you two make me sick


“So, what’s going on with you and Jason?” Spencer smirked as you and her lay on your bed.

“What do you mean?” You asked, looking at her, but you betrayed yourself as a blush crept up her cheeks.

“You know what I mean,” She nudged you, “You totally like him!”

“No, I don’t,” She raised her eyebrows, “Okay, maybe a little.”

“A little?” Hanna asked from the end of the bed, “God, whenever you two are around each other, it makes me feel sick.”

“Yeah.” Emily agreed, “It is quite sickening to watch.”

“Well, what does it matter? He doesn’t like me so-”

“Oh, come on!” Aria laughed, “He’s liked you for years!”

Your cheeks darkened and Spencer laughed at your flustered state, “You know, if you two got married, we’d almost be related.”

“Oh my god.”


“I want to be tough you know, but a lot of times I just look at her and she smiles and I just can’t. She’s so sweet….I want to be rough but just can’t. My heart beats every time…”. -Val Chmerkovskiy explaining how he can’t help but fall under Zendaya’s charm. *AKA killing my shipper heart*


Passionate Duelist/Yugi Muto’s theme mashup

So this is where you wanted to be,
And it’s a goddamn shame that you’re not here with me.
And I can’t see your face anymore
But if I could, it wouldn’t look like before.

The thought of your hands,
On his chest
Makes my stomach itch.

And I see pictures now,
Of the two of you,
And it makes me sick.

Damn, I love you


Keaton Henson, Party Song

The lyrics of this song have never hit me as hard as they do now.


Cute Stuff
  • *Sonic walks past Genos and Saitama, the two heroes being affectionate with each other as the ninja rolls his eyes*
  • Sonic: ugh, can you stop for two seconds? Geez, this sweet garbage makes me sick.
  • Genos: *Glances at the box in Sonic's hand*....your boyfriend make you lunch today?
  • Sonic: ....shut up.
  • Saitama: Oh! Did he draw a little bike on the tag with hearts again? Let me see!
  • Sonic: NO! IT'S MINE!
Stars [Scott McCall x Reader]

Hope you like the imagine, dear! Thank you for requesting! Apologies, Isaac is a bit out of character. 

x start x

You sat next to Stiles on the bench, breath coming out in visible puffs as you turned towards Coach Finstock, who was screaming something at a player on the field.

You rested your elbow on your knee, chin in your hand as you leaned forward, watching your puppy-dog-eyed friend, letting out a small cheer as he scored another goal.

Scott’s eyes scanned the field, connecting with yours, and he flashed a smile, causing your heart to flutter, and cheeks to redden as you smiled back.

“God – you two make me sick.” Stiles snorted, and you turned to him, raising an eyebrow.

“You make me sick when you pine after Lydia, but I don’t say anything.” You retorted, taking a sip of water, and Stiles sputtered, glaring at you.

“Why don’t you just ask him out already?” Stiles questioned, and you choked on your water, leaning forward, gripping your throat.

You turned towards Stiles, hurriedly whispering under you breath.

“Shut up- he might be able to hear you!” You stumbled, over your words, before sighing and throwing a longing glance at Scott.

“Besides, I don’t think he’d like me back.” Stiles raised his eyebrows, forehead creasing as his lips parted in awe.

“Are you kidding me? He’s head over heels for you, as soon as you walk in the room he does that puppy dog thing where he stares at you until you notice him, It’s kind of annoying actually…” Stiles muttered complaints under his breath, and this time you raised your eyebrows.

“You really think?” You asked timidly, and Stiles sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Trust me, I know.” Stiles stated, just as the game finished, the loud buzzing reverberating through the chilled air.

The bleachers burst out into cheers, and you and Stiles stood up simultaneously, clapping as the players on the field returned to the sidelines.

You picked up your helmet and lacrosse stick, following Stiles to go congratulate Scott when an arms slipped around your shoulders, pulling you into someone’s chest.

“Isaac!” You whined, pushing against your older brother’s chest, as he pulled you into a sweaty hug.

“So, is there any reason why you were benched half the game?” Isaac asked, and you rolled your eyes.

“I may or may not have pissed Coach off, and besides, I’m still better than you.” You teased, and Isaac pulled off his helmet, ruffling up your hair.

