income. 
  4. Prestige. A lot of people fall into the trap of looking at rankings of the best schools in the country or the world. These can be a good indicator of if a school or program is well-liked and well-funded, but they can also get into your head. If you are in love with a school and it doesn’t have a top ranking, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good school or you won’t be able to get a job. Try to take rankings with a grain of salt. 
  5. Average class size. This is one stat that is hard to deal with because typically, class sizes get smaller as you get older. First year classes will be bigger than the average listed and fourth year ones will be smaller.
  6. Quality of the dorms. I have to be real here: most dorms are shitty. Also, at a lot of schools there are two or three luxurious buildings and twice as many dumps. You only have to live there for a year! Don’t let ugly looking dorms push you away or let super fancy dorms pull you in. 

Overrated Importance

These are factors that I think should be tagged on as bonuses at the end of your decision, not factors that are included in making it. 

  1. The look of the campus. I go to a university with one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever stepped foot on. But the truth is, it doesn’t affect how you learn or how good your life is. I don’t wake up in the morning and gaze at the historic buildings and the fall foliage. Once you have lived there for a month, the allure of a stunning campus can wear off. 
  2. Where your significant other is going. If you and your partner happen to choose the same school, that’s great! However, if you choose a school specifically because they are going there, it might end in disaster. I have friends who made this choice and their relationships ended within weeks of getting to school. You don’t want to have regrets because you made a choice based off of someone besides yourself! 
  3. The admission rate. If you meet the requirements for admission, don’t stress out about being accepted. I remember looking at my school’s admission rate of 41% and being so stressed, despite the fact that I had grades well above the requirements and extra-curriculars and awards on top of that. Don’t let it stress you! 
  4. Where your parents went. This is similar to the significant other issue listed above. Going to your parents alma mater can be amazing, but if you don’t already like the school, don’t let that be a persuading factor. 
  5. Whether or not the people on campus are attractive. I have seen so many articles saying that if you take a campus tour and don’t see any super hot people, you should reconsider. This makes no sense??? There is no way that you will go to a school and not see a single person that you find attractive. Like… no. 
  6. How good the professors are. If you read bad reviews about certain profs or really good reviews about others, don’t let that sway you. You might not even end up ever having that prof. You could get that prof and have an experience completely different than the reviews. If there is overwhelming evidence that the entire staff is horrible, maybe consider that. But when it comes to just a few profs you read about online… try to let it go. 

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything there is to consider, but these were just the thoughts that came to my mind based on own experience. As always, different things work for different people. 

svt reaction to you getting hit on

s.coups: would be pretty miffed and a bit irritated at the guy who was hitting on you HAHA lbr,, might or might not dm the guy with a short one liner that just says “They have a boyfriend” you’re gonna have to comfort and assure him a little (while stifling your laughter because it’s kinda cute and funny to see him get so worked up about something you thought was pretty harmless hehe)

jeonghan: WILL FULL ON FUCK WITH THE DUDE LIKE he’ll take your phone and start answering with bullshit replies and be such a fake, sweet asshole to the poor dude who decided to hit on you……… will probably end up setting you up on a fake date with the guy and show up holding your hand and being all pda and mushy, and deliberately walk past and ignore the guy. dark angel alert???

joshua: will laugh about it, but not really take it too seriously. Might bring it up teasingly in the future, but will also remember this incident because it reminds him that you’re actually (surprise surprise) attractive to other people too! I think he’ll have his guard subtly up for a while (kinda like discretely putting his hand around your waist when male waiters served you at cafes), but it wouldn’t last long before he reverts back to himself!

jun: would tease you like no other and be a bit whiny about it HAHA he wouldn’t be at all surprised to know you got hit on on Instagram because he knows you’re good looking as hell!!! but would still amp up the aegyo and be sickeningly gross and whiny, kinda like “baaaaaaabeeee,,,, do you still love me??” cue 1872034 pouts, but he doesn’t actually care that much so it’s chill!

hoshi: would get pretty pissed imo… he’d be a bit confrontational, and say that you weren’t posting enough photos of the both of you, and that that was clearly the reason other people didn’t take the hint and still hit on you.  Might escalate into a fight??  because I feel like it’s these small things that really get him kinda worked up and stuff… just assure him that you love him most and the other dude is stupid by posting a cute couple selfie and he’ll get over it.

