you two will always hold my heart

REQUEST: their crush crying in front of them for the first time because of her depression they didn’t know about? please!
REQUESTED BY: anonymous
WARNINGS: references to depression/symptoms of depression.
NOTES: each one of these is long and as detailed as possible, because this is a subject i hold very close to my heart, so i’ve split them up and am going to make them all with their own individual post. as someone with major depression, i know how it feels to try your hardest to hide it, and how awful it feels when you finally begin to crack. please know that there is always someone for you to talk to on this blog, as my messages are open to anyone and everyone and my notifications are always on. it doesn’t matter if it is four in the morning or two in the afternoon, whether you want to talk or just have a distraction, i am here. always remember: you never walk alone.

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Being on the Avengers with Peter Parker would include..

- LMFAO y’all a bunch of headasses to begin with

- having the most precious relationship in the world

- A LOT of running around avengers tower

- and annoying tony

- taking dorky polaroids of one another

- becoming the iconic young duo of the avengers that is always talked about in the media

- being inseparable from each other

- reason behind that is that you two were the youngest in the team and felt a connection upon your first meeting

- always training together at headquarters

- (y/n) please don’t do that thing with your leg today’

- helping each other with homework

- natasha thinking that you two are the biggest dorks in the world

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What do you want them to say when you’re gone? That you gave up or that you kept going on?
If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on.

Remember everything will be alright, we can meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here.
Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times.

Jay and Robin, never forgotten, always remembered. You will live forever in our hearts.
BTS reaction to having a smol and cute S/O

Requested by anon 


Jin would love the height difference thing. Especially in the mornings when you would have to reach up to fix his shirt and he would bend down and kiss you.

“The things you do to my heart.”

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Yoongi doesn’t care about your appearance too much, but he can’t help that his heart skips a beat when he sees you wearing one of his jackets and the sleeves are too long for you.

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Two words: boyfriend sweaters. He would watch you claim all his sweaters as yours, but it’s okay because he always melts when he sees you wearing them. Also: suggestive jokes.

“Yah! Can I have at least one? IT’S COLD BABE.”

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Hobi would be so whipped. He likes to hold your smaller hands in his and kisses every finger. Your cute laugh melts his heart every time.

“When I’m on tour I love to look at pictures of you and remember how lucky I am.”

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Every time he looks at you he can hear a choir of angels sing.


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(bonus points if your hands are smaller than his)


All the backhugs an forehead kisses. He will also do the thing where he blows on your neck while he hugs you to tease you.


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He would sometimes pick you up and carry you around or put you on the kitchen counter. He would love how manly you make him feel.

“Ahhhhhh, I love to help you sweetness.”

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-Admin Krümmel 

Friendly reminder that Weiss PROBABLY was holding herself back from jumping straight into Ruby’s arms just like she did with Yang. She most likely wanted to, with every fiber of her being. But she didn’t, because she KNEW how important it was for those two to reunite and as always, put them above herself.


Keep Your Hands on Your Juicebox || TOM HOLLAND IMAGINE

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REQUEST: Okay uhm… hello there! Here’s a request: Being Sebstan’s little sister, and he’s a very protective big brother, and the reader trying to make their boyfriend, Tom, believe that none of the threats their brother did was going to happen. (In another words, cause I think I sound confusing: Reader dates Tom. Reader is Sebastian’s younger sister. Sebastian is overprotective and Tom gets a bit scared of him, but Reader reassures Tom everything’s gonna be okay.) - @bitterqueenofhearts

PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader


WARNINGS: Slight swearing, fluff

CHARACTERS: Tom Holland, Reader ft. Sebastian Stan 

A/N: Oh my goodness, when I got this request I was so happy and so excited to do it! I hope you guys enjoy it. If you want a request then it’s in the link below. 


