you two should be together forever

i want to share with you some of my favourite graffiti from Pompeii

  • “Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!“ 
  • “Amplicatus, I know that Icarus is buggering you. Salvius wrote this.“ 
  • “We two dear men, friends forever, were here. If you want to know our names, they are Gaius and Aulus.“
  • “Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here. The women did not know of his presence. Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion.“
  • “On April 19th, I made bread.“
  • “ I have buggered men.“
  • “If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girlfriend.“
  • “It took 640 paces to walk back and forth between here and there ten times.“
  • “Chie, I hope your hemorrhoids rub together so much that they hurt worse than when they every have before!“
  • “Epaphra is not good at ball games.”
  • “Two friends were here.  While they were, they had bad service in every way from a guy named Epaphroditus.  They threw him out and spent 105 and half sestertii most agreeably on whores.“
  • “Secundus likes to screw boys.“

It’s simple. Or at least it should be. Walk down the aisle. Say the I Do’s.

A fifteen minute ceremony. A marriage. No honeymoon yet. They’ll be home by midnight, curled up on the couch together in their pajamas to watch those final two episodes on Netflix they’ve putting off.

Fifteen minutes. A ring. A kiss. The rest of their lives.

Simple things.

Simple, giant things. Earth-moving things. Life-changing things.


“I don’t deserve you,” Connor whispered into Oliver’s jaw the night before. “I don’t deserve this,” into Oliver’s cheek this morning.

Always, Oliver replies, “You do. You do.”

At the end of the aisle, Connor stands beside Oliver, his hand clasped to Oliver’s. A lifeline. An anchor.

“You don’t understand, Ollie,” Connor had argued when Oliver proposed. Months ago. Down on one knee. Smile and eyes bright, shining - open. Happy. “I don’t get to have this.”

Always, “You do.”

The ring on Connor’s finger adds years to his life.

Love. Life. Happiness. He wishes, hopes. Wants. More than anything, wants.

Connor holds Oliver’s eyes. Oliver holds Connor’s heart.

The officiant reads through the standard lines, the vows.

Softly, Oliver says, “You deserve this. You get to have this.”

Connor can’t quite believe it, but with Oliver, he’s desperate to.

“I do,” Connor says, first steps toward the rest of his life.

Oliver smiles, brilliant and beautiful and blinding. “You do.”

Hard ball.

Alright listen up haters, no one gives a damn what you think. You can call Scorbus out for being too gay. You can call them out for being in the same house. You can call them out for having ‘Always.’ You can call them out for befriending each other. You can go on your rants to undermine them. Guess what? All of these things are canon in the play. I can pull ten quotes at the type of my head to prove this so watch:
Make that 12

“I’d choose you.”

“You make me stronger.”

“I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.”

“You two-you belong together.”

“You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?”


“If she finds us, we will be forced apart forever.”

“I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us-I had in my head.”

“Every owl he sends, I can feel your absence. He’s destroyed by it.”

“And if I won’t? Stay away from him.”

“He is all I need.”

“You have no idea how glad I am to see you.”

My favorite excuse: Not every character in Harry Potter has to be gay.

Albus and Scorpius are the gayest Harry Potter ever had. That’s not everyone.


16 no’s and 1 very important YES.

Happy engagement anniversary to Barney & Robin (what finale?) they’re happy and content being together and it should always remain this way forever.

Don’t they deserve happiness. The two people who have gone through so much shit in their lives shouldn’t they be happy together and find their own happiness without it being derailed for someone else’s happiness. So, rant time. I wanted to put this in a separate post but I think I can say this here in a shortly post of what I am ranting about.

I have this headcanon/theory that Robin has loved Barney since season’s 1′s Zip, Zip, Zip in the episode you can tell she took a liking to Barney so much so that she suited up for him and hung out with him for the entire episode without complaining or wanting to go home early. She, liked him since she met him but what I think is that she started to fall for Barney instantly during this episode. She didn’t even tell Barney that she was going to suit up for him she just did it to make him happy without him knowing about it. It seemed like when she’s around Barney her inner more fun side comes out and everytime it does she always seems happy. I think she’s always had an internal struggle with her feelings for Barney but once he proposed that internal struggle was over and it was only her happiness that she was so scared to have in her life that was there with him and him only. Barney and Robin get engaged and they are both extremely happy, content and it seemed they were both completely relaxed for once in their lives because the struggle both internal and personal was gone and all they needed was each other.

