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what are your favorite sanvers fics?

BOI i have so many but idk if i can remember them all yikes

there are so many more that i know i’m forgetting so i might add to this post in the future if i remember any 

don’t tell me this story again, i’ve heard it before
and it always ends the same way: two broken bodies
laid to rest in silence. my mouth still burns
from swallowing your poisonous tragedies
one after another. i’ve grown sick of this.
tell me a love story instead. two girls holding hands
in a crowded hallway. two trembling hearts
growing wings and beating the same rhythm:
—  STOP BURYING YOUR GAYS | check out my chapbook UNMYTHOLOGIZE!
Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend

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Requested by anon:  I LOVED the Jackson as a husband thingyy! Can you do one with Chanyeol? If you do, THANK YOU xx

Song(s) listened to: Drop That- EXO (god chens high note), Love Me Right Japanese Version- EXO, Lady Luck-EXO (god the lyrics kill mel) 


  • literally a fluff ball bf
  • and doing everything with them two
  • ALSO he still cant believe that you two are a couple
  • cause hes so lucky to call you his
  • hes so shy at first
  • like when you reach for his hand
  • he doesnt know what to do
  • but to blush and have a fanboy attack
  • slowly the relationship will grow more comfortable
  • and he will be ALWAYS holding your hand
  • or his arm around you
  • or he gets real brave
  • and kisses your cheek or nose
  • im so done and i just started
  • once everything is all comfortable
  • he will still get all fluff tho at times
  • “jagi, come look”
  • He will want you to look at all the songs he produces 
  • he wants the okay from you first
  • Chan honestly loves when you smile from his music
  • cause your smile is his whole world
  • and you mixed with music
  • kills his heart
  • and he will love it if you have the same music taste
  • Once you compliment the song
  • he will just nod
  • and bite his lip
  • so he doesn’t scream like a little girl
  • he isn’t one for a lot of dates
  • but when he does take you on one
  • he will make is really special and memorable
  • like a fancy dinner and then go do something crazy/fun
  • like go for a shopping spree to find the strangest food
  • then you have to make something out of it
  • honesty this would be on V app
  • He wants his fans to accept you
  • because his fans is everything
  • they are his family
  • and he wants his family to love you
  • so it will take a long time before he goes public with it
  • because he doesn’t want you to get hurt in any way  
  • Youre first kiss though would go two ways
  • first way
  • he is teaching you to how to remix on his laptop
  • then when you make one
  • he gets so excited he just leans in and kisses you
  • second wAY
  • He took you on one of those cute dates and instead of the fun thing after
  • he takes you to the park
  • and sings to you while you walk together
  • He whispers the lyrics in his rough deep voice
  • and HE KISSES YOU 
  • Like SUPER gently
  • Omo please i cant go on i cant deal tf am i doing to myself?!
  • after your one year anniversary 
  • he will go public with your relationship
  • After a year a lot would happen 
  • He wants to get matching tattoos
  • He would want yours hidden
  • a place only he can see
  • Omg i cant eben 
  • He wants a pet for the two of you
  • most likely a little puppy
  • names him after baekhyun 
  • srry had to
  • most likely at this time
  • or maybe a little sooner
  • Channie will want a more physical aspect of the relationship
  • He will just pounce out of nowhere!
  • With your consent ofc
  • Because he wants you to be 120% down *cough Cough*
  • he will go onto you when hes stressed a lot too
  • *Just sulks at the wall*
  • Video game nights with him
  • He wont have mercy
  • he doesnt care that your his jagi
  • “Cause im the king thats why”
  • Imagine his cuddles with him
  • His long, big boy will be big spoon
  • and he will hold you while your little spoon
  • Sometimes tho
  • like when hes stressed
  • He will want to be the little spoon
  • And its the cutest thing ever
  • okay i srly cant anymore 
  • Overall he is the sweetest little big fluff ever
  • can he please just be mine?

Here it was. This was torture!!!! My heartu is done. I cant even anymore. Thanks for requesting tho…

a done admin ryu

Intoxicated- Christopher Giacometti Short Program Theme.


I´m begging you not to, but you always make me so breathless,

How can I resist you? When you leave my heart being undressed.

Tonight, you´re all mine, we´re hiding from the light sky, do it all night.

Tonight, you´re all mine, look me in the eyes.

You´re all mine, you´re all mine.

We´re dancing all night, come close and hold me tight.

We´re dancing all night, two shadows crossing us out.