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So I ask her about love and she tells me about the bits of us that we give away. You’ll never get them back. When you’re this empty you’ll try anything to cover up the void. So I ask her about her favorite color and if it has anything to do with passion. We feel more pain than we’d care to mention– so we draw, paint and write just to have a little more self-expression. So I ask her if she hands away so much of herself, who is she by the time it’s all over? You don’t really know someone until they walk away. You don’t really love someone until it’s too late. You don’t know a damn thing until it’s all said and done. So I ask about her smile. Are you happy when we’re talking? Do you enjoy this as much as I do? So I ask if she does late afternoon runs to run from herself or to find something. Do you chase ghosts too? Inside those halls, you’re trapped in photographs. Inside that soul, you’ve burnt the whole house down. Inside that heart, you’re still looking for love. So I ask about us and if she sees hope. She points to the smile that they used to love. She points to the scars and sketches a constellation of promises on my skin. So I ask if she’s a sucker for love poems and honesty. So I ask if she’s ever been hurt before. What do you do when it’s just you? Does the anxiety rip you inside out? You can write until you’re all out of words. You can love until your heart is a grain of sand. You can be angry until your fist bruises the night. So I ask her about love and if it’s ever worth it. Do you really see us together? Isn’t it weird? Two strangers. Before meeting– you didn’t exist to one another. Now? You’re routine. Now? You choose to stay. I can ask if she really means it all. I can ask if she believes me. I’m always in my head picking myself apart. I’m always in my heart sorting out feelings. The complexity of something as simple as saying I love you to someone bothers everyone who stays up really fucking late. We all have a past that won’t sleep. We all have a present worth living. The future? I don’t know if it holds us, but I’m here until the last page.

Gay Chicken

pairing: fake dating!reddie

rating: undecided

All the characters are 17+ here!


“Are you asking me to play long term Gay Chicken, Tozier?”

His gaze hadn’t moved from his history book as he muttered the question, excluding the small notion of him shooting a confused glance towards his best friend. As much as he hated reading ten pages of general world history that’s been nailed into his brain in the course of an hour long class period, he’d take the boring text over getting dragged into one of Richie’s usually-bad-ending-games any day of the week.

… That’s only half a lie.

“Yes! Well, no, okay, listen to me Eds,” Richie put a quick finger up before he could be nagged about the nickname, “everyone already thinks we’re dating, so let’s make a challenge out if it. We pretend we’re dating, go on dates, hold hands, blah blah mushy mushy feelings gay shit, and whoever falls in love first, loses.” A messy grin was on Richie’s face, and as he held up a pinky as imaginative contract, Eddie could already feel himself signing it in bold black letters.
Eddie knows better, he’s known better since he took his first breath. There will always be hesitance in anything he does, simply because his mother could have said it was dangerous. Hell, his mother could’ve told him the clouds were made of toxic gas, and he would’ve never left the house again. Now being older, more mature and a little less naive to the world, he knew it was all just a facade to keep him to herself. Unfortunately, his mother would always remain as the voice of his demons.

He finally looked up from his book, a small pause in his movements as he searched Richie’s all too excited eyes. “I dunno Richie, this could end in, both very bad ways.” As the years went on, the Loser Gang drifted. Of course, they still hung out every once and awhile, Bill dragging everyone to his house for a movie night, or Mike insisting everyone to come and relax in the barn for a while to catch up. It hadn’t made him miss the quarry meetups or the barrens any less, of course, and losing Richie to a stupid, emotionally dangerous game could very well teeter him off the edge.
“Oh c’mon Eddie! This could be a master plan! Even if one of us don’t go gay for each other, we can always use it to prank the fuck out of the losers.” Eddie doesn’t quite understand how fucking with his feelings could be a prank to his slightly distanced friends, but Richie seemed to have his heart set on this. “Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to ask me on a date, Trashmouth?” Eddie snarked with a grin, holding his pinky against Richie’s, not hooking it just yet.

“Nah, sorry dude, my heart forever belongs to your mother and her fat pussy.” Richie replied with a dramatic voice. The asthmatic of the two made a disgusted face, hooking his pinky with Richie’s in a quick motion.

“You got a deal, asshole, may the most… lovable win?”
Richie twisted his hand, his palm against Eddie’s as he interlocked their fingers. Eddie’s heartbeat picked up and he could feel it quicken in his chest.

May the most lovable win.”


heY u fuckin guys this is just a preview for a fic i hope i can get the motive to write. i saw a post somewhere talking abt a fake dating!reddie and i fucking ADORE that trope so! i decided to try and see if this would spark any interest.

please tell me if I have any mistakes! rb’s are very appreciated!

REQUEST: Damon and reader. Where the reader is there for Damon throughout everything and he finally realized he’s in love with her!

Doppelgängers. The Originals. The race for the Cure. Heretics. Gemini Coven.

Damon Salvatore and his friends had seemed to have been through it all. Way more than what regular people would ever have to go through. But of course, they weren’t regular people. They were dead. Well, some of them.

Including you.

