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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 7  A/B/O

A/N: ALRIGHTY YALL! This one gets a lil wild!  😭 But it was super fun to write! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah  ❤️

By the way, I added in a hidden Marvel character, let’s see if you guys can find them! (;

Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Light smut. Violence. 

The cry you let out shook Bucky to his core.

The only thing he could think was that maybe this was the universe’s way of finally punishing him for all he’s done. If it was, he’d do anything in his power to rewind these past two days. What he did had absolutely nothing to do with you, but from his experience with life so far, that didn’t really matter.  

The sound of the door opening broke his trance.

“What are you doing in here?” Elisa stood in front of the two security guards. “There’s a patient in here! You need to leave.”

One of the guards peered over at you and then Bucky. He pulled out some kind of device and began speaking into it. That send a wave of panic through you.

“We need Ms. Y/L/N to come with us at once.” The other one spoke harshly. He stepped around Elisa and began walking towards you.

Immediately, Bucky ushered you behind him with his arm, placing himself between the two of you.

“You’re not taking her anywhere,” Bucky spat. You could hear the growl rumbling through his chest as he spoke. You wrapped a hand around his arm, peeking around his shoulder.

Elisa was still standing in front of the other security guard. Her hands on her hips as she all but cursed him out. She was livid.

“-my hospital wing and you will not just waltz in here in the middle of a private examination! That is illegal!” She exclaimed. The guard tried to step around her, only for the woman to plant a foot in front of it, blocking him once again.

Bucky slowly began backing away, his flesh hand wrapped around yours protectively. There was no way they could take him out, you knew that. You’ve seen footage of what he could do. But the last thing you wanted was to create a giant ruckus.

“Move aside. Now!” The man barked at Bucky, stepping closer.

Your hand tightened around his hand as he pushed you back even more.

“Y/N,” Bucky said over his shoulder. Your eyes snapped upwards, meeting his blue ones. Somehow, he looked eerily calm. How in the hell could he be?

“Yes?” You squeaked. You could feel your legs shaking underneath you.

“When I count to three, I need you to run as fast as you can out of this room. Do you hear me?” His voice was soft, but you could sense the panic underneath it.

You shook your head rapidly. “No, not without you!”

He gripped your hand tighter. “Y/N, this isn’t a negotiation, sugar.” The guard began walking towards you at full force. Oh no….

“One…” he counted.

“Two….” he pushed you away from him as the guard threw a punch.

“Y/N, run!” Bucky shouted as he caught the man’s punch with ease and twisted his arm in an unnatural position.

Wasting no time, you raced towards the door, only for the other security guard to swipe at you. Elisa picked up one of the medical trays and brought it down on his head with all her might.

“Y/N, Go!” She exclaimed.

You dashed down the hallway as fast as your legs could carry you. Behind you, could could hear heavy footsteps, which only caused you to panic even more. You turned the corner, nearly colliding with the wall.

You felt the fabric of the hospital gown tug harshly, causing you to slow down. Not knowing what else to do, you swung your elbow backwards into the person’s face.

“Ms. Y/L/N, that’s enough!”

You wiggled in their grasp, kicking your legs with all your might. This earned you a violent slap to your face. That was a terrible way of treating a pregnant woman, but then again, they wanted you sterilized. They didn’t give two cares if the baby got hurt.

You shrieked as the man began carrying you away. You immediately went into a full panic. You dragged your nails down his arms, digging into the flesh. You kicked his sides as he tried to haul you away.

“Grab her legs!” The man called to someone. You felt foreign hands grasping your feet, preventing them from moving.

You screamed as loud as you could, flailing your arms. This wasn’t happening! There was no way they could do this legally! This was forced sterilization.

Suddenly, you felt a sharp stabbing pain on your thigh. Looking down, you saw that one of the men had gave you a sedation shot.

Before you could think, you saw the bright light of Tony’s Iron Man. He grabbed one of the men and flung him across the room. You felt the other man’s grip loosen on you, followed by screams.

“Y/N?” Tony’s voice trembled as he knelt down beside you. You could feel yourself slowly fading away, the sedative working quickly throughout your system.

“Steve, get a medical team over here now!” He shouted over his shoulder. The last thing you saw was his worried face above you.

“How is this even legal?” Pepper asked as she re-read the document for the third time. The last she heard of a delta sterilization waiver was in the late eighties and that was in an extreme case. People didn’t do this anymore, so it made her wonder.

What kind of man was your father?

As far as she knew, you were a grown woman. Completely capable of making your own decisions on any aspect. What gave him the right to play doctor in this situation? It was completely insane.

“Her father is one sick bastard.” Sam commented from the kitchen. He popped open the top to his beer and took a sip. “Who agrees to sterilize their child?”

Tony sighed and rubbed his temples. One day. He was gone for one day and somehow the following managed to happen:

  1. Barnes knocked you up.  
  2. Natasha tried to knock you up but failed.
  3. You’re scheduled for a forced sterilization and termination.
  4. Bucky literally killed two shield security guards.

How did this even happen? Did he really need to hire a babysitter for these fools? Bucky was a hundred years old, for fuck’s sake. And you were the most mature young adult he’s ever met. But maybe things changed. How was Tony supposed to convince the law Bucky was acting in self defense this time?

Tony felt a bit salty towards this whole thing with you and Barnes.

How could he not? You were -dare he say it- the last piece of family he had, yet somehow Bucky managed to take you as well. God, he hoped the man didn’t have some kind of grudge towards him and did it as retaliation. He didn’t seem that petty.

“Are there any loopholes around this waiver?” Tony asked, taking a sip from his coffee. He might as well inject it, he needed to be as woke as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist today.

“It says here that only Mr. Y/L/N can break the waiver.” Pepper said quietly, completely lost in thought.

“Yeah, we already know that.”

“WAIT!” Wanda suddenly exclaimed, standing up from her spot on the couch. Her eyes were wide as she scurried towards Pepper. She snatched the paper from her and held it up to her face, her brows furrowed as she read carefully.

Everyone eyed each other in confusion.

Tony totally forgot she even lived here now.

“What is it?” Steve asked, peering over her shoulder.  She gasped, setting the paper on the desk.

“I think I just found a way to fix this!” She smiled, her eyes shining with hope.

Bucky gently rubbed small circles into the flesh of your stomach. He hadn’t left your side for anything.

You were still asleep beside him, your back pressed against his chest, your body curled against his. It was strangely intimate for two people that weren’t bonded and Bucky had to remind himself that each time he felt like he was getting too comfortable.

This time, he would get your consent above anything else.

Who knows? Maybe you two will end up being great companions? He didn’t want that in the slightest -he wanted you a hundred percent. But if you only wanted to see him once a year, he’d agree just to see you content.

You stirred slightly, shifting your position so that you were facing him. Your hair fell over your face as you opened your eyes, completely oblivious to what happened since going under.  

You inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. You really enjoyed that. But your body seemed to enjoy it even more. You placed small kisses along his collarbone, earning a small sigh from him. The arousal between your legs was back, but this time you wanted to let nature take its course. You were too exhausted to fight it off again.

“Y/N,” Bucky spoke, his voice caught you off guard. Peering up at him, you gave him a small smile.

“Hi,” you greeted, your voice rough from all the screaming earlier. You sounded like you had gargled glass.

He ran his metal hand through your hair. You practically purred as he did so. How did he manage to do this to you without even trying?

“What happened after I left?” You asked timidly. It was unclear whether or not you really wanted to know. Was Elisa okay? You hoped so.

Bucky tensed at your question and you could see the panic in his eyes. Oh no, was she okay? Was the baby okay?


“I don’t remember,” he confessed, although he sounded like he didn’t believe that himself. “Steve said I had another episode. And that those guards…”

“Are they okay?” You honestly didn’t give a damn if they were, but you still needed to know if they were at least alive. Bucky could be in serious trouble if he killed people.

“Steve said that one of them is in the ICU. The other…” your eyes widened. You sat up from the bed and pulled the covers back. Immediately, you re-covered yourself.

To your surprise, you were no longer wearing the hospital gown. In fact, you weren’t wearing anything at all except the white cotton panties that was underneath. You heard Bucky’s breath hitch and you blushed.

“We’re screwed aren’t we?” You asked over your shoulder.

“That’s not that very positive, kiddo.” He chuckled. You felt his metal hand rub your back softly, soothing the tension in you once again.

“C’mon, doll,” he whispered, gently pulling your shoulder backwards until you were lying on your back again.

His hand traveled down to your stomach and began rubbing it in small circles. You let out a small sigh at the coolness of his metal hand on your warm flesh. You could get used to this.

Bucky rested his chin on top of your head, humming softly with content. He could get used to this, too. It felt so…right. Like this is supposed to be happening, but did you feel like that?

You closed your eyes. The circles on your stomach slowly lulled you to sleep, until you felt them traveling lower and lower. Your eyes opened, not so much that he could tell, but enough to peer down and see what he was doing.

His fingers slid underneath the waistband of your panties and snaked their way between your legs. Hey ghosted over your lips, barely connecting with the soft flesh. Your breath began to grow uneven. He slowly spread your folds with his fingers, and ran his middle finger over your clit.

Your hand instantly flew to his bicep, clutching it tightly. You felt Bucky place a kiss onto your temple as his middle finger rubbed small circles into your nub. The moan that escaped your lips sent shivers throughout Bucky and he yearned to hear it as many times as possible.

“You like this, baby?” he asked, rubbing harsher circles. You let out a whimper and nodded furiously.

“Yes, alpha.” You moaned, closing your eyes at the feeling of his fingers.

Bucky bent downwards, taking your nipple into his mouth and sucking on it harshly. Your back instantly arched into his mouth. His fingers ceased their circles and teased your entrance slowly, before sliding inside your heat.

“Oh, Bucky…” you mewled, leaning your head back onto the pillows. His fingers felt even better than before and you could feel yourself growing closer to your release. Just a few more strokes of his fingers…

“-found a way to help Y/N- OH MY GOD!” Steve practically kicked the door open, causing it to slam against the wall.

“STEVE, WHAT THE FUCK!” Bucky shouted as he shot up from the bed. With a shriek, you grabbed the sheets and covered your body. God damn it, Steve! Captain America could survive being frozen for seventy years, but he couldn’t use common courtesy?

“I’m sorry!” he apologized, shielding his eyes with his hands. “I didn’t think you would be…fonduing in here!”

You cringed. What was he on about? What did fondue have to do with this? You didn’t even like cheese that much.

“What do you need? I’m kind of preoccupied here.” Bucky snapped. Steve rolled his eyes before looking over his hands.

“We found something, I think it’s a way to get Y/N out of this contract.”

“Y/N?” Elisa asked as she re-read the document in her hands. The entire team was in the common room now, with you seated on the couch next to Bucky. He hadn’t let go of you for more than a few seconds at a time. 

“Is this true?” You felt everyone’s eyes on you. 

