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Y'all I’m still not over this

A Winmills St. Patrick’s Day

Summary: Jody and Sam spend another holiday together.

Warning: None. This is pure gratuitous fluff because I fucking love this ship.

Word Count: 900ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! Check out my Winmills tag to see the other holidays :)

Sam sits on the edge of his bed and watches as Jody starts to wake up. He grins as her brow furrows, as she moves a little and then stops abruptly, mouth opening in a groan.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” she says, hand slowly moving to her forehead.

Sam chuckles, but does his best to keep his voice low. “Here. Drink.”

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re: never seeing Riese, just my corn snake, I … I have a confession to make.

Riese’s not a snake. he never was. he’s just a box of mulch with an inexplicable need to consume small animals, like a really shitty version of the Luggage. the only reason I keep upgrading his bin size is because the pile is somehow dividing. but he’s not an animal, he’s just some broken plant parts that came in a bag.

I’m so sorry to break this to you all but I can’t live like this any longer, please please forgive me

Sweet Prince, Sweet Nap

(I’ve actually painted him earlier but I’ve added a few touches and since this is kinda just a sketch, it’s not that refined. Anyway, it’s @heavenfell-au‘s sweet prince, Asriel~ I had fun drawing Azzy’s ears~~~ uwu but furries aren’t really my strong suits~ get it~? fursuits~ XD)

She doesn’t mind.

She didn’t care. She didn’t mind the rain that pelted from the sky forcefully, or the way her rusty bike threatened  to break under her weight as she rode. She would ride miles to confess a truth that she had held in for so long. Kate had already left for the airport, and Brooke couldn’t let her leave without telling her something that threaded at her fragile heart. Her lungs burned and her lack of air was just another thing keeping her from getting to her love, but she had to push through.

Brooke wasn’t surprised when the bike’s front wheel took a sharp turn and caught her off balance, metal squeaking and bars breaking as it fell on the concrete. It was just a pile of old rubbish now, something Brooke could relate to. She spun around and ran as fast as her pained feet could carry her. There was no time to slip up.

The building came into view, tall and covered in window panes that exposed people scrambling around to catch the next flight.. Kate’s flight.

If you mess up, this is the end. You have one fucking chance Brooke, go get her.’ the words were wisely said by Chloe Price, someone she usually didn’t like getting advice from.

She rushed through the front doors, pushing past strangers. There were too many people for her to catch up to Kate, who was already standing to board the plane.

Brooke looked up to see the Marsh family hauling bags over backs and heading further away from her.

“Kate!” Her voice was hoarse, more the less hopeful as she yelled across the distance between them.

She didn’t mind the glares, but what made her throat tighten is how Kate didn’t look back.. because her voice was weak from being shooken with sobs and she couldn’t manage to speak loud enough.

Fuck.. Fuck! Brooke, this is the moment you allow yourself to scream at the top of your lungs to get her attention.’ She shook her head.

This was the moment she ran up the stairs to pull Kate into a hug, but that didn’t happen. She troted up the staircase and ran to where Kate had been standing just moments ago. Brooke realized she actually had been lost in thought for a solid five minutes when she heard the roaring engines of a plane.

Brooke turned to face the window, bottom lip trembling as she watched the plane slowly gear up. One hand pressed to the window, while the other clutched her chest. There was a deep pain that wracked her body.

Her eyes clouded with tears, vision blurry as her head ached and she gained a sickening case of nausea.

“Fuck..” Her fist thumped against the large window.

She had made the worst fuck up of her life, and it was because she didn’t have the guts to confess her love.

Her chest shook with heavy sobs that seemed to heighten all of her senses, especially hearing. Through the rambling of strangers, a soft voice erupted from behind her.

“Brooke!?” Kate squinted as the other girl spun to meet her eyes.

“K-Kate!” A burst of adrenaline rushed through her body, arms wrapping around Kate’s waist in a matter of seconds and her dry lips against the shorter girl’s.

It was rather sloppy and shy for a first kiss, but it felt better in real life than it felt in her dreams.

Once she pulled away, cheeks a dark crimson and glasses fogged and coated with tears, she gripped Kate by the shoulders and stared into her bright eyes.

“I love you more than I love science and drones, and you know how much I love science and drones Kate. I-I know it was kinda stupid to run at the last second to tell you b-but I couldn’t let you leave–”

“Brooke, I couldn’t get on the plane.. I couldn’t leave you. I let my family get on without me, I need your nerdy quotes and the songs about the periodic table you sing in the mornings.” Kate said, brushing her fingers over the damp grey jacket Brooke wore.

“I’ll sing them every morning, just for you..” She breathed, impatiently pulling Kate in for another kiss.

Kate flushed dark, barely able to catch her breathe due to the amount of longed affection Brooke was paying to her.

She couldn’t help herself. She thought she had just lost the light of her life, the light that guided her through the darkest halls.

“How did you even get here?” Kate chuckled between kisses.

“On my broke ass bike, it was worth it though. Just for you Kho.” the taller girl responded, taking the heavy backpack away from Kate and putting it on her back.