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I just want to say a few things, Taylor. Actually, I don’t even know how to start. There’s too many things. You can’t even imagine what have you done for me. You’ve helped me a lot and I can’t thank you enough for it. It’s like you’ve been always with me when I had hard times. You hold my hand and gave me a cause to be happy. When people just said that I’m useless, I’ll never be where I wanted to be or I’ll never get what I want in life, you acted like a sister and protect me. I know that it’s more than a Fan/Singer thing. It’s like two sisters are talking about mean people. Advices you gave me, songs you wrote and every single word you said… I know, they’re from heart. When I hear your voice, it feels like home, wherever I am. When I don’t know what am I doing with my life, you remind me that I’m living for being happy and being kind to people. You learned me that how does it feel when you’re loved and I’m so greatful for that. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me because you do or not, I know that you’ll be there for me when I need you. Just remember that you are loved.

💙with my whole heart, ZEYNEP

Alone Time?: Tom Holland x POC Actress

hey don’t know if you do requests but…. could you possibly to an imagine where the reader and tom keep getting interrupted by his family every time they try to get time alone? :) love your writing!

I absolutely don’t mind doing requests! I just keep forgetting to put that I do them in my stories! They may take me awhile sometimes, but charge it to my head not my heart. Sometimes the creative juices take awhile to flow. 

Warnings: Fluff, Cursing, and other stuff??? smut

The Holland House hold was as empty as it had ever been. Tom thanked his lucky stars, because ever since you came over-the house was always full of people. 

Either his parents’ friends were there or his brothers’ friends were gushing and gawking over you. You were playing with Tessa outside while Tom was making you two a snack. “Fresh fruit for my beautiful fiancé.” He said coming out with a huge fruit platter. 

You and Tessa ran over to him. “Sit Tessa.” He said. You hugged him and sat down on the patio chair. You two enjoyed the weather and each other. You didn’t like the lack of contact between you two, so you scooted closer to him and slowly sucked on his neck. 

He moaned and wrapped his hands around your waist. “Tessa go inside.” He said. Tessa looked and did as she was told. 

Tom laid you back on the patio couch and lifted your shirt up. He placed gentle kisses on your stomach. He moved back to your lips and began to kiss you feverishly. Your tongues danced together as you pulled his hair. His fingers grazed between your legs and you moaned in anticipation. 

“Tom! Y/N! I’m back!” Mrs. Holland called from the outside gate. You pushed  Tom off of you in a haste,  causing him to land on the ground. “Ow, Y/N!”

You adjusted your clothes and tried to fix your messy hair before she saw you. “Tom what are you doing on the ground?” She asked looking back up at you. “Silly boy. let me help you with those.” You jumped over Tom and took the grocery bags from his mother’s hands. 

Attempt one was a fail. You left Tom with a hard on, which he had to run to his room to take care of. You also left a bright red hickey on his neck. Luckily his mother didn’t notice. 

Tom was a bit upset with you, “I promise I’ll make it up to you.” You said while his mom went to another room. You kissed him on the lips and pulled him into their garage. 

You quickly crashed your lips to his and let your hands explore his body. Your hand grabbed at the elastic of his sweatpants causing his breath to hitch. 

Your small hands grabbed his hardened length and started to stroke him. “Fuck.” He moaned. He nuzzled his face into your neck as you began to pump faster. His firm hands grabbed your ass. 

Suddenly you heard the garage door open and you two rushed back into the house. Tom tucked his hard friend back into his pants and groaned. Mr. Holland came in and smiled. “How’s it going kids?” He asked giving you a kiss on the forehead and going over to give his son a pat on the back. “It’s been a hard day dad.” Tom responded. 

You snickered at the double meaning and shook your head. Tom had to go back and relieve himself again. He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, “We’re never going to have sex are we?” He said dramatically. “Patience is a virtue.” You giggled turning around to kiss him on the cheek. 

With 2 more failed attempts of having sex in the Holland residence, you two gave up. Sam, Harry, and Paddy seemed to have been home from school for the rest of the day and were hell bent on using it to annoy you and Tom. 

“Is that a hickey on your neck, mate?” Harry asked, observing  the bruise on his brother’s neck. Tom chose to ignore his younger brother and continued cuddling you. 

Tom realizing that he would never get an intimate moment with you in the house, got an idea. “Y/N, let’s go take Tessa for a walk.”

You shrugged and got up with him. The sun was setting as you two walked hand in hand into a small forest. “This isn’t Tessa’s regular spot.” You observed. He turned over to you and gave you a wicked grin, “I know.”
You slowly backed away from him, “Are you going to murder me?”

“No, Y/N.” He tied Tessa to tree and pulled you a few feet  deeper into the woods. He occasionally checked to make sure Tessa was okay. She was minding her on business playing with a shit load of sticks in front of her. 