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to (some of) the girls who built me up
with clay
from sippy cups
and playground days:

1. flower girl in the yellow shorts: you are the softest shade of self and i want to paint masterpieces from your unapologetic way of living. let’s drive away next year to the city that chose us. of all the girls i have scoured for my reflection, i see the most of myself in you. whisper to me the ways you scare and disappoint yourself, i bet our shame and secrets are the same.

ii. fierce girl of foreign tongue: you came to us jagged from the times they broke you and scarred from the times you tried to break yourself. inject me with your courage the way you infect me with your laughter; loud opinions look good on you and i want to try them on too. most of all i love how you taught yourself to be gentle. i know it was hard to yank off the armour you welded yourself into but i hope the feeling of our love against your bare skin is worth it.

iii. girl i have loved longest: among the jewels of the world you shine brighter than all. i think kindness must be stitched deep into your soul. here is a small slice of advice (crumbs in comparison to the bakery of wisdom you offered me over cups of earl grey tea): it is not your job to save any person except yourself. you have a gift for bandaging wounds, but first pick the glass out of your own cuts. remember there are leeches out there who will cry until they suck you dry. old friend, you are not a sponge, you were made for more than soaking up the woes of others. say no when you have to, scream if it that’s what it takes to be heard.

iv. butterfly girl fluent in words and numbers, english and equations: i’m sorry that i did not get to know you better, did not hold you closer. we’ve known each other for over two thirds of our lives but for the most part we stayed on the fringes of friendship. you were always quiet. i know silence too, i understand it well. but here is a pact that should be spoken: as we forge a path into this strange new world, let us discover what it is not to hide behind the tongues of friends. let us not close our hearts and mouths out of fear.

v. enigmatic girl with the changing hair and restless heart: during my mole months i did not see daylight until i received you message. (are you okay? i miss you) i never told you but you were the only reason i left the house that week. thank-you, girl whose love folds along the equator. i always envied your ability to belong anywhere. but one humid night you admit to me that you feel lost, adrift. torn between two people who want to hurt each other almost as much as they want to love you. please know that no matter how far and long you run you will always have a home in me.

vi. tiny girl with the mile-a-minute voice: how the letters and days twist together when you are close. i love you for the way my laughter spills out, ugly and loud, when you talk. i love how deeply you care, how some memories etch themselves into the back of your skull. i did not know such passion could be contained in the entire cosmos - never mind in your elfin vessel.

vii. brilliant girl with the world at your feet: please throw me the scraps from your life. you are the most beautiful creature i have ever beheld but that is the least of your accomplishments. is there anything you can’t do? teach me to speak like you, stitch like you, write like you, think like you, challenge myself like you, work like you, love like you. you could soar so high on the wings you built yourself, you could see things we could never dream up. my only request is that you don’t lose sight of me, waving from the tallest hill i can climb.

viii. fire-hot girl with the ice-cold eyes: you were the final one to join our circle and you made it whole. your jokes have a bite, your compliments have a kick. you could make the sun orbit you, you could make the stars rearrange themselves for the chance to shine on you. saturated girl, i know how hard it is to allow for vulnerability, to tell someone you care. sincere love is throwing yourself off a cliff and trusting the waves to cradle you, but believe me, nothing else compares.
—  to my eight sisters, thank-you for our seven days, thank-you for our six years // L.H.
I Promise : Steve Harrington x Reader

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A/N: This is hella short, I promise the next one will be longer. School is almost over for me and I have a bunch of projects due. But, once summer starts I’ll be able to write more for you guys! Anyways, on with the fluff.

“I can’t believe you’re graduating,” you whisper, nuzzling your head into Steve’s chest. The couch you two are sitting on has been your spot for two years, ever since Steve was a sophomore and you were a freshman. Being one of the smarter kids in the school put you in some more advanced classes with upperclassmen, one of them being Steve.

“I know, sweetheart,” he says, kissing the top of your head. “You know that I’ll be back to visit.”

“I know, but still. What if you find someone better than me?” You ask, attempting to hold back tears. The thought of Steve being with someone else breaks your heart and college was going to be full of beautiful girls that would throw themselves at Steve. “I’m still here in Hawkins while you’re off to some out of state college.”

“Hey. (Y/N), you know I would never leave you. You will always be the one for me, no one could ever replace you. It’s been two years and I can’t imagine my life without you in it,” Steve admits. He pulls you closer to him, if that’s even possible. “I will be back for breaks and holidays and will make sure that I get to spend time with you, no matter what.”

You look up to him and kiss him gently. “You’re the best, Harrington.”

“I know,” he smirks, kissing you again. “Oh, wait. Stay right there.”

Steve rushes upstairs, leaving you on the couch with some stupid movie playing. Stupid movies has been a tradition since you two started dating, and it’s just grown from there. You grab a few pieces of popcorn and throw them up to catch them. You get about four pieces in a row until you throw the fifth one and it doesn’t come back down. Looking behind you, Steve is standing there smiling with a piece of popcorn in his hand. His other hand is behind him, holding something. He comes back to sit next to you on the couch, his hand still behind him.