Happy anniversary, I know it’s a day early but I’ve been dying to post this all week.


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Warnings: None

Request:  Hi! I saw your request were open and I have one, could you do young Remus Lupin where he gets really jealous because James keeps flirting with the reader that he has had a crush on since forever and the reader and Remus end up together and fluff! Thanks! 💗

Notes: I really hope you enjoy this!

Y/N L/N, a lovely Y/H had caught the eye of a certain Marauder. He would sneak glances at her and obviously the other Marauders had caught on. They had also come up with a plot to get the two together. Make Remus jealous. They had planned it all, actually it was more James and Sirius planning and Peter continually saying, “Are you sure we should do this? What if Moony gets really angry.” (If you haven’t guessed already I hate Peter with a passion.) James was going to flirt with Y/N until hopefully Remus would come and steal the show. What they forgot however, was that the full moon was in a few days, which meant Remus was going to be in an even worse mood. Oops.

James sauntered over to Y/N and put his arm around her, only to be greeted with, “I’m not interested.”

“I know, I’m trying to make somebody jealous.” James whispered in her ear.

“Who?” She asked.

“Now that would be telling.” James said, cheekily.

“If you don’t tell me I’m walking away.” Y/N warned.

“Persistent are we? Fine, see that boy over there? He has a massive crush on you, and I want him to come over here and ask you out.” James said pointing at Remus.

“Remus Lupin has a crush on me?” She asked in disbelief.

“You like him back don’t you.” James said, rolling his eyes. “This is like something from a book.”

“Do your worst.” Y/N said, smiling.

“Just let’s talk and laugh and see what happens yeah?” James said, tucking hair behind your ear.

“Yeah sure.” She replied.

“I can’t believe you like him back you know. I thought most girls would go for Sirius.” James said casually.

“No, I like him back and yeah well, Marlene has her eyes on him and Evans has her eyes on you. Not sure about Peter though.” She said.

“Evans has her eyes on me?” James said blushing. Y/N laughed.

“Course she does, she just needs to take her pride down a peg before she says yes to your many invitations. But I know she will, James.” Y/N said kindly.

“Thanks.” He replied. They heard loud footsteps coming in their direction.

“James! A moment?” Remus snapped.

“Yes Remus?” James replied, far enough away from Y/N so that Remus thought she couldn’t hear but James knew she could.

“You know that I’m basically in love with Y/N and you just went and did that! How could you?” Remus snapped.

“You’re totally in man!” James said.

“Excuse me?” Remus asked.

“She likes you too!” James said.

“Oh sod off James.” Remus said finally before storming off. Y/N started to chase after him to tell him how she felt.

“Remus!” Y/N shouted after him. He ignored her so she tried again. “Remus Lupin stop running!” She yelled. He turned around.

“What is it? Are you going to let me down easy?” He asked.

“No, I heard you talking to James.” Y/N said.

“And so what you’re going to tell me I’m creepy?” Remus panicked.

“No! For God’s sake shut up! I want to tell you the feelings are mutual! When I see you talking to other girls I literally want to throw up, the amount of butterflies I get when I look at you is phenomenal. I feel all fuzzy when I’m near you, it’s ridiculous, Remus.” Y/N basically screamed. Remus looked at her in shock.


“Yeah.” Y/N said.

“So, do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?” Remus asked awkwardly. Y/N replied by cupping Remus’ face and placed a delicate kiss on his lips. He smiled. “Good. I’ll see you in the common room later?” He asked. Y/N nodded before placing another soft kiss on his lips. He glowed for the rest of the day.

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Jilted At The Altar (REQUEST)

person A getting married to person C. They are in the middle of the ceremony. When person B, person A’s ex steps out to intrude. Every one tries to make person B leave but they won’t budge. Person B keeps reminding person A of the times they spent together and how happy they were. You can decide if you want person A and B to run away or person A makes person B turn their heal

(Y/L/N) Your lover’s name

“If any of you has reasons why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

I glanced around the picturesque garden venue, eyes meeting with relatives and soon to be family, none of which spoke up.