He bent down, cupped your face and crashed his lips against yours. “Wait, are fire ants going to get in my pus?” You asked as he laid you down on the ground. He chuckled, “No.”

“What took you two so long?” Sam asked, observing the huge smile on your faces. “We just took Tessa for a longer walk.”

“Why are there leaves in your hair?” Paddy asked. Tom quickly brushed off your back. “We had a leaf fight. “ You excused. 

“Sure.” Harry said rolling his eyes. 

The escapade in the forest left you two temporarily satisfied and for the next few days that’s were you two would go to relieve tension. 

“I love you Y/N.” Tom said rolling off of you and looking up at the transitioning sky. You grabbed his hand and smiled, “I love you too Tom.”

“But this is getting a bit uncomfortable, maybe next time I could be on top.” You said looking over at him. “Fine by me.” He smile and kissed your hand. 

You two walked back in the house arms linked. “Didn’t you two forget something?” His mom said behind you. “Um what?” Tom asked racking his brain. 

“Tessa.” She pointed over to the sad looking dog. You gasped and clapped your hand over your mouth. “Busted.” Sam and Harry said at the same time, grinning. 

“Welp there goes that.” You whispered. 

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Inside Jokes Part 1 & 2

A love like ours cannot be broken

Two thousand and nine was the beginning,

He took my hand and we took the train,

My heart beating, and my head spinning,

Knew he was going to make me insane,

Lips against mine on the Manchester eye,

We were interrupted by fireworks,

I never ever want to say goodbye,

Every inch of his skin an artwork,

And as we kissed and we looked at the stars,

I realised I’d fallen in love with him,

Every moment together is ours,

Each second an unbelievable dream,

I will always hold him close in my heart,

Even if we are many miles apart.

The Signs as Major Arcana (Tarot Cards)

Aries - Emperor

I am the will that pushes you forth // The fire that burns, and will always last // I am the ruler of your spirit’s court // The inner courage that you know you must cast

Taurus - Hierophant

I am the bridge between Heaven and Earth // The book you must read, and that you must abide // Only in our beliefs, are we of any worth // Transgressions made in vein, your own desires must be set aside

Gemini - Lovers

I am the cage that holds two different birds // The road you must meet, that forks in two ways // I am the promise you give each other with your words // The contract you are connected by, for all nights and all days 

Cancer - Chariot

I am the air that turns into a breeze or a gale // the sound of a horse’s hooves similar to the heart // My mood will always change but my passion never to fail // I am the feeling of a new adventure; a new start

Leo - Strength

I am the Lion with a voluminous mane // to embody your desire, your wishes, your life’s demand // This Lionheart, you’ll come to know, forever to reign // my desires eventually realized, my fate mine to command

Virgo - Hermit

I am your inverse; when your front is now your back // To need and to not want, something you refuse to notice // I am your shadow, the darkness that you lack // You know little of reality, but all of its questions are within your bodice 

Libra - Justice

I am objective personified, the knees that bend to none // I am your justice and not your grace, what you deserve not what you’re gifted // The eyes that see no colors, where unfairness cannot run // Everyone shall carry a burden, not one ever to be lifted

Scorpio - Death

I am Janus: the God of doorways and gates // to lead your adventure without foresight, do you really possess control? // I see what enters and leaves, in reality, I hold your fate // so your passions are only temporary, you took them from us, you simply stole 

Sagittarius - Temperance

I am your compass, to find your balance, your common ground // the ship you sail for adventure, a seeker to your new temporary home // Your lust causes you to trample, for our sins we are all bound // you travel from problem to solution, though forever you must roam

Capricorn - Devil

I am the dark side of your moon // the mirror you refuse to gaze // the promises you broke too soon // your own self which you got lost in: your maze

Aquarius - Star

I am the twinkle in your eyes // the lantern with an eternal fire // I am the sun you follow: with me you sink and rise // you guide yourself to heaven, through your soul you climb only higher

Pisces - Moon

I am the one who resides in your tears // who breathes on the moments you can’t // who feasts on your deepest, darkest fears // who collects your breaths until the last one is sent

You took up residence in the space 
between two ribs
just so you could hold up 
my heart whenever I needed you to. 
I don’t make a habit 
out of being a home, 
these walls were put up to 
keep people out, you see, 
so letting you in isn’t always
this easy. Sometimes 
I forget that you will give me the 
room I need to breathe, 
so when I try to claw you out 
of this room in my chest, 
please know that I 
never intend to hurt you. 
Sometimes I take comfort 
in changing the locks 
(but I will always cut you a key). 