“What are you holding?” you ask hesitantly. Steve pulls his hand from behind him to reveal a little box. Your eyes go wide and you scoot to the other end of the couch. “Holy shit, Steve.”

“It’s not what you’re thinking, (Y/N),” Steve laughs. He lifts the lid to reveal a little silver band that reads, Forever

“This looks exactly like what I’m thinking,” you say, staying on your side of the couch.

“It’s just a promise ring. It’s just to say that you will always be the only one for me. So, (Y/N), I promise that I will wait for you, however long it takes.”

You slowly take your seat back next to Steve as he slips the ring on your finger. He kisses you chastely before you shakily whisper, “I promise.”

I want the universe to understand that when I ask for the darkness, I don’t certainly mean solitude, even if I want it at the times I refuse to give in for the people who don’t understand what I’m teaching my soul from feeding a random cat in the streets, or holding a friend so tightly, ignoring the scars all over his arms from last night’s battle he had to go through again, or complimenting a girl with a short dress instead of gazing at her black knees, the way they do, you see, I want to be able to steal a kiss or two on the same sidewalk where someone had stolen an old lady’s bag earlier in daylight, then cussed at this couple holding hands like they were the biggest sinners in town, I want to graffiti an abandoned wall with my heart that has been burdening my sleeve for so long, I still didn’t decide to grow apart from it, because I care, I always want to care, in the night, I hear everything calling, that’s why I think it’s always the right time to know how to let go, to blow my hands cold, put the ache of my open wounds to sleep, I just want the universe to believe in me, infinitely, to help me make friends with the contaminated parts of my soul, maybe they aren’t as black as the darkness I ask for, and maybe the darkness isn’t black, it’s just deeper than the rest.
—  hannah-mu 
Anything, Everything (1/2)

Summary: If she could be anything she ever wanted, it would be the one he loved. [Request] Part 1 of 2.

Word Count: 849

A/N: To the anon, I’m sorry it took me literally 4 weeks (yikes). 


Everyone says that we fall in love with people we can’t have. She knew she’s already lost him and it’s selfish, really. Because watching her best friend fall in love with someone else wasn’t exactly easy and Y/N struggled.

It’s been nearly three months and she’s managed to get used to it. She hates how naive he was. It was frustrating, to say the least considering that Michele and Ned were actually able to figure it out themselves. He couldn’t take a hint but sometimes, his actions would say otherwise.

Y/N had to watch him adore her from afar. She was everything he ever wanted. To Peter, Liz always seemed to light up the room. But he was Y/N’s sun. He was her moon and her stars. God, she was merely anything to him anymore and it was horrible. 

Here she is right now, pouring herself a drink on one corner of the high school gym transformed with fancy lights and a stage at the other end of the venue.

“Why are you all alone on a night like this?”

She turns around wishing it was Peter by her side only to see Flash Thompson. Y/N manages to stop her eyes from rolling, sending him a tight lipped smile instead.

She takes another swig from the plastic cup before shrugging her shoulders. “It’s not really my thing.”

“Well if you don’t mind,” Flash says while inserting his hands in the pockets of his trousers. “I’d really like to dance with you.”

“Yeah.” Y/N couldn’t help but smile for the sake of distracting herself. “That would be nice.”

What she doesn’t notice is Peter staring from a distance. There’s sadness in his eyes, slowly feeling her slip through his fingers. Her hair flows past her shoulders in a loose braid with her dress perfectly hugging her body. She was art in its purest form.

He’d fallen in love with her a long time ago and it angered him because it took Y/N being held in someone else’s arms to realize it.

It’s stupid of her to use him as some sort of rebound, but she hasn’t seen Peter since he arrived with Liz so it must’ve helped at some point.

Of course, she spoke too soon. 

“Excuse me.” Interfering the pair, Peter sends Flash a look. “Can I talk to her for a minute?” He pulls her out of the crowd before giving him the chance to answer.

“Peter?” Dumbfounded, she lets go of his grip. “What’s going on?”

“What the hell, Y/N?” He hissed. “Out of everyone in the whole school, you take him?”

“It was just one dance, come on—”

Peter was fuming, balling his fists on his sides in an attempt to compose himself. ”And you agreed? I thought you were better than that.“

“I’m sorry? Why does it matter to you?” Her voice was rising by the minute, catching the attention of some students nearby.

“You can’t— Not him—”  

“Because it’s none of your business.” She grits her teeth, eyes flashing and muscles tensing as she held her purse in a tight grip.

