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Post your favorite childhood photo. What year was it taken? How old were you?

i couldnt choose so here have two!
1. 2 years old, my brother told me to sit cross legged but my legs,,,short
2. 3 years old, showing the kitchen who’s boss (aka my matt daddario impression)

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Miles Behind Us//A Bo Burnham Imagine

Anonymous said: “Can you do a one-shot where you are Bo’s best friend and his girlfriend dumps him in like the middle of the night so naturally he ends up at your house and platonic cuddles turn into something more? ;)))))”

Of course I can. With this one, I think I am going to do like vague smut kind of like I did with the George Weasley one. I am terrible at doing outright smut to be honest.

This is actually my favorite Bo imagine I’ve done so far.


Title: Miles Behind Us

Character/Celebrity: Bo Burnham

Word Count: 1058

Rating: T-M

Warnings: brief sexual content/language/I may have made this very very dramatic tbh


It was around two in the morning when Bo texted you.

Of course you were still awake, watching Daredevil on Netflix and eating Poptarts. This was what you were normally doing on a Thursday night now that you’d dropped out of college and gotten your own place.

When your text tone went off (the punchline of one of Bo’s jokes; he’d convinced you to be the first to download it when it had been released), you groggily reached for your phone, yawning as you paused your show to read it.

text from ‘bo’

received: 2:06am

subject: none

hey i’m coming over don’t ask any questions

be there in five


You groaned and dragged a hand down your face. Bo was always coming over at ungodly hours of the night to complain about his latest girlfriend who had quite the habit of being a bitch.

You didn’t even bother to respond since he had told you to not ask any questions, instead settling on raiding your fridge for alcohol. You pulled out your bottle of raspberry vodka and found Bo’s favorite whiskey in the cabinet next to you. These were the drinks you two had a tendency to down irresponsibly whenever either of you had a problem.


Bo was right. The doorbell rang at exactly 2:11am and you answered it, inviting him in. He was really upset this time; a different kind of upset than the kind he normally was.

Still, you waited your normal ten minutes before asking what was wrong.


“What did she do this time?” you asked. He shrugged and you knew it was something pretty bad. He held out his now-empty glass and you poured him more whiskey. He downed it in one gulp and you knew it was time to put the alcohol away.

It was another twelve minutes before Bo said anything to indicate what was wrong.


“(y/n), do you think I’m enough?” he asked. The two of you had migrated to your bedroom. He was laying back against your pillows, an arm over his face and you were watching the TV; it was turned on, but there wasn’t anything actually playing. You scooted back so that you were closer to him, and lay down next to him on your side.


“Am I enough?” he asked. “Funny enough, smart enough, good enough?” You furrowed your eyebrows for a moment, debating how to answer this question. You knew for a fact that Bo was good enough, but you wanted to know why he’d asked.

“Does this have to do with Lexi?” you asked. He shrugged.

“Just answer the question.”

“Just answer mine.”

“I asked you first.” You groaned because your best friend was an absolute child.

“Of course you’re good enough, Bo.” you said, “In all of the categories that exist. You’re funny, smart, attractive, caring… You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met.”

“Attractive?” he asked peeking at you from behind his arm. You rolled your eyes.

“That’s the one that resonated with you?” you asked, because he could not be serious right now. Bo turned over as well, looking at you.

“I’m only joking.” He said. You smiled because of course you already knew that. Then his arms were open and you were in them, your head on his chest.


“What happened, Bo?”


In the two minutes since you’d last spoken, it appeared Bo had begun to fall asleep. His chest was rising and falling slowly now, lazily.

“Lexi.” you explained, “What did she do?” His sigh vibrated in every cell of your body.

“She cheated on me, (y/n).” He told you. He didn’t sound upset, he just sounded calm. You closed your eyes and let out a breath. You’d kind of suspected this when he’d asked if he was good enough.

“Oh, Bo.” you said because you didn’t think there was anything you could say to make this better.