Truth be told, you hadn’t spoken to him in over three years. But you hoped -no prayed, that he’d do this for you, just this once. He hated you, you knew that, but you were practically children the last time you saw each other. However, he did live in Louisiana, on the other side of the country. You doubted he even knew you were in New York after what happened. 

With a deep breath, you nodded. 

“His name is Remy,” you said, looking around the room at everyone’s shocked faces. “Remy Y/L/N, he’s my older brother.” 

“If that’s true,” Peter chimed in from beside Tony. “He’s a blood relative and an alpha. He can break the waiver!”

“There’s a problem,” you pulled out a small file from inside your loose jacket. Everyone’s eyebrows raised. How did you even fit that in there. 

“What’s the problem?” Bucky asked, his arm wrapping around your waist tightly. 

“He uh…isn’t exactly too fond of the law. In fact,” you open the file to reveal your brother’s picture. Gosh, he hasn’t changed a bit. 

“He’s got a bit of a gambling problem.”

-FIN  ❤️

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Hatred (Part 2)

So many people were requesting a part 2 I decided to start that right away! Hope you all like it!

Part 1:

Part 3:


Summary: After what happened at Betty’s party, you decided you needed to talk to Jughead. At first he doesn’t want to discuss it, but later he invited you to the drive-in to talk about it. Things get a bit heated just before someone finds out.


It’d been days since your and Jughead’s make out session and you were still reeling from it. You wanted to see him so badly, but you didn’t think it was a great idea. You saw Jughead in the hall on Tuesday, but he refused to even look your way. You had to do something to get his attention.

On Thursday, you saw him and Betty talking after school. This was your opportunity. You rushed over to them, smiling at Betty. “Hey Betty, do you want to hang out and study for the history test tonight?”

Jughead glanced over at you. He knew he had to keep up the act, but he wanted an excuse to see you again. “Actually, Betty, I was going to ask if you wanted to go to Pop’s with me after school?” Jughead said, his voice rigid.

Betty never liked to let anyone down, but this could be a problem. “Um, how about we all just study for the test together at Pop’s?” She smiled brightly, hoping it would encourage you and Jughead. “Can you guys handle that?”

You glanced at Jughead quickly, before looking back to Betty and smiling sweetly. “I think we can get along for a little bit.” Jughead nodded, looking away. This could be great, or it could be a huge mistake.


You and Betty have your last period together, so you headed over to Pop’s together. You both sat down in a booth and pulled out your history notes. Jughead showed up a few minutes later, and sat next to Betty across from you.

“Okay, so let’s quiz each other.” Betty suggested. She looked at you first. “[Y/N], who was the fourth president of the United States?”

“It was one of the James’s… Monroe?” You guessed hopefully. Memorization was always hard for you.

“Madison, stupid.” Jughead said flatly, rolling his eyes at you. You looked at him, annoyed. Why was he being a jerk again?

“Be nice, Jughead.” Betty warned him. “Okay, this one is for you. What party did Jefferson belong to?”

He thought for a few seconds. “The Anti-Federalist party?”

“Actually, they were called the Democratic-Republicans.” Betty told him.

If Jughead was going to be a jerk, you would, too. “That was so obvious.” You stated.

“You two need to be nice or I’m going to leave.” Betty threatened. You couldn’t let her leave yet. You hadn’t gotten to talk to Jughead yet.

The questions continued for quite some time. You continued to get questions wrong because you couldn’t really focus on history with all of the questions about Jughead floating around in your head. Eventually, Betty excused herself to go to the bathroom. This was your chance.

“What’s your problem?” You whisper-hissed at Jughead. “Why are you being an asshole again?”

“Nothing’s changed. We’re continuing like we always have.” He crossed his arms across his chest. His eyes gave nothing away.

You looked at him, incredulous. “So that didn’t mean anything for you? You’re the one who started it!” You glanced around to make sure nobody was listening.

He sighed. “Just let it go, [Y/N]. It’s a bad idea to let things escalate.”

“Why? What are you afraid of happening? Betty would be super excited about it! Nobody would care!”

“It’s more complicated than that. Just let it go.”

“Fine, but here’s my number in case you change your mind.” You hissed. You quickly scribbled your number on a napkin before throwing it at him. “I’m leaving. Tell Betty I felt sick and went home.” You quickly gathered your things and walked out.

What was Jughead talking about? How could this be so complicated? He was the one who told you not to worry so much about what others thought, but he was too scared to let anyone know something happened between you two? Whatever. Screw him.


The next day went by uneventful. Jughead had put you in a bad mood, so everything was getting on your nerves.

“How do you think you did on that test?” Betty asked you after school. “I think that study session really helped. We should do that more often.”

You sighed. “I’m pretty sure I flunked it. I’m not sure why-” you knew exactly why- “but I felt really distracted. Maybe I’m getting-” before you could finish your sentence, your phone beeped, indicating you had gotten a message. “Sorry, Betty. I should probably take this. My mom probably wants me to pick up something from Pop’s for dinner.”

“No problem. I’ll text you later.” She said before leaving.

You checked your phone. It was a message from an unsaved number. “Meet me at the drive in” it read. Was this Jughead? You desperately hoped so.

You rushed home to change. You changed into a shirt that hung a bit low and swiped a bit of your favorite lipstick on. You were going to show him what he was missing.

As you walked through the entrance of the drive in, you heard someone call your name. You turned, seeing Jughead with his head poking out of the door of the projection booth. You walked over and he let you in.

You stood awkwardly near the door while Jughead leaned against the opposite wall.

He eyed you up and down. “Why are you dressed like that?” He laughed.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “This is how I usually dress.” You tried to keep a straight face.

“I don’t think it is. You came prepared to seduce me, didn’t you?” He laughed again.

All the color drained from your face. Why was he being so mean? “No!” You weren’t going to let him laugh at you anymore. “Why did you even tell me to come here?” You asked, annoyed.

He sighed. “I wanted to apologize for being so mean to you at Pop’s the other day.”

“Damn right, you should apologize.”

“It’s just…” he sighed again, looking away from you. “I don’t understand why. You’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met.” You rolled your eyes at him. He looks back at you before adding, “But I like you.”

“That’s it? You invited me over here to tell me the reason you kissed me was because you liked me? Even though you actually hate me?” This boy was so confusing.

“No. Yes. I’m not sure.” You could see he was conflicted.

“Why did you even kiss me if you thought you hated me?” You asked.

“You looked so pretty. And you were so closed to me. I just couldn’t really stop myself.” He refused to look you in the eye. You walked closer to him. You placed a hand on each of his cheeks, forcing him to look you in the eyes. Before you could stop yourself, you connects your lips with his.

He quickly unfolded his arms and placed one on each side your waist, pulling you closer to him. You could feel the same hunger on his lips as you felt that night in the closet. You moved your hands so you could dig your fingers into his soft, dark hair.

After a few minutes you pulled away. Your lips ghosted over his jawline up to his ear. “I bet you like the way I’m dressed now.” You whispered. You could feel him smile against your neck. Your lips travelled down to his neck where you lightly placed kiss after kiss. He let out a soft sigh when your lips passed over a certain spot near his ear.

Before you could do anything, Jughead pulled your face back to his. His eyes were dark. He moved his hands to cup your cheeks and crashed his lips onto yours. His kiss was rougher than before. You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his body so close to yours.

All of a sudden there was a sound at the door. It opened and a figure came in calling for Jughead. You quickly broke away from him, turning towards the door. It was Betty. You moved a few feet away from him as fast as possible, but you knew that she had probably seen you.

“Ok wow.” Betty said, shocked. You looked over at Jughead. His eyes were wide with shock. Your lipstick was smeared across his face and parts of his neck. If he looked like that, you could only imagine how messy it was on your own face.

You turned bright red. This couldn’t be happening. “Uh, I need to go.” You said before practically running out of the door, pushing a still shocked Betty.


A/N: Guys remember about a week ago I posted asking for help because I had to debate about whether Harry was a hero because he was in the right place at the right time? Well, I won the debate! Thanks for your help everyone!!

“Everyone, this is y/n!” Fred and George swung open the door to the Burrow and “presented” me to their family. 

“Oh hello y/n, welcome to our home!” Mrs. Weasley gave me a warm hug. 

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley!” I hugged Mr. Weasley and waved to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as well as Fred and George’s older brothers, Percy, Charlie, and Bill. 

My eyes met Charlie’s and he quickly looked away. If I saw correctly, his face turned red and he started blinking very fast. Fred and George saw this too and despite me trying to stop them, they glanced at each other and strode towards Charlie. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey~ I was wondering if you could write a scenario in which MC works in the same field as RFA+V & Saeran and is v good, even to the point they're rivals? At first nobody has a clue, but the truth comes out eventually 😏 Thank you so very much for this blog! You guys are amazing ❤️

Anon said: Hi! HCs for 707 after finding out that his s/o is an agent too? )^o^( request are open so I immediately took the chance since i love this blog so muuuch 

Awww, you all are sweet! Hope you like these~


  • You actually had a crush on him when you two starred in your first musical together
  • He inspired you to work hard after that
  • You both ended up becoming very popular, and always tried your best to outshine the other
  • Whether or not you were acting together
  • When the whole thing with the messenger happened, you thought he would hate you with your little rivalry going on
  • So you kept your identity secret
  • Things go on and you two flirt a little and get to know each other on a personal level
  • But then you go to his house
  • There’s no hiding who you are now, and when he opens the door, he’s stunned for a good five minutes
  • You thought he hated you, but he’s just really confused
  • He admits when you first worked together, he too kinda felt attracted to you
  • It gets a little complicated when you start dating, because there’s the possibilities of scandals and also the company contracts
  • So, you two decide to keep your relationship secret from everyone but Seven and Yoosung for a long time, just to be on the safe side
  • Thankfully, things work out and Zen is able to work independently from any company
  • You two are able to go public in your relationship while still chasing your dreams in acting


  • You attend the same university as Yoosung but you don’t know
  • You start complaining about a certain professor, which kind of clues him off
  • But then one day he’s in class and you’re in the chat talking excited about getting an A on a test you failed
  • He looks to the side and saw you taking a picture…a few moments later, a picture appears in the chat
  • Instead of coming over and talking to you, he felt like you inspired him a bit
  • He starts working hard again at school, bringing his grades back up quickly
  • It’s amusing seeing you work harder to beat him, sometimes complaining about some random student throwing off your grading curve
  • When a big test rolls around, he’s finally ready to reveal himself
  • He logs into the chat after its over and starts asking how the test went
  • You’re so absorbed in talking with him that you don’t realize you two are discussing detailed questions
  • You stop half way when it hits you
  • You look up and he shoots finger guns at you from across the hall
  • On the bright side, you two can combine your smarts for finals


(AU where she opens the cafe without meeting you at the party)

