you wanna touch too!!

I think the most evil thing with rib when people count them as they do it.

Listen though…there are twelve ribs on each side of the body making 24 RIBS MAN. Not only is it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to endure 24 individual ribs being tickled as they’re counted…

BUT the entire aspect of knowing you have to reach 24 ribs before you’re a free bird is THE WORST. There’s nothing you can do but wait the ENTIRE thing out.

And the even worse thing people do when they count tickle ribs is when they say something like:

“Ugh. You’re squirming and laughing too much, now I’ve lost count! Now you’re making me start all over again.”

While they smirk because they know oh so well just what they’re doing.

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ANA i had a dream BC in the back of the rover after sex (kill me) while it was on the beach. they opened up the top to let air in and cuddled. their faces were SO close. then he asks "do you wanna go back?" but shes too busy touching the curls behind his ear and glances to see him kinda smirking like 'you still here?' and omf she tries to hide a bashful look and goes "not now.." and clarke bashful??? Fake. so bellamy just goes "okay" w the best smile i have (n)ever seen + "whenever you're ready"


d&d inquisitor’s session #1: we almost died

“Stop tweeting about vampires.”

“We’re in medieval bullshit land, catfishing hasn’t been invented yet.”

“Please stop taking things from children.”

“I’ll kick the vampire baby’s ass! I’ll kick anyone’s ass! I’ll kick my own ass!”

[in response to a bad roll] “Well, fuckerooni.”
“… Fuckerooni?”

[our cleric] “So I’m gonna lay hands on myself.”
“So you’re gonna touch yourself?”
“~Sensual healing~”

[with jazz hands] “Failure friends!”

“Your humiliation at your previous failure fills you with DETERMINATION.”

“I can’t believe we took a quest from ghosts.”

“If you find a doll of me, I want it. I want to hold myself in my hands.”
“So you wanna touch yourself too?”

“Shit, it’s written down, now we know it’s serious.”

“Always send the rogue to do something morally ambiguous.”
“I steal shit from dead people and lie to kids!”

“You examine the skeleton carefully, to avoid fucking with it.”
“Well good, I don’t want to fuck the skeleton.”

“Everything in this house is a ghost. That table? Ghost. That doll? Ghost.”
“That ghost? Ghost ghost.”

“Nah, you have PTSB now. Post-Traumatic Stress Broom.”

“What, you said this ghost was a woman?”
“Yeah. How do you greet it?”
“… M'lady”

“Why do these people have such a big windmill kink?”
“Why did you have to use the word kink for that?”

“You literally move the paladin to tears with your sick beats.”

“Wearing that, Venetia looks like a shitty closet cosplay from Black Butler.”

“Hey, maybe the monster in the basement would like a bread bowl.”
“Maybe the monster in the basement would like to kill me so you can stop cooking for ghosts.”

“Hey, kids, I have a gift for you!”
“Is it the bread bowl?”

If BTS were on Hello Baby

Jin: Hello, what’s your name? How old are you? Where did you come from? Are you hungry? Do you want me to make you food? Are you tired? Would you like to take a nap with appa? Do you wanna go play somewhere? Omgomgomgomgomg it’s so cute!!!!!!!!11111

Suga: listen here, I’m gonna make you the most swagged out baby anybody has ever seen okay? Just repeat after me *ahem* YEAH. UH. YO. CHECK IT. SWEG. YEEEEEE. YOLO. WASSUP.

J-Hope: omfg it pooped it’s pants ahahahaAHAHAHAHAHA wait am I supposed to do something about it?

Rap Mon: *shuffles awkwardly toward a corner*

Jimin: aww it’s so cute~ (not as cute as jungkook tho) do you wanna look at muscles? Too bad you can’t touch cause they belong to jungkook

V: *has a staring contest with the baby* hello friend.

Jungkook: omg we’re like the same age lol hahaha what’s up, wanna go cause some mischief?


fleeting moments when happy and toby touch each other (requested by sheisagenius)

Possible 3-Month Hiatus

I will be going back to Malaysia for an internship from 21st May (this coming Saturday) until 29th AUGUST, and as I am not sure where I am staying will be providing wifi, or if I will use my money to purchase data to use, I may go on a hiatus, especially when tumblr takes a lot of data to load the gifs, videos etc, and I need to save them for communication purpose (also not to be mean, but malaysia we have slow af internet okay, and I don’t have that much money to buy speedy good-quality ones)

I will still have a queue going, but I don’t have much in queue - maybe 100ish, and when it finishes, well I will be gone D: so don’t be alarmed when I’m not active, and I WILL BE BACK after this!! (tumblr is my life and a bottomless pit that I can’t escape)

But!! I will try to see if it is possible for me to use wifi from where I will be working (shhhhhh), or if I will have good enough internet to use there, so it is still indefinite! But I will make sure I make a post to say whether it is an absolute hiatus or not :)) and having no internet, or less, will probably mean more time for photoshop, so who knows - maybe I will just post and not reblog much, as again, it takes time to load posts.

and if anyone of you wanna continue messaging me (or start to), I will still be able to reach through apps! I will probably still check tumblr messages (i will try, but try inbox if you need, it will send notification to my email at least), but you will find me easier through emails, skype, whatsapp, kik, line, snapchat (not ideal but if you want?? it always crash on my mobile) just message me before Saturday (before friday night in US time) if you want my contact info 

quick update (23/5): the place i’m currently staying has horrible wifi to the point it is basically non-existent, I will be moving to another place next week so hopefully…now using work computer for a bit so the hiatus is pretty definite, for now


rightfully so, everybody’s been drawing their faves as they appear in the awesome space au made by shipwrightkaku, and i couldn’t not join in with a couple doodles of space sabo ~ sHE’S JUST SO CUTE I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HER