“If you were better than me, you wouldn’t have been benched half the game.” Isaac smirked, and you playfully scowled.

“And if you were smart, you’d keep your mouth shut, Lahey.” You sung, running off to have a shower.

“Remember, after party at David’s house, text me when you get there!” Isaac called worriedly, and you rolled your eyes, flashing a thumbs up before sprinting to the girl’s change rooms.

x at the party x

You had texted Isaac a while ago, telling him that you made it to the party safely and that you were going to hang out with a couple friends. You didn’t tell him those friends were Scott and Stiles, though.

“Hey, Scott!” You lifted a hand to wave, and his head immediately jerked up towards you, his mouth pulling up into a smile, and you couldn’t help but think that if he were a dog, his tail would be wagging at the moment.

“[Y/N], hey!” Scott called, and you placed your cup onto a nearby table, crossing your arms over yourself as your cheeks tinged red again, and you hoped that Scott didn’t notice the flutter of your heart.

“You were really good today- like usual.” You complimented, and his smile widened, ears practically perking with joy.

“You were great as well, even though you were off half the game.” Scott raised an eyebrow and you chuckled sheepishly, playing with your fingers.

While you were distracted, Stiles gestured wildly at Scott to take you somewhere more private, flailing his arms and mouthing random words.

“Uh, h-hey, [Y/N], can I show you something?” Scott asked, and your eyes widened, cheeks burning as you nodded your head, Scott grabbed your hand as he pulled you up one of the many flights of David’s house (David was kind of rich).

Scott had pulled you into a large room, on the top floor, one of the long walls was simply glass, and you awed quietly, tugging on Scott’s hand as you ran towards the window, staring at the breathtaking view of Beacon Hills, lights shimmering as your eyes slowly rose towards the sky, thousands of stars twinkling overhead.

“Wow- this is…” You trailed off, too awed to even think of a worthy word.

“Beautiful.” Scott breathed, and you turned towards him, noticing that his eyes were trained on your face.

“Nah, I was gonna say ugly.” You joked, and he smiled, chuckling under his breath.

He reached one hand up, the one that wasn’t clutching yours, to push a lock of hair from your face.

Your breath hitched, your heart jolting as your cheeks reddened under his gaze.

“Scott…” You whispered, trailing off, and he hummed, staring into your half-lidded eyes.

“Kiss me?” You squeaked, and his smile widened, one hand grasping your cheek as he pulled your face towards his, lips connecting with yours.

Your lips moved slowly, sweetly, parting as you moved your hands to intertwine them behind his neck. You parted, and your teeth latched onto his bottom lip, causing him to grin.

Once you had finally parted, you grinned, eyes wide and cheeks flushed.

“Wow, that was way better than I thought! Not that I thought you were gonna be bad or anything! Or not that I thought about it at all or – uh…” You trailed off, ears turning pink as Scott moved towards you, capturing you in another kiss, hands falling towards your waist as he pulled you against his chest.

You pulled away, and the two of you just stared at each other until you got sheepish and looked away.

“Are you going to say something?” You asked, cheeks burning, heart fluttering momentarily.

“I am, actually.” Scott chuckled, and you waited, staring up at him through your lashes.

“Will you, [Y/N] Lahey, be my girlfriend?” Scott asked, and your smile widened, if that was even possible, moving to press your face into his neck as you squealed a small yes.

Then you were kissing him again, melting against his body as his strong arms rested on your lower back, thumb rubbing the exposed skin on your hip from your ridden up shirt.

“[Y/N]- Scott? What the hell!?” Isaac yelled, standing at the doorway, causing you both to pull apart.

“What the hell are you doing Scott? What’s wrong with you?” Isaac yelled, and through your rage you noticed Stiles stumble into the room behind your brother.

“Isaac!” You yelled in panic and confusion, narrowing your brows.

“What’s gotten into you? I thought you’d be happy!? You know I’ve had a crush on Scott for forever!” You cried in outrage, and Isaac practically seethed, stepping towards you.

“That’s all it is, [Y/N] – a crush! You’re so hung up over one guy! Just because you’ve been alone for so long, you pounce on the first guy you get your hands on!” Isaac yelled, and you froze, tearing up.