  • You both owned cafes that were right next to each other
  • You always had this healthy rivalry going, and some customers even swore loyalty to one or the other
  • You two had never met though with all the busyness
  • Then the whole thing with the RFA happened
  • Jaehee noticed that the cafe next to hers had been shut down for the same amount of time you were told not to leave the apartment
  • She put two and two together and asked if it was you
  • It was odd speaking in the cafe since you had always been an unknown rival this whole time
  • But Jaehee ends the rivalry and keeps your cafe afloat while you’re dealing with the RFA
  • Once you’re allowed to leave the apartment again, you two get even closer
  • After a few months, you start planning a new project
  • You combine your skills and resources and break down the wall in between our cafes
  • A little renovation later, and you two become partners at a bigger and better cafe


  • His father wanted Jumin to marry this other young CEO from another company to combine companies
  • He was completely against the idea
  • You happened to be that brilliant CEO of another large company, so it happened
  • But you were also against the idea
  • You and Jumin’s first meeting was really rocky and he was really cold towards you
  • So, when you first entered the chatroom, you didn’t say who you were because you didn’t want it to be awkward
  • He acted a little different than from your first meeting
  • He was nicer and actually kind and you found youself actually falling for him
  • But you were still scared to tell him who you were
  • Seven wasn’t so reticent, so he told Jumin who you were after the background check
  • Suddenly Jumin started opening up to you more and more
  • Eventually it slips out that he knows
  • He starts inviting to you house and on outings
  • It works out really well as he’s happy, you’re happy, and your parents are happy
  • But you two still have a healthy competition when it comes to business idea


  • When you got caught up in the apartment thing, it was the least of your worries
  • You could handle hiding your identity, appearing as an innocent whirled into this mess
  • You were more worried that your rival at the agency was in this chat with you
  • You were a bit nervous at first, but you just went along with it
  • You found he was actually kind of nice when he wasn’t hacking against you
  • You would blush whenever he would make comments that 606 was his girlfriend, because that happened to be your agency number
  • Little did you know, he actually had the biggest crush on you from agency work…since you two did end up talking a few times before
  • It was a mess for both of you when he abandoned work at the agency to come and rescue from the bomb–despite your protests
  • When he started pushing you away because of the stress of not being able to finish his project at the agency, you were getting sick of his crap
  • You pull out your own equipment and finish the project for him
  • He gets a notification from Vanderwood that the project was carried out perfectly and the client was happy
  • He knows there’s only one person who was as good as he was…and when he finally notices the equipment in front of you, your identity is out
  • There’s a weird mix of him yelling at you and confessing to you at the same time
  • You guys have a long discussion about the agency and all the stuff you two put up with
  • You both come to conclusion that you needed to leave together, and with the skills of you both, it would be much easier


  • You were another unfortunate who got dragged into Mint Eye
  • You were just as good a hacker as he, so you two competed for Rika’s approval
  • When you found out about his plan with infiltrating the RFA, you did what you could to stop it
  • Even if it meant helping 707 and whoever he chose to go into the apartment
  • He took you helping his brother as an absolute betrayal to Mint Eye
  • So when you two were rescued, he cut himself off from you completely
  • Unfortunately, your healing process wasn’t overseen with loving family like he was
  • You got the psychological treatment, but you were still bitter
  • You ran into him at some public place much, much later and you can tell he’s different and…softer
  • But you still feel tense and on edge and try to avoid him
  • He already sees you though and comes to talk to you
  • He starts talking about starting new and ending the hostility between you two
  • You’re skeptical, but something about how calm he is intrigues you
  • You agree every once in awhile and talk about what happened
  • These sessions become addicting, just as his presence becomes addicting to you
  • Without the rivalry, you find Saeran is very similar to you
  • Neither of you had a moment where you established a relationship
  • Your bond was just something that came naturally and was something that was understood


We couldn’t really see him getting competitive in a rivalry. So instead of making him OOC, we’re omitting him for now.

Breaking Point (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Originally posted by hamiltontrashfam

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Requested?: ‘Hi! I’m not sure if you would still do this but would you mind making a story using this angst prompt? “You can’t keep hurting me and then demand I apologize instead!” Bye take care and keep up the good work!”’ (@perkyelsie )

Prompt: Thomas and (Y/N)’s very toxic relationship. Then, (Y/N) can’t take it anymore.

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Yelling, Verbal Abuse, Punches



“Thomas!” You marched down the stairs and into the media room where your southern casanova of a husband was, sitting on an expensive white fur couch, drinking a glass of red wine. He was watching some stupid politics channel like he does every day he’s home. He was dressed in his usual purple and black suit. His hair was fluffy as usual. He never changed how he looked, which bored you. 

“Can’t you see that I’m busy, (Y/N)?” Thomas snapped as he motioned to the television. “I’m watching the democratic party make fools of themselves.”

“Aren’t you a democrat?” You asked, crossing your arms across your chest. Your husband glared at you and placed the wine glass on the table.

“(YN), I am a Democratic-Republican. How many times do I have to repeat myself?” He turned back to the television, murmuring something that sounded like ‘God, you’re stupid.’ 

You pretended not to hear his remark and spoke. “Maria wants to know if you’re coming to the recital on Saturday. She has a solo she wants you to see.”

Thomas didn’t move a muscle or look at you. “Tell her I’m working late as usual.” He murmured in a bored tone.

“You said that last time.” You retorted. “Thomas, this is your daughter’s last recital before she is officially done with her lessons. Could you please go to this one-”

“Don’t question my reasonings, (Y/N).” Your husband cut you off, glaring at you with annoyance. “Now please go make yourself useful for once in our marriage and tell Maria I won’t be attending her recital.”

You growled in rage as you strolled out of the room. Your fists were clenched and you were surprised the heels of your stilettoes haven’t snapped off yet from how violent your footsteps were.

How did your ten-year marriage deteriorate to a prison sentence for you? Well, Thomas Jefferson was a very successful lawyer and politician. This power and fame turned him from a sweet southern gentleman to an arrogant full-of-himself asshole with a narcissistic attitude. You two married immediately after you turned eighteen. spending your senior prom in your private ceremony at a small white chapel owned by your family. You finished high school and entered college as newlyweds. The next four years of college were wedded bliss. You gave birth to your twin son and daughter the summer before your sophomore year. After graduating, Thomas immediately landed a job in a law firm. Now here you were, six years later. living in a mansion and your husband rising in fame. You were still a happy, loving couple but soon, because of him working late hours and you being cooped up in the house all hours of the day, your marriage began to deteriorate. Your children were missing their father and you were missing your husband. But he became worse and worse. You would take the children and go visit your parents and close friends. You’d go visit your friend Eliza and her husband, Alexander. Alexander was a rival lawyer of your husband’s and Thomas was never happy when you went to visit the Hamilton’s. He thinks you were telling Alexander all of his secrets and cases, which you weren’t. Your friends would try and talk you into filing for divorce but you denied their suggestions, saying you can’t do that because you’d probably won’t get anything from the divorce. But now, here you were, in an unhappy marriage, wanting to get out with your children and never come back. You weren’t married to your Romeo anymore. You were married to County Paris. You weren’t happy anymore. You wanted to get out. But the only way out was death or a very messy divorce. 

You stomped up the stairs and stopped outside of the lounge where your children were. You opened the door and stepped in, gaining the attention of both daughter and son. Maria put her violin and Madison stood from his piano. 

“Mom!” Both children walked over to you, worried looks on their faces. You smiled sadly as you sat down on the loveseat. 

“Did dad yell at you, mom?” Madison asked. 

“Did he hit you?” Maria asked, fear and concern on her face. 

You shook your head. “He didn’t hit me or yell. But I’ve reached my limit with him.” 

“Are we leaving now?” Madison asked loudly, causing Maria to clasp her hand over his mouth. You nodded, making both their eyes widen in surprise and possible relief. 

“Tonight.” You whispered. “I need you two to start packing immediately. We are leaving after your father goes to bed.”

Both kids nodded and ran out of the room, leaving you alone. You reevaluated what your plans have been for the past month. You’ve been trying to get your kids out of this house but you knew Thomas wouldn’t allow you to leave. You three were merely visuals in his life of fame and fortune. The perfect family.

But everything perfect ahs at least one flaw. Your husband’s narcissism was the flaw in this perfect facade. And you were breaking out. Permanently.


You double-checked to make sure Thomas was asleep. You slipped a few sleeping pills in his dinner so he’d sleep soundly through your escape plan. You had packed as much clothes and supplies that your suitcase you contain and the children did the same. You called Eliza about your plan and she was now waiting outside in her car. You had slipped out of bed, changed into a sweatshirt and jeans with fuzzy boots, and grabbed your stuff before sneaking out of the bedroom and down the hall, where the children were waiting at the head of the stairs. You three then tip-toed down the stairs and padded towards the front door. Madison had just stepped out when the lights in the foyer turned on. You turned around to see your husband standing there at the foot of the stairs, his arms crossed and an irritated look on his face. You immediately ushered your daughter out of the house and closed the door. You had your back to the door and a determined but scared look in your face.

“Where are you going this late, (Y/N)?” Thomas asked simply.

“Out.” You answered coldly, trying to maintain a neutral tone. 

“Out where?”

“Away from here. Away from you.” 

Thomas raised an eyebrow. “Now what have I done this time to make you try to leave? Did I leave the seat up? Not tell you ‘i love you’ enough? What have I possibly done to piss you off, (Y/N)? Hmm?”

You gritted your teeth. “You’re an arrogant asshole.” You hissed. “All you care about is yourself and your reputation. You don’t love me or these children. So, I’m just making your life easier.” 

Thomas chuckled. “You better take back what you just said, my dear.” He walked up to you and stopped when his face was inches from yours. “You wouldn’t want to make me mad.”

“You don’t scare me.” You shot back quickly. 

“Really now?” He grabbed you harshly by the chin. “Because I can tell I do scare you. Now, apologize.”

You then snapped and your fist went flying into your husband’s face, sending him stumbling backward and falling on his backside. He clasped his cheek and looked at you with confusion and disbelief.

“You can’t keep hurting me and then demand I apologize instead!” You yelled, taking your suitcase in one hand and opening the front door. “There will be divorce papers in your mailbox next week. I am done with your shit, Thomas Jefferson! Good day!” 

And with that, you walked out of that house.

And out of that horrid chapter in your life.

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Southern Motherf*cking Democratic Republicans (Jefferson x Madison x Burr x Reader) 2 (Final)

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Consistent mentions of sex, flufff

A/N: i’ve been procrastinating on writing a second part to this because i suck, sorry. enjoy! also just realized that the first got more than 100+ notes? thank you loves!

Part 1

After that day, it was extremely difficult to walk out of your apartment without reporters flashing lights in your face or taking pictures of you. It was the same questions, like how does it feel to have three soulmates? And did you ever think this would happen to you? Three eligible bachelors fanning for your affection? But it was not what you imagined. It’s not what anyone imagined meeting their soulmate (correction: *soulmates) would be like.