He never responded, only held you tighter to him. You turned away from him and allowed him to pull you against his body. You felt his chest expand into your back as his breathing slowed once more.


It was about twenty minutes later when you felt his lips on your shoulder. You tried to keep your eyes shut, pretend you were asleep. But both of you knew you were not.

Still, you didn’t stop him.

Of course you had always been attracted to him. The fact that you had known him for years didn’t change the way your eyes worked.

“(y/n) look at me.” You did as you were told, turning over to face him once more. His eyes weren’t dark, they weren’t harsh, they weren’t foreign. This was your Bo. The one you loved. The one who needed you.

When his lips met yours, the world disappeared.

You forgot that you hadn’t had sleep in almost two days now. You forgot that he had just been dumped and this was probably desperation to be close to someone. You forgot all of that because the way his lips moved against yours felt too real to be faked.

His hands roamed your sides, the bare skin at your hip set on fire from his touch. He reached behind your head to undo the claw hair clip from your long hair.

“I always liked your hair better down.” He answered your unasked question.

You put a hand on his arm. No words passed your lips, but you knew he knew.

There was a line and you two were getting close to it. If you crossed it, there was no going back; no taking this back.

“All you have to do is say no.” he whispered, knowing the thoughts in your head better than you did.

But you couldn’t say no, wouldn’t say no. Not with his mouth on your jaw and his fingers in your hair.

And you gave in.

You allowed yourself to become lost in him.

Your bodies were fires you were helpless to put out. You gave him everything, more than willingly, until you had nothing left to give. There was something magical in the way that you felt no remorse, no guilt, as he took it all from you.

The line hadn’t just been crossed, it was miles behind you.


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Cat Boy!Hoseok

Its finally time for cat boy!hobi and also before I start, I just want to say a huge thank you for 1 thousand followers I’m so ?!?!?! but I can’t thank you all enough

  • Okay but does everyone remember this bangtan bomb
  • It literally features cat boy!hobi this is basically canon
  • Fluffy haired hobi will be a thing and he’ll have his lil ears and his lil fluffy tail and it’s just all the fluff
  • We all know how graceful Hobi is but can we imagine him dancing with his lil tail I need this to be a thing
  • Like you know those “Hope on the street” videos lets just combine that with a tail and you have my new favorite concept 10/10
  • Similar to yoon, he does love his sweatpants but he’s a l o t easier to get to dress up
  • He actually enjoys wearing suits but he’s often in shorts or a pair of sweats
  • You two met when you were just 10 and he kinda just instantly bonded with you tbh
  • You two met on the playground
  • He was so lil and he had a cold bc he’d been out in the rain the night before but he was still so so energetic when the kids arrived
  • He just ran around with all of them and let them play with his ears bc he loved the attention
  • You were having fun watching the kids run around with him and you were kinda curious about why he had a tail bc you’d heard of hybrids but had never seen one before
  • One of the kids runs by and ends up knocking your ice cream out of your hands
  • You’re kinda upset bc hey man you just lost your ice cream but Hobi is s o quick to run straight over to you
  • He just grabs your hand and starts running and you have no idea where you’re going but you keep following him and tbh you find yourself giggling bc his smile is so wide and you can tell he just enjoys running and his happiness spreads to others so you’re automatically happy
  • You don’t realize bc you’re so busy giggling that he’s actually leading you over to the ice cream stand
  • He buys you a replacement ice cream and apologizes for the other kid who made you drop your first one and you’re kinda shocked bc how did he even notice that
  • You just smile at him and ask him where his family is bc he doesn’t have the mark that most owned hybrids do
  • His smile kinda just drops and he sits next to you
  • “I was too energetic, they wanted a calm pet and I broke one of their vases so they left me here”
  • Your heart kinda breaks a bit bc who could just leave precious lil hobi in a park all by himself
  • You immediately hug him and you two kinda just chill there and hug until your parents come over to tell you its time to go
  • They see a lone hybrid and the mark forming on his cheek and they just know there’s a new member of the family
  • You two spend every second you can together
  • He teaches you all of the dance moves he’d learned from his previous family and he’s always patient when he’s teaching you
  • If you’re ever having a bad day, he’s just right by your side and he does anything and everything to make you happy again
  • Want him to dress up in some ridiculous costume? done. Want him to make funny faces and talk in weird voices? he’s got that in the bag. Want him to just cuddle with you and let you vent about why you’re upset? he’s there
  • He l o v e s cuddles
  • Any time, any place
  • He’ll totally let you pet his ears whenever you want bc they’re honestly so soft
  • They tend to twitch in his sleep too which just adds to his overall cuteness
  • He’s s o social
  • He loves meeting new people and making friends and honestly anyone that meets hobi just loves him instantly
  • Honestly cat boy!hobi is just a necessary thing and it needs to officially be a thing

