you two speak to me on a spiritual level

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Please stop reblogging your ugly wrinkly forehead selfie so that it at least gets some notes. It's pathetic and not appealing. Thank you.

Hey you cute person, your words speak to me on a spiritual level but you know what? I rarely like selfies enough to even upload them for the fear of being judged for my face, which I am working on. So I reblog that when people ask for a selfie not for notes but because y’know thats my most recent selfie. I personally thing my wrinkly forehead makes me look mature and the fact my forehead looks like its 70 is an attractive feature. But pathetic and not appealing are the two perfect words to describe your attitude. Stop hiding behind anon and if you don’t like what you see there is this feature on tumblr called unfollow so you can do that to my blog and you will never see my ugly wrinkly forehead selfie again. Much love have a great day <3

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I test as an INFP on every MBTI test I've ever taken. Reading cognitive functions, I kind of see myself in some of the INFJ functions, even though I know that they're essentially very different. For example, my Fi means that I can't imagine compromising on my values, ideals and identity but somehow I identify with Fe because it's not always about me - there is such thing as the greater good and my everyday battles involve balancing the two. What do you think?

I personally find online test tend to be somewhat inaccurate so I decided to devise a new method to type people. All you have to do is pick one book that speaks to you on a spiritual level. Your choice will inevitably reveal your true personality. Here you go:

Okay I’m kidding. Just come off anon to let me help you sort this out.

Also posting the one for the dmmdsecretsanta event, for ludozerkaa
But since she’s living much closer to me, she received her letter too early lmao

*whispers* well I joined two events because the first one had no update and I was afraid I wouldn’t get to draw for any DMMd SS so I joined the other one too and in the end didn’t want to drop out of one of them XD but it’s okay I guess… xD

oh and I wanted to say that I’m glad I got you,your tumblr speaks to me on a spiritual level XD