This was just the beginning of your odd relationship with them. Burr would drop you off at work in the morning, Madison would take you to a local coffee shop on break, and Jefferson would take you home. Once he asked if you would go to his house instead, with a wink.

You didn’t.

It was hard. It was extremely hard to deal with. Your heart was torn in literally three pieces, fighting to share your love with all three of them. You were stressed, and you cursed to the universe every night. There were being even more unfair, they were making you exhausted every day.

Eliza said that you were complaining too much, and that you should appreciate what the world has given you. You retorted back, asking if she could handle having three soulmates. She blushed, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

You decided to not bring it up to her again.

After a few weeks of this, you decided to have a meeting with all three of them at your home. There were few reporters still there, and Thomas made the last few go away, with threatening to call his “resources” to make them get fired. They quickly dispersed after that, never showing their faces to you again. You shook your head at Thomas’s threat, but he insisted that it was for your privacy, and that he would do everything in his power to keep the media out of your lives.

You ordered takeout that night, the boys wanting to buy it for you instead. You scowled them for the hundredth time that day, telling them that you had enough money to spare. You appreciated their kindness, but sometimes, you wanted to treat them instead.

You heard a knock on the door, and opened it, your three soulmates standing there in front of you. You couldn’t ignore the throbbing in your chest when you saw them, the universe reminding you that you loved them more than anything. Jefferson wore a dark purple shirt tonight, his hair neatly combed (if you could do that to the curls on his head). He walked in, kissing your forehead softly. Madison strolled by next, wearing a dark blue shirt. The smile on his face made you grin back at him, he kissed your cheek. Burr was the last, wearing a black shirt. He pulled you into a hug instead, holding you as tight as possible.

They all gathered in the kitchen, sitting at the small table. You lived alone, so a small table with four chairs seemed enough for you, at the time. Now that these massive men were in your home, you made a mental note to buy a bigger table. The three of them were cramped in the apartment, constantly bumping into each other. Maybe a bigger apartment instead.

“How are you, my love?” Jefferson asked, gathering the plates.

“I’m fine, Thomas.” You replied, pulling out the rice containers. James placed his hand on the small of your back, telling you to sit down.

“We’ve got this, Y/N. You bought the food, so we’ll serve you.” Burr grabbed sodas out of the fridge, and James helped, putting ice in the cups.

You were extremely thankful for them. As you four sat down, Madison next to you and Burr and Jefferson across from you. You wanted to enjoy your moment with the boys, but you couldn’t help but bring up the point that you needed to make. They were chatting with each other, ignoring your pleas and gestures. After a minute of this, you rose you voice, causing them all to look at you.

“Listen, guys, listen. I, don’t you think our situation is weird? We’re all soulmates, isn’t that strange to you at all?” Madison was the first one to shake his head.

“Not at all. Before we met you, Thomas and I grew up knowing that there was someone out there who had the same tattoo as us. Once ours didn’t glow or hurt when we saw it, we knew there was a missing link.” Madison glanced over at Burr. “Two missing links.”

“James is right, this seems okay to me. Why, do you not like us?” Burr asked, pausing in his eating. You sighed, putting your head in your hands. You were constantly bombarded with mixed emotions from the three of them all the time. There was research done that suggests soulmates felt the pain and other emotions of their loved one, and vice versa. Since you had three, you felt all of what they felt.

Right now, you felt nervousness emulating from all of them. It was cumbersome to deal with all their emotions at the same time. Your head was throbbing, and you tried to deal with it. “No, Aaron, that’s not what I’m trying to say. I just, I don’t know if I can do this.” You whispered.

You felt a burning sensation on your arm, and looked at it quickly. The dragon tattoo on your arm was burning bright red, fading the tail of the dragon. You widened your eyes at your arm, looking at your soulmates. They were all looking at theirs as well, watching it fade.

“You’re rejecting us, Y/N?” Thomas whispered, a small bit of sorrow in his eyes.

“No, I’m not, I-“

“We’ve researched this for our whole lives, Y/N, don’t you remember? We know what happens to soulmates when one of them rejects the other. Your tattoo begins to fade. As you grow away from them, it continues to dissipate, until there is nothing left. We know what we’re talking about.” Thomas hissed, growing angry. You shook your head, looking at the dragon.

“I don’t know how I feel about all of you, about this.” You whispered. “I care about all of you, but it’s like I’m not myself anymore. It’s like, everything you guys think, everything you do, consumes me. I can’t think around you all.”

Burr grabbed your fingers, his eyes pleading with you. “We can figure this out, we are scientists. We can make it easier for you to handle. Just, just don’t give up on us, please.” Burr said desperately. You hated hearing his voice shake, but you needed some space, and space. To deal with this.

You nodded, hearing Burr sigh in relief. He was the most sensitive out of the four of you. Since you two have met, he needed constant reassurance that you were not going to leave him. You always wondered why, but never found the time to ask him about it.

“I won’t give up on you three, I need some time. I need some time to stop these headaches that I’m getting. It’s hard enough to deal with my own emotions, let alone three other people.” They nodded. You sensed relief from the rest of them, and it calmed your headache. Dealing with positive emotions were much easier than negative ones.

“Can we eat in piece, now?” Thomas mumbled, grabbing an egg roll from the pile. You smiled at him, picking the sweet and sour chicken out of the middle. “Y/N, I told you to get soy sauce.” He grumbled, staring at the sauces on the table.

“I asked the lady for it, did she not put any in the bag?” Thomas pouted, and you told him to check in the closet for sauce. Fortunately, you saved packages from previous takeout. He grinned happily, sitting back down next to Burr. “Guys, I have a question.” They all looked up at you. “Do you, do you feel the same way about each other like I feel about you. You know, romantic feelings?” Burr laughed, glancing at the two men next to him.

“Why do you ask?” Madison asked.

“Because, it seems weird that we’re soulmates and I only love you, but you don’t love each other.”

“Good question.” Thomas replied, lending you no more information. You rolled your eyes at his lack of a response.

“Come on.” You grumbled.

“We do, love each other.” Madison answered for them, twirling noodles in his fork. “Before we met you, it was more like a brotherly love. We knew we were soulmates, too, so that was kind of a given.”

Thomas interrupted Madison. “We didn’t know how many people were going to be soulmates with us, especially after we found Burr. Honestly, I thought it was going to be more than ten people, which sounds ridiculous.” He mumbled, playing with his mac and cheese. You made it for him yourself, since he was always unhappy when dinner didn’t include the “delicacy” (he called mac and cheese that constantly).

“I’m happy that it’s only four, Y/N. Three’s a crowd, four’s a party.” Burr winked, causing you to blush.

“But yes, we do love each other. Once our tattoos glowed, there was a click, at least for me, when I looked at the other two. It was like I was seeing them for the first time.” James replied, smiling at the other two. “I’m happy for us, I really am.”

“And we’ll have great sex.” Thomas murmured, making your face reddened even more than before. You were reminded of Eliza’s look when she mentioned the four of you.

“You’re embarrassing Y/N.” Burr chuckled. Thomas looked up from his food, smirking at you. He wiggled his eyebrows, nudging Burr. Burr grinned, putting his hand on Thomas’s thigh.

“Can we stop talking about the deed? I just want to watch a movie later.” You mumbled. Who knows what emotions you would feel when that happened.

“And after…?” Madison questioned, giving you an evil grin. You gasped, surprised at how blunt Madison was. He was usually the one to mediate and calm everyone down, but it seems like tonight, he was encouraging the other two. You snickered.

“Let’s just focus on the movie right now.”

“We’re definitely gonna f*ck tonight.” Thomas mumbled, and you threw a piece of bread at him. He raised his eyebrows, holding a piece of pork in his hand. You warned him with your eyes, and he grinned, tossing the piece of food at you. The sauce on it hit your face, leaving a trail of grease. You glared at him, picking up the rice container in front of you.

Thomas held his hands up in defense, looking at you. “Come on, Y/N, you started it! Just, not the rice, please. It would take me forever to get it out of my hair.” He complained, and you tossed it anyway, the pellets going on all three of you boyfriends. James sighed, picking the rice off his food. Aaron laughed, grabbing the noodle container. He looked at James, then placed it quickly on his hair, giggling evilly.

James frowned, the noodles cascading down his face. “That’s it, I’m going to stop this right now.” James grabbed the soda bottle from the middle of the table, and poured it on Aaron, and you heard a gasp come out of his mouth.

You three began this insane food fight, tossing anything that was close by. After a few minutes, all the food was on the floor, stains were everywhere; from the ceiling fan to inside your closet. When you were looking at the aftermath, they boys stared at you sheepishly. You broke out into a grin, and laughed.

“You guys are so going to help me fix this up.” James grabbed your waist and ran, carrying you in his arms. You laughed, hitting him on his back softly. “James, we need to clean this up! I don’t want it to stain!”

“We’ll clean it later, but now…” Thomas said, grinning. Aaron was hanging on Thomas’s back, all of them leading you to the bedroom. The happiness radiating from all of them made your heart swell with glee.

And that’s when you knew. You knew that you could handle being with the three of them. At this moment, you could not imagine your life without them in it.

mrskyungsoo121  asked:

Hello ❤️ can you do a MysticMessenger imagines about MC thought that R.F.A + unknown + V was cheating on her but it's turned out to be not true? If cheating make you uncomfortable it's okay I'll understand 😊

First of all, h o w  d a r e  y o u ?

lol just joking~ Thank you so much for the request! It’s true that it’s a topic I usually don’t think about, but I hope I met your expectations with this! sorry for being so late ;;

Again, sorry If this isn’t what you asked for ;; you can tell me.

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BTS Reaction 2 U Calling Them Daddy In Front Of The Members

Anon asked- “Bts reaction to you calling them daddy infront of other members?”

I hope you enjoy and this is sort of late, sorry hun!

*gifs are not mine*

Jin: He’d be surprised and a little embarrassed because this was only something you used when you were feeling needy and when you two were in the comforts of your home. After the initial shock, he’d smirk and give the other boys a lame excuse about you two needing to leave. The other boys would would be yelling gross and how their ears shouldn’t have to suffer this abuse.

Originally posted by fawnave

Yoongi: He’d smirk a little but then he’d clear his throat, letting you know that that word wasn’t appropriate around other people. When you’d get home he’d make sure he’d let you know that this was something between the two of you and no one else.

Originally posted by lethargicmin

Hoseok: He wasn’t expecting you to bring that word up in front of the other boys so he’d be highly flustered and embarrassed trying to cover up what you said. I mean he’d be stuttering, trying to explain it didn’t mean anything, but the other boys knew he was lying.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Namjoon: He’d be confused at first, but then he’d smirk, causing the other boys to gag at the two of you. He’d pull you closer and kiss your head. “How about we go home right now and Daddy can give you what you want.”