(It was hard to edit these down).

Anyway, I was tagged by both @rushpartyofcanada and @keytarplatypus to pick six pictures on my phone (umm, tbh two were downloaded from the internet, but I feel like it gets my aesthetic best) to explain my aesthetic. So here we are. 

1) The ice thing: just on my campus. I kind of liked how it looked.
2) Taken out the window on a plane. I take WAAAYYYY too many pictures of the sky.
3) My darling cat.
4) The prettiest album cover you’re ever gonna see. I loved this thing before I loved the band behind it. That’s really saying something.
5) My favorite temple in Rome, Italy: the Pantheon!
6) That picture of the sunset was actually taken tonight. I figure it fits my aesthetic pretty well though; I love sunsets.

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39 Questions Tag Game

I was tagged by @hallowedbecastiel​. Thank you ♥

  1. Are you named after someone? After something, my name is Anna Júlia because my brother loved a song with this name
  2. When was the last time you cried? two hours ago watching a movie
  3. Do you like your handwriting?  yes. 
  4. What is your favorite lunch meat? ham
  5. Do you have kids?  nope
  6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? yesss haha i’m so awesome lolol
  7. Do you use sarcasm? sometimes
  8. Do you still have your tonsils? yes
  9. Would you bungee jump? yesss if my friends were with me. i’d do anything with them
  10. What is your favorite kind of cereal? don’t have a favorite tbh
  11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? only if i can’t take them off
  12. Do you think you’re a strong person? yes i think
  13. What is your favorite ice cream? cream and grape
  14. What is the first thing you notice about people? hmmmm idk how tall they are?? 
  15. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? my nose
  16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? no shoes, and blue shorts
  17. What are you listening to right now? (x) (if you are not brazilian and you actually listen to it, please let me know lolol)
  18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? dark purple
  19. Favorite smell? rain
  20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? my brother
  21. Favorite sport to watch? soccer and volleyball
  22. Hair color? broww
  23. Eye color? brown
  24. Do you wear contacts? no, only when i’m going out
  25. Favorite food to eat?  it’s gotta be pizza
  26. Scary movies or comedy? comedy 
  27. Last movie you watched? split
  28. What color of shirt are you wearing? white
  29. Summer or winter? both where i live are hot, but winter doesn’t rain that much and sometimes is cold so winter
  30. Hugs or kisses?  depends on the person 
  31. What book are you currently reading?  the prince 
  32. Who do you miss right now? my friends
  33. What is on your mouse pad? i don’t have one 
  34. What is the last tv program you watched? Supernatural
  35. What is the best sound? waves
  36. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? beatles all the way
  37. What is the furthest you have ever traveled? natal, brazil
  38. Do you have a special talent? no i wish i had but i don’t :
  39. Where were you born? brazil

I’m tagging anyone that wants to do it. Feel free to tag me  =)

Arranged Marriage (Jungkook)

And last but certainly not least, to finish the series off as he always does is our beloved maknae, the second half of the Busan, a man child with the most relaxing voice, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie (also happy birthday kookie !!!!!)

