you two should be ashamed


until you see him pt. IV 🌿

Walking the distance.

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overheard from the kitchen: dad ate the last piece of apple pie, mom wanted some of said piece, apparently said piece was quite large and could have been split in two, mom said “you should be ashamed of yourself”

Maybe Baby

Request by curliesallovertheplace

Hi! Could I request a Dean x reader where they’re dating and the reader discovers she’s pregnant but wants to keep it for herself cause she doesn’t know how to handle the situation. But Cas can feel the baby with his angel mojo and tells Dean. Thanks!

Hope you like it :)



You stare at the little white stick in shock, the sickness and general feeling of being under the weather all explained by one little test. 

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I was tagged by my other half @uchiha-sasubae
♦ AGE: Time isn’t real so that means I never age (at least mentally)
♦ BIGGEST FEAR: Losing my closest friends/End up alone
♦ CURRENT TIME: 11:39am
♦ EVERY MORNING STARTS WITH: Trying to remember the last dream I had and then checking my phone for any messages.
♦ FAVORITE SONG: Almost every song from BTS and Issues by Julia Michaels.
♦ IN LOVE WITH: The moon. Because according to her, I’m the sun.
♦ KILLED SOMEONE: I probably killed myself several times with my thoughts and doubts but yk it was worth it because I’m stronger than my past self now and my scars remind me of that too.
♦ LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Everyone cries. It’s nothing you should be ashamed of aaand it was two days ago I think.
♦ NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: Two. I’m the sandwich kid.
♦ ONE WISH: To be happy.
♦ PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: It’s @uchiha-sasubae
srsly you can talk about anything with this dork.
♦ QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: If I’m upset or what is going on because I don’t smile non-stop which is obviously bad for me (according to some people)
♦ REASONS TO SMILE: Naruto, friends, maybe family if they make you happy and lift your mood instead of dragging you down, spring because that’s the best season ever I mean flowers everywhere! Sunny weather! Not too hot because I obviously can’t wear short things but also not too cold! Perfect.
♦ TIME YOU WOKE UP: Between 8am and 9am.
♦ UNDERWEAR COLOR: This is the most useless info you could know about me but aight it’s red.
♦ VACATION DESTINATION: Turkey..Anywhere in Turkey idc where..and Paris. And GB maybe.
♦ WORST HABIT: biting my nails when I’m nervous
♦ X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: When i had lung infection..and when I broke both arms.
♦ YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Hmmmmmmmm all kind of every turkish food^^

I tag @mandocamagica @little-lord-brat aaaand everyone else reading this~!

“W hi c h   do   yo u   P R E F E R . … .. ?”

*You cannot grasp the true form of Toriel’s attack!

Can you believe this started out as a shitpost (But as per my usual style, I got WAY to carried away while drawing it)?

I blame @sweetlileliza and @determinedxsoul for the idea. You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

EDIT: Frisk is smol now. =3

The Sexuality Implication

A very short fluffy one shot shamy fanfic to make everyone smile. Based on “The Tenure Turbulence” S6E20

Fighting for the tenure position Professor Tupperman had left had gotten low and dirty very quickly among the friends. Penny had showed up in a black dress that was hugging her breast leaving nothing much to the imagination.

Raj scolded “You two should be ashamed of yourselves. Using women to advance your cause with sexuality, and whatever Amy plans on doing.”

Sheldon angrily asked “Are you implying that my girlfriend has no sexuality to exploit?”

“Yes” Raj didn’t hesitate while Amy stood with a somber face.

“Okay, because that was not clear” Sheldon said as Amy reprimanded him… “Sheldon!!!”

“What? That was ambiguous.” He responded.

The night had been long. As Amy drove him home the car was silent. Sheldon could see the shadows of her face as he watched her drive. He thought about the events of the night. Amy had been there for him since the whole tenure mess started. Come to think of it, Amy was always there for him when he needed her. His thoughts wandered to Raj’s comment as he felt something stir within him.