“I love you, Y/N.”

This was all she ever wanted. This was all she ever wanted to hear but it was making her nauseous.

“Talk to me. Please.” He’s practically begging, hot on her heels. “He doesn’t deserve you.”

Y/N crosses her arms. “I’m going home.“

“Are you dating him now?” He spoke softly in disbelief, voice almost breaking as he throws his arms up in despair. His voice echoes in the dark corridor, she’s not sure if she heard him right, her mind is hazy and she stops walking before she can get through the door, scanning his disheveled figure.

“God, no! It’s you, Peter. It’s always been you!” She’s choking back her tears, hands quivering as she desperately tries to hold herself together. “I’ve loved you for so long. I wanted to move on and when I finally decide to do something about it, you start running after me.“

There’s silence between the two, a blank expression appearing on Peter’s face yet she could see right through him. He was confused. Lost.  

“Was it the attention? Did you love knowing that you could break my heart?” It’s unfair but anger was flowing right through her, unable to control the words coming out of her. His mouth dries up, heart rate suddenly increasing. “I didn’t know, I never wanted to—“

“You already have.”

It felt like the wind was knocked out of his lungs, he wasn’t aware of the pain he’s caused but it was too late. Peter was blinded for so long because everything he was looking for was standing in front of him.

Watching him love someone else.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.”

Footsteps started approaching and Liz’s voice echoes across the hall. “Hey, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” She says with a smile across her face. Peter nods, muffling a soft apology.

And when he turns back his head, Y/N was already gone leaving nothing but an empty hallway.



❝ ※ *. :。 → verse/otp tags pt. 1

i know there’s a lot of these floating around and already made, but i wanted to have my own list with my personal favorite lyrics that i can refer to for my own tags. i thought it might be helpful to others, so here we are !! under the cut, you’ll find 1,000 different lyrics that are organized into various categoriesgeneral/misc, slow burn, betrayal, unrequited, & more ) based on my interpretation on them. this list has everything from smokey robinson to dear evan hansen to eminem, so it should also be very diverse. trigger warnings will be placed in the categories they have them in. also, some words have been changed so they make more sense. let me know about any spelling mistakes or triggers i may have missed, as well as any lyrics i may have put in the wrong section. please like/reblog if you use or found this helpful, and most importantly, enjoy !!

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A Real Villain Part 2

A/N: So I had a lotto great feedback on the first part of this imagine and a couple requests to write a second part… so here we go…. Also sorry I try and make most imagines gender neutral but this one I went for a female reader. (Yikes sorry guys). Also let me know if you want me to turn this into a three part series or just leave it as it!

Warnings: Abusive relationship

Word Count: 1555

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4


Peter had generously stayed with you the entire day. You had fallen asleep in his arms, and spent a lot of the day with that. Peter had tried to distract you from the topic of Justin, completely avoiding the topic. But you didn’t want to avoid the topic.

You started telling Peter about the times that Justin would hit you, and the times he scared you. You sat with Peter telling him about your ‘relationship’ as he rubbed your back and whispered small “It’s okay, darling,” and “Im sorry, Y/N,”

Your mom brought you and Peter dinner part way through the night. You sat silently and ate your meal on your bed. Soon after you had requested that you return to bed. Peter crawled into bed with you and wrapped his arms around you.

You woke up the next morning to the sound of your alarm.

You could feel the weight of Peter when he slightly rolled on top of you so he could reach the snooze button on your alarm.

Peter rolled back onto the other side of the bed, and you turned look at him.

“I can’t go to school today, Peter. I can’t,”

“I’ll be right by your side all day, Y/N,”

“Peter we don’t have the same schedule, what are you going to do? Run across the school to walk me class to class?”

“That’s exactly what i’m going to do. I’ll meet you outside each of your classes and walk you to the next,”

You sighed “Alright,”

“C’mon, you’ve got to get ready for school,” Peter said, sitting up in bed, swinging his legs over the side.

“What about you?” You asked.

“I’ll just wear the same clothes, but can I borrow a toothbrush?”

“Sure,” you said, finally gaining the energy to lift yourself off your pillow.

As you made your way to the bathroom and your saw your reflection in the mirror you realized you looked like a mess. Any makeup you had on was tear stained. You still had on Peter’s sweater and your hair was knotted.

You quickly ran a comb through your hair and went to bring Peter a new toothbrush.

“Hey Peter, Do you mind if I wear your sweater today?” You asked, handing him the toothbrush.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Probably not, but it smells like you and I think I could really use that comfort today if you can’t be with me all day,”

“Of course you can wear it, Y/N,”

As you finished getting ready for school, Peter waited quietly on your bed.

