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some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder


made in the a.m. // i want to write you a song

“I Want to Write You A Song” is the 12th song on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. It was cowritten by John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, and Ammar Malik.

Green (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: 042: “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on” + 043: “We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches.” with tattoo artist!Jungkook 

Word Count: 614

A/N: so mermaid!hobi will be up probably tomorrow?? but today, I just felt like writing a drabble and this request just stood out to me so I’m gonna do it today, also for anyone that celebrates, happy thanksgiving!! I hope everyone is having a great day, whether you celebrate or not! For the original tattoo artist!kook post, you can click here

You had just recently moved in with your boyfriend, a month ago. You two had finally figured out where everything should go, what side of the closet should be his, how much counter space you both get. Things were finally clicking into place, you two adjusted to how the other lived fairly easily. He was a laid back man, he had spent two years living with Jimin and Taehyung so he was used to having someone in his space and rarely going to sleep alone. He told you that out of the two years he spent with them, he had four nights in that apartment where he slept alone. It was always either one of them, one of the dogs or the cat.

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i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.


Look, T, I know what you’re trying to do, and I appreciate it.

Imagine Wearing His Clothes

Dan: You hate being cold! It was the middle of December and Dan had the wonderful idea that the two of you should go out Christmas shopping together despite the snow coming down outside. You went and dug through your drawers, trying to find a sweatshirt or a jumper of any kind. You groaned upon not finding one. Why couldn’t Dan drag  you out tomorrow? After laundry day?

A brilliant idea struck you. You made your way over to Dan’s wardrobe, opening the doors, and stepping to the side to avoid the avalanche of clothes. You dug through the pile and held it up when you found it. Dan’s jumper that he received from Tumblr. You stripped down to your undergarments, changing into the jumper and a pair of jeans.

“Y/N? Are you about ready to go?” Dan shouts from down the hall.

“Yeah. Just let me get my shoes on.” You sat on the bed, pulling on a pair of boots. You finally got them on your feet with a large amount of difficulty. But, as Newton’s first law of motion says, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. So, even though the boot was on your foot, you managed to fall off the bed.

Dan ran in, probably the only running he would do for the next year, and peered over the side of the bed at you. He couldn’t keep himself from laughing. “Oh my God…” He says through his laughter.

“Don’t be a bitch.”

“I’m not!”

“Stop laughing and help me up then.”

Dan sticks his hand out to you, pulling you to your feet, but his laughter doesn’t stop. At this point, he has you laughing as well. “You’re such a klutz.”

“I know and I take great pride in it, Dan.”

“Are you wearing my jumper?” He asks, finally ceasing his laughter.

“Not my fault you didn’t do the laundry yet,” you say, walking past him. “You coming?” You shout from down the hall.

“Yes. I’m coming.”

Phil: It’s no doubt that Phil has the best collection of t-shirts, jumpers, and hoodies that you have ever seen. So, when Phil was forced to go away on tour and had to take a good deal of his collection with him, you didn’t hesitate to steal a few of his shirts before he packed.

You and Phil were video chatting with each other. You were both sitting in bed, discussing the events of the day. “It’s so pretty here! I wish you could see it in person, Y/N,” Phil says sadly, telling you about Los Angeles.

“Maybe someday we’ll go see it together,” you say, stifling a yawn. It was nearly midnight in London, even though it was just getting to be three in the afternoon for Phil.

“I hope so. How are things going for you?”

“They’re good. School sucks like usual. I miss you, so that doesn’t help.”

“I miss you too, darling. But, I’ll be home soon. I promise. Where are you going?” He asks, watching you get up off the bed.

“I’m going to put pajamas on. Keep talking. I’m listening,” you say, going over to Phil’s dresser, searching for his pajamas. You pulled out the pair of Star Wars pajama pants and lay them over your arm, and begin digging for a hoodie.

You change and go to sit back down in front of the computer. You hear Phil laughing. You watch as his blue eyes crinkle as he laughs. “Are you wearing my pajamas?” He asks.

“Yeap,” you say, popping the ‘p’ as you tug up the yellow sleeves of Phil’s Adventure Time hoodie.

“You’re matching so well,” he jokes.

“It’s the middle of the night, Phil. Who’s going to see me? The Queen?”