  • For the original prince!kook post, you can click here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!kook will still be the same
  • For everyone that didn’t read the original post, he is the shy prince
  • He’s a bit quiet and he doesn’t really talk too much besides when someone talks to him, then he’s super polite and smiles a lot and is his charming self
  • He makes monthly trips to the town with his parents but he also does some volunteer work at random
  • He helps build houses, buildings, anything like that, he helps clean the town up, he helps out a lo t
  • He normally tries to stay casual on those days bc he doesn’t want it to be a “omg prince Jungkook!!!” he wants to just blend in and help his people out bc they are v v important to him
  • They all know it’s him but they treat him like any other helper bc that’s what he wants and he’s grateful they do bc he really wants to just help everyone out in anyway he can
  • There is this one lil girl that kook has a soft spot for bc her parents had always treated him like a normal person instead of a prince so he’d always stopped to talk to them and got to know them
  • She’s just a lil goober, just turned three but he’s pretty much an older brother to her
  • He has her and her family come up to the castle every month and they all just have dinner and kook plays with her and his pup a bunch and it’s just all giggles and happiness
  • He would be shocked when his parents tell him about the arranged marriage
  • They tell him like a year before the actual wedding date
  • It takes him a good bit of time to let the news sink in bc he’d never once even thought that this was a possibility, his parents had never mentioned anything about marriages besides the typical “once you get married you can take over as king”
  • He’s a smart kid and he knows the benefits of this marriage right away so he isn’t upset about it 
  • He knows this is gonna be a good thing for everyone, that the two kingdoms are gonna be stronger as one and a great way to confirm the alliance is a marriage
  • He’s still s o incredibly nervous bc he seems like someone who takes a while to open up to strangers and falling in love would probably be a slow process
  • The day he first meets you is easily the most nervous he’s ever felt, he wasn’t this nervous to give a speech in front of the whole town, he wasn’t this nervous to make new friends or travel alone for the first time
  • There are so many ways it can go wrong but there’s also the chance it can go extremely right but like what if he says something that upsets you, what if you two don’t get along, what if you want nothing to do with him
  • His hands are a bit shaky and he’s got to take a few deep breaths but then he’s good, he’s ready
  • When he sees you, he has this whole lil speech planned about how he’ll treat you like a gem, how you won’t regret marrying him and how he’ll be the best husband he can be but then it all vanishes into thin air once you come in bc shi T THIS IS HAPPENING RN AND I AM UNPREPARED
  • All he can get out is a “hey”
  • Thankfully, you are staying at his castle for a few weeks so you have time to actually get to know him
  • As the days goes by, you two do start talking more and more and he slowly comes out of his shell
  • Once it’s just you two he starts acting like the goofball he is, pulling faces and doing that one dance move where he’s half shuffling half doing whatever it is (it’s one of my personal favorites tbh)
  • He’s actually re ally fucking funny and it’s such a relief bc you were a bit worried after hearing he was kinda shy like is he never gonna feel comfortable around you ?? bc if he’s shy with people on the street how is he gonna be around someone he never would’ve met if it wasn’t for an arranged marriage
  • But he’s actually really cute and funny and goofy and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s so ready to pull the worst face he can at any time
  • You two just click together and it’s actually pretty comfortable and by the end of your stay, it feels like you two have known each other forever
  • The real stamp of approval will come from the lil girl though
  • You both have your parents’ approval, siblings are good to go, everyone’s on board except for her bc she hasn’t met you yet
  • She’s just excited to “have another Jeon to play with”
  • Kook turns red at her calling you a Jeon already bc whoa whoa whoa we’re friends rn but he laughs it off and just picks her up and distracts her by pointing out the ducks flying overhead
  • It’s honestly super sweet and endearing to see him carrying her around bc he gets this really soft look in his eyes and she’s so smol compared to him
  • She latches onto you pretty quickly and tells you that you have to come back so you can help her make a new macaroni painting for kook
  • She and him both see you off and you promise her that you’ll come back soon but it’s also lowkey directed to kook too
  • I mean a month is a long time especially seeing each other every day so he’s a bit ??? bc he’s liking having you around but now you’re leaving so soon like he’s just starting to develop a crush
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll be back, I still have to say “I do” remember??”
  • He just :D and kisses your cheek really quickly as a see you later and the lil girl just :O bc who A WAS THAT A KISS THAT’S LIKE SAYING I LOVE YOU OH MY GO D
  • Side note, from then on, it’s a lil thing between you and him that every time you kiss the others cheek, it’s a way of saying I love you
  • Needless to say, he kisses your cheek a l o t
hoodlum pt. I || hanbin