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: His eyes would widened and he’d laugh. His hands would reach out towards you and he’d grab your waist, pulling you flush against him. The other boys would be gagging not believing that Jimin had this dirty side to him.

Originally posted by nnochu

Taehyung: He’d give you the eyebrows and you knew you were “in trouble”. The way he looked at you, you knew what you were in for when you got home. “Excuse us boys. I think it’s time for us to go.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jungkook: Cocky mf right here. While he’d be a bit embarrassed, he’d puff out his chest and straighten his jacket, giving you those eyes. The boys would grimace because in no way should the maknae be this way. He’d come up behind you with his hands place on your hip. “What baby girl? Needy for Daddy? Let’s go.”

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Anesthetic | PCY

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  891

synopsis: You go to the dentist to remove your wisdom teeth, the outcome isn't the safest if you have feelings you want to hold.

request:  ‘HIII can I request an imagine where chanyeol and his gf go to the dentist bc his gf needs to get her wisdom teeth taken out so when she wakes up all drugged up, she says cute/adorable things to chanyeol thinking that he was another person :) SORRY THIS IS SO LONG ILY AND YOUR WRITING! FIGHTING!’

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

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You Just Left Me To Die! (Part 6)

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(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Pairing: Jason Todd (Arkham Knight) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing, blood and talks of wounds, smoking

Rating: Mature

A/N: GUYS! LOOK AT WHAT IS FINALLY DONE!!!! This is the last part! Guys thank you so much all the support and love! Honestly all of it means so much to me, it really keeps me going.

You could feel someone holding your hand, but it was faint and far off. Breathing was hard, your ribs screamed in protest each time you took a breath. As consciousness slowly came back to you it felt like the person holding your hand was shaking. When your hearing finally came back you heard crying. Your eyes jerked as you tried to open them. After almost ten minutes of working your eyes open, you finally opened them. The room you were in was dark, moonlight was streaming through the windows. “I’m sorry y/n, I’m so sorry.” It took you a second to register that it was Jason speaking to you.

“Baby…” you moaned quietly. There was silence, “Jason?” You move your head slowly to face him. His whole face is pained, his eyes were bright red and puffy. “Jason?” you try to get up but you become too light headed. “What happened Jason?” Softly, he pushed you back down on the bed. His hands softly rub your face and he kisses your forehead.

“I…” He pauses, his breath hitching and another sob raking through him. With shaky hands, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking a puff. Slowly, you pulled yourself back up, slapping his hands when he tried to push you back down. You grabbed the cig out of his mouth and kissed his nose.

“These things will kill you.”

“Yeah, well so will a bullet to the heart but I walked away.” He snatched the cigarette out of your hands, placing it firmly back in his lips. You knew this was his was his way of calming down but it wasn’t healthy.

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Loki x Reader: Honeymooners pt 1

Gonna turn this into a multi chapter thing since it’s getting kinda long. The prompt about reader and Loki going undercover as honeymooners at a fancy honeymoon destination that I said I’d write forever ago but didn’t get around to

(So if you’re going under cover for anything, you’d probably want fake names, but I don’t want to make up fake names and I like using Loki’s name so yea…)

A loud ringing from your nightstand roused you from your deep sleep. Your eyes opened instantly, years of training instantly putting you on alert as you recognize a mission briefing call. “I’m here.” You answered.

 "Agent, good, head up to the debriefing room,“ Mariah Hill’s voice came through the speaker, "we have your next assignment.”

You nodded, the last traces of sleep leaving you as you remembered she couldn’t see. “Should I grab my partner?”

“Not yet, he’s getting a debriefing packet but there’s classified information we need to go over with you separately.”

You raised an eyebrow. Loki, god of mischief, currently tasked with aiding SHIELD for glorified community service and thus your partner on most missions, would be debriefed separately? If you were working together, wouldn’t the logical thing be to brief you simultaneously so any ideas the other had or questions could be addressed together? You knew better than to ask questions though, Mariah would just end up repeating her orders. “Understood, I’ll be there in ten.”

“Hurry, your transport leaves in two hours, everything you need is packed, so this debriefing has to be fast.”

You sighed as she hung up, failure to plan on SHIELD’s part always warranted an emergency on your part. Hopefully the travel time would be long so you and Loki could fill each other in on anything that had been missed. Still, something about separate briefings disturbed you. No sense in worrying about it now though, time was ticking and you still needed to shower.

Ten minutes later, you were rushing into the briefing room where Mariah sat at a long high-tech table, a TV screen displaying a mountain lodge behind her. “Recognize it?” Mariah asked, looking up as you entered.

You stared at the screen blankly, searching your memory. The lodge seemed familiar in a dreamlike way, but nothing truly stood out.

“Not sure, your history and all, but some little girls grow up planning their dream weddings and honeymoon vacations.”

You frowned glancing between her and the screen. “I’d never really thought about it, I guess. Marriage might come some day, but I’ve had other things to worry about. Maybe friends planned their’s…” You trailed off, not sure what she was getting at.

Mariah smiled, “don’t worry, it’s not a test, just was wondering if you recognized it. That’s the location of your mission. ‘Lover’s Lodge, Honeymoon Resort’, honeymoon destination of only the wealthiest and luckiest clients. It’s such a destination resort that any who attend have to prove they’ve been married in the last 48 hours. Officially they prefer 24, but occasionally travel gets interrupted and they felt like expanding the inclusion list. Newlyweds plan their weddings around when there’s space available here, very exclusive.”

“I’ll bet.” You crossed your arms, not wholly impressed. Sure it was an interesting place to visit, presumably anyone lucky enough to be an actual guest would enjoy it, but that type of feather in your cap didn’t particularly interest you, not when you’d been told of an impending mission and you were very much single. Sure you pined after a guy, but he was millennia out of your league and definitely didn’t return the feelings. Plus with your busy work schedule, dating really had taken a back seat to your plans.

“So what’s the mission?” You finally prompted.

Mariah blinked, “there’s underground seismic activity. Gamma levels are off the charts. We have reason to believe a magical portal of sorts is open in an underground area. The lodge itself exists in a weird jurisdiction and since the portal is believed to be magic in nature, we need your partner to investigate it.”


She nodded, “he’s uniquely equipped to handle magical enemies and we don’t particularly trust him to do anything solo. The god of lies title and history inspires a great deal of understandable distrust.”

You shrugged, “fair enough. I trust him though.”

“Which makes you uniquely suited to operate as his partner, as well as the other portion of this undercover operation.”

You were starting to get a headache, she seemed to be hinting at something without daring to say the actual nature of what she meant. “So we’re undercover as work staff?”

Mariah smiled thinly, “I was hoping you might’ve guessed… no, the owner needs to be investigated to see if he has any part to play in the operation of this portal and the background checks and period of time it would take to sneak you into the workforce would be far too long.”

“So?” You prompted, mind not quite working.

“I need you to go undercover as guests. Far more freedom to move around this way.”

You swallowed hard, mind reeling. “But guests have to be newlyweds…”

Mariah held up a sheet of paper. Warily, you took it from her, examining it carefully. There in crisp new letters, signed by the state of New York, lay your full name married to Loki Laufeyson. You looked up at her stunned, “what the hell is this?”

“Less than 48 hour old marriage license between you and Loki, thought that was clear. We have wedding pictures as well as several witnesses that can attest the validity of your wedding.”

“You married me to Loki without either of us knowing?” No wonder they didn’t want Loki in attendance, he was sure to be pissed.

“It’s forged, but will fool the admissions there, we snuck a different couple in several weeks ago to make sure. You’re going undercover as a newlywed couple, enjoying all the amenities and making sure to close that portal and if necessary, remove the owner from his position, assuming he is involved. Think of it as a working vacation.”

“With an ornery god, you do know Loki isn’t going to be pleased.”

“It’s a six hour car trip, you’ll have plenty of time to warn him. And it’s by limo, refrigerator and bar fully stock, all expenses paid.”

“What if I refuse?”

“You’ll be out of a job.” Mariah glared at you.

Your eyes flashed, “I’m one of your most loyal and successful agents, one refusal and I’m out on the streets?”

Mariah sighed, “no, you’ll be heavily reprimanded and demoted, pay cut and put on leave, but please, you’re the only one qualified to do this, we need you.”

“You need Loki.”

“He won’t work with anyone else, there’s no punishment we can give him, all of it has to be willing. Even threat of returning to prison on Asgard hardly bothers him. Please, he seems to like you.”

You grit your teeth, that was the bitter crux of it. That Loki considered you an acquaintance of sorts but would never share your feelings. To have to openly act as though you were madly in love with him, only to return to hiding your feelings would kill you. Worse, Loki would either pretend to go along with it and not see how badly it tore you apart each moment, or he would refuse because ultimately he couldn’t even tolerate you as a friend. Nothing of this mission wouldn’t end extremely painfully for you. “Fine, but I’m getting another more expensive vacation after this.”

“It’s practically a vacation already, other than the portal.”

“And an obstinate Loki. That’s the only way I’m agreeing.” You crossed your arms.

“We’ll take it up with Fury, no absolute promises, but I’m sure we can manage something.”


By the time your conversation ended, you were becoming pressed for time. You practically flew out of the room, rushing down the many stairs and out to the waiting limo that Loki sat in, already looking annoyed. His arms were crossed as he glared sullenly out the tinted windows, fingers tapping in time to some unheard beat. “Sorry,” you panted, scrambling in beside him. A soft smile touched the corners of his mouth upon seeing you, “got held up with Mariah.”

Loki nodded, “for a moment, I was worried they might send a replacement for you.”

“Can’t get rid of me that easily.” You winked, settling in as the car lurched forward.

Loki nodded curtly, that smile once more returning. “I take it there’s a reason we were informed separately.”

“Oh yea, and you’re just going to love it.” Sarcasm dripped heavily from your tone and Loki raised his eyebrow curiously. Over the next hour you and Loki shared the various information regarding the specifics of the mission finally coming to the part you dreaded most.

“But all this could just as easily have been told together, why the separation?” Loki mused.

“It’s our cover,” you sighed heavily, lifting up the marriage certificate. Loki frowned, “I suppose I didn’t think we’d spend long there.” You shook your head, “part vacation since it’s a resort and SHIELD is cheap, and we need to investigate the owner as guests. It’s easier than getting us jobs apparently.”

Loki squinted at the paper, “we’re married?” He looked up at you and blinked.

You popped the cork off the bottle you’d been struggling to open, “only technically,” you said taking a long swill. “It’s a forgery but best in the business. Sorry to do that to you, only way they could think of apparently.”

Loki shrugged, “I could think of worse covers.”

You looked at him, mid drink. Slowly you removed the bottle, “really?”

“They could have placed me with a different agent, which would be insufferable.”

You laughed, “yea, I guess.” Still your heart ached, not sure how to vocalize your feelings.

Loki could see the sadness in your eyes but didn’t seem to realize what caused it. “What if we made it into a competition?”