“Maybe the Royal Guard will come and take you into custody in the middle of the night because they need you for a secret mission to recover the Queen’s corgi. And you have to go in front of the Queen in my pajamas,” Phil says.

“Then I hope the Queen decides to meet me in her pajamas too.”

“You look really adorable though, Y/N.”

You scrunch up you features. “I know.”

He laughs. “So, how many of my jumpers will smell like you when I get home?”

“90% of the ones you left,” you say, sniffing the sweatshirt, inhaling Phil’s scent.

“I think I can deal with that.”

“I’m going to go to bed before I fall asleep on you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Phil.”

“Alright. Goodnight, darling.”

“Goodnight,” you say, disconnecting and shutting your laptop before sliding under the duvet on Phil’s side of the bed.

More Shitty Ass Headcanons

• Denmark sucks at texting back.
• Latvia hums in his sleep, much to Estonia’s annoyance.
• Upon Hawaii’s annexation, America went through a ukulele phase. England had to suffer through constant ukulele music for a week.
• England’s favorite Harry Potter book is the Prisoner of Azkaban.
• Norway listens to a lot of strings music.
• Most of the nations live a fairly unaware life, but Sealand and Prussia KNOW
• If you’re hanging out with America and ask where you two should go, the answer will always be the movies.
• Poland once drove a tank through Russia’s house.
• Iceland has a YouTube channel which literally consists of him filming his family being weird. He has 117,094 subscribers, and his top video has 2,446,672 views.
• China once wrote “Made In China” on a sleeping America’s forehead in Sharpie.

  • James & Sirius: yaaay laaaadiiies' everybody feelin' good?
  • Lily: oh I don't know, Potter, it's Sunday night, I'm trying to finish a freaking assignment and God knows how but you're in my room so NO, it's not "good". You have three freaking seconds to get the hell oUT OF HERE before I blow your brains out
  • Marlene: *whispers* you two should go
  • Sirius: yep definitely.
  • James: *dragged out by Sirius* man, I'm in love

Happy belated Over the Garden Wall 6 month anniversary~!!! @u@/

After stealing my bro’s pc and some pointers from him and JohnYume, I FINALLY got this thing finished! This pic was inspired by Skimingmilk’s fanfiction called Two Reads in the Woods And if you haven’t read it yet and like OTGW then I highly recommend it~! 

This pic started off as a sketch I doodled up and wanted to color. I was going to go traditionally at first, but I felt like I could get the feel I wanted better digitally. So after 3-4 ish nights this is the end result! The background was digitally done and I must say I’m really proud of it. *u*

You can shoot me now for putting off human turtles. But in my defense my bro had a trip and I just couldn’t pass up using his pc! plz don’t kill meh…!

anonymous asked:

i had sex with a boy several times and even slept over with him and went on a few dates and we're really nice to each other and we do lovely special things that you don't do with just anyone but he's still unsure of what he wants and he gets really distant sometimes and doesn't know that it hurts me and makes me feel like i'm not enough

lovely you are worth so so much. what i think is that you should make him decide, either to commit or to break it off. it’s not fair to you for him to string you along, he should know that if he wants you enough that he wants to tug you along and do all this stuff with you he should want you enough to commit or to let you go. or you two should work out a non committal relationship, whatever makes you two happiest. i’m so sorry you’re hurting :( best of luck, let me know what happens ❤


All of your feelings of fear or shame will dissipate into absolutely nothing, because when you see that person, you will know how everything you’ve been through in your life, the good times, the bad times, the scary times, the sad times will have led you to that one moment and you will thank the Earth that you went through everything that you went through. x x

anonymous asked:

Aether and Posi, you two should hang out together at camp. Maybe go canoeing together and look out at the stars?

Well…I mean…I’m free tonight if he’s down.

I love how Chouji left Shikamaru and Temari on their own together to look at the hot spring inns by themselves. Chouji was like,

“I’m going to head off to eat some sweet chestnuts, so you two should go check it out.”

“Mmm, sorry Shikamaru. I have to eat dessert after meals.”

“I have separate room for dessert.”

“You’re checking it out for a honeymoon, so it’d be better if you two went by yourselves.”

“Well then, I’ll see you two later.” 