Originally posted by teambgasm

           The one thing you could remember clearly from your messy upbringing, the only words that fell out of your mother’s mouth on almost a daily basis with the utmost anger, the only thing that made absolutely no sense to you as a child, but made perfect sense now, was her warning about the “hoodlums” around the city.

           “You come from a family of class, and you have no business to be interacting with anyone who is of a lower class than you, especially not a hood.” Your mother used to say those words in the morning before school as she straightened out your dress and fixed your hair, despite the fact that it didn’t need any additional fixing. “You can be nice to them, that’s alright. I raised you to be a kind child, but do not become friends with any of them, you hear? The last thing I need is for some street kid to influence you and get some bad ideas in your head.”

           You were eight, for goodness sake. You were far too young to even understand what a “hood” was; as far as you were concerned, it had something to do with clothing, but obviously from your mother’s words, it must’ve been a person too, and not a very pleasant one.

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favorite character meme
four five relationships →  skye

Just What I Needed (anonymous submission)


PAIRING: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) x Reader


that last blurb was so unbelievably filthy that i needed to write some fluff to compensate xD (tbh, fluff is the stuff that holds my fragile heart together in one piece) (hope it’s okay that i’m sending you this) (peace out lovelies) (treat yourselves like dan and phil would treat you if you were their friend) <3 -Submitter

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We’re in the big leagues now, kiddos! A BIG thank you to each and every one of my followers!! I’d love to do something to celebrate but don’t know what so if you have any ideas just HMU I’ll make it happen! Thank y’all!!

I don’t want to make this post too long so I’m going to be tagging some special friends under the cut!

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the sappy stuff

first thing’s first, gotta get all sentimental with you all.  cat’s going to be two years old in three months ( or two months… i should double check the date.  mAYBE EVEN FOUR WHO KNOWS ), and i can’t even begin to explain how much she means to me.  she’s a character i can’t move on from – she lives in my head and just constantly annoys me.  roleplaying her is a joy, i never hate having a lot of drafts because honestly what makes me happiest is when other people enjoy her to, something that is best shown me through interactions.

i know there are parts of her that seem stretched or cliché, i know that she can be overly dramatic and that moody, brooding character that seems to exist everywhere, but developing her has been the most fun i’ve ever had as a writer.  i can’t imagine being without her, she’s one of my best friends, as well as probably my most worked on creation.

and i’ve been roleplaying for over ten years now.

but what i’m trying to say is thank you to everyone who gives her a chance.  thank you to you all who have inspired me, inspired her, taken an interest, and taken time to listen and love my pun saying, duck loving, doughnut eating, trash stealing tormented soul.  just… thank you.  roleplaying keeps me sane.  writing keeps me feeling alive.

and to be back at the number of followers i have obtained after archiving her last blog with around 2k followers, this… this means so much to me.  not that followers matters in the end but…

it’s still kind of a really nice number, y’know?

anyways, i’m not good at being overly sweet for too long so lets get to the good stuff 8D

…under the cut

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