The day had arrived, the one you always dreamed about as a little girl. From the minute I understood the concept of marriage and weddings, I had the perfect picture in my head of my own. White and silver, flowing gown, the largest bouquet and a Prince Charming to sweep me off of my feet.

(Y/L/N) and I had been together for almost two years, and although some people were quick to judge, insisting that we were rushing things and not thinking things through properly, we knew this was what we wanted. We wanted to be together, and we wanted everyone to know.

I cried when I found the perfect dress, it’s true what they say, you know when you’ve found the one - the minute I tried it on, I wanted to live in it. The figure-flattering ruched bodice with diamante beading on its sweetheart neckline and hip, along with the a-line skirt oozed sophistication and gave me ample confidence.

I couldn’t believe that I was settling down. With (Y/L/N). My last relationship obscured my outlook on what love truly is, I thought he was the one I wanted, the one I wanted to marry, and then (Y/L/N) came into my life. Justin, his name.

Our relationship was short and sweet, but in that time to say that we went on a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. We experienced the highs and lows a life-long marriage would go through in the space of 8 short months, it was suffocating.

“I do.”

Though, this wasn’t the “I do” I wanted to hear.

A simultaneous gasp left everybody’s mouths, and heads turned to spot the objector. My eyes screwed shut as I recognised the voice, I could call it a mile away. (Y/L/N)’s palms left my grasp and I couldn’t bring myself to face the appropriate direction.

I knew he was stood beside me, at the head of the altar, but I didn’t want it to become reality.

“Justin, don’t do this…” I whispered, eyes finally opening and connecting with his.

“You know you don’t want to do this, (Y/N).”

“Excuse me, I think (Y/N) is mature enough to make a decision for herself.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, asshole.” He spat, his jaw clenched, “You took away the one thing away that meant everything to me.”

I could’ve sworn my heart stopped for a split second at those words. In this moment, nobody else was here. Just the three of us, but mainly Justin and I. He took my hand and I hesitantly allowed him to hold it, a glimmer of hope in his eyes as he noticed.

“I love you. Heck, I know we weren’t together for a crazy amount of time, but what we had was real. Raw and real, right?” He asked, staring deep into my eyes. I nodded.

From the corner of my eye I could see (Y/L/N) becoming frustrated; infuriated, even - and still my eyes remained fixated on the hazel ones I’d grown to love.

“We wanted to see the world together, (Y/N). We wanted to settle down, have babies… be happy. W-what was it about him that blurred that vision? Hm? Tell me, baby…”

My head bowed, unable to look at either men without crumbling. In truth, it was the arguments that drove Justin and I apart, but we’re always told to fight for what we want and believe in. I believed in us, we believed in us… but at the time I guess our hearts just didn’t realise it.

“I-i um…”

I spotted my father about to stand from his seat in protest, but my mother tugged him back down by the arm. The entire congregation sat awaiting my response, (Y/L/N) too.

“I can’t do this…” I whispered, pulling my hand out of Justin’s.


“No, I can’t do this. Not right now…” I turned to (Y/L/N), “I’m so sorry… I love you, I do.”

Justin looked hopeful, “And I love you… but for now, I-i, I need some space.”

Pushing past the both of them, I dropped (Y/L/N)’s ring that had been clutched tightly in my left palm and ran to my car. My breathing was shaky and I could feel the tears streaming down my face. Staring blankly at the just married car with no emotion or feeling attached to it, I put my key in the ignition and sped off, leaving everyone bewildered.

This was definitely not the perfect picture my six year old self had in their mind, but nothing is ever as simple in reality.

In case anyone forgot canon.....

“He is all I need.”

“When dad forced us apart-without you-“

"I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.”

“You have no idea how good it is to see you again.”

“If she finds us, we will be forced apart forever.”

“I wasn’t sure whether we should in this new version of us-I had in my head.”

“You’re kind, Scorpius. To the depths of your belly, to the tips of your fingers.”

“If I had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, I’d choose you.”

“You two-you belong together.”

“You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?”


Requested by Anon #34

Doctor: This is how you dance Y/N!
Y/N: *laughs* What do you call that dance move?
Doctor: The Drunk Giraffe!
Y/N: Of course it’s called that!
Doctor: Nobody knows how to really party until the Doctor shows up!
Y/N: *sarcastic* I know! I can’t believe I even survived at some of the parties before I met you!
Doctor: Well you’ll never be bored again Y/N! We will be partying forever!
Y/N: Sounds good to me!
Doctor: Do you know something though?
Y/N: What?
Doctor: You should never get a dancer mad.
Y/N: Why not?
Doctor: They can kick your face now matter how tall you are!
Y/N: *laughs* Speaking from experience are we Doctor?
Doctor: No!….Maybe!
Amy: Why can’t those two just get together already?
Rory: Because they are too oblivious to each others feelings.
Amy: I hate people like that.
Rory: Excuse me? You were oblivious that I liked you for years! You thought I was gay!
Amy: Oh yeah…

your song

A/N: here I am forever taking the longest time getting to prompts! I hope its okay that I combined a few of them :)) If it it’s not what you were looking for, do let me know! I hope you like it otherwise!

Prompts: “Stop pushing me away.” && “When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then !”


It has only been a few months since the two girls graduated and moved into their own apartment together.

“I don’t know what I should do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Charlie is getting married and for some reason he decided to invite me. I feel like he did on purpose because he proposed to me a few years ago, I turned him down. And now, I’m single and he’s fricking getting married!” Riley throws her hands up in the air before falling back onto her bed.

“So you think Charlie is getting married to prove a point?” Maya raises her brow, highly doubting that was the reason.

“No. That’s not it. But who invites an ex to a wedding?” She questions as if the answer was obvious.

“I mean, yeah it is a little weird that he decided to invite the girl who turned his proposal down.” An expression of distaste is clearly evident on her soft features as she thinks about the entire situation. “Why did you go out with him again?”

Riley couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape her lips when she takes note of the genuine curiosity in her best friend’s voice. “Honestly, we all know why I went out with him.”

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Fire Emblem Names

Henry: Nowi what should we name our daughter??

Nowi: Iunno, you pick!

Henry: Nah, you pick!

Nowi: Nah, you pick!

Henry: Nah, you pick!

Nowi: Nah, you pick!

Both: ……………………

Both: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott: They'll be okay without us. Those two, they're pretty good together.
  • Kira: Yeah, they are.
  • Scott: No super strength, or samurai swords, but they stay alive.
  • Kira: He still likes her, doesn't he?
  • Scott: Yeah, but it's different now. You should've seen the way he used to around her.
  • Kira: Was it bad?
  • Scott: It was kinda obsessive, but not all bad. You know, Lydia used to pretend not to be smart.
  • Kira: Our Lydia?
  • Scott: Yeah, Stiles was the only one who knew.
  • Kira: How?
  • Scott: He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.
ot3 aus i would die for

- “i really don’t think you two should be hitting on your marriage counselor… especially not together ummm”

- classic “but i thought /you/ were dating them” au where the person in question is absolutely clueless and the other two pine respectively

- ridiculous indie band au !!!!!!!

- “this person you met once forever ago wants to crash on our couch for a bit and oh no they’re hot and oh no they can cook”

- grumpy baristas/waitstaff/bartenders who each try to be sneaky about scheduling shifts when they know the others are working


- the “i tried to set my exes up with each other as a joke and now they’re both an unstoppable force and terrible together and look i better invite myself along for SAFETY REASONS” au (or, the one where no one stops being in love and everyone finally fits together)

- benchwarmers who all look really good in their warmup suits au

- background relationship with the occasional “who’s dating who” joke from the main pairing until it’s revealed that. uh. they all are???

- the only ace kids in the lgbtia+ club (who end up hanging out after and falling asleep all over each other on someone’s couch) au

- the “we met at the community public garden and now run into each other everywhere and make vegetable innuendos waaaay too loudly” au

- here we go. the one and only. the best ot3 trope to ever exist ever. the “best friends for years but suddenly there’s weird sexual tension and our friends keep making fun of us but we can’t quite see it let’s just… pretend it isn’t there… good plan” au

- the “exact same as above but they’re all /roommates/ too” au

(this could work for moresomes, too, just say the word)

You said the love between the two of us is strong
So we took it slow yet I think I still did something wrong
You told me I should hold your hand and so I did
But I guess it wasn’t tight enough for your hand still slipped

I miss the way you remind me that you are always mine
Whenever you become so possessive baby I don’t even mind
You can own me you said although we know we can’t be together
So instead I hid you inside my heart wishing you’ll stay here forever

In this love we have where everyone thinks it isn’t right
I was at the other side hoping we can win this endless fight
I stayed and waited but I guess everything will come to an end
Cause you gave up and now I need to accept that ‘we’ can never happen.

