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hi mom!! i don’t know if you remember me, but i’m the anon that about a month/2 months/whatever ago said that i’ve been wanting to be a producer for two years, and was making a pv for my first song? well, I finished it!!! it’s got horrible resolution and looks shit on ESPECIALLY mobile but it’s a thing!! my first thing ever and i’m so happy!!

out of context this whole song is random as Shít but there’s this huge complex story so it’s best to think of it as “Warrior Fights Corrupted Brother And Bad Shit Happens” at this moment

wwhuHUWOAHUOA THIS IS RLLY INTERESTING like ur music style is?? rlly interesting???? (not in a bad way ofc) congrats on getting it finished!


Who Do You Ship Me With? Meme (Closed) 

Vito x Perospero suggested by @jules-the-lynx and @kaizoku-okubey (IDK why tumblr isn’t letting me tag you <:c)

I wouldn’t have it any other way, to be honest ❤

((I wanted to color this but decided to keep it mostly flat with a few highlights. Most people who have followed me for a while know this is my main OTP and how much I love these two together even if it doesn’t make sense :’D 

I have a few other ships involved with Perospero, but this one is my main ❤ And these were the only two asks I got in suggestion for the meme, so yeah :’D 

I love this ship and it makes me happy :3))


These are my two little sleepers. They love to nap on me at the most inconvenient times but it’s okay because they’re adorable. Their names are Fred and Ziva :)


they look so blissed out and relaxed and just generally happy it makes my heart smile  ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you for sharing them with me and my followers who probably ( hopefully) love cats as much as I do and will appreciate their sleepy faces  ❤

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his beautiful and fun and loving relationship with shelby

yessss, these two make me wanna fall in love and marry my best friend??? they make me believe that true happiness is attainable???? that you can be with someone for a long time and as long as you work on your relationship and cherish your s.o. it can be amazing and wonderful and stay that way?????? and i just love them so muchhhhhh

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come talk to me about why harry shum jr is wonderful maybe?

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Nobody wants to read your caryl posts especially if it's all about Daryl and not carol. Don't waste your time

I can guarantee AT LEAST ONE wouldn’t mind hearing… or reading, in this case, what I have to say.

And if I make even just one person happy or hopeful, then I’m happy.

And oh my god LOL, just because I’m working on a post that shows Carol’s love for Daryl doesn’t mean it’s all about Daryl. It’s about both of them, because you know, it takes TWO characters to make a ship one of which gets little to no recognition.

Do me a favor. Visit the Caryl tag. How many posts do you see about Daryl loving Carol? About how HE looks at HER? About how HE cares SO MUCH about HER? About HIM loving HER?

And then compare that to the amount of posts (hint hint NONE) about how Carol loves Daryl. About how SHE looks at HIM. About how SHE cares JUST AS MUCH about HIM as he does her. About HER loving HIM.

I don’t really like that that so I’m changing it. I’m not saying I don’t want to see Daryl loving Carol posts but it’d be nice to have a mixA variety? To see and talk about how she loves him too. About how she looks at him.

Like THESE, for example…

Originally posted by stereowave

And then wonder why we are so worried about C@rzekiel? 
When the ONLY person Carol has looked at like that is Daryl. 

All I’m trying to do here is make my fellow Caryl’ers (who may be worried about C@rzekiel) feel more comfortable, at ease, at peace and HOPEFUL. Because we really have nothing to worry about… and neither does Daryl.

I’m sorry you can’t see that I have good intentions here. 

5 Things that make me happy

I was tagged by @lunedin and @ilonavic to do this. Thank you so much, you’re both so sweet!!! (⊃ ´ω`)⊃♥

☺ 1. My cats, Leilah and Toulouse. Because I don’t even have words to describe them… they are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I’d have died of sorrow if it wasn’t for them. Here you have two photos I took yesterday:

Tuti is the best, for real x3

☺ 2. Travelling. The only good thing of holidays is having enough time to visit other cities and know new places (but I wish I could go alone or with my friends beacuse I can’t stand my mother and my brother…).

☺ 3. Speaking with @vaporeox, @vattgherncirilla and @ilonavic on Skype. It’s the best moment of the week. You make me laugh, something I don’t do very often during the week!! Also, speaking about Avallac’h and elves with @moonwich!!  (>‿◕)

☺ 4. Being alone. But like, alone, alone, with no one, just me, my cats and the sound of silence (and the PS4). Being free to do as I please. 

☺ 5. Someone I love very much that is waiting for me in Poland ♡ (and that I am waiting too!)

I am tagging @vaporeox, @moonwich, @petit-oiseau-de-nuit, @silnaniewinna, @lenkalost, @the-night-mother and @iamem94.  ❤ ❤ ❤.

Congrats to @markiplier and the community for getting the channel to 17 million subscribers!

I’ve been a part of this community for nearly two years now, and it’s certainly been a wild ride. I’ve had my ups and downs in my life in that timeframe, but all of the amazing people here have helped me through my darkest moments. Mark’s been such a huge inspiration to me, and him and his videos never fail to make me smile every day. Mark, keep doing what you do, because you’ve changed countless lives in more ways than one, including my own. You’ve brought so much happiness to millions of people out there in the world, and that’s amazing, and I respect you so much for that.


Jeno According to Tumblr Tags

Happy Birthday Jeno!


Victuuriweek 2017 ❙ Day 2: Travelling

Yuuri: Long Distance/Reunion

I’m so scared you won’t love me if I let my flaws show"

“Well you’re wrong about two things, one you should never be scared and two your flaws won’t make me love you any less.

—  Tenari Ioapo

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Your Ushijima and Daichi post is beautiful 😭 I love those two together, and your art is so wonderful - this has really made my day! Thank you for blessing us! Who's your favourite character to draw btw?

Thank you so much! ;; I really appreciate it!! And again, thank you for blessing me with this lovely message! (*≧▽≦) I hope you have a super great week! 

Hm, my favourite character to draw (surprise!) is probably Futakuchi lmao. I drew him a lot last year and now he comes so naturally…!  

BTS reaction to them seeing you sleeping with a stuffed animal they got you


Jin would be extremely happy. He got you a nice, fluffy, light pink bear. He wasn’t exactly sure if you would like it, so when he saw you cuddling it, he would have a smile 1000 miles wide. He took a picture or two before he couldn’t take it any more “I’m so glad you like it. I’ll be sure to get you more in the future, cutie.” He’d whisper to himself before tucking you in more.

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Yoongi would be extremely flustered by how much you liked his simple gift. He got you a cute Kumamon since you both loved the cute brown bear. He knew it would make you smile so he couldn’t resist getting it for you. He found you asleep on the couch waiting for him to get home from practice. “Aw… at least you can cuddle him while you’re waiting for me.”

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He would be extremely happy and excited! He would get you a nice little cat plushy. He would come back from the store to find you asleep while watching the tv. He would squeak a bit, take a few pictures of how cute you were and plop down next to you. “Wakey wakey, baby girl! I see you like the kitty I got you! What if I said I got you another one?” Hobi would grin pulling out another stuffed animal just to spoil you.

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He would just have a wide smile looking at you sleeping with the Ryan he got you in his arms. You would always steal his so he got you a big Ryan bear to cuddle with when he couldn’t be around. You were laying in the middle of the floor, having fell asleep on whatever you were working on. Namjoon would scoop you up, lay you in bed and kiss your forehead. “You’re so precious. I just love you, babe” he’d lay the bear beside you and wait for you to wake up.

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Jimin bought you so many stuffed animals you couldn’t ever pick which one to snuggle with. Jimin just loved to spoil you with anything you could ever ask for. You picked up a teddy bear, a tiger, and a little dolphin. He came in with a big smile. “Hey! Jagi!!” He’d say, as he burst into the room. Jimin realized you were asleep and noticed all the stuffed toys in your arms. “Aw…. you’re so cute!!!!” He smiled happily at you happily.

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Tae would also spoil you with so many gifts. Clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, flowers. You name it, he’ll get it for you. He came in to see you snuggling with a soft velvet looking horse. He would laugh and take as many pictures of you as he could before you woke up. “Ahhhhh!!! You’re so cute! Go back to bed so I can get more cute pictures!”

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Jungkook would just glance at you without realizing you had the black bunny he got you when you two started dating in your arms. He looked at you again, and ran his hands through your hair slowly. When he sees the bunny in your arms, he would smile so wide with a little blush. “You like that bunny a lot, don’t you, sweetie? That makes me really happy.”

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happy Easter!

something i thought i’d throw together for you, i know it’s not much but i really hope you like these things- especially the glasses. i recently got some glasses that inspired me to make simlish rainbow ray-bans. they’re lit. and also, i know the crop tops aren’t extremely interesting; they just look pretty with jeans and choker. yep. so now you’re probably thinking, “well, where the hell is my download link ya bitch?” well, well, an easter egg hunt i have prepared for you my dear. tis’ not so simple. well it sort of is. here’s the catch, i’ve hidden your two present eggs as links within this post, just to make it a lil more interesting, happy hunting <3


for those who couldn’t find them;

sim-bans sunglasses

suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download

little crop tops

new mesh. suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download

Bestfriend Trouble (1/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s and Zach’s (POVs are stated before a section.)

A/N: Hello guys! This is a 2-Part story and both parts are from different requests. This is actually a bit different from the request below but I just really wanted to connect both requests so yup haha. I hope you guys enjoy!

Request: I was wondering if you could pretty please do an imagine where Zach is just hopelessly in love with the reader, he does dorky things to see her smile, his friends always tease him when she walks by, she always catches him staring at her during class or lunch, he gets really nervous when she talks to him and he tries to keep his cool when she’s near but he always fails and is just super cute, just super fluffy.



“Y/N! Y/N LOOK! LOOK!” Zach says through his mouth full of chicken tenders while he sat in front of me.

“Look how many chicken tenders I can fit in my mouth!” he continues as he tries to get my attention and I look at him in disgust, but it was pretty impressive too if I’m being completely honest.

“Zachary stop it, you look like an idiot.” I reply as I go back to reading my History notes. I promised myself that I’ll do better after failing our most recent quiz.

“I’m not going to stop until I see a smile on your face. Stop getting so bothered by that stupid quiz! There’s always 10 more after that anyway.” he says as he removes the chicken from his mouth one by one, chewing the others in the process.

“I need to keep my grades high, you know this, or else my parents will be so disappointed in me.” I reply as I become even more upset, I lean my head down on my notes.

“You’re already the perfect daughter, the perfect student and the perfect girl. No one can ever be disappointed in someone like you. You’re too hard on yourself sometimes, you don’t even see how amazing you are.” he says and I lift my head up to face him.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I say as lean my chin on my right hand while pouting and Zach gets a sip of my milkshake. When he parted the glass from his mouth, a white vanilla foam moustache was left on his upper lip. He looked like one of those History people we learn about. I purse my lips while trying to hide the obvious smile on my face.

“A-HA! Is that a smile?! I see a smile! Yes! I made you smile!” he beams, fists pumping up in the air.

“You really are an idiot.” I reply as I shake my head at him and hand him a tissue.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind acting like an idiot as long as I can make you happy.” he says while munching on a french fry and I scoff at him.

Zach Dempsey has been my bestfriend ever since we were in 3rd grade when I gave him a sip of my strawberry milk and he threw up all over me shortly after. That was the first time I found out about his very sad allergy. It’s a classic story between him and I. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

Being bestfriends with one of the most popular guys in school means you’re also friends with the people around him. You get invited to all the cool parties, you get VIP passes at every school event and people automatically think you’re more important than you actually are. It was great, but not always. I missed being with Zach, just him, just the two of us and it was moments like right now that I treasure most.

“Oh by the way, we’re all going to see the new Fast and Furious movie tomorrow night. I’ll pick you up at 7 okay?” Zach suddenly asks.

“Please don’t tell me that obnoxious friend of yours will be coming too.” I say as I roll my eyes.

“Bryce? No no, Justin didn’t invite him.” he replies with a laugh.

“Alright then I’m in!” I answer and get back to reading my History notes.


The next day

I stood by my locker as I get the books I need for next period. Great, I thought to myself, Physics next, my least favorite subject. I sigh in disappointment as I shut my locker door. I turn to my right and a smiling Zach Dempsey was leaning on the locker next to mine.

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Everyone who stumbles across my blog should be made aware that I will always support your most self indulgent work. Wanna draw yourself smooching your fave? Holy shit I love it and I will support you two!! Wanna make a story about your OC’s tragic backstory ending in the arms of a canon character? Omg!!! Yes!!!!!! Give me more!!!!

The stigma against self indulgent work is silly and should not be so absolute — it’s a fun hobby that hurts nobody and makes tons of people happy. So, if you ever feel nervous about self-indulgent shipping, TAG ME IN THE POST, I WILL LOVE IT AND CHERISH IT!! I just want this stigma to be gone and people be allowed have the fun they desire without being ridiculed or shunned for it~!

My Fake Boyfriend Part 11 (Final Part)

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 3571

Warnings: A lot of emotions, a lot of fluffy and a little of smut.

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta. You are the best.

You are so happy, you can’t believe that today you are finally going to sleep on your own bed. “You know, I really like to see you wearing my clothes.” You smile at Bucky’s words as he hugs you from behind.

“I like to wear them, they smell like you.” You are wearing a pair of leggings and one of his sweaters. It’s so big and comfortable. “You can keep it if you want, it looks really good on you.” You turn around kissing him on the lips. “You are going to regret this, in a couple months you are not going to have any more clothes to wear.” You say playful, taking his hair out of his forehead.

“I don’t mind, I can always steal them back and this way they are gonna smell like you.” He is so sweet, you can’t believe how kind and precious Bucky Barnes can be, especially after everything he has been through.

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BTS: dating Jungkook would include

▪ this dork would have to go through so much teasing before finally asking you out

 ▪ literally every time you’re over to hang out with the guys, they’d make it so obvious that he likes you 

 ▪ esp Jin that cheeky lil pickle

 ▪ “hey, I didn’t make enough food, you and y/n have to share, oops…”

 ▪ “Yoongi, don’t touch her! Do you want to feel the maknae’s wrath???“ 

▪ "I’m only going to the bathroom for 2 minutes, pls don’t do anything ok kookie?" 

▪ then he’d get fed up and just confess, mostly out of annoyance

 ▪ but then he’d think you’d take that the wrong way, and softly apologize and say he liked you too much to admit it to you before 

 ▪ but now that the cat’s outta the bag, you wanna hold my hand?

 ▪ would only initiate skinship if he’s known you for a while or he knows 100% ok with it 

▪ he then does it in front of the others to annoy them or get them to leave the room

 ▪ they’d just groan and throw pillows at you two, but continue with the teasing 

▪ but they’d be so so protective of you and treat you like a little sister (or a mini Jungkook) 

▪ rarely fighting with him

 ▪ bc there’s literally nothing that you can fight about with the other 

 ▪ you’re always very honest with each other, no matter how teasing and spontaneous your relationship may be

 ▪ so much showing off in front of you, he’s so dedicated to making you blush 

▪ tries to get Jin to teach him how to cook a v special meal for you 

▪ fails miserably, but you still appreciate the effort 

 ▪ jealous kookie is a scary kookie

 ▪ hates it when your attention is on someone else, or when other guys stare at you for too long or ‘accidentally’ brush themselves against you 

 ▪ he gets blinded by jealousy and rage and might end up throwing some hands 

▪ but you quickly pull him away and he’d proceed to apologize to you a million times

 ▪ but you’ll never admit how attractive he looked when he had that murderous look in his eye yikes

▪ sometimes won’t even act out on rage, he’d just cling to you or start playing with your hair to get your attention 

▪ then you’d ask him what’s wrong and he’ll just pout and play with your fingers until you two leave 

 ▪ is ready to be cuddled 24/7, beware

 ▪ you just can’t resist his pout and "please, jagi, I’m so lonely and cold and if you don’t hold me I’ll freeze to death" 

▪ takes his time to kiss you, just to make you weak in the knees

 ▪ but when he does, it’s so worth it bc it’s slow and passionate and he’s very caring 

 ▪ until Tae walks in and pretends to puke, but still somehow not completely ruining the moment

 ▪ loves it when you’re the big spoon, esp when he wakes up in your arms all cuddly and warm and happy

 ▪ aw, pls treat this happy dork well 💖

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A langst head canon

I just thought of this, but what if one night, Lance just breaks down and is sobbing to himself and he’s looking at himself in his helmet, saying out loud everything he hates about himself and how worthless he feels and like “you’re not good enough”, without knowing that the helmet com was on, and everybody in their rooms just heard something from their helmets, not knowing what (say it’s like late after a battle and everybody doesn’t have the energy to take off the armour) it is and then they hear. Hunk is crying, Pidge is about to break down, Shiro feels so guilty because why didn’t he notice before or pay more attention, Keith is just in shock, Allura is on the verge of tears, and Coran is already making way to lances room. Lance realises his com is on and freaks the fuck out. Coran goes in there and just holds Lance, then the rest of the team come, Hunk being the first just sobbing out apologies and hugging him. This could end two ways, very happy yes yes wee haw, or sad because Lance is like “oh wow I can’t even suffer right”

I was talking with @lovelylangst and this just popped in my very sad mind so like here take it