wonwoo: would not give a shit. like maybe he’d chuckle a bit, but he wouldn’t really get that affected by it. I think it’d be pretty damn amusing for him too lol. might suggest fucking with the guy a bit, but would do it pretty casually and for the laughs. if you’re upset about it though, he’d silently take your phone to tell the guy to fuck off into a cesspool but if not he’d just be p chill about it

woozi: would laugh a bit bitterly, and be a bit grumpy for maybe a day or two. might think it was because the other guy didn’t see him as that much of a threat, and decided to hit on his s/o. just coddle up to him and watch some movies together while cuddling and he’ll be fine again. but he’ll always remember that this happened before, so he’s a tiny bit more careful when he thinks other guys are gonna try to hit you up

seokmin: “eyy, but you still love me most right?” would just laugh it off, and keep in mind that you were actually good looking to other people too! would start to see how pretty and good looking you actually were (he focused less on your looks before), and starts to compliment you more! also tries his best to be a tad cheesier.

mingyu: “hmph. I don’t wanna share you… block him!!” the Biggest Child award goes to Kim Mingyu oh my God. this boy will act like it actually didn’t bother him, and that it was no big deal to have some random dude just suddenly hit on you, but then go home and report and block this guy’s account with all of his members’ phones… he’d be alright after he does this though, so no need to fret!

minghao: is actually the most mature about it!! lolol. he nods when you tell him about it and doesn’t really care because he knows that he’s the one you’re dating and that the other dude has no chance whatsoever. he’ll only get pissed if the guy keeps pressing you for your number and selfies or smth. He’ll then step in and ask the guy to fuck off before he nunchucks his head off

seungkwan: is overly dramatic about it and hugs you for an hour because he doesn’t want you to leave. will make him feel a bit shitty about himself because he’ll realise that you’re actually super good looking so of course people would think so too, and then people who were better than him in every way would jump in and steal his girl. might talk to you about his insecurities as y’all fall asleep. just hug him a bit and reassure him that he’s the best and all will be good.

vernon: would laugh about it quite openly, because he never thought you’d actually get hit on! helps you come up with something nice to turn the guy down with, all while laughing and making small jokes about how he’d never do this kinda weird stalkerish thing. will stalk the guy’s ig and realise he has nothing to show for himself except a shitty face lmAO

dino: :00000 !!!!!! :oo0o0oOO !!! :OOO !! “did you really get hit on by a guy? do you need me to help you do anything??” and then he’d be a bit defensive and irritated, because doesn’t the other guy know you’re dating a member of seventeen? and how can someone be so shameless?? he’d just get all manly chan and be super cute. will block the guy on your account and everyone else’s accounts too

hello everyone! i’m back for a bit,, sorry for the writing hiatus, i’m super busy !! hope y’all like this! 

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love, jyn

To the sweet sweet anon about the abuser~ don’t worry! I unfollowed them and I will try my best to not reblog any of their content, tumblr is kinda weird cause I can block them but see their posts, ya know? But I will keep this in mind! 

I really do wish you the best, you don’t deserve anything that you’ve gone through and nobody should ever treat you the way they did. 

I hope you find peace, I hope your mental health gets better because that is the most important thing.

I love you!! 

I tried to make this poetic as it tumbled out but I’m not poetic when I speak in real life, we both know that. So I’m leaving the metaphors out of this because I know that they awe you but you never quite understand them and the truth is, neither do I. And I don’t quite know what I’m trying to say, all I know is that there’s something in my chest that you need to know about and it keeps tugging me when I think about you lately. We were in this together, since the beginning, since you were all curls and mischief and princess duvets. And we’re both trying to find out who we are but now we don’t really know who each other is anymore, you’re buried under who you want to be and who you should be and who the world wants you to be. The more I dig for you the more you turn away. And I know you don’t resent me but you should because I look for you in your secrets that I find stowed away in dark places and I find pieces of myself there, in an invisible pride for me that I didn’t know you still had, one that must have been there since you were three and I helped you do up your shoes. I can’t keep living in the past, I’ll wait for you to work things out, I’ll wait for you to grow. I miss my partner in crime.
—  Something I need you to know

Well. Gotta end 2016 like I ended 2015.
I wanna thank you all so much for last year and wish you very happy new year!  

anonymous asked:

Idk if this is the place to ask/vent this but I just got dumped because my boyfriend is tired of our relationship being secret (his parents won't let him date me bc I'm a trans boy). I feel like shit and it's giving me bad dysphoria as well as just general bad breakup emotions. Like if I were just cis everything would be completely fine and I just don't know how to deal with this

Lee says:

The issue isn’t your fault- you shouldn’t have to be cis. The issue is his parent’s fault- they should accept you as a trans boy. There isn’t anything you could do about his parents’ transphobia, and you can’t be blamed for the end of the relationship.

I know this is more of a vent than a question, but I want to tell you that it’s okay and valid to feel shitty. I’m sorry you have to go through this, it must feel terrible and devastating and no good. You don’t have to feel happy, something bad had just happened, and it’d be silly for someone to tell you that you should cheer up. But it’s important to remember that you can and will move on, and you will survive, and you will be happy one day. Don’t give up. 

Bad breakup emotions:

Bad dysphoria: