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Anon 1- im planning to draw her in the future! I have around 5-6 comic ideas lined up so not rn unfortunately Dx

Anon 2 my heart breaks for my son too 💔💔💔 but thank you! Despite all the crazy stuff that happens, i try to keep things grounded realistically in my writing so im glad it came off that way!

@mindioa My son doesnt have a man yet but he has two big 🐶🐶!!!!!! Aka where kook borrowed 2/5 of his dogs in that one taekook comic

Anon 3 mark must be rly good at that game since they havent met eachother yet (IM CRYING MARKO POLO IM-)

Anon 4 joon needs to stop making everyone fall inlove w him

marshmeltwixy  asked:

Wait are you on UnderOC amino? Because I think I found you there-

*laughs* Yep… I actually just joined two other Aminos

(and before anyone goes ‘oh gosh why are you torturing yourself’, honestly - UnderOCs seems like a good community and so does the Undertale AUs one I also joined. Joined the AU one and there’s minimal stuff on PJ and with the OC one? There was NOTHING. I was happy to see no one tried to take him as their own!)

Anyway! So yeah I am In UnderOCs now 

And Undertale AUs

So yeah - this is like a verification if anyone finds me on these two Aminos! ^^

(it would also say that I joined March 2017 - though oddly on the OCs one it says Jan 2017… must be a glitch or gathered that info from somewhere idk

Apps can be weird)

anonymous asked:

Congratulations. You'vebeen in the fandom for long and you must have had a huge fanbase and a good number of loyal readers. How did your readers react when they knew about BF? I feel like they must have been happy for you! Also, are you intending on writing fanfic in the near future? Missing your stuff. But one good thing is that now if you write fanfic you might get more quality reviews. How have you been? As a loyal fan, I'm just so happy,my favorite writer.Hope you get RICH with this!!!

Hmm…. well. I didn’t really have a way to communicate about it except to slap it on to two fics on FF. TBH, my first comment I received after notifying people that way was: I was so disappointed that this wasn’t an actual update.

So……. that made me very…… sad inside.

But, I did get some PMs congratulating me. I’ve heard from a few people on Twitter, which was cool. I liked reading their live tweets. That’s maybe been 3-4 people. I’ve had some people on here say congrats or post up pics that they’ve received the CDs. Other than that, I honestly haven’t heard much feedback. It’s a bit like fic. You put the chapters out there and if people read but don’t review (or maybe they’re not reading at all?) you have no idea if it was good or if people want to read it or if people are buying it. So, while this CD is the best thing that’s happened to me, it can also be a bit of a humbling experience in its own way. When you don’t hear from people. You have to be satisfied with the meaningful comments you do get, and that’s what keeps you going. Mostly. Probably.

Well, I updated church a lot this winter and wrote two multichapter stories from September-November >.>. Then I went to NY for a couple of weeks… and for the past several weeks I’ve been working on Church. However, I’ve become a news junkie. I have a b/g in journalism, and ever since the inauguration and the immigration ban… I am non-stop reading news and posting and RT… so I go to Starbuck’s, and I spend two hours reading news and… 45 minutes writing, so my pace has really slowed down. Uh, but I have only a wee bit more to go and it’s already at 22000 words… so that means I have enough for 3-4 chapters.

I don’t know after that. I’m going through one of my “is this fun to do” phases… I started this one “one-shot” where Naruto taught kids dance and Sasuke was watching Itachi’s kids, and then Sasuke would ask Naruto out after dropping them off at class - or after several meetings - and I lost my desire to finish it. I don’t have much desire to do the Dream sidefic… I’ve been down actually, which is weird. It’s not just fandom stuff, I think it’s political stuff and life stuff… and I don’t know what I’m doing. Yet, I go out every night to Sbux…

Oh… this is going to sound morbid or sad… but in wondering if I want to do this much longer, I’ve had this one fic nagging at me. A multi-chapter where Sasuke’s a grumpy writer working on his next book, and Naruto is a rather rebellious/passionate journalist who may be being punished by his editor, who’s asked him to do a puff piece on Sasuke’s “comeback” book. Like with Sometime Around Midnight, I wrote that when I had things to say about writing and the fandom. I’m having those feelings again, so I want to write this fic (m’gonna call it Swan Song haha). That one’s been on my brain since the fall.

I don’t know that I’ll get more quality reviews… I don’t know why I would because of the CD. It’s not really on par with the reaction YFAH received, so… like I said, it’s an interesting writing experience I will internalize and use for some later project. I do like quality reviews, though. Frankly, just getting people to review after they read is the bar that I try to set… and that’s sort of a low one imo. I do have some amazing reviewers on ff anyway. I get a bit sad when I haven’t heard from them in a while either. It makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong?

Personally, I wish y-gal was back up. It always - even if the community was smaller - made me feel positive about the writing, and it was easier to communicate with readers. FF is… weird. Tumblr is weird, too. I really need to repost the old fics onto AO3, but the issue with that is… my one big file of everything is all PDFs, so when you copy/paste/upload to try to put them into (an FF document for example) the formatting and spacing is so wonky I’d have to go in and correct EACH LINE. So, I’ve put that off. I’d like to do that before I stop writing altogether as I worked hard on that stuff. Fics like Talk to Me or Lost in Translation need to be up somewhere. Where Are Your Manners, too. I always wanted to do a continuation for that >.>

I feel I answered how I am… lol. I think I sound a bit of a downer, but life seems… so strange. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s constantly very heavy. I do listen to the CD EVERY time I get into the car. I think it’s so good. I’m very proud of it, and I’ve had some really great comments from people. I felt pleased with the comments the actors made in the Free Talk. I think the whole process can be very strange emotionally… it was more than a year ago that I started on the project… mah well. Every life experience is good for writers.

Your comment is very nice tho :)

I won’t get rich, haha. I don’t get any $ from the sales. I did get paid for writing the story and helping with the script. I also got cute little gifts along the way >.>

Thank you for caring and reading the stories <3

175 prompts based off conversations I've been a part of this week so far

I really like these. Tag me if you use, I like to read!

1. They’re so sweet.
2. When could we do a sleepover?
3. I have to drive my man around.
4. Saturday would work. The evening.
5. Lord knows I don’t feel bad about it.
6. I’m jealous, you get the good stuff.
7. I’ll see you in the morning.
8. It’s really not a big deal.
9. Did you watch it yet?
10. It was a puke-in-your-mouth kiss.
11. She must be in it for the money.
12. It’s a ghost story!
13. There’s always cleaning to do.
14. Maybe in two weeks.
15. I didn’t think a romantic weekend away would fix everything.
16. Chase your bliss.
17. I’m sorry I’m deep in my head.
18. I intend to wake up to you every day.
19. You’re crying, I’m not just going to start chomping down on my sandwich.
20. Oh, I’ve got great fart stories.
21. We are rarely by ourselves.
22. How is work going actually?
23. I am the big boss.
24. Do you think your tattoos matter to them?
25. Did you skip over Drake?
26. Did he make it up to you?
27. It took you a month, but you redeemed yourself.
28. Let me buy you a damn coffee.
29. Some people think that’s normal and not “freaky”.
30. Okay, well, you completely misunderstood because that’s not what I meant
31. You don’t really want to see her dance
32. Got to figure out what’s going on in that head of his
33. I know I say it a lot
34. You’re scaring me these days
35. She’s excited you’re coming
36. It doesn’t feel good to hear you only think positive thoughts about us when you’re high.
37. How much time do you think we have?
38. I’m breaking out
39. It’s nice to be the best.
40. You got to talk to your doctor about that.
41. Do we have to talk about this?
42. Did you bite my butt?
43. Quiet. There’s people around.
44. The first six months is always great.
45. How do you think I pay for all this?
46. What if I am just who they say I am?
47. Did you have to put it up on the TV for everyone to see?
48. It’s just two weeks.
49. I think he’s just done
50. If this breaks you guys then you didn’t have much of a relationship to begin with.
51. Let’s go to the cabin and just be alone.
52. How dare you!
53. It was very elaborate.
54. It smells and it’s you.
55. Just wanted to stir the pot a little more?
56. He is being attentive even he is being shady.
57. It’s the fame that she finds sexy.
58. You two have to sit together.
59. The Olympics is background noise.
60. Well, he wants to go back to school.
61. This was the perfect lunch.
62. Now get the fuck out!
63. You’re a bad driver so of course I worry.
64. Be nice to yourself.
65. Was I a bad idea?
66. If you think that’s hard…
67. Maybe get rid of the costumes.
68. It’s really good but also really bad.
69. Your time management skills are terrible.
70. I couldn’t give a shit.
71. I can still save the day!
72. You like to paint so paint!
73. You drew blood.
74. How did the meeting go over?
75. I’m going to steal you.
76. She’ll be back
77. If I can avoid it, I will.
78. Please stop talking about vaginas.
79. Those girls will never forget me.
80. Hopefully I’ll see you before you go
81. I shouldn’t have to ask.
82. You look like a ghost. Or like you’ve seen one.
83. I don’t know if you’re ready to understand science yet.
84. You’re so freaking cute.
85. I’ll see you bright and early, girlie.
86. You’re okay for now.
87. Is that brown lip liner?
88. Thanks for thinking of me like that
89. That’s how you almost get hit by a boat.
90. I’m learning the facts now.
91. Do they drive you crazy?
92. What’s on your lips?
93. I’ll be checking that out later.
94. I’m so sorry, you don’t have to leave.
95. I am not going to be the reason you get no sleep.
96. She asked about you.
97. I know I’m hard on people.
98. I really want it to work here.
99. As if you sent me that.
100. You blacked out.
101. He is quiet until you know him.
102. What are you doing on Friday?
103. Who doesn’t like to flirt?
104. You do it for you.
105. Don’t tell me about his penis!
106. I hope she didn’t feel like she had to go.
107. It did it for me.
108. My body remembers.
109. You’re just making horrible choices.
110. Why did you put it in my hair?
111. Did you just make that up?
112. Bring me a kitty.
113. It’s not a bad salad, it’s just that it is a salad.
114. Who is fucking who over?
115. If you need help, I am helpful.
116. It gets jumbled up in my head.
117. It’s payday.
118. Would tea help?
119. Not if I see you first.
120. Was this better?
121. Everything is Spanish, I don’t understand.
122. They all thought I was nuts.
123. Word on the street is that weddings are a lot of work.
124. Who wants to know?
125. Stop being such a pacifist
126. You have weird priorities.
127. I’ve done my part.
128. We can’t all just hop a plane when we want to.
129. Oh, that explains the frown.
130. I thought it was nice cause it’s a free weekend night.
131. This is about a bunny?
132. Just thinking about it makes my stomach crawl.
133. You’re not mine though.
134. I know it’s bad, but I really wish them the worst.
135. I’m in a lot of therapy.
136. I’m running late.
137. That’s too far.
138. Thank you for sharing your sexually explicit tale with me.
139. I’m not going because it’ll hurt.
140. Do you want to do it right now ?
141. I apologize if this is awful to hear.
142. All my dreams are super sexual or really scary.
143. You need to grow.
144. You know what he wants from you.
145. Quite literally the worst person I’ve ever met.
146. It was just a hug, but his hands lingered.
147. I don’t know my own strength
148. Stop pretending this is a big deal.
149. I haven’t seen her in three weeks.
150. I wish we never met.
151. We work here, don’t worry.
152. I’ll let you know if the feeling passes.
153. It’s hard and messy and I hate it.
154. Do you have a lighter?
155. Why the fuck did I do that?
156. I’m disappointed but that’s not exactly new.
157. I have never seen you this happy before.
158. Will you have time tomorrow?
159. We are going to go camping.
160. I’ll have time eventually.
161. You’ve really improved.
162. We have very different approaches
163. Golf isn’t my idea of fun.
164. You looked stunning up there
165. Have you been at all this week?
166. I deserve this headache, to be honest.
167. Your nerves got the best of you.
168. I’m never going to fault yo for being positive and kind.
169. You have good reason to be salty.
170. I’m an idiot. I know better.
171. Why did I give him my number?
172. I was hysterical the whole flight.
173. You’re asking for trouble.
174. There might be glass in the soup. Be careful.
175. Did you blow the candles out?, author recommendation

You know what? There is that account on fanfiction net called Mirror and Image. These people are so freaking good with their Kanera that I just CANNOT. Must reads. Excellent reads. For now it’s two finished Rebels fics (lots from other fandoms though) but they announced more is to come. Plus, they are really nice to talk to and reliable with updates.
Just give their stories a try.
1. Playing Against Type is about Hera, Kanan and Chopper on a mission short after Gorse and it contains:
slavers (ugly stuff and possible triggers obvs);
the best Chopper I have ever read, and I’ve read excellent Choppers;
a wonderfully tight plot;
and, obviously, people playing against type.
And FEELS. Lots of feels.
2. Pressure Points takes place about three years after Gorse and sorry, I cannot possibly give you any coherent description of this fic because I’m crying, blast it, and it does take a lot for me to cry over a fic. Anyways. Goodbye, cruel world.

Imagine Will deciding to propose to Riley though...
  • Kala: Oh this is so exciting! The two of you are truly blessed to have each other!
  • Will: Yeah, you’re into girly stuff right? I need help picking a ring.
  • Capheus: Did I ever tell you about the woman on my bus-
  • Sun: You’ve told that story a thousand times.
  • Capheus: *pouts*
  • Will: Focus, guys.
  • Wolfgang: I know a place where you can get top of the line diamonds for a good price. Just make sure you bring your gun.
  • Nomi: So how are you gonna ask her?
  • Will: Umm, I'm not sure yet. I was thinking something casual.
  • Lito: No! You must make a grand romantic gesture! You have to show her how much she means to you!
  • Will: *instantly regrets asking any of them for help*

@azriona Some mm recs for you.

The rifter, by Ginn Hale: Literally, if you love fantasy and boys kissing and witches and gods, this is for you. It starts slow bc you don’t quite understand what’s going on, but it gets SO FUCKING GOOD. I cry about it everyday. everything by ginn is a must if you like fantasy imo

Memoirs of a houseboy by Gillibran Brown: So, this one is about Gilli, and his two daddies. Gil is a great story teller and he makes me interested in reading about him doing everydays stuff. Also Gillibran is actually Gillibrat and it leads to a lot of spanking from his alpha daddy. Hilarious at times, heartbreaking at others. I love Gilli and his manfolk and I can’t wait for the next book of the series. Go for it if you like some daddy kink 3some.

Unwrappin Hank by our dear Eli Easton: A short, cute and funny Christmas-y story. There’s also The Lion and The Crow, about two medieval boys that fall in love and it’s v cute. All shorts by Eli are super cute.

Stockholm Syndrome by Richard Rider: OK MY LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS BOOK. It is dark, and fucked up. Both Valentine and Lindsay are fucked up but they work? I really don’t know what is it about this book that make me like it; Not for everyone. The ending I just….. got to get my shit together to read book 2.

Off campus by amy jo cousins: Aaaaa, I love my boys Tom and Reese. It’s a bit of a gay for you with some internalize homophobia and Tom a bit self centered but he grows a lot.I liked it :)

Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassel: SANTINO LITERALLY WRITES THE HOTTEST SEX SCENES I’M JUST !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Sutphin so so much! The writing is so good and the sex is the best i have read in a looooong time. The next book is coming out in december and i can’t wait!!!!!! They are all stand alone, so fear not and start reading

The Magpie Lord series by K L Charles: I LOVE THIS SERIES. Urban victorian (?) fantasy with one smol angry and a tall charming. I love everything about this series!!!! Also Lord Crane has such a dirty mouth .o.’

Him by Sarina Bowen: Him is just one of those feel good books. Incredibly cute, short lived drama and lots of sex. I loved it. I have to re read it soon. Watch out for the butt plug scene.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by becky albertalli: this one is a YA and it’s so incredibly cute?

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J C Lillis: Another YA, v cute and with a fandom theme. 

And of course my princeling children, Damen and Laurent from Captive prince by C S Pacat. You must persevere thru the bad things that happen in book one, it is worth it


anonymous asked:

Cal!!! what are your favourite movies, im on a marathon! any genre (but horror) will do

I’m a bad person to talk to about this because I don’t really watch that many movies! Most of everything I’ve seen in the past several years is Marvel and DC stuff. Those, and the new Star Wars. Most of the non-franchise movies I’ve seen in like the last 5 years were movies I watched with my aspiring film maker ex fiance. I’ve tried to think about this tho and here’s what I can come up with

I don’t know how helpful that will be for you since I figure there’s a good chance you’ve seen most of them already, but if not I hope you like them! 

A new toy!

I hid a dried cranberry and a raisin inside a paper towel roll that I took a hole punch to.  After they watched me place two perfectly good treats into the interactive bunny toy/torture device, they looked at me as if to say, “Why must you torment us so?”  Simon and River quickly teamed up to vanquish their common enemy.


Holy bananas y’all WHERE DID ALL YOU CUTIES COME FROM WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I hit a real exciting follower mark and AGAIN I wanted to thank you all for your interest and support with really the only thing I’ve got which is!! PICTURES!

There will be two winners! First place is a waist-length portrait of whomever you like! (OCs, fanart, WHATEVER), second place is a sketch bust, likewise of whomever you choose!


  • You don’t have to be following me, but this is to thank my followers! So if you are you’ll get a wee bonus.
  • Both reblogs and likes count!
  • Contest ends SEPTEMBER 16 at 10:00 in the evening PST.
  • There will be two winners!
  • Winner will be chosen via - you must have your ask box open! The winners will have 48 hours to respond before I redraw.
  • No give-away blogs please!

    Again, thanks for puttin’ your eyes all over my stuff! Good luck!

Giveaway has closed! Thanks for your participation!

AGIRLINGREY’S THEME GIVEAWAY !!! i just passed 1,500 followers here and i’m really amazed at the whole thing. i would go on and on about loving and fuzzy things, but i know that you’re all waiting for me to skip this part and get to the good stuff, so here it is: TWO people will receive a custom theme, with pop-up pages and all the other shenanigans, coded by me. rules are simple: you must be following me ( if you follower-jump and unfollow right after the giveaway, i will disqualify your url from all future giveaways because it’s rude af ), reblogs and likes both count, but only after you reblogged it at least once. reblog it as many times as you’d like, but be considerate of your followers. giveaway ends on 16TH OF OCTOBER, SUNDAY. good luck to you all and as always, thank you so much for being so amazing to my precious daughter :)

THEME EXAMPLES !!! ( one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. )

yeah yeah so it’s nearly august and my birthday’s on the 10th ayyy bla bla u know how it goes so !!! i need a new botm!! shoutout to myself for making this rubbish banner i r8 8/8 m8 !!!

rules (sucks):

  • must be following me i am so sorry
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what u get !!!this is good:

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ok have fun reblog this stay in school drink ur milks!

Dance Class

Imagine everyone in the Haus to taking dance class at school together

  • The Samwell Men’s Hockey Team Captains liked to encourage one big class that everyone on the team attempted to take together. Spring 2015 was a baking class.
  • somehow, fall of 2015, it’s dance class
  • There wasn’t enough room in the Social Dance class, or Salsa, so somehow, they end up taking Country Dancing toghether

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Mayor Hannah of Starfell’s FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!

So, I haven’t quite hit 80 followers but WOOOWW, 79 followers???!!! That’s more than I had on my other blog that I had kept up for FOUR YEARS!

Let’s get to the good stuff and some rules:

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  5.  Most of these items are Powersaved, so if you aren’t comfortable with that, please don’t enter ♥
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Good luck and THANK YOU for supporting my little town of Starfell, formerly Lalune ♥♥♥

THE ART IS DONE BY THE COOLEST OF THE COOL, my BFF pyronancies​! He takes commissions ♥ 


Finally, the long wait is over! The raffle is here!
To enter, you must reblog this post. Only reblogs count. That makes it easier to count. The details are:

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-I’m not good at animals so you might want to steer clear of that.

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I wish you all good luck! I love every single one of you guys and I don’t know what I’d do without you. If you don’t win this, don’t get upset. There’s always gonna be more raffles coming up soon!
Love ya, guys!

Giveaway Time

To celebrate the opening of my Etsy store, Nightwind Readings, I have decided to have a little giveaway!


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So I hit 150 followers

Like I said the other day, I guess I’ll do a small contest for you guys!


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Of course since it’s a contest, there’ll be prizes. There will be three winners, and each one gets a piece of art from me. It can be any character (Undertale, OC, etc), but my only restriction is no NSFW.

1st Prize: Full-body picture of up to 2 characters with full color, shading, and a simple background. If you would like, I can instead draw a picture of a bittybones or bug with an actual pic as a background, although you must provide said picture. Example: (please note that the first is an older example)

2nd Prize: full-body sketch of up to 2 characters with color and simple shading. Example:

(okay yeah that one ain’t full-body but you get the point)

3rd Prize: full-body or bust sketch of 1 character with no color and simple shading. Example:

This contest will stay open for one week and end on May 9th. On that day, I will begin to tally up the entries and choose the three winners.

What I find funny is that I swear I had 152 followers this morning, and I know I had 151 before I started typing this, and I currently have exactly 150. Whatever I guess.

Ok but Cecil was giving past-Kevin information on Strex’s takeover (Both Night Vale’s and Desert Bluff’s). What if past Kevin does something with this?? What if a paradox is being created here in which two presents start to exist, one Strexed and one not? What if this makes it where year 2 never took place? Like gdi Cecil you must’ve watched enough Back to the Future with your boyfriend to know that time stuff like this isn’t good.