“Ready to go Parker?” You asked

“Ready when you are,”

You picked up our backpack and slung it over your shoulder. Peter climbed off your bed, grabbed his bag and put it on. You silently walked out your front door and set off on your walk to school. You silently slipped your hand into Peter’s as you were walking. Saying nothing, you looked at Peter and gave him a small smile.

Luckily you and Peter had the same homeroom so you walked to class together and sat down in your usual seats.

You sat in front of Peter, while Ned sat beside him.

You were waiting for class to start, when you heard Ned andPeter whispering behind you.

“Did I just see you walk into class holding Y/N’s hand?” Ned asked

“Maybe,” Peter whispered back.

“Woah, what happened to Justin? Dude he’s gonna kick your ass, whether they’ve broken up or not,”

“I know. It’s worth it though, man,”

“Damn,” Ned muttered.

You smiled to yourself. You really didn’t deserve Peter.

You could barely pay attention in any of your classes that day. You were happy that you didn’t have any classes with Justin that semester.

Peter had stayed true to his word and walked you from class to class. Peter came to your English class which happened to be your last class before lunch.

“Hey Y/N,” Peter smiled.

“Hey Pete,”

You slung your backpack over your shoulder and linked your arm with Peters, making your way towards the cafeteria.

“Y/N!” You heard your name being called from down the hallway.

You and Peter both turned to see who it was calling you.

Justin came jogging down the hallway, face full of rage.

“So its true,” He said.

Neither your or Peter said anything, but you moved your arm so you were now clutching Peter’s bicep.

“All day people have been asking me if you and I had broken up. People were telling me that you were wearing Peter’s sweater and that you were holding his hand, and he was walking you to and from all your classes,”

“Don’t talk to her,” Peter said.

“Fuck you Parker. Fuck you for fucking my girlfriend. I always knew you were cheating on me Y/N. You two are way to close just to be friends,” Justin spat.

“We’re over, Justin. I’m not your girlfriend anymore. So fuck you for hurting me,” you said.

“Me hurting you?!” Justin said, raising his voice and stepping closer to you and Peter.

Peter instinctively stepped in front of you so his body was shielding most of yours. You kept holding onto Peter’s arm, worrying about your safety.

“YOu broke my heart Y/N!”

“Don’t talk to her!” Peter said, raiding his voice.

“Every time you were with Peter or even Ned you were breaking my heart a little more. I knew you were cheating on me. And with this loser of all people?” Justin continued, ignoring Peter’s order.

Justin continued to step towards you and Peter. Peter slowly pushed you back away from him.

“Back up,” Peter ordered Justin.

“Make me, Parker. THat’s my girlfriend you have there and i’d love for you to return her,”

“REturn her? Y/N is NOT your possession. And she is certainly not your girlfriend,”

“Don’t make this harder than it has to be, Penis Parker, that’s your name, right?”

“Just back off Justin,”

“Or what? You’ll hurt me?” Justin teased.

“I don’t want to, but if I have to I will,”

Suddenly, Justin lunged at Peter, his fist connecting with Peter’s face.

You moved back “HELP!” You yelled.

Peter got up and managed to block Justin’s next punch.

Two teachers came running out of their classrooms, looking for who cried for help. When they saw Justin attacking Peter, they made their best attempts to pull him off of Peter.

The principal came running down the hall, “What on earth is going on here Y/L/N, Parker, Ravioli?” (Yikes lol idk how last names work).

You had tears welling in your eyes, you tried to speak but no words came out of your mouth.

Peter came over to you and wiped the tear that was falling down your cheek.

“All of you. My office. Now.” Your principal ordered.

The three of you had been separated and the principal talked to you each individually.

You were the first brought into the principal’s office.

“Y/N, what’s going on? You’re such a good kid, how did you even get into this situation?”

You started crying, making your best attempts to choke out an answer “J-justin and I. W-w-we dated a-and he b-beat me. I-I-I t-tr-ied to break up with him. B-ut he wouldn’t let m-m-me. Pe-eter was only trying to protect me. D-don’t punish him please,”

“Wait, Justin beat you?” The Principal asked, leaning forward in his chair, obviously very concerned.

You nodded, rolling up the sleeve of Peter’s sweater from where Justin had grabbed you the other day. You could see bruises that were left from where he was gripping you. You slowly removed the sweater from your opposite shoulder where you could see another bruise, the then purple mark, now turning slightly yellow from where Justin had hit you only a week earlier when you were late for a date.