“A competition?” You repeated.

“Whoever appears the better and more in love spouse, the winner.”

You winced internally but you knew you loved a good challenge. Almost unwittingly, you heard yourself answer, “you’re on, I’m going to kick your ass at this.”

“My love, that you could think to hurt me?” Loki placed his hand over his heart in shock.

You scowled, “you didn’t say we started yet!”

“Fair enough agent.”

“What’s the loser have to do?”

“I’m sure I’ll think of something.” Loki smirked.

Scoffing, you retorted, “yea right, I’m going to win.”

The car ride passed uneventfully, you and Loki having plenty of the finer details of the mission to discuss and plan. “So it’s in a sort of mountainous area, built on a number of natural hot springs that make for quite the scenic hot tubs.”

Loki pursed his lips, “perhaps we might skip the hot tubs?”

You stared at him blankly, “and sauna? I gather?”

Loki nodded, “I don’t care for heat much.” He trailed off, looking away. You didn’t press him, but he had alluded to not tolerating heat in the past, perhaps this was related.

“It’s built over an inactive volcano, I believe, dig deep enough and you’ll find lava but no worries of eruption in my life time. At least that’s what SHIELD’s experts seem to think.”

“Is that related to the portal?”

“More like a fun fact.” You shrugged, “and a tram that can take guests down to the beach, only an hour’s ride. Sunbathing could be fun.”

Chuckling, Loki reached for his drink, “I’m sure the number of newlyweds enjoying the sunset will be amusing.”

“Probably. The tram doesn’t stop, every half hour all night. Midnight swims on a clothing optional beach.” You swallowed hard, trying not to picture Loki partaking in that.

“They really are encouraging intimacy everywhere, aren’t they?” Loki blinked, studying you.

The look he gave you was so intense, you found yourself turning away, if only to hide your blush. “Guess so. At least no one will check on whether or not guests do, right?” You forced a weak laugh.

Loki nodded thoughtfully, “that would be awfully invasive of them.”

Sleeping with Loki, or rather sleeping with Loki had only briefly crossed your mind. It would be hard to get around not sharing a bed but two mature adults could handle that surely, but if anyone noticed? That would be the final nail in your coffin to fake sex with Loki just to maintain your cover, or real but wasn’t mutually desired.

“Agent?” Loki prompted, pulling your mind back to the present.

“Meeting the owner might be challenging if he’s behind the portal.” You forced yourself to change the subject. “Though I believe he greets each couple personally during their stay, guess we’ll have to meet as many couples as possible to increase our chances of running into him.”

Loki sighed, resting his chin on his fist, “wonderful, socializing with mortals.”


“Oh! Loki!” You paused, “I mean, darling look! We’re here I think!”

Loki straightened up, roused from his bored stupor and followed your pointing finger out the window. For the past half hour, the limo had been winding its way slowly upwards through a forested mountainside and it had at long last shown signs of nearing a massive resort. The picture Mariah had shown you really didn’t do the place justice for its size and splendor, anyone fortunate enough to visit would definitely have to pay a small fortune.

Loki chuckled at your pet name for him, “So we have, congratulations on our first day of marriage.”

You reached for your phone and opened it, noticing a barrage of pictures featuring you and Loki photoshopped into a number of wedding poses. It had been a small, private affair apparently, contrasting notably with the amount that would go towards the honeymoon but it was evidently about the two of you and no one else.

Loki leaned against you, staring down at the pictures. You could feel your cheeks heating in a blush at the close proximity, you had been this close before and managed to hide your feelings, why was it suddenly different? You silently admonished yourself.

“That’s a lovely dress,” Loki murmured, tilting his head to the side. His long hair brushed against your cheek and you fought back a shiver. “Somehow, I think the dress would look better on the actual you, not this model they chose.”

You furrowed your brows, surprised by the sincerity of the compliment. Opening your mouth, you looked up to ask him if he was acting or meant it but Loki’s attention was already back to the sprawling grounds of the resort. Your mouth fell shut and you stayed quiet.

The limo finally rolled to a stop, the door opening as the two of you scrambled out. Loki left first, turning around and offering you his hand to help you, placing a gentle kiss on it before allowing you to straighten up completely out of the car.

You closed your eyes, praying silently for patience, strength to make it through this mission, then slowly opened them and beamed at Loki. The flirtatious giggle came easy to you as you leaned forward and pecked his cheek. Loki stiffened for a moment, before sinking into your touch as though it were the most natural thing ever.

“Do you have the marriage license, love?”

“Right here, sweetie.” You giggled again, waving it for him.

Loki pursed his lips, eyes darkening, clearly not amused by the pet name. If you were going to suffer, dying for this to be real, you might as well punish Loki with cute names. A hotelier approached as the two of you stood there, no time to turn back now.

BTS Reaction To You Giving Them a Lap Dance While The Other Members Are Around

Namjoon: “WHy is she doing this oh no ok,”he thought as he looked down trying to avoid the members stares.

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Taehyung: “Wait until we get home,”he whispered in your ear as the other members were laughing at him.

Originally posted by taedamn

Hoseok: Hoseok would probably dance for you too not really caring if the members were paying attention to you two hoping they would leave.

Originally posted by osyub

Jin: “I think you two need to leave I need to discuss some things with (Y/N),”he said as he quickly shooed the two members. 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jungkook: He would first be confused but quickly catching on as he tried pushing you away. “Not in front of my hyungs wait until we get home.”

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Yoongi: *Smug af* he wouldn’t even care.

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Jimin: After he quietly moaned his eyes would go wide and he’d be so embarrassed realizing that the others were in the room as he tried hiding away from them.

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anonymous asked:

Can I have Ushijima, Oikawa, and Kuroo going to S/O's house for the first time and found out that S/O has 4 brothers all live by "Protect the only girl of the house"? (In short, sister complex) S/O's carefree persona isn't helping in their case.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • He can respect and understand why your brothers act like this towards him. Hell, if he had any siblings he’d want to protect them too.
  • Your brothers are stubborn and hate the fact that you’re dating. They constantly lecture you on the ‘type’ of guy he is, and how you should stay away. Of course you don’t listen.
  • Ushijima eventually earns their respect after proving that he is a loyal man who will only love you. Your brothers back off a little bit, but you can tell that they trust him more than in the beginning.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Oh god, Oikawa looks like a womanizing pretty boy from the start so your brothers immediately take action against him whenever he’s around. They will not leave you two alone for a second. You need sibling supervision.
  • No matter what Oikawa says or does, your brothers always think he’s lying. They know his type too well, and it doesn’t help how they’ve witnessed his fangirls/fanboys on a daily basis. If that many people desire him who’s to say he won’t leave you for someone else?
  • Oikawa jumps through rings of fire to prove that he’s not that kind of guy. It isn’t until you take initiative to vouch for him that your brothers finally ease up. Although they always have an eye open, ready to beat him into the ground if he so much as makes you cry.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Not even this sly cat is able to charm his way to get your brothers’ trust. All men are bad in their eyes when it comes to you so it’s not really his fault.
  • He doesn’t have any siblings of his own, but he understands that you should be protected at all costs. In essence, he is grateful to have someone looking out for you since you can be a bit too careless at times.
  • It’s not until he lets down his guard and reveals his true dorky personality that your brothers see what a down-to-earth guy he really is. They aren’t too wary about him knowing that if the time comes he’ll look out for you.
Sick Days

Wowie. I finally finished this :)

Pairing: Lin x reader 

Warnings: none

Requested: Yes, anon requested #1 (Please don’t leave me) and #29 (You said my name in your sleep) with a Lin x sick!reader Requests are always open and welcome!

Word Count: 1282



You woke up with the worst of headaches, and for once, it wasn’t because you were hung over from partying with your best friend, Lin.

You groaned and tried to stand up out of bed. Nausea racked your body. You sat for a moment, holding your head, before venturing into the kitchen to check your temperature.

“100.9” you read aloud. “Looks like I’m going to do the show sick tonight.” Lin, being the best bestfriend ever, had gotten you a job as the stage manager for his show, Hamilton. You had yet to take a sick day, and you weren’t about to start now.

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Request: tony is reader’s father and some angst? Bucky and reader a little conection but not fallen in love just like ‘hey i kind of feel confortable around you’. bye - Anon

Pairing: FATHER!Tony Stark X Reader X Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 5,377(got carried away, sorry)

Warning: Cursing(why do I even warn), Angst(I’m bad at it), fluff(?), Self-doubting, Parents Issues, drunk driving(DON’T DO THAT, IT’S STUPID)

(A/N): I’ve noticed that all the requests I take are Anon, am I scary? Oh well, thank you for requesting this! Btw, no, I did not write a Valentine’s Day one-shot, SORRY I WILL


Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

You looked around the celebration party, searching for one of your parents or even Pepper, but you sighed in disappointment and drank more of your champagne alone in the table you were supposed to be with your family.

When you heard your name being called, you let down the glass and got up, putting a fake smile on your face and trying not to fall of your high heels.

“Thanks, everyone.” You laughed; all of them had chosen you to do the last speech. You hoped that one of your parents would have come to see you graduate on college, but that didn’t happened. “Wow, we survived! Look at that!” The laughs made you win a little bit more of confidence “I know I- We should be thanking to someone, but hey, we were the ones to lost nights of sleep to study, we were to gain back pains for sleeping crawled on the books, we were the ones to gain this.” You saw wide smiles and that gave you the courage to continue; “Because of that, I say ‘Thank to ourselves’! We gained! We deserved it”

The claps and cheers made you wave and get down of the platform and head straight to the exit, not without grabbing a bottle of some drink that your friend from the bar handed you with a pity look on his face.

“For you to feel better, Y/N.” You gave him a fake grin and entered your car, taking the stupid hat off and banging the wheel.

You sighed and rested your forehead on it, trying to think into an excuse for them.

Pepper… Ok, Pepper didn’t have any excuses for not showing up, she was the one to help you get dressed and to prepare your speech – the one you dismissed right when you saw it wouldn’t make any sense to thank your parents, since they weren’t there – and the one to help you send a flight ticket and an invitation to your mother.

Your mother… Well, what did you expected from a woman that threw you for the men she claimed to be your father, because you were giving her trouble, even though you were only 12 and just asked her for more books, so you could study.

And than, there was your father; Tony Stark. He didn’t need one, Tony just didn’t want to be seen with you.

You grabbed your phone and called to Pepper, hoping that she would just give you an “I’m so sorry, the earth is being attacked by aliens again and I’m helping you father to keep people safe”. When she answered the calling, you could feel how tense she was.

Hey, Y/N… Everything ok?”

“Hm, yeah. Why didn’t you come?” You didn’t want to sound so… heartbroken. So sad and vulnerable.

“I’m sorry, honey…” She sighed, Pepper really wanted to go and watch you graduate, especially because you were so excited with the thought of Tony finally being proud of you and with your mother showing up to one of your deeds. “I won’t lie to you… Your father ordered me not to go. I’m sorry, I really wanted to go…”

You felt your heart sink as you stood in silence; you hummed, knowing why he said that.