“I’m heading off.”

and Thank You cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for translating Konoha Hiden Chapter 3  :)) 

Hello beautiful people of the internet! Summer is upon us and that means one thing, summer reading! If there is one thing The Arrow Fandom is not lacking is amazing fics that you can spend your free time enjoying! Here are some great ones that I’m currently following. You should check them out and as always I’m open to any recommendations for new ones! 

Blood On My Name  written by: ash818
This is the incredible third installment of the Legacy ‘Verse. If you haven’t heard of the Legacy ‘Verse yet you should go and check out the first two installments, Legacy and The Man Under the Hood. Not only will you have a better understanding of all of the characters in Blood On My Name, but they are such great pieces of work you won’t be able to get enough. 

It Runs in the Family written by: dettiot
If you are a fan of Iron Man you’ll love this mind-blowing crossover. Felicity has just become vice-president of a brand-new division for Stark Industries. When she moves to Starling City to run operations her path crosses with a masked vigilante in green leather. I wonder what her father, Iron Man, will think of that?

My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do by: smoakingbillionaires amellthirst
You might think that you’ve heard the classic tale of friends-with-benefits, but you haven’t seen anything yet. This extraordinary fic follows Felicity Smoak as she starts her life at college and a purely sexual relationship with baseball star and campus playboy, Oliver Queen. 

Rumour Has It written by: nikkibeckettcsm
Oliver Queen may be Starling City’s star quarterback and resident playboy, but he has another thing coming if he thinks she will be another one of his floozies that worships the ground he walks on. This is a business arrangement, and if he thinks for second he’s going to mess up her reputation, then he really doesn’t know what Felicity Smoak is capable of.

Soul Shine written by: dust2dust34
This fic is brilliant, captivating, and hot! You’ll be hooked from the first chapter. In a world where humans are incapable of having sex unless they find their “soulmate,” their perfect match. It has been decades since there was a documented case. Scientists think that all they need is to find the “soulmate gene” So Dr. Wells sends Felicity to Starling City, who might just change her mind on the whole “soulmate” idea.

Starstruck written by: arrow-through-my-writers-block
Felicity Smoak doesn’t expect much from the mixed panel she attends at Comic-Con to help promote season three of her hit tv show. But, then again, no one informed her that mega movie star Oliver Queen would also be part of the panel. And she definitely didn’t expect a friendship to form between them.

I Don’t Need No Cure written by: edanyeros
What could be better than a story about a life saving paramedic? When he meets a clumsy, babbling IT girl and they embark on a story together. Oliver and Felicity meet by circumstance, but what follows after can only be described as fate. You’ll find yourself completely engrossed in this story from the start. 

Preference #3: "You Two Should Go Out!"

Harry: “Really?” You both always found it quite amusing when people said that. People just didn’t seem to understand that neither of you were interested in a steady relationship at the moment. Harry was always traveling the world, and you had plenty of things to keep you busy. That didn’t stop things from getting frisky between you two though.

Liam: You tended to get that a lot. It used to annoy you at first, but then you got over it, so now every time someone said that, you would just laugh and brush it off. “I already have a boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure Liam’s got that someone special on his mind, we just have to find out who.” Little did you know, that the special person, was you.

Louis: “Well in that case….” Every time someone stated that, you both would always put on a big show to entertain them. You already had a boyfriend that you loved, and Louis had Eleanor, that was that. Louis would always go the dramatic way and “confess” his love for you, while you gushed and threw yourself into his arms, as if you’d been waiting for this day for ages. Gets them every time. 

Niall: At first it was fine, ironically funny even, but now it just got plain irritating. You both used to date, back before X Factor. It was a best friend turned romance. You started drifting apart, what with Niall spending more time with the beginnings of his singing career and you trying to balance out between school and working at your part time job. Though your romance came to an end, your friendship never did, and that’s just how you liked it.

Zayn: "Ha! That’s cute! Like that would ever happen, right Y/N?“ He turns to you, arm draped over your shoulder, eyes glowing with humor. All you could do was nod, trying to keep your tears from spilling over, attempting to swallow down the lump in your throat that hurt like hell. He was happy with his beautiful, famous, PERFECT girlfriend, while you were just standing along the sidelines, waiting for the day your turn would come up. However, every time someone said those words, your heart broke a little more, until one day, all hope would be lost.

who else thinks that nicole haught seems lonely?