- Rib-cage Resident // Danielle Paige

starters ; legend of zelda edition


❝ You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you? ❞
❝ The flow of time is always cruel… ❞
❝ It’s dangerous to go alone! ❞
❝ It’s a secret to everybody! ❞
❝ Well excuse me, princess. ❞
❝ Hey! Listen! ❞
❝ The wind… it is… blowing. ❞
❝ Do you now understand what I am? ❞
❝ What? Say something! Am I so beautiful you’ve no words left? ❞
❝ A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage. ❞
❝ The history of light and shadow will be written in blood! ❞
❝ Such stunning features! ❞
❝ Furious! Outraged! Sick with anger! ❞
❝ This news has filled my heart with rainbows! ❞
❝ Welcome to my castle. ❞
❝ Wake up, sleepyhead. ❞
❝ Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other. ❞
❝ May we meet again in another life. ❞
❝ You shouldn’t have done that… ❞
❝ Your words are kind and your heart is true. ❞
❝ There! On the horizon! ❞
❝ I’m sorry! I overslept. ❞
❝ Did you forget? It’s your birthday! ❞
❝ The look on your face…priceless! ❞
❝ You are just my type. ❞
❝ What kind of monster would take such a sweet, young child? ❞
❝ Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? ❞
❝ You’d look like you’d be way too hot in those clothes… ❞
❝ I’ll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy. ❞
❝ So, you’re not absolutely stupid after all! ❞
❝ You must go forth on your own. ❞
❝ Together, we can take on anything! Right? ❞
❝ In case you’re wondering, yes, I know who you are. ❞
❝ I… I shall consume. Consume… consume everything… ❞
❝ The dream of fun is dead. ❞
❝ He must never be allowed to threaten the world again. ❞
❝ Please remember this song. ❞
❝ Did you ever realize how messy your hair was? ❞
❝ I found you! ❞ 
❝ Ha. Such conceit. ❞
❝ Believe in your strengths…believe. ❞ 
❝ Your true face… What kind of face is it? ❞  
❝ I thought you were a giant grasshopper! ❞ 

My comming out story

I am born in the Netherlands in a city called Den Bosch. I am 18 years old and came out of the closet very resently (about two months ago).

I have known I am gay ever since I was 8 years old. Boys were always more special to me than girls. The thing was just that I didn’t accept myself for who I was. It kept me up at night thinking that I was already different in so many ways and now this too.

I never accepted that I was gay so I started dating girls. I had girlfriend after girlfriend but it never filled the hole I got in my heart. Just that feeling that you need to hold back every emotion you feel inside. But I never wanted to accept the true reason why that hole was there. 

This hole in my heart grew over the years. This feeling of not belonging in a group of people constently pretending nothing was wrong and I was happy destroyed me from the inside. So I thought about it more and more and it became a obsession. I was 14 years old when I slept with a girl for the first time. And after I told myself thats what it should feel like and love is noting more than that one night stand I had with that girl. So I slept with more girls but it was never the feeling I expected or what I thought love should feel like.

When I was young I stoped believing that love existed. It may sound strange but I never thought “oh maybe I just dont like girls but I like boys instead’’. That is because I never felt like behaving like the steariotypical gay. And that just didn’t  work in my head. How I could be gay while I behaved as a straight boy.

When I was 16-17 years old I had my first chrush on a guy. He had been a friend to me for many years but I just started to like him in a really strange way. (He came out of the closet a long time before that, so yes he is gay.) I just started thinking about him a lot and i couldnt get this image out of my head from me and him walking hand in hand down the beach. It gave me a really weired feeling. It was the happiest and at the same time scariest thought ever to me. Why it was so scary to me was because i had never thought of someone that way and i didnt know what it ment.

one year later i started seeing him more. We had a group of friends and hang out together a lot since than. One time I stayed at his home too sleep after we went out. the wole group of friend was there and we slept on the floor in his living room. I ended up next to him. and then out of nothing he lay against me and i felt a really weird feeling going through my body like a shiver, only this felt really good and than he layed one arm over me. I felt a feeling go through me that i never felt before like a worm fussy feeling. than i turned around and looked him in the eyes. he looked back at me and than he kissed me.

the next morning I was really scared. I just had one thought in my mind. “you were right all those years, something is different about you”. And i finnaly felt like I had found my place in the world. one week later I told my parents. they were shoked they did not see it comming at all. But they accepted me for who I really am. And since I told my parents I started telling people that were close to me mostly friends and family.

Never let a steriotype influence your thinking.

Never let other peoples opinion driveout your own inner voice.

Be who you are from the inside and don’t let people influence the way you are?