“I don’t know why I expected you to go, sorry, Mrs. Potts. You didn’t had the obligation to see me.” Pepper felt like someone punched her on her stomach, your apathetic voice broke her heart, because she knew that this was important to you and because of how you called her.

She loved you like a daughter, she was there to help you with your homework – even if you didn’t actually need any help -, she was there to hug you when you ran to her room because of a nightmare, she was there when you would be crying your lungs out because your father wouldn’t have appeared to your contests or birthdays.

She was always there.


“I have to go now.” That was the only thing you said before turning off your phone and opening the bottle of Vodka, you knew it was stupid to drink and drive, but you were broken, you felt alone and disappointed. There was this horrible feeling in your chest, it felt like invisible claws were ripping your heart and lungs out.

You were crying.

Crying and drinking.

The streets passed like blur as you drove by, occasionally taking big gulps of the drink, at least you weren’t running and the road was free. You stopped in front of the Avenger’s Tower and got out of the car, kicking your high heels on the street.

You looked up to the building, an almost empty bottle of Vodka on one hand and the phone with the other. That was how Bucky found you when he was returning from his jog, your makeup blurred and with darkened eyes.

“Can I help you?” He asked after watching you for a couple minutes, thinking you would walk out of something like that, but you just stood in there, watching the tower.

When you turned your gaze at him, he felt like he had lost all of the air from his lungs.

“Is my father in there? Tony Stark.” You asked, clearly drunk.

Bucky thought you were lying, well, how could he not think of that? You groaned and took your gown off, throwing it on the ground and staying in your black short dress.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you there, since you’re not in condition to drive.” You giggled without humor, grabbing your phone and walking towards the door, it needed a code to enter, but you just called out for FRIDAY.


Yes, Mrs. Stark?” The robotic voice answered, for Bucky’s surprise.

“Will my code work here?”

Yes, it will, Mrs. Stark.” You mumbled a ‘thank you’ and used your code to enter the tower, being followed by a confused Soldier.

Stark had never told anyone about you, you entered the lift and checked Bucky again, recognizing him from footage and Wikipedia.

“James Buchanan Barnes, could you please press the button to the floor that Stark, currently, is?” He wanted to laugh by how polite and sober you sounded, even though it was obvious to him that you were drunk.

“Sure, Doll.” You sighed and rested your back on the cold wall of the elevator, closing your eyes and leading the bottle to your mouth, drinking a few gulps of it.

Bucky watched as you dried all of the content of the bottle and looked at him, feeling too drunk to be ashamed.

“Did you want a gulp?” You asked and he chuckled, denying with his head and explaining

“I can’t get drunk.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Then, what do you do when you want to forget your problems?” There was only a couple of floors left before you could face the men that you had been living with for 9 years, by now.

“I run.”

“You run from your problems?” He laughed of your confused expression and you poker up your lower lip and frowned your brows in frustration because of his laugh. Was it too much for ask to be taken seriously?

“No, Princess. I mean I run, I jog.” You studied him again and he couldn’t help but to feel like the lift was taking too long.

He was aware of your eyes on his body and that you were on a small dress and he was trying really hard not to look at your legs.

“What was the problem?”

“Pardon?” Bucky frowned his brows in confusion

“You were going back from a jog when you found me. You’re wearing running clothes and you are already sweaty. What’s the problem bothering you?” He was surprised by how you could notice those things, especially when you were drunk. “And don’t worry about me telling someone, I’ll probably forget in the morning.”

Bucky thought about that, he would have said it, if the doors didn’t open and the laughs didn’t brought you back to your disappointed self.

“Well, maybe another time.” You took a deep breath and walked to the sound with Bucky behind you.

“Hey, Bucky. Who is this?” Steve asked, looking confused at you

“Hello, Mr. Rogers. I’m Y/N Stark, not that he would tell any of you.” Everyone looked at a tense Tony, as soon as he heard your voice, his eyes widened.

He got up and turned to you, frowning his brows by your figure.

“What are you doing here?” The team felt surprised when he didn’t deny.

“Not going to congratulate me, Mr. Stark?” You laughed, starting to walk around the living room in slow and – incredibly – precise steps “You know for what, right? Of course you do!” The chuckled escaped your mouth and you walked past Sam “You told Pepper not to go!”

“Tony, we’ll give you two priva-”

“There’s no need for that, she’s leaving already.” He cut Steve and you laughed, starting to sob again.

“You know, I was wondering why she didn’t appear. I didn’t expect you to come – ok, that’s a lie. I did, because I thought that for once, you would be proud of me for doing something. I graduated college with honor, you know, the one you didn’t had to pay, because I entered with a scholarship!” You laughed victoriously “But no, you didn’t show up. I didn’t expect mom to show up, because, I mean, what to expect from a cheap whore, right?”

Tony locked his jaw, still confused with you like that

“The only one I expected to go was Pepper. And she would have! If you didn’t ordered her not to.” Natasha was looking from you to him, seeing similarities and thinking of how he was able to hide you from everyone and from the media “And then, I thought: Why would he do that to me? Why would he make me pass that alone? Why did I had to be alone on a table with three more empty sits? Why? What have I done to deserve that?” You were back to silently crying, your voice cracking and vulnerable. Bucky felt this need to hold you when he saw that dead sparkle in your eyes again. “Do you want to know, Mrs. Romanoff, why I had to go through this?”

“Huh… Yes?” She wasn’t expecting you to ask something to her, even a rhetorical question.

“Because if she was there, they would have connected me to her, then, they would connect her to him and him to me.” You mumbled, that same suffocating feeling returning “And he don’t want people to know that he has a daughter with a prostitute. I get you, Mr. Stark, I really do. But wow, what you did, it was really low. Even for you.”

“How did you get here?” He asked, trying to stop you from talking those painful things

“With a car.”

You drove?!” He screamed, feeling his face become numb with the thought of you drunk and driving

“Is what you do with a car, right?” You laughed again before sighing “But I didn’t came here to talk about my pains. I came to warn you that I’m leaving. You won’t have to worry about the whore’s daughter, anymore. I’ll be finally like you want: gone.” His eyes widened and you turned on your heels

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get a ticket, if that’s what you’re worried about.” You walked back to the elevator, pressing the button with Tony behind you

“You’re not driving like this!” Everyone back in the living room were looking at each other with shocked gazes, still not understanding what was going on

“Why would you care?!” you finally screamed back, turning to him and crying desperately “You never did! All of this time I’ve been alone without you caring about what I was doing! But again, I get you.” You were sobbing so hard that it was hard for you to breathe, “I’m a mistake! You didn’t want me, neither did she! I get it! But why? What did I do?”

He pressed his lips together and pulled you for a hug, you tugged to his shirt and cried as hard as you could, accepting the affection he was giving.

Your sobs were slowing down until you slept in his arms, too psychologically tired to remain awake.

Tony sighed and lifted you, walking towards the living room so he could get into one of the rooms. Every head turned at you two, the team looking to Tony waiting to answers, but he ignored them and entered an empty room, lying you on the bed and covering your body, as he did many times when you were younger and used to sleep on the library’s floor.

When he was getting up to get out of the place, you grabbed his wrist

“Dad?” You whispered half-asleep, opening your eyes with tears falling to the sides of them “I’m sorry for being born.” He sighed, still surprised that you could call him that, after all that time. It was the first time in six years; you got used to call him ‘Mr. Stark’.

“I’m not.” But you didn’t hear his soft whisper, since you were already asleep.

Tony leaned forward and kissed your forehead, wiping the makeup off of your cheeks and brushing your hair as best as he could without waking you up.

He gave a last sigh before returning to the living room, everyone whispering and confused.

“Tony… What the fuck just happened?” Natasha hissed as he grabbed a drink from the coffee table.

“What do you think just happened? We met his daughter.” Steve crossed his arms, giving Iron Man a coldly disapproved glance. “Unfortunately, not at a good time.”

“Don’t you dare point a finger at me, Captain.” He groaned back

“Tony, her thoughts…” Wanda said for the first time, denying with her head and clutching into her own chest as if she was in deep pain “What she said… She was thinking way worst.” Tony huffed, ignoring all the glances and pulling his own phone

“What are you doing?” Sam asked as he watched Tony walk towards de corridor to the lift, again.

“I’m going to call Pepper to warn her that our daughter is drunk and will be sleeping here, this night.” No one missed that he referred the woman as your mother. And, well, she loved you like a daughter and so did you love her as a mother, since she was your only love resource.

Bucky, who had been in silence ever since he got out of the lift with you, sighed and itched the back of his neck, trying to sneak out without being noticed, but Natasha caught him and narrowed her eyes

“Soldier, what did you notice about her from the time it took to get here?” He controlled a groan and shrugged his shoulders

“She’s smart, has an agent eye, likes to scan and read people, is polite and worry about the others.”

“That doesn’t sound a lot like a Tony’s daughter.” Everyone chuckled at Sam’s commentary

“I was surprised too, believe me.” All of them stood in silence, waiting for Tony’s return

“I’ll go home for Pepper, she needs me and I got to finish one project.” He said as he stood next to the couch, eyes on his phone

“And your daughter? She also seems to be needing you.” Clint said almost in an outrageous voice.

“She’s sleeping, what will I do?” That was the last thing he hissed before rushing to the lift to get out.

“What a punk.” Bucky chuckled at Steve’s murmur, finally heading to his room so he could take a shower and try to forget your figure. He had already taken too much from Tony; he didn’t want to even think about being interested on you, even though your intense eyes never left his mind.

You moaned in pain as you felt like an elephant was sitting on your head and that someone had opened it to place cracked, sharp pieces of glass in your brain.

“Fucking hell” Your whisper triggered FRIDAY to greet you good morning

Hello, Mrs. Stark. It is six and a half of the morning, according to the body scan, you are feeling headaches and your eyes are light sensitive. I would suggest you to take a shower and take the pills from the top left shelf behind the bathroom’s mirror.”

“If you know I’m with a headache, why did you speak?” You groaned, siting and looking around, remembering the show you did in front of the Avengers last night.

Jesus Christ! Why didn’t I go somewhere else?

Your cheeks became hot with the thought of getting out and facing the super heroes that saw you drunk and crying.

You got up, heading to the bathroom after getting some clothes of the wardrobe: some jeans and a loose sweater, also not forgetting an underwear.

It wasn’t difficult to find the medicine after looking yourself on the mirror and seeing a complete mess, you took it before entering the shower and cleaning yourself; washing your hair and the makeup off your face.

Feeling like a new person, you got back to the room you slept, brushing your hair with your fingers and searching for the keys of your car, when you didn’t found them, you remembered that you had dropped them somewhere on the living room as you walked around it.

Letting a quiet huff get out, you make your way to the living room, steps so light that even the Avengers would have trouble in hearing it.

