you want to disappear

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I always gave a damn about you and never wanted to ever get on your bedside. I always enjoyed talking to you. You got toxic and I'm not your first victim. I want you to come back so we can restart properly and just be siblings. Plus you promised me two commissions and I still want them. I'm not ever going to leave. Either you talk to me or every day I'll try to contact you. You might as well leave the internet if you think I'm going to disappear. I don't want to start some giant public fiasco.

Wow. It’s you again. With a different account. Threatening me? 🤔

Are you going tell people that I’m the toxic one? You know I have been very nice and open minded to you even it effect me badly… So badly it cause me not to eat for nearly two days or less. Remember the time you called me asshole (lost count of how much) for not replying when I was offline? Or when you called me retarded that one time then force me to say sorry to you? Then trying sweet talk to me like nothing happen? (Also the commission was canceled anyway.)

Go ahead and try reach to me with many accounts, I don’t really care, I could block you, over and over. Very easy. I don’t even get online much because I have a job to do and the only time I’m online is during free time.

And stop saying you miss me and love me after everything. Then say that you can’t sleep without me replying? Are you really obsessed with me…? 😥 oh man. I don’t understand and I don’t want to understand.

Boi I could write a long ass sentence of you. More than my essay.

Anyway Bye and if you keep going after me with another account, just remember I’m going to ignore you and block you. 🖕🚫🖕🚫🖕🚫🖕🚫🖕🚫🖕🚫🖕

You don't understand

“Why are you so self-destructive?”

You don’t know what it feels like to wake up feeling like a mistake, every single day.

To hate yourself for being not bad enough for people to believe that you needed help.

To hate your scars as you add some more.

To make yourself throw up until your throat is sore.

To starve until you almost faint.

To work the hell out until your body is strained.

To see the mirror and cry on what you see.

To drown in tears and insecurity.

I fell in love with my own misery.

Because I know that I don’t deserve to be happy.

Kill me.

The Stereotypical Types as Siblings

ENFJ: The elder sibling who’s sort of popular but like not sports/cheer popular and hates everyone else’s siblings

ENTP: The bossy elder sibling who intimidates the shit out of their younger sibling’s friends but their younger sibling loves them because they’re actually really fun to be with

ESTP: The (probably younger) sibling who never leaves the house unless it’s to play Pokemon Go and their parents are “kinda” disappointed in them

ESFJ: The “cool” sibling who /is/ the popular kid at school and does cheer and is really sweet and nice and does anything they can to get away from the annoying little play dates their younger siblings bring along

ENTJ: The elder sibling whose younger sibling’s friends are constantly intimidated by and always avoid even though they [entj] dont always mean to be that scary

ENFP: The younger sibling who everybody likes because they’re so outgoing and nice but secretly they’re emo shits

ESTJ: They’re like the second mother and annoys the shit outta their younger siblings because c'mon, why have a second mother when you have a real one yknow

ESFP: The younger sibling who’s cooler than the elder sibling (and they know it) and they have a ton of friends and wakes up with new things to talk about during breakfast every day

INTP: The sibling who their parents are the most disappointed in because they’re nothing like what their parents hoped to be like they’re good siblings but they’re just not what was supposed to happen

INTJ: The sibling who never leaves their room and has a shrine of their obsession in a corner and they always cry over their grades even though they have like straight A+’s

INFP: They’re the hippie of the family and they probably have peace signs painted in pig’s blood on their wall but they love their family so much even though they complain about them 24/7

INFJ: The elder sibling who actually hangs out with their younger siblings and watches the same tv shows as them and goes to cons n stuff probably the perfect elder sibling

ISTJ: The sibling who has their fifty friends over all the time one by one but they lowkey hate them all so they shove their friends to their siblings to deal with and their siblings are better friends with them anyway

ISTP: They’re their younger siblings’ model but also not because they’re so uncomfortable to be around at first but otherwise they’re the sibling you want to become but not have yknow

ISFP: The sibling who sorta disappears a lot but always comes back alive with some new story to tell. Most likely to become a vagabond lmao

ISFJ: The really distant sibling who’s always worried about the future and seems like they don’t really care about others but those who are close to them know that they care a whole whole lot and that they just get caught up in their work a lot

I am going to break, some time soon, im not sure when but I do know that my mind is almost saturated in all the shit, when I do I really hope you realise what you have fucking done to me, I hope you finally realise that what you do has consequences