“Dude! That was uncalled for!” Scott yelled, pulling you to his chest, like he could somehow hide you from Isaac’s harsh words.

“I’m just telling her the truth, Scott! You don’t even love her! She’s just your rebound from Allison!” Isaac seethed, and you felt tears streaming down your face, pulling away from Scott, even Stiles winced from Isaac’s words.

You didn’t expect him to act like this. Isaac and you were close, you had lost everything and still managed to keep each other, so you pegged Isaac’s reaction to him just holding on.

Isaac continued ranting, but it all just seemed like garbled muttering to your ears, tears streaming down your face as you sniffled, wiping at your eyes. It was one of those moments where everything just got tuned out, where your breathing quickened and you the only sound was the blood rushing through your ears and your pulse banging at your temple.

“I hate you.” You whispered, because it had been silent for a couple seconds as Isaac took in a deep breath, about to continue his rant, before you had interrupted him.

“I hate you so much.” You continued, looking at his shocked face, at the look of hurt that flashed through his eyes. For a split second you regretted saying it, but you shook your head, tears spilling down your cheeks.

Why couldn’t he just be happy for you?

“You’re just like Dad!” You screamed, and his eyes widened, mouth falling open as you pushed past him, running out the door, not only hurt, but embarrassed, embarrassed because Scott had to see that crappy exchange and embarrassed because you thought that Isaac would actually feel happy for you.

You found a small door that led to a large balcony, the sound of electronic music fading as the door softly closed by itself. You sat on the floor, back against the wall as you kicked your heels off, resting your face in your hands, sobbing quietly to yourself.

You remembered your father, always saying that you wouldn’t find anyone. That you weren’t smart enough or pretty enough, you just weren’t enough. For years and years you believed him, you believed that you’d die alone, or just drown in unrequited love. Then Scott came along. He was nice and funny, and kind of dorky, and he cared for you.

Isaac dug that hole again, he threw open the closet doors and picked at your skeletons, even if you screamed for him to leave them alone. You felt sick to your stomach, not only with sadness, but also with rage. He had no right to speak to you like that; you were his sister for God’s sake.

You sniffled, resting your head against the wall as you stared up at the stars, but without Scott they didn’t shine as bright, without Scott they weren’t as beautiful.

Then the door flew open and you blinked, wiping hurriedly at your face to try and get rid of the stray tears on your cheeks.

“[Y/N].” Scott breathed a sigh of relief, dropping next to you as he slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you towards him.

You stayed quiet, breathing in his cologne, trembling in embarrassment and panic.

“Do you still like me?” You whispered into his chest, and he rested his chin on your head, his thumb kneading at your bare arm.

“Yes, [Y/N], I still like you.” Scott whispered, and you sniffled in relief, pressing yourself into his chest.

“I like you a lot.” Scott continued, and you let some tears slip out, throwing your arms around him.

“Thank you.” You whispered, and Scott smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

The two of you remained silent, staring up at the stars.

“You’re going to be just fine, [Y/N].” Scott reassured, and you squeezed your eyes shut, holding back tears.

“I know.” You whispered, looking at Scott’s face, then back at the stars, clutching his hand.

“I know.”

I reached for a canister on the counter, took off its lid, and spooned what I thought was sugar into my tea, took a deep swallow, then spewed it out. “Salt!” I said. “Yuck!”
“What’s wrong with you?” Mama asked.

Mama started laughing, and then I laughed, too. What a funny mistake to make! I closed my eyes and held my sides; I was tickled to death, and so was Mama. But then she cleared her throat and said, “You’re so stupid it makes me sick. You and your father, two of a kind.”

My laughter flew away, just as if it was snatched by the devil, and I became a statue, cast my eyes on the worn linoleum floor. I bit back tears and hateful thoughts. And a voice spoke to me – it wasn’t mine; maybe it was my guardian angel or maybe it was the voice of the adult I would become – I don’t know. But it said, “Avocet Abigail Jackson, you are not to blame. The past stalks your mama, won’t let her go, is like a stone in her shoe that keeps her conscience and memory forever rubbed raw.
—  Connie May Fowler

“The thought of your hands
 On his chest
 Makes my stomach itch

 And I see pictures now
 Of the two of you
 And it makes me sick “

                          ~Party Song
                           Keaton Henson