you untether me

I present to you, the ultimate Bechloe fic rec list.

this list consists of the best bechloe fics i’ve read, dating back to when i first discovered the ship (january 2013). fics that take place during/after pp2 will probably be towards the bottom, since i’m adding these in the order i have them bookmarked on my laptop. there probably also won’t be a whole ton of them, since i’m still working on reading a bunch of the new ones.

PLEASE NOTE: most of these have a set plot or premise. i didn’t add any of the “smut without plot” fics i’ve read. if you’re looking for one of those, feel free to ask; i can recommend a few.

fics with a * after the title are oneshots!

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ill-be-your-lesbian  asked:

Can you recommend me any Bechloe fic (multi chapter if that's possible)? I've never met you but I trust you with this decision

im sorry I didn’t get to reply right away my internet was crappy yesterday

ok so here’s a link to my bechloe fanfic rec tag. Here you’ll find the bechloe fics that I’ve read and enjoyed.

If u want specifics tho, here’s a few:

-You Untether Me by Recall The Love

-Stone Hard As Bulletproof Glass by inkstainedpinky

Breaking Chloe Beale by introvertedmisanthrope or @clexaisback (WIP but I hope astrid will come back and continue to ruin my life w this fic)

Stare Into the Sky Until We’re Blind by thecousinsdangereux

Expectations (and Equationsby thecousinsdangereux

Stay by awriterofthings

-  Experimentation by  Redlance

- Drunk in Love by bechloehuh (SIN)