“Y/N, you understand that i’m going to have to call both your parents and the police, right?”

You nodded, starting to cry harder.

“C-a-an I see P-peter?” You asked.

The principal stood up from his chair and stuck his head out the door, calling Peter inside.

You had folded yourself over, leaning on your knees, your tears staining your pants.

Peter rushed to your side, dealing down beside you he began rubbing small circles into your back.

“Shhh, Y/N, it’s okay, i’m here,” Peter said.

You could hear the Principal across the desk phoning the police and your parents.

“I’m sorry Peter. I’m so sorry,” You cried.

“Y/N, listen to me, you have nothing to be sorry for. It’s okay, darling. It’s not your fault,” Peter said, placing a light kiss on your forehead.

You really didn’t deserve Peter Parker.

My Top Ten Naruto Ships

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1. Sasuke and Naruto 

This one should be obvious from my blog. These two hold a very special place in my heart and I owe a lot of who I am now to them. I didn’t always ship them nor did I go into the series thinking much about them. I had pre-existing expectations of NH/SS being canon but somehow SNS managed to capture me in a way no other ship has in any series or fandom I’ve been a part of. Their bond is beautiful in that they are so many things to each other but any way you label it, it’s Love. 

2. Minato and Kushina 

Honestly, these two are really cute. I love their relationship and they’re just so good together. 

3. Itachi and Shisui 

I wish we got more of these two together. Their relationship seemed so good. Shisui was like an anchor to Itachi, someone he could depend on to take him away when things go to be too much. I just really like them together. 

4. Shikamaru and Temari 

The only canon couple that makes complete sense. Their relationship had been brewing since the chunin exams. 

5. Sakura and Naruto 

Despite me shipping SNS, I honestly thought these two were going to get together. They had their ups and downs but I think they had great chemistry overall and I have no doubt that Sakura, at some point, DID develop feelings for Naruto. 

6. Kotetsu and Izumo

They’re married. It’s canon. Fight me on this. 

7. Ino and Sakura 

Before the whole, “we’re no longer friends because we like the same guy” shit happened, they were good together. Despite their “rivalry,” they care about each other and I think there’s a lot of potential in this ship. 

8. Kiba and Hinata

I think they make hell of a lot more sense than NH and I was honestly always under the impression that Kiba had a small crush on Hinata. 

9. Neji x Happiness 

Listen…Listen, Neji deserves to be happy. He deserves to be happy and free…and alive

10. Yahiko and Konan 

They were really cute to me. I’m glad that they’re together in the Afterlife though, along with Nagato. 