Now that we are once again separated
I think maybe this is what the both of us needed
Saying all of this, can you hear my heart breaking?
Or do you even see these words i’m saying?

You will always have my last chance
You can even ask to have my last dance
All the things we both have conquer
I can say you are a risk worth taking for

So can you please promise me one last thing?
Please don’t have me replaced, not yet darling.

—  p.s. i still love you // 052216

I try not to be one of those girls that make other women feel small. I believe in the sisterhood.

That’s why this hurts so much, I hate how much I hate you. I hate that you are at the center of all of my worst thoughts. But I think I am entitled to feel angry, I think I should be allowed to loath you. Not forever, but until I am ready to forgive and move on.

You knew I loved him, you knew that we were together, you called me you’re friend. But ever since we met in the sand box, you have always wanted what other people have. Be it the bucket or the boy.

I do not place all of the blame on you, I hold you both accountable for whatever happened when I spent the weekend away. But this kind of betrayal from two of the people I love most, it hurts. And I don’t want to forgive and forget.

I want to never see your faces again.

—  One day I will forgive you both, so I can finally set myself free from the anger. But  that doesn’t change the fact I want nothing to do with either of you.

There’s an aching in my chest,
it feels like something is missing.
I shouldn’t be laid here lonely,
with just the thought of us two kissing.

You should be here beside me,
tangled up in my bed.
Your kisses on my lips,
and not just in my head.

I know that this is temporary,
it won’t be like this forever,
but now what is going to get me through,
is the next time we’ll be together.

He’s on tour (4/4)

luke: Luke would miss you so much and he’ll feel guilty that he can’t be with you at home. He’d feel like he’s the worst boyfriend in the world, no mater how much you deny it. Eventually, he came up with a great idea and now, every week you would get a bouquet of flowers on your doorstep (your favorites of course) because he wants to be able to make his girl smile even though he’s miles away. When your time differences are completely off, he’d send you cute texts or corny jokes to wake up to.

michael: Michael would be super sad because he hasn’t seen you in forever and he missed having pillow talks and cuddles and everything else you two id together. The boys would notice sometimes that Mikey was in one of these moods and you’d get a text from maybe Luke saying that you should call Michael. As soon as the phone rang, Michael would be so happy and would tell you about his entire day in heavy detail, before wanting to know what’s going on back home.

calum: okay, let’s be honest. Cal would FaceTime you whenever he had just a bit of free time, no matter where it is. Bathroom, backstage, soundcheck, the shower, etc. He’d just want to hear your voice and see your face because he’d miss you so much. When you guys were across the world and there was a huge time difference, he’d wait for the exact time he knew your alarm clock would go off and FaceTime you before he went to bed. 

Ashton: So we know Ash likes to explore any new city he’s in, and that resulted in you getting really unnecessary souvenirs every two days. I mean come on, who is going to use 20 key chains at the same time? But, you knew that this was his way of showing you that he hasn’t forgotten about his girl back home. One day, you’d wait for the mailman, expecting another refrigerator magnet in a brown package, when instead there was an envelope. You ripped it open to see a plane ticket to the next city he’s going to perform in.

It’s not about declarations of love, roses or chocolate. It’s about laughing when the other one laughs, or cry when the other one cries. Not either shall you kiss him because you want, but you should kiss him because it feels right. It’s about lying awake all night long and talk, even if there’s nothing to talk about. You shall laugh together, shout out all the emotions, cry when the heart is bleeding and love like there’s nothing else. You shall forget that time exists, and live in an eternity. Every forgotten second shall be felt, it should hurt, it should feel lovely, but you should especially love the fact that it feels right. You shall love what you two have, because in a world without time, it will remain forever.
—  Thaisons (