Suppose when I die
and later come back
you still do not love me.
Suppose when I come back again
you still love her and I
am a June bug
in your home.
A June bug waiting
for a crumb
as you and your lover
eat with your hands.
Waiting for
the feet that say
die, you disgusting thing.
But instead I am met
with the lip of a jar,
your lover coaxing me inside,
four holes in the roof,
and a view of the two of you,
sleeping entwined,
from the table at your bedside.
Curse her beautiful heart that you love
in every life.

Suppose I hold my breath and go again hoping maybe, next time.
Suppose I am always born screaming.

—  Heaven Fay, “Plight of A June Bug”

At first light lay proud foundations,
Sense the greatness that before you unfolds,
Seek no more for hollow answers,
Answers that lay within you all along.

Farewell to dawns seen through saddened eyes,
Farewell to pasts, to sorrows chained.
Forget your fears and want no more,
You will be strong and want no more.

Two years to the day. Despite a person from the ‘fandom’ I considered a friend betraying my trust in a pretty awful way, I still hold this game (and this character) close to my heart. A lot’s changed since this time last year, and I’ve made a lot of progress, both as a person and an artist. This year has been so hard, but I’m finally becoming who I always should have been. And Royce in his small way helped with that, for sure.

“If your heart wears thin I will hold you up
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I’ll be right beside you”

Because Chris and Eijun bringing the light back to each other’s lives is probably the one thing about Daiya that’ll always make me so damn emotional

You two have inspired my children to be the best they can be. My son wants nothing more than to be like Jack. And my 13 year old daughter idolizes Wiishu. With so many negative influences in this world and over 7 billion people…they choose two of the most beautiful souls to look up to.

You guys are such an inspiration and I’m so lucky to be a follower of you both. My kids have been through more than anyone will ever know. And you’ve made the spark come back.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart…thank you.

You both will always hold a very special place in my heart, and in my family!
@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu


Thank you Lucy and Ian. Thank you for portraying my two favourite all-time characters for the past seven years. Your on screen relationship is something I always have and always will hold dearly in my heart in ways other people may not understand. Your endless contributions to charities, tireless efforts to put your all into your characters and your inspirational work ethic is something truly magical and unique. I can’t wait to see where your careers go and thank you for helping me believe love exists again.


A devoted Ezrian

i wrote a poem about ted cruz killing harambe for creative writing class and won a box of sour patch kids for it

its meant to be read aloud by two ppl; P1 is the first person, P2 is the second, and B is both

(picture via the verge. god bless)

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Dear future girlfriend,
Why are stories like ours always so full of death? Who decided we do not deserve a happily ever after? How do I find the courage to start something, anything, with you, if I’m so afraid, already, to be punished for it? If love stories like ours always end in tragedy, shouldn’t I protect us both by staying away? But I was born with a hopeful heart. I see your face, I see a potential future that contains us both. I fantasize about our potential shared life. A cosy apartment, a large bed, one or two cats. I want to meet your sisters, your horse, your friends. I want to lend you all my favourite books and play you songs no one has heard before. I want to hold hands with you, and not have to fear that a Hollywood director will invade our lives and decide to make a piano drop from the sky; or the ground split open between us; or a mob with torches hunt us down. I want to believe that you and I deserve to grow old together and pass on our stories, our love, to next generations, and that none of them will ever have to doubt themselves like we and those before us did. I hope that they’ll always feel safe. They deserve it, and so do we.
—  Nenagh

I wish I could love you (like I used to)  ~ listen ~  © lestars

tracklist; i. sleep alone ~ two door cinema club // ii. hold onto me ~ mayday parade // iii. I don’t love you ~ my chemical romance // iv. a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me ~ fall out boy // v. fireworks ~ you me at six // vi. breezeblocks ~ alt-j // vii. is there somewhere ~ halsey // viii. the scientist ~ coldplay // ix. afraid ~ the neighbourhood // x. the rain ~ oh wonder // xi. always attract ~ you me at six // xii. where i end and you begin (the sky is falling in) ~ radiohead // xiii. not the sun ~ brand new // xiv. land locked blues ~ bright eyes // xv. angels ~ mayday parade // xvi. heart skipped a beat ~ the xx // xvii. fourth of july ~ fall out boy // xviii. doubt ~ twenty one pilots

duration: 1hr 12min (18 tracks)

I love you.  I’m in love with you, and i promise to never leave you.  You have my heart in the same hand you’re holding that gun.  I’m not worried because i know you’d never hurt me.  I’m your forever and you’re my always.  I’ve never loved like this before and it feels like finally.  It feels like a home I've never lived in, although i’ve never been homeless.
—  This House Isn’t A Home Because My Home Has An Irregular Heartbeat And Two Open Arms