Kate smiled at the nickname, she could really get used to that.

“I can agree.” The blonde smiled and leaned into an embrace.

When Brooke glanced down, she saw the tears that rolled down Kate’s cheeks as they held each other.

She didn’t mind.

Vegan Peanut Butter Mug Cake

So, I totally just improvised this recipe and it came out PERFECT. It doesn’t make a whole mug-ful of cake so you might want to double the recipe, but it is pretty filling as it is!


  • 3 tbls self-raising flour
  • 1/2tbls sugar (I used about ¼ but I don’t have a very sweet tooth) 
  • ½ tsp mixed spices (optional)
  • 1 tbls vegan butter/oil
  • 1 tbls peanut butter (I used natural which is quite runny; if you’re not using natural you might wanna use more butter or oil.)
  • ~1 tbls water (just enough to get it to a dough-y, stirrable consistency)
  • Anything you wanna add like choc chips (dark choc for vegans), nuts, raisins etc


  • Mix all the ingredients together (microwave the butter to melt it a bit if necessary)
  • Microwave for ~40 seconds depending on your microwave and how cakey or doughy you want it! 40 was perfect for me.

Enjoy! :D

I wanted to make this post yesterday itself but it got very late and I was incredibly tired myself. But last night I saw a post made by @harry-matthew​ and I was immediately intrigued because I saw someone else who was feeling the same things as I was. I’m 21 now (wahoo) and I’ve not yet been kissed or have had a boyfriend. And it’s something that may be a huge deal to some people and yet also be something ordinary. And a lot of people reblogged the posts in yesterdays discussion and I actually checked peoples tags and it was overwhelming to see people in the same boat as me and people who want to speak of it.

So here it is guys. If you’ve not been in a relationship or haven’t been kissed, that is O K A Y. I feel like there is a lot of pressure from not only society but friends around you to already have someone in your life when you’re 20+. It’s somehow assumed that you’ve been kissed or that you have a boyfriend without even being asked because that seems to be how society nowadays work. And although (i sincerely hope not) people around us don’t shame us for not having those experiences I feel a huge about of pressure either way. It’s somehow become a burden to me, like I need to have a boyfriend or be kissed just because it’s some ‘milestone’ and in all honesty after 5-6 years of listening to this crap, I can honestly tell you it’s absolute bullshit.

If you are 13 or 19, or 25 or 36 or whatever and have yet to be kissed or have a relationship, that is absolutely fine. Do not for a second think you have to go and do those things to ‘fit in’ or get that ‘experience’. Do it in your own time and your own pace, if you aren’t comfortable with it as of yet, then guess what you don’t have to do it. You don’t needed to kiss someone to feel ‘complete’, when it happens it happens and if it’s yet to happen then there is a reason for it.

Personally a few weeks back when my friend broke up with her boyfriend she turned to me and said ‘I’m afraid of being alone now’. And I turned to her and said ‘I’ve been single for 20 years and you are as alone as you make yourself be’. You are never ever alone, having a boyfriend/girlfriend may give you someone in your life but for me you need to be happy in your own company to truly be happy. If you’re worried about being alone then seriously don’t be, because once you find happiness in yourself having a boy/girl in your life won’t make a difference to how you truly feel.

And the last thing I’m going to say is that yes there’s huge pressures out there, and someway along the line society now looks at virgins as being ‘prudes’ or ‘frigid’ but they fail to see other reasons behind their choices. So fuck society, you do what makes you happy, if you wanna be single you be single. If you want to go out to the clubs and kiss a boy/girl you go do that, you do what makes you happy. That is all that matters, and always remember that there is nothing wrong at all with waiting for someone who you wish to invest your time into :)

Do You Want to Chip a Cup?
Do You Want to Chip a Cup?

Happy Fluffapalooza! This is the only way I can properly thank this fandom, with a parody of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” by yours truly! The audio might be a wee bit behind thanks to Sony Vegas, but I do hope it’s not too bad! I’m also sorry if my voice was shaky, I was nervous :)


Do you wanna tell a story?

Come out and have a seat.

I never see you anywhere, come out from there,

It’s like you’re scared of me,

I didn’t mean to chip your cup, I really didn’t,

I wish that you’d come and see.

Do you wanna tell a story?

It doesn’t have to be a story.

Okay bye.



Do you wanna chip a few cups?

Or maybe even ten?

I think some progression’s overdue,

I’ve started talking to the candle in the hall, (hang in there Luminere!)

We’re really getting friendly and maybe more

They say love’s a mystery…



Please, I know you’re out there,

She told you that I’m dead.

I said I’d do the brave thing, I really did,

And I thought that I could win.

I only ever loved you, with all my heart

Please come and find me soon.

I’ll never stop fighting…for you…

i like when you’re eating a bag of chips and you look in the bag to single out which chip you wanna eat and you see The Chip and then you have to put your hand in the bag but you can’t see the chips ‘cause your hand’s in the way but your hand still grabs the correct chip because you targeted said chip so efficiently