you understand me on a spiritual level

How Capricorn Views the Signs

Aries: You’re like a lw version of Virgo but meaner tbh

Taurus: You understand me on a spiritual level

Gemini: Sitting in silence is a thing you know that?

Cancer: Keep dowsing me with love tyvm

Leo: You’re like, cool. Stop whoring all the attention sometimes tho

Virgo: Fight me. I will win.

Libra: You’re fake bye

Scorpio: There’s something about you that I just want….

Sagittarius: Crazy mofo. Sometimes I can stand you but other times I’m like stand 20 ft away from me pls and thanks

Capricorn: Ugh but love

Aquarius: Partner in crime

Pisces: I swear you talk more than gemini

when you’re the only one in the group that understands how to do the project

I Can See It Now (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Prompt: I really liked your Bucky soulmate au, soul to soul. Was wondering if you could do a Steve soulmate story?

A/N: Stevie gets a soulmate story! I really enjoyed this one- mostly because I got include Peggy, which is always fun for me. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this one. 

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BTS reaction: their s/o having cold hands

I relate to this on a spiritual level. I’m very cold in general (like, the only time I actually feel warm is when I shower. Something has to be wrong with me). Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin: He would get slightly worried. He wouldn’t understand how your hands could be so cold, when his weren’t even nearly as cold. He’d probably try to hold both of your hands in his own to warm them up. But if it’s the kind of date where he can’t (amusement park, arcade etc.), he will at least try to hold one of them.

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Suga: I don’t know why, but I feel like he is also a person who might get cold quite easily. So sort of depending on his mood, he will either be like “great, at least I’m not the only one who suffers” and then discreetly try to hold your hand, or he’ll be slightly more mushy. Like “should we maybe leave this place, and continue our date at a coffee shop?” or something, and hold your hand on your way, and keep holding both of them at the coffee shop.

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J-Hope: I feel like he is the complete opposite of Yoongi, and is the kind of person who never get cold, no matter what he does (Kookie and Tae are probably like this as well). And he’ll definitely be slightly worried. But he’ll not want to make a big deal out of it. You just have cold hands, that’s all. So he might ask you if you’re freezing and want to continue the date somewhere warmer. If not, he’ll be slightly less worried, but still try to hold your hands to warm them up a bit with his own.

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Ignore Jin just this once plz

Rap Monster: He won’t worry. He knows that some people get cold easier than others. But he will probably ask if you want to go somewhere else. Mainly because he doesn’t want you to get so cold that you get uncomfortable. And if you say no, he’ll probably lend you his jacket (if you don’t have one, or if yours is very thin) anyways, or at least take your hand and put it in his pocket, to help you get warmer.

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Jimin: He’s not continuing the date in this cold place. It doesn’t even matter if you say it’s fine. He probably doesn’t really care where you guys have your date, as long as he’s with you. So he reasons that you might as well have your date somewhere where you won’t be cold. Preferably the cinema or something, where he can cuddle you warm.

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V: Overly warm person #2. He’ll just solve it by hugging you and constantly hold at least one of your hand (although he’d try to hold both of them), even if it’s impractical. He’s not letting his baby get cold, especially not when it’s so nice to hug you and hold your hands anyways.

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Jungkook: Overly warm person #3. He’ll probably say something about how you should have dressed warmer. But right after he’ll just grab your hand without even looking at you and hold your hand inside the pocket of his jacket, and hold you quite close to himself. And ask you if you want to move the date inside somewhere. Because he’s a sweet human being like that.

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anonymous asked:

do u believe in that draconic chart? my friend just told me about it and i relate so much honestly everything makes so much more sense

i believe in it, but i think you might be a bit misguided in relating to it. from my understanding, your draconic chart is you at your deepest and most spiritual level, and isn’t your person but your soul. ive heard your draconic chart has to do with your past life as well. however i don’t know a lot about it, just a little surface knowledge. i would talk to @ayyries about your thoughts on it instead, i think she has a lot of knowledge on the subject!!

Potter’s Quickie at the Bar Spread

This is the 5-card cross I use while reading at @fortunetellerbar. In most respects, it’s a fairly standard cross that I got from Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot. It’s a nice snapshot reading, and with the advice cards I pull, can hopefully give folks something more concrete to walk away with.

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. Aspirations, goals
  5. Underlying motivation
  6. Advice
  7. Advice or something you need to see

I like to compare each level of the spread to levels of consciousness and understanding. The center row is the conscious level, how we walk through the world. The top row is what we’re reaching for, chasing after. It’s kind of spiritual to me. The bottom row is the feeling in our chest that pushes us, a subconcious feeling or understanding. I often describe it as the Thing we can’t quite put into words. It’s far more visceral and body-feeling to me than the other cards. Advice is advice, and can align any row. I usually just throw them down where ever.

I read 1, 2, and 3 together. My goal is to create a small story about where they were, where they are, and where they’re going. It’s a narrative. Try and find the elements that move or transform from card to card.

4, I look at it like, “what do they want, what are they reaching for?”

5 is that chest feeling I described. Our motivations are often hidden and buried, and reside close to the heart. Think of it this way: this card is well protected by our bones and nourished by our beating heart.

It can be fascinating to see how the present moment, goals, and motivations line up. I don’t always discuss it during a reading, but I notice it.

6 and 7 are pulled after I read through the cross itself. 6 is almost always drawn from the top of the deck. It’s advice. A lot of times, it’s something the person already knows they need to do. 7 can be the same, but more often, I deal from the bottom of the deck. What aren’t they seeing right now? What needs some light, a reminder?

If I’m feeling it, I might pull clarifying cards for a position or two. I use those to dig deeper into the first card, to figure out more.

This reading can be done in about 10 - 20 minutes, depending on the person, the context, and the busyness of the bar. I can use it for longer readings too, but I tend to keep it short. It’s a solid spread that can work with questions or general readings.

Card backs are from the Sun and Moon Tarot

hey so I have a quick question for all my Jewish followers (and other Jewish people on the site)

I’ve wanted a tattoo that says ruach in Hebrew for a while. Long story short it’s a word that encompasses my spirituality and means a lot to me on a number of levels. I am not, however, Jewish (I’m from a catholic/religiously pluralistic background) and I want to be respectful of Judaism and Jewish culture so I was wondering if this would be okay to do? I fully understand the meaning of the word, its significance and its theological background but I would like some outside input if it’s not too much trouble. Thank you.

My first art since returning home, and it had to be a dingus…  I drew this for someone during a skype call, but Dingus is actually a hunter pet of mine, so the request coincided perfectly with my own silly world. 

Dingus may look like a silly crying deer, but Dingus is in no real pain. Dingus speaks to me on a spiritual level, for he knows the extremes of emotion that I feel most of the time. Dingus understands. Dingus knows. If you’re having a bad day, just think of Dingus.