How dare he? He thought to himself. Of course what Raj was implying had been ambiguous. He certainly needed to clarify. Because to him Amy was indeed very sensual. She didn’t need a dress showing off her body for him to know that. Come to think of it, his comment was darn right mean. If Amy wanted, she could dress the way Penny dressed too and of course men would be at her feet. But that’s not who she was. Not that she needed to do any of that anyway.

As they arrived in front of his building and Amy parked the car, she sat waiting for Sheldon to exit the car. But he lingered. His eyes digging deep into hers.

“Are you coming in?” He asked as he swallowed deeply.          

“No, I’m tired. I’m going to call it a night.” She responded softly ending with a shy smile.

And those were the things about her Raj hadn’t seen. Amy’s subtleness made him weak. The way she smiles at times, the way her cheeks blushed, the way she spoke so assertively about science and anything else, the way she dressed so conservatively when he knew well under the layers was a beautiful body he would one day dare to hold next to his. This was a real woman. He had always admired her mind but the more time he spent with her and got to know her, he had grown very fond of everything about her. EVERYTHING.

As his heart skipped a beat with desire to taste even if it was a peck of her lips, he gently said “Okay” as he got out of the car. After all, it wasn’t date night for him to dare kiss her even if at times he also struggled with the agreement they had. But it only made her all the more interesting.

He bent down to the passenger window. “Thank you, Amy.” He said his voice in a low tone.

“For what?” she felt his blue eyes digging deep into her emeralds and for a moment, she almost felt he was staring at her lips.

“For everything.”  He smiled and gave her a small wink. His tongue quickly slid out and moistened his own lips. He turned around and walked inside feeling his knees wobble and his palms sweat. But with a big smile that only his vixen could bring out of him.

Amy watched wondering what that was all about. She decided that knowing Sheldon, it meant nothing at all. She giggled as she drove out.


gif request meme: grantguztin requested: favorite episode + the flash

2.13: Welcome To Earth-2 & 2.14: Escape From Earth-2

The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You can’t just lock someone in a room like this. How long was I in here for? Barely a day.

Fun facts

Supernatural, in its tenth year, got better ratings for its finale and penultimate episode than TVD did for its (heavily promoted as Nina’s last episode) finale – 1.73 and 1.75m VS 1.44m.

And, for a ‘more fair’ comparison – Supernatural’s S6 (generally regarded by the fandom as its worst season) finale earned 2.11m viewers. Plus the average amount of viewers for its season was 2.24m while TVD’s was 1.60m.

Honestly, no wonder Steroliners are salty, I would be too if my ship were tanking the show.

The capacity for denial and delusion that I see in some people on here never ceases to baffle me. 

I am flabbergasted that there are Ward apologists out there who are actually comparing what Coulson did to what Ward did and trying to call out the supposed hypocrisy of those of us who were cheering Coulson on while hating Ward. “Oh, boohoo! They both killed someone to avenge the death of the woman they loved, but Coulson gets called a hero while Ward is unfairly vilified and that’s nothing but a disgusting double standard! You should all be ashamed!” 

Guys… guys… Seriously now. The two situations are not even remotely similar. Coulson killing Ward was motivated by the death of Rosalind, yes. But it was also motivated by every monstrous thing Ward had done throughout the entire course of the series: murdering SHIELD agents, kidnapping SHIELD agents, torturing SHIELD agents, endangering innocent civilians, murdering innocent civilians. AND let us not forget that Ward was currently on a mission to find a genocidally dangerous Inhuman that had literally laid waste to an entire planet and return it to earth so it could lead a superhuman army for a terrorist organization that wants to take over the world. Call me crazy, but I think Coulson was more or less justified in putting Ward down for good. 

On the other side of that coin, Ward committed cold-blooded murder, killing a woman who posed no threat to him simply to punish Coulson for the murder of a woman Ward loved who Ward actually killed himself all because he was so hell bent on murdering May. To say that Ward was “avenging Kara’s death” is straight up laughable. If he really wanted to avenge Kara’s death, he would have committed suicide. 

In short, if Coulson is being called a hero, it’s because he killed a remorseless, murdering, torturing psychopath, and if Ward is being vilified, it’s because WARD WAS A FUCKING VILLAIN!