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Love for the Signs
  • Aries: You try so hard to show your bulletproof vest to the world, but why is it every time they shoot, you bleed? Sweet Aries, you keep tying yourself to the train tracks without telling anyone, but whenever that train comes, your noble heart is crushed under insecurities' wheels. You'd rather watch yourself bleed out than ask from a giving hand. Your heart is too pure and your intentions are too raw to hide from others. Dear Aries, you are worthy of vulnerability. Exposing yourself to others does not and will not make you weak. It can only give you power.
  • Taurus: My sweet, dear Taurus, you are radiant in your glow and the person who ever told you otherwise is a damned liar. You pick their words off of sunflowers and dress yourself in their pedals, but Taurus you must let yourself see the flower as a whole. You sew the vibrant pieces to your heart without realizing that half the flower is already dead and now you are attached to something that no longer has life. You thrive in the grandeur of nature and having death fastened to your insides drains your once fluorescent glow. Something you once thought was so right, is now wrong. Admitting your faults will only let your heart breathe.
  • Gemini: Oh, the vivacity of life you hold within you my exuberant Gemini. You live two lives at once, you're a stimulated bolt of youth while simultaneously being a fallen heart always one finger away from an anxiety attack. Sometimes my dear, we can't see you with your forged facade. Do you even know which face you may wear today? It's an unconscious action, you feel both sides so you are able to be both sides at once and the others call your blasphemies. My dear, stop trying to suppress half of yourself in order to accommodate to their needs. Love both sides, then you may feel whole.
  • Cancer: My darling Cancer, are you still in bed holding your chest waiting for them by your window? You stand at the corner of their hearts holding a sign for hire "needed to be needed, loved to be loved" but didn't anyone ever tell you no one will ever love you as much as you do? If you move your hand from your chest, i promise you darling your heart will not fall, it can only grow. Your empty spots are not fatalistic, they are opportunities to be filled with the daises you picked from your garden. So let go sweet Cancer, let go and let in the fresh air of your beautiful aspirations.
  • Leo: I love to watch you paint as you delicately carve your love into trees you wish to lay under. You dream of peace but only seem to land on a pile of stressful need. Your heart is too big for them my sweet Leo, your heart is too pure and genuine that it often consumes you. They call you prideful but don't they know its because you already gave your heart to them and watched them squeeze its evergreen beauty? Your pride is not bad nor is it rotten or grim, it is an example of your standards. They broke your heart once and you'd be a fool to let them break it twice. Hold your head up high dear Leo, but remember to look down every now and then.
  • Virgo: You order ORDER itself and when it doesn't listen to you, you deteriorate into shambles. All you ever wanted was to help the ones you love, to give guidance for those who can't see past their eyes. Your detailed eye does not go unseen and your hidden heart will not go unfelt. You are the face of sacrifice, genuine in your quest for perfection but you must realize that you do not have to suffer. My sweet Virgo, you've come to know many lovers but have yet to know yourself. The ocean may seem infinite but you are far from the bottom, you may use your thoughts to drown yourself or you may use them to float. Your Mondays handwork with a heart full of integritY, but please my beautiful Virgo, let yourself breathe and enjoy the release of a Friday afternoon.
  • Libra: Dressed in black and red stained lips, you are lady lust herself playing both sides through stolen sips of wine. You hand out pieces of your heart in perfume masked gift baskets and then at night you hold yourself and wonder why you feel so empty. You have an exquisite soul my dear Libra, but you must stop walking around in the graveyards at night, trying to bury your feelings won't keep them from coming back alive. You fell in love with love itself and now the queen of the equilibrium can no longer keep balance. Sweet Libra, you are worthy of a voice but you must first speak to be heard. Stop using others affection for you as a measure of your worthiness, you must sit in silence and wait for what you cannot change.
  • Scorpio: Oh my dear Scorpio, how long has it been since you felt secure? Your jealous rampages are the result of your fractured loyalties and now when you do hold trust they often crush it in your hand and you're left to watch it fall through your fingers. You cannot manipulate another to love you. You are not tongue tied, you are delicately planned words with secret intentions hunting the truth you never wanted to know. My beautiful Scorpio, you must realize when to let yourself be. You haunt yourself with the action of others, but what they did to you does not define you, and it will no longer control you. The clever mind of a Scorpio shall not be wasted on the weak willed.
  • Sagittarius: The adventurous Sagittarius, which walks of life have you danced with today? You sing with the stories of tomorrow and live with the spontaneity of today, but you must realize that life is painted many different tones; it's wingspread freedom, but it's also storms of serious. Honesty is a virtue that we all thank you for, but my dear Sagittarius the integrity of others is not a joke you can recklessly play with. You are the embodiment of optimism cloaked in yesterdays ambition and tomorrows hope, you are beautiful in your wisdom. But life must be taken from all sights, you are the king of experiences, so dearest Sag, let yourself experience your emotions.
  • Capricorn: My dear Capricorn, you are grand in your restless hunger for the mountains peak. Rushing up the mountain side, trying to make it in time for the sunrise where you wish to lay in the hands of another sipping victorious wine. And although that sunrise will be magnificent in it's symbolic accomplishment, you must realize that missing it isn't a catalyst to your defeat. Although achieving hard works ambition is glorious, your hands are now ice and your heart isolated. This fight to the top may be easier alone, but who will hold you at the end? Remember, with every sunrise there is a sunset, both are qual in their beauty.
  • Aquarius: You are a blessing to tiresome routines while dressed in fortified independence. They can call you bundles of hand me down labels, making you a character to fit into their games but you will rebel to the noise and continue your crafts. But you see my sweet Aquarius, being a voice for the good, your beautiful detachment to judgement is also your biggest hamartia. Others are attracted to the impressions you plant and grow attachments while you disengage when you feel restricted. You must realize others do not break from their emotions so easily, your actions often leave scars. Let yourself be sedated by others, having emotions run deep is fatal but my dear Aquarius, you will never feel more alive.
  • Pisces: An extravagant castle, you are the magic that lives in all of us. The purity of your heart whispers divine compassion, constantly giving love to passing creatures. You live with not only your emotions, but you hold the hurt of everyone around you, you feel their tales of travesties. And my dear Pisces, when all you can do is feel floods of yours and others hurricanes, you escape back to your castle with locked gates. But my sweet Pisces, you must understand that you cannot live in that castle, you cannot wash away ruthless pain with sun dried whiskey and vindictive vodka. Your creative soul is magnificent, so never stop drawing your castle, never stop exploring the depths of your imagination, never stop having empathy, but you can't stop living.