Crouching down next to the sofa, you began your search, cursing at yourself for not having just left the town without warning Tony.

“Need any help?” You froze when a deep voice drowned you out of your chase, getting back up only to face Bucky with two mugs of coffee on his hand

“Huh… Hi. I was searching for my keys.” The mumble got out as you felt your cheeks get red with the sight of The Winter Soldier in sweater pants that were dangerously hanging on his hips with a simple grey t-shirt.

He hummed in acknowledge as you continued your search, Buck was surprised with your normal soft voice and that you still looked amazingly beautiful without makeup and with basic clothes

“Coffee? I made an extra portion.” You peeked into his outstretched hand and thought about accepting it, but quick declined it as you remembered that you needed to get out of the town and away from Tony.

“Thank you, but I need to go. I just can’t find the damn keys.”

“Maybe one of them got it. You’ll have to wait for them to wake up.” Another groan slipped from you and you sighed, lifting your head again and smiling gently

“Then, I guess I’ll accept the coffee.”

Bucky couldn’t control the grin as he watched you sit awkwardly on the couch, waiting for him to sit too.

Handing you the mug, he took a sip, studying how you kept your eyes on the hot drink.

“So… You finished college.” He tried to start a conversation, your head snapped surprised at him and you gently smiled, nodding with your head and softly blowing before taking a sip

“Yes, last night was my… graduation.” Obviously you were ashamed of what you did “But you already knew that, since I cried right here about it. Jesus Christ” You couldn’t control the cringe, feeling that terrible sinking inside your stomach with the memory of you making a fool of yourself.

Bucky just giggled, shrugging his shoulders and flashing you with a comforting smile

“Don’t worry, until second thoughts the wrong one is your father.”

“He is not my father.” It didn’t take a wink for you to correct him, quickly clearing your throat and landing your eyes on your shoes as you took a sip, awkwardly looking around in silence.

“You didn’t seem to think that last night.” Natasha said as she walked through the living room, smiling at your embarrassment “I would introduce myself, but it seems that you already know me.”

“Who doesn’t know The Black Widow?” You mumbled, watching Sam and Wanda also enter the place.

“But, we don’t know you.” Steve smiled at you as Clint took a sit on the other couch.

Looking around, you saw that every Avenger waited for you to say something, taking a long gulp, you placed the mug on the coffee table

“Good morning… And if my drunk-memory is not wrong, I think I already introduced myself, Mr. Rogers.” He chuckled, nodding with his head as Natasha said without hesitating:

“I made some search and I got to admit, you are one hell of a smart thing.” The laughed escaped before you could lock it, Bucky loved that sound, smiling at you as you shrugged your shoulders

“What can I say? A weird, lonely and hyperactive kid got to entertain herself.” It didn’t take long for the conversation to start with all of them and without you even notice, you all were laughing and joking “I was wondering: did one of you grab my keys? I gotta’ run and pretend I didn’t act like a drunk spoiled prick in front of super heroes.” All of them laughed at your sentence.

“I did.” Your father’s voice made your face turn blank right away, something you always did when he was around, not showing any emotions. Getting up and turning on your heels, you faced Pepper and Tony; Your “mother-in-law” had red eyes and bags under them, making you notice she must have cried.

“Mr. Stark, could you please hand me my keys?” The Avengers looked surprised by your sudden change, a few seconds before that you were laughing and hitting Steve on his shoulder for something he said


“Excuse me?” The ends of his lips curled upwards with the sight of your face falling, he hated to see that cold, emotionless side of yours. The one you would only use with him.

“I said: no.” Taking a deep breath, you tried to put an educated smile on your face, mentally asking yourself what you’ve done to deserve that as you hissed through your teeth:

“May I ask the fuck why?” Tony looked at Pepper on a faked surprised way, both of his brows arched and with his usual ‘can you believe this’ face, before turning his gaze back to you

“You were drunk-driving. I’m taking your car.” That made you laugh without humor

“Who do you think you are to get a car that, first of all, you didn’t pay, second of all: It isn’t yours?”

“I’m your father.” He huffed, making everyone look from you to him, expecting you to scream. But you weren’t drunk, you could act as your true – controlled – self.

“No you’re not. You donated me twenty-three chromosomes. It takes a lot more to be a father.” He narrowed his eyes and as Tony was about to speak, Pepper’s broke voice made through the place

“You’re leaving us?” Your face soften at the sight of Pepper curled behind Tony, using him as a shield.

“I’m leaving him, I would never leave my mom of heart.” She sobbed and you opened your arms as she ran to you, embracing her trembling figure “I love you, Pepps.” Bucky and Steve were the only one to hear it because of their super soldier hearing.

“I love you too, Y/N. I wished I could have seen you.

“I know…”

“Well, I also know it. That’s why… I… I want to show you something.” Lifting your head to look at your father, you frowned your brows, giving one last squeeze on Pepper before letting her go

“I don’t want to see it. If you don’t hand me my keys, I’ll go on my foot.” Tony inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down knowing that you wouldn’t let him scream and go unpunished.

Stay, please.” That took you by surprise, because it was the first time he told you to stay and not to leave, and because he said ‘please’. “If… If you just listen to what I have to say… Even for just five minutes… I’ll let you go without saying anything.” Sighing, you sat back down next to Bucky, grabbing slightly his metal forearm.

The cold metal under the palm of your hand made you relax, his scent moved you closer to him, almost snuggling into his side.

Obviously, James didn’t miss it and placed his normal hand on top of yours, knowing that you needed support to not run away.

“Five minutes.” Tony cleared his throat and looked around the living room, seeing curious eyes. When he looked at the telepath, she smiled widely at him, wanting him to put his thoughts out to you.

“You… You told me last night that I didn’t want to be seen with you…”

“And did you?” He gulped before answering:

“Well… No.”

Antony.” Pepper hissed as you shrugged closer to Bucky. You already knew that, but hearing him say that, made it more painful.

“But do you know why?”

“Because I’m the prostitute’s daughter.” It came so harsh that even Wanda got surprised, your eyes cold as steel, making your father deny quickly with his head

“Do you remember when… When I got caught on Afghanistan?” Of course you remember that, it was the worst time of your life. You were living with him for two years and than, he was taken away from you right when you both were starting to actually look like a family.

He would eat dinner with you, ask how was your day, what you learned, he would laugh at your bubbly talk on the table, he would invite you to his workshop so you could study and spend your time in there while he worked, it took him almost a whole year to be able to talk to you like that.

“How could I forget? When I went to see you with Pepper, you told me to stay away from you so nobody knew you had a daughter with a whore… With those exact words.”

Oh boy, it would be hard.

He cleared his throat once more and ignored everyone’s harsh cold glances

“I lied. I-… It wasn’t that I didn’t want that the whole world… Knew I had a daughter with a prostitute. I didn’t want the world to know because…” He couldn’t speak, not when you looked at him like that. With such confusion and skeptical look on your eyes, like it was impossible for him to love you.

“He was scared that you would get hurt because you are his daughter.” Wanda said for him, his five minutes were ending. “When he was held as a prisoner, he thought it could’ve been you. Stark thinks that because you’re his daughter, you could get hurt. Especially now that he’s an Avenger.” Everyone stood in silence, waiting for your response as you watched Tony sigh in relief and thank silently for Wanda being a Telepath and reading his thoughts.

“Bullshit.” Those were the only words that left your mouth, your father thought that your eyes would be softer and your face lighter, how it normally was when he wasn’t around. But it was cold and blank as it could ever be.


“You heard me. Bullshit.” Finally getting up and starting to walk around the place, you started to hiss: “So you want me to believe that I had to go through a sad, lonely childhood because you cared about my safety? You want me to believe, that I passed nine fucking birthdays watching you on casinos through the TV, because you loved me? That you missed every deed and contest I ever participated because you didn’t want a fucking target on my back? Are you fucking serious?

“Huh… Yes?” Laughing, you stared coldly at him, you were crying again, before you could say anything more, he gained courage from your tears “I loved you since the day you arrived with a book clutched to your chest. I loved you when you entered your first mechanics contest, the one you won the first place. I loved you when you stood to be the best of the class for your whole middle and high school. I loved you when you entered a college with scholarship, when you were called to work on an important project, when you graduated last night. I loved you when you appeared drunk in here saying those horrible things. I loved you when… When you told me I wasn’t your father and I will love you regardless you love me or not. I’ve been proud of you since day one and I’ll be since day last.” That was the first time they saw Tony in tears

“I’m sorry I made you go through this, but I can’t lose you. Not you.” Bucky was by your side when you almost collapsed to the floor, sobbing on the crock of his neck and hugging him so hard that if he wasn’t a super soldier, he would probably be choked. “I want to show you something.”

Sniffing, you nodded with your head, still hugging Bucky and sitting next to him and Steve on the couch.


Yes, Mr. Stark?”

“Please, transmit the CNN on the living room TV.” Everyone turned to the, now powered, television. Tony stood behind everyone with Pepper hugging him by his waist.

You didn’t know what you were expecting, but certainly it wasn’t a mini-toddler-you walking for the first time on the park. You saw yourself again, this time older – still a child, but not a toddler – with five years on your first spelling bee. Frowning your brows, you looked behind you only to see Tony smiling at the sight of you spelling ‘hippopotamus’, there was this admiration light that made you shiver and your heart pound. Blushing, you looked at Bucky, seeing a grin grow on his face with the image of you playing basketball and falling to the ground, only to quickly get up and start to run again.

You stood there, watching yourself grow up. The last scene was you on your last night table. It was painful to see you look around searching for someone and shifting between biting your fingernail and sipping to the champagne. Watching yourself get on the stage to do the speech, you saw a strong and independent woman saying that everything she gained, she did it without help. And you felt proud of her. Even though after that she cried in her car, you were still proud of her.

This beautiful lady is Y/N Stark. She graduated yesterday and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’ve watched her every step since she was two, but we only got to know each-other when she was nine. I regret many thing, and one of them is privatizing the world to know this amazing, now a strong independent woman.” Watching your father say that on the TV made your eyes teary again, clutching into Bucky for support, he started to draw circles with his thumb on your shoulder “She is my daughter and I’m not ashamed of it.”

Your programed program is over, sir.” Watching the image fade, you stared at the screen, silent tears still running down your cheeks

“I’ve recorded this a week ago. I may have not been physically there, but I saw and cheered to everything. Every single conquer I watched through a screen, I don’t want to do that no more.” You still didn’t look at him, so he kneeled in front of you and grabbed your hand slowly, bringing it to his chest “I know that this doesn’t… Pay everything I said and made you feel, but… Can you forgive me?”

You couldn’t do anything less than jump into a hug, nodding with your head and hearing him sigh in pure relief. His shirt was soaked in tears and so was your hair, the team slowly backed away, letting you, Tony and Pepper alone.

